2015-08-25 The Way You Look Tonight
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Steve and Peggy
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Title: The Way You Look Tonight

Rating: Everyone

Nighttime has come to New York. After the incident at the former Stork Club, Steve decided that there was an egregous error that needed to be corrected. Which is why he is currently standing outside of Club Swing 46. Dressed in a suit - because Peggy said she liked the way he looked in one - he's in black with charcoal gray pinstriping jacket and pants. A crisp white shirt and red tie are on his chest, and his pressed pants are just dusting over his polished leather shoes. He's made sure he was completely cleaned up with her - and has come with a small grouping of red roses. Seven, in fact. One for each decade they were apart in the deep freeze. And a single white rose amonst the red for unity.

After Steve's communication, Peggy is prepared for both dancing and getting information. She's dressed up for the occasion, hair pin curled, make up in place, dancing shoes firmly on her feet. The dress she's wearing is vintage and a bright red. It's loosely reminiscent of the red dress she wore all those years ago. Approaching the designated address, she smiles to see Steve there holding roses. "Good evening, Steve," she greets, moving forward to give him a kiss. She may leave a lipstick mark. "Oh, those are lovely."

And it still takes Steve's breath away, the appearance of Peggy. He draws in a breath and stands a little taller to look more appealing as he offers her the roses and returns the kiss. But he does hold her there for a moment. Apparently something more is on his mind. "They're for you." he says lamely, offering the roses to her, before offering his arm. "I already have us a table held, but I think besides eating, we won't be spending much time there."

After she pulls back just slightly, Peggy remains held by Steve and she doesn't attempt to pull away. The roses are taken gingerly and she smiles at both him and them. "Thank you," she replies automatically tilting them toward her so that she can inhale their perfume. "They smell wonderful." Tucking her arm into his, she studies the man. "You look marvelous, Steve." The mention of dinner and not staying by their table is met with a grin. "Is that so?"

"Mmhmm." Steve says as he leads Peggy into the restaurant. While most people are dressed formal, their vintage look stands out in the crowd as he takes her to the table and seats her. When the waiter comes over, he places a wine order, and then smiles. "I'll be right back, Peggy." he promises, and disappears from the table and makes his way around the side of the dance floor to the stage.

There's a short conversation with the band leader, and Steve pulls something out of his pocket, showing it to the band leader. The band leader's eyes grow wide for a moment before he smiles and accepts the item in Steve's hand, and watches Steve turn and walk away before he turns his attention back to the band. He waits for Steve to return to Peggy's side and the current song to end, before speaking gently into the microphone. "This next number is for a special guest tonight, who wants to remain anonymous, but he's found his heart again after an extended abscence. This is for them."

With that, he starts to play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0tbGIGNxYM

Steve extends his hand to Peggy with a smile. "May I have this dance?" he asks her.

As Steve leads her through the doors and into the restaurant, Peggy takes a look around at the decor and the people in their formal wear. It's a lovely place and despite the modernity, it feels very much like they've found a small dance hall from the 40s.

Gently, she places the roses down on the table, doing her best to not squash or mar the petals as she sits down. She gives Steve a raised eyebrow when he says that he'll be right back, but she remains seated and follows his progress through the crowd to the stage. When he's returned, she gives him a pleasantly suspicious look. "What have you planned?" she asks with a smirk. She knows he's up to something.

When the band starts to play, she smiles and takes his hand, using it as a bit of leverage to stand. The smile grows wider and there's even a tear rolls down her cheek as she says, "I thought you'd never ask."

Reaching up to brush away her tear with his finger, Steve leads Peggy out to the floor. "I realized something a few days ago. I don't really need to learn to dance. Not the dance that I want to have with you." His hands drop to her waist, bringing Peggy in close to him, and he gently starts to sway her across the dance floor. It's not swing - it's as he said on that plane so long ago - he'll have the band play something slow.

"I was talking to the kids that Tony took in. And as I was speaking to them, I realized.. I'm the worst person at following my own advice." he explains against her ear as he's leaned into her, his hands settled on the small of her back finally. "I was telling them about that they aren't the only ones that struggled in their lives. And that they should always be on the lookout for those that want to guide and help them, and not to just reject a hand out of pride." he explains.

"And I realized.. I was talking about you, Peggy." he says quietly, honestly, his face pressing against her hair to draw in her scent. "You were always there when I needed you most. Not when I was a child, no. But it was you who saw in me that noone else except Doctor Erskine saw in me. It was you who wanted me to be more than what the government tried to make me be. You have been my one guidance and deepest guidepost in my life.." he reaches into his pocket and pulls out an old compass. "You've led me.." he whispers, opening the compass, showing her picture, cut out of the paper, on the top half, clipped in, "..in every direction I've taken in my life, Peggy Carter."

As the make their way to the dance floor, Peggy puts a hand delicately on his shoulder, the other in his hand. The slow song is grandly forgiving for Steve not knowing the steps. But, no matter that, she doesn't mind if Steve can or cannot dance. As they sway across the floor, she can't help but cry. They're happy tears, at least, as she enjoys their first dance - one promised to her years and years ago.

The compass is something she's seen before in a newsreel. She still remembers the feeling of seeing her picture there while sitting next to Colonel Phillips. A hand reaches out to touch the compass, just gently, eyes focused there as Steve speaks.

There's a silence after a few moments, the SHIELD agent unable to speak around the lump in her throat. "Oh Steve." It takes her another second to continue. "And you guided me. After you disappeared, I thought of what you and that helped me know what was the right course of action. The thought of you helped me when I needed it most."

Closing the compass, Steve puts it away, retaking Peggy's hand and twining their fingers as he looks down at her. "I wanted to tell you about the stuff at Stark's place tonight.. but.. I don't want to talk business tonight." he finds himself admitting as he slowly turns her on the floor, his hand trembling slightly in hers. "I just want to savour this. And never allow it to end." Releasing her hand, he pulls her into an embrace, holding her to him as his heart thrums in his chest as he turns across the floor with her. The soft music continues, setting a rhythm for the two.

He presses a kiss to the side of her head. "We have each other now. No more guidance from beyond, or from afar. I'm not letting you go, Peggy. Never again." A stifled noise comes from his throat, the relief and overjoyment of having Peggy in his arms finally like this nearly overwhelming.

As the compass is put away, Peggy looks back to Steve. Her eyes are still bright with tears, but she's smiling. Her fingers weave through his as they slowly twirl one way and then the other. "Then let's not speak of business until tomorrow." While she's usually quite a professional, this is a significant moment and she feels no need to spoil it with business talk. "No Agents or Captains. Tonight we are just Steve and Peggy."

Once her hand is released, she wraps her arms about his neck and holds him close. They sway gently to the music. "No, never again," she tells him softly.

Steve nods his head in agreement, as he continues to move with Peggy across the floor, even as the music dies down and he leans in to place a lingeringly deep kiss against her mouth, before he gets a smile. One of those 'oh god, this idea is probably so stupid ideas'. "…let's sneak away and get married, Peggy. Tonight. We don't need to tell anyone. Just go and see the Justice of the Peace. Even leave tonight, get to Niagra Falls, be back here by morning. I don't want to imagine a life without you anymore." he laughs, his cheeks bright red. Well, he is inexperienced with women - Peggy is his first crush, first kiss, first everything, really.

As the music ends and she pulls back from the kiss with Steve, Peggy blinks her eyes a few times. "Tonight?" The thought hadn't occurred to her, but she's not immediately dismissing it. Instead, she's thinking. She's not usually the most spontaneous of people. "We wouldn't make it to Niagara Falls - it's seven hours one way," she saying, but wheels are turning. "There's a 24 hour waiting period, but if we go and get the license today, we could be married on Thursday or Friday and then be gone all weekend." It seems as if someone has been researching marriage laws.

Steve considers her words. She's right, so he's not completely crestfallen at the idea. "Too late tonight." he finds himself admitting even as he's slowly leading her from the dancefloor, his hand in hers as they return to the table. "We can go get the marriage certificate first thing in the morning, though, if you stay over tonight." he offers and grins at her. "After all, you're already going to be at the mansion anyway.." With that, he pulls out her chair for her to retake her seat. The band is playing more swing-like music for the others in the place, maybe to give Steve and Peggy a chance to recover.

The music ended a little while ago, but Peggy doesn't really care either way at the moment. As they slowly make their way off the dance floor, she has one hand in his, her fingers still lightly touching his arm as they walk. "I had already assumed we would be headed there after dinner," she tells him with a quick upward quirk of her lips. "I'll stay, of course." When Steve pulls out her chair, she easily takes her seat and smiles. "You could wear your uniform. I believe mine may still be with my things at SHIELD."

"I haven't worn that uniform in ages, it seems." Steve admits as he retakes his seat across from her, unwilling to release her hand still as he grins. "We probably should think about finding a place sometime. It doesn't seem right to drive our roommates crazy on either end with us playing teenage catch up." Was that a joke? He's trying, really. The wine arrives at the table, and the waiter pours out two glasses before leaving the bottle. "But I suppose I can make an exception and wear it for you." he grins at that and gives her hand a gentle squeeze.

"Are you sure it still fits, then?" Peggy teases, squeezing his hand a bit as he sits down opposite her. Though it may be considered rude, she folds her other arm on the table and leans forward slightly so that they're closer. "Yes, and I don't believe living in SHIELD Headquarters will be any homier. Luckily, those at the mansion have yet to be truly nosey." With the spy agency, she's can't be sure there isn't already an annotation in both of their files about the night he spent in her room. "I'm sure there are some lovely places in Brooklyn." She already knows where they would find a home if it is not to be in the Avengers Mansion.

"You'd really want to live in my old borough?" Steve asks with an amused smile as he leans towards her to steal yet another kiss from her, as they mingle and stay knitted together. His foot even dares to tease her calf under the table. "And I'm sure it fits. I may eat like a horse, but I work out just as hard as one too." he dares with a grin as he plays with the top of his wine glass. "Peggy, I just don't know what my life would have been like if you hadn't come into it with those gorgeous red lips and bouncy brunette hair." He may have noticed her other assets, but she'll never know that. "But I'm glad you turned everything I thought I knew on it's ear."

"Of course. I lived in Brooklyn for a time." It, of course, must have been influenced by Steve's love of his home borough. She smiles and leans forward over the table to return the kiss. They must look like such silly lovebirds to those around them. "Well, we'll just have to see," she tells him with a grin. As for what his life might have been like without her, she doesn't like to dwell on it. Hers would certainly be a much duller place without Steve Rogers. "I certainly had help in turning your established thoughts on their ears," she tells him with a smile. "But, I simply can't imagine what my life would have been like without knowing you, Steve."

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