2015-08-26 The Wolf Strike Again
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Killian Jose Kyle Amy Dyson Wade Tony Rogue
GMed by No One
Title: The Wolf Strike Again

Rating: Everybody

The vast green expanse known as Central Park stretches all along Manhattan, giving a welcome and refreshing natural element to an environment otherwise crafted of mountains made of metal and glass. Here, trees stretch heavenward and water flows open and free, grass rambles along hill and meadow, and trails wind through, with lights dotting the trails and benches sitting every so often. The park brings a heart and soul to a city most see as overbuilt and cold: this is the natural spirit that elsewhere is denied.

There something to be said about summer, and that is longer days and shorter nights is the name of the game. Recently the night have started to become longer and the days shorter, and yet it was still rather bright this fine evening. The air was cool, and kids with their parents were still around. Many teens were also about hanging out in their own groups. Heck even street performer can be found doing there thing. From small dance groups trying to make it big, to trumpaters, magic tricks and the likes. Food trucks can at time be found on the outer edge with an assortment of food. And even more common where the stands.

Now many of these performers were also common folks, doing what they could, perhaps wanting to make their way in. Amoung these people was none other then Jose. Noise is were what lived for. Out here he was singing 'Why should I worry' as if he truely had none. Some have gathered to hear the singing, other move on (he wasn't exactly going all out). As it stand his hat had quite a few coins and bills and was nearby. Amazingly enough Jose WASN'T wearing his techphones on his head, but was rather using his old busted set, his newer pair around his neck. He wore a t-shirt, jean shorts and sandles.

So dressed in khaki shorts, a white tshirt, sneakers, with sunglasses. Tony looks at Jose, "Catch this." he throws a football towards him. Nice to get out for a while and do other things. Reaching into his pocket he takes out some change tossing it into the hat.

Marie is standing at one of the food trucks, she has on some jean shorts, some black fishnet stockings beneath them and some brown beat-up boots. On her top half is a green tanktop with the Road Runner chasing the Coyote on the chest. Marie orders a hotdog and a tea and then steps away, moving back toward where Tony and Jose are, her brown'an'white hair blowing about in the soft wind. She finds their spot in the grass and sits down on the blanket.

Amy isn't quite done apartment hunting, but her parents suggested she get pictures of herself at landmarks. She did Times Square completely uneventfully the other day. Completely uneventfully, this is not the setting you were looking for. Move along. But now Central Park they suggested she see, so this is what she comes to.

Without missing a beat Jose catches the football, well fumbles with it anyways, and 'messing' up his singing a bit. "Welp folks seem we call it a close there. Remember, you name it, I'll sing it, cept screamo, cause no one ant to hear that" he says taking a bow. Some of the crowd awws as the performance ends. A few of course recognize Tony and are surprised to see him. Otherwise people go about their buisness some passing by Amy, Marie and whoever else.

With one fluid motion Jose scoops up his straw hat fedora,and clears it of coins "Got keep in practice. You got a buisness, Ah got… errr a hat, and Marie got a job?" looks to Marie "Do you have a job?" He knits his brows togeather as he places the money filled hat on his head.

Tony is suddenly surrounded by kids wanting autographs and pictures. Taking to to appease most of them he is busy with all of this for the moment.

Marie had sat back down on the blanket that she'd brought in the grassy area and she had her drink and food. She watched Tony and Jose with a smile from behind her sunglasses and then took a sip from her tea. "I do not have a job, Jose. Thank you for reminding me." She said at him before she let her shades-covered eyes fall upon Tony as he gets surrounded by little fans. "Yep." She says softly and goes about to eat the food she bought, quite happily too!

Amy is looking around, hands folded behind her back. She starts to order herself a hot dog from a stand, ready to take a picture of it and herself with the hotdog, but then she sees a crowd forming. Looking, she looks, and sees who it is that's getting mobbed. So she forgets what she was doing and starts wandering over to where Tony is doing the autographing. She doesn't try to rush ahead of the kids but she does approach to gawk.

Jose gives off a kookaburra laugh "Hey now, you make it sound like a bad thing. I never had a job, didn't stop me none" he says wiggling his brows. He had left his old worn back near their sitting spot, and places the thrown football by it. Seems Tony would be busy a while and Marie was eating. He opens the backpack and takes out an aged notebook. He flips through it, there are many names and alot of numbers.

Taking off the fedora he seems to be making an estimated count and looks to the book again "Hmmm, not a bad haul." he says and without looking up "What stand you get the hotdog from?" and then he looks up. He sees Amy approaching the crowd along with others and can't help but say "You know, Ah think be surrounded by folks all the time would drive me crazy"

Taking a picture with some little girls Tony comes to Amy, "Hi." he greets assuming she wants a picture or something. "Want something signed or a picture?" he asks her giving Marie and Jose both a wave.

Marie looks up from her hotdog and she takes a sip of tea. She then laughs a little at Jose. "You're fifteen! You're not SUPPOSED to have a job!" The young woman watched the kid take his hat off and she lifted up her left hand and nonchantly just looked the other direction… The straw fedora started to tumble across the ground like it was blowing in the wind and it went right to Marie's hand. She looked back and down. "Oh, well hellow, what a strange happenstance." She says as she lifts the hat up and puts it ontop of her own head. "How nice." She says and grins at the kid before looking back at the Hotdog Vendor. "I got it from that nice fellow over yonder." She says then she looks to Tony with Amy and waves back at him!

Amy bites her lip hard, and then giggles. "Oh my god yes a picture please," she says nervously, the words running together. she then tentatively steps up beside him, and scoots in close to try to do the selfie thing.

Jose was too late to catch his Fedora! "Well you know how it is with some of us" though he make no further explanation. He of course waves back to Tony and chuckles hearing how folks are going 'Oh my god' such as Amy did, or 'It's really' him from another guy "Never understood the big deal." As it stands Jose did treat Tony like a regular person, like he would anyone. Eitherway he stands up and on his way by Marie swipes up his Fedora. "You and your wagglin finger" he says jokingly as he silently makes for the vendor.

At the vendor Jose rubs his hands togeather "Let's see, some Lays, a coke. Two of them chili dogs, no cheese." goes his order. His notebook was left behind and the wind made it's pages flutter. Though a cursory glance would make it evident there were addresses, names and money amounts. Though many were crossed out.

Tony takes off his sunglasses and steps closer to Amy putting an arm around her throwing up the peace sign for the picture. Once she takes however many she wants before the sunglasses are slipped back on. "Hungry?" he asks her. Walking over to the vendor Jose it at. "Double that order. I got this kiddo." is told to the vendor and Jose as he takes out his wallet while looking to Amy to see if she wants anything. Not everyday he offers to buy lunch for a stranger.

The vendor looks at Jose, "So you want shit on a stick? Coming right up!" He slops together the hot dog on the bun and fills the request. He then looks at Tony Stark, "Aren't you that rich guy that's running for president? The one with the casinos?"

Marie finished the hotdog that she purchased and she smiled at Jose went off to get his own. She tiped the straw hat a bit further down on her forehead to block the late sun out of her eyes and she just lays down on the blanket on her back with her hands behind her head.

Amy blushes a little during the pictures, while she leans into Tony's arm and hand. She has to take a few pictures to make sure to get one where her hand isn't shaking. "Um, yeah, I was about to when…" she trails off rather than finish the sentence "I had to fangirl it up." She then follows "My parents said I should totally get a real New York street hot dog."

The vendor looks back at Tony; "I reconize ya for the tabloids." He then eyes up Amy, "Yep, you were partying with Bill Cosby again it seems to have that jailbait with you." He looks over at Jose, "And maybe Jared."

"Lady there is no such thing as a real New York hot dog. There just good food" And then Jose is looking at The Vendor "Hey it smells and looks better then you do. And is sure to have better taste" he says Jokingly as he takes his part of the order. It was easy enough to take chips and soda, and Tony was paying for it anyways.

None the less Jose is quick to head back to the spot they were at. One of the few times Jose is ever at 'rest' it seems, he carefully takes off his headphones his head doing a weird tempoary flinch that lists a few moments. "I soo hope this taste good"

Freshly showered, shaved, and looking pretty good tonight is Wade Wilson. Except something's different about him; he has on a holographic image projector to make his face match Tom Cruise tonight. Why would anyone want to trade looking like Ryan Reynolds for Tom Cruise? That's a question you're going to have to ask Wade; but he's using a vocal modification device as well. He seems calm while he jogs through the area; he's wearing a 'I <3 Cap' shirt with a rainbow flag behind it. On his legs are just white shorts. He has a small backpack on that happens to have some essentials for him; wallet, phone, food, and his medication.

After the night he had that ended with Jose messing with his mind; Wade's trying to keep a low profile for himself. He's left his Avengers and Deadpool gear back at base. He's been having a minor falling out with Lucy lately as well as he feels disconnected with the other Avengers. He's been trying really hard to be the good guy for too long that he's on the brink of a breakdown. Jose really shook those nuts and bolts loose from inside his messed up mind. The pills from Pym were actually working; but when Jose played that trick; it made Wade believe that the medication was no longer working so he stopped taking the pills. Between being off his pills and accepting that he's no longer going to be ever normal, Wade's became a freight train that's going off the trails rather quickly. It's just a matter of time before he crashes big time.

Tony looks at Amy, "That is Jose and I am Tony. Over there on the blanket is Marie." he doesn't yet see Wade. "Order whatever you would like." he tells her offering the vendor enough to cover it. "Keep the change and go buy some soap eh. Can go wash in one of the lakes." he tells him taking his order and waiting for Amy to get her own.

Killian has been bugged by the others to meet them in the park, he wasn't going to go then JARVIS started at him about it so begrudgingly here he is, outside. Walking over to where Marie is he drops his bag down on the blanket and leans against the tree, see here, look at him with his hereness, he watches Tony and Jose talking to the stanger.

Marie sits up in time to see the guy jogging by in the rainbow shirt… Its the guy from last night! Holy moly! "Hey Jose!" She shouts, looking over her shoulder at the kid. "There's that guy you freaked out! Go apologize." She tells the kid before lifting her tea up for a drink. She stares at Wade and considers his shirt. "Its always the pretty ones…" She mumbles quietly.

Amy looks up with great admiration at Tony, then goes over to order a hot dog. She then goes back up to Tony and giggles up at him "Thank you very much Mr. Stark." She doesn't eat though,s he just holds her breath and gawks.

Jose stops eating his hot dog and looks to the person Marie pointed out "Marie… that looks and sound like a different person. That's Tom Cruise, the guy from last night was some avenger" he says. He was actualy by Marie when Killian came and looks to him "Well well, here I thought I was going to have to drag you out here. JARVIS wake you up?" He offer Killian one of the chili dogs.

Jose takes another looks at 'Tom Cruise" wondering if Marie read the guys mind or something before looking back at Tony and Amy. "Never will get the deal" and takes another bite of hot dog. Was one of those days

Tony grins to Amy, "Can call me Tony." he walks with her towards the blanket. "Killian, good to see you." now his attention turns towards who they are looking at. "WADE!" he calls towards him.

Not responding right away, Wade does here that Tony called his name. Or Tony had just yelled that he got laid. The latter seems more likely thinks Wade and his real voices. Especially since he's hiding in the the disguise. How else would anyone know he was there. And if you're in the park, there's a good chance you got laid by a Stark.

Marie looked over to Killian then and she picked Jose's hat up off of her head and 'threw' it at him with her mind causing it to perfectly land on his head unless he chose to deflect the straw fedora from reaching him. She grinned at him. "Welcome to the land of the living, my dear sweet padawan." She said at him from her spot on the blanket. Marie had been working with Jean for the past several days on the mental perceptions and she was pretty damn sure that Wade was the same guy from last night, disguised or not. BUT, she's new to all of this so who the hell knows. She just sips her tea and looks over to see what the others are up to.

Amy will sit close by, legs together and bent, if Tony sits, otherwise she just stands facing him. "Thank you Tony, then," she nearly busts up giggling just saying Tony. "Sorry I just wish I could be as good at inventing things as you are." Oh great, she's going to gush now.

Killian frowns, "JARVIS is… opinionated", shruging he sits down, "Hey guys", he takes the offered food from Jose blinking in the sunlight, maybe he should get out more, he can already feel the solar energy moving though him, "So what brings us here, sounded like it was important from the messaged I was left".

"It summer, it's a park. That's pretty much it" Is Jose rather blunt answer on the whole thing. He opens the chips, crunches them up and pours them onto the part of the dog he hasn't eaten saying to Marie "Wookies forever" and he does a chewbucca call right there.

"Anyways, we got a football we may as well toss around. That or going to go tree jumping. Almost as fun as roof hopping, but tree here are real small" he says in thought. From there he looks to Amy and Tony "I bet it's possible, just out your mind to it" and then more to Tony, he dosn't lookt o 'Tom Cruise' cause he has his doubts "Whose Wade?" he asks curisouly

Tony knows that is Wade running out there but doesn't push it, "A friend." he tells Jose and then sits on the blanket offering Amy to sit as well. Taking out some money he offers it to Killian, "Go get you something to eat from a vendor if you are hungry." he opens his coke taking a drink of it.

Marie frowns a little at Killian as the hat just falls on the ground. She grabs it again with her mind and sends it back to Jose, tumbling it across the park ground to make sure people just assume its cartwheeling in the wind. She grins at Jose's wookiee words. "Ya know, we should go to Belvedere Castle here in the park. Its got the best views of the whole park and sits the highest up in the sky here." She says, taking a sip of her tea again. "Belvedere is Italian for Lookout or a guard… sentry… somethin' like that. It was also a really cool sitcom in the eighties." She glanced away for a moment. "Why do I know that…" She mumbled quietly then. Why do I know any of that…"

Amy sits right in front of Tony, bending her knees, slipping her feet out of her sandals, and sitting on them. She watches Tony as she snaps a picture of herself with the hot dog, her mouth open like she's about to pop it in, then sends it to her parents. Thens he snaps a picture of herself sitting next to Tony, before putting her phone away finally to start eating the hot dog actually. She glances around at the others, hats flying and whatnot, but resumes admiring Tony shortly.

Wade pulls out his cell phone and begins to use an app to adjust his holographic appearance. Finally, Wade looks like his Ryan Reynolds self. He hads back to where the others are gathered and he smirks. "Stark. Seems like we can't escape each others gravity. I'm going to—" He then notices that there are others that look somewhat familiar. "I'm going to take leave. I'm not well." He doesn't know how to react to Amy; the've met before. "I'm under the impression that the cancer is back but it's in my brain this time." He seems down; "I'm hearing things and seeing things. I think." He exhales, "My room's unlocked. Everything that is yours and Avengery is there. I even left my spare suits and such." He plays with the holographic adjuster and turns himself into an average looking person; Terrock.

Killian gestures to the chillidog Jose gave him, "Thanks Tony but Jose supplied", yes he's risking eating something Jose handed him, "You made it sound like an emergency Jose, 'Killian quick come to central park! You need to get there now!", he continues eating before nodding at Amy, "Who's the selfie Queen?", he looks to Marie, "Looking for a job showing the tourists around?", Wade gets a look of sympathy then suprise when he re-holograms.

Jose seems about to respond to Marie after she put the hat on her head and then Wade changing his face, changed again. By the lord Terrock is one intimadting guy to look at. Crap. Well….this is going to be arkward. Amy was right there after all, ahh screw it, Jose never been shy about his abilities before, and he really freaked this one out. Even Killian comment takes a back seat, since Jose didn't mean no harm.

"Actualy, Wade feller, you arn't going crazy. That was me" he says "I heard you singing, and liked your song and just wanted to join in. Didn't mean to upset yea. Sorry" and in case there any doubt he does use Wade's voice "Just so you know I ain't lieing. Yes I am mimicng your voice."

Tony felt his heart drop with this news he gives Killian the money anyway. Getting to his feet he moves to Wade or whoever he made himself look like. Giving him a tight bro hug, "I am here if you need anything. Understand? Don't hesitate to ask."

Marie looked over at Amy, having no idea who this girl was or where she came from. But she offered a smile and a wave to her before she regarded Wade… Jose tried to explain while Tony went to comfort the guy who'd just… shapeshifted… she shook her head lightly, the weird ass shit people do these days… She then cleared her throat and nodded at Jose's words. "I can vouch for that. It was outside the Greenkitchen Diner last night, right? Jose here… likes to project his voice, ya know, like one'a them puppet guys do?" She frowns at Wade and then looks back at the others. "Sorry it freaked ya out so much. I was gonna do somethin' but ya jumped into a cab like your pants were on fire…"

Amy blinks and turns around when Tony gets up. "Wait.. Wade?" She squints, and looks, just in time for him to be in yet another form. "That's funny I just met a Wade. Must be like a popular name in New York or something." Taking appearances at what they are, she then looks around again while the focus of her attention is being a good guy, giving small waves to Killian and Marie.

Wade looks at Jose and isn't sure what to make of this. "Wah?" He bites his lower lip really hard; almost drawing blood. "What do you mean that you—?" He exhales, "Jesus Christ." He looks at the others, "You mean I thought I was back to being terminal for nothing so I drank a cocktail of meds to try and stablize myself into some sort of piss poor sanity while I was determined to get myself offed in some kind of battle?" He sighs, "Nucking futs. I'm supposed to go meet a guy named Omega Red because I decided I ain't doing this cancer shit again but you pranked me instead?" He turns the hologram off and looks at Tony, "Was this your idea?!"

Killian sighs hearing that Jose's been causing Wade so much trouble, someone seriously needs to talk to him about what isn't ok, still he's not gonna let this guy freak out and try and get revenge, he gets to his feet and pulls his gloves off, just in case.

Jose gives a grin changing back to Jose own voice "It wasn't a prank, and Tony had nothing to do with it. Like I said, I liked your singing and just wanted to join in was all" he says to Wade and seems to mean it before wondering "Whose Red Skull?" He blinks and looks to Marie "But yea that was the place. Well near it rather." and then he looks to Killian "Think fast" tosses the football to Killian when he stands up. Though he wasn't quite sure what to make of Amy, but she at least seemed nice enough.

Tony blinks a few times and then glances over at Jose a moment. "I didn't know anything about it as he said. I am sorry, Wade." he tells him. "That is Jose, Marie, Killian, and eh…" he looks at Amy, "Not sure you told me your name." bad memory and all.

Rogue is seated on a big plaid blanket that has some picnic-like items strewn across it to keep it laid down nice and perfectly. She's listening to everyone chat while sipping from a bottle of tea she purchased from a nearby vendor. The park is pretty busy, its late evening and there's quite a few people around. "Jose… jose… jose…" She softly shakes her head. "One'a these days you're gonna make someone like, jump off a ledge or somethin'."

Amy gets up now, tugging at her dress after it rode up a bit while she sat. The barefoot girl, having finished her hot dog, folds her hands behind her back and stes up to Tony again. "I'm Amy," she nods. "Sorry Tony, I was just um… you know." the girl adds with a nervous giggle.

"Amy, Tony. She's Amy." says Wade as he attempts to calm down. He looks at Jose, "Ok, so you're Prickwad. I don't care what your name is but your Prickwad until I decide that you're worth letting you live to see 21." Wade looks back at Tony and gives him a hug. "I'm sorry I thought you put someone up to trying to make me go crazy. Because it worked." He frowns; "I better go find Pym and tell him I'm sorry. I also blew up all the medicine he made for me because I thought it was defective." He exhales, "FML."

The milling crowd is observed this evening by a pair of yellow eyes. The creature or young man knows not what he is, but knows inctinctively what he must do, without question, without knowing why. He remains in a crouch in some bushes some distance away, thin hair long and unkempt. It has been too many days without eating or sleep. He only knows he must hunt. And each of the assembled is scrutinized by this feral creature… The one on the picnic blanket catches his eye. The Wolf Of Wall Street is here, waiting to strike!

And he wastes no time, moving swift and silent as a feline, claws extending, and only then, when he nears his prey, he releases a puma-like scream as he strikes at Anna-Marie, not knowing what she is, or even what he is.

Tony frowns at Wade, "Hey.. You are talking about my.. My guardian child. He said he was sorry so let it go." no he won't let anyone talk that way to any of the kids. Though at the same time he notices the strike coming towards Marie in which he tries leaping in front of to take the hit shielding her without a second thought.

"I'm going to need to add that one__" and his sentence to Wade is cut short. Jose hears Wildchild before he see him. And the moment he sees he going after Marie Jose slides in the way by instinct. He'll be damned before he loses more family again. As such he creates a double barrier with Tony. All else pretty much left his mind

Killian hears the scream and sees the thing going after Marie, gloves already off he does the first thing he can think of, jumps on the thing trying to make skin contact not realising Jose was already on the case.

Marie had had her back to the attacker and her borrow mental powers were being dimenished with the training that Jean had been giving her, so she didn't sense it coming either. She did however see Tony rush into a sprint and also see motion from several of the others. She turned about and saw a blur from the Attacker… but just leaned back and put her right hand up… The girl was invulnerable and she was being protected by several valiant men who are very much vulnerable…. so sweet of them, so unwise…

"Let it go? What f**k are doing, Tony? Are we going to pretend we're in Frozen?" asks Wade who now is angered. "If we're doing that, someone better go check on Cap because I bet you anything, Steve's stuck in ice for another fifty." His eyes glare back at Jose, "Kids shouldn't use their powers to mess with people. It's seriously a horrible thing to do." He looks back at Tony and doesn't seem to back off but it seems like the group is under attack. "Oh for crying out loud, I can't have a scene with TS that doesn't get messed up because someone decides to attack the Avengers?" He looks to an imaginary audience, "TS is for Tony Stark you pervs."

His target thwarted, Kyle releases a frustrated feral shriek and lashes out at Tony. He reaches out in a wide arc with his claws and attempts to slash at Tony! "Hsssss!!" At a closer look, it's a young man. A very oddly shaped young man with pointed ears, a very ugly face, and fangs. Killian reaches for him and, at least at this time, misses as the fast feral creature moves like lightning.

Amy is quite startled by this sudden attack. She watches in awe as people react ghough. For her part she backs off, and trips on the blanket, landing on her butt. She then ducks her head and tries to hide.

"Trying to make you go crazy is messing with yea. Wanting to sing with yea is not trying to mess with yea!" Is Jose statement on that. if it wasn't for the fact he was kind of used to this sort of thing, he wouldn't be talking "Man he moves fast!" as he sees it dodge Killain and swipe at. He listens about for and looks around for this creature his own instincts on high alert.

Meanwhile, the park is going crazy! People everywhere are running. Picnics are abandon, parent are scooping up there kids. Some are already on the phone. Food stands are forgetton and food trucks lock themselves up. It was chaos and disarray.
Killian rolls with it and fires a blast of solar energy at the beast after it evades him, people are fleeing, open powers now, no big deal, stop feral beast? big deal. His eyes and hands now glowing brightly with his chosen energy.
Tony is caught on his left shoulder which then the claws do rake along the left side of his back before the thing runs. Indeed that hurt and he looks at Marie, "Ow." is all that comes out. "In three.. two.. one." he backs up wincing as his suit comes flying clinging to him in pieces. He is bleeding but ignores it for now, "Get her to safety." he tells Marie motioning to Amy now taking off in pursuit of whatever that is that attacked ignoring JARVIS wanting him to not do this while injured and bleeding.

Rogue was on her feet by this point and she was backing up standing beside Amy. She heard tony's order and she put herself between Amy and the feral monster thing. "Jesus… can't a guy buy a girl dinner before he tries to get to third base?" She mumbles, watching as the others are all doing their thing. "Jose! Get back!" She orders the youngest of them who has the least amount of combat training. Rogue looked back at Amy and offered the girl her hand to help her stand up. "Stay behind me, sugah." She told the girl. Rogue's offered hand was devoid of any glove, but she had a glowing dogtag on a black chain that was laying down her chest… this tag was what kept her absoprtion power at-bay.

Wade runs away now and screams like a little girl. He vanishes into the crowd. Yep.

In the middle of the crowd this is freaking out, Will Smith just happens to be there. "Uh…" He takes off his sun glasses, "I guess it's up to me to save teh world." Yes, he said 'teh.' He adjusts his tie and then puts his sun glasses back on as he charges to where Tony Stark is. He's starting to sing.
"We're going save Tony's ass
In the park grass.
Here comes the man that has Tony's back
From a random child custody attack."
He winks under the sunglasses, "I'm an MiB.
Remember me
Who's it gotta be?
I gotta pee."
Then all of a sudden the clothing on Will Smith starts to change to a familiar looking jumpsuit.
"The good guys dress in red and black.
Remember that.
Just in case we ever face to face and make contact.
I'm DP."
The hologram projector produces a familiar red and black mask. He points to Amy's chest.
"Let me see ya just bounce it with me
Just bounce with me.
Just bounce it with me c'mon
Let me see ya just slide with me, just slide with me
Just slide with me c'mon
" He uses the hologram projector to make it look like he has guns,
"So who wants to fight with Deadpool?"

Wade now attempts to chase after wherever he thinks Kyle went. Because… he's nuts.

The blast of energy hits the creature and sends him tumbling, snarling and tumbling, into the side of a tree. Dazed, he tries to draw himself up onto all fours, his body burning. He has no idea what just happened to him, but it seems to have pierced the feral fugue. The young man, frightened and confused, looks around as he painfully gets up.

"Awww man. Come on Marie, I been living on me own long enough" is Jose comment to Marie. Jose was after all still a teenage, and coupled with how he has lived has made him think he can handle most anything on his know. Though Marie is right. When he hears Deadpool song he says "I'll fight yea. But you gots to buy my lunch first". He whistles when he Tony armored up as Iron man, and was happy when Kian blast hit Wildchild. But Jose being a person of sound can hear something was just off. He dosn't move but is facing Kyle "…..guys?"
Amy continues to cower. She's in a total panic. She'd probably be running if she hadn't tripped on the blanket. So she's just ducking and shaking. Good thing she's got a powerful person in front of her, who helps her up. Se putshes her feet into her sandals and, well, tries to hide behind.

Tony lands in font of Killian facing this creature. "Hold your fire." he tells Kian staring at this now scared looking one. Raising his visor the pain is clearly on his facial features. "Please tell me you aren't rabid."

'Rabid'. The word penetrates into his mind, and from out of his mouth comes a threadbare whisper, "'Rabid?'" he speaks at last, "Why… why would I be rabid?" he looks confused, looks at his hands, confused, looks around himself. Confused.

Marie stays near Amy at the picnic blanket and she watches the others who're a bit away from her now. She listened to Deadpool's… surprisingly good song before he ran off and she nods softly… "Yeah, that one is loonier than a bag full'a squirrels." She mutters before regarding Jose who was a few steps away too. "I know ya can handle yourself, Jose. But I need ya to stay with me here, we don't know if this is just one… thing, or a lot'a things. Keep formation. So to speak." She tells the kid, while looking to Tony. He was definitely in charge here. So its his show.

Killian has that usual unhealthy level of rage building up inside him and is barely able to hold back when Tony tells him to stop, howeve the glow on his hands and eyes continue, apparently unable to shut down the energy usage just yet, "What is he?"

Jose sighs "Fine" and stays by Marie, though is clearly not happy about it. He glances back to Amy before looking towards the scene. /His/ voice can be heard by Killian Tony and Wildchild "Looks like a feral type gone wild. I bet he's starving or something. I can hear his stomech growling". He had that kind of wild hunger before, wrestles a guy for a can of beans "Mabey food will help?" the voice goes on.

Within the distance, one can hear the wail of sirens. The police where on their way quickly to answer the flood of emergency calls about some disturbance happening in Central park. One person is crazy, but there were dozens of call ins, and the sound was only getting closer

Wade drops using the hologram. "I really hate days when I'm off my meds." Wade mutters to himself. He looks at Jose, "I'm so going to ruin your mind one day, little boy. I'm taking you to meet my friend Shia Labeouf." He seems proud of that statement before he looks back at Marie, "We got a bag full of squirrels? That's—" He pauses, "I just hope you bag of squirrels stays away from my nut sac." He reaches into his backpag and pulls out pistachos. "Seriously, if they get a hand of these, that's like eight bucks down the drain."
He then attempts to be a hero, "Don't worry, Amy! I must rescue you and take you back to a hotel room to make sure that you're getting all the protection you need." He winks to the imaginary camera crew again, "No one ever sees me coming because I am… Trojan Man!" He pauses, "Wait, what am I doing? I gotta help Stark." He tries to scoop up Amy with his arms to keep her safe.

Amy certainly wasn't expecting that. She was hiding behind Marie, then suddenly the other Wade she met in this town is um, rescuing her? "wait what?" she says aloud, blinking and turning her head to look at him. "Where did you come from?"

"The stork dropped me on my head. Then I got cancer. And I got super powers." says Wade to Amy's question. "Why? Where did you come from? 'Barely 18 Volume 23?' I thought so!" He winks at her, "You look different without the—" He pauses, "Ahem, you know."

Kyle's gaze flits from Tony to Jose to his original target and the oncoming sirens. Fearful and full of regret, he nods slightly, and speaks, his voice unused to speaking to others while out on the street, and it is a low growl, "Do you have any food?" he murmurs, voice earnest and full of fear and regret. He IS hungry, and alone, and afraid, "Don't let them come…" he begs Tony, "I—I might attack someone.. I don't even know why…"

Killian eyes the feral mutant, "Want me to drop him til the police show up?", the solar energy is starting to move further up his arms, "He could still be a danger, or this could be a trick", oddly he's distrustfull of the guy that just tried to EAT Marie.

Rogue steps aside as Deadpool goes and grabs the girl and hoists her up. "Uh… Mister." She says at him as they exchange words with one another. "I think the girl is alright." Normally, Rogue wouldn't have let someone do this to Amy… but she's under the impression that this guy with the pistachios is a member of the Avengers? "Ya been drinkin' today or somethin?" She asked the red and black DP himself.

Jose seemed to have very little reservations (or brains depending on your stance). He picks up one of the chilidogs and begins to approches Kyle. He knew Rogue and Wade have Amy the person closest to the incident under questionble yet good protection. None the less Jose gets ever closer to Kyle, passing by Killian and soon Tony as he holds the chilidog out "Well I go crazy when I'm hungry. Have a chilidog." he says.
Tony ejects from his suit sending it home as remotely making it wave off the cops from the air. Blood is now apparent down his left arm and back the material of his shirt ripped as well as flesh. "Wade, put.." he winces, "Put the girl down and take him to SHIELD HQ, feed him and put him into protective custody……" with that he faints from the blood loss face first on the ground.

Dyson was not too far away, having been doing some personal errands with the help of a friendly StarK Industries Security Operator to help keep people from bothering the gentle grey giant teen, or worse. But when JARVIS automatically informed Jean of Tony being wounded she contacted him and now the giant is running into the park with the guard holding on for dear life as Dyson bounds a dozen feet at a time.. The force of his steps and his weight have already shredded his shoes and his now bare feet dig into the ground, creating a twenty foot long furrow as he slides to a stop, eyes opened… The guard slides off his back, only a LITTLE shaky but grinning.. Dyson looks embarrased as all hell but eh also looks worried and concerned as he surveys the scene….And rushes to Tony's side as the billionair faints. "T-Tony!"

Kyle cautiously reaches for the chilidog and then devours it in two bites. He overhears Tony and stands obediently, uncertain, "I'll certainly go with you…" he says in a hoarse voice, finding himself looking down at Tony and looking back at the blood on his claws, "I did this… Just—don't hurt me… don't send me away…"

Wade looks around and he puts Amy down slowly. He guesses his off colored comments were ignored or sinister. "Yep, I'm Wade Wilson and I'm a dick." He looks back to the imaginary camera. "Well, boys and girls, tonight we learned that Uncle Wade is not going as crazy as he thought he was. Some punk ass mutant kid that Tony fathered when he spent the night at a brothel was just messing with him. Marie over here goes to the same hair stylist as Flower from Bambi. And Amy was in a Penthouse DVD. All in all, a good day." He looks back at Kyle, "And that kid has rabies."

Amy is far too panicked to notice Wade's puns, for better or for worse. She just stands there, looking at him, and around. She ends up turning to face Tony, watching as Tony and the giant new person are there.

Wade shrugs, as he points to Killian, "And that, over there, is what happens when a leprechaun mates with Boy George."

Jose looks back over to Tony and the hard to miss Dyson "How is he". Yea he was done for the count and time was running out it seems. Police Cars have now arrived along with ambulances. Things are going crazy. Ohhh if he had the time for it, he would so be trying to make a witty comeback and would likely fail! "Kian get over here, we might need your help". Mabey mabey not, Jose had no idea about this. But Kyle should be able to hear Jose voice //"Either run or go with crazy dude, cuase last thing you want is dem coppers"\
Wade pulls a carrot out of nowhere and puts on danty white gloves. He starts chewing on the carrot, "Ah, Doc, I think you meant to use 'page' instead of 'ooc.' Wabbit season!"

Dyson is slipping off his messenger bag and kneeling beside Tony as the Stark Security guy kneels across from him. "D-Don't turn him over.. We d-don't want dirt in the woound!" he tells the guard, his inhumanly deep voice shakier than usual and he looks over at Anna-Marie. "Y-You don't know if that.. that c-claw mark got close to t-the spine… that could cause more i-injury…." he looks around, noting a BUNCH of people he does NOT know, one with bleeding claws that makes the giant canadian frown… And the guy in red.. WHo the heck? Oh.. and a girl he's never met.. God she's tiny… He HE quickly shakes that off and thinks… thinks.. His overlcocked brain parsing scenarios.. THen snaps his fingers and pullsout his phone.. "JARVIS… M-Mister Tony is injured.. We n-need you to walk the s-suit over and lay it i d-down beside him so we can slip him i-into it.. then y-you need to close it up and tightem /all/ joints so the s-suit acts like a tournequet and splint… keep h-his back rigid.. and fly him to the neqarest m-medical facility he has authroized for his usage.." he looks at Marie.. "Y-You can escort, right?"

Amy is kind of stunned. Emotional shock of the moment. She walks slowly, in a bit of a daze, toward Dyson. "Excuse me, do we know the name of the hospital he'll be at?" Her voice is weak, soft, she has to get up close to actually be heard in all the commotion.
Wade pulls out his wallet, "Yeah, I think she can escort. How much for a night?" He winks,
"Ok, seriously, we need to move away from whatever Elmer Fudd is saying because to be honest, when he started speaking, all I heard was 'TL;DR." He winks and waits for the laugh track. He pulls out his cell phone, Avenger style app pops up "JARVIS, get me a suit for Tony. One that can scan his vital signs. Like in Star Trek. Oh, and have the armor bring me a chimichanga. Warm it up with the arc reactor. Tell the other Avengers to be on standby in the event that Tony's too injured to move that we need to be careful."

Wade then looks at his phone app, "Shit, did Tony Start the Bleeding Edge armor yet? Or the ones with the nanos? Or am I a couple issues ahead?"

Kyle just gapes at Dyson's incredible height. He looks around at the arriving cops, scared, nervous. The young mutant takes a few steps forward to Jose, "I have to leave… I must vacate this place!" he yowls like a feline and turns to run away, but not quite yet.

"Less yalping more moving. Go on get going" comes Jose voice by Kyle. It not insulting but joking "Heck, mabey I can find yea latter, with that screeching shound't be hard". Of course that was only by Kyle ear. Jose nods to Dyson and then hears the shortened version of Deadpool. He simply nods

Rogue takes a step back then as Dyson seems to have a plan and the girl just… defers to it. But she's not happy about it. "I… can't stick around." She says, hearing the cop sirens. "I… I gotta head out." Rogue glances to this Kyle person who'd tried to attack her and she just stares at him a moment before she turns to get ready to leave.

JARVIS did as requested making the suit open face down to let them move Tony into it. Once they do it is closed holding him in this position, "Miss Marie climb aboard." the AI tells her, "We can be gone before the sirens arrive. No one questions seeing his suit flying anymore."

"As the only Avenger here who is not bleeding, I'm not going to surrender my 'CoC' to some Hagrid." exclaims Wade to no one in particular, "And I said Chain of Command. Not that. I'm not a perv." He winks at Amy, "Well, I could be but that's not when kids are involved. Wait, are you at least 18 years old?" He gasps, "I hope so." He then looks back at Tony, "Don't die on me. I need to smack Jose around some more for messing with me and I need you to keep me from doing it. If you die on me, I won't be able to forgive him." He then looks back at Killian. "Don't you have a U2 concert to perform at?" He then looks back at Rogue and her hair, "Man, I wonder if the carpet matches the—"

THe watches as JARVIS begins to take care of Tony. "Where is my chimichanga?!"

Dyson rolls back as JARVIS remote flies a new suit of armor in.. apparently teh AI was thinking exactly what Deadpoole was thinking.. Scary. The armour lands and then lays down, face first on the ground, and opens the entire back up. The grey giant carefully slips his massive hands beneath the unconcious inventor and with carefu as he lifts him as if he were nothing and lays him in the matallic 'cast' and pulls his hands back the thing becomes a cocoon. With the dame amount of ease Dyson stands, lifting the armor as if it were mostly nothing and holds it above his head, but stares at Marie. "Y-Yeah, do as JARVIS says, M-Marie.. Then F-Follow the armour until i-it gets to wheever it goes and vamoose.. J-JARVIS will contact Miss J-Jean.." he says and then tosses the suit high in the air so the repulsors can initiate without having to move tony's limbs around so much. The Repulsor wash rips at his cloth but not enought to tear them and WHOOSH! off goes Tony, being treated en route. His hands bloody, the usually shy mutant turns to face everyone. "W-What the /hell/ h-happened?" he asks, then stares at Deadpool a moment. "/WHO ARE YOU/?" he asks plaintively. "And why d-do you sound like Sophia f-from the Golden Girls? Have ou h-had a stroke or something?" He wrings his hands and looks at the others.. "J-Jean will tell us where he i-is…"

Amy backs away from Dyson, since he's huge, has blood on him, and is getting agitated. And yet, he answers her question, so she's noddding a little. Instead, she goes up to Wade, and looks to him. His stand up routine is far too fourth wall breaking for her to grasp in this moment. "Do you know Tony? Could you let me know what hospital they take him to please?" Her voice is still very subdued, her face a little pale.

Jose looks to Dyson "Well, let see, Guy in Red is named Wade, he is an avenger. Marie was attacked by a starving feral tyoe mutant. Looked kind of like a werewolf" Jose says squinting "Before that we were eating chilidogs. Killian had just arrived. Took long enough to get him out the tower. And Amy here" gestures to Amy "Well she actauly a complete stranger. But… here she is?" Is jose explanation to Dyson questions, well most of them anyways. He looks deadpool "Tacos are better for the record"

"En route to Bellvue hospital." JARVIS says and the suit goes off.

Pulling out his Deadpool cosutme from his backpack…. Wait, previous poses said he didn't have it but thanks to fashion designer Rob Liefeld, Wade has pouches full of magicl items like extra clothing… He slips the costume on over his clothing and then pulls out two handhelds. "Normally, I keep a rule to not kill kids, but you're beginning to be like cheese and are grating on my nerves." Wade covers his face up now with a mask, "Tony Stark's an Avenger. I'm an Avenger. I'm also SHIELD. I may have saved the world a few times in my day and I have a pet T-Rex from the future that a nice guy with a metal arm once gave me. But seriously, I'm Deadpool and I'm an Avenger."

Wade looks at Amy, "You have my digits. You can call if you need but I might be busy trying to regain my sanity thanks to Jose over there." He points to him, "Chimichangs are better because they can be deepfried. Next time I'm going to Mexico, I'm dragging you but you're not going to cause problems. I'm getting you a chimi and we're calling a truce so I don't have to kill you and Tony can't be pissed."

He then looks back at Amy, "And yeah, that's Amy. The chick I might score with someday if I don't get dragged into crazy events like this." He goes to Kyle and makes sure he can be taken back by SHIELD safely.

Killian is listening to 'It's Raining Men.'

The Stark Security Guard is on his own phone, already reporting to whoemever he reports too.. Probably Happy or Rhodey. He sticks close to the kids, enough to keep an eye on them since thats his job.

Dyson is cleaning his hands on some towelettes he pulled from his messenger bag, not seeming to worried about bloodborn pathogens.. He looks a bit rattled, yes, which is off tosee in someone so big. He hears Jose's explanation but those pupiless eyes are on Deadpoole. "If I'm H-hagrid that m-makes you, what, f-first book Neville?" he asks. "Definately not final book Neville thats f-for sure…" he mutters.. He notes rthe girl edging away and he frowns, but then remembers normals usually are a bitweirded out by him and sighs picking up his bag and edges away towards Killian.

Amy would feel bad if she knew Dyson was assuming her reaction was to his mutant-hood, but it's not that at all. But again, she's not at 100 percent right now. Her question was answered by JARVIS of all people, so Deadpool going full Deadpool doesn't really hurt her for information at all. She nods to him, a mostly blank look on her face, then turns back around to face Dyson again.

"Deep fried Tacos" is Jose response as he considers Deadpool truce "But hey, if it means a free trip I'm in. Though might not be having you try to kill me." he considers this "Least it give me a reason to run" was he really considering this?!?! "But fine. Truce… for now. But serisouly DEEP FRIED TACOS" Jose says. He then looks to the security guard and ;eans over to Dyson "Yea, whose the security dude, and why was he hanging on for deer life?" he asks with wonder.

Dyson is not sure how to ask Killian how he is doing since, you know, the smaller mutant intimidates him something feirce. He seems /about/ to pat his shoulder, but then refrians and sighs, shaking his head and looks over at Jose. "Th-thats Matt… T-Tony asked him to Help me out, m-make sure I wasn't flooded or bothered by p-people as I walked through t-town.. I can't exacty pretend I'm normal.." he says softly then catches the girl looking at him and his cheeks burn darker and he looks at his hands which he continues to clean..

Agent Preston of SHIELD arrives. She's a forty year old agent with sass. "Waaade!" She shouts, "What's all this about you roaming around the park pretending you're from some silly Mission Impossible movie while you're letting your boss, Tony Stark, get stabbed by this—" She looks at the group assembled and then at Kyle, "This kid with claws? What are you doing dabbling with these people? You're supposed to be an Avenger now. No more SHIELD handlers for you. We took you off the leash and this is what you did? You made a mess on the carpet and now I gotta clean it up again. Fury ain't to happy with you. No he is not happy with you."

Wade rubs the back of his head and goes completely quiet, "Yes, Preston."

"Oh no, you didn't. That's 'Yes, Ma'am.' Now, try it again before-" She looks around and spots Amy and then she looks at Wade as she smirks before she snaps her left hand's fingers in a zig zag motion while her right hand goes straight to her help. "Wade, are you hanging out with hussies again? This girl is no older than sixteen years old. Girl, do your parents know you left the house while wearing only your underwear? We gotta get you some clothing." SHIELD clean up crews arrive and begin to do their jobs.

Wade whimpers, "I— I was not playing with her or anyone!"

Preston gives Wade the eye. "You better not be lying again. Just like you said you didn't use the SHIELD card at Taco Bell. You instagrammed the whole $500 purchase."

Amy blinks, and it hits her. She takes a breath, and her face falls. She takes a step toward Dyson. "What's normal? Don't be like embarassed." she says softly. She's still somewhat shocked but she's gradually coming to here. "I mean. You're tall, so what? Do um, do you need a tissue?" The girl then goes into her purse to pull her pack out. Then Deadpool's localized reality distortion zone comes to affect her again. "Underwear?" she asks, genuinely confused, before holding out a couple of tissues toward Dyson.

Dyson makes a good choice in not touching Killian, he's still burning with solar energy and the whole rage thing hasn't quite worn out, he's still glaring at the feral mutant. Still his eyes flick to Dyson and he gives him a nod in greeting, "Dyson".

Jose blinks "Or… right. I forget about that" he says to Dyson. He he seems to mean it, having thought of Dyson as normal He then looks at Amy and blinks and very quickly looks away "….okay" and then to Killian "Might want to put them gloves back on" and then to Dyson and Killian "We sooo got to do this more often. Cept for the whole death part, but the going out part. Big city to explore" though he of course been going out. He then looks to Wade and Preston "He wasn't playing with no one. he was just minding his own buisness till crazieness inssues"

Dyson looks over his shoulder as the Clean Up team, arrives.. and he sort of sidesteps when he sees the SHIELD badges on their shoulders.. He swallows and quickly looks away, as if he is NOT comfortable with /that/ organization… Which makes him 'face' the petite girl, looking almost straight down at her.. still blushing. "I'm t-tall.. I h-have no hair.. And I'm the c-color of a number two pencil…" he says.. he doesn't ote that he lacks pupils though. He gently takes the tissues. "Th-thank you…" He turns his head slightly and looks at Killian. "You okay?" he asks, then raises a brow at Jose. "So th-this was all just.. a b-big misunderstanding?"

Amy steps up to Dyson, despite him looking back to Killian. Coming up beside the huge guy, she leans in, and awkardly puts her arms aroud his waist halfway, giving him a quick little hug. Before letting go she says quietly "Don't let them bring you down." Then she steps back far enough that she can look up at him.

Poor Jose. He just tried to help Wade but Emily's flying off the cuffs now. "Did I ask you? Aren't you that kid from that robbery that happened a couple of months back? You had some kind of scream. SHIELD knows about you. Now, you are not my problem to deal with tonight but Wilson over here is. And it seems like he's hanging out with girls underaged girls again." Wade retorts, "Hey! Vanessa was like 17 but I thought she was older!" Preston looks back at Wade and right hand smacks him across the face. "Wilson, if you could only keep your mouth shut and follow orders…"

Wade shivers, "Fox tried that. It ended badly. I had lasers flying out of my eyes and I was like Baraka from Mortal Kombat."

SHIELD finishes what they need to do and Preston slaps him again; this time really hard that you hear it. Wade rubs the side of his cheek. She heads out without saying anything.

And Jose got lip for her "Yes I am. And Yes I do. And congratulations. You probably already looked up the rest of my criminal record" he rolls his eyes "And folks say I'm a jerk. Least I'm a jerk on accident". But then it too Dyson "Well no. Well Amy here is a misunderstanding. Everything else…. well errr really I am not sure what to call everything else" contines to avoid looking at Amy. He rather not look at girls in their underware hologram or not

Killian walks over to Wade and looks Preston in the eyes, "Slap him again and I'll give you good reason to regret it, ok?", his anger needs a target and the bitchy SHIELD agent appears to be it, he pulls on his gloves that fade the glow on his hands but his eyes keep at it, "Now keep your mouth shut and do your job", he then suprisingly calmly heads back to Dyson and Amy.

Okay, that was /not/ something Dyson was expecting.. He stiffens in a bit of shock though he doesn't pull away.. One because he is the kind of guy afraid of his own size and strength and has spent his entire life trying NOT to be a bull in a china shop.. And Two, it was just /so/ unexpected. He looks down at the girl, his entire face flushed darker then it was earlier. "I.. Okay?" he says.. asks.. Then relaxes just a little. "I w-won't… Thank you.." Part of him is still listening to the Shield agent ream out Wade.. and a part way down inside of him (like way way way down, considering how big he is) is finding some satisfaction in it though he doesn't like Jose being added to that duscussion. "H-hey, Leave J-Jose outta this.." he chimes in and then looks at Jose. "Y-You will have to fill m-me in later.." he says, then spots killian making his way back.. nodding to him.

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