2015-08-18 Marvel Team Up! Spidey Joins the Avengers
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Steve, Peter Parker
GMed by Captain America
Title: Spidey Joins the Avengers

[* New York: Gramercy Park *]

Providing citizens with a safe way to go from uptown to downtown New York, Gramercy Park remains a safe and quiet neighborhood. Gramercy Park is named after the small, fenced-in, park in the middle of the neighborhood. The park is a private park, that requires residents around it to pay an annual fee to have access inside of it.

In the center of the park is the statue of Edwin Booth. top Shakespearian Actor of his time and founder of the Gramercy Club… as well as brother to John Wilkes Booth (assassin of Abraham Lincoln).

Most denizens of Gramercy Park cannot access it, and instead, flock toward Madison Square Park for rest and relaxation as well as the 'Shake Shack' to wait in line for delicious burgers, hotdogs, fries and shakes.

Union Square and the infamous 'Flatiron Building' (New York's oldest Skyscraper) rests to the south. Union Square is a bustling shopping area loaded with restaraunts and storefronts. Union Square also is a hotspot for culture, where one can attend art faires, music festivals and the Green Market for fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Eataly restaraunt, Eleven Madison Park, Gramercy Tavern, Pete's Tavern, Gramercy Theater, Irving Plaza or the Jazz Standard… Gramercy Park is the place for activity in NYC.

Captain America

Gramercy Park at the start of lunchtime is a hub of hustle and bustle - the Shake Shack has just opened up for business an hour ago but has already gotten off to a quick start, slinging burgers and shakes for the masses. After introducing a new burger yesterday, they've been especially busy. While the staff is cooking, mixing, serving and taking money, the manager on duty is trying to assemble the remainder of yesterday's deposit to send off to the bank. She is an upset young woman, having had to fire her former assistant manager just a few days ago because they 'broke' up. Intra-office romance doesn't work anywhere sometimes - even at the fast food level. She glances at her phone where she's having a text argument with the young man and finally just sends a message that she has to finish the reciepts and make the deposit.

Little does she know that said man is in line at the restaurant with a pair of accomplises. As they come up to the counter, they pull up their shirts to cover the bottoms of their face and one of them brandishes a knife while a second pulls a gun. The third, the ex, comes around the counter, and kicks in the door of the manager's office. "This is a robbery!" he yells, as he grabs the bag of money from the scared - and this pissed young woman.

"Brad! What the hell!?" she yells.

"Shut up Courtney! I'm taking what's mine!" he yells, "This is because you wouldn't put out on the first date, and I had to deal with you for six months just for cuddles!" Smacking the woman with his pistol, he turns and runs. "Let's go before the cops show up!"

Because you know. Smartphones. Phone calls. Live Leak, videoes.

Peter Parker is standing outside of the Shake Shack. He's right near the door but he's out of the way because he's got some kind of problem. He always has a problem. This particular problem is one that he's going to try and fix by… counting?

"65… 75…" Peter's going through the change in his hand, it seems, as he's wondering if he can even afford a shake from the Shake Shack. He doesn't lose count until something starts to affect his Parker Sense. He stops right in the middle of almost having a whole dollar when he feels that there are villainous intended human beings headed for the door that would normally smack someone that wasn't him in the face. It's light danger but still danger non-the-less. His head lifts and he spots the criminals inside and their slow motion movements.

Peter's already leaping backwards and out of the way, probably just in time for criminals to make with their supposed escape. How he ends up in the alley that is just coincidentally nearby is anyone's guess.

Peter's backpack (and change) hit the ground at around the same time a distinctive *THWIP* happens from above!

Criminal numero one, the knife-wielder is the one that hears the -thwip-. "Oh crap!" he calls out, which is probably the same thing that he just did in his pants as he realizes what's coming. "Run faster!" he encourages as he looks to the other two thugs with him, and as they come across an intersection and crowd, he points out directions. "Split up, he can't catch all three of us going in different directions!"

"But what about the money.." one of the others starts to argue.

"..forget the money, I ain't getting my third strike today!" the last cuts off his companion as he heads off down one of the alleys, hoping that the close quarters will keep Spider-Man sweeping in on him.

The second heads into the crowd, trying to blend in with the usual New York pedestrians and at the same time, tries to calm his breathing and laboured noises that he makes. There's freaky rumors that Spider-Man actually is a spider and can detect fear but if you just act normal, you'll be fine.

The third one? He jumps the gate into the park, using the wide open spaces as a chance for Spider-Man not to have anything to swing on in order to try to get some ground distance from the hero.

Meanwhile, in the park, there are day classes going on. Eager children are playing around some of the Avengers less lethal equipment, such as a transport Quinjet, a non-functioning suit of Iron Man armor, and a mock-up of Thor's mjolnir. However, amongst all of the props and non-lethal equipment, sitting with a circle of children is one-hero. Dressed in his blues and reds, Captain America is currently reading to a group of young children from a book, having just completed a shield throwing demonstration.

"…You'll get mixed up
With many strange birds as you go.
So be sure when you step.
Step with care and great tact
And remember that Life's
A Great Balancing Act.
Just never forget to be dexterous and deft.
And never mix up your right foot with your left.
And will you succeed?
Yes! You will, indeed!
(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)"

He hears the distinct sirens of the NYPD and glances up from where he's sitting and frowns towards one of the SHIELD agents that was here as part of the day in the park. "Have the parents gather up the children, this sounds close." he comments as the Captain takes up his shield and fixes it into place as he prepares to run towards the fray.

Spider-Man crouches on the side of the Shake Shack's building and keeps a close masked eye on the criminals that have decided to make a break for it. He narrows that gaze on the one headed to the park and decides he'll have to be the third. For now, he's going to have to take on the other two.

Mighty leaping has Spider-Man in the air and flinging a web-line as he swings wide. "Now. Where's Waldo?" is uttered as his swing takes him up and over the crowded New York street. Spidey's a bit faster at spotting things than perhaps criminals are at pretending to not be criminals. Also, Spidey recognizes the jacket. A gripping web-line is fired at the back of the Crowdmheleon as Spidey attempts to yank him up and along for the swinging ride, since he's arcing his body in the general direction of the alley.

"Welcome to Arachnid Airlines. This is your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man speaking." As his swinging web-line is released, a quick web is spun between a street light and a store front to catch the Crowdmheleon's descent whilst Spider-Man leaps towards the alley! One down!

Waldo was unfortunately no chameleon and had no chance to lose his jacket. As the criminal hears Spider-Man nearby, he starts to panic and run, but alas, it's too late. Flung high into the air, he can only cry out in terror as he lands on his back in the nice soft webbing that Spider-Man so graciously provided him to land in. He struggles fruitlessly to try to escape, only ending up more entangled and neatly packaged for the cops.

Criminal number two is money bags. As he slips down the alley, he turns and sees Spider-Man up in the air. "Nuh-uh, you ain't catching me!" he calls out, shooting a few rounds skywards towards the webslinger, bullets pattering against the walls of the building and kicking up brick dust as he tries to draw a panicked bead on the high-flying hero.

The gunshots start to cause a minor panic amongst the children and parents in the park. Captain America frowns heavily as he steps forward, taking a lead in front of the families. "Get them into the Quinjet." he comments quickly as he heads further into the park, only to come across gun armed lucky number three.

"…really?!" is all the criminal can manage. "I ditch the spider just to get /you/?!" he cries out in anger and panic at Captain America as he lowers his gun. "Don't come any closer, or I'll shoot!" he comments quickly, looking around for a way to run and notices the equipment.

Catching the look in the criminal's eyes, Captain America shakes his head. "You don't want to do that, son. It'll only end up with you in more trouble. Now put down the weapon and let's talk."

The criminal stares at the star-spangled hero. "Talk?! I ain't got nothing to talk to you about!" He opens fire on the Captain, who drops down behind the shield, allowing the bullets to slam into it and fall to the ground uselessly as he makes a mental count of how many shots have been fired thus far.

"Dude! Enough with the Ariana Grande!"

Spider-Man hits the wall and leaps off, somersault his way out of the line of fire. He runs along the wall to keep up with the gun firing criminal below! "Get it? Bang bang? Oh, nevermind." Spidey's comedy is likely falling onto deaf ears at this point because, y'know, he's trying to stop this criminal from getting away with the money.

Spider-Man's next leap is one that sends him over the criminal and down into his path on the concrete. Spider Leaping is pretty damn awesome and makes for 'heading off at the pass' to be done with such superheroic style that it really should be slightly outlawed. But not yet.

Another glance at Spider-Man and one can see that he is currently standing in Crane Kick style. He's got both arms up over his head and one leg raised like he's ready to do some seriously bad karate. "Focus, Spider-San. Focus." Spidey's Miyagi impression is hella-bad but it's just to be a distraction so that he can leap at Money Bags with an extended Crane Kick Arachnoremix in an attempt to kick his lights right out.

The alley criminal runs out of bullets while trying to shoot at Spider-Man's wall running performance. As he fumbles with a reloading of magazine, he finds himself staring at the Spider-Karate-Style. Flinging the useless pistol at the webhead, the criminal half-run, half-flails, almost like when Kocoum caught Pochanotas making out with John Smith. Almost. And with that, he charges Spider-Man.

Back at the park, the criminal runs out of bullets as well, except he's a little bit more adapt at reloading since the Capatin isn't charging - instead, he's trying to remain between the criminal and the kids. Once he hears the familiar click of a magazine dropping though, he twists, turning the shield from defensive to offensive.

"Look…" one kid at the Quinhet whispers to his companion. "…he's gonna fling his mighty shield."

And true to form, Cap hurls the disc at the perpetrator, striking him full in the gut and knocking out his breath. Rushing forward, he follows it with a quick sweep kick and take down as his shield rebounds off of a light pole and returns to the star-spangled Avengers. "It's best if you stay down." he advises the criminal as he looks off into the distance for a moment to see what's going on out towards the alley.


Spider-Man's foot connects with Money Bags and the criminal is probably seen sailing out of the alley. There's the sudden arrival of a speed-running Spider-Man that skids to a halt. "Oops. My bad!" He immediately fires off a web-line to catch the sailing body and swing him over to previously criminal'd web that he set up for Waldo Crowdmheleon.

"Hug it out, you two." Spider-Man wags a finger at both of those criminals before he extends an arm back towards the alley and web-yanks the money bag back to his waiting hand. Spidey just seems to make catching criminals look so damn rad.

He's got a glance over in the direction of the Star Spangled Super Soldier and he offers a slightly fanboyish wave in the Captain's direction. "Cappy Cap! Look! I did it!" Spidey leaps up and down like a little kid. He holds up the money. "Yatta!"

Noticing the webslinger, Captain America can't help but to smile just a little. Hefting up the crimninal that he caught, the first Avenger moves to drag him over to where the Spider-Man has gathered his. The children are all cheering and applauding, though some of the parents are murmuring as if Spider-Man was the one that set this all up.

"I think you won this round, two to one." the Captain offers as he sets down his criminal and extends his hand to the webslinger much to the surprise of many. "If you have a moment - and the ability to listen for a bit - I want to talk to you about joining the Avengers."

"Uh-huh. Yup. Exactly."

Spider-Man's not listening. In fact, he's busy holding up his phone and posing for a selfie against the backdrop of webbed up criminals. He finally gets his angle right and snaps a picture or two. Somewhere in the middle of posing for a third he realizes that Captain America has said something crazy to him.

"Say what now?" Spidey drops his phone hand and turns to look at the First Avenger like he's lost more than his mind. "You want me to do what?" The tone is trapped between what-the-eff and you-must-not-be-talking-to-me. If his face was visible, there'd probably be some slack jawed confusion written all over it.

Spidey doesn't even notice Captain America's outstretched hand. He's still in shock.

Spider-Man is freaking out. Behind the mask he's all big eyes and smiles but also nervousness like crazy. When Captain America asks you something, you don't turn him down. But! You also have to look at everything else that's going on in your life. And Spider-Man has a hell of a lot of stuff going on in his life right now. Does he even have time to join the Avengers and actually do something useful? Or is he going to just be some kind of twisted stylishly clad bench warmer? These questions and about fifty more crash course their way through Spidey's head.

"Uh. Dude. You don't say 'no' to Captain Freaking America." Spider-Man finally realizes that there's a hand extended towards him and he reaches out to shake it, almost in a significant manner. "I'm in." Spider-Man even adds a nod of confirmation along with the words and the deal making hand shaking. "Just one question, though…" Oh lord.

"Do I get my own cool shield? Because, I've got some ideas for a Spider-Shield…"

A chuckle actually comes from Captain America at the response to the question. "You would not believe how many times I've heard no." he points out to the wall-crawler, but accepts the hand gratefully. "Well, then, son, consider yourself on provisional status until the beginning of the month when we can have an actual joining ceremony." he offers with a smile.

"Now, as far as a shield goes.. well. How do you feel about plasma launchers? Tony has had some ideas that he wants me to use, but I like my good old fashioned metal…" he responds, trailing off as the police arrive to gather up the criminals. No way they are going to try to bust Spidey with the Captain vouching for him today - plus he's even giving back the money that was stolen!

"Plasma launchers? Whaaaaat? That sounds awesome!"

Spider-Man might as well be a Spider-Kid in a Candy Store because he's totally freaking out right now. "This is gonna' be awesome. I can't wait for our first mission. Is it ninjas? I hope it's ninjas. I've always wanted to fight ninjas. Man, I gotta' tweet about this…" This is probably going to go on all the way to the Mansion or Tower. Whichever one is around here.

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