2015-08-15 An Offer to Help in Triplicate
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Players: Captain America, The Cuckoos
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Title: An Offer of Help in Triplicate

This is a follow up to Captain Assassination

New York: FDR Drive - United Nations
Located on the East River, the United Nations is the cornerstone of the organization that serves all its member-states. Situated on 1st Avenue, running from 42nd Street up to 48th Street. The UN Headquarters was completed in 1952 and it is one of the major sites to see in Midtown New York.
The UN Complex consists of four main buildings. If facing the buildings from 1st Avenue… The General Assembly Building, which is a white-brick building domed-in on the left. The Secretariate, which is the central glass tower. The Conference Building, which rests behind the glass tower, and the Dag Hammarskjld Library which rests on the right.
Once you enter the UN Complex grounds, you'll see a wide variety of art and sculptures such as the Knotted Gun statue, which is a large revolver handgun with a 'knot' tied at the end of its barrel to represent an end to violence.
The UN is where the heads of nations meet within the Security Council to build a consensus on how best to deal with world issues.

Captain America
The Cuckoos

Not wanting to cause too much of a ruckus with a quintuplets running around the UN, the Cuckoos instead only send 3. Triplets, as odd as they are, aren't exactly the same scale of oddity. And this way they can have two others still back at Xaviers incase they need to show up somewhere important or pretend to be in class. Wandering around the taped off area of where the anti-mutant hater groups have gathered, they are pretty easy to spot for those looking for them, but none of the protestors really seem to pay them much mind. Even moving out of the way of the three gorgeous and identical women, walking seemlessly through a crowd of people.

There are several areas of the United Nations plaza that have been taped off with the bright yellow tape of the NYPD. Around the squad car that exploded in the middle of the plaza, damaging the cars around it and killing the Genoshian ambassador. The spot where one of the mutates that was protecting said ambassador died. And finally the building where the sniper was located at is marked off as well. The front window of the building is smashed in, as is one of the windows on the tenth floor. There are police officers working the scene - not only the active crime investigation, but to keep the anti-mutant ralliers at bay. "Go home muties!" seems to be a popular call today.

Already on the scene, Captain America's shield reflects the sunlight from the high window where he is currently in the sniper's nest. Kneeled down, the Captain's shield is detatched from him as he is studying the rifle that was used to fire the rounds onto the crowd and using a wooden pencil to pull at some of the gunk attached to the rifle.

Once the blondes get to the yellow taped off section, someone nearby the taped off area lifts it up for them. They in turn, from all different directions smile an nod to the person, thanking them. It's one of the anti-mutant protestors, but no words are exchanged, at least not that the most observant person would be able to detect, and they move into the restricted area. Immediately one of the UN guards is coming over to them, and then just turns to walk away. The protestors, despite having three blondes right in front of them pay no attention to them, as they continue to wander in the direction of Captain America and whatever it is that he is looking at. %r%r"Hello, Captain." They say all at the same time. Familiar with him, unknown whether or not he's familiar with them. "We heard about the incident." One of them says, before a seocnd picks up, "And we thought we'd come by. Never been to a…" Stopped and the third finishes, "Anti-mutant rally before. It's fun." They smile then all at the same time, all while looking at the Captain.

As he reaches to unchamber the next round and remove the magazine, the harmony of voices - all alike, catches Steve off-guard. The Captain looks surprised that the triplets slipped through all the security so easily - sometimes he just has to be bewildered and impressed with the abilities that some have ended up with. "I fear you have me at a disadvantage." he admits with a chagrined smile as he pops the magazine out of the rifle and places it in a seperate bag to mark. The bag is marked with the SHIELD logo, which probably gives a good idea of where it was sent from. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the threesome are mutants, but he knows little about them so he remains cautious for the time being.

"What can I do for you ladies?" he asks as he looks between the threesome from one face to another. "It wasn't just the rally - at least these shots did not come from an anti-mutant protestor." he opines.

"Pro mutants, anti mutants." The lead one says again, the second begins to look over at the bag, and gets a bit closer to it, it doesn't seem like there's a lot of personal space respect with the three. And the third sort of focuses in on the remaining people, looking at different individuals who seem to get too close, or might be about to say something to the Captain. It's pretty obvious to most that she's essentially creating a 'zone' as it were for conversation. The one looking at Captain bends over a bit to get a closer look at the gun, and she wonders, "Does it really make a difference? Each side will blame the other for the cause. Do you have any leads on who it might be?" It takes effort to penetrate memeories and thoughts that are guarded or deep inside of someone. But questions, they have a tendency to get people thinking about things, and the Cuckoos aren't so much in favor of reading surface thoughts as they have no qualms with the idea of doing so and thus refuse to learn techniques to prevent themselves from listening in. "And I am Sophie, that is my sister Phoebe, an the third is one of my other sisters, Irma. We are the Stepford Sisters, students at the Xavier Institute. Though, not currently, obviously. We wanted to see the rally, the site, we think it's interesting, and we might be able to help."

As the trio comes closer, Cap locks back the bolt on the rifle to render it inert for transport. "As surely as Genosha will blame the NYPD for it." While he doesn't mention why he thinks that, it's on the surface. The destruction of the squad car was not from the sniper's nest. It was from an explosion within the police car and Hawkeye's report of a cop fleeing from the car just before the explosion. "As far as leads go.." he holds up a little of the goo on the stick he's gathered and gestures to where it pools in places and then trails out of the broken window. "Hawkeye hit him with an arrow and he changed from a human form into this. Tried to drown me out in that form but when I opened the sprinkler system.." A gesture up towards where the Captain's shield slammed through the cieling, "..he retreated out of the windo and down into the sewers." So a mutant, or at least a differently abled human. "I don't understand the fear, I suppose." he admits. "I served with those that were not the same as normal humans in the War. The Human Torch was an android at the time - and you certainetly didn't mouth off to Namor unless you were looking for a fight. This whole situation is just confusing. And the amount of hate and anger that is being sent out is maddening. I wish I could do more to help, Miss Stepfords." This said, he places the sludge into a tube and seals it as well.

Standing up a little more, Sophie offers, "Well, we didn't come down to see if you could help us." She says, and it might seem a little awkward coming from a blonde, should be a super model, in a red mini dress in the middle of a police investigation, "We came to offer our help to, well, whomever was here. Though to be honest we knew you'd be here before we left the school." Watching the goo disappear and then looking around, "Traditional, investigations, even with the help of SHIELD, probably will retrieve results much slower than the six degrees of connection styled investigation tactics. And it'd help even more to have someone who could find those connections quicker than you, and SHIELD can." In short order she's given over her resume, or why she's here at least and how she can help, and she smiles. Her mind is already searching for possible results on what the sludge might be, from the context and the description given, what she's seen. Leading her through the minds of nearby scientists at colleges, in startups, and even here at the ground level, trying to pull together more information more quickly. "And please, call me Sophie, we'll forgive you a few times for not getting us straight."

The answer seems to be the same amongst the cops. It was mutants. The cop that supposedly was running from the scene was found the next morning in a landfill in Jersey, dead from a gunshot wound. Where there was one, there was probably another, at least in their thought processes. The Captain considers Sophie's words and then frowns. "Alright, I confess, I'm not much of a cop, so I have no idea what the six degrees of investigation is unless it's that thing that somehow involves Kevin Bacon, but I don't think you mean that." A weak smile is offered at his attempt at humor. "The question is really who benefits from this? After all, I realize how Genosha came to be, it could have been one that managed to escape from there and wanted to avenge him or herself." he comments, but even that seems to be a reach for him. "But any help you can offer will be appreciated, Sophie. I planned on bagging these items and handing them over to our experts at SHIELD to see if they can come up with a possible DNA match on who this.." another gesture towards the sludge. "..may have come from. Is there anyone at the school that may have exhibited anything like this?" he has to ask, not because he feels that Xaviers may be bad - but because he's trying to take names off the list before someone else puts them on there.

"Six degrees. It is basically the same theory that comes from the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. That within six connections of something, or usually someone, the answer resides." Sophie is pulling this idea straight out of the mind of a professor of sociological sciences, and she even takes on a slight demeanor as a teacher towards the older, much older if you consider birth dates, Captain America, "We do not need to find the assassin. We need to research the people present. And go out six degrees from them in close relationships in every possible outcome. Where we find branches we drop them, where we find connections, we consolidate." She offers before looking around and indicating, "There's lots of people here, but people see things that their brains block. Witnesses tell the truth when they say they don't remember something, but they saw something… but the brain's self-defense is to avoid trauma. Did you know that you only see clearly one degree of your vision at a time? The rest of it is clear because your brain fills in the bits and pieces, it can over ride what actually is, and give a sense of something different." And she takes in a deep breath before looking back to Captain America, "What I'll need is footage, all the footage, anything from nearby locations. I need phones, cameras, and such, so I can find people who were here yesterday that are not here today. We'll mark those present so we can create a differential profile." And then she pauses and says, "We will do this, if, when you go to get whomever it is, you bring us?" Her one dream, the hope that Sophie has, the 'in-the-zone' look she is giving, this is the only reason why she wants to help, so she can go after the bad guy.

Captain America listens patiently to the lecture. He doesn't even address the age difference in his mind - he's learned from his exposures to the present - even in the past, that things are never what they seem and there is definetly more to the triplets than the image of beauty they present to the world. As she lays out her terms, he considers them. The immediate reaction is negative - he knows that he doesn't want to cross a line with the school - after all, he's trying to build relations with Xavier's group and this may damage that. Finally he settles on a response that seems to benefit soothing his conscious at least a little. "If you can present me with permission from your Headmaster that this is allowed, yes." he finally responds. "However, if it involves travel outside of the country, that may be a different situation altogether." Pointing that out to her, he frowns for a moment. "Genosha is wishing to have their hands on the assassin as well, so as you have probably already figured out; this is a race against time."

There's a pause, and Sophie listens, she listens hard, she doesn't want to dissuade the Captain and quite frankly it's an easy order. Her professor, or any head at the school won't even remember signing the 'permission slip'. The advantage of leaving two of her sisters are the school means that right now one of them is already getting the permission slip, they'll have to wait a bit and give it over later so as to not throw up too many alarms, but it'll be forthcoming. "Done and done. As for the travel outside of the country, hopefully we can help you find out the 'perp' before they can get anywhere." She uses a cop term in a sophisticated voice teenaged woman's voice, and then salutes the Captain. "Alright. I will need my other sisters, they'll be here in a few hours." Turning just her finger to diamond, she bends over again to reach out and touch the sludge. "I wonder how much of them is still left here…" She slowly shifts her finger back to skin, incase this is toxic or burns, trying to pick up on psychic emenations. "You know, this is so cool, I just wanted to tell you that. We've been dyyiiing of boredom at the school."

The Captain seems to be weighing the teen's voice and actions while she speaks, but it's when she morphs her finger is when it sparks his thoughts. No the sludge isn't dangerous; it's rather sticky and tar-like. The Captain's thoughts however immediately turn to the dossier that SHIELD has on Emma Frost. Beautiful, yes, but also a powerful telepath that can turn her skin to diamond. "Any relation to Headmistress Frost?" comes the direct question as he gets a small frown and puts the rifle in the bag to tag it for SHIELD to look over. He will probably need to speak to Emma directly before fully approving any mission, since as far as he knows at the moment, she's still in charge of the school.

Sophie's mood suddenly sours at the mention of Frost, "Seriously?" She slumps her shoulders and takes in deep breathes, letting it out slowly, "Why is it, everyone asks that question? I mean, we look /nothing/ like her." They all in turn shake their heads, one of the first times since the initial greeting that they all seem to be animated, "She isn't our mom, or our much much /much/ older sister." They aren't that many years younger than the headmistress, but when you are 18 everything seems so far away, "There's no relation to us. We -are- much more attractive, powerful, smart, capable, we don't like the same foods, and we have a MUCH better sense of fashion." With a look from one of the other sisters, Sophie stops, and then chuckles a little bit, "Or, sure, whatever. Emma's great. Anyhow, she'll give permission. We -are- her star pupils." She laughs half-heartedly while answering your unspoken question, and tries to wash away whatever anger was on her face, and she's pretty good at it only a tiny, very hard to see tremor exists on the right side of her lips. No normal person would be able to detect it.

To a normal person, perhaps. To a super soldier with heightened senses - the tremor might as well be the biggest zit ever on prom night for Sophie. He doesn't pounce on it, however, instead merely mentioning. "It's just surprising. I was under the impression that two mutants having the exact same skills manifest in the same way was astronomically high." he admits as he listens to the protests of the young women. A mental note is made to speak with Tony later on these youngsters. Taking out his smartphone, he glances at it for a moment. Not sure what to do, he blesses the stars and stripes that at least JARVIS has voice commands. "JARVIS, would you please download all street and phone footage from August 13th at my location from noon to midnight and have that information set to transfer."

JARVIS responds, the slightly British accent speaking up, "That will take a few minutes. May I have the destination, I can transfer it directly."

Cap looks towards Sophie and offers a reassuring smile; he's not saying 'no' to her offer of help just yet, just now approaching it more cautiously since Miss Frost is indeed a factor now. "If you do not mind, Miss Stepford?"

"Surprising, yes, not unrealistic, however. I mean, we -are- quintuplets." She states, as if that's already an astronomical event already. And she comments, "Mutations are a strange thing, but we don't have the exact same skillset. There are variations on our abilities compared to hers, even though a lot of it manifests in a seemingly similar fashion. It's still different." Her grin fades to a more impatient look, like a teenager telling her dad about modern day understanding of science-y things. She's the know-it-all child, and Cap is the archaic father figure right now, "Well, we were hoping you might have access to a computer with multiple monitors?" She smirks before saying, "Otherwise we could go buy a few mainframes and multi-monitor setups. It isn't that expensive." Sure it is, but apparently in addition to being telepaths, powerful quintuplet minds, and beautiful, they are also wealthy?

There's a bit of a shrug of her shoulders, and she seems impartial to the solution, "I figured, you know, with SHIELD and all. But, yeah, we don't carry phones…" And they call themselves teenagers, even Cap's got a phone. "We can use the UN." Pointing in the direction of the building, not phrased as a question.

And throwing money at the problem is so an Emma Frost solution from what Cap has been told about her after their ill-fated meeting. Him? This is all going right over his head. "Well, walking into the UN and asking to use their equipment is out. They're on lockdown since the attack." he points out diplomatically as he works through the other options in his head. "Fury would have to approve the use of the SHIELD equipment. Tony might be able to help, but he's still recovering from an incident on campus. And I don't even use the television in my room." he admits.

"Do you have an email at school?" JARVIS finally prompts. "Ah never-mind, I have already found it. I can send the files there for you to browse at your leisure, Miss Stepford." the computerized voice is oh so helpful, except not really in this case.

As he finishes gathering the evidence he came to get, Captain America places it all in a case to be carried out. "I wish I could stay, Sophie, but I should get these over to the lab for further analysis. If you find out anything, JARVIS can have the information relayed to you so that you may contact me. Thank you for your help, Sophie. I'm sure it will be appreciated."

Sophie is about to say she could just walk in and use the UN computers, but she also figures that's probably not a good thing to say around Captain America. And his other ideas come up, and there's the mention of Fury, SHIELD's head, and then JARVIS speaks, and Sophie goes, "Yeah, I do. It's" She's cut off before JARVIS discovers it and she squints a little at the phone, whoever this JARVIS person is just invaded her privacy without her asking, "You know that's private. Don't go broadcasting the email address all over the internet or anything. It's a very personal username." It's probably some embarassing email address chosen when she first got to the school, something along the lines of hotqt4eva or the like, and she seems a bit flustered at someone else having this information. She probably doesn't know that JARVIS isn't a person. When Captain America decides it's time to go, she says, "I'll find you and let you when we discover something." And now she'll be here for a bit, waiting on her remaining sisters, so they can at least start scanning those people here presently and eliminating possibilities.


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