2015-07-31 On the Road Home
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Loki and Phantasm
GMed by N/A
Title: On the Road Home

After a long time spent in Russia, doing multiple impromptu concerts and some less publicized things, Mike Hannigan AKA Nick Drago has made his way back to the states. The flight was uneventful and so was the luggage claim. But now comes the part where he looks for his ride back to the mansion. Wheeling the luggage out, the dressed down, ball capped musician keeps his glance lowered, avoiding direct eye contact with any who might be in the right demographic to recognize him. In his other hand, he holds on to a guitar case. Yep. That's REAL low key right there.

Loki was tasked with bringing Mike back to the Avengers mansion, but nobody took into consideration that Loki doesn't know how to drive. So he has come up with a better idea. Said idea, however, has many of the people waiting outside for their rides screaming and running as a large, ornate carriage drawn by hundreds of albino rats with tiny harnesses and reins. Stopping next to Mike, the Asgardian looks down and grins widely. "Greetings. I have come to take you back to the mansion!"

The screams cause for Mike to look up quickly and upon spotting the source, Mike gives a bit of a snerk. The tired expression fades as the smile smites the fatigue momentarily. Pale eyes look up to the Asgardian. "Think they can handle the luggage too?"

Loki scoffs and lifts a hand, the luggage levitating into the air and into the carriage. "Rats cannot lift luggage, nor can they load it into the carriage. Would you have preferred I brought a skiff from Asgard? I am apparently not permitted to drive a vehicle, so I am not certain how they expected me to retrieve you."

Mike watches as the luggage floats into the carriage and instead of going in with said luggage, he climbs up to sit next to Loki, smiling. "They probably meant for you to get a cab or something else. But, this is a lot more interesting than a cab."

"Why would I need to be present if someone else is driving? That seems pointless. You are capable of entering a vehicle by yourself, so I am not certain why you would require an escort." Loki makes a noise and the rats begin running again, pulling the carriage along with the sound of tiny feet.

The point is to have a friend to greet you after a long absence." Mike replies, settling into the seat. He tries to maintain a serious expression but as he looks to the mice, he bursts into laughter.

"Oh." Loki replies, telepathically telling the rats to run faster. "What is so amusing?" Loki asks with a bit of annoyance in his expression. The trickster has been way too serious lately, which is likely affecting him in odd ways. "Do you not approve of our method of transportation?"

"Oh not at all!" Mike replies, protesting the thought that he didn't like the transportation, "I do find this to be very amusing. I haven't had much reason to laugh in awhile."

"Why? I thought you traveled and performed because you enjoyed it." Loki says, his expression neutral as they take a corner at breakneck speed, sending people screaming and scattering at the sight of hundreds of rats running through the street. "Your Midgardian rats are too slow."He says, throwing a hand out and suddenly the air in front of them looks warped, slightly rippling. They pass through it and it disappears with a *pop*, placing them in Manhattan. "There. We have arrived." He says, dismissing the rats and allowing the enormous number of rodents to run free in the streets. "i shall carry your belongings."

Mike's hands clench the seat frame quickly, holding himself in the seat as he was about to be thrown off. When they arrive at the mansion, he gives a deep breath. "You do realize that wasn't all I was doing in Russia, right?" He climbs down, setting his feet upon the ground.

The large wrought iron gates open up into a circular driveway with a large fountain in the middle. At the end of the driveway is a small parking lot where visitors can park their vehicles.

It is monitored from all sides by cameras, and every vehicle's license plate and VIN numbers are stored just in case. The area is well maintained with a medium height row of bushes, just to provide a little more privacy.

"No, I have no idea what you were doing there." Loki says, hopping down and levitating the luggage out of the carriage and onto the ground neatly. "I am not exactly privy to such information. The Avengers do not trust me. I am considering abandoning the idea of being a hero like my brother and going back to Asgard. At least there I am somewhat appreciated."

"I didn't mean, know exactly what I was doing." Mike replies, giving a slight frown. "Just that it wasn't just music tours." He looks over towards the mansion, and then over to his luggage and guitar case being handled by the Asgardian, "And I didn't tell the other Avengers what I was doing either. Can't. Not yet at least."

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