2015-08-24 Bringing Up The Past
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Anna-Marie Steve Killian Dyson Jose
GMed by Social RP
Title: Bringing Up The Past

Anna-Marie came out of her room wearing an Xavier's School hoodie, dark grey with white logos on the back and one on the chest. She had on dark green exercise shorts and some neon green/yellow sneakers on her feet. The hood on the hoodie was up and her hair was laying out on either side going down her chest. She moved toward the living area and sat down on the sofa chair. She looked at the coffee table… stared at the remote to the tv… Her right hand went up and she aimed it at the remote that was several feet away… The remote twitched… started rocking… THEN FLEW OFF OF THE COFFEE TABLE AND RIGHT AT HER HAND! It sailed over her hand went clattering toward the hallway out to the elevator. "Dannit…" Rogue quietly mumbled.

Ding. As the elevator door opens, the remote flies within and there's a clack of plastic meeting metal before Captain America comes from the doors, holding a broken remote in his hand. "…Tony?" he asks, mild amusement tugging at his features as he hasn't seen anyone just yet. "I swear, there's more collateral damage from your fights with the fairer sex than with any of our battles as the Avengers…" he trails off however at the hoodie wearing girl in the middle of the room. "Oh. Afternoon. You're not Doctor Grey."

Rogue flew out of her chair when she heard the remote hit metal with a clang! No, literally, she flew up out of her chair and spun around hovering in mid air now when she saw… either Captain America or someone in some realy great cosplay. Rogue hovered there a moment before she dropped down to her sneakered-feet and stared at him from within the grey hood that was up over her head. "Heya." She said at him and smiled. "I'm not Jean, nope." Rogue's eyes were locked onto Cap's and she was trying hard NOT to read his mind, but… these powers are quite new to her. "Tony flew off in some helicopter this mornin… said he'd be back later." She looked the man up and down. "Somethin' bad goin on, mister?" She asked him, her bare hands going into the pockets of her hoodie as she stepped around the sofa chair and took a few steps toward him.

Cap's head is already running through the possibility of a tactical combat assessment, cross-referencing on the SHIELD files he has, and already cross-matched the young woman with the former Miss Marvel. "Hello, Rogue." he offers, though his tone is friendly, there's a certain neutrality to it as he offers a hint of a smile. "I am Captain America." he almost refers to her playfully as Flour Child, but that gives away too much on the fact that he's already visited once. Slinging his shield back over his shoulder, he underhand tosses the broken remote towards the young woman. "I'm sure he's got a replacement around here someplace - wasn't expecting the fastball."

As he steps down into the main area, the threat assessment continues. He has had time to explore files finally, but in his mind, he's got them already marked as friendly for the most part, except for well, Rogue. Which is whom he's here to see. "I was actually looking for you." he admits. "I had some questions."

The broken remote was caught this time as the girl was generally pretty good at catching things, the first time it was simply a miscalculation on where to place the remote… with her mind. "Lookin for me?" She asked then when Killian walked past toward the kitchen. "No, no mail today, Killian." She told him, even though he didn't verbally ask… Anna's green eyes went back to Captain America and she smiled at him and took a step toward him. "Ask any questions ya like. I'm an open book. Mostly… I mean… there's some things I'd be pretty damn embarrassed for you to know, but, uh… yeah." She walked over to the coffee table and set the broken remote down.

"Well, I will try not to ask any probing personal questions then." Cap offers with a reassuring smile, his blue eyes studying her, and then glancing up towards Killian as he walks by before he goes to take a seat on one of the chairs at the coffee table. He's been here before - plenty of times before, and his shield is taken off and set on the edge of his feet. "I know most of your abilities already, and what happened with Miss Marvel and that things have mostly been about making amends." he starts off cautiously, bringing up what he knows of her past from the SHIELD files, but doesn't touch on some things - yet.

"I was told very little by Doctor Grey and Tony about what happened to cause this splintering to happen. Seeing as you are one of the older students." He doesn't call her an instructor, she's probably too young for that in his mind, even if his own beloved Peggy is close to the same age (at least physically). "I was hoping that you could provide me with a bit of a recap of what has occured to cause this splintering of you and your friends from the School."

Killian rolls his eyes and walks back out of the kitchen with his drink, "Dunno the how or the why but knock before you go in my head please?", is said more pleading than annoyed, he look over at the Cap, to the shield to Cap again, "Is that who I think it is?"

Dyson bounds into the living area of the penthouse from the hallway where he and the other 'kids' rooms are. The 8'3" grey giant teenager is wearing a faded red t-shirt with a lumberjack hoisting a pint of beer while riding a moose with a hockeystick on his back over a canadian maple leaf ( http://i.imgur.com/hMwLuzw.jpg ) and over that he is wearing a HUGE pair of pain specked denim coverals, the shoulderstrap over his right shoulder broken. "Maaaaarie.." he says as he skids across the kitchen floor, right past Killian, on huge grey bare feet and catching himself on the counter and grabbing at some pizza. "D-Did Mister H-Happy say if the p-paint has arrived yet?" He turns around taking a bite of pizza, and his pupiless black eyes go wide as he sees CAPTAIN FREAKIN AMERICA. He coughs, half choking on pizza and half flailing for the bottle of soda on the countertop.

Rogue wasn't entirely sure how much SHIELD did know about her… She did have some run-ins with them in the past. The pretty redhead who'd mysteriously just dialed her cell number and told her to come to this tower for the first time to see Tony… and some time before that she'd been questioned by SHIELD agents for some of her past activities with the Brotherhood. Right now, Anna-Marie was a bit worried by Cap's tone. She sat down on that sofa chair she'd originall been on and tucked her right leg up under her, placing her hands ontop of her bare knees. "I can't stop right now, Killian, sorry…" She said over at him with a soft frown before looking back at Captain America. She was about to speak back at him when Dyson came sliding in like a boss. "Oh. uh… yeah, he said he was going to set the boxes down in the dining room on the table." She said with a flashed smile at the big Dyson.

Marie then looked back at Cap yet again. She flashed him a smile. "I'm not really angry at any of them there. Disappointed in some of them, yes. But not angry. Really, after my boyfriend died I just needed a change of scenery, you know? The place had too many memories of him and… some of the other stuff too going on, like Scott being a bit too dramatic and Logan not being around as much as we needed him to be. I just had to get out for a bit." It wasn't entirley the whole story, but it was a large part of it at least.

As Killian speaks, Captain America shows a hint of surprise. Wait, what did he just say. It's quickly covered by his ability to adapt to the situation, but in Rogue's raw Jean mind, she immediately gets a rush of information on updates - how did Rogue become telepathic. Matches with the mutants he's already come into contact with. Jean Grey - Omega Level Mutant - telepathic, empathic, telekentic, Tony influence? Also, he's going over every training session he's had with Lieutenant Carol Danvers, knowing that Rogue shares most of her powers, in case things go pear-shaped for some reason. He's always been cautious in the unknown, after all. This is quickly glossed over with another thought, the one he wasn't bringing out to play with Anna yet. The assassination of the Genoshian ambassador. A mutant assassin. An accomplise. Another SHIELD file. This thought is much shorter and is more of a question to himself: Mystique? That's what Tar-Pit had said, other than that she was blue.

File back, thoughts of known blue mutants: Henry 'Beast' McCoy and Kurt 'Nightcrawler' Wagner. Possible family ties? Should investigate that - or alert Peggy to it. Peggy is meeting with the X-Men liaison today, does she know what's going on over at the school? A glance is given towards Dyson, and he looks like he's about to rise up and give the tall mutant the heimlich if he doesn't recover from his choking incident. "Afternoon." he offers to the two, though his mind is still racing through a million different scenarios and ideas - everything from what he may know about the Brotherhood, which again, question mark, Mystique. And then every possible rebound angle in Tony's apartment for his shield should he ever need it. But back to rebolstering Rogue's confidence as he picks up on the loss of her significant other. Empathic, he just got his back after sixty years of seperation - somehow, someway, she came back to him. "I see. If Logan were to return, do you think he will attempt to come here, or cut you and the others out?" Logan. Madripoor. Young Natasha Romanoff rescued from ninjas. He knows Logan quite well, which goes to the capture of Tar-Pit and the arrival of the young mutant that helped the Stepford sisters - the claws and tempermant - Logan's daughter? With who?

Poor Rogue.

It takes a few moments for yson to get the chokingunder control, and not without a rather substantial amount of Mountain Dew.. draining 3/4's of the bottle in three of four gulps. Wiping his lips with the back of his hand, thankibng marie with a nod.. But keeping quiet.. not wanting to interfere. HIs pupiless eyes just STARING at The Captain, part with obvious hero worship, part with… calculation, like he's picking apart the super soldier on multiple levels.

Killian walks forward, "Marie? I don't think America here needs to know all that", he's a little mentally slow but even he can see what looks like an interrogation, it's odd that as soon as Marie is seperate from the school he suddenly shows up to talk, this don't sit right, Marie, this not feel odd?.

Rogue right hand went up to touch her fingertips to her forehead. She could hear the thoughts of everyone in the room and more people that were on different levels of the building as well as those within a general radius around Stark Tower… She glanced out the balcony windows and she could hear a man on the Empire State Building's viewing balcony thinking how he wants to committ suicide for losing his job and his wife… Anna-Marie's eyes blink and she looks back to the Captain and his mind that was so technical and task-driven that she was impressed and dismayed by it. //He just wants whats best for us all as a whole. I'm sure\\ Rogue telebrains back to Killian. "Logan is like family. He may come to see me at some point to make sure I'm okay… but he's not gonna hold any ill-will toward me or the rest of us here. I think he's equally disatisfied with how the School there has been run lately, infact." She then tried to show a faint smile to the Captain.

Captain America nods his head slowly as he takes in the information. While he disburses it to where it needs to go in his head as he glances over towards Killian. "Calm down, son, this isn't an interrogation or an inquistion. I just want to know what's going on and what Tony's getting into with this." he comments calmly, not that he cam read Killian's mind - but he knows the stance very well. "I just want to make sure that this isn't Tony doing something that really has the best of all in mind, but ends up causing harm as well." he admits. "He's a friend to me, and I don't want to see him in any kind of trouble."

"Logan's a good man. Always has been." he admits as he settles back down into his seat. The reason why he chose Rogue to single out was actually tactical as well. He knows about the tussel and power stealing between Carol and Anna-Marie - but he also knows that she took some of her mind as well. He had hoped that Rogue would give him the best tactical assessment of the situation at the school and a peek into the personal ideas of what was happening here to make sure it was all on the up and up.

Rogue listened to Cap yet more and she smiled at him before giving a glance over to Dyson and Killian. It was true that Carol Danver's thoughts, ideas, memories, military training were inside of her head… She'd used them as an intructor at the School as well, specifically for X-Men training scenarios. The problem, however, is that there are a lot more people inside Rogue's head as well… other people she'd touched during her time with the Brotherhood and since. Now, there was also Jean's abilities that were being fine-tuned to work better within her, even though its possible that they may yet fade away over time… Rogue put her hands on her knees and squeezed lightly against her soft skin. "I don't think there are any threats you need to fear, Captain." She told him. "Nobody from the Brotherhood has contacted me in… well, years. Not since Mystique tried to use me to… well, yeah… But I was 18 went that happened. I'm 24 now. I haven't seen her since then either." She shook her head lightly and exhaled. "Far as I know the Brotherhood isn't even operatin in the States right now, aside from their recruitment operations that they're always doin'… but their Recruiters are usually completely clueless mutants. Not on the 'inside circles' if ya know what I mean."

And Ding goes the elevator. One good thing about living in the city is that you can actually go into the city. As the elevator doors open, out steps Jose. He was wearing jeans, and a worn sweater that had seen better days, while an adged backpack was also worn. He had on his tech headphones on his head, along with his 'old set' around his neck. Dirt covered and with some new scraps on his head and hands he walks in looking a bit tired. "Heya Maria, Dyson, Killian… whats Cap doing here?" he blinks "Well Hello Cap!" With that he tosses his pack onto a nearby couch "What's going on?" he asks cheerily.

Taking in the the information, Anna touches on the very idea Captain America was trying to broach, and thankfully she handles it for him. And while she has probably the best uncovered gams since the painting on the side of the 'Memphis Belle', he perfers his leggy brunettes in blue pencil skirts and bright red hats. "That is what I really wanted to ask you about." he responds. "I knew that she was part of what happened to Miss Marvel, but I was hoping you would have some insight into what would cause them to do something like assassinating the Genoshian ambassador or at least some insight to their motivations." Folding his hands over the top of his shield, the Sentinel of Liberty nods his head slowly. "Any other information that you might have? If I have to get the Avengers involved, I'd like to know what they're getting into." With Jose's arrival, the Captain offers a nod of his head. "Afternoon."

Dyson inhales sharply when he hears some things that.. well.. he didn't know about Marie.. He barely nods as Jose comes in, waving lightly to his friend, and then clears his throat. "S-Sir.. IF I may something?" he asks… "it's.. more /my/ point of view but I.. I think it's pertinent to this situation… sir." Yeah, nervous.

Marie looked over at Jose when he strut into the room and threw his bag down, she did her very best NOT to probe his mind to know what that kid has been up to all afternoon… She listened to Cap and then to Dyson when he asked a question. "Go ahead, Dyson." She unfolded her sweet sexy legs and put her legs back down with her feet (that are attached to those hot legs in them short exercise shorts) and then spoke out to Jose. "Hey, be a sweetheart and run get us all some drinks, would ya? Tea for me and the fine Captain here, whatever else for ya'll?"

"Water, if you don't mind." Captain America corrects for Marie as she asks Dyson to speak up. "Go ahead, son." he adds his approval. While most normal humans would follow those legs all the way up, the Captain is still keeping his attention on everything around him as he remains sitting up straight, hands on his shield.

Jose gives a thumbs up "Let me guess DYson, Dr.Pepper" he already starts heading into the kitchen. Marie may not be probing, but Jose was thinking about the thugs he had to outrun last night, roof hopping through the more destroyed parts of the city, and sleeping in the park (he had been out since 12 am). Eventualy he comes back with the Tea, Water and Dr. Pepper along with orange juice for himself "Here we are.

Dyson gives marie some room to get get at the kitchen, then looks at his friends and has to take a deep breath, centering himself. Hes talking to a LIVING LEGEND after all and this has taken time for him to formulate.

"My m-mom originally sent /me/ to the school to protect me after my dad.. died. he says, keeping that vague. Though SHIELD would have files that a mercenary unit was hired to kidnap Dyson from his parents ranch and his dad was killed in an ensuing gunfight. They have files on Dyson going back to his birth, as well as a few on multiple branches of his family for.. reasons. She tried to e-explain to me about Xaviers Dream, as he had explained it to h-her. And I /liked/ that dream. It was the same as /my/ dream. But..

The giant bites his lower lip. "Xaviers Dream and Xaviers School are two c-completely different things.. Some of us a-accidentally learned things we shouldnt have.. Weve seen students and ex students get hurt and killed.. One on n-n-national TV. And /I/ cannot reconcile it with The Dream.. I dont think the others c-can either. He looks down into his empty bottle of soda.

"If /I/ stayed at Xaviers until I g-graduated.. then what? If I stay hiding and we dont make it so mutants can be accepted then /I/ cant go to a real university. I want to be a doctor.. a scientist.. How can I do that if I am always out of sight? If /I/ stay hiding and something h-happens at the school and its attacked, destroyed, who will know what I.. we.. stood for. Hiding at Xaviers, biding our time and playing and pretending were actually working towards something while we hoping the world becomes a better place wont MAKE the world a better place. The thought frightens me but.. I think its better if I.. we.. are here. Living more or less in the open. he looks up and across at Cap.

"Because the more people who know that Me, or my friends, are trying to love among humans, showing everyone that we CAN be a part of society, people with good hearts will sympathize. Yes, there will be people who hate us, as mutants, but anonymity is no protection. The more people who /know/ we are here learning and living in the public eye.. Well thats a lot of eyes who will see if someone comes after us… and thats better protection than hiding can give us.

Marie listened to all that Dyson said and she smiled softly to Jose when he returned with the drinks, taking the tea from him with a soft "Thank you." She nodded at Dyson and then looked at Cap. "He represents the kind of Mutant that Mystique… Raven Darkholme… is most interested in." She tells Steve then, looking back to Dyson. "The Brotherhood of Mutants would come to you and tell you that you do not have to live in a society with humans. That you could instead, live in their society surrounded only by other mutants who wouldn't judge you… where you could flourish and become whatever it is that you want to be. Free of judgement." Marie then looked back at Steve as she popped the cap on her tea bottle and took a sip, shaking her head once afterward. "But its a lie. Humans and mutants share the 'judgement' gene all the same. Mutants treat each other just as badly as humans are capable of treatin' us." She exhaled then and looked out the windows of the balcony again, perhaps focusing in on more thoughts she's 'hearing' in her mind.

"Raven preys on the mutants who're the most under-priveledged… Because they're the easiest to bring into her nest." She looks back to Steve again. "And honestly, she's pretty good to them too. Its not a slave-thing or some kinda kid sweatshop deal. It really is a family that looks out for each other. Thats why they're so gosh dang dangerous."

Captain America listens to the giant speak, and as he does so, he actually rises from his seat and comes over to where Dyson is to pay more rapt attention to the seemingly gentle giant. His fingers drum lightly on his shield, before he finally speaks. "Son, that's nothing to be ashamed of. And it's a great reason. When I was younger than you, I was a scrawny kid from Brooklyn, and I wanted to make a difference in the world too." he explains.

"When Germany invaded Europe, I wanted to make a difference, but the military doctors told me over and over againt that I was unfit to serve my country. My best friend was convinced that I'd die in my first day in combat when I was finally allowed to join the Army because a doctor saw in me that noone else could see. That I had the convictions and beliefs to know that I was doing in order to make a difference in the world." A smile is offered before he continues.

"Even after I was accepted into the Army, I was written off. Noone saw my potential. Except for a British SSR officer who thought I could be something more than what I was. She's the one that changed my life, and helped me become what I am now. But even then, it wasn't easy. The way I was created and made, the government was reluctant to let me out - as I'm sure that Xavier is with all of you." he explains. "I was regulated to touring the country to try to sell war bonds to Americans. And then I finally got to see Europe. But instead of living my dream, I was again, on tour to provide morale. I was resented, hated even, by the troops, that saw me as some gold plated idol with a tin shield and wrapped in patriotic colors."

"I came across that woman again. She was disappointed - she said I hadn't discovered myself yet. The true me that she knew existed. She's the one that gave me the confidence to break ranks and go on my first mission. It nearly cost me my life and I made a bunch of mistakes, but I knew it was what I needed to do. And it would lead to the mission that would cause me to help end the war.. but.. nearly cost me the love of my life, as well as my own life. It took nearly seventy years for me to discover both again. That's time that was wasted. Don't waste your life.. all of you. You have dreams and asparations, you should live them. But remember, there are those that provide you with guidance and guideposts along the way. Don't ignore them, or you could miss something special." he offers a smile towards them in turn before he listens to Marie's explanation.

"Family can be a dangerous thing, you're right there, Marie. But it could also be a great thing. I don't agree with the idea that there is a 'judgement' gene in all of us. I think we should make our own decisions, but in the end - we should all strive to better each other instead of trying to bring each other down." With that, he takes a long draw off of his water.

Jose put a 2 litter bottle of coke next to Dyson and the glass of water on the counter neat Captain America. He quietly cants his head as he hears their explanations and stories. He rolls his shoulder uncomfortable but has a smile yet as he takes a seat and takes a sip of his oranage juice. He picks at a scab on his hand as he considers the words deeply.

Dyson listens.. really listens, The Captain's heartfelt words building pictures in his brain. It is so much different, so mych more visceral, to hear them from the soldier's mouth than some textbook or documentary. At the very end the giant nods, wiping at the corner of his eye again but smiling. "We'll try n-not to ignore them, Captain…" he promises, then turns his head to Marie, the smile still there but determination in his eyes. "And if sh-she came to me and offered me th-that then she would be told o-one word.. No." he says, voice resolute. "That is not /my/ dream. I w-want to be surrounded by /people/.. Not just mutants.. Not j-just humans. /PEOPLE/. If s-some are going to continue hating me.. Then fine. B-but I owe it to those who h-have helped me, human and m-mutant both, to /try/ and be that b-bridge. People like m-my family, who are h-human.. people like B-Boris who, l-like me, can't hide what we are. So if s-she ever comes to me… No. Just no. Seperating ourselves from society is j-just another way of hiding.. l-like ommision is another way of lieing. I am t-tired of lies. LIke the Captain s-said.. We need to find ourselves. T-Tony is just g-giving me a more honest chance at doing it."

Marie smiled faintly at the Captain when he spoke to her and then she listened to Dyson again and nodded at them both softly once. "Well. Raven is likely far away from here… Her main focus has always been in the third world countries. Its easier to get mutant recruits there as the populations are more eager for… new opportunities'n such." She lifted her tea up again for another sip and then leaned back in her comfy sofa chair, lifting her free hand up to brush some of her white locks of hair out of her face and off from tickling at her nose.

"Do you have any idea of why she gunned down the Genoshian ambassador?" Captain America asks, as he gives Dyson a pat on his arm before recovering his water to retake his seat with his shield. "The motive other than just to be noticed, is absent."

"Mabey she wants to be the ambassador, or someone she knows wants to be. Mabey a distraction from a bigger picture" Jose says as he hears the question. He hmms in thought. He looks to Dyson and when he hears his answer he can't help but feel unsure of weather or not he would say no to Mystique. He finishes up his oraged juice and tosses it into the nearby trash can.

Marie's eyes look toward the teenagers around her and she then hears the question asked of her by Steve. In truth, Anna-Marie wasn't the most up-to-date person on News and Current Events in the country or the world. When Jose responded to him she listened to that and then nodded softly, placing her drink and her free hand back onto her lap. "Raven has the ability to transform herself it anyone, Jose. Body and clothes, voice and mannerisms. Its the mutant power she was graced with… whenever it was that she was born." She told the young one. Her emerald eyes went back to Steve then. "I would think that Raven would kill this Senator, because the Senator was somehow harming Mutants. That is her driving force. Raven may do things outside of the law, but she does them to protect mutants.. at least that is what she believes she's doin' anyway. So if you want answers as to why she would do this… digging into Raven is the wrong direction, and you won't get very far at all. You should be digging into the Senator's life. Thats where you'll find your answers." With that said the southern belle took another drink of her bottled tea.

The Captain nods his head slowly in response to Marie's response. "That's a good idea, Marie. I will make sure to share it with Agent Carter." he says with a thoughtful pause as he finishes off his water. "There's good potential here. Potential to change the world. I see now why Tony has brought you all together here." Offering up a reassuring smile, he considers, "But I should get ready to head out. Does anyone have any questions before I go?" he asks as he rises to his feet and puts his shield back in place.

Dyson doesn't know enough about Mystique or the assasination to formulate a hypothesis… At least until Marie fills in some more of the blanks. He furrows his brows slightly as he thinks… "W-Well it's obviously a m-message.." he says, slowly. "I mean.. she c-could have become this ambassador at a-any time, right? She c-could have become someone close to him.. killed him.. /replaced/ him.. and then done m-much more damage /as/ him than simply killing him… So y-you just need to figure out what the m-message was." he says, slowly.. Then he flushes a bit and looks between marie and the Captain. "S-Sorry.. was just thinking out loud.." he murmurs.. "H-have a good day, S-Sir.."

Jose jumps up "Can I throw your shield!" his level of energy went from zero to through the roof. His eyes went right to that shield and is jumping foot to foot. He glances to DYson and Marie, before it goes back to the shield

Marie watched Steve stand and she then sat up in her chair again and rose up to her full height as well. She smiled at the unfirom-clad American hero and then heard Dyson's response. "Thats likely too, Dyson. Yep. 'Stop messin with mutants' is the message I'd wager my chips on." She flashed a grin and then looked to Jose and threw her little tea bottle metal cap at him. "Here, throw this around instead." She told him. The young woman went to walk Steve to the elevator then. "I'm here if ya need any backup, or whatever. I pack a pretty mean right hook." She said at the man with a grin from within her gray hood.

As she follows him to the elevator, Captain America listens and then offers a nod to her assistance. "If you would like to come by SHEILD sometime, I know Agent Carter is working with the Stepford sisters. She might want to see your abilities as well." he offers a smile. "I'm not looking to steal Xavier's kids over to the Avengers just yet. But if you're making a clean break, we'll talk sometime." he promises her.

Jose hangs his head. Well, mabey SOMEDAY he'll get to throw the shield, but for now he takes up his backpack and heads to the kitchen. It was time for a refill while Marie escorts Cap off "Hey Dyson what you doing saturday?" he calls out

Dyson turns away from the chatting adults as marie escorts Cap to the elevator and shrugs. "Probably f-finishing up my room.." he says. "I h-haveto call my mom.. after that.. Nothing."

Marie stood there by the exit then looking up at the taller man. "It was a clean break." She tells him softly. "They're a shadow of their former self there… Only one I feel sad about is Ororo. But she understood why I had to leave." She then nodded once and released a little exhale. "I just feel like I got too much to offer… to let it all go to waste, ya know? And yeah, I'd be happy to meet this Agent Carter." She smiled then and reached out to call the elevator and the doors swished open for him. "Thanks for stoppin' by."

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