2015-08-19 Radio Log: Steve Asks Loki for a Favour.
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Loki, Steve
GMed by Radio Chatter
Title: Steve Asks Loki for a Favour

[Avengers-IC] Steve: Loki, are you on frequency by any chance?
[Avengers-IC] Loki: I am.
[Avengers-IC] Steve: Do you have a moment to speak with me about Cara's half-Asgardian child? I left a message for an Asgardian to answer, however, noone seems to have responded yet.
[Avengers-IC] Loki: Was it a written message?
[Avengers-IC] Steve: Yes.
[Avengers-IC] Loki: And you believe that all Asgardians are capable of reading your language?
[Avengers-IC] Steve: I had assumed that you would have the intelligence to do so? If not, my apologies.
[Avengers-IC] Loki: I am gifted with the Alltongue which enables me to understand every spoken language, no matter how obscure. However, intelligence has nothing to do with it. If I placed a tome written in Old Norse in front of you, would you be able to read it?
[Avengers-IC] Steve: Well, no. But I'm not a god, either?
[Avengers-IC] Steve: Well, no. But I'm not a god, either?
[Avengers-IC] Loki: I am familiar with all written languages of the realms of Asgard, except for Midgard. We were not permitted to go there, so there were no opportunities to learn your languages. Anyway, you wish to speak to me about Cara's child?
[Avengers-IC] Steve: I'll keep that mind for the future and have JARVIS transcribe my notes from now on out - I can't quite figure out this whole live cam thing. But yes, she has been missing for several weeks and I would like for someone to be able to provide Cara with some closure on the fate of her child and to give her the chance to visit with her. To deny her such is ihnumane and has driven her into a deep depression.
[Avengers-IC] Loki: Why? She is mortal. Her child is only half. She does not belong on Midgard, nor is a mortal as young as Cara capable of caring for a child that is half Asgardian. She will grow rapidly. It is likely she is Cara's age by now. Her child will have a lifespan of about 2500 years. That is difficult for a mortal to comprehend.
[Avengers-IC] Steve: If it were your child, and someone took him or her from you, would you not be concerned? I'm not a mother, I can't speak on such things, however, she is still her child - she came from her and is as much a part of her life.
[Avengers-IC] Loki: I would track down those who took the child and eliminate them. However, Cara is mortal and not permitted passage into Asgard. The child is safe with the Valkyries.
[Avengers-IC] Steve lets out a long sigh. "Loki. I'm asking this as a favour. Cara needs to see and know that her child is fine and will be well protected and cared for. Can you not provide her with any proof of such? A photograph, a drawing, a visit?"
[Avengers-IC] Loki: I can use my Scrying powers to show her the child's location and current status.
[Avengers-IC] Steve considers. "That would be acceptable. Perhaps you can see about have something made for her so she can maintain said contact with her?"
[Avengers-IC] Loki sighs, growing weary. "Fiiine. I will see what I can do.
[Avengers-IC] Steve: Thank you, Loki. It would be appreciated. And at least make it a nice item. Like a mirror?
[Avengers-IC] Loki: Any other demands while we are at it? Perhaps you would like me to create an item to polish your boots.
[Avengers-IC] Steve: No. I'm just trying to help a woman that was wronged by the Asgardians.
[Avengers-IC] Loki: She was not wronged.
[Avengers-IC] Steve: Perhaps not to you. But to her, a fellow Avenger, she was.
[Avengers-IC] Loki: It is a difference in cultures. It is best that she never see the child, but if there is so much insistance, Cara can deal with the consequences.
[Avengers-IC] Steve: Then at least talk to Cara, and let her make that choice. Do not take it from her arbitrarily. That is part of what being on this team means, Loki.
[Avengers-IC] Loki: I already agreed to grant her the ability to see her and perhaps speak to her.
[Avengers-IC] Steve: Very well. Thank you, Loki.
[Avengers-IC] Loki mumbles. "You are welcome."

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