2015-08-23 Breakfast Conversations
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Warning: N/A
Players: Steve and Cara
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Breakfast Conversation

You can take the kid out of Brooklyn, turn him into a super soldier, making him the living symbol of his country and turn him into a hero, but Brooklyn never truly leaves. Steve left a message for Cara to meet him at a local eatery in Brooklyn late in the morning, as Steve always goes to church early in the morning on Sundays as a devout Catholic. Having finished with communion, he heads to the arranged meeting place, a small bagel shop that serves fresh bagels with cream cheese and lox. And after ordering a dozen of them and a pitcher of milk, he settles in to wait for the young woman. He's dressed for church in the summer. His jacket has been removed, but he wears a simple black suit with a red tie, his hair fixed up and perfectly polished loafers on his feet, black socks showing just beneath the pressed cuff of his trousers.

Cara does a pretty good job of keeping herself clean and presentable, wearing a sundress that does a decent job of keeping her modest with two inch thick straps on her shoulders keeping the attire on her person, the auburn haired girl walks calmly down the sidewalk, her glass slippers clapping on the concrete somewhat loudly. She has a few bobby pins in her hair, pulling her bangs off to the side and behind her ear. Cara's hand holds onto a small black leather clutch purse, stuffed with her essentials. The young mutant's eyes glance around from person to person as she nears the bagel shop she was asked to attend and spotting Steve she raises her hand, the bracelet around her wrist drooping to nearly her elbow. "Hi." She says with a very deep blush on her cheeks as she sits down in front of the Captain.

Rising to his feet polietly for Cara, Steve offers a grin. "Morning." he comments, "I'd asked for an earlier meeting, but I go to Mass on Sundays." he explains as he retakes his seat after she settles down. "Bagel? They're really fresh." He's so much more like a kid sometimes, as he cuts open one of the bagels to load it down with cream cheese mixed with fresh chives and a slice of lox. "Couple of things I wanted to talk to you about this morning. But first, I want to say that I was wrong the other day and I didn't mean to upset you." As he puts the bagel top back on, he explains. "I should have realized that the closeness that exists between Peggy and I would make people uncomfortable - I am just very excited to have her back in my life." A smile is offered in apology. "So I didn't mean to hurt any feelings." With the apology given, he decides to broach the subject. "I spoke with Loki a few days ago on your situation."

Cara gives him a polite curtsy as he stands, not really used to having a gentleman around. "No, I go to a church myself." She says, looking over the offered bagels and asking, "May I?" Before reaching out and picking one up and halving it through the middle. "Why should you have to apologize. You have a girl your sweet on, and as much as I'd like to to be, I understand." She says, awfully forward for her age and how she appears so shy at times. She's much more comfortable in one and one situations it's unreal. "I don't mean to make you feel like you owe me anything." She says looking down to her plate a bit shy still. Though his words about talking with Loki, "We did talk when I was pregnant and he said if it was a girl she'd likely be raised by the Valkyrie, so I mean I knew it was coming, but it still hurts." A wet spot seems to be forming on her bottom eyelids but she doesn't wipe it away or anything, she's trying to stay strong.

"Yes, well, I'm not quite willing to give up on the idea of you being allowed to visit your daughter yet." Steve says with a resoluteness to his voice that even threatens Cara's tears. His smile turns reassuring after passing the condiments over to Cara so she can dress up the bagel if she wishes to. "However, for now, Loki has offered a compromise. He's willing to scry an object so that you may look in on your daughter anytime you wish. However, he has warned me that with Asgardian physiology and that realm's time…" he tries to think of the right word, "..paradoxes? That she could easily be as old as you are now, if not older." The explanation is offered and then he waits to see if Cara accepts the current plan of action. "I'm waiting for Thor to return so I can speak with him as well."

She lifts her face and her tears continue to well up at her eyes. "I- Steve-" She pauses to grab a knife and quickly spread some butter and cottage cheese on her bagel to distract herself. It's taking all her will power not to leap around the table and hug the man. She's ecstatic, seen by the way her bracelets start to change color rapidly, but staying in the bright spectrums. "I- Thank you so very much." The young mutant mother whispers with a shaking of her whole person.

The arrangement was made with no cost to the young mutant, so there's no other shoe to drop for her as Steve reaches across the table to give her free hand a comforting squeeze. "I don't think it was right what happened, and I apologize that it has taken this long for something to be done." he offers to her. "Now, this is unrelated, but I have a favour to ask of you." he requests as he gives her fingers a last squeeze and moves to work on his bagel finally, famished from the night before.

Cara glances up, her silky hair waving from the motion as he touches her. She's warm, from her shyness and all factors considered. "Any one ever tell you, that you apologize too much Captain?" she says with a soft hearted giggle, though she perks up at his last question. THE man needs a favor, from her, she can't fathom anything what she could offer him. "I'll do it." Cara speaks before he even says what it is, though she pauses as she starts to put her bagel in her mouth and pauses, "What favor?"

"Well, I'm not Captain Canada." Steve gets a little smirk at that as he withdraws his hand. "It seems there's a lot I have to straighten out, and once I do, the apologies will trickle out." A grin is offered as he finishes off his first bagel and starts on making a second. "I went to visit Tony last night. It seems that he has taken in quite a few mutants from Xavier's school, along with one of the instructors, Doctor Jean Grey. They're discussing the idea of making their own school. It was my suggestion that perhaps you could assist Tony?" he explains, "These kids need to see that there are those among them that are in the Avengers - and I think you could be a good role-model for them, considering how you have come through some very trying times in your life, Cara." he offers, trying to bolster her flagging self-confidence. "I have very little experience in working with teenagers, much less mutant teenagers, and I think they'd perfer someone that is like them to communicate with. I know Tony is running the school, but I wanted to offer your services as a peer counselor, if you're interested."

"Do we know why they're leaving that school?" Cara asks, recalling only a year or so ago that she left that place. "I mean, yeah, I'm interested in helping, but I'm not the best in large groups, or even small groups." Cara whispers before finally taking a bite of her bagel. "I will certainly do what I can." She says after lifting a napkin to her mouth and dabbing away the mess she made, then finishing her bite she speaks, "When do we start?"

"Honestly, not a clue. I can sense from what I heard last night that there was some kind of falling out between these particular students and Headmistress Frost." Steve explains as he gets a little cream cheese on his fingers and licks it off and wipes his fingers on a napkin before continuing. "I was hoping that they would possibly be a little more open with you. It's not a large group, there's only five or so, I believe - and they're possibly around your age range - a good chance for you to make some friends with some others with abilities?" Poor Cara, she has that huge crush, and here's Steve dispensing almost fatherly advice.

"Hmm… I never met a Miss Frost." Cara ponders aloud, looking off to the distance to try and recall but fails to do so. She looks around at "I can try and talk to them, but I'm already past graduation, and they could be anywhere from 12 to my age." She considers. "I mean I'll try, I could use some friends…" She says, looking back at her plate, forgetting about her crush for a moment while her mind moves a million miles a minute.

"I'm sure you can come up with something, Cara. I have faith in that." Finishing off his last bagel, he chases it with the glass of milk and wipes his face with a napkin before setting it down to take out his wallet and pay for the meal. "I should get back to the mansion and work off all these calories I just took in." he says with a little laugh. "I'll have Loki contact you on the object." he promises before he rises from his chair and comes around to give the woman a comforting hug. "It'll work out. Believe that."

Cara returns the hug happily, reveling in the power in his arms. "I believe you." She whispers but stays seated and keeps eating slowly as she watches him leave back to home.

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