2015-08-21 Capturing Tar-Pit
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Captain America, Agent Carter, Laura, Adrea, The Cuckoos
GMed by Steve
Title: Capturing Tar-Pit

[* New York: Midtown Manhattan *]

Midtown Manhattan, or simply Midtown, represents the middle portion of the borough and island of Manhattan in New York City, as noted along the long axis of the island. Midtown is home to some of the city's most iconic buildings, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and the United Nations Headquarters, and it contains world-famous commercial zones such as Rockefeller Center, Broadway, and Times Square. Midtown Manhattan separates Lower Manhattan from Upper Manhattan.

This part of Manhattan is home to several businesses and attractions, being home to Stark Tower and Grand Central Station. It is one of the busier sections with frequent traffic jams and impatient pedestrians. From here, one can enter the subway's major terminal, or head off to Grammercy Park, the Upper East Side or back to Manhattan's lower areas.

Agent Carter
Captain America

After discussing with Peggy the Cuckoos role in the raid to capture the mutant responsible for the death of the Genoshian ambassador, Captain America finally set up the mission under the careful guidance of Agent Carter. As she is the lead on the raid, the Captain is mainly along to provide the muscle.

The Cuckoos tracking along with SHIELD technologies have finally gotten a lead on the location of the mutant in question, real name Theodore Roberts, also using the alias of Tar-Pit. And it's one thing that he loves to do is brag and show off now that he's gotten his pay from his work with unknown sources to assassinate the Genoshian ambassador.

The search has led the agent, the quints, and the Captain to a spot that is.. quite surprising in it's current form.

It's late at night in Midtown Manhattan, but this area of town never truly sleeps. The space at number 3 53rd street was once one of the most famous places in all of New York - the Stork Club. Now, it's an urban green space, known as Paley Park.

Except tonight, Gemini and Scorpio is hosting one of their famous parties here. On the sidewalk leading into the park, an old overhang and cover from the Stork Club stands again. A velvet rope keeps back partons waiting to enter the 'club' within. From within the park, laser lights, music and fog and bubbles drift lazily into the cool New York evening.

For one night, the Stork Club has arisen as a ghost and hosting one hell of a 'WWII Victory Party' as the fliers called it.

The music within is lively and sort of familiar, at least to two of the people here, and the Cuckoos may very well pick up on some very papable emotions from them both.

After all - this was where they were going to have their date, seventy years ago.

Music from within: https://youtu.be/J2nbocJfXKk?t=1444

The Cuckoos have put on their 'costume' as it were. A black minidress and some knee-high boots. The material is oomfortable and they otherwise don't seem overtly bothered by the evening air. The five identical women avoid and even ignore most of the technology that SHIELD has brought along, they prefer to do things their own way and despite their ability to steal skills from the nearby agents, they aren't particularly interested in the kind of 'tactics' they utilize.

That said, when Cap and Peggy start to get close to the club, and the girls pick up on any outward thoughts, they sort of look between one another, and then shake their heads with a sigh and a roll of their eyes. They feel the nostalgia before probably even the two having them do, but Sophie speaks up, "This is the place. He should be inside, there is a very large crowd. Do you want us to, have them evacuate?" Sophie asks, the other girls staying quiet for the time being.

Agent Carter does not have much in the way of a standard superhero outfit. During World War II, it was her SSR uniform. Today it is a sensible outfit, though still vintage looking. Flats instead of heels and a leather jacket complete her outfit. It's something she can move freely in. As they follow the trail that leads them to Paley Park, she's starting to get the sinking feeling that she knows exactly where they are headed.

However, once they stop in front of the ghost of the Stork Club, music filtering out of the space to wash over them, she stops. It's more than just a strategic move. She looks over at Steve before as she attempts to gather her bearings. Immediately, she shakes her head at the suggestion.

"If we evacuate, he'll know something is wrong." She looks to the Cuckoos, "Can one of you find who is in charge and alert them that we need to move through the area and that we may need to get everyone out of the area in a timely manner? If our target is alerted and tries to flee…with a crowd like this it would be like shouting fire in a theatre. I think it best to try and blend in."

With everyone else outside the 'Club' dressed pretty vintage as well, which means Peggy fits in well at the moment. As the Captain looks over his group, he considers, and turns his attention to the Cuckoos. "I doubt you have valid ID for a club. Not that it matters." he figures they will find their own way in, just like they did at the United Nations. As he moves to stand in the line for entrance to the club, one of the patrons dressed in an Army uniform looks up to the Captain. "Wrong time period, man." he says as he reaches to rap his hand against his shield. "Nice prop shield though, should definetly tell that guy where you got it from."

A gesture to where there is a guy that is actually wearing the cotton and wool version of the 40s captain - except it's cut into a crop top and short shorts as he has various glow lights hanging fron various parts of his body. Captain America lets out a sigh. This is what he defends. It's what he does. He glances over at Agent Carter and offers a chagrined smile.

The readings for the perp are heavy within, at the bar actually. The trees in the park have been covered to protect them inside plastic pillars, covered with posters from the era, including Cap's 'War Bonds' poster. The music switchs over to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byiTCtdeSZQ the Electro-Swing mix still kicking up as couples are paired off, but there are also groups just raving. It's one of those parties, definetly.

Blend in? The Cuckoos right now do not blend into a WWII styled party, but they certainly blend into the elite of New York City. There's a little bit of an anguished sigh, talking and doing all these preparations, but Sophie is grinning. "I will go in." And she starts moving forward, ahead of her sisters, and as she moves her clothing alters to some version of those adult female sailor uniforms you can find in various online stores. The material moves as she does, it looks very real, moving as she slightly jogs ahead of the group, volunteering and not waiting around to hear further instructions. Though the other four Cuckoos remain in their black minidresses for the time being.

One of them looks over to the Captain as he speaks and smirks slightly, "Getting into a club?" A third speaks up, "We've been doing that for years." And then a fourth sort of looks back in the direction of the club and says, "We'll stay here, Sophie wants us to watch over you guys." They say, there's Captain America standing right there, and Agent Carter, but Sophie's worried about the 'mostly humans' in this situation, not herself.

With the curfew on the X-mansion lifted, Laura has resumed her regular walks through the city, in an attempt to, as her 'father' put it, experience life a bit more. Of course, she has little idea /where/ to wander, so her route is somewhat aimless aside from a brief stop at a hot dog stand before continuing onward… Until she suddenly stops halfway across a street as a familiar scent catches her attention.

She pauses and breathes deeply, heedless of the honking of an enraged New York cabbie, then turns and heads in a different direction, following the scent into Midtown until she reaches an… Odd… Gathering in front of a park. She pauses for a moment to take in the situation, then sniffs again and heads toward the source of the familiar scent — well, four sources, she realizes as she gets closer. Which is odd as well, because there should be five..

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Peggy can't help but shoot Steve an amused grin as someone critiques the authenticity of his costume. "Perhaps you should have gone vintage," she tells him in a soft and teasing tone. Luckily, though, she is able to blend in with the approaching crowd well enough with her usual dress and she looks to the others and frowns. "We should attempt to make a perimeter, ensure that there is no where else for him to go. Then, spread through the crowd as best we can." Having been briefed on the more technologically advanced parts of a mission, she puts out a frequency for available SHIELD agents to converge on their address and to proceed with caution. The frequency should broadcast to Dr. Venoa's communication implants, being within the broadcast frequency.

As Sophie moves ahead without further instruction, Peggy frowns a moment and then looks to the other Cuckoos. Perhaps she's forgotten that the drinking age was raised to 21, or she truly does not care about that particular law, but she has no problem with the younger sisters having the ability to get inside. At being told they will look after the pair of them, she gives them an amused grin. "Well, then we'll all have to watch from inside the party, as we're not going to find Mr. Roberts out here."

Moving forward with purpose, she doesn't pick out Laura amongst the others in the crowd - she's a stranger to her. Instead, she gives out other instructions. "Captain, if you and Phoebe and Esme could take the right, I will take Celeste and Irma to the left. Be on the look out, alert the others if you find him."

The Captain reaches to stop Sophie, but it's too late as she slips right into the crowd and heads on inside without even being stopped. So much for being a team player. Turning his attention to the other four, his voice takes on a more authoritive tone. "Alright. I told you that you were welcome to come with us to the party, but you had to play by our rules." he says tersely, the corners of his eyes showing a look of disapproval. "Agent Carter is the one you should be listening and asking for permission for before you do anything like.." a gesture in Sophie's direction. "…that." he manages.

A group of guys in line have taken notice of the girls. "Dump your parents, ladies, and come party with us!" one of them calls out to the four blondes. Yes, they may look or dress alike, but considering how much alcohol is already going on around here, they probably think they're just sorority girls with their chaperones. "Yeah, dump the squares, we'll show you a good time."

The line moves forward, and as they finally get the front of the line and are allowed access in, as Peggy has passed the test for being vintage chic. And there ain't another guy dressed like Captain America here - unless you count the raver FABULOUS Captain America in crop top and short shorts, swinging a lightstick from a modified codpiece, yelling, "Wooohoo, I saved the world from Nazis with my speical shield, wooooo! Someone wanna be my Buuuuuuuuucky?"

Steve gives another long-suffering noise as he pays for the entrance for his small team. Still best to remain incognito at the moment.

As the electro-swing continues to play, Jade Fox is mingling along with the crowd, as her communicator beeps with local transmission. 'Verify when eyes are on target.'. comes the transmission from the Captain as he glances into the crowd and chuckles. "Uh. Not the time to ask for a dance, is it?" he manages to say to Peggy as Steve glances over the crowd.

Said gentleman looks over Dr. Venoa and grins. "Hey cutie, wanna celebrate the war ending back at my room? I got a place in the Ritz-Carolton - gobs of money, baby, we can make it a night to remember. And maybe I can show you some of my.. special abilities in the bedroom." As his tongue lulls across his mouth, it goes longer, almost slime like with a tarrish ability that sticks to his glass. Meet Tar-Pit, Dr. Venora.

As Peggy gives orders, Steve nods. "Alright. Phoebe, Esme, let's go." he says in agreement with Agent Carter as he starts to move towards the right, the Captain out of time and place even more so than usual in this case.

Peggy and Steve's instructions were likely near inaudible over the din of the general partying — but Laura was no casual observer. She frowns momentarily as the four Cuckoos split up, then on a whim turns to move with the group to the right, ghosting through the crowd with a practiced ease she'd just as soon not remember until she's at Phoebe's side. "Can I help?" she asks without taking her eyes off the crowds around her.

Dr. Venoa flutters her lashes and effects a demure expression, before letting her eyes shift away from the 'gentlemen,' "I don't know, I think you can do better than that." she says to Tar-Pit. "And really, I fancy a gentlemen who can keep his proclivities to himself long enough to actually talk to a woman." She turns her gaze to him and flutters her lashes, "I drove a McClaren to this affair, I wear a Major's Oak Leaf and my girlfriend owns a penthouse suite…can you do better?" she asks Tar-Pit. <I believe I have someone of significance - Was anyone looking for Tar-Pit?> she manages subvocally, turning her eyes to the punch bowl longlingly - she wasn't made for acting.

The four identical sisters pout a downtrodden face at Captain America as he basically chides them for Sophie's eagerness, "She's just going off to do what, uh, Agent Carter wanted." Another one speaks up, "Jeez. I mean, it isn't like she's gonna do it all alone." And then another, "If you want her to know anything else, just like, tell us, and she'll know. Kay?" The sisters look between them and then split up amongst the two 'heads' in this regard. Who can keep track of all of them? But two are now nearer to the Captain and the other two are nearby Phoebe.

The line is easy to get through. For some reason more and more people are piling out of the line and heading over to that Captain America cosplayer, and making all sorts of cheers and shouts at him, whistling, a few of them even toss some coins in his direction thinking that it might just be an outside-of-club event going on. Unusual that a large percentage of the people who've already waited tens of minutes, if not longer, to get inside of the Stork Club would just suddenly want to go watch the funny version of a very very very serious man. "Wow." Phoebe says looking over to the Captain, and Esme picks it up, "He looks /just/ like you." And in those people's minds, they very well may tell their friends, and families they saw the REAL Captain America getting drunk and doing all sorts of lewd rave things this evening. ALl pictures would be to the contrary, but it'll make some good stories.

Phoebe turns to Laura when she shows up and then looks at her, and takes a few steps to the side, "Hey, ummm, I dunno. Really, you should be asking that lady over there." Pointing to Peggy, "But the Cap's more the lenient one." It's whispered, and she shrugs, "Bad stuff may go down, so you might just wanna stick around."

Sophie's in before everyone else in her party. She just walks inside of the club without being stopped, even the bouncer sort of steps back a half-step to let her in. Moving up along the bar, she catches a look at Tar-Pit 'Roberts', and moves to get close enough to the bar that the bartender comes in her direction. She smiles to him and then looks around more, "Thank you." Some kind of silent question and answer, and she heads toward a backroom. Esme, next to the Captain says, "Sophie's found a security room. She's going to inform them to be ready to keep the place calm and get people out, if things go, well, bonkers."

Adrea sighs and casts her eyes down at the carpet, "This was just how I wanted my evening to go. Dear god I wish I hadn't parked my car outside." she says. She squares her shoulders and starts to look for any other allies, "Armalite, it's your call, get on over here, post-haste!" she calls to her robot through her comms system, starting to back away from tar-pit, while trying to identify anyone eager to cash in on his offer.

As Peggy guides Irma and Celeste through the crowd, she tries to ignore the revelers that do not fit the picture of Tar-Pit. It's a strange thing to see modern people attempt to interpret what the culture and clothing of the 1940s is. Especially when they put such a modern twist on it.

Adrea's communication is quickly picked up and the Agent attempts to locate where the woman is. Eyes scan the crowd and she moves with pair of Cuckoos nearby, unaware that Laura may be attempting to help them on their mission. "An agent inside has found our target," she tells the Cuckoos. "If you could let both Sophie and the others know, we'll start to converge." Spotting the man from the video by description, she stealthily starts to move toward Adrea and Tar-Pit.

The Captain looks at Laura and frowns. "We're just here to see what's going on.." he says, not knowing the young mutant from Adam - much less that she's the protege of the man who helped him save a young girl back during World War II in Madripoor.

Tar-Pit starts to say something more to Adrea, but that is when he notices a familiar uniform in the crowd and his eyes get as wide as saucers. It's Captain-flippin'-America. And he should know, because he tried to take him out at the United Nations just a few weeks ago. "One second, honey." he says to the doctor as he pulls away from the Doctor and heads up to the stage. As he gets close, he oozes up onto the pavilion, scaring away the DJ and takes up the microphone. "HEY!" he yells out over the PA system in the park, "I'll give five grand to whoever takes out Captain America!"

Someone immediately decks FABOULOUS Captain and he goes down in a pile of sticks.

"NOT THAT ONE, YOU IDIOTS, THAT ONE!" he says, gesturing towards the much more imposing Captain America with two twin girls and another young woman joining him.

"Ah shall vekt him!" comes a bad, very bad German accent. Someone actually cosplayed as Adolph Hitler. As he charges forward, he swings a very drunk punch. "I shall defeat the American capatilist!" he calls out, "And then gas him with my bratwurst!" There's a laugh as he charges, after all, he thinks this is one of those crazy games that gets set up at these things sometimes.

The Captain isn't having any of it tonight, however. As he sidesteps the first swing, when the cosplayer makes the second swing, Captain America steps into the punch, deflecting it with his forwarm and strikes down 'Hitler' with one hard strike from the flat of his palm. He didn't want to hurt the man, just get him down. It'll probably be all over the place tomorrow, but tonight, Captain America smacking Hitler is the last thing that Steve is considering. <He's made me.> Steve says, frustration evident in his voice. <I'l keep these guys busy, see if you can get in close and take him down.> "Phoebe, Esme, do you have any combat training?" he asks as he switches his shield around. He's not planning on punching anyone else, instead, the shield makes an effective blocker for anyone that comes moving in. "Non-violent takedowns only. I don't want anyone else hurt." he says as his shield asorbs and allows a thrown beer bottle to land on the ground. <Peggy, we have eyes in security, want Sophie to shut down the party so we can take this guy down?> he asks over the comm as he maintains his position and posture. That is no cosplay shield, after all.

Laura nods at Phoebe's explanation, idly flexing her right hand. She gives the Captain a look that's *entirely* too calm and collected for a girl of that apparent age. "Okay," she replies simply to his warning — just before chaos breaks out.

She takes a quick step to the side, pulling Phoebe along with her out of the path of an incoming bottle, then turns to glare in the direction the bottle came from, fingers curling — and then the Captain's order comes through and she forces her hand to relax. "… How non-violent?" she asks, again entirely too casually for a girl about to be swept up by a raging mob as she moves ahead and to the side to shield the Cuckoos at the Captain's flank, as casual as a professional bodyguard…

"There goes our element of surprise," Peggy sighs to Irma at Tar-Pit's sudden outburst. Or is it Celeste? It's impossible to tell. As things start to devolve, she quickly orders, "Tell Sophie to start the evacuation." There are no longer pleases or thank yous or amused grins. They're solidly in a combat situation. Her words happen basically at the same time as Steve asks about what she'd like to do about the situation and, luckily, she's already answered it.

While Peggy certainly brought her gun that fires lethal bullets, there's also the tranquilizer version. In a crowded space, it seems best to take use tranquilizers.

Turning to either of the Cuckoos, she asks, "Can you distract him with your ability?" She's not quite sure how it works. "Keep him from focusing on one person? I'm going to try and get behind him." That asked, she starts moving forward through the crowd, trying not to draw to much attention to herself and keep to Tar-Pit's blind side.

The rush of a crowd, hundreds of minds nearby, and they are all drunk or going crazy with a sudden urge toward greed. Phoebe is about to speak, "Cap-" And that's when Laura pulls her out of the way of a bottle, and Esme says instead, "tain, Peggy says we should converge on the target…" A shrug, "But I think the jig is up." She smirks and a few more mob members start charging forward, and there's a wave of her hand, they just collapse, falling onto the ground unconscious.

Phoebe turns to Laura and mentions, "These are 'inncents' and he's a good guy. Least amount of long-term pain." And she takes a few steps back, trying to start tracking people in the club, keeping her eyes on anyone who is getting too close, letting Esme, Cap and Laura take them out.

Over with Peggy, Celeste is backing up a few steps, trying to get out of direct view of anything, and in ways hiding behind Agent Carter. Irma is, instead, moving forward and she does she reaches up, closing her eyes, and then all of a sudden people are recoiling, falling on the ground, looking up and screaming at something only that group of people see. And then they start cowering, crawling away, creating a path straight in the direction of Tar-Pit. For him, there's a menacing dragon stomping its way through the bar in /his/ direction. And all the people around it see it all the same. The agents don't, and most of the crowd doesn't either, but Irma's trying to distract him. "I think he'll be distracted."

Out of the back come five securty guards who weren't doing anything, and now they are starting to usher people around the edges to evacuate through different exits, since apparently there's a fire alarm that just started going off. Of course, a teenager's solution to getting everyone out is a fire alarm. And these guards seem to be impervious to the chaos going on, as they start pointing people in the direction of exits, and ushering them out, forceably if they have to.

"We're not here to run up a hospital tally." Captain America responds quickly and firmly. "These people apparently think this is some kind of game and I don't want further trouble." he manages as he pushes away someone trying to charge in with his shield and shoves him into a smaller group of people. It's slowly starting to devolve into exactly what the Captain doesn't want - an all-out brawl.

Tar-Pit cackles where he's standing up on the stage. "YEAH! Crush that goodie goodie!" he calls out as he dances around on stage. "And bring me those women, they're frigging hot!" he wiggles his fingers and they stretch out, becoming tar and oil like in consistency. "I got enough for all of them!" More laughter from the would-be super villian as he does another little jig up on the stage.

That is until Irma plants that image in his head. He lets out a sudden scream and completely loses his cool and his form as he proves to be unstable when not mentally keeping it together and melts into a pile of oily waterish tar that washes over the DJ equipment, which causes it to short out and the electricity courses through him and eventually the formless liquid stops moving on top of the equipment.

..hopefully they have buckets to mop him up into.

With the bouncers working to breaking up the crowd, the Captain is trying to make his own breathing room, stepping in front of the two Stepfords to keep them protected. It doesn't help that she makes the fact that hes a 'good guy' sound like a racial slur, but things are still a little busy on their side of the party, even as the music dies out quickly from the shorting equipment.

Captain America hardly needed help from Adrea's force-fields. So she slowly moved towards where the security personnel were starting to evactuate people from the 'fire'. The 'team' was starting to form up and she was going to do what she could to take care of the innocents while the real fight started brewing. She stood between the evacuating civilians and the action, arms spread, ready to summon her fields at a moment's notice. She watches Tar-pit for a moment, and looks between the Cuckoos, ready to shield any of them just the same. She'd move soon if she had to, and she's hoping she doesn't have to ask her robot to actually crash the party.

Laura nods curtly to indicate she has understood, then ducks underneath a wild swing only to take hold of the wrist and turn it into a near textbook aikido redirection that sends the drunk careening into a pile of his fellows, clearing some breathing space for her to choose her next target.

Another punk offers himself, this one wielding a broken bottle somewhat unsteadily - apparently he felt the need to empty it first before breaking it. Laura moves in to close the range with him, her claws popping out briefly with a noise the Captain might remember to slice the bottle in half by the neck, disarming the punk before delivering a rabbit punch to the throat with her 'safe' hand. He staggers back, tries to draw in a breath — and collapses choking on the ground. He'll he okay in a few minutes, but for now he's out of the fight… And the people witnessing it are suddenly a great deal less sure about the "Let's assault Captain America and the girls he has with him" plan.

As Celeste backs up to hide behind her, Agent Carter stops for a few moments, ensuring that the girl is alright before moving forward. She's not sure which one is which, but she tells Irma, "Keep an eye on your sister." And she will keep an eye on both of them. People are crawling, fleeing, running out of the way and it at least gives enough of a distraction. It seems as if Laura, Captain and Phoebe and Esme have the rowdy part of the crowd under order.

Now that the agents are being picked out of the civilians, Peggy's eyes move to Adrea with a quick nod and then a tilt of her head toward Celeste and Irma. <Keep an eye on them, if you would> she remarks into the comms. She's grateful someone else is available to keep an eye on the civilians.

Wrinkling her nose at the sudden tar-like liquid substance over the DJ equipment, she slowly approaches it in an attempt to figure out how best to collect and detain him. <Does anyone happen to have an incredibly large sponge?> she asks, only half jesting. She's also doing her best to keep herself between the puddle and the others. This way, at least, she will be the main target - not any of the girls or civilians.

<…I can put him in a Forcefield…?> *Adrea*

The Tar-Pit person going liquid and destroying all the equipment was not intended, but Irma chuckles a bit and looks around, looking for someone to show off her capabilities to, and there's only Celeste. She gives her a 'look' before she folds her arms. "Come on." She walks back a few steps and reaches out to grab ahold of Celeste before walking with her forward, making the dragon a little less dangerous looking and people start to breathe a little more on the edges, but stay there until guards reach them to usher them out. At which point, the memory of the dragon suddenly disappears, and they don't realize why they were crying on the ground.

Out from the security area Sophie comes, having let the faux female sailor outfit fade away and she's looking like the rest of her sisters now. Putting out her hands, she holds them slightly outward to her sides like she's waiting to hold hands with someone. Irma and Celeste are already headed that way. Phoebe and Esme look up to the Captain and they look in the direction of Sophie, "We'll be over there." They say in unison, as they start walking in that directino too in order to link up with Sophie. They leave Laura and Captain to keep up the crowd control in their area.

With the help of the bouncers, the Stepfords, and Laura, the crowd is finally getting the hint that they need to leave. The sound of sirens in the distance is helping with that, especially as SHIELD quinjets start to arrive on the scene as well. Staying at the local precient is one thing - spending the night with SHIELD? Noone wants to do that.

Peggy approaches the slime, and it burbles and blobs. "You… you.. bitch!" Tar-Pit screams in his burbled form and suddenly tenticles of slime launch out to try to snag Agent Carter if she's not quick enough to avoid them.

Captain America.. loses his cool for a moment as he realizes the sudden threat. "PEGGY!" he yells, flinging his shield hard to try to intercept the tentacles, or more appropriately, to try to defend her as he has sudden surge of fear at the idea of losing her again. It's a very overwhelming feeling to be sure, to have the sudden flashes of a love that developed from a scrawny kid from the Bronx meeting a gorgeous woman with a mean right hook.. cutting down a flag pole to capture a flag to get a ride with her.. admitting his utter awkwardness around her. Seeing her as the first thing from the chamber. The radio conversation. The promise of a dance that never came.

There are few things as dangerous to a battle plan as an ally that suddenly breaks ranks — whether it's to advance unexpectedly or to fall back, either way it exposes your flanks and emboldens enemies. A trio of punks on Laura's left side definitely feel a lot better about their chances now that Captain America isn't standing in their way at the moment and charge in.

Laura meets the first halfway with a snap kick to the knee that sends him sprawling to the ground as his leg fails to support him, then clotheslines the second and uses him as leverage to swing both feet into the third. Rolling back to her feet in front of the Cuckoos, she glares at the mob in front of her while she re-evaluates the tactical situation and balances priorities. "Limited violence" is a tricky concept at the best of times, and unless something changes soon she'll have to choose between seriously injuring people or letting them get past her.

Which is no choice at all, really. Laura's fingers flex, and with a 'snikt' noise a pair of metallic claws pop out of the back of each hand, and two talons ruin yet /another/ pair of perfectly good boots. She growls under her breath like the animal her 'father' was named after, a final warning to those in front of her - cross this line and you will /hurt/.

Irma's chuckling gets Peggy's attention well enough. She gives the Cuckoo a bit of a smirk as the order was well as the enaction certainly seems to have done the trick. Seeing Irma take Celeste and move her away from the danger, she nods, glad for them to move further away from the goopy mess that is their target.

Peggy may be new to the whole mutant thing, but she's certainly not new to the idea that someone appearing to be out for the count is not actually as such. Her position in front of the others - effectively putting herself between civilians and Tar-Pit - was a conscious decision. Better her under fire than one of the Cuckoos or Laura. She already seems to have her hands full in keeping those still intent on collecting by hurting the Captain at bay. <Yes, a forcefield seems like it might work until we can get him properly contained,> she tells Adrea, eyes on the pool of goo and not anywhere else.

As soon as she's said so, however, the blob starts to reform. There's enough of a warning that she's already moving by the time the tentacles are surging forward in an attempt to grab at her. She's fast - perhaps even faster than she was in the 40s. Springing to the side further than she could have jumped before. She - in fact - seems surprised by the sudden ability to do so. With her tranquilizer gun, she shoots a round at Tar-Pit. It most likely will do nothing, but it's instinct. Steve's shout is enough to distract her even from the danger, eyes quickly moving to him, limbs coming to a halt. The shield passes by her as she turns, crashing into the tar as they continue after her. It's a perfect moment of - perhaps accidental - teamwork.

Adrea works the numbers in her head even as she first suggested it. She'd developed the technology into a prison force-field for use in SHIELD holding cells, but she'd never used her own harness for that - it was for keeping things out to protect people, not keeping things IN. <Does he have to breath?> she asks, wondering if she might over do it and suffocate the villain. She fleshes her shoulders, reaching back into her jacket to activate the harness that responds to her mental signals. Even so, she reaches forward towards Tar-Pit and extends her arms. She opens her fists to make flat palms and attempts to materialize a force-field around Tar-Pit while he's still in the same place. Indeed, any shots at Tar-Pit would go through the field, but nothing would be allowed out.

If she underdid it, he'd pound or slime his way out. If she over-did it…he'd pass out from lack of oxygen.

The sisters all get close to one another and they clasp hands at the same time. Kind of a cabal of blonde witches, except they each look the same. For the mob in the room, everyone suddenly stops. It's a large amount of people, emotions were running high, and suddenly frozen in place, breathing but not moving. Reports start coming in from the radios that people outside have suddenly, stopped cold. Pedstrians walking past, club goers, costumed folks, officers. Stopped. The SHIELD agents in the club, as well as Laura and anyone else on the 'good guy' side of things are unaffected. Tar-Pit is also unaffected in this regard, his slime form making it difficult to paralyze him directly since they are so focused on all the rest of the minds in the surrounding area.

For now it seems the Cuckoos have the people completely stunned. All the people. And the Cuckoos stop speaking at this point, but the good guys can hear in their minds, «We have the civilians.» And anyone not very used to telepathy, and even some of those who are, may feel a sudden jarring sensation from the words. It's like their voices are pushing too hard, like someone yelling in your ear to say Hello.

The /snkt/ catches Captain America's attention - even if it's not as bad as hearing six claws instead of four. He snaps his head to Laura and immediately grabs one of her arms. He don't even have to say the no, it's already implied. Especially since the mob members have already gotten the hint and are backing off. And Cap knows the genetics those claws come from - and the temper that comes with it.

The shield doesn't rebound for once. Instead, it sticks into the large speaker, the vibranium asorbing all of the waves around it as the dart lands in the sludge and intermingles with the gunk, but he seems to have a natural or.. mutant born.. immunity to the medicines, however the force-field holds him in place as he slams into the energy over and over again, until he finally slushes to the bottom of the force-field and is forced back into his human form, out cold.

Seeing the possible benefactor go down, anyone else that was spoiling for a fight bolts, finally leaving the piecemail team and the captured criminal in the park, the lights still flashing around. As everyone pauses in the area - Cap hears the voice in his head and puts up a hand to his ear. "Ow." he mutters. <It's under control..> he radios as he moves to go retrieve his shield, a glance towards Peggy to check on her status, before looking around towards the rest of the 'team'.

Laura's head snaps around at the hand on her arm, but she deliberately relaxes the moment she sees who it is that's restraining her. She takes a deep breath and lets it out, flicking her fingers as her claws slide back into her hands. As she looks around it seems like the fight is all but over, anyway…

<I think he does breathe, but I don't know how that works when he's all liquidy,> Peggy responds to Adrea. <At the moment, I'm more worried about him coming up and attacking civilians than him passing out from a bit of lack of air.> There's a hardness there to her voice as she responds. Luckily, there's enough things happening that Adrea won't have to suffocate Tar-Pit into unconsciousness. Perhaps its the combination of the multitude of efforts from the Cuckoos, Adrea, Laura and Peggy that's stopped him cold.

As Peggy starts to pick herself up off the floor, she winces at the voices in her head from the Cuckoos. It's also incredibly disturbing to see the people stopped completely still as if they were frozen in time and space. She doesn't quite brush herself off, but she puts her tranquilizer gun away as she looks about. Steve is given a smile. She's fine. As it seems the others are alright, she takes a deep breath.

Adrea watches the man fight and then pass out inside her bubble. She drops the 'man' and all the objects caught in the field with him in a heap on the ground after taking a few counts to make sure he is soundly passed out. She nods to Peggy, "Well, I think that'll do then." she says. She takes a breath, re-adjusting her forcefield as she thinks upon it for a few moments. She hmms, looking around at the stilled people, just a bit unnerved. "Shall I call for the cleanup crew?"

The sisters continue to hold hands, there's a palpable space around them. It's like background noise, but for the mind, the longer they are holding hands and the more focused they are on the crowd, the less it is possible to see them. Not because they aren't in your vision, but your eyes skip past them, like they are being shaken from your mind just after being seen. The pressure is growing, those psychically sensitive might even feel a weight against them trying to slowly push away them back. Certainly even the non-psychically sensitive can get the feeling like there's the reverse of a black hole expanding from their location. Nearby civilians who were paralyzed fall down, going to sleep, and now there's a visual aid to the growing sensation of power as a few more every minute or so drop unconscious in an expanding circle around the girls. They breathe slowly, in synchronicity, all of the sisters, and then the people all around the room start breathing in the same deep, slow fashion, and it seems the circle of growing unconsciousness slows after a few more people fall and then stops, for now. But the girls haven't moved yet, and despite lacking any shaking or hard breathing, it does not seem like this could be an easy process to hold so many individuals paralyzed.

Once Laura has calmed down, Captain America offers the young woman a subtle nod of 'you did good' before he moves towards the Cuckoos. Setting his hand on Sophie's shoulder, he comments, "You can let them go, it's over. There's agents already arriving on the scene as well as the police."

Indeed, a SHIELD transport arrives to carry off those that need a lift back home, as well as local NYPD units. Releasing Sophie, he starts across the park, and glancing over at Peggy, Steve returns her smile, even as he pulls his shield out of the speaker. "Good work." he says finally. "I think we can head home."

"They should already be on their way," Peggy assures Adrea as she slowly starts to brush herself off now. Slightly unnerved by her extended leap, she's focusing on the business aspect of things. "Thank you for you assistance, Agent." She's not sure of the woman's name, but she's hoping to gather it. Putting out a hand, she smiles in greeting. "Agent Carter."

Her next order of business is the Cuckoos, but it seems as if Steve is already taking care of them. A smile is given to the five identical looking women, even as she is unnerved by the ability they have to put so many people into a state of suspension. Laura is, in turn, given a studious look and a nod at her help with having Captain's back.

As she observes everyone else cleaning up the mess and putting Tar-Pit into custody, she nods. "Yes, I think everything is handled. Is everyone alright?"

Adrea smiles and shrugs softly to Peggy, and throws a nod in the Captain's direction. "I can't say I expected the party to turn out this way. I was just here because it made sense for me to be here tonight." she says. She nods, "Dr. Venoa, Research and Development." she says by way of introduction, "I'll still be here when this is all cleaned up…"

People begin to come alive, instantly, in the middle of whatever they were doing just before they were frozen. For one man that's swinging in the direction of where Captain America was, another person was cowering away from a dragon that is no longer there, and he lets out a scream that ends abruptly when there's no more threat of a fire breathing lizard in the room. But most are just dazed, fuzzy, unsure of what happened. Many people are already reporting that the party was going swell until this guy showed up and busted up the party. Some are reporting to the NYPD that the strangest part of the evening was Captain America dressed in shorts and putting on a show, but that the crowd who mobbed the band was just a bunch of jerk party goers. The haze essentially leaves a story that will fade from people's minds and this evening will eventually just be a distant thought.

When the girls let go of each other's hands, they each reach up quickly, like they just got shocked, and breathe more quickly. Sophie is rubbing her hands together and heads in the direction of Carter and Cap, "Hey, uhhh, cool… huh? So, we did well?" She's smiling and is a little jittery, excited, probably a bit of an adrenaline rush for the want-to-be hero Sophie. Her sisters sort of split up, heading to different areas of the club, looking to see if they can help out. Irma is still holding onto Celeste as they go and find some seats to settle, one sister hugging and wrapping up the other to help calm her down.

Slinging his shield back into place on his back, the Captain makes his way over to where Adrea and Peggy are talking. "Thank you for your assistance, Doctor." he offers after returning her nod. "I don't know if I met you." he admits - after all, there were a lot of doctors in and out in those first days that he was reawoken. The Cuckoos coming out of their trance snaps the Captain's attention to them and he considers as he looks to Sophie. "Not really my place to judge. But I think if you give Agent Carter a few days, she'll give you an idea of how you did." he offers with a slight smile as he looks around at the clean up around him. Other SHIELD agents are gathering up Tar-Pit to take away. "Anyone need a lift back to headquarters?" the flying bus driver offers to the group as Cap shrugs his shoulders. "I'm not too far from the mansion. I can walk from here. Agent Carter?"

"I don't think anyone could have predicted the way this party ended," Peggy tells Adrea with a smile. "Pleasure, Dr. Venoa. Come see me when you're back at HQ. Since you're involved now, you should be properly briefed." Plus, a woman who can use forcefields would be handy to have. "If you wouldn't mind taking a quick look at the girls over there," her head, tilts toward the Cuckoos. "I'm not sure if you are a PhD doctor or a physical Doctor, but you seem to have a calming nature."

Then, she moves toward the Cuckoos as they come out of their trance and stupor. This isn't a final or a midterm, though they will be evaluated should they wish to continue working with SHIELD. Ensuring that the girls are alright, she gives them a nod. "Take a moment, rest here." As for the question as to how they did, she gives the honest answer. "You handled yourselves well enough. If you're interested in continuing to work with us, you will need some integration and combat training." Then, she adds, "I will admit, the dragon was a nice touch."

At the question from Captain America, Peggy looks about as those cleaning up and nods. "Yes, I believe a walk would be nice. Thank you, Captain." Despite that, though, she will wait to ensure that everything is handled and taken care of properly before anyone leaves the scene.


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