2015-08-09 Attention: Asgardians (Cin's Child)
Recently I was made aware of the theft of Cin's recently born child nearly a month ago by an Asgardian valkyrie in the guise of Loki. That there was very little information on this has me more than disappointed. With Thor away, I look to you, Loki, to provide us with vital information such as this that could be detrimental to us as a team.
I also understand that this child is somehow touched by Asgardian magic. Regardless of this, stealing a child from its mother simply because of birthright should not be so easily allowed or forgotten. Loki, I know that there are other Asgardians that have been around the mansion and your own contacts. I need you to get me all information on where this child is as soon as possible and work with Cin and whoever else wishes to assist on recovering the child. If it requires a trip to Asgard and taking this to Odin himself, so be it.
Captain America.
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