2015-08-25 B Marinos Interview Results
Key notes from the interview with the newly acquired Bridget Marinos. It has been confirmed that the researcher was abducted at the time she and her mother vanished a few years ago. The research they've been working on, while mostly public domain, has had an element of it corrupted for Hydra needs. A signal projection device which was initially supposed to feed visuals to the blind has been altered to compel wearers to follow on a repetitive idea. In her own words, 'To comply' This device has been used on Marinos and bears strong resemblance to the one that was found to have been implanted into another Hydra victim, Leo DiBartenda.
She has also provided locations to several 'demonInfest' locations. Further information extraction was haltered by the exchanges with Doctor Strange, who showed up to the interrogation. (Interrogation Policy discussions shall be scheduled for later this week for those involved)
Marinos has exhibited a bit of a scatterbrained persona and has a tendency to get distracted by the amount of information she has. Further interviews at later point may be necessary. It is recommended she remain in SHIELD custody for her own protection for the time being.
Reported by . on 2015-08-25
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