2015-08-02 The Return
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Jean, Boris, Killian, Samuel, Bobby, Ororo, Jose, Scott
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: The Return

Rating: U

When Jean Grey was last here, she was overtaken by the Phoenix. It led to some unforgiving circumstances, one in particular a rather large fight with her and Scott that ended that relationship. Months went by after she took off, but she left with the vibe that the Phoenix was far from a friend or ally.

Now, Jean took a cab to the end of the drive, choosing to walk the road to the mansion on foot to give her time to build some resolve. She's aware of how she left this place, but now returning as herself? This may not go as smoothly as she hopes. Choosing for more civilian attire, she wears a sleeveless dark red dress shirt and black slacks, her long hair left down to flow in the pale breeze of the summer heat. She can hear whispers of thoughts as she draws closer, the usual torrid of emotions of children of various ages. Its a comfort, really. She had missed it. Though one in particular draws her emerald gaze to a high window as one of the students had spotted her. It takes mere moments before that student goes flying through the halls, 'Miss Grey is back! She's outside! Miss Grey is Back!'

Jean chooses to pause in the drive outside the building proper. Well, this should be interesting.

The news spread like wildfire, as it reaches word to the backyard where Boris was. Being one of the newest students around, he never actually met Jean, but has heard of her. Cautious as always he takes to travelling underground and makes his way to the front yard - only his bone blades appear above the surface, and the ground around where he is ripples like water. None the less he stops moving a few feet away from the drive way. Last he heard things didn't end well with this Grey person after all.

Killian happened to be passing by the front yard when he hears the shouting and goes to have a look, he's never met Jean but has heard talk of 'Jean Grey', walking over he freezes a few feet away, getting a familiar unpleasant feeling, she's a telepath of some sort, this is never good, they can be troublesome.

He wasn't around for the big fight. The last Sam had seen Jean, she'd saved him from the mob on Manhattan, the very incident that gave birth to his other identity as Tech Star. But he'd seen footage from the security system, had heard the tales… and despite the hope in his heart that this might be a happy reunion, when the news reaches Sam in the garage, he has to first consider the reality of the last few weeks. There is a slight hesitation before a course of action is taken, but not too long after the news has started to spread through the school like wildfire, Tech Star launches from its repair bay. It lands near the front gate, a robotic suit of power armour that is pitted and scarred, the signs of serious combat damage still visible, and adopts a waiting position nearby.

Hearing that Jean has returned Bobby goes out to greet her along with some of the others. No he isn't sure what state she will be in but he doesn't care really. Seeing her causes him to jog with a broad grin opening his arms to swoop her up in a tight hug.

As things become alive and focused on her, Jean can't help but take a small breath. At least she's not outright being attacked, but they are taught better than that here. Those she spots in the windows, spying on the events, is given a brief look. Tech Star's arrival is met with a light smile, glancing over her shoulder, "Sam." She greets. Though with what tension is present, Bobby's particular greeting completely throws her off. She looks back to him just in time to emit a squeak before breaking into laughter as she hugs the other teacher back. "Hey, Bobby. Staying out of trouble?" The others near are of course noted, the one hiding in the underground nearby being of more concern. "I'm not here for a fight."

As far as fighting is concerned, Boris isn't one to go looking for it, nor was he to run from it despite his… nervous disposition. The arrival of tech star and a mention of fighting is enough to make Boris nervous, which causes some -very- mild rumbling in the area. Boris moves backwards just a tiny bit not sure what to expect, even if Bobby did greet her openly. He ends up lining up with Killian in terms of place

Killian chills out a little when Bobby greets her so happily and she seems to know Samuel, still something is tense and something about 'Jean Grey' just screams power, "Hey, Miss Grey right?", he walks over and offers a gloved hand.

"Miss Grey." Tech Star raises a hand in greeting. The faceplate is incapable of expression, and the voice coder robs the response of any emotion, but even the most cursory of surface emotional scan will reveal that Sam is smiling inside his armoured shell. So far so good. He observes the sky for a moment, probably more for emphasis than actually expecting to see anything meaningful. "We're clear so far, but we should go inside. Let's not make this a Sentinel party."

"Not sure who you know. That is Boris and Kian." he motions to Boris as well as Killian. Bobby is going to assume she knows Sam, "This is Doctor Jean Grey. She is a teacher and doctor here at the school."

Ororo appeared on the far eastern side of the yard near the corner of the mansion. She was with a group of three students, all females, they were walking the grounds and tending to the floral life. A lone shaft of rain was falling down out of the sky just in front of their group as Ororo was calling down from the sky a direct spout of water… who needs a garden hose when you got a weather goddess. Ororo's sky-blue eyes glanced toward the western side of the front yard and she saw the group in the driveway, she eyed them calmly while remaining where she was with the girls.

"Well met." Jean intones, extending a hand to shake Killian's, her touch actually fairly gentle. Sensing Sam's smile beneath the armour, she can't help but smile in return. Its as if a large weight of a more horrible anticipation has been lifted. She glances skyward a moment, her eyes falling towards Ororo's position with a touch of amusement. It is good to be back, certainly. 'We should talk, at some point.' The gentle whisper of her voice given to the Goddess' mind. "Yes, lets go inside." She agrees, out loud.

Wait…Sentinels? The spikes on Boris back lay down down as if preparing to allow him to move faster. The past few weeks as everyone knows has been horrible for all at the school. Within moments all the earth within 20 feet of Boris shakes violently. No no, don't want Sentinels coming here. Quickly Boris completely disappears bellow the earth and thankfully the quaking seems to subside as he does.

Killian shudders slightly, seismic energy being something new to him, even if it is just a little, "Yeah, lets go in before we start attracting things by jumping up the Richter scale, might ruin the moment for the staff types, looks like you were missed Doctor Grey", he starts heading in.

"See you inside." With that simple phrase, Tech Star launches again and describes a parabolic arc towards the garage and its repair bay. The flight pack whines in protest and a thin trail of smoke is left behind. Clearly that thing isn't entirely repaired yet.

Ororo stood there with the members of her gardening club across the yard and she heard Jean's internal words to her. This got a soft smile from the white haired woman and she glanced back to her students to tell them something. She started to seperate herself from them and she began walking toward the front of the mansion where she stopped at the stone stairs that lead up to the door. With her right hand raised up to lay upon the stone railing, Ororo watched the others as they seemed to be moving into the school.

With everyone separating to head inside or otherwise, though she remains still for a moment with that little quake, staring a moment where Boris disappears… Jean heads towards the steps to meet Ororo. A hand lifts to touch the other woman's arm lightly, offering a warm smile to her old, and closest friend. "Don't worry." She tries to reassure her, though there is the lingering lilt of there is so much to explain. Only after, does she head inside proper.

Ororo stepped into the kitchen ahead of Jean and she moved toward the centre counter to start to put a bunch of left-behind plates and bowls away into their appropriate places. "Scott said that you were going to be back soon." She said in her soft voice toward Jean then. "I wasn't aware that you and he were keeping in contact… He's been… so, off, since everything happened." She said to the redhead.

Jean moves in behind Ororo, easily falling back into old habits. While Ororo puts away dishes, Jean begins to make fresh coffee. "Light contact, if you can call it that." Though with what happened between her and Scott before she fled, there is a sad note in her features. "I still can't fully explain what happened, but… she.." So strange referring to the personality she has chained in her own mind, "is held at bay. For now."

Killian wanders in tentatively, he's not been in this room since the incident but he was told he can follow the teachers in, he's mostly confused by the exchange but does offer, "Scott's doing better though, even I've noticed that, he's doing his best to fix things, even if he doesn't know what that is, you gotta respect that".

Little can stop the trouble that is Jose. He had heard Jean was back. With the school in an uproar he took the chance to go into the kitchen, and see if he can find the ingredients for his favourite drink 'Morir Sonando' since the rec room was out. Unfortunately Ororo, Jean and Killian came and he heard them coming. Jose had quickly hidden himself inside a cabinet, and carefully peeps it open slightly to see who else was there.

Ororo walked up to the counter that Jose was hiding in and she opened the door next to the one that he was hiding inside. She turned around then and leaned against the front of the counter, her arms going up to fold against her stomach she looked at Jean while she prepared the coffee. Her eyes then went to Killian. "Scott has our respect, he always will… but he's earned a healthy amount of our concern on top of that as well." She says to the would-be student who's had his fair share of drama himself. She looked back to Jean. "You seem relaxed." She tells her. "Has Charles helped you?"

When Ororo lingers close to where Jose is hiding, Jean looks a bit amused. She doesn't give away his position yet, though. Pouring the water into the coffee pot, she muses thoughtfully, "Maybe if I talk to him, it will help. If he even wants to see me." Glancing back to Ororo, her smile is almost sad. "I haven't seen the Professor yet." Isn't he gone at the moment? "It is on my own strength for the time being, but it is tiring." She pulls a coffee cup from a higher cabinet, lifting it in silent question to Killian and Ororo both to offer a cup of coffee.

Killian smiles at Jean, "Yes please", he looks over at Ororo when she talks and freezes, fun quirk of his energy sight? it tend to adapt to the energy sources around and right now he can see thermal energy crouched near Ororo, someone is in the cupboard, "Ororo", he nods at the cupboard, mouthing Someone is in there.

Sound is something Jose knew about. And judging by Killian voice he knew. Of course! Bah, no time to worry time to correct the tragedy that is coffee. Audiokinetic powers activate. It sound like Logan is in the room, his voice seeming to be coming from above the kitchen island "Like mentally tired? I know how that is. But seriously, coffee that stuff just taste plan bad. Tell you what, I'll make some Die Dreaming, it's weird but taste good!" the voice though Logan's is defiantly happy, in a childish way.

Ororo smiles faintly at the offer of coffee. "Sure." She says, her voice at a near-whisper level of softness. She considered Jean's other words on her condition, but she let them stay there while the student(s) were here. "The Professor is here, he's been preparing for meeting with the parents of new students in just a little over a week. Emma tried doing it last time, but… she felt the parents didn't respond as well to her persona as they do to his." Ororo then looked at Killian to see the mouthed out words and she looked down behind her knees at the cabinet there, it was slightly open. She heard the words from the Happy Logan and she sighed softly and stepped forward. "Jose, come out from there." She told him. "You know you're not supposed to be in here without us."

Two more coffee cups are set on the counter, letting the coffee brew. Jean glances towards Killian and the mouthed words. Did Jean know Jose was there? Nah, she won't tell. Though hearing Logan's voice at first creates a line of tension in her shoulders, albeit brief. The jovial tone alone, she knows its not him. "I should see him as soon as I can." Closing the higher cabinet, she busies herself with idle work, taking a rag to clean some random spot that isn't really there on the counter. A little distracted.

And… it's just Jose, "Dude, didn't you learn anything from last time we were here? no pranks in the kitchen", Killian sighs, at least no one exploded this time, "She might be right there, Professor Xavier is a little more agreeable than Emma, can see where he'd leave folks more at ease.

Jose comes out from the cupboard and stretches. It was a small space to fit a person into, but he made it "I wasn't tryin' to prank no one. Just wanted ta make me favorit drink" he says with his 'regular' voice. He looks to Ororo "I know, I know. But the rec room ran out of oj and milk and so I figured there was no harm in a quick drink" he says before looking more at Jean "So this is Jean? Your pretty"

Storm sorted the cabinet out some after the child had crawled his way out of it and then she shut the door. She flicked his shoulder then. "Next time, simply ask." She tells him quietly before she walks toward one of the refrigerators and she pulls the door open to get the orange juice and milk out. She sets both of the glass bottles down onto the centre counter and then motions for him. "Make your drink." She says, not wanting to do all of it herself considering he was a fifteen year old kid. Storm then stood aside and placed her hands onto the counter's edge, she looked at Jean. "Are you staying here then?" she asked the woman that she graduated with from this very same school.

"I'm not sure if it is a good idea or not." Jean's answer comes to Ororo. It could become problematic if she stays here, or it could be a good thing to be close to home in case something.. happened. Though if she lost her control, it could be a bad thing. Jean gives up cleaning the counter, putting the rag over the middle divider in the sink, finally taking a decent look around the kitchen. "Remodel?" To Jose and the orange juice and milk, she makes a slight face, "You drink those together?" That just… sounds odd. "I'm Dr. Jean Grey." She offers in greeting.

"It's Jose, of course he'd drink those together, and think we're weird for not", Killian frowns, "It's probably not for me to say cause I don't know what went down but I messed up and a lot of the staff here seem willing to give me a second chance, I reckon they'd do the same for you, I'll even champion it for ya, besides, we can use all the help we can get right now".

Ororo nods her head softly at Jean's words and she then looks over to Killian when he speaks. She knew full well the extent of everything 'Killian' but all the same, she still liked him and wanted him here. Her sky-blue eyes went to Jean again. "A lot has happened." She tells her oldest friend here. "I do not know how much you have heard. But there is plenty of time to fill you in later." She then walked over to the cabinet to get Jose a cup for his drink, she got him a tall plastic cup… take that as you will, but she probably did not trust him with glass.

"Of course you should stay" Jose says with a grin. But then he looks to the orange juice and milk before looking to Jean and Killian "Morir Sornado, also know as Die Dreaming is a -traditional- Dominican drink. And it taste awesome. This is bout the closest to normal I am in regards to culture" he says plainly. He then grins at Ororo "Thanks!" he exclaims as he sees the cup. From there he fetches a spoon, ice cubes, sugar and an actual glass "Let's see, have to do this right. Two cups always help with Dreams"

"I haven't heard a whole lot, to be quite honest. Just.. whispers." Jean turns to lean her hip against the counter, folding her arms against her stomach as she watches Jose with amusement. "I may stay, but it is a little more complicated than a second chance." Is her answer to Killian. She glances to the doorway a moment before questioning lightly to Ororo, "Is Logan around?"

Killian shrugs, "Third chance then, I saw how happy Bobby was to see you, as long as someone wants you here, shouldn't that be enough to stay?", he may be well over simplifying things but he stands by that statement, "Logan tends to go off and do grumpy alone things abut he'll always be back soon enough".

Ororo went to retrieve the cup of coffee that had been made for her and she let the students speak to Jean while she sipped from it and leaned back against the counter. "He was in Tokyo most of the month, but returned a few nights ago. He attended a meeting, where he and Scott decided that they agreed on everything and were now best friends." She smiled just a little over the cup that was held up near her chin. "I am not sure where he has been since then though. Its possible he's up in his room even though, I am not certain."

Jose pours oj into one cup and milk into the other carefully and not all the way "If The Wolverine is around, he certainly is quiet. Cause I haven't heard the fella in forever" he says. He then adds some sugar to the oj and mixes furiously, but dosn't spill anything seeming to have done this quite a bit. He has some questions burning in his head, but for now he just lets things be "And the professor is definitely here" he says just in case that would be asked next. He crushes the ice and adds some to the milk and some to the Oj. He rubs his hands together and pours one into the other and then back. This goes back and forth several times, the mixture turning into a light but still bright orange colour.

Jean can't help but watch Jose in his expert drink making. Though Killian's mention of grumpy things makes Jean laugh. "Well, that does sound like him…" Though her eyes go distant again as she glances towards the door, "I should pay him a visit when he is around." Perhaps someone else she needs to apologize to and make amends. Lifting her own cup of coffee, almost forgotten, she takes a sip, nearly choking at hearing Ororo. "Scott and Logan -agreed- on something? Were they drunk?"
Killian doesn't comment on the Scott/Logan agreement thing, must've happened at one of the super serious staff meetings that keep happening, the contents of which aren't being shared, the problem with that being that a lot of the kids are getting antsy, so are parents, even his own aren't happy with how little he knows that he can tell them.

Ororo listened to the others and she smiled and shook her head. "No." She said. "The last time that the two of them drank together they ended up in a fight and had to go separate ways for quite some time. That was at the start of June. I'm not sure they even spoke again until the other night, in fact. And then they were just all in agreement." Her eyes glanced from Jose then to Killian. "It was merely a security meeting, nothing more." She told them, taking another sip of her coffee.

Jose seemed neither concerned or antsy about this. The meeting was held in the basement, which was pretty effective of at least muffling what he can possibly hear with his super hearing. Jose takes a drink of his made drink and sighs contentedly "Ahhhh. Good stuff." and then to Ororo "Please tell me there not making curfew even earlier." he asks with sincerity. Drink in hand be begins putting away that which hasn't been used "You guys want some?" offers his cup for them to try.

"I'm good, thanks." Jean chuckles to Jose. She's not feeling that brave today. Sipping at her coffee, she glances to the others, though the thought of Scott and Logan being 'agreeing friends' just worries her. A hand goes to her forehead, wincing a little. Its honestly been well over a month since she's been around so many people; the entire school being far more than she's dealt with since she spent some time in isolation to get the Phoenix under control.

Killian reaches out and freezes Jose's drink sticking his tongue out, he'll unfreeze it in a sec but it's fun to be the one able to mess with Jose for a change, that voice thing often gets you first thing in the morning, "What's being done security-wise? my folks are getting kinda uppity with me for the lack of updates, you know?"

Ororo smiled faintly at Jose and she nodded at her drink. "I am good also, thank you though." She tells the boy before regarding Killian next. "You can tell your parents that this school is being reinforced with security by Iron Man and Captain America, if that isn't enough then I am not sure how else to assure them that we are well guarded." She turned her gaze to Jean and she stepped over to her and set her coffee cup down, she put her left hand up onto Jean's right shoulder. "You should rest." She tells her. "Your room is just as it was when you left."

Now Jose seems uncomfortable. Security wasn't exactly a thief's favourite word, even if they are technically a former thief. Jose looks over the frozen drink and grins giving a laugh "Nice one Kian, maybe one day you'll get me real good" when it unfreeze he takes another drink and seems a bit lost in thought.

"Yes.. rest." Jean lowers her hand from her forehead to give Ororo's a grateful squeeze. At the mention of the other supers, she chuckles a little. "My, a lot of things have happened since I've been gone, haven't they?"

Storm smiled at Jean and nodded once. "Never a dull moment." She replies in a quiet voice. "Well, maybe a few." She then looked over at Jose and smirked at his reaction to Killian freezing that odd drink. "Lets not encourage each other to prank. Especially if it involves testing out the ways our mutant abilities can assist in such endeavours. I believe that's how kitchens get destroyed." She tells both of the students.

Jose considers this "Oddly enough, doing a prank WITHOUT using me powers is what caused the whole disaster. Just saying" he says wiggling his brows with a laughing grin "But no worries, we'll keep it….minimal!". He then looks to Jean "Never thought I would say this…but if school had been this interesting, I would have stayed in school!" he says followed by his infamous kookaburra laugh.

With a five o'clock shadow and running gear on, Scott stumbles into the kitchen. His headphones over his ears granting him complete silence from the world around him. He's happier that way. In fact; possibly happier than he'd be in about ten seconds when he finds out that he's walked into a lion's den. Sadly for Scott, he's no dentist in this situation either.

Jean is standing at the kitchen counter by the sink with Ororo nearby. The red head is looking a little worn and tired, but is smiling despite herself at Killian and Jose's 'not' pranks with Jose's special drink. She takes her cup of coffee back in hand, chuckling a little to herself. "Never a dull moment, even when there is." She murmurs aside to Ororo. Though Scott's entrance draws her attention to the X-Man, her expression shifting a little more unreadable. She really has no idea how to react to him after what happened before. "Scott.." She breathes. Oh dear.

Ororo is leaning back against the counter beside Jean, she's sipping a cup of coffee and smiling at Jose. "Keep the pranks outside?" She tries to negotiate with the student mutant then. When Scott steps into the room she can feel the tension rise some between the woman beside her and the man across the centre counter. "Looking good, Mister Summers." She adds after Jean speaks, giving Scott's attire a visual once-over and nodding softly in approval.

Jose seems about to agree before Scott walks in, and the tension just….phew is it hot in here is it just the tension. Jose looks between Scott and Jean "This calls for some mood music" he says. He takes up the position of a person holding a violin. He pretends to adjust it and starts playing a sad tune "Hmmm, forget this, time to turn it up" he changes tune and begin playing 'thrift shop' on the violin (and yes an actual violin is heard being played to the tune), it resembles a sea shanty when the song is played in violin form. Hopefully this lightens the mood.

There's that moment in Scott's life that he wishes that this optic blast eyes for once would make him just blind as well. Being that his headphones were on and he spots Jean… this is going to be one awfully awkward meet up. Thank the good God that Emma is not here. He smiles warmly as he takes his headphones off and he gets right to the chase; no side salad with his dinner tonight. "Jose, I'm going to need to pull the jerk card tonight… please stop or I'll assign you to laundry detail for a month."

He then faces Jean and does offer a smile, "Good evening, Jean and Ororo." He isn't sure if he is really looking as good as Ororo thought but he's not about to get into his physique at the present hand. "I think the central air needs a tune up. I'm going to go investigate."

Jean remains leaning against the counter for the moment, Ororo by her side. Her hands are curled around a mostly gone cup of coffee as she watches Scott. Jose's attempt at lightning the mood does draw a slight chuckle. "Oh come on, Scott, he's just trying to help." She says before she even realizes she's talking to him as if nothing had happened. Her eyes lower to the cooling contents of her cup, suddenly feeling rather awkward. And that headache is returning. Her eyes close, a hand going to rub lightly at a temple, "Maybe I should have stayed away." She mutters under her breath, but Ororo can hear her.

Ororo looks over to Jose as he plays the violin and she rolls her eyes a little, but she hears Scott quickly jump on the student for it. Then the teacher starts to retreat away and Jean… Storm sighs and puts her hand on Jean's shoulder. "No." She says. "We want you here. All of us do." She tells her friend. "We just simply have to come past the emotions and realize that there is more important things going on that matter on a greater level."

Jose also hears Jean, he did after all have them super ears. He stops playing 'thrift shop' "Okay, so Thrift shop wasn't the BEST IDEA, but I got more music then itune has songs" is his claim. Choices, choices. Jose had no fear of laundry….in truth it's a miracle he even knows HOW to do laundry, especially if anyone ever looks in his room. He looks over to Ororo and shrugs, before smiling. Having come back full circle from harrowing experience, he won't be silence very easily, especially after being mute for almost a month. He begins to wash his dirty dishes and starts playing 'Baba Yetu' also knows as 'the lords prayer' just in Swahili. But clearly it wasn't in malice as he nods in agreement with Ororo as he washes.

Reluctantly, Scott sighs for a moment. "Jose, it's not that it was a bad song; it was a bad timing for such an audience." He then looks at Jean and smiles, "Just as much as I want to have a conversation with you later in private." He smiles at her, "I am glad to see you back. I just don't want anything to be misconstrued or awkward with the audience around us." He looks at Ororo and smiles, "Not you, either. You're cool in my book as I value your input as if you are sister."

Scott looks back at Jose, "You're like the younger brother that might not be ready for such an adult conversation to be overheard." He then looks back at Jean, "Seriously, I am glad to see you around. I've missed you more than you can know. You've always been such a great friend."

Under Ororo's touch, Jean relaxes a little. "Thank you." She lifts a hand from her cup to squeeze her best friend's hand lightly before it falls away. She does shift to the side a little, slightly more towards Ororo, to give Jose room to clean his dishes without her in the way. Her emerald eyes raise to Scott as he speaks, "Yes, a conversation would be welcome." And necessary. Though its what he says last makes her pause. For a moment, it looks like she may have a knife in her back. "Friend?" She closes her eyes a moment and for a few heartbeats, she is eerily calm. "Is that all I was?" The entire kitchen grows harshly silent, even Jose's music is squelched. "After everything…" She breathes in a whisper, trying hard to maintain that careful control she's wrought in her absence and yet that small sentence from him nearly shatters her resolve.

Now might be a good time to run?

Bobby comes into the kitchen holding his phone texting with someone. "Rogue says hello and she misses you." he tells Jean before pausing near her and Ororo. "What?" he asks looking at Scott and back to Jean.

Storm goes to step around behind Jean to her opposite side, putting her right arm around the woman's shoulders. Her blue eyes went up to Scott and she frowned softly. "Perhaps you should go for your run and come find her later after she's had a chance to rest." She then looks to Bobby when he stepped in and then back to Jean. "You should lie down for awhile." She tells the woman. "I can find Charles and have him speak to you as well once you're feeling better."

"Jean, you always were and will be more than just a friend," says Scott; still calm though he's scanning for the fastest way out of the room should he need to. He already has a plan to drive to Tribeca and stay there if he needs to. Besides; he does have that office all set up and it would be a waste if he didn't get to use it this week. He looks around and sighs, "Things are just a little more complicated and have been since the 'incident.' That's why I was hoping to have a conversation with you in private." He does keep his smile on.

Mentally, Scott's already figured out his next plan. He'll have Drake and Killian help him get his belongings out of the school over night should he need to take up in Tribeca. It's a nice office with a nice apartment above. The best part is… is that no one else really knows about it yet.

"Jean, I'm so sorry." He does have to hold back his own tears; Jean was his first crush and love. But the Phoenix changed who she was and divded them apart.

Jose was fine, until he found him sound just…muted as if someone had turned off his powers. This did not sit well with him and seemed relief when it started coming back "What gjjrnfe was hgjk that?" he asks perplexed not sure what happened. He looks to Scott and then Ororo and then Jean confused. He seemed somewhat relief when bobby appear giving a happy wave to him. He then says more to himself "Heh, I wouldn't think being called a friend is so bad. Just look at the hobbit, you couldn't pull those two hins apart if you tried, and they were friends" he commits to himself. He then takes to humming the song of the lonely mountain and finishes washing up his plate.

Jean is tense under Ororo's arm, something dark and very different in her eyes. Only there for a moment before it fades away. She starts to say something, but stops herself, shaking her head. The cup in hand is put in the sink a little harder than she meant to. "I can't do this." She doesn't mean to ignore Bobby, but she's a bit preoccupied. There are tears in her eyes as she tears away from Ororo for a hasty retreat. She needs time to breathe and get a hold of herself.

Bobby frowns at Scott hearing his words and then watches as Jean leaves. "Couldn't wait to upset her huh?" he glances back at him. "I don't know what your problem is lately but you need to get your head straight. Or maybe you just need to ge tit out of Emma's ass long enough to think and be an example to these kids. Vince died and you acted like nothing happened. If anyone has changed it definitely is you, Scottie." he shakes his head and turns wanting to at least check on Jean a moment.

Scott frowns a little as he watches Jean take off. "JeJean, I'm not trying to push you away. It's the exact opposite. I just" He frowns. He didn't want to explain the whole situation in front of the others. Everyone else knew the story. Everyone else was also under the impression that Jean had left the school." He then listens to Bobby's words, "I did try to get something together for Vince. I was told off. I've been working on trying to get a plan together and the other one who has been supportive of me lately was Logan." He tries to digest that. The only person lately that works with him is probably his biggest enemy from the school.

"I've been doing things behind the curtain." He sighs and looks at Ororo, "Well, this leaves you as the commanding team leader right now as I am deciding that I am temporarily unfit to lead." He bites his lip; though, as Bobby might be right and wrong. Perhaps his relationship with Emma was toxic?

Jose watches as all this happens. He is.. quiet by choice this time. He finishes washing the dishes finally and murmurs to himself nearly inaudibly "Vince ain't dead" still refusing to accept this 'fact'. He shakes himself off and is more or less backed into a corner. As the exit were covered by staff member who are apparently angry, and he no one to -sneak- out since that is what he does. There was always the window, been a while since he has gone that way. He hardly knew Jean and wondered if she was aright, he wondered what the problem between Scott and Bobby was, and wasn't even sure what to think of Ororo right now. Deep breaths. It's fine "Hkdehnv".

Ororo watched as Jean made for the exit to the hallway and she looked over at Bobby as he had harsh words for Scott, which she left unaddressed. She then took a step to follow Jean and she paused when she was beside Scott. She looked at him when he said these words to her… A moment later she reached out and put her right hand upon his chest, softly her warm palm pressed into his chest. "All we want is the leader that we know you are." She said softly before her hand slipped away from him and her eyes fell toward the floor whilst she walked out after Jean to try to assist her.

Bobby shakes his head and continues onward now following Storm.

Looking back at Ororo, Scott can't hold back the tears. "I've been asked to be that leader for so long while dealing with everything else. I dealt with the Phoenix. I dealt with the possibility that Jean was gone. I dealt with her coming back and that she was unable to be here or with me any more. I did the best I could and I have been trying during this Sentinel crisis. But I'm afraid I'm not able to keep my head in the game right now. I need to step down. I've been needing for some while. I've been running on broken too long that I almost can't fix myself any more."

Scott wipes his eyes. "My love life is a bad rom-com where I not make sense of anything any more. I do /love/ Jean. I always have and always will. I just was under the impression from everything that happened that I never would be able to have that again." He exhales, "So I eventually moved on. And now, I'm stuck on 'The Guiding Light.' I can't do this. I can't balance a love life, have a career, and be the other guy."

Well Jean, Ororo and Bobby left, but Jose heard Scotts words. Everyone has been through a lot in their life, and he know Scott was no different. What could he say or do? He didn't know he hardly understood half the things he has heard. So he does the one thing he can, he goes up to Scott gives him a punch in the shoulder and says "Akunamatata". He didn't know what else to do. But it's clear he is willing to listen, even if he doesn't understand.

Killian had been watching what was going on quietly for a while, he doesn't know what went down before Jean left so he stayed out of things, he would've left but he didn't want to interrupt, but know he's gonna talk, first thing though he's gonna put a hand on Jose's shoulder and hand him his odd drink to calm down. Then he's walking over to Scott and grabbing the man's arms as if to steady him, "Scott you're doing great seriously, I've been listening and watching and you're constantly trying to do the right thing, whither you know what it is or not, that is the best anyone can do, we haven't got on in the past but I respect that so much, you shouldn't quit", he sighs, "But you're human as well, not just the leader round here and I get that things lately have broken you down, hey, look at me, I was one of the nicest kids you could meet a year ago, now I'm a rage monster with a tendency to explode, and I haven't been anywhere near what you're going though. Just do what you need to do, but people are here for you, I believe in you".

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