2015-08-13 Captain Assassination
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Players: Steve Raven Clint
GMed by Steve / Raven
Title: Captain Assassination

New York: FDR Drive - United Nations
Located on the East River, the United Nations is the cornerstone of the organization that serves all its member-states. Situated on 1st Avenue, running from 42nd Street up to 48th Street. The UN Headquarters was completed in 1952 and it is one of the major sites to see in Midtown New York.
The UN Complex consists of four main buildings. If facing the buildings from 1st Avenue… The General Assembly Building, which is a white-brick building domed-in on the left. The Secretariate, which is the central glass tower. The Conference Building, which rests behind the glass tower, and the Dag Hammarskjld Library which rests on the right.
Once you enter the UN Complex grounds, you'll see a wide variety of art and sculptures such as the Knotted Gun statue, which is a large revolver handgun with a 'knot' tied at the end of its barrel to represent an end to violence.
The UN is where the heads of nations meet within the Security Council to build a consensus on how best to deal with world issues.

Captain America
NPC: Tar-Pit

Late afternoon at the United Nations building has seen an uptick in activity. Since the impassioned speech by the Genoshian ambassador against the Sentinel program (@read 42 on *ic for reference), both pro- and anti-mutant activists are crowding into the square near the building carrying various signs and banners and chanting slogans at and against each other. Various cries of 'Mutie Go Home' and 'Abomonations Deserve Death' are mixed in with rallies of 'They're Just Like Us' and 'What if it was Your Child'.

It's gotten a large enough crowd that the NYPD, overtaxed as it is, contacted SHIELD for assistance. SHIELD in turn called upon the Avengers in the hope that maybe seeing that Captain America was actively on the scene it would calm down the protestors. Cap agreed but wanted to have his own team on standby, just in case the rioting gets worse. It was not the all-call of 'Avengers Assemble!' but more of a request. Even now, the Captain is waiting to see if there is any responses while he stands with the NYPD, helping to keep the two crowds of protestors from intermingling and erupting into a firestorm.

It is going well so-far, but as the ambassadors of the United Nations start to make their way out of the building, it sparks a new round of yells and cries and other noises of disruption. As the Captain watches, it's clear that he feels conflicted. These are the people he is sworn to protect - doing exactly what he said he would protect, but at the same time, he wants to speak out. But for now, the larger issue of protection remains in place as he taps his radio. "Anyone else at the United Nations, respond." he murmurs as he grips his shield a little tighter, the bright and round shield standing out in the field of rectangle riot shields.
Clint is not a flashy, look-at-me-and-calm-down sort of guy (sorry, Cap.) He's the guy who watches the scene from above and intervenes if the more direct attempts fail. As is his custom, he's found the highest perch with which to observe. In this case, it's on the roof of the Church Center. The only bad part about doing an op in a high security area is that he had to get actual permission and enter the building lawfully. Not the way he usually likes to play, because there are too many people involved. But sometimes, you have to follow the rules.
"Eyes in the sky, Cap," comes Hawkeye's voice over the radio. "You want me closer to ground level? It's not ideal for intervening up here, but I have a good view. Can't quite read the signs, though. Cutie Come Home? Aww. That's sweet."

There were mutants here, of course there were mutants here. Though finding them might be a bit tricky when you don't know what they look like. Everyone visible all appeared to be just your average human, either here by daily employment or here for assignment due to the event at-hand… One of them, however, was here completely voluntarily and wasn't what they appeared to be.

"You're doing what you do best, Hawkeye. Which isn't reading apparently." Cap responds, though he can't help but to smile a secret smile about something. As the Captain continues to work the crowd, he has the riot police disperse into a line to help with securing the path that the Ambassadors walk. Many of the Ambassadors and their staffs are not bothered by the crowds, allowed to pass peacefully, though the North Korean delegation gets a nice Bronx salute from the crowd - at least they agree on something.

Cap knew that there would be mutants here - after all, part of the problem is that Genosha was built on the backs of mutants that had lost all free will and freedom thanks to the Genengineer. But it's not Steve's place to decide what roles government take in the world - just to protect what is there. The Avengers are not conquerers. It sucks, but those are the rules. It is this thought that is troubling the Captain when the crowd roars out loudly and the chants only grow louder as the Ambassador from Genosha comes out. With her are her bodyguards, two mutates, their heads shaved clean, dressed in nice suits, following the very lead of the Ambassador as she strides towards her car. She looks around at the roaring crowd and gets a displeasured look. Such madness would never be allowed in Hammer Bay. As she notices the Captain, all she does is offer him a pretty smile and strolls past him while continuing down the path towards the awaiting vehicle.

"They didn't hire me for my reading comprehension. Or at least, I don't think they did. I didn't really read my contract," says Hawkeye. It's a joke, but sort of not. He probably didn't actually read his contract - if there even was one.
He shifts his position slightly to make sure he has the most unobstructed view possible of the crowd. "Things're getting testy. The crowd's starting to boil. Can't tell if it's close to boiling over, but the agitation's rippling. Watch your back, Cap."

Guards, guards, guards, police, marines and more. So many faces, so many jobs of protection and so many serious little monkeys all running about doing their little deeds and keeping their little eyes peeled for obvious signs of trouble. Obvious. Not every source of danger could be seen as obvious 'signs'. The Genoshan Ambassador was being walked to her car by some very intimidating 'friends' and they would surely keep her safe from any would-be angered crowd rioters, wouldn't they? These sorts of things always happen so quickly, the winds change at the blink of an eye… Before she can reach her car the Ambassador is greeted to the same sudden change as the rest of those here at the UN Plaza… an erruption of light, fire and a boom that tears through the Manhattan sounds like a fat kid into an ice cream sundae!

Mutate 4801 had taken the lead to probe the path ahead for the Ambassador when the sudden blaze of light and eruption happens. His exo-suit, a skin tight layer right under his suit immediately comes into play and the mutate morphs into a solid form of what appears to be cobalt-colored armor that protects his entire frame as he turns to look for immediate danger to the Ambassador that needs protection.

Mutate 497 who was at the side of the Ambassador suddenly clutches her face and cries out and agony. She had been scanning and listening to the crowd for possible issues, and the sudden overwhelming light and explosion overpowered her and sends her sprawling onto the concrete.

And it is just as bad for the crowd as cries of panic and fear ring out in the plaza. Who was firing? Noone can tell, not even the cops on the scene. The Captain calls out, "Hold the line!" to the cops in general as he is already on the radio, 'Hawkeye, what do you have up there? Where was that explosion - what was it?' he asks, trying to get a sitrep as fast as possible so he can respond, even as the crowd is dissolving into chaos, charging the phalanx line of the officers, threatening to overwhelm them as the first bottles and rocks come tumbling in from the sky - aimed at the other side - but landing short in some instances.

"Making a play for the Ambassador, Cap! I don't have eyes on a target. It was a flash bang with a bit more bang than usual. Her security is trying to help, but one of them is down. My guess is whoever our bad guy is, they're about to make their move."
Hawkeye dials up a code on his bow and tugs out a specialized arrow. He readies it, but there's nothing to let it fly at - yet. He's watching for the calmest face in the crowd.

The police are an arrogant bunch in Manhattan… they don't like to bow down to any other security force, be the marines or the Avengers especially… A line of cop cars rolls into the air and immediately goes to the chaos that is the UN Plaza, civilians are running in pure terror… poor NY and its constant threats of terror and always having to run away from mass destruction… The police poor out of their vehicles with their own battle gear on and their side arms drawn, moving toward the UN's stairs and entry way to each building… Cops rush up to the Ambassador. "This way! Come on! We gotta get her out of here!"

One of the Policemen shouts, then motions to his fellow officers. "Get the others! Over there! Put'em in the squad cars!" The cops begin fanning out and getting important bodies to their Patrol cars. A sudden, unmistakable shot rings out… a very loud boom of a gun shot that sounds like it came from a high-velocity rifle, the shot slams into one of the Ambassador's body guards, the one that was already injured.

The mutate that was on the ground hears something off, even in her agony. Just as she was rising to say something, the shot slams into the top of her back, between her shoulder blades and exits from just beneath her breastbone, shattering it completely. The girl gurgles on her own blood before she falls face-forward into the sidewalk, dead.

The other mutate, pretty much a puppet in his armor form, moves in labouring steps to try to follow the ambassador as the policeman is trying to escort her away. He's far too slow in this form to keep up.

"My car is this way!" the Ambassador starts to protest, but as the crowd boils over and cuts off the avenue of escape for her vehicle, she turns to follow the police officer who arrived to help her. "Thank you." she offers quickly as she goes along with him towards safety.

"Sniper!" Captain America reports quickly, even as his shield is used to deflect away a rock that was hurled across the lines. "We need to break this up.. the cops will have it under control, but I have no way of getting to you to help, Hawkeye. Find that shooter." he orders as he makes his way over to where the mutate was murdered and checks her pulse. When he rolls her over, the blood that comes through her uniform covers his gloves, and he frowns, noticing the uniform beneath the suit for the first time as he opened her shirt to check the wound. There's noone to question at the moment, so he returns his attention to holding his ground until the paramedics can arrive once the scene has had some of it's chaotic nature reigned-in.
A sniper. Yep. Hawkeye had a feeling that would be the play. It would be his play in this situation. But as he discovered when he was trying to find his own perch, there aren't very many eyes-on spots in this very high-security area. There's also a lack of balconies and windows that open. That means there's limited spots where a sniper could make that shot from. So he does what he usually does in situations like these - he puts himself in the sniper's shoes.
That means he exposes himself, but Clint's banking on the chaos below drawing attention from him perched on the edge of the roof. He scans the most likely and advantageous spots, arrow drawn and ready to let fly should he catch sight of movement where there shouldn't be. "I'm not saying that I can't see this sniper and you should really get the Ambassador to safety, but…I can't see the sniper and you should really get the ambassador to safety. Cap, just a warning - this whole area is massively high security. I don't know how this sniper got the vantage point they'd need. Hell, I barely got the clearance. Just uh, a head's up that there might be accomplices within the security force."

The army of cops seemed to have their stuff together and were escorting lots of people to the squad cars… the Genoshan Ambassador was one of these people. She held the hand of a police officer in full riot gear who was holding up a riot shield and blocking any attempted sniper shots at their location. The Officer escorted the Ambassador to the Squad Car and threw open the back door and shoved the woman into the car, shield held up nice and high over them! The other security member of the Ambassador crawled inside as well with his Ambassador he was assigned to protect. "We're good!" The shield officer shouted… And then another sniper shot burst out in the UN Plaza… followed by another and another, making it clear for Clint to see that the shots were coming from atop the building across from him, he could potentially even see the barrel of the gun.

The snipers shots lanned all over the car that the cop had shodved the Ambassador inside of, but none had hit their mark as of yet!

With the Ambassador secure and the cops working to disperse the crowd, even Captain America could turn his attention to where the shots were ringing out from in multiple locations. Making his way through the crowd, Cap calls out to the cops to continue to disperse the crowd as the Sentinel of Liberty himself did a quick calculation. Determining that the sniper nests are far too high for him to simply sling a shield up at it, he gets on the police band as has a couple of officers open up with their handguns towards the top of the building. It is totally ineffective fire, but it's meant honestly to keep the snipers pinned.

While that's going on and the crowd continues to flee in every available direction, Steve makes his way through the remaining crowd, helping people along until he gets to the building where the shots are coming from, still peppering the Ambassador's police escort. Finding the door locked, Steve frowns, backing up a few feet before going behind his shield and smashing through the plate glass window to roll once on the other side and pop up to start up the stairs towards the floors he saw the shots coming from. 'I'll take the low road, Hawkeye, you got the high.' he transmits as he starts up the stairs.
"Right at my twelve, Cap. Dead ahead." Clint levels the arrow on the target across from him. He waits until he catches the barrel glint, then lets the arrow fly. It sails straight and true, aiming for the sniper's shoulder. Then, with hardly a pause, he loads a grappling arrow, aims it at a water tower on the building's roof, and lets fly. He readies his wrist clip to traverse the distance between them, but he waits for some confirmation that the sniper's been hit before mounting it. Best not to make himself a target if he can possibly help it.

Cap faced no reistances smashing his way into the building, there was seemingly nothing to stop the first Avenger from making his way into the building that the Sniper occupied, go Captain America!

Hawkeye's grappling arrow, however… met some interesting results. After firing at the sniper first, the visible rifle fell over but was still sticking out of the window… the line that the grapple arrow connected to the building started to… bubble… in black… ooze? The ooze was growing and moving down the rope infact, and more black tar-like ooze was dripping now out of said window.

Down on the ground level, however, where chaos still reigned supreme, the cop with the riot shield lowered it down to the ground and looked up at the building and the Avengers going after the Sniper. The cop set his shield down on the gorund, then tossed it aside. He turned around then and looked at the frighteened ambassador inside the car and her body guard. "Do not worry. You're safe now." The cop said, followed by a 'click' and then he under-handed a live grenade into the car's backseat with them and shut the door. He turned and walked away, leaving them inside panicking and flailing and fumbling and slamming on the window…

the patrol car exploded.

The Ambassador stares in horror as she realizes what's happening. "4801 protect me!" she cries out - but even the mutate morphing into his armored form, while protecting her from the primary explosion of the gernade does nothing when the secondary explosion of the car going up in a spectacular fashion and sending shrapnel and flames out into the crowd. The mutate himself survives the explosion, but most of his armored 'skin' has fused together, causing him to be locked into a form that was wrapped around the remains of the Ambassador.

Captain America does not hear the smaller explosion of the gernade - but when the car explodes and shatters the windows of the buildings for several floors, that he does hear. "Hawkeye, sitrep!" he calls out even as he kicks in the door of the office of the 'sniper', preparing to fling his shield at the attacker if he can't charge across at him fast enough.

The chaos in the plaza gets even worse. Between the shots and the explosions, it's turned into a near riot as everyone is running and fighting and just trying to get away. The Ambassador and her staff will not be the only injuries in this fight as the mutant forces - for and against - continue their clashes in and out of the plaza, even with the police trying to continue to break them up.
"Cap, Cap! Abort. I think it's a decoy. Things are…" Clint tilts his head. "…oozing. You know that melting clock painting by that guy? That. Except in real life. I—-" And then, KABOOM. He makes a face, and then NOT over the radio, mutters, "I knew it. Inside man. But oh, don't listen to the guy who used to assasinate people. OH NO." He clears his throat and then clicks on the radio. "Sorry, Steve. That was the Ambassador's car. Fan. Excrement. Bad news down there. The mob's turning on itself."

At this stage, with the cop car blowing up, the police were in their own haze of chaos as sthey were backing away from their cars and the people that they'd put inside of them were now getting back OUT and simply running toward the canyons ofs Manhattan. The cop who'd tossed the grenade simply wasn't visible anymore, either back within the 'fold' of armored militaristic cops, or perhaps somewhere else.

When Cap kicked the door open to the office that the sniper was inside of the sound of Clint's voice speaking of Ooze was a simultaneous delivery of black oil-tar that rushed out of the office and into the hallway, coating Captain America's lovely gear in its filthy obsidian fluid, it filled the office and flowed out like someone had kicked a hole in a fish tank full of the ooze.

The ooze… it was still moving down Clint's grapple line, bubbling its way closer toward him, about halfway down his line now.

"Damn." Cap responds as he hears the report from Hawkeye - he had the possibility of an inside person in mind too, but with the sniper - that 1945 mind sometimes forgets that not all cops are friendly and nice and willing to help old ladies across the street. Any other report is lost as Ooze splatters him and the Captain makes a face. "What the.." he manages as he notices that the liquid is moving down the line as well as washing over him. Looking around him quickly, he flings his shield up into the cieling, snapping the water lines that feed the fire sprinkler system and sends a shower of water down into the room as he tries to wash the stuff off before it could do more harm.
Clint pulls a specialized line cutting tool off his belt and cuts through the thick line in one smooth motion. The line flutters to the street below. He stands on the edge of the building, watching the bleeding ink of the roof rather helplessly. "I had to cut my line. You're on your own. Can you retreat?" He pulls out another grapple arrow and looks for a place to secure it in case the good Captain needs backup. "Things're pretty Roger Rabbit over there." He says that knowing full well that Steve won't get the reference.

The line cut, the fire water blasting down out of the building's ceiling and a few workers screaming at the sight of the ooze as well as being rained on now…. Quite the madness all together. The cut Hawkeye line flutters down to slap against the tower's glass wall and the black ooze trails all the way down it until it lands on the ground and begins to spread out in a filthy black puddle… the puddle starts to move toward the nearby 1st Avenue… leaving a sick trail in its wake and a filthy black streak all the way down the glass building from the room that Steve is inside of.

With Ooze washed off of him, Captain America makes his way to the edge of the window as the mutant makes his retreat. Between that and the choas that has erupted in the plaza below, all Steve can do after retrieving his shield is stand there and watch as the pipe continues to shower on him. Add in the multiple explosions and the cops fighting to break up, disperse, or arrest the mob - this has been a bad mission. Not to mention what may happen when Genosha learns of this.

Sad Captain in the rain.

"Ew," is all the very articulate, smartass archer has to say as he watches the black ooze retreat towards the sewer. Clint touches his earpiece and radios in. "You okay over there? Need a hug? I mean, I'm not going to hug you, but I'm sure I could find someone." This is a loss for them, and they both know it. "Y'know, we both might want to make a hasty exit. The last thing this situation needs is you on camera trying to explain what happened. No offense. Let the SHIELD PR folks handle it."
I don't understand that.

The black puddle continued to flow its way into the street and it rushed down into an open storm drain, leaving a streak of nastiness on the ground behind it. With the chaos above on the UN Plaza… the ground beneath the scene was much quieter…. The black ooze condensed within the sewer and formed into the mass of a person, tall and completely mirror'd in space-like blackness.

"Nicely done." The all-black-body said.

"Not bad yourself." Replied the all blue bodied form of Mystique. She gave Tar-Pit a grin and then the two of them started to walk away down further into the darkness of the poorly lit Manhattan sewer tunnels.

Hawkeye is right of course. And the only explanation he could really offer is 'we failed. Sorry.' Stepping back into the building, Steve lets out a sigh as he reattaches his shield and doesn't respond for a change to Clint's small barbs to lighten the mood. This one hurt just a little. Because for all of his attempts to prove that their could be peace between mutants and humans.

They may have just gone up in smoke.

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