2015-08-15 The Stepford Tech Shoppers
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Black Cat, Iron Man, Bridget (GMed)
GMed by Phantasm
Title: The Stepford Tech Shoppers

Logfile from FlameOfDarkness.

Hell's Kitchen, also known as Clinton and Midtown West, is a neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City that includes roughly the area between 34th Street and 57th Street, from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River.
This section of NYC is a bustling hub of traffic at nearly all hours of the day, but its notorious for its dangerous nightlife. Those that prey on the helpless stalk the alleys and side streets of this district, using the shadows as refuge to stalk their victims. Hell's Kitchen is not known for being friendly to those who take their safety lightly.
The streets themselves are not particularly dirty, but not particularly clean either, the district is somewhere in-between these two levels. However, the alleys that reside between the aging buildings are definitely on the filthy side of things, where homeless gather and loiter in their own makeshift homes.
Brownstone apartment complexes, old warehouses, low income commercial shops and storefronts… these are the buildings that make up the contents of this city district. Hell's Kitchen is constantly under pressure from both sides of its denizens, the lawful and those who would break the law for personal gain.

It is a relatively quiet evening in Hell's Kitchen. With the end of the first of several successive work days for most, there's not much partying going on in the bars and clubs as most who choose to drink tonight opt for the quiet solitude of their dreary apartments to sob away their case of the Mondays. There is little in terms of foot traffic which would hint that today might not be the best of times to go looking for someone.

Unless, that someone doesn't like being about in crowds.

Wearing her 'going out' attire, Felicia, The Black Cat, is out in Hell's Kitchen, wearing her costume once more. It's one of those things that you put on and just feel better about yourself like it's an old hat that fits you just right. She's out at this time with her hair in a pony tail on the back of her head, the long white wisps of hair flapping gently in the wind. With a flash of a smile over her shoulder towards her sidekick. "Why did Mike give me these things again? Hey Mike!" She calls out to the windy void of Hell's Kitchen, "What're these again?" She asks waving the sticks in her hands like little light sabers, even making a few woosh noises to go.

Tony walks along dressed in black his right arm and hand bandaged up, There are burn marks on the right side of his face to the neck and scarring his left hand and part of the arm but not bad enough to need a bandage. He holds something in his left hand listening as she yells for Mike.

There is the faintest of whispers back. Perhaps it's just in Felicia's head, or perhaps the wind is replying back. .o('Licia… Use the force.)O. Nah it's a voice in her head. Mike's being a jerk from what cozy spot of darkness he may be residing in at the moment. Good money is he's in his cozy room at the mansion. .oO(They're sticks. Work it out.)Oo.

As the pair walk along the street, a couple of people exit out of a slowly dying radio shack rip-off with rather full looking bags. They turn, walking down the street. No conversation between the two, just quiet purpose. From a competing store just across the street, two more people step out. Also turning in the same direction.

"You're a dick." Felicia says with a smirk as she moves down the sidewalk, sticking to the shadows, cause nothing looks weirder than a costume walking down the sidewalk in Hell's Kitchen. Felicia looks over her shoulder once more to Tony and wants to start some small talk but she does notice the few people walking out of the stores and moving, "Think it's a bit early for black friday?" She asks Tony with a playful wink and she lowers her center of gravity to make her footsteps even quieter as she starts to follow.

Tony can't wear his suit due to his condition but doesn't mean he is unarmed. He lowers down as well putting the device away.

Felicia gets the faintest of chuckes in her head and then silence, leaving the duo to give a quiet pursuit of the two separate groups of people who exited from different Radio Shack rip-offs around the same time with bags of mystery purchases. They continue their walk. Looking as inconspicuous as they can be in their quartet of odd timing, as they make their way along the sidewalk. One couple crosses the street, falling in line behind them as they continue their walk. Out of another store, another couple emerges.

Felicia continues her pursuit and keeps her white brows furrowed at the rather peculiar situation. She glances back at Tony and asks in a whisper, "Any idea what the christmas shoppers are doing?" She clutches onto the sticks in her hand a little bit tighter but doesn't do anything with them just yet.

Tony shrugs his shoulders, "Looks like a hiest to me."

The third couple steps in line, following the other couples. Being that there's no alarm nor does it appear that the shopkeep has any quarrel with them. It is a very polite heist if any. The six extremely quiet people continue with their purchases, before turning around the corner of one building.

Felicia usually one for patience and panache, today is a little annoyed and wants to get the ball rolling. She looks back to Tony, "He did say use the force." And with that she tosses one of the sticks aimed to hit one of the two back of the couples. Then she'd jump out and say I'm sorry.

As the second set of couples turns around the corner, the last set ends up stopping as the stick whacks the female of the last group. Like the leaf that throws the car dangling on the cliff to it's deadly fate, the stick's strike to the back seems to have another effect as the woman falls forward, landing on the ground, bag and all. The companion twirls around, tossing his bag down around the alley as he bares his teeth and snarls, giving a less than human like response. To add to this, he's running at Felicia, at an abnormal rate of speed. .oO(And that's why you have two. Try not throwing it this time)Oo.

"I could say it was an accident much easier than if I bonked some random strange-o in the back of the head." Felicia giggles before she widens her stance waiting for the attacker to reach her. She then takes his wrist and spins around while pulling it down and basically flipping the assaulter onto his back and then she simply bonks his face with the stick.

As Felicia uses the man's speed against him, there is the forward momentum that provides enough pressure to Felicia's wrist to indicate that the man's speed was highly above average. And yet, when the stick goes bonk, the fierce presence vanishes into one of confusion. A very odd thing.

And now, emerging from the alleyway, the four remaining persons come running, bags no longer present int their hands as they seem more focused on rushing Felicia, and by association, the nearby Tony. Their expressions could either be registered as anger, or simple bloodlust. Either way, they're not waiting to fight one at a time.

Tony watches as she goes all out on the guy. Staying to the shadows he really can't do much. "Ah shit." he pulls out a gun looking thing with his left hand shoting out shots that should paralyze them or give him a chance to go somewhere else.

"Language Tony!" Felicia says with her tongue sticking out to the avenger in front of her, though she stands up and spins at the same time to face the four attackers. This time however she rushes forwards to meet them head on. She tries dodging and weaving past the first two before she aims to 'stab' the first on in the sternum with her borrowed stick, her eyes focusing on that one until she feels contact through the weapon.

As the quartet run towards them, a couple of them lurch back as they are hit with the shots, leaving two more to continue their run forward only to be greeted by Felicia's response. Their attacks are fierce but upon coming in contact with the stick, the fight response seems to fade away into more of one of confusion before they fall to the ground. The two that were shot, although slowed, are still standing, their goal still apparent as they stagger towards the Avenger and thief.

Tony isn't supposed to do anything with his injuries but dammit… Now running towards one of the guys he lowers his left shoulder moving to ram into him roughly.

Felicia's reactions are awfully fast for a girl her size, and she slips a hand out to grab onto Tony and spin him around her in a circle as she moves to prevent him from running into one of the guys. She knows he's injured and is too important. "Not now love. We don't want you hurt -WHOA!" She says and reaches out with the escrima to slap the attacker in the face before she looks at Tony and says, "One moment." And she squares off with the last one.

Already shot, the remaining male gives a grunt as he tumbles backwards from Felicia's hit. Landing on the ground, the last female turns towards Tony and Felicia and starts to run towards him before a series of whistles pierces the night air. She stops, turning to stagger away from Felicia and Tony.

Tony listens to the whistles watching as they turn to leave. "SOmeone calling their dogs?" he questions looking to Felicia before glancing watching the ones staggering away.

Felicia drops the stick to the ground and is clutching at her ears trying to prevent the sound from reaching her sensitive ears. "I don't care what it is, make it stop!" She practically howls at Tony.

As Tony and Felicia hold back, the remaining tech shopper continues her stagger away from the two, turning in to the alleyway.

"Sure. I'll wave my hand and make whatever is whistling go away. Maybe if I say BOO." Tony sighs now going to follow the staggering one towards the alleyway.

"Okay, what's up with you?" Felicia says towards Tony, not sounding upset, but she is concerned and annoyed. She reaches out to the ground and picks up the stick. She winces at the whistle still but she looks at the back of his head, "Curious and worried about the man. "I'm your friend Tony. Sometimes it feels like your my only friend."

Tony comes to a stop looking back at her, "Sorry. Just a lot has been going on lately. I'll talk to you about it later." for a moment his good hand reaches out to touch her cheek lightly.

Felicia reaches up and grabs Tony's wrist, pulling him away slowly and gently. "Later. Cover my ass with that sweet gun of yours." Black Cat then starts to step into the alleyway behind the shopper after collecting her second stick. "Don't stare at it buster." The thief notes as she slips into the alley.

Upon the staggering woman going into the alleyway, the whistling stops and there is the clang of metal. Should the heroic duo go around the corner, they come across the sight of the staggering woman suddenly on the first level of a fire escape. A figure dressed in all black lands feet first on the ground, the biker helmeted figure straightens, positioning themself between the couple and the fire escape. As for all those electronic store bags that the people brought in the alley? No sign of them.

Tony draws the gun walking much like an officer on the hunt. Indeed he will cover that ass but no promises on not staring now and then. Noticing the helmeted one, "Freeze!" he calls out aiming the gun at it.

Felicia stops as she has her helpful nightvision to allow her to see the helmeted figure. The thief pauses and stands straight with her hair wiping wildly in the wind in the alley. "Yeah, freeze!" Says Felicia, she's obviously having some fun with this.

As Tony shouts out his command, the helmeted one indeed stands in place, but the freezing aspect is not quite followed through as the helmet tilts inquiringly. In the mean time, the staggering female continues her way up the fire escape.

Tony has had a lot happen as of late and its all coming to a boiling point. Pressing a button on the gun to intendify the shot he aims to the one on the fireescape firing off three shots to knock it off.

Felicia's attention is snapped back to Tony, she wants to know why he's trying to kill this person. "What're you doing?" She asks surprised and shocked at Tony's actions. She noticed they're stun rounds, plus it's Tony, but the target's on a fire escape. Then she looks back at the biker. "What're YOU doing?" She asks the silent antagonist.

When Tony moves his hand to shoot at the escaping figure, the helmeted figure spurts to life taking a leap towards the Avenger. One gloved hand reaching up to grab at the gun hand in an effort to mess up the shot. Spots of wall spit off dust as objects impact it, encouraging the fleeing woman to move quicker.

Tony growls as his hand is grabbed and the shots go wild. Lifting a leg he tries stepping on this unknown being's foot while trying to conenct to the stomach with a knee.

Felicia stepped out of the way of the combat apparently and then looks over at Tony asking, "You got this?" and waits for his response.

As Tony attacks the mute helmeted figure, he ends up finding that along with the reinforced structure of the boot, there is a consistency to the stomach area that is not giving the the ususal give of an unprotected mid-section. It seems that the person's size is not necessarily from their body alone. The figure does not strike back, but simply brings the other hand up in an effort to pry the weapon from Tony's hand.

Tony struggles with this person or thing trying to keep his gun. "Let go!" he says pulling hard as he can before falling backward son the ground with a hard -thud- trying not to openly wince from the pain.

"Damnit." Felicia says, shooting her grappling hook up to the fire escape and grabbing onto a rail before she slips an arm around the mute one's waist and retracting, pulling the combatant off Tony. "Hey, calm down."

Billionaire disarmed, the helmeted figure looks to the gun in her hand curiously before getting yoinked up to the fire escape. Not expecting this, the gun is dropped halfway on the way up. The whistling sound kicks in place again.

The gun falls down, bonking Tony in the head, knocking him out. It is not a graceful descent, but at least he was already mostly on the ground to start with.

"Who are you?" Felicia demands as she lands on the ground, her grappling hook releasing from the fire escape. The black cat squares off with the black biker. "C'mon, you have to talk back. Gimme something to play with other wise I'm not a nice kitty." She says lifting her hand in front of her face and extending her claws so the silent antagonist can see.

Upon them reaching the roof, the biker glances around, shifting their position to keep between Felicia and the starting to recover Stepford Wife. A hand shifts, signing a response. The stance shifts, taking a defensive posture.

Felicia rolls her green eyes. "Seriously!?" Felicia is getting a little peeved. She paces around the combatant and eventually looks over the side at Tony. "He better be okay." She says with a snarl over to the biker. "You villains are getting lamer and lamer all the time. I swear." Felicia has the two sticks tucked into her belt and she's not using them currently, maybe she has some fun, but she doesn't approach.

A gloved hand moves to the underside of the helmet, flipping a switch, causing for an electronic voice…that sounds a lot like Jimmy Stewart. "Just Wh-Wh-Whooo… Attacked who?" The helmet glances around and uppon seeing the escapting female is no longer in sight, the figure starts to move away from Felicia.

"I stopped you from attacking my friend down there. Which, hold on." Felicia says and takes a peek over the wall, "You okay down there?" She asks with a finger held up towards the robot voice. "What's your name?" Felicia asks the biker.

"I stopped him from murdering one of my family." Stewart's voice responds back rather tersely. Stance still tense, but seemingly unaware of a feathery figure appearing on the ledge, watching quietly.

"He was using non Lethal rounds." Felicia says, finally having enough and with a snap of her hand towards 'Stuart' and a strong line snaps out from her wrist and with a claw on the end aims for Stuart's feet. "You're going to stay and answer all my questions."

Fool Jimmy once, shame on you. Fool Jimmy twice… When Felicia aims at the feet Jimmy leaps. And Leaps high! HIGH to dodge the attack.

Meanwhile as Jimmy goes up, the feathering observer starts to move it's wings, beak seeming to murmur- Is that raven wearing a black and red cloak?

"Fool!" Felicia shouts as her other hand snaps up sending a wire in the air to where the leaper will be a moment from now. Though the bird seems to catch her eye and she misses her attack as she gets distracted for a moment. "Tha hell?"

The wings spread out, pointing towards the mute figure and there is a sudden gust. As it brushes against the figure, the motorcyclist comes down, crumpling to the roof out cold. The Corvid Supreme waves, before vanishing.

Felicia moves over towards the prone form of the biker and flicks her wrists as she walks, retracting the wires of her grappling hooks. "Now. What're you doing?" She's fairly tech savvy but she's no Stark, plus she's not even sure what she's looking for.

The motorcyclist is quiet. As they're out cold.

Felicia looks over at the nothingness where Mike was, "Tha hell do you want me to do with this Mike?!" She asks confused and a little annoyed before she starts to walk over to the lip once more, "Tony?"


After displaying an uncanny ability to jump great heights to avoid grappling hooks while speaking in Jimmy Stewart's voice, a random sorceror raven supreme popped out of nowhere and hit the biker with a sleeping spell. And so the biker lays prone on a rooftop. Next to them, courteousy of the only awake person in this scene, Tony is lying down as well, having being knocked out by his own gun landing on his head. And now, the thief waits for either the helmeted one or Tony to wake up first.

Tony lays there for only a few long seconds before his eyes begin to flutter open. His good hand reaches up to rub at his head the gun leaving a little mark on it but nothing extreme. Slowly he works on getting to his feet using the wall to steady himself.

"Tony! You're alive!" Felicia says with a gasp that sounds like she might just be messing with him. "I'm having trouble cracking our friends tech open." She says shocked, "If you're okay, I could use your help." With a motion over her shoulder there's a body on the roof behind her.


Tony leans down picking up his gun holstering it before walking towards her, "Though I look and feel like the undead. Let me see what you are trying to do." he comes to stand at her side noticing the body. "Is it dead?"

Felicia walks over to the unconscious persona and shakes at the helmet as though she was trying to rip it off. "C'mon, I'm not an idiot Tony. I break into museums for a living." She's good at getting into things, "I need you open this thing."

Tony watches her a moment, "Maybe that is her head? So if that is her head you are trying to rip her head off." though he walks over kneeling down to get a closer look to see if it does come off or if its all one piece.

Upon a closer look, the biker gear is not just that, the additional padding, likely a rather low-key but highly effective body armor is woven in. The boots appear to be just boots and the gloves a ppear to be just gloves but there is something funky going on with where the helmet is. The back of the torso piece seems to have something peeking out of the fabric, extending into a type of neck plating that, although flexible, has the helmet fixed into place, making it to where it can't be removed. There does appear to be some indication the helmet does come off, with the right means.

"See, it's far more complex that I would figure a normal helmet." Felicia says, looking up from the figure to Tony's eyes, "Glad I brought you along suddenly." She flashes the inventor a smile.

Tony takes out his phone keying into JARVIS having him scan it over. Whistling a bit while he waits, "Good show." he says as its figured it takes a kind of frequency to make it open up. Now he lets the phone run through different ones to crack it.

Tony says, "inches"

It takes awhile to go through the frequencies. There are a lot of possibilities. But upon hitting one frequency, a leg jerks, despite the biker being out cold. Upon hitting another frequency, a arm twitches. And then, there's the sound of the lock on the helmet clicking open.

Felicia looks up at Tony and squints her eyes. "How much would it cost to get me one of those?" She then winks and looks back down at the attacker/victim. "Who are you?"

Tony listens as it unlocks he smirks at Felicia a moment. Reaching down he now work to open up the helmet, "I think its still knocked out. Did you search for ID?" he asks.

Upon the locking mechanism undoing itself, the helmet slides off somewhat easily, catching a litte on something embedded into the back part of the inside of the helmet close to where the base of the skull would have been. Head gear removed, the face of a young woman with shoulder length blonde hair in one big helmet hair induced frizz is exposed. Based from the size of what human part is shown, it is quite apparent that it is not just person under that suit.

"I didn't bother. I mean I don't carry one in my purse." Felicia tries to dig into her invisible satchel. "Nope, forgot it at home." She teases. "So, what is she using? Seems like pretty strong exosuit." She then pushes Tony's shoulder with a hand. "Got some competition?"

Tony glances up at Felicia a moment and then back to the blonde. Taking his phone back out he types in some stuff doing a quick search. "Ah.. So this is Bridget Marinos and she has been missing for a while. Now what do we do with her?"

Coming from the body, there's a gasp as Bridget suddenly pushes herself up to a seat with the energy and movement a plastic popper toy. Eyes wide, she starts looking around frantically, seemingly ignoring Tony and Felicia for the moment.

"We leave her on the roof." Felicia winks and then shakes her head. "I have no idea who she is but I know Mike or someone said to bring her in. She has valuable information." "Oh, she's awake." Then Felicia's hand moves to the woman's shoulder. "Hi."

Tony watches as suddenly she springs awake, "Bridget?" he asks lightly.

At the touch to her shoulder, Bridget spins around, quickly, one hand grabbing at Felicia's hand while the other pulls back, readying for a punch. The punch doesn't come as she hears Tony call her name, drawing her attention. She blinks at the billionaire. A look of confusion crossing her features as she tries to process what's going on. "Tony Stark?" She looks aside, frowning as she looks around some more. "That helmet-"

"Who the hell is she and why is she trying to punch my face?" Felicia asks as she wrenches her hand free from the blonde and her eyes are locked onto Starks. Waiting for answers.

Tony nods his head, "Its me." he then reaches for the helmet to closer examine it. "Was this controlling you?" is asked while he tries to get a closer look.

Seeing the helmet, Bridget moves over quickly, reaching for it, "There's a device in it. We need to remove it and get out of here."

Felicia holds her hand out and extends her claws once more. "Something I can do?"

Tony looks at the helmet and hands it to Felicia, "Show her where in that thing, Bridget."

Bridget's eyes follow the helmet as it's passed over to the other woman, "It's under the lining." She points, indicating to the back portion of the helmet, "Here."

Felicia tears into the lining, pulling it out and tossing it aside for now, exposing what's underneath. "Okay, this is all fairly alien to me, what do I need to do?"

Tony watches Felicia, "Make it into your new razor." he quips, "Just smash the hell out of it so we can get her out of here."

Bridget watches where it skitters to and walks over to it, giving it a hard stomp, crunching up the device. "We need to get out of here before they come."

"Who are we running from?" Felicia asks as she steps up to the lip of the building and looks over the side.

Tony raises up to his feet fully, "Lets run now and ask questions later. I don't want to know who they are if we are outnumbered and I can't use my suit with these wounds."

Bridget moves over to the edge as well, looking over to the fire escape. She lifts up a foot, setting a foot on the ledge, "Escape's that way." Stating the obvious, she jumps towards it. Hands reaching up to grab the outside part of the railing. Stopping her momentum, she starts to lower herself down by letting go and grabbing the railing on the next flight and so forth.

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