2015-08-26 Beignets and Brotherhoods
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Warning: N/A
Players: Peggy, Steve, The Cuckoos (Sophie)
GMed by Social
Title: Beignets and Brotherhoods

[* New York: The Blue Moon *]

Welcome to New Orleans. From the moment you step through the doors of The Blue Moon, you are totally submerged in the ambiance of the Big Easy. Every sight, sound, taste and smell has been specifically selected to make you forget that just outside the doors exists Bayville and New England.

Stepping past the Maitre D' you are lead into the restaurant portion of the club. Up on a raised balcony you can look down over the large dance floor and the live band that performs here every night from 6 till midnight.

In the far back of the room, two large guards flank a single oak door. Known only as the Club, very few people are ever permitted past those guards. Membership is strictly invitation only, and those who are members are very tight lipped about the secrets kept beyond the door.

Mid-Morning in Midtown. Wanting to get out of the Mansion and SHIELD HQ for a bit, Peggy and Steve are currently sitting in the balcony section of the Blue Moon, splitting a plate of freshly cooked and powdered beignets and coffee. Down below, a jazz quartet is working on setting up to get in some practice during the day time hours. Not the usual house band, they do play for fun and tips. As Steve picks up one of the pastries, he waves it towards Peggy. "I went again to visit Tony and his brood at the playhouse." he smirks slightly. "And ended up getting you some information on the suspect we took into custody at the party a few days ago."

The Blue Moon. A place of, oldness. Nostalgia. Lots of people come here for various thoughtful reasons, but the Cuckoos know it's mostly to relieve a part of the past that they never experienced. For the two patrons present, however, it might just be the opposite. One of the few places these out of time folks find is home. In any situation, Sophie is the only Cuckoo present, though who can tell them apart? Walking in and up to the Balcony, she's left alone by any of the staff before beginning her approach to the Captain and his Agent of SHIELD.

Just before Sophie arrives to the table, Peggy rises up to go powder her nose. She'll be a few moments. Glancing up from his seat, Steve offers the young woman a grin and a chuckle. "Don't tell me - you moonlight here as a waitress or a singer." he teases her at her ability to just pop up wherever he and Peggy are. "You keep this up, we may end up having to adopt you." He tosses a wink in her direction, and then gestures to one of the two free chairs besides the one Peggy was sitting it. "Would you like to join us for a rather unhealthy brunch?"

"No on the brunch, yes on the learning about the mutant we all captured." Sophie states before she looks over at Peggy as she leaves, before looking back to Steve, "And no, I neither moonlight as a waitress nor as a singer. Though I can do both, singing is a hard skill to mimic sometimes, but, we're us." She smirks and idly kind of looks around the place, "This is a pretty bad location, I mean, quiet, but wow. Like, even without picking up on you I'd of likely been able to guess, -this- is the place." After that though she smiles and does add, "You know we are 19 right? You can't adopt an adult."

Returning from them powder room, Peggy smiles when she sees that one of the Cuckoos has joined Steve at their table. Easily sliding into her chair, she looks over toward Steve and then back to Sophie with a smile. She has not learned to differentiate which one is which just yet, but she has started to pick out the various personalities of each. Now she just has to start putting various names to those differences.

"Oh, hello," she greets to the blonde woman. "Phoebe?" she guesses, plucking a name randomly. "And bad location?" She's attempting to pick up on the conversational thread that she missed.

"Nineteen? No, but it only adds to my thought that you're old enough to help on things like missions." Something Steve and Peggy had discussed in very loud detail at one point, for sure. He rises up to allow Sophie a bit of gentelmanly respect before he returns to his own seat. "This is not a bad location. It's great for our needs. Good food, good music, and a place we can just sit and talk." he offers warmly, not seemingly insulted by Sophie calling him out as old-fashioned - or just old.

When Peggy returns, Steve rises to his feet once again - politeness after all. "Sophie, I think. At least she's the one that usually contacts us." he responds as he moves again to take his seat and reclaims the beignet he was working on. "How much do you know about one of Xavier's students that goes by the name of Rogue?" he asks Peggy, and by extension, Sophie.

Peggy coming back is noticed by Sophie and she turns her head back to look at the older woman as soon as she comes into viewable range, even though she's still a fair bit back, then she turns her attention back to the table. Right as Peggy is saying the wrong name, she closes her eyes, shakes her head, and sighs, "Sophie." Then smiles to Steve as he makes the correct assessment, "Rogue? I mean, I know her." She comments, and then looks to Peggy, nodding her head, "Yeah, this place, I mean, it's got that charm antiques have, ya know? Which is to say, none. Why have an old car, when you can have a new one?" Yep, she's 19 alright. "And is there a problem with Rogue? She was, probably a student, I mean, she'll likely be a 'student' per se always. Her powers are wack." And she looks around at the plates of the two people, and she looks a little hungry but refuses to get food, sitting on her hands literally.

It can sometimes be easier to get a proper answer by being wrong and having the other correct her. Peggy smiles. "Sophie, of course." It's easy to pick up her eyes following the plates and the beignets. Without saying or offering, the British agent slides the plate filled with pastries in the center of the table closer to Sophie. Steve's description of the atmosphere pulls a grin before she gets down to business.

"I believe you know more than I do. My knowledge mostly now consists of the fact that there is a student named Rogue. What do her powers do? They strike other people?" She's a bit confused by the term 'wack', most likely thinking she means 'whack'.

The mention of antiques having no charm is met with a smirk and her eyes return to Steve. "I can't tell if she means that we are charmless antiques or if we are charming because we are not antiques." Her tone sounds amused.

"This isn't the first incarnation of the Avengers." Steve explains quietly, finally as he considers his approach on this. "SHIELD has run the initative before - the last time was a couple of years ago, right after I was awoken." As he takes a bite of his beginet, he gets a little powdered sugar on his nose and grabs a napkin to wipe it off. "Also on the roster was Miss Marvel, a young woman with the abilities of the Power Cosmic. Rogue's powers come from her. Which is why she's partially wack, as Sophie put it."

"Rogue's abilities stem from absorption. Anyone she comes in physical contact with, she takes their abilities, powers, and memories." he explains. "She was one of the members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants - original name - I know. They set her on a mission where she was in a long and extended contact with Miss Marvel - and she ended up sapping her powers and memories. Miss Marvel has only just recently recovered from the attack but is still on the Avengers reserve roster. Rogue went a little wild after the incident and broke away from the Brotherhood and ended up with Xavier." he explains. "And now, she's with Jean and Tony and the other Xavier drop-outs at Stark Tower, and apparently has taken on some of Doctor Grey's telepathic powers." Letting out a breath, he pops in the last of the beginet and chases it with some black coffee before he goes hunting for a new piece of pastry to attack.

"That's not here or there, what is important is who led the mission on Miss Marvel. Her name was Mystique." And there's the point. The same person that Tar-Pit mentioned. "Rogue thinks that Tar-Pit may have been a possible recruit into the Brotherhood and this mission was to prove his abilities and drive to attack humans."

"And it was either here or someplace like I-hop for breakfast, Sophie. Despite being an antique, this gives an ambiance of class and history. And it is sometimes comforting to feel something familiar, despite the fact that we are both used to the hustle and bustle of New York."

The pastries getting closer makes for a definite temptation. Though they don't have a mutant power that regulates calories, and they already workout so much. She's looking between them, "See, the trick, for temptations, is to delve into them. To not put them out of the mind." She is glancing about and then reaches out to find just one of the pastries, and then she breaks off a small section of it and then eats the less-than-one-bite. "So…." Sophie listens to Steve ramble on about Rogue before she asks, "Seems like your spy network and roster files have a lot of information on her." She shrugs and then mentions, "I know she gets tired of pizza real fast, and I know that Jean isn't teaching her how to use her current power set well. And I know that a lot of mutants fear her, those who know her powers anyhow, and I also can pretty much know anything else. Downside, she's one of Xavier's pupils, and they all have something messed with or blocked, or they were taught how to suppress surface thoughts."

It's all matter of fact, as Sophie takes her time eating the tiny piece of pastry that she holds between two well manicured nails, instead of touching with her skin. It's a nice way of not getting sticky fingers. "As for the Brotherhood, I know that Phoebe is always saying we should go talk to them. See what their group is all about, but every one of them we've met, thus far, have all been crazy anti-human instead of just being pro-mutant. So, we've been staying clear." A shrug is added, "As for Mystique, I dunno. I've heard her name kind of move through the X-men's heads here and there, but never met the woman. From what I understand she's hard to pick up on telepathically."

Turning to Peggy, Sophie smiles and eats the last little bit of the pastry she was offered, "Thanks for the pastry. Oh, and no wack is like wacky but weird. Not like hitting people. Though she can do that too, I guess. I dunno. I don't really fiddle around with figuring out other mutants' powers. They all see so… lame."

Peggy listens to both Steve and then Sophie as they discuss Rogue and her past. The mention of her powers brings a thoughtful frown to her face. Unlike Sophie, she has no qualms about eating a full beignets or getting her fingers a little sugary. Taking the rest of the pastry, she starts to pull it apart and eat it while the others discuss.

She quietly files away the thought of Mystique and her ties to the Brotherhood and Tar-Pit with a nod. Something for Romanoff and Barton to look into next. "I can certainly imagine that someone who could amass a repertoire of dangerous and powerful abilities could put others ill at ease. Especially if she can actually steal memories and powers from others with mere contact." She frowns and looks to Steve. "If she has that sort of insight into the Brotherhood, perhaps she knows we might find Mystique."

Sophie is given a raised eyebrow. "The Brotherhood is a terrorist organization, so, yes I think it best to steer clear of them." At the thanks she is given a nod. "You're welcome."

"Considering that she attacked and stole the powers of a SHIELD agent, yes, it would make sense to have a file on her, wouldn't you agree?" Steve asks as he licks his fingers before snagging another pastry to work on. He has no qualms about his appetite - his hyper-metabolism breaks it down rather quickly anyway. "Rogue's already suggested that Mystique's already left the country - she suggested that we look into why the Genoshian ambassador may have been targetted to search out the Brotherhood's true motives."

"Terrorists are only considered such until they win. The Institute as well as the Brotherhood are reactions to mutants' inability to find acceptance within the majority rule of baseline human genetics." Sophie mentions, in an almost blank emotional state, like this is just facts everyone should know, "In the not-too-distant future, mutants are likely to be a large power play in the world, and beyond. And they will greatly outlast the baseline human genetics that is the majority of the world today. It is a matter of statistics. By our estimates, it will only take a few hundred years. By that time, the Brotherhood, if mentioned at all, will be considered more than likely a civil rights organization that used violence to achieve its ends. Much like the Black Panthers did during the 60s and 70s." She looks over to Peggy and smiles, "Did you get any cookies?" And she looks around the table again, before offering further clarification, "If I were in charge of the Brotherhood I would be staging attacks against humans, so that humans will backlash against mutant kind. The more that happens, the more mutants will be forced to decide between being enslaved and tracked, or being free and taking up arms, regardless of wanting to be part of the Brotherhood. Which do you think will get more voluntary membership?" A little shrug, like it matters less than hunting down a cookie on the table, "The only thing stopping mutant kind from ruling the world today is the will to do so, not the capacity." Looking to Steve she smiles, "Oh, and it's cool if you have a file on us as well. We aren't really concerned on what others know about us."

"I'm not one to make files - that's more Peggy's department." It's not a sexist remark, the truth - Steve's files would be a terrible mess the way his mind works at bouncing between ideas, Peggy is much more meticulous. As he starts to say more, his phone buzzes and he picks it up. He frowns as he listens. "I see. Of course, Agent Coulson. Uh, one moment please." he turns and looks apologetically at the two women. "Pardon me, I'll try not to be long." He leans over to place a kiss on the crown of Peggy's head before he goes to find a quiet spot to continue the conversation. "..what do you mean you're becoming a high school principal?" he's heard asking as he walks off.

Peggy isn't at all surprised that there is a file on Rogue in SHIELD database, and perhaps with the Avengers as well. She knows the Cuckoos has one now, as they were involved with the mission involving Tar-Pit. "We'll look into both the ambassador and our international contacts, then," she replies, formulating a plan. She doesn't know the reference to the Black Panthers - there's still quite a lot of history to catch up on for Peggy and she's only been in the current time period for a month.

"There were people in this country in our day who believed that couples of different races could not marry because if they did there would be no such thing as white or black or any other race any more. They would lose all forms of cultural identity. Completely rubbish, but ignorant people will believe what they wish. There has been interracial marriage for hundreds of years in England and we're no less British now and quite a few of us are still pasty Englishmen and women."

An eyebrow is raised again, either to the question of cookies or her ideas of how to run the Brotherhood. "Your plan would be to harm and kill innocent people and make it harder on mutants in order to fulfill your vision of the future?" She's not quite sure how to take that. "Also, no, we did not order cookies. Unless you did?" she looks to Steve, but then his phone goes off and he's off to talk to Coulson. "I will take that as a no. Would you like an order of cookies?"

Sophie is about to say yes, before she thinks twice about it, "No, I shouldn't. I have to stage out my caloric intake, else I'll be the fat and ugly one. And we can't have that." Sophie comments sitting upright, and in good posture despite her more 'common' albeit still high-fashion branded clothing she's got on right now. "Yes, if I were an amorale person and in charge of an organizaton such as the Brotherhood. I would attack single targets, people internally I could blame were responsible for our disenfranchisement, and externally were important enough to get news so that baseline humans would see us attacking them, and attack mutants back. But mutants would then see them being unfairly attacked for an understandable, but heinous crime, that they themselves did not commit. It makes the divide." Sophie states as she looks over at Peggy while Steve goes off to take the call.

"You see, the more people try and just be 'normal' or 'tolerant' the more there's a divide. We have a very hard time truly accepting something or someone different than ourselves. Even with regards to Race, which is not a genetic distinction but a socio-historic one, we have gone to war for thousands of years. And now, when there actually -is- a genetic difference and very visible power differences. The divide is so much more apparent it is hard for one mind to take it all in and accept that it's okay to have multiple highly sentient beings with the same legal rights wandering about. Baseline Humans have considered themselves at the top of the 'food chain' as it were for so long they have a hard time realizing they, at the very least, are now sharing that space." Tilting her head a bit she offers, "But I'm not an evil meglomaniacal person. Just was saying, if I were, that it makes sense what's being done. I'd expect mroe of it, not less, and an exponential increase."

Peggy eats another piece of beignet while Sophie debates. "Well, if you would like cookies, just say so and we'll order them," she replies. Her own posture is thoughtlessly straight. Years of military training - not to mention strict British schooling systems - has given her good carriage. The more of Sophie's plan she hears, the eyebrow remains in its raised position. Otherwise, her expression seems rather neutral.

Even if this is merely a hypothetical, the implications of the plan are rather unsettling. "Mutants, as far as I have been informed, are still humans," she replies. She hasn't fully dived into any medical reports, but that seems to be the consensus. "As far as I am concerned, they should have the same rights as everyone else."

"Well, I am glad you are not an evil megalomanic. Did you learn all of that history at Xavier's?"

"It isn't a matter of like, or want. It's a matter of should." Sophie looks over to Peggy, but smiles nonetheless and nods her head, "Well, you would think of us as humans. Humans, technically speaking, reference only Homo Sapien Sapien. There have been other homo sapiens in the past, of various genetic sorts. Neanderthals, for instance, who were here first, were not humans either. And they probably thought of humans much in the same way, 'Well, as far as we are concerned they are Neanderthals' and that gave an excuse to trade. The excuse to war was that Humans were not them, and difference in an evolutionary fashion, is dangerous." She shrugs, "But it was a different story. Humans were weaker, dumber, less capable sensory wise, but could work together and share tasks, so expertise was a thing that Neanderthal did not have. Human culture, as it were, as a compensation to genetic inferiority, created a superior species."

It's all there, trapped inside of Sophie's head, whatever information she wants and she just pulls it up whenever, and where ever she so desires. Anyone who's gotten records on them from the Xavier instite knows that they are experts at every field of study that the institute offered, plus were interested in and capable in many many more fields of study. And they also like to show it off. "That said, Mutants are not humans. But rights should not be based upon genetics, it ought to be based upon sentience. Is a species sentient enough to be ethically responsible? A bear, for instance, is not. So it is not committing murder when it eats or attacks a person. Since it is not capable of being ethically responsible it should also not suffer legal consequences. Mutants, on the other hand, are capable of such ethical responsibilities, and thus should see all the consequences, as well as the protections of the legal system." There's a pause before she mentions, "But de facto, they do not. And whenever there is injustice, there is fear. Whenever there is fear, there is power to be had. And where ever there is power to be had, organizations form to take a piece. I mean, how do you think SHIELD got going? Fear, power, organization." She sighs a little bit before adding, "I think my sisters and I can do a lot of good. Since, you know, we don't exist in the normal world."

"Many things are a matter of should," Peggy replies to Sophie with a quirk upward of her lips. As Sophie continues to talk of history and evolution, she listens, knowing most of what she's explaining in her argument. "I agree," is what she says. "Rights should not be based on any sort of marker other than whether someone is capable of understanding the laws that are protecting them. There is a reason that some people are declared incompetent of standing trial."

As for why SHIELD was started, Peggy can't help but raise both her eyebrows at the example. She has a unique insight into the whys and hows SHIELD was started. "SHIELD was not started out of a desire for power. It was formed to protect people."

Returning to the table, Steve offers a smile. "Mind if I rejoin you?" he asks with a wry chuckle. "Agent Coulson was asking if I could come speak at his new assignment. I don't think I want to take the attention away from him." He's only picked up on the tail end of the conversation, and has to add his agreement. "A shield, by it's very nature, is a defensive weapon. My own abilities notwithstanding." he quickly amends as he retakes his seat across from Peggy.

Smiling and Sophie looks at Peggy in probably one of those most condescending ways, you know, as if Peggy were a sweet innocent girl, "Oh, Peggy, but how does someone protect another without power? SHIELD protects people, but which people, when, from whom, and how? The people that SHIELD thinks are in the 'good' zone of the populace, from those of the 'evil' zone of the populace. To do that, well, at all, requires power. Power, that only has leverage because of a fear of what these 'evil' people would do unchecked." Turning to Steve as he returns, "And it's a very powerful item." She then offers, "It isn't a question of desiring power, it's what do you desire to -do- with that power. I guarantee you that SHIELD is not always in the right, as the Brotherhood is not always in the wrong. But the intentions of the organizations, of almost all organizations, is the same. Protect my people, from those people, because we are afraid of what those may do. Justified or not." She quirks her mouth a little bit and smiles to Steve, and then back to Peggy as well, telling them both, "Trust us when we say, we trust you two, we do not trust the organization you both work under. That's why organizations need checks, from the outside. That's kind of, what we want to do. Help good people, without the limitations of organizations."

Sophie offers a quick addendum, "We'd also kind of like to be on TV." She beams a little smile.

As Steve returns, Peggy obviously doesn't mind his returning to the table or the conversation. The mention of his shield compared with SHIELD is met with a smile. "You don't need power to protect someone," she tells Sophie firmly. "I may step in front of a bullet to save another's life. No power is necessary there: only the desire to protect someone else. Having power can extend the kind of protection you are able to do, but SHIELD was not started with a goal of protecting certain people. It was to protect everyone against those who would use powers we had barely imagined to control, hurt or kill others. Though it has grown and I am sure it is not always in the right, I believe it is a worthy goal: to protect those who cannot protect themselves."

As for what she wishes to do, she raises an eyebrow. "So you wish to be an agency safeguard? Or perhaps a TV journalist?"

Peggy's thoughts on the matter give pause to Steve, and he offers a nod to her words. "She would know, after all, she was the driving force behind the creation of SHIELD." he says with a smile that hints at the huge pride he has for Peggy. Not to mention love, adoration, etcetera, and so on.

Steve frowns a little at the thought process that Sophie is laying down. She may be as sharp as a tack, but her black and white view puts his own to shame at he moment. "I would disagree, Sophie." he offers finally. "SHIELD was founded as a bastion to protect those that are unable to protect themselves. No matter what discipline they may fall under. Much like the Avengers, as I see them." he explains as he sets down a napkin and takes out a pen and starts to sketch. First, a rough SHIELD patch, but it's very close to the real deal. "This is SHIELD. Strategic - that means that they're militarized, that much we get. Homeland. There's a lot of questions on that. People want to say Homeland means America. That's not the case." he looks up to Peggy and offers her a quirked grin. "Homeland is Earth. All of it. Because threats are no longer just global side, but the majority of threats to the Earth come from those on the planet itself." Next he writes, "Intervention. It's their job to intervene for those that cannot step in themselves. The weakened and downtrodden - the oppressed and lost. Agents are trained not only in threat assessment but also relief efforts and support. Enforcement and Logistics. I'm going to put these two together, because they go hand and hand. When there is a disaster, SHIELD should be there. Not only to help out with local enforcement for a fractured infrastructure, but also to provide aid where it is needed most." he then draws a line from the SHIELD patch and sketchs out a quick Avengers A.

"The Avengers. Earth's mightiest heroes, as we've been called. We're not SHIELD marionettes. We're their support for when support is needed the most. We aren't around to overthrow governments. Humanity, in all forms, from human to mutant, has the right and basic desire to seek out a right to live. And there came a day, unlike any other." Steve recites from memory, "when Earth's mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat. On that day, the Avengers were born - to fight the foes no single super hero could withstand." he then draws the familiar X brand with a circle, and puts a question mark next to it. "Xavier's School and team. I know that they want to assist and help with the idea that mutant and human can live together peacefully. Sometimes, their ideas are compromised because they are driven more to protect the ideals of mutantkind than the overall good, it has caused them to come into conflict with the letter of the law as opposed to the spirit of the law." he says firmly.

With Peggy's question on what Sophie wants to be, Steve quiets down to allow the young woman to speak on her own behalf. He's not here to ostercize anyone, after all.

"Maybe both. Not sure. We've been debating the topic." Sophie comments, before she offers, "I think you are not understanding." Sophie comments, before she offers, "If you are stepping in the way of a bullet it is because you believe that the harm that that bullet can cause, is greater if you do not. You are diverting power from the bullet. All the better if you have a strong, powerful shield to block it with." Sophie looks between the two and she quirks her mouth, shaking her head at the assessment of her words, "You cannot see defensive actions as unpowerful. Ghandi constantly debated with folks, as did Martin Luther King Jr, that Nonviolent, passive resistance was not the same thing as impotent resistance. They have power, and their power was derived from the fear of what violent resistance would do. And they organized around that principle."

She looks at the napkin and kind of rolls her eyes at Steve, "I know what the acronym means. Jeez." She states and offers, "Look, we wanna freelance. We don't want to be part of any organization. But we want to help. We don't think being part of a 'team' or a 'force' will work for us. But I think we have a lot to offer. We won't accept payment of any kind for what we do, and well, we just want to help." She struggles for a moment.

"I'm getting caught up in trying to explain deep objectiveness, I'm sorry. We don't see things like you see things. I can see myself outside of a mirror. There are no secrets, no intimate place unknown, we are not like you… individuals, exactly." She tries to explain a little more, looking down at the table a bit, "It is impossible, even for other telepaths, to know the depth by which we are one but many. I think my sister's thoughts, not hear them." She sighs and slumps her shoulders, "Anyhow, I think you guys get the point. The problem is you think power is innately evil, or bad. Powerless you are not. World's strongest heroes, protecting those who cannot protect themselves. That's power. And it's power given, leveraged by an organization, one hero could not defeat what you do as a group, that is formed by fear, fear of what those evils you stop would do without you in the way." She lets it out with a bit of a huff. "It's so hard… to, talk. Ya know?"

Steve reaches up and rubs his hand into his hair. This conversation is above his intelligence pay grade and probably best left to the women. Instead, he busies himself with the beignets and coffee. He inspires in the field - he doesn't do the recruitment or debate pitches except in duress, after all. And noone's in trouble. Right now. At least.

"I believe we're speaking of power in different ways, yes," Peggy replies smoothly. "There is the inherent power of actions and then there is the amassing of power for different uses. Much as you said before, it depends on the intentions and desires of how you use what power you have." She smiles at Steve as he agrees with her viewpoints and defends the ideals of the organization she both founded and now works as a part of. There's a pause to let him continue before she speaks up again, but seeing that he's sitting back, she smoothly continues.

"If you're interested in freelancing with SHIELD, I believe that is a possibility. You all would be required to go through a few training programs with me and you would have to accept the authority of those other than yourselves when you are in the field and representing SHIELD." That said, she smiles, "But I agree, I believe you could do good things. Anyone who is willing and wanting to help is worthy of a shot."

Studying Sophie, she eats the last of her picked apart beignet, attempting to see things through the younger woman's point of view. "I imagine it would be quite different to have a discussion with us than it would be with four other people who already know your thoughts the minute you think them."

Sophie sighs a little bit and mentions, "I'd volunteer to go to SHIELD and pass your training tests. So we could all work together again, it was fun." She mentions as she looks up at Peggy before offering, "Power is power. We don't view the two things differently. The point is, The Brotherhood, as much as you dislike them, are organized. They /are/ like SHIELD. I guarantee you they have a training, tests to pass, and more. Fearing them is not the answer, that gives them power. Understanding them, makes the fear go away." She offers, before shrugging her shoulders some, "We don't fear anyone, not really. Sometimes it feels like I should, or I should try to, so I can be more like… people." Sophie hrms and quirks her mouth to the side before saying, "And, yeah, we debate everything from quantum physics to what shoes to wear. It feels like a lifetime for each, but we come up with solutions very quickly." She looks between the two, "Thanks for letting me just sort of talk. People don't like us sometimes because we say things that make sense, but aren't… normal."

She looks to Peggy and then back to Steve, "So you guys were talking about the Brotherhood, and I sorta derailed the conversation. I think defeating them is going to take knowing a lot more than a single member or potential member knows about them."

Peggy gives Sophie a smile. "I don't fear the Brotherhood. They are simply another group of people who think that violence and their own version of fear will get them what they want. I've faced that before." In fact, she helped fight in a war against things such as that.

"Good," she nods her head at Sophie's agreement. That's the first step at least. As for being more like other people, she smiles. "You are who you are. Though, much like your own advice, I would say that while you may not fear other people, learning more about them and why they do the things that they do does more than just dissipate fear, it gives you a greater knowledge and understanding in general." She smiles. "I like hearing other people talk and debate. It's very interesting to see what people believe and why they believe it. If you'd like to talk more, I'm sure that can be arranged when you come by SHIELD for some of your training."

* Fade to Black *

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