2015-08-01 Reunion
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Players: Peggy and Steve
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Title: Reunion

Rating: Everybody

While SHIELD is a high tech facility, the room where Peggy Carter lays recuperating is decidedly vintage. It's been set up that way deliberately, in fact, much like as happened with Steve when he first arrived. It's a jarring thing to wake up many years into the future and this is supposed to ease the transition. The woman put into stasis looks remarkably like she did in 1945, found in an abandoned part of SHIELD and recently healed of the injury that surely would have killed her were it not for both Howard Stark's science mixed with an injection distilled from Steve's blood.

Peggy lies asleep in the bed where she has been moved, still under a medical coma until the experimental treatment was deemed a success. However, now that the wound has healed leaving behind only a scar, the time has come to slowly wake her. An IV is attached to her arm and the usually active Agent is strangely still. Dressed in a hospital gown and without her trademarked red lipstick, she looks unusually pale under the recovery room lighting.

Steve received the call late at night. An emergency at SHIELD. He was quick to respond, but the request he was given at first caused him pause. Blood for.. what? It ranked up there with the strange requests that he has received since arriving in the future. But once he learned who the blood transfusion was for and why, he couldn't get into the chair fast enough for a donation. He could scarcely believe it, honestly. After all, Peggy was supposed to have lived. To have a long and wonderful life. To.. live without him. That part of him felt the sting of the needle as it went into his arm.

Despite the fact that Steve would be told it was going to be a long wait while Peggy recovered before she awakened, the first Avenger has refused to leave her bedside. Instead, he has steadfastly remained, only leaving for coffee and to get a paper in the morning. That is what he is reading currently while Peggy continues to rest. The familiar Captain America colors are wore by the First Avenger, with his hood pulled back while he reads, his face obscured by the paper while a large headline announces ' New Pictures from Pluto!' on the backpage sprawl.

It's not exactly a quick awakening. Even after they stopped giving Peggy the drug that was keeping her under, it still had to finish making its way through her system and then, she had to wake up on her own. After being asleep for so long, it was not even sure that she would. But, one thing that anyone who knows Peggy realizes is that she's not someone who ever gives up.

As the room does not have windows or a clock, it's hard to tell how long it takes before her eyes start to flutter open. Slowly, she starts to shift, dreams and memories starting to jumble together. The last thing she remembers was being in a firefight, then getting hit and being dragged somewhere. Groggily, she tries to look around, figure out where she is. The red, white and blue colors are vibrant in the sterile recovery room and she blinks a few times. The paper is blurry and hard to read, but she can make out 'Pluto' for some reason. Who would it be sitting here at her bedside reading a newspaper? "He—" She tries a greeting, but her voice is dry and scratchy from disuse, only managing to get out some of it before coughing.

Another part of her is tensed. She doesn't remember getting out of firefight and might have been captured. She's already looking around for something to defend herself. IF this turns out to be someone who wishes to harm her - a hand shakily reaches over toward the IV needle in the crook of her elbow - she'll stab them.

The sound of her voice, even raspy, causes Steve pause. Letting out a slow breath, he says in a calming timbre, "Easy, Peggy. What's the last thing you remember?" he asks, letting her start to work on jolting her own memories before he folds and sets the paper aside. It's him. Steve Rogers in the flesh and the colors. As he asks his question, he reaches over to pour her a cup of water, as much as he wants to just scoop her up, he fights that impulse. "You're in New York." he offers to her quietly, offering a small jump start to her bearings.

Noticing her tensed posture, he shakes his head. "You're among friends.. or at least, a friend." he offers lamely - after all, Peggy is the one woman he's had the most conversations with or at least his first long and meaningful conversations with. Among.. other firsts. A smile is mustered up. "Welcome back." he offers.

That voice. Peggy heard it on news reels every so often after he was gone. But undistorted? It's been years and still she knows it. Instead of relaxing, she tenses all the more. That's impossible. He can't be here. He died.

Her head feels light with drugs and disorientation. This has to be a hallucination or she died. Death looks strangely like a hospital, but what else was she expecting? For the moment, she's speechless, staring. "S-Steve…?" It's hard to get her bearings when this is completely off the map for her. "But--you're—-" She can't decide whether to say alive or dead. With shaking hands, she takes the water from him and sips at it. Her throat feels raw and choked up, but it has little to do with her physical condition. "H-how?" Not just how is she in New York, but how is he there, in front of her. A hand reaches out experimentally toward him, half expecting it to pass through entirely.

"It's a long story, but I think I'll have time to tell it." Steve says as her hand finds his easily enough and he squeezes. She still feels cold - another feeling he knows where as he withdraws his hand long enough for him to remove his gloves and catch her hand in both of his to try to warm her. Taking on a thoughtful look, he draws in a breath. "But first, you." he says, trying to gently prepare her for the shock to her emotional system she may take.

"What can you tell me about what you remember last, Peggy?" he asks her, his voice concerned. He knows why she was here - but the how has him worried.

It seems there are quite a few shocks in the nearby future for Peggy. Seeing Steve there and feeling his hand - solid - on hers chokes her up for a moment. "II can't believe it-you're here. My God, Steve, you're here." In a few moments she'll wonder how long she had to have been out for a development such as finding Captain America went by completely unknown to her, but right now that doesn't matter as much. Her hand grips at his.

It's a little while before she thinks about what she remembers last. The memories are all a jumble. "We--we were in Russia. There was intel that there was a HYDRA cell working on something large. When we got there, it was a trap and we were greatly outnumbered." The next part causes her to put a hand right above her stomach, as if still feeling the pain. "I was helping Gabe and Dugan clear an exit, but I--" she frowns. "I remember being pulled somewhere—"

Steve's hands tighten around hers as she tells the story and he spares a glance at her wound. "You were shot." he says quietly, and then picks up the story from what he gathered. "I was able to look at the file for a moment while they were preparing for me to help you. Your wound was grievous and the doctors at the time were not going to be able to save you." he states, his fingers absently playing across the top of his hand, as reassuring to him as it is to her, apparently. "Mister Stark decided that the best he could do for you was to have you placed into cyrogenic suspension until such a time you could be healed. Uh.." he forces a chuckle. "It's a therapy that I'm kinda been a part of myself."

"Two years ago, the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury, discovered where I went down in the North Atlantic Ocean and was able to track down the plane's wreckage. I was found frozen amongst the wreckage.. and they were able to bring me back from suspended animation." he explains, his expression turning thoughtful as he turns to a sidepouch and pulls out a small box. He presses a button on it, and it buzzes and then chimes in a pleasant melody before lighting up. A smartphone. "They wanted you to be able to ease into what I'm about to tell you next, but when I went through the same thing, I'd rather have had someone tell me straight instead of being eased into it. Are you ready?"

As Steve continues the story beyond what she knew, Peggy just watches him. It's hard to tell whether she is struck speechless by him being here or the story. "Two years? I was gone for that long?" That in itself is troubling to Peggy - to be in a coma for two years. To learn that it is far more than two years, though, will certainly be an upheaval. "That--that certainly sounds like Howard," she replies wryly, attempting to keep an optimistic point of view on this. With a deep breath, she continues. "He must have been over the moon to have found you. Howard and I spent so long searching over the area where your plane went down. We both thought—" That they would never find him.

Pushing herself up on her pillows with a bit of a wince, she looks at the strange object that sounds like a music box. "I don't tend to need coaching," she tells him, a bit of her old stubborn self peeking through the disorientation and the confusion. Perhaps she should take a moment, but that's not what she wants right now. She wants to know what is going on. "I'm ready."

"Okay." And in his mind, Steve had this all worked out. He'd hit a few buttons, like Tony had shown him, and boom - welcome to the future, Peggy Carter! Instead, a vibrating buzz comes from the phone, and Steve frowns. "I.. uh.. hmm. Maybe this?" he tries another button, and he shakes his head. "No.. maybe.. oh.." a few more button pushes. "Almost, almost.. uh.. oh forget it. Jarvis!" he finally manages in mild frustration.

A pleasant British voice comes from the phone, "How may I assist you, Captain?"

"Jarvis, this is Agent Peggy Carter. Do you find her in the database?"

After a few moments of pause, there's a chime and Jarvis responds, "Yes, I have found her file. It is an honour to meet you, Agent Carter. I am JARVIS, the assistant to Anthony Stark, Howard Stark's son. How may I assist you today?"

Steve sighs, releasing Peggy's hand only long enough to run his fingers through his hair in chagrin and then catches her hand again before offering her the phone with his other hand. "What is the current date and time, Jarvis?" Steve asks.

"It is 12:31 of the afternoon of the first of August, twenty-fifteen, Captain."

And Steve lifts his head to look towards Peggy to gauge her reaction as he glances towards the newspaper from the day before and waits.

Without knowing what it is that Steve has planned or what the phone actually is, Peggy looks curiously at both it and then at Steve. She is ready and waiting. Strangely, despite the tensions in her stomach, a wry grin spreads slowly across her face as she watches Steve struggle with the technology. It's endearing.

The mention of Jarvis, however, wipes that smile into a look of surprise. "Mr. Jarvis? Edwin Jarvis?" There's even more bomb shells even in that introduction. "Howard had a son?" she blinks a few times. Things are starting to fall into place. Of course Howard could have had a son in two years, but why would a two year old need an assistant? And why would he not introduce himself as Howard's assistant? As a matter of fact, why would he need to introduce himself at all? The voice is off, but if years have passed, that is a possibility. The main fact, though, is that it does not sound at all like Edwin Jarvis.

When she's given the strange talking device, Peggy holds it gingerly in one hand. Though, she only holds it for a moment until Jarvis mentions the date. Then, she drops the phone into her lap, as if it burned her. "Twenty-fifteen? You must be joking." She looks at Steve and looks at her own hands. "You mean to say that I have---that it's been—-" She shakes her head. "That's impossible."

"No more impossible than the fact that I'm alive?" Steve asks with a wry little smile. Turnabout is fair play, dear Peggy. "Howard has a son. And he's a hero as well. Goes by Iron Man." But that's public knowledge, it's not outing him, right. "Howard.. passed away in an automobile accident shortly after you were brought here, from what I read. I'm sorry, Peggy." he offers.

Jarvis chuckles, "It is who my AI is modeled on, Agent Carter, yes." he offers with a bemused tone.

"A lot has changed. A lot remains the same. America is still going strong - but.. there's been a lot of changes." And he's not even sure where to start. "To be honest.. it can wait. God, Peggy.. I've missed you." he finally admits as he looks down at his lap and releases her hand. After all, she probably had plenty of time to move on.. but she probably lost that as well. He lets out a little breath. "Sorry, slipped out."

"But…that would make us in our nineties and you look—" Peggy looks down at where he's still holding her hand. "You look exactly like you did in the war." The picture she had of Steve was the one taken during the training period of Project Rebirth - before the injections of the Super Soldier Serum. That's how she would remember him. The news of Howard's death hits her rather hard. He was her friend and he apparently saved her life.

"AI? Based on?" Those are all words that don't really mean anything to her. This whole thing is beyond strange to her and the shock of both seeing Steve again and learning she is in a time 40 years past what she thought it was is hard to hear. The news of Howard's death is something she can't begin to comprehend - not yet.

When Steve releases her hand, she automatically and without hesitation reaches out again to reclaim it. So much has changed, but he's there. Alive. "I never thought I'd see you again," she says softly. She's never been great with expressing herself, but he started the discussion. "I had hoped so much that you would come back."

"Said I would, owed you a dance.." Steve offers lamely. His hand reclaimed, his fingers immediately entwine with hers again as he tries to keep to the subject at hand. "Jarvis sort of lives in the phone. Well, not phone. Computer. The internets." he sighs. "Jarvis?" he asks, "Help."

Jarvis chuckles faintly, but kindly picks up the explanation, "I am a programme based on the original Edwin Jarvis. I do not exist as a physical form but rather as information from my creator, Tony Stark, the aforementioned Iron Man and son of Howard and Maria Stark. The reason why Captain Rogers looks so long is because he was in suspended animations for 67 years, 208 days, 12 hours, 56 minutes and 33 seconds. Coincidentally, you have been in the same state for just over 63 years, if my data is correct. By year, you are younger than Captain Rogers, by time out of suspension, you are now older." Was that a hint of amusement?

Steve's hand squeezes hers affectionately. "There have been some bigger changes.. mutants, have had a population explosion over the last couple of decades, starting with the so-called X-Men of the sixties. But they have also inherited the role of oppression from people of color and sexual orientations that deviate from straight." he says with a frown. "I am currently trying to get them recognized as the same citizens with rights as everyone else." His shoulders sag a little at that as he looks down towards her. "But there's so much good out there now. Europe is united, Communism collapsed in Russia. Most of the world is free. I want to take you out and show you anything you want, Peggy. When you're ready. We may be part of the past, but the world needs a little of the past, more than ever."

A small smile is given at the mention of the dance. "The phone?" Nothing around her seems like it's a phone. She knows the word computer, though she's expecting it to fit the size of a room, but internets is a phrase she doesn't understand at all. All the information that Jarvis gives her is met with a stunned silence as she attempts to process it all. "Based on? Where is Mr. Jarvis?" And Angie and Sousa and Dugan…her friends.

As Steve picks up where the computerized Jarvis leaves off, she continues to listen, face serious. Mutants, Russia, Communism: it's an entirely different world. One she doesn't know any more. She closes her eyes for a moment and takes a few breaths, attempting to accept and understand all these new changes. She knows she can't immediately, that this will surely be a slow process. But, she has to start somewhere.

"The Stork Club," she replies to what she wants to see. "Though, it's apparently been quite awhile since I last danced."

"You and I both, Peggy." Steve finds himself admitting. Welcome to his everyday struggle. But something tells him that Peggy will probably catch on way faster than he has with all of this brave new world stuff. Leaning over, Steve dares to place a small kiss on Peggy's forehead. "I should not keep bothering you, I was told you need to rest and heal." he admits reluctantly. "But unless there's an emergency, I'm not planning on going anywhere." There's plenty of heroes that can handle things for a couple of days, right?

"However.. the Stork Club closed down a while back. I'm sure we can find somewhere, though." he rubs the back of his head again, that old feeling of not being able to help weighing on him for just a moment before he brings up his resolve.

Jarvis chimes in. "If I may, Captain Rogers, I cross-referenced the Stork Club and there is a swing club and supper club in Midtown that perhaps you and Agent Carter would find acceptable?"

Peggy was always a quick learner, but there's a difference between picking up technology and an entire new world of history and people at the same time. It will most likely be quite a culture shock once she's out of the SHIELD labs. For now, though, she will try and find out what she can from her recovery bed. It may take her a few days, yet, before she's to be up and about. The emotional roller coaster of just what she's experienced in the past few minutes is enough to have worn her out, though she won't admit that to Steve.

"Of course, though I think I've certainly rested for long enough," she replies. But, she already tested moving around a bit and she's found herself weaker than she would have thought. So, for now, she'll remain abed. "Would you mind…leaving the newspaper?" she asks, remembering it from when she could not see it was actually Steve sitting by her bedside. The kiss on her forehead is met with her closing her eyes, still not quite believing that it's Steve standing there.

Of course the Stork Club has closed. Perhaps it's better that way. A new beginning for a new world. "I'm sure that would be fine, Mr. Jarvis."

"I'm going to leave the phone as well." Steve responds, a last squeeze of her hand as he stands back up and lets the phone remain where it is. "Jarvis, please provide Agent Carter with any information she may need." he states, and as Jarvis reprograms himself for Peggy's use, Steve offers a smile. "If you need me, just tell Jarvis to call me, and I'll answer." he promises her. As much as he wants to just remain here, he knows that doing so will cause Peggy to continue to want to sit and talk until she wears herself out completely. She needs to rest whether she wants to or not. "Give it a few days, and I'll take you to meet the others I work with now."

"That is a phone?" That hadn't quite connected in Peggy's head until just now. "But, where does it connect?" She picks it up again, using her newly released hand to wave around it on each side as if trying to find the invisible wires. She feels as if she just became part of a magic trick. It doesn't make any sense. Clearly, she's further behind than even she thought if she doesn't even understand a phone.

When Steve stands, she looks up, leaning back a bit on the pillows behind her to do so. There's a wariness, an expectation that he won't be back. That this is some hallucination that she'll awake from. "Okay," She doesn't ask how to call him, she's going to figure that out herself - her stubbornness to figure this all out has started to rear its head. She can't help but ask, "You'll be there?" The last time they spoke over a long distance, she thought he died.

"As long as you don't shoot the phone, yes." Steve says wryly, and before he can stop himself, he leans down and places a longer kiss on those pale lips. No Sweet Dreams lipstick for you, missy. Lingering there for a moment, he realizes what he did and a blush floods his cheeks and starts to pull away unless stopped. Hey, he never got that iconic 'We Won' kiss, so nyeah.

Peggy can't help but smirk at the joke. Maybe she deserved that one. "I make no promises," she retorts. The kiss takes her by surprise. The last time they kissed, she was the one that pulled him into it before he leapt off onto a plane with the Red Skull aboard it. Though taken off guard, she doesn't shy away. Instead, she reaches up a hand and places it on his chest to steady herself. When he starts to back away, she grabs at the star spangled uniform and pulls him back toward her. She never got a proper victory kiss, either.

Yeah, well, she made the first move anyway. It's just like him to kiss and run - except she doesn't give him that option this time. Pulled back in, he settles his hand on the bed so he doesn't press too far against her. She's still recovering after all. After some long moments in a liplock, Steve finally breaks away and manages to stammer, "Do-don't push yourslef too far, Peggy." he manages with a nervous chuckle. "We have plenty of time." Though they both know that time can change things in an instant and really should take advantage of it - but here and now isn't exactly the right time. "..and I at least want to take you on a proper date first." he teases against her lips before pulling up. "Now get some rest. That's an order."

When Steve breaks away, she doesn't put up another fight. There's not really any place for her to go or run from him. She's attached to an IV, still, and will most likely be confined to the bed for a few more days. She's in no real condition to be doing anything other than kissing, she just wanted to prolong it for a little longer before he left.

"I wasn't getting fresh with you, Steve," she promises, though she can't help a bit of a smirk. Resting back on her pillows, she shakes her head almost sleepily at him, the fond smile still on her face. "You can't give me orders."

Steve feels a blush, though he hides it well with a smirk of his own. "Sure I can." he quips as he steps to the door. "I'm a Captain." With a wink, he slips out the door, letting it close with the promise of a return visit.

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