2015-09-01 Operation Janus
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Bruce, Peggy, Natasha and Wade
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Operation Janus

Rating: Everybody

It is a hot day in Kenya the smell of rotting trash fills the busy streets of the poor neighborhood. Stashed away on the edge of the overpopulated town lays a small tent building with a worn symbol of a red cross. Inside the tent like structure is a flurry of activity, it seems the current warlord has brough trouble to this town, and all the cots are currently filled with men, women, and children suffering anything from gunshot wounds to extreme dehydration. Standing in the back is a thin pale white man speaking in Swahili to what could only be his assistants. He seems to be rather sad at the state of things, but breaths slow calming breaths as he to gets to work helping where he can. Their medicine stolen he can only do so much for the people inside, and he knew it, but he was not going to stop until he did all he could for these people.

Africa is an incredibly large continent. It's a perfect place for someone like Bruce to try and hide out in the masses of people, scenery and just general space that inhabit so vast a territory. However, SHIELD has many resources and Bruce Banner has a certain reputation of where he can be found. So, that narrows the options down of where operatives needed to search. Outside the tent, quite a large breadth of area has been cleared: multiple black, mud splattered trucks are parked to make a scattered perimeter.

However, only two agents will breach the perimeter to enter the tent where SHIELD believes Bruce Banner to currently be. In their ear pieces, Agent Peggy Carter directs from the sidelines. The injured woman won't be much help in the field, no matter how much such an idea galls her. "Agent Romanoff, you'll be taking the discussion point. Keep things calm, there are civilians inside, show him how it is in his best interest to come with us. Agent Wilson, be back up. If things start to get tense, you'll need to keep his attention on you while Romanoff evacuates the area. Be careful. He's most wanted number four, but we can hope he will listen to reason."

It's not the way she'd prefer to do things, but it isn't really her op. She doesn't want to possibly antagonize one of the most dangerous men on the planet, one of the few who could actually take her out without much trouble, and she especially doesn't want to do it with a lot of innocent people around. Isolated, calm, patient, and with gobs and gobs of backup. That's the way to catch a Hulk.

The other way, clearly, is by driving down some pretty rough roads into the grasslands of rural Kenya a couple of miles from any permanent dwellings and a lot more miles from anything resembling a city. She's dressed for it, though. Hiking boots, khaki slacks, a white shirt belted, sunglasses, and a broad-brimmed straw hat. Dressed down so as not to look too intimidating. It doesn't mean she's not armed underneath, but.

She picks up a decent-sized Styrofoam cooler in one hand — just small enough to carry that way — and slings a canvas duffel over her other shoulder. This is a bribe. It's definitely a bribe. But it's not a bad bribe, all things considered. Casting a quick smile to Wade, she adds: "If you hear horrible screaming, that'll be your signal." And off she hops, striding across the ground to the tent with clear purpose and clearly, /certainly/, not armed.

Of course, Wade Wilson is listening to the Lion King sound track while he is happily content leaning against the metal plating of the vehicle he's currently housed in until the orders are given to come out. He pops his bubblegum underneath his mask and starts to struggle to remove it from the inner lining. "Mmm-mmm." He rips his mask off and attempts to clean off the Double Bubble. He whimpers silently as he can't get it cleaned out. "Great. Now I'm the angry one." He looks around from inside the vehicle and waits for his orders before he plugs his ear buds back in. "Hakuna matata!"

Still inside the then Bruce is giving orders. "Wrap that man's arm up!…. I know but we don't have pain medicine." he sounds calm, focused, but somewhat desperate. He wipes his head with a stained sleeve and looks around. He couldn't save all of them which ment he was going to choose who to die. On that thought a small beep comes from his wrist, and he looks down closing his eyes, and breaths again. Whispering to himself.."You can do this Bruce.. focus on the job at hand" he start prioritizing the wounded. Stoping the nearest help he looks at the man, "Get those with the non-fatal wounds to the entrance, then those who we have stabalized, and the critical to the other end." After giving the orders he starts moving to the far end of the tent where the critical will soon be brought, and a small boy brings him a dirty glass of water. A smile comes to the old mans face as he pats the boy on the head, and tells him to get out of here.. Drinking the water down like a man stuck in the desert hoping not to taste it too much.

Peggy would also have preferred better circumstances, but their target is known for slipping both surveillance and tails. They've had sightings and close encounters before, now is the time to try and put an end to all this. They've taken every precaution they can and, honestly, it's better if SHIELD encounters Bruce in a tense situation than any other organization or group of people.

Peggy looks to Wade, eyebrow raised. "After a moment, follow after Agent Romanoff. Unarmed. I'll want both of your assessments and eyes on the matter. And if he goes big and green, you'll need to be right there try deflect his anger."

The person coming through the tent-flap isn't carrying a wounded person. She's not dirty or starved or bleeding or scared. She even looks as cool and fresh as an ice cream cone as she steps inside, eyes scanning the old Red Cross tent to find the doctor. He isn't hard to pick out, especially not for someone as practiced as she is, and she wends her way through the cots toward him.

Natasha pauses, briefly, at the cot of a young child. She stoops, unzipping the duffel bag with one hand and reaching in to pull out a bottle of fresh water. Uncapping it, she passes it into the little one's hands before straightening and finishing the trek toward her quarry.

"Dr. Banner," she says. "We should talk."

"Waaaaah?" says Wade; puzzled as he looks at Peggy. "The only time I don't go without weapons is when I'm the weapon myself. The Jolly Green Giant is pretty bad ass compared to me. I heard he ate Cap's shield and crapped it out without flinching. Clint told me that right before I headed out for this mission. He said that's why he won't be here." Wade starts to unclip his guns and then shrugs, "If you wanted someone to /not/ piss him off, you shouldn't have brought the guy who has a mouth that fires like a revolver." Wade adjusts his mask and headphones before he sits back down and exhales.

After he collects himself mentally and emotionally before he makes sure he's unarmed. He then rolls up his sleeves to remove his smaller weapons. "What? You told me to not unalive him so I gotta make sure I don't." He winks at Peggy. He then hums a little it of some song before he starts to sing the lines. He makes it look like he's cocking an invisble gun before he heads out to near to Natasha. "Coordinate brain and mouth. Then ask me whats it like to have myself so figured out." He exhales again, "I wish I knew…"

Wade then proceeds to vanish from Peggy's sight to near where Natasha is but while trying to stay hidden still. He doesn't want to frighten Bruce. At least yet.

As luck would have it Bruce is facing the other way when Natasha makes her entrance, so he does not see the woman in black as she walks over to him. He seems to be using what little is left in the glass of water to wash some blood of hands as he hears the first words spoken to him in english for a while and freezes. He slowly turns to face her, she knew his name.. his real name, and no-one around here should know that.

As he faces her his eyes go a bit wide, and he seems to back up a little bit. "Listen I am sorry I don't know anyone by that name here. My name is Dr. Doe, and you do not seem injured so if you are not part of the staff then please leave." he glances around a bit almost like he is thinking about moving past her, but one look at the cool woman he decides that might not be the best idea. A small beep goes of from his wrist, and almost subconsiously he seems to start breathing slow deep breaths until it stop.

"I'd like to buy a few minutes of your time, Dr. Doe." Natasha slides smoothly into using the name, but it's clear that it's going nowhere with her. "This cooler is full of perishable medicines on dry ice. This duffel bag is full of bandages, pills, and lots of other necessaries that don't require climate-controlled storage. All told it's about ten grand worth of life for the people in this tent. Is ten minutes of conversation worth that much to you, Dr. Doe?"

After flipping a coin he thinks he stole from Bruce previously, Wade quickly adjusts his holoprojector. He then takes his mask off to reveal the skin cancered and scarred face that he was often scene as. The monster face. Still in hiding, he collects himself before he decides his next move. "Doctor, I'm glad it's you. We were out looking for this other doctor. People said he might be able to help fix me. Because we're alike. I've got this monster inside of me at times and I'm this way because I'm a product of military experiment."

He puts his hands up to show he's unarmed. "I'm Wade Wilson. I got messed up and had cancer. I still have it. But I got this messed up experiment inside me that tries to—" He pauses as he looks at Natasha, "Well, I'm this mutate. Things were pretty shitty for me for a long time but fortunately, some people were able to help me. There's this guy I know who has the same first name as you. Doctor Hank Pym." Wade scratches his chin, "Funny, a lot of people I know are named Doctors. They go to school just to get their name changed to Doctor?" He shrugs, "Meanwhile, all some people have to do is pose on a cover and say, 'Call me Cait?' That's kinda funny." He shrugs again, trying to show Bruce he's not threatening. "Anyway, Doctor Hank Pym helped make me almost as normal as I'll ever be." He deactivates the holoprojector and shows his face; the scars and cancer are lmost invible. "But there's still some other issues with me and I need to find this expert to see if he can help with my brain. But for the most part; the Avengers saved me and helped me go from being seen as a cold blooded monster to being…" He smiles, "Ninja Spider-Man!"

Bruce looks at Natasha, then at the supplies she has in her hands. Waving over a specific assistant he begins speaking in swahili again. "Take these supplies, and start stabalizing the critical patients. Do not waste a drop of them as this is all we have." he glances back at the woman in black hoping that maybe she doesn't speak the language he adds quickly, "And bring a jeep around back." Switching back to english he says to Natasha, "Alright, ten minutes, but please I must warn you don't make me angry." he seems to be more pleading then threatening.

He starts heading towards the door before seeing a strange man with what looks to be… acid burns around the face region. He is surprised to see another person also not from here and stops walking forward nerviously looking at Natasha, then back to Wade. He seems to be alright, but then the talking starts, the speed and length of which he goes through his words Bruce is not even listening at the end he has his eyes closed and he is breathing in short breaths. The talking continues, and there is a beep from his wrist, and another. He quickly says "Excuse me, and pushes Wade out of the way as he runs outside..

Natasha slowly closes her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose. She's reaching up to cover Wade's mouth by the end of his little speech, muttering: "Wilson, you're really not helping right now." The gamble that Natasha doesn't know the language, though… well, she doesn't visibly respond, but when her eyes open again they're fixed on Banner.

And on his receding back. Muttering something probably obscene and definitely Russian under her breath, she starts to walk after him… but she /does/ give him a head start. And unless he's booking it straight for said Jeep, she's going to give him his space. "Do /not/ engage," she snaps to Wade. "Let him cool down. Just because you won't be gone forever doesn't mean it's a good idea to trigger the man."

The clearing outside of the tent is free of people that might come to harm from Bruce's anger and panic. For the moment, no one rushes forth from trucks. While containing the fallout from an attack is certainly at the forefront of Peggy's mind, she also realizes that throwing strangers with guns at Bruce right now is not going to help her cause.

Wade's long speech is met with something akin to curiosity and then a long suffering sigh as he does not exactly stick the emotional landing. "Oh, for the love of—" she mutters under her breath, certainly audible through the ear pieces.

"What?!" snaps Wade as he regains his mouth from Natasha's hand. "I was trying to tell him the truth. The truth so he doesn't freak out later." He grumbles, "I didn't even bring my weapons. I just brought me!" He flexes, "Not that I can go round for rount with my whole body against his left thumb if we wrestled." He looks back at Natasha, "Say, you look different tonight. You kinda look…" He starts to think of the movie 'Lucy' but he shrugs it off. Then he winks, "Happy."

He slaps himself, "Ok, so we have a calmed Banner on the run into the open. That's good. He's not going to be rat backed in a corner now should we need to get closer to him. Besides, maybe we should have brought some of those Pimp Articles that Doctor Hank Pym has been working on. He said he was going to use them to help fix me but the only kind of freaky magazines I saw in his office was—" Wade shutters, "Wired. The closest thing to smut they featured was how to use an ad block extension in Chrome to block the good stuff. I mean, can you imagine wanting to block the naked people on the internet? It's their right to be naked!"
Wade then begins a power walk to look into where Bruce is.

Bruce runs outside and stops bending over with his hands on his legs he breaths deep, the watch is still beeping, but he ignores it. "3…9…81..6561.." he checks his pulse by putting his fingers to his neck as he starts to calm down. Finally looking up he see's the two jeeps, he looks around and doesn't see any tanks, or helicopters so he is able to calm down a bit more. Ten minutes, he just had to talk to this lady for ten minutes.. He can do it, she seemed nice, a bit scary, but she hadn't threatened him yet. He thinks about it, and realizes it is the eyes, that stare.. and shakes a little bit trying not to think about it.

He's hanging around back, but he's not running, not just yet. Natasha continues to hang back, though. She's being a LOT more cautious than usual. Possibly she's seen the footage of this guy tearing places up. She readjusts the sunglasses that cover her eyes, walking slowly toward the man. She steps around to the side, letting him see her coming; she makes sure she doesn't walk too quietly, making sure he can hear her coming. "I'm here to offer you a better option, Doctor," she calls. "You know there's people after you. Most of them are nastier than me. I'm here to give you the best offer you're ever going to get."

Wade lets Natasha head out. "TL;DR." He hangs back and waits for the next move.

Bruce listens to her, "I figured someone would come eventually, I knew I couldn't hide here forever." He looks at the town, full of people, and him on the outskirts.. always on the outskirts. He takes a deep breath, and speaks almost to himself. "He hates me you know, thinks I am weak." He looks at Natasha again, "What is your offer, but keep in mind no prision will hold him, no force that I know of can stop him. What could you possibly offer me that could make me want to leave my Exile?"
"Something better than running all the time and living in constant fear," Natasha replies. She removes her sunglasses, folding them closed and tucking them into the neck of her shirt. "Instead, you'll be working with some of the world's greatest scientists and doctors to keep the world safe and free. I know," she adds with a faint smile. "It sounds like some kind of asinine gimmick. A pipe dream. But I promise you, even you're not more of a cynical bastard than I am, and these are people who bring me a little hope every day. Even him," she adds, jabbing a thumb in the direction of Wade. "We'll work with you. We won't put you in a cage, but we'll help to protect you against the people who would. We'll help you do what you already do, but on a grander scale."

She waves an arm toward the tent: "I like what you've done with this place. You've saved more lives than even you can count. And I wouldn't be coming to you with this offer if I thought you could do it for another three months without some real monsters coming to knock on your door. They want to put a leash on the other guy and try to control him. /We/ want Doctor Bruce Banner."

Slowly emerging behind Natasha with both of his hands up in the air; showing he's unarmed still, Wade speaks, "Something for the both of you to have a reason to leave this exile. A chance for the both of you to not be seen as monsters or sideshows but as heroes. Each day, new threats are emerging that want to overthrow the peace and justice systems. Each day, our freedom is under attack from our own and then others from not even this planet. As an agent of SHIELD and an Avenger, I've battled robots, aliens, Gods, midgets, cougars, and demons." Wade smiles at Doctor Banner; "You have one the brightest and smartest brains on the planet. You want to help people. But imagine the good you can do if you had a support staff willing to work with you. Imagine being able to lead a team into the jungle or a Walmart to help cure people. Locally and globally."

"I'm Wade Wilson, agent of SHIELD. Sexy Hotels Including Exotic Lady Dancers." He grins, "That's why she's in charge today." He points to Natasha. "Before I got help, I was on the run and I was ashamed of who I had become. Now, I can use that to be a better person." He then looks back at his commanding officer, "Wait, someone wanted to put him on a leash? What would that be like? Fifty Shades of Green?" He sticks his tongue out; "Man, they turn anything into a porn parody these days." He then shrugs, "Note! Do not check Fury's Google Chrome history for the next week!"

Bruce nods a bit to working with other doctors, he had always wished he could work with others again, like his group at the begining.. before the gama bomb.. before the hulk. He thinks about it for a moment, and smiles as he pictures all the things he could do with a whole team.

He is silent for a long moment, and thinks about what must be done, what could be done and Wade's words hit true. Even if they were with shield they seemed like good people, but there is one thing he has done but has never worked before. He frowns and looks at them, "There is a way… but I am hesitant.. He looks at Wade then Natasha.. "I will go with you, I will join your team." he pauses for a long moment.. "But I am not the one you need to convince."

Peggy waits in the truck closest to the tent. She remains stationary, finger primed to execute the order for a code red. Bruce is a notorious target and one that is incredibly dangerous. She doesn't want it to come down to force, but if it does, she wants to be ready. A breath is held while she waits for his answer to both Wade and Natasha's very articulate - and for Wade, at times flippant - offers as to why the should work for SHIELD.

At Bruce's assurance that he will join, she lets out the breath. However, she's still ready for the worst case scenario. She's about to step out of the car until his pause is interrupted by his concerns. At that, she decides to wait a moment. Startling Bruce and The Other Guy is probably the worst thing she could do right now.
Wade look at Natasha and then at Bruce, "Can I talk to the big guy?" He smiles, "I'm kinda able to not get unalived." He grins, "I think I can talk to him and let him see that together, he and I can smash Nazis and hippies together. And we can both work with Captain America. We got him back. From whatever Elsa did to him when he froze to that iceberg when he and Peggy were on that Titantic ship with that Leo dude."

"All I wanna say is that if a crappy guy who was a merc can be called a hero, then there's room for that big cuddly jolly green giant." He looks at Bruce and smiles, "We can help him be the best there is. Because he already is the best. He just needs a little nudge in the right direction. Like I said, he'd get to come out and play if you and he were ok with that. We'd smash and crush the bad guys. He'd be on a team where we'd appreciate him for who he is. We'd also appreciate you for being you. It's not easy being almost two people all the time. I'd know. I'm at least two that I know of." He looks back at Natasha, hoping she's not about to kill him.

"I'm a wreck but I've been getting help to be a better Deadpool. I'd like to be friends with the both of you. Besides, I need someone to challenge a burrito eating contest to ever so often. Thor's too worried he'd loose his girlish figure."

That… actually could have gone worse. Natasha looks over her shoulder at Wade and, instead of her usual weariness or irritation or just plain professional blankness, it's more like she looks when she has downtime with Wade Wilson, a friend she cares about.

"Wade and I are both poster children for SHIELD giving people second chances. In both of our cases," she adds, "it was… significantly more than second. But Wade. Dear. If you wanna talk to the big guy, how about we save that conversation for when we don't have a lot of fragile people a quick jog away?"
Bruce listens to Wade talking, then nods. "I think you understand better then you think stranger. In his hand he is palming a scalpel. He hears the words of Natasha, and while they make sense he shakes his head. "Your friend makes sense, and if I am going with you.. this is for the best." he whispers slightly.. "He is not a monster.." and uses the scalpel to slit his wrist right infront of them. Yelling in pain he covers his arm falling to the ground… The watch start beeping rapidly. He looks up at Natasha as himself one last time. And mouths… "I'm sorry.." before looking back at the ground in pain a low growl begining.

Shit. Shit. Shitshitshitshitshit.

"Wade," Natasha says, backing slowly away. "You had /better/ have this in hand." But this is what she brought Wade for, isn't it? In case the Other Guy comes out? Still, she's as white as her shirt as she backs further away. The man actually slit his own wrists in front of her, and as much blood as Natasha has seen in her life, the sight of that actually makes her, too, look a little green. Just, well, not as green as Banner. Oh hell.

"I should have been wearing the brown costume today. See, the red helps me hide the blood. But right now, it's not the blood that I'm wearing about," whispers Wade to Natasha. He then calmly clears his throat, "Nat, can you go inside and get me a burrito but wait for it to cool down first? I think there's a frozen one but can you heat it up and then wait for everything to cool down while I hang out with my new best friend?" His eyes keep the about to be Hulk in sight. His own heart is speeding; healing as fast as the heart attacks kick in for what's about to happen next. "Hey there, big fellow. I hope you like 'The Golden Girls.' I think you'd agree with me that Bea should have been queen because she's certainly a fox."

He keeps his glance on Natasha now for a split second; hoping she listens to him for once, "Don't you think my new best friend and I should pose for a Christmas card? I'm red and he's green!" He then looks back at the big greenish fellow and waits a moment to figure the next move out, "Ok, I asked for you to come out and talk because I want to be your friend. You're the best there is and best at smashing. I know a hairy, furry little dude that smelss like street walker perfume, dive bar bathrooms, cheap cigars, and claims he's the best at what he does but what he doesn't aint pretty." He waits another second, "I think what you do is pretty. There's a technique! I want to work with you and some other guys who aren't as strong as you. We need you. We need both you and 'puny' Banner."

Deadpool is actually fearful for his own life right now. His healing factor is nerfed and he's happy with his life. But he has watched his intel and videos on the Hulk. He thinks he has a tactic; make the Hulk feel needed and wanted because of who and what he is.

Peggy's proud of her agents and their handling of the matters in their own ways. It seems as if everything is working in their favor until Bruce takes the scalpel and gashes at his wrist. Eyes widening, she immediately moves for the door of the car. "Agents, we're executing Protocol Janus." It's the emergency code just in case the Big Green Guy decided to make an appearance. She didn't think this would come of Banner's own volition, but at least they prepared.

Agents from the trees move toward the tent holding the sick and wounded, giving them a barrier and evacuating those who can be moved. Slowly and wincing as she moves, Peggy steps out of the car, leaving the door open so as to not make a loud noise when she shuts it. "Agent Wilson give the word if you can't control this. Agent Romanoff, the moment Wilson gives the word, go for containment and evacuation. Keep him away from the civilians."

Bruce on the ground bleeds profusly for just a few moment as the low growling begins. His body seems to grow as his body start to turn green, and the blood coming from his wrist also starts taking a greener shade before it stops completly. His clothes rip as they are no-longer large enough to hold his body. the glasses fling off his face as it expands. Thankfully the pants although riped apart up to the knees look to stay on, but it looks like they were a bit baggy to begin with so maybe he had already ran into that issue before. As the transformation completes a new beast stands up a Hulking green man that is panting with anger. His eyes flick from the tent down to jeeps and finally down to Wade he looks at the small man infront and roars directly in his face slober going everywhere though he doesn't seem to do more then beat on his chest. He doesn't seem to of noticed Peggy, or be paying attention to the tent. He only has eyes for one person at the moment.. the little red man standing infront of him.

He's not looking at Natasha? Natasha is SO GOOD WITH THAT. She stays quite still, just listening to Peggy and muttering a very soft 'affirmative'. This is Wade's show now. Follow the little red man. Just pray he knows what to do.

Waving slowly to the Hulk, Deadpool smiles, "I'm Deadpool. You're Hulk. Strongest there is. I work with a team of puny people. We have puny Hawkeye. He thinks he's Robinhood. We have a guy who flies around in a toaster. You're Hulk. Strongest there ever will be. We need you. We could use your strength to save the world. Everyone will love you. You're the strongest there is. Strongest there ever was. Strongest there will be." He smiles, "I wanna go eat burritos with you and save the planet. You're like a hero to me." He smiles, "Hulk. The Avenger. Strongest there ever was, is, and will be." He hopes that repeating phrases that are familiar to the Hulk because he has said them that it will help get the two to be like minded. "What would Hulk like? To be the strongest Avenger ever?" He winks, "Because you're there. All we need to do is give you the official party. And some chimichangas. Hulk would love those. They are so delicious."
Wade is also holding in a gamma sized fart that would smell like a Taco Bell.

Hulk finishes his roar, and as Wade just talks to him he seems to just tilt his head. If anything it could be said that he looks confused, but he stands there the whole time while Wade is talking. He tries again this time with a louder roar, the kind that shakes the earth around him, and moves way faster then someone his size should and grabs Wade with one large hand and lifts him up so he can look at him eye to eye. After a moment he shakes him a little bit, and for the first time in a long time he actually talks.. "Why you no afraid! And what is Chimichanga!" His grip is like a vice around Wade, but he doesn't seem to be trying to smash him or even squish him, though at this point it would be obvious to anyone that he could do either. He looks around a bit now just holding Wade infront of him like he doesn't even realize he looks over at Natasha, then back at the Jeeps.. Keeping a cautious eye on the others he knows that they are there, but he seems to look at them as a threat… yet.

"I'm not afraid of you, big guy, because I believe in you." Wade smiles as he tries to relax in the death grip. He knows that there's minimum pressure being applied. He's had much worse from Omega Red. Damn that hentai tentacle freak. Almost smirking, "Hulk not had a chimichanga? There's something I'm good at! I'd like to get you a few dozen. You'd like them. We'd make a great sitcom. It'll be like 'Harry and the Hendersons.' But first! But first, we must explain what the chimichanga is. It's a magical food made by these amazing wizards. It's really like a deep fried burrito but even better. We can get them in chicken, beef, pork, and I think maybe fish. But it's so good. I promise you, you'd like it. You'd love it just as much as you love smashing. But if you don't love it or even like it, I'd let you smash me. For good measure."

Wade's actually trembling inside but he's keeping that smile on because he's sure his plan might work. And if not, Lucy gets the life insurance policy. "Is Hulk the strongest Avenger?" The roars don't even phase him. He keeps thinking of Hulk as Shrek. "Say, can I be Donkey?"

From the open doorway of the car, Peggy's hand is on the tranquilizer gun as Hulk wraps his hands around Wade. This is what Wade is here for, to help in this situation. As he hasn't given a signal that he's in trouble just yet, she lets him continue, though her muscles tense and she is ready for this to turn pear shaped at any moment.

Hulk looks at the small man in his grasp and listens to him.. Not understanding a lot of it he picks up a lot of the words, but the refrences are lost on him. When he asks is Hulk the strongest avenger he pulls wade up close so he can smell his breath, "Hulk strongest there is!" but then seems to nod, and put him down again. "Hulk show you hulk strongest avenger! You bring Chichangas Donkey!" Not really understanding the refrence he takes it Donkey is this mans name so he decides that is what he will call him. He takes a step back from Wade and looks around.. "Who has Chimichangas Donkey?.. Hulk Smash get us now!" He gives a look back at the car.. at Peggy like she is going to be his first stop for this wizard food.

Wade nods! "In the freezer. Old Jose. Frozen ones. Not the best but they are close." He looks towards where Peggy is as he feels his ribs explode even though they aren't. "Hulk is awesome. Hulk is my best friend. Hulk is my jigga man!" He winks. He hopes that Peggy understands that he's not talking in code about getting the food. There really is a chimichanga there in the freezer!

Tense and trying to keep from alarming Hulk into actually crushing Wade like a squeezey doll, Peggy starts to move forward when Hulk says he'll show him he's the strongest. As for the chimichangas, she blinks, looking to the Wade Donkey. She can't tell if this is code or not just yet, but she decides to err on the side of the freezer. With slow movements, she moves toward it and - luckily - he and Natasha explained to her what chimichangas were before.

Pulling out the frozen packet, she holds it up, almost like a treat for a dog. She gives Wade a questioning look. One, why did he put Chimichangas in a classified and meant for specimens freezer?! Two, this is actually a chimichanga, right?

Hulk see's the wonder food, as a bit of slobber drips from his mouth he litteraly shoves Donkey asaide not meaning to, but he doesn't even seem to register that such a little thing might hurt someone he litterally jumps directly at Peggy landing just a small bit infront of her he doesn't even take it from her hand with speed he puts her whole hand in his mouth and tries to dislodge the food from her hand with his tounge before pulling back enough where her hand is out and chews on the frozen Chimichanga.. His eyes get big, and he looks down at Peggy. "More!" is all he says as he looks at the jeep and climbs on it looking for more of this delicious food.

Clasping his hands, Wade shrugs off the broken rib cage from when Hulk pushed his sternum aside. "Heh, the Incredible Mikey! He likes it!" He smiles; all proud of what he has done. He found a way to the heart of the Hulk. Mexican food. The great equalizer.

"And that's because everyone looks the same when their on their porcelain thrones."He heads over. "Hulk! We don't have anymore but I can get you more. If you want. I can come back with them or if you can trust me, you can come with me to New York City. I'll get you all the chimichangas you want. We'll sit back, have a brew, and dine on the 'changas." He grins at his new best friend. "We can even watch the Green Lantern movie. I figured you'd like green. And Clint can drool over the main lead. He's totally a hotty!"

Peggy easily gives up the chimichanga in the face of Hulk trying to eat her hand. She's rigid straight in the face of the large green man who could easily crush her. "Yes, as Agent Wilson said. There's more in New York if you'll come with us." She never thought she'd be trying to bribe the Hulk with Mexican food, but that's just sort of the kind of day it has been. "Is that agreeable?"

Hulk looks up at Donkey, and nods as he talks about getting all he wants, he looks at Peggy as well for the first time not as he is going to attack her but in excitement. "More good! We Go!" and starts shaking the truck he is on. "We Go!" shaking it even more before he stops just as suddenly on the poor truck. "Hulk sleep.. wake up when in Neeeew Yooork" it sounds like he has trouble saying the word, but is sounding it out. He nods to himself and pushes down the top of the truck even more laying down in a ball ontop of it. It doesn't take long before he looks as he is starting to change.. shrinking… turning from green to white.

Wade manages to catch up with the others. He seems like he's about to pass out. His meds and his sanity are worn thin. He kind of mumbles and slurrs things as he buckles up and starts to pass out; "I get knocked down but I get up again. You're never gonna keep me down. I get knocked down—-" He starts to lean against Peggy as he falls into his sleep. "Good night, Lucy. I miss you." Clearly; in his sleepy state, he's mistaken Lucy for Peggy. "And Lucy, why are you using that Downton Abby Spice Girl accent. It's cute."

With Hulk on board to get into the car and follow them to New York and Wade catching up, Peggy moves forward toward Deadpool and moves him toward the open door of the car. "Get in, Agent Wilson. I think you may need a nap." She'll let the Downton Abbey joke slide. Mostly because she doesn't know what Downton Abbey is. "We appreciate your cooperation, Hulk." Mister Hulk? She's not sure what is exactly polite here.

"Operation Janus is in stand down. Let's get Doctor Banner into the car and evacuate." With a relieved sigh, Agents start to move flurried into action. Banner is carefully put into the back of one of the jeeps, Wade and Natasha can get into their own car. "Good work, Agents. Let's head back to New York."

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