2015-08-17 Kitchen Conversation
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Warning: N/A
Players: Steve, Tony, Cara, Peggy, Wade, Natasha
GMed by Social
Title: Kitchen Conversation

[* Avenger's Mansion: Main Kitchen *]

The main kitchen of the mansion is expansive, to say the least. Its decor'd in black marble countertops and matching stone floors, all spotlessly clean. The cabinets are a bright white and each hold glass windows so one can look inside of them to see their contents.

There is a center countertop for food preparation and pots-and-pans hang overtop of this center counter in an orderly fashion. There are two refridgerators and two stoves, as well as two sinks in this kitchen.

A small seating area with a round table and six chairs around it sits near a large window that looks out onto the backyard.

There is a small dedicated kitchen staff to the mansion providing food to the residents on a daily routine.

Late afternoon in the Avengers mansion. After spending most of the day resting after taking a grazing gunshot wound from Hit-Girl the day before, Steve is dressed in loose sweat pants and a shirt with 'Property of Auburndale Art School' emblozzend on it, just barely hiding the puff of bandages on the left side. As he makes his way through the kitchen, he opens the fridge and immediately starts pulling out ingredients. Ham, cheese, turkey, chicken, more cheese, lettuce, salami, tomato, olives, mayo, mustard, all the ingredients to build a proper Dagwood that he works on gathering into his arms.

Wearing a baby blue t-shirt, that has a golden skeleton on the front of the chest wrapping it's boney hand around a classic car that appears to be speeding somewhere dusty, is Cara. The young auburn colored hair mutant woman steps into the kitchen, the glass slippers on her feet clinking against the tile, moving somewhat slowly towards the cabinet to pull down a glass. She glances over to Steve with her amber eyes and smiles faintly at her favorite hero and even blushes slightly before she forces herself to look away at the cup in her hand. The nearly twenty year old woman steps to the fridge after Steve moves and fills up her glass with water from the tap.

A voice echoed down the hall, hailing the presence of Janet as she turned the corner with a cellphone nestled against her ear and against her shoulder. "No, no. We need six yards of silk, not seven yards of safforn. They're out of silk? Well call somebody else then, they aren't the only supplier we use.". She stopped just inside the door or the kitchen, glancing around for a moment. She notices Steve and Cara, and smiles a little. "Listen, figure it out yourself, I believe in you. If they try to bully you around, just tell them again and again what we want. Eventually they'll get it.". She pulls the phone away from her ear and wipes it off against her aged denim pants before pressing the hangup button. She steps up to the bar and settles down in one of the chairs, exhaling into a sigh.

He hasn't been to the mansion in a while but no time like the present. Tony steps inside and immediately heads towards the source of food. Walking in with jeas on a loose black tshirt, they will all notice a bandage wrapped around his right arm and hand. There is a bit of scarring on his left hand and arm that is healig. There are wounds healing on the right side of his face and neck all from being burned but not as bad as they once were not that anyone here would know. Whistling he walks to the fridge and opens it up grabbing out a bottle of water. Closing it he cracks it open drinking about half in one go.

While Peggy may not consider herself dressed up, in this day and age she may be. Some of her clothes have made their way back to her and she's returned to the routines she knew in the forties. Her hair has been pin curled, her make up is flawless and she's currently wearing what she may consider to be a casual outfit - a dark brown pencil skirt, a tucked in white blouse and heels. It's vaguely reminiscent of her SSR uniform. While she is not an Avenger, she has been here before and currently has quite a mission in mind. Moving through the mansion, she finally locates said mission in the kitchen. Her eyes - always attentive - note Cara and Janet before brown eyes land on Steve Rogers. Immediately, her attention moves to his side where the bandages just barely show. She raises an eyebrow at it before looking up at Steve, silently asking for an explanation. "Good afternoon," she greets to the crowd. Tony's entrance is met with a few blinks. She's seen his picture quite a few times in her research, though it was not quite so beaten up. A bit of her expression softens with curiousity upon seeing him.

"…no bread and butter pickles?" Steve asks, and frowns as he shakes the empty jar. "Ah well, at least there's some habanero peppers in here still." Adding those to the pile and nearly bumps into Cara as he backs up, arms filled with supplies, the little plastic container of mustard falls to the floor. "Err.. sorry, didn't see you there!" he offers quickly, and then considers. "Cara, right?" he asks, remembering her name - and then her rather unique situation. "I have asked the Asgardians around here to look into the situation with your daughter. Have any of them contacted you yet?" he asks in genuine concern. "If not, I'll ask Thor if I can talk to the Odinfather myself. It is not right for you to have your daughter taken from you with no explanation or reasoning." he explains with a frown, but he has a slight look of confidence. "We'll do everything we can to get her back."

A more familiar voice gets Steve to chuckle. "Are you redesigning your costume again, Janet?" he asks with mild amusement as he tries to kick the mustard towards the counter so he can pick it up after he sets down the rest of his ingredients. Once that's done, he's off to grab a couple of large french bread loaves. He's a hungry man, after all, and healing makes him all that hungrier with his enhanced metabolism. "I think your latest design is probably the most.. Waspish?" he tries to find the right word, "Insectoid? Something like that - that it can be, short of you know, bug eyes." A playful grin is offered to his fellow founding Avenger member as he finally goes to retrieve the mustard and a kitchen knife. "You too, Cara. Sandwich? Trade you for an ice water."

Tony's arrival gardners a wry smile, as if he has a secret and knowing the Captain, those may be hard to maintain sometime, though he looks sympathetic. "Hey Tony. Heard about your adventures from Pepper. You alright? Is the kid you were working with?" he asks, waiting for Tony to at least finish his water first before gesturing towards the bread with the recently retrieved knife as if asking 'Want some?'. That is before he gets a little feeling in the back of his neck. It's the same feeling that a gazelle gets when it realizes that a lion has realized that it's wounded and perhaps the weak link of the pack.

Hearing Peggy's greeting is what pretty much justifies that feeling, at least in a playful way. "Afternoon, Peggy." he offers to his fellow out-of-time companion. He considers for a moment, and then handles introductions. "Janet Van Dyne, Cara, and Tony Stark. Tony, Cara, Janet, this is…" his expression softens, hinting just a bit at the fondness for a close friend. "…Agent Peggy Carter, SSR, and founder of SHIELD."

Cara's mouth opens and closes a few times as Steve talks to her and then she swallows down her fear and speaks up, "I haven't heard from Thor or Loki since she was taken, but Loki did warn me that an Asgardian baby wouldn't be allowed to be raised on Earth." She says with a soft sigh as she lifts the water to her mouth and downs the water rapidly so she can use the glass of the cup to stretch towards the mustard bottle and picks it up for the captain. Setting the condiment on the counter in front of him, she smiles and reforms the cup in her hand once more. Giving Peggy a soft nod and Janet one as well, Cara lifts her hand to curl her hair behind her ear as she fills up her glass again and gasps when Tony enters. "Are you okay?"

Her mind somewhere other than the kitchen at the moment, Janet gives a small wave to everyone as they enter. She just barely manages to catch Steve's words and they lead her to chuckle for a moment. "If only. I have to come up with five unique dress designs for a show in Paris next month, and they have to be perfect. However, everyone else seems to be going to the same show and buying their materials from the same people as me, so the person that usually places my orders for me has no idea what to do."

Upon hearing mention of Tony she spins around on the rotating top of the bar stool, eyeing him for a moment before sucking on her teeth. "You look like I feel.". She winces for a second, worrying for her fellow Avenger.

Tony swallows the mouth full of water, "I am healing and last I heard he is well." he shakes his head if the offer was for him. "Founder of SHIELD. Ah yes I've seen your picture with my father." no it doesn't surprise him to see someone that is likely a million years old to be around. Now though he steps towards Cara, "Should be me asking you that. Been a while since I've seen you/ Been hiding yourself away?" he asks looking at her. Then he glances at Janet with a grin, "Then you must feel great. Now if I went on how I feel I'd be like an old man with arthritis that can't walk."

"Hello," Peggy replies to each, glancing at each person as they're introduced, giving a nod of welcoming and a small smile. At her own, she smiles. "Not that that really counts as much these days." The various questions are met with curiousity as she moves slowly to stand nearby Steve and the sandwich he's putting together. She doesn't know the situations that are happening, other than the fact that a baby can't be raised on earth and Janet is putting together dresses for a fashion show. "Yes, we were good friends. It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Tony Stark." Almost gently, and not even looking at him, a hand reaches out to Steve's side - his injured one - and prods.

"A mother should at least have a right to visit her child.." Steve starts to say, then pauses himself. Realizing that he is approaching a certain line with the new modern woman, he reconsiders, and adds, "..that is if you wish to visit her?" he asks as he takes in Cara's abilities with a chuckle. "Thanks. Don't let the Asgardians see that, they may want you to make them all tankards." Offered lightly, if a bit forced, he slices open the bread to start stacking, piling, and spreading the ingredients out on his monstrosity. Meat, cheese, condiment. Repeat, just like building a house. A good firm foundation and great materials.

"Paris. Haven't been there since the war." Steve finds himself admitting with a certain thoughtfulness to his words - though to the more trained eye, it's almost the thousand yard stare that veterans get when recounting a combat experience. He shakes it off quickly when he hears Tony's response and gives an affirmative nod of his head. "Good, glad he's okay.." he answers, if just a bit absently as he regains his bearings to the situational awareness. "I ran into some girls you may know at the UN the other day." Finally back to the here and now, he continues, "Triplets, blonde, look almost like a younger version of Emma Frost with similar abilities and don't mind flaunting them?" he asks. "They're wanting to help with the investigation of the ambassador's death in return to being allowed to come with us on any leads we find. I wanted to get your thoughts on them before I said anything, so in the meantime, I've asked them to get me Emma's permission before I would consider it."

Peggy's proding nearly makes Steve jump, but instead he favors her with a chagrined wince. "It's not that bad." he promises her and leans over to place a kiss on the agent's cheek as he continues to assemble the sandwich, topping it with habaneros and olives, and uses the flat side of the knife to swat Peggy's hand when she tries prodding again. "It's never the trained professionals, it's always the random shots on the run that surprise you."

Cara gasps and looks away from Steve and Peggy as they flirt. As they say, never meet your heroes, and definitely don't move in with them if you can help it. "Paris!?" Cara says somewhat loudly as if she was trying to keep the subject off her and her baby. She's love to see the halfling but she doesn't want to bring it up. Looking over to Tony she shakes her head, "I'm not sure. It's tough to even find the motivation to move out of bed." She has a HARD case of postpartum depression. She moves away from the happy couple and moves closer to Tony as she feels she can talk to him a bit easier and more comfortably.

A loud, irritating noise issues forth from the pocket of Janet's black blazer. With a look of resignation she fishes her phone out of her pocket and presses the accept call button, holding up up to her ear. "Yes? Uh, fine. I'll come by right now.".". She looks up, and noticing everyone else mostly pre-occupied she gives a wave, and for Tony, a rolling of the eyes as she slips out the door chattering into her phone as she goes.

It was rather refreshing to see Steve flirting with someone. "Ah yes the triplets. The cuckoos.. clucks.. something or other I think they are called." Tony tells them, "Know how that feels lately, Cara. Sorry its been bad for you." he touches her shoulder lightly. He gives Janet a light wave as she heads off.

Clean, showered, shaved, and looking good is Ryan Reyn—eh, Wade Wilson. He smells like he actually really tried to impress people today. Though, if Tony was to check, the expensive shampoos were emptied. He's wearing a red polo with black jeans and leather dress shoes. He casually enters the room and grabs an apple. "An fruit of day keeps the doctor away!" He winks at anyone gathered by.

With Cara skittering away, Steve looks mildly embarassed. Did he just cross some other unwritten line he didn't know about? Silly rules and changing guidelines when it comes to women. Janet's phone draws a grin from the Capatin. "Don't work yourself too hard - I'll start to think that the fashionestas are more dangerous than HYDRA." it's offered as a tease as he starts to chow down on his sandwich, a nod towards Tony as he finishes off his first chomp. "Well. I don't know if I'd call them /that/." he says, "But do we have any information on them other than the basics that JARVIS could provide?" And with that, he takes another large bite. He sets down the sandwich to cut off a piece of it to slide over to Peggy. Hopefully she brought her appetite. He takes Cara's silence as that she doesn't want to discuss something that was probably private to her and his look becomes almost apologetic, but he's not sure how to address the issue. He'll probably write her an apology later.

For the moment, it seems that the kitchen occupants have partnered off. With Janet just now leaving and chattering on her phone, Peggy and Steve are sharing a sandwich, or at least Steve is partaking in said sandwich while Tony and Cara are close together nearby. Wade's appearance gets a grin from the first Avenger. "Date with Lucy tonight?" he asks as he finishes off another large bite of his sandwich.

Looking over her shoulder at Wade's entrance Cara falls silent once more. She looks over to the Captain and frowns, knowing that she's made him feel some sort of awkward. "I just don't like to talk about it." She says in regards to her baby. Then the young woman looks up to Peggy and is either jealous of her classy looks, or her relationship with Steve, but also hates her for all of those things. "They're the cuckoos." Cara clarifies, she did go to the school for a while, and she smiles broadly, something she hasn't done in a while, at Tony's touch. Then she mouths a thank you before frowning again at Wade's entrance. She has never figured him out or how to deal with the fellow mutant.

Tony lifts his left hand waving to Wade who will notice bandages wrapped around his right arm and hand. There is a bit of scarring on his left hand and arm that is healig. There are wounds healing on the right side of his face and neck all from being burned but not as bad as they once were. "You should eat something." he tells Cara

Grinning because Steve recognzed him, Wade totally fanboys inside. He seriously can't help as his heart flutters around inside. "Actually, ehr, I think I wanna go home with you." Wade bites his lip, "I mean, that in a good way. That sandwich looks pretty good. But it's no match for my chimichanga." Wade blushes a little; still swooning because Cap acknowledged him. "I think I've been like…" He tries to do the math; "Pretty much I've sober for like a good amount of time. And by sober, I mean 'legit' and almost as normal for sometime." He looks at Stark, "I know it was Hank and his Pimp Articles that helped normalize me but I also know it was a group effort in dealing with me. And Lucy." He looks around.

"Yeah, Lucy. She's a firecracker. Pretty funny when she gets mad. She starts cursing and kicking things and throwing tantrums. It's great because it makes me like I'm not the only patient in the asylum." He smirks a little as he rubs the back of his head; nervously, "Ehr, what I'm trying to say is. Thank you all for letting me one with you." He looks at Cara, "I know I'm not easy to figure out." He then looks at Peggy, "Or the most likely to be part of the team. But I love you all for loving me."

"And Tony? I used up all of your shampoo. It said 'Tear free.' so I wanted to see if it really was tear free." He doesn't notice the wounds yet.

"Someone took your child?" Peggy looks to Cara, expression easily shifting from worried to horrified. As the woman moves over toward Tony, she studies her for a moment, but does not push the question much further. It's not hard to gather that something is amiss. Janet distracts her, though, moving out of the room, and her eyes follow briefly. Then she gives a quick intake of breath and pulls her hand back as Steve smacks it with the flat side of the knife. It's not that it hurt at all, it's just that she's surprised. She was absently poking at his wound to prove that it was there and forgot that she was doing so. Pulling her hand back, she smirks, though there's clear worry there, "An accidental shot can kill you just as dead as an aimed one. What happened?"

The entrance of Wade is met with a quick once over of the newly showered mutant, attempting to figure out who he is. The sandwich slid over toward her is met something of an amused look. How does one eat even a portion of that? "The Cuckoos," she repeats the name from Tony and Cara, head tilted just slightly. "Would you like me to investigate?" Then, she simply gives Wade a wry smile, moving from business to introductions. "I'm afraid I don't know you well enough to have such strong feelings for you."

As Wade confesses whatever it is that he's confessing at the moment, Steve is torn between exasparation and complete confusion as he looks to Peggy for some sort of support here. The social awkwardness still exists there, in his heart of hearts as he responds to Agent Carter first. "Came across a teenage vigilante in Hell's Kitchen about to murder someone. I stopped her, but she didn't want to peacefully discuss her options. Got away." he leaves it at that for the most part as he sniffs the air. "Smell reminds me of Paris too." Probably the smell from the brothels, but that's not here nor there or a place that Steve ever visited. The question on the Cuckoos causes Steve to shake his head.

"It's okay.. Cara says she knows them, so at least I know they were on the up and up about who they were. I'll try to talk to them again soon. Also.." he glances around since he has a few people here, and considers. "Spider-Man." he finally says. "I want to try to bring him into the team. Thoughts?"

"More spiders are always welcome." Because Natasha was somehow there, or at least somehow close enough to be listening. The Black Widow… well, all right, at the moment it's Natasha Romanoff in sweats and running shoes, strolls through the door to the kitchen with a white bakery box under one arm and a paper sack in the other hand. "I've seen the guy in action. Capable. Could be more so if he had a team to work with and someone he respected giving the orders. Did you /know/ the last pickle shop in the Lower East Side sells pickled pineapple?" She shakes the bag, which appears to have something heavy and jar-like in it.

Cara looks to Tony and whispers, "Maybe, I'm not hungry though." The mutant speaks faintly not wanting to be heard by everyone else. After her whisper to Tony she turns to Peggy and licks her lips in a tick before she nods to the woman in response but she can't form the words. It still hurts. Wade isn't given too much of a thought as he's not exactly a helpful kind of guy, she's still mad at him for his words the night her baby was taken. Then Natasha shows up while they're talking about a new recruit to the team, while she's in the room. So, it's a meeting then, Cara decides and starts to walk away from Tony towards the door, her shoes clicking the whole time.

Tony glances over as Natasha comes into the room. "Hey." he says towards her taking another drink of his water. "By the way if anyone is wanting to talk to Pepper she has left the country on business. And yes that means we broke up." he suddenly announces watching now as Cara turns to leave.

"Wait, 'Spider-Man' is real? That sucks!" Wade exhales, "I kept getting called 'Ninja Spider-Man' and I thought he was some cartoon character. I was flattered!" He stretches for a moment as he thinks. "If you bring Spider-Man on you team," says Wade serious, "I'd like to talk to a guy I know named Daredevil. He's a really cool guy but I don't think he'd trust you. He's been getting beaten up in Hell's Kitchen on his crusade to bring justice."

Wade reveals some more 'information' about his friend, "Ever since his parents were gunned down in front of him, Daredevil was forced to take to the streets and swear justice. He's a really good personal friend of mine and he doesn't kill people. He's been trying to stop some major crime lord named Kingpin." He looks around the room again, "I keep telling Ma—Daredevil that we should go to the bowling alley if he wants to stop this Kingpin but he has other leads that work better. When I'm not here or with Lucy, I'm out in Hell'S Kitchen watching out for him."

Wade oddly doesn't remember that incident with Cara. He would try to make amends with her if she called him out for it. "I'm sorry to hear that, Tony. You got me if you need to talk?"

"You don't have to leave, Cara.." Steve starts to say as the mutant retreats, though Tony's remark catches him off-guard. "What?" he asks, confusion coloring his features. "You two were just engaged!" he manages to blurt out without much thought behind it as he gives a mighty frown. He looks concerned for Tony for a moment as he nods to Natasha. "I've seen the reports and witnessed him in action myself. Good team player, stand up guy, even takes the mud that the Daily Bugle throws out at him in stride. Just the type of person we could use on the team." he responds as he gestures towards the bag. "Mind surrendering some of those to my sandwich?" he asks as he listens to Wade, trying to piece everything together. "Daredevil." he repeats the name and then nods. "Was just in Hell's Kitchen the other day, took a bullet graze." There's a small smirk, but he shakes it off. "I'll see what I can do about talking to him, Wade."

The explanation is given a frown from Peggy. She will refrain from poking him now, even if he didn't tell her about his injury. Instead a hand reaches out to place reassuringly on his arm for a few moments in regards to both memories of Paris and the injury. Then, she's attempting to figure out how to eat the monster part of the sandwich in front of her. She won't be tamed by it, but for now she'll wait until there are less people to judge her should all the fillings fall out. She glances up as Cara moves to leave, not knowing the woman well enough to tell her to stay.

Listening to both Wade and Steve discuss additions to the Avengers, she listens but remains silent. She's not an Avenger, so she doesn't have much of a say. Nor does she know the people. Natasha's apperance is met with a studious look and a nod, shifting her feet just slightly as the Black Widow moves closer with might be a jar of pickled pineapple. Having just heard from Steve about Pepper and Tony's engagement, both her eyebrows raise when she hears that the two have split. She knows what she would say to Howard in this situation, but just because the two were related does not mean she knows him, she realizes. "I'm sorry," she tells him, simply, though she certainly sounds as if she means it.

"I do. This." Cara motions between Natasha and Steve and all the other actual avengers in the room. "Is above my pay grade and doesn't concern me." She says with a very faint smile as if to show she's okay, turning her head back forwards she continues to the door, feeling she still hasn't found her home.

"Mmm, I haven't seen him in action. I'd like to before I go either way." Natasha ambles over to the counter and, setting her acquisitions upon it, rests her palms on it and pivots to perch on its edge. The bag is opened to reveal, shocker of shockers… a jar of pickled pineapple. More accurately, half of one. And when Natasha raises her hand to her mouth, it's surely to clear her throat. Not to hide a burp.

"So here we have it, ladies and gentlemen. The finest pickled pineapple New York has to offer, or… what's inside the mystery box?" But then she catches Tony's words and winces. Shaking her head, she has to ask: "What happened?"

Tony just nods to those that give concern. "Long boring story. You know me well enough to figure it out." he shrugs not wanting to get into the details. Not wanting Cara to go off alone he turns following after her now.

Wade just gives Cap a thumbs up before he begisn to prepare his chimichangas now. "Wait, Cara!" He starts to call after her, "Let me make you dinner. I wanna get to know you. And without getting into trouble!" He looks at Tony, "Do you mind if I make a giant round of 'changas for everyone? Well, Steve might not want one. Since he's eating already."

Tony raises a hand to Wade following Cara out of the kitchen.

Tony goes out.

Cara just shakes her head at Wade, "Maybe next time." She says quietly, her hair moving like silk.

Cara goes out.

Cara's declaration is met with a curious and confused look as to paygrades and discussions, but Peggy does not follow nor call the woman back. It's not her place. The jar is studied with a smirk. Steve can add a slice to his sandwich, hers is already too tall. "Is the mystery box more pickled pineapple?" she asks, eyebrow raised. The British humor is quite dry. Wade's outburst is met with more confusion. "What exactly is a 'changa?'" she asks, prim British accent making the word sound much more proper than the shortened version of 'chimichangas' might otherwise be.

"You're an Avenger, aren't you?" Steve asks, his brow furrowing in concern, even as he reaches over to pop open the job to lift the bread and places some of the round slices on his sandwich. "Peggy?" he asks, offering her the jar - or she can take the Mystery Box of Mystery. But his attention swivels back to Cara. "If you're an Avenger, you're family and this does concern you." he points out gently, then as Tony moves to leave with Cara, the first Avenger can only offer a small frown of frustration. What happened to at least sticking it out through thick and thin? "Good night, you two." he offers to the retreating twosome before he glances towards Natasha. "You've missed a few things while you were away. An assassination at the United Nations as well." he manages.

"I don't think one of those will work on my sandwich.." Steve finds himself agreeing with Wade as he leans over and nudges Peggy gently, just to remind her that he's okay. "Alright.. no more shop talk." he's willing to surrender that so that people will stay. Sometimes he just forgets not to mix business and pleasure. He glances over at Peggy as if he wants to ask something, but for the moment, he remains quiet. But then Tony and Cara leave, and he can only sigh in frustration. "…sorry." It's said lamely, partly in frustration, partly in confusion. "A chimichanga, I think, Peggy." he offers absently.

"Take a burrito. Fry it, because America or possibly Scotland. Bam: chimichanga." Natasha's still watching Tony and Cara as they slink out; pressing her lips together, though, she doesn't say anything. She's far from being the Avengers' cheerleader. …ballerina, yes, but not cheerleader. If they want to leave, it's up to them. She nudges the jar to Steve and, as he starts pulling out discs of sweet-and-savory pineapple, she opens her baker's box. Cannolis. She only takes one, though, and has a giant bite of it. "Dessert first, but yes, Wade. Fry me up some delicious cheesy beefy goodness. I could use it."

Her eyes skirt over to Steve and Peggy again, though, and her expression turns grave. "I've heard," she says, "but I haven't actually read the report. Who was behind it?"

As Tony leaves along with Cara, Peggy frowns, watching the son of her close friend exit without being able to say much else to him. She's not quite sure what she was expecting upon meeting Tony, however, she feels a bit heavy hearted. The offer of pineapples is met with a soft smile and a shake of her head. "Thank you, no, I have a trial in front of me with what is already a part of this sandwich," she tells him, voice evenly warm, without a hint of her momentary sadness.

"You needn't apologize to us," Peggy tells Steve. Instead, she decides to cheer herself up by plucking a cannoli from the box. First, though, she waits for Natasha to eat one before biting in herself. "I'm quite alright with a sandwich," she tells Wade at the offer of Chimichangas. "And with a cannoli. Thank you," she tells Natasha. However, at the mention of the report, she waits and listens.

"A mutant, that much I knew." Steve explains. "I realized that when I broke down the door and he immediately went liquid and tried to suffocate me. Tarlike. At least until mixed with water, he retreated pretty quick." Just like reporting to a regular officer, even with Peggy there. She knows his job's dangerous - as is hers. It comes with the territory of being a hero or an agent. "Clint was able to get a couple of arrows into me to help him out, but the explosion wasn't from him. Shapeshifter, not sure who. But the policeman that supposedly set the amabassador up to be caught in the explosion was killed several days before the attack. The Genoshians want to send their own to check it out, which means brainwashed mutants on American soil." he glances towards Peggy and explains, "Genosha takes anyone with mutant genes at childhood and forces them into a program to turn them into slave labor." And he can't do a thing about it.

Wade cleans up the makings of his Mexican food making party. "Gotcha." He seems a little deflated that no one wanted any so he avoids making them. He listens to Steve describe the events and he bites his tongue more. Being a 'mutant' himself, he feels guilty. "I think I am going to go see where Lucy is." He fakes a smile, "And maybe go visit my friend Matt." That seems to be the truth. He loves Lucy but he knows that Matt needs more help right now. Besides, where was Lucy?

It's one of the nasty truths of this world. Natasha inclines her head slightly. "It's not a simple world where we can just charge in and knock heads together." It may well be a situation where someone like Natasha has to go in and… well. Yes. Avenge. "Given that, they may not be bringing in mutants. What are the odds that it was a Genoshian plot to assassinate him in the first place? The obvious and sensible answer would be an American mutant disgusted with Genosha, and who could blame them? But look at what that sort of thing does. Whips up anti-mutant sentiment and makes Genosha look the victim. Plenty of people would look at this and say 'maybe they have the right idea'."

She hesitates in thinking aloud, halfway through a cannoli. Grimaces a little. "…You know, probably best that we save this for later. You two have an Empire State Building of a sandwich to get through." She slides off the table, pausing only briefly to give Wade's shoulder a squeeze before she heads for the door. "Tomorrow for those chimicangas, Wade. Make it happen."

With everyone wandering off, Steve glances at the sandwich and then at Peggy. "Want to finish this in my room?" he asks. /GASP/ a brazen invitation for Peggy to stay?

"How are they brainwashed?" Peggy is still a little behind on current events. She's been trying to keep up, but it's been difficult. "When looking into assassinations and murders, it's often best to look at who has the most to gain from the deceased's death. Motives will spring from that." It's what she knows as an investigator and a spy. Wiping off some of the cannoli filling with her finger, she eats it, looking between Steve and Wade and Natasha.

The offer from Steve is met with a grin. "I would love to," she tells him. To Wade, she nods at Natasha's postponement. "I would love to try chimichangas tomorrow. I don't believe I've ever had one."

It's an unusual sight. Any Avenger can count on the fingers of one foot the number of times they've seen the Super-Spy speechless or surprised. But this time? Natasha actually stops in her tracks.

She doesn't actually turn her head. The look on her face is absolutely priceless. One hand reaches up to cover a mouth that is possibly grinning unseemly.

Probably no one thinks too much of it that she sprints off, too. She probably has some super secret spy business to take care of. That's why all the cackling from her office.

Gathering up the sandwich and placing it on a plate to make portable, Steve considers his answer. "I'm not sure how they do it.. it's what the files say. It's surely not pleasant, whatever it is." he says in admission with a small frown and then nods his agreement with Peggy. "Maybe have a tex-mex night." he offers. As Natasha bolts, Steve looks after her in some confusion. What, he's a human male, Peggy's a human female - they're obviously attracted to each other - this is all normal, right? As he gets the sandwich portable, he slips his free hand into Peggy's to lead her off.

Peggy does watch Natasha, though, when she stops in her tracks. Gathering her own part of the sandwich, she considers the information about the file. It seems as if there's quite a lot to sort through. That's for tomorrow, though. "A tex-mex night sounds lovely." Taking Steve's hand, she follows him up to his room.


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