2015-09-03 Searching for Strays
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Warning: N/A
Players: Steve, Peggy, Mariah, Anna-Marie
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Searching for Strays

[* New York: Central Park East *]

The vast green expanse known as Central Park stretches all along Manhattan, giving a welcome and refreshing natural element to an environment otherwise crafted of mountains made of metal and glass. Here, trees stretch heavenward and water flows open and free, grass rambles along hill and meadow, and trails wind through, with lights dotting the trails and benches sitting every so often. The park brings a heart and soul to a city most see as overbuilt and cold: this is the natural spirit that elsewhere is denied.

If anyone had asked where Captain Rogers was at currently in the tower, they would have been told that he wasn't in the tower. That instead, he and his wife had taken a lunch break and decided to head down to Central Park for a break.

Steve has always been one to enjoy the outdoors, and well, Peggy's British - they have tea on picnic blankets all the time, if you believe Downton Abbey.

Having found a nice little clear area in the park, Steve has lain out a blanket for him and Peggy. Having decided to try to surprise Peggy, Steve actually assembled what he read was a typical British pub lunch - with either Cheddar and Chutney or Steak and Onion sandwiches, crisps and a couple of growlers of Chocolate Love Stout. Might as well test Peggy's alcohol tolerance a little himself with the serum he shared with her.

"I'd made a more traditional meal." Steve explains as he sets out the food. "But I figured that bangers and mash were better served hot, considering how many times we had to eat them in a cold chow line while over in Britain." he teases her playfully.

Despite Peggy being British, her life growing up was not very much like either the upstairs or the downstairs of Downton Abbey. However, she does enjoy a good pub lunch and hasn't had one since the War, most likely. A Cheddar and Chutney sandwich is just what the doctor ordered. Leaning back on the blanket, the Agent of SHIELD has a napkin spread over her skirt to catch crumbs. Looking over the food Steve has assembled for them, she grins. "It's also a bit messy for a picnic," she adds. "This is perfect, though. I haven't had a proper pub lunch since London."

It's quite a lovely day and what with the all the changes the Avengers have had, it's good to be out of doors. "Plus, I've had enough bangers and mash to last a lifetime." Her own files and reports are in a bag set to the side - work is never too far behind them and there's been quite a lot of information to sort through lately. "It's nice to have lunch out of doors, rather than inside the Tower or HQ. We may have to make this something of a working lunch. There's quite a lot of paperwork to sort through with Doctor Banner's return to the US. Do you think it out of place to have him stay with the Avengers while we are sorting it all out?" He was on the most wanted list, after all.

After having threatened to give the help a "24 carat enema", Mariah has received information for the location of a one "Steve Rogers" from the extremely helpful but completely insane 'ninja spiderman' (self-described). Steve may regret having passed out that business card, but only time will tell.

Mariah Fox heads out to Central Park in order to locate Steve, but given that Central Park is exceptionally large, there's no guarantee she'll actually be able to find him before he finishes eating. Which may be very beneficial for Peggy.

"Considering that Wade is the one that got through to Doctor Banner and his companion, that makes perfect sense." Steve agrees with Peggy as he adjusts his sling so he can handle food with his air cast better. "Just make sure that Lucy is aware of the situation so that if it starts to become an issue she knows what to do. Wade is very much like.." and Steve pauses, trying to find a proper example to use. Finally, his face lights up as he hits a thought. "Salt. A little bit of him can be satisfying and even helpful and adds flavour. But too much of him can ruin a good thing and you end up having to throw everything away. I'll also have to make sure Tony knows what's going on so that none of his visitors accidently cause an incident." Turning thoughtful for a moment, Steve considers his sandwich. "And I think I like the idea of having meals outside, working or not. I never was one for being couped up for long. And I figured I would save the sandwich makings for when Clint and Natasha come over." he explains as he takes up one of the crisps and waves it at Peggy. "And we totally need to get them back for interupting movie night." Though how Steve plans on doing that yet, he has not quite figured out.

As he's settling down to take a bite of his sandwich, his phone buzzes. Down goes the sandwich. Up goes the phone. After a few minutes of conversation and a sigh from the erstwise Captain, Steve sets the phone down. "Well, you did say it was a working lunch." he points out as he grins apologetically. "We're going to have company. A young woman I nearly hit with a baseball a few days back - she's a mutant and here illegally, so I gave her my card in case she ran into trouble." he explains as he looks around. "Latino girl. Young, uh.." he tries to think on how to describe her, but it comes out really as, "Pretty non-discript." he admits finally. "Looks like any other teenage girl you'd probably expect from Central or South America." He reaches up and rubs the back of his head as he places another call to try to raise Mariah on the phone.

As Peggy plucks a sandwich from the offerings, she smiles. "Yes, I can see what you mean. He certainly has quite a lot to say on…everything." And not all of it makes sense. "But, he was able to calm down the Hulk using only Mexican food, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt." Taking a sip from her glass of beer, she smirks. "Yes, I believe we should. I'm sure we can figure out something quite spectacular."

She's eating as the phone rings and Steve has a quick conversation with whoever is on the other side of the line. With a smile, she nods. "I did. Unfortunately, duty rarely takes lunch breaks." At the mention of the woman being here illegally, she frowns and thinks this through. "Is she in trouble, then?" His description of Mariah is not exactly the most forthcoming - there are many people who could match that just within the vicinity of the park. Her eyes scan the area though, attempting to locate a woman with dark hair looking as if she's trying to find someone else.

Mariah is not used to the whole concept of cellphones, so she finally realizes something is going on when her backpack keeps making noise. Taking it off, she digs around in the bottom of the bag until she finally finds the disposable phone she picked up cheaply. Fumbling around with the buttons, she just misses the opportunity to respond to the call. "Hijue PUCHA!" she shouts (loudly) from not too far away, frustrated with the device. Depending on how good Steve's memory is, and how sharp his eyes are, he might just recognize the undocumented mutant in question.

As Peggy drinks from her growler, Steve does pay attention - because well, she asked if the serum would mess with her alochol tolerance. Not that Steve realizes this may take a while since she's British and could probably burn through a few pints without even a flinch. And she's never gone drinking with Steve, so this is all trial and error on his part. But like a teenager that's convinced his girlfriend to take a drink to calm down, he watches her. Without realizing he's watching. "Considering that you are the one of us that probably has the most experience in such tactics, I will follow your lead, hon." he says with a chuckle.

He starts to say more, until he hears a familiar voice. The cry out catches Steve's ears. As he glances up, he lays eyes on the dual colored haired woman. "Oh.. I had forgotten about that." he admits with a faint look of chagrin. "That's her." he says to Peggy in order to direct his wife's attention towards Mariah. "Her family was killed by Colombians.. uh, do you know anything about the FARC or any of that?" he asks curiously. While Steve has some insight, it's probably not as much or as deep as what Peggy can find out as a SHIELD agent. "Anyway, she had to sell.. well.. herself to get up here. Not in a sexual way.." he quickly amends. "You'll just have to see for yourself." He raises his good arm to flag down Mariah.

At the moment, Peggy hasn't realized that Steve is watching her intently to monitor her alcohol intake. She mentioned the question before - knowing that alcohol didn't affect him like it did other people. Instead, she just grins. "This isn't quite a battle plan," she tells him. Though, she could, in fact, treat it as such. But, that may be taking a simple prank payback a little far.

Peggy's eyes follow to where Steve's directing them. His description did not lend itself to dual-colored hair and she raises an eyebrow. "I'm not sure that is quite what I would call nondescript," she tells him with a soft laugh. Then, she thinks for a moment. "FARC? No, I don't believe I do." Her knowledge of Latin and South American present history is a bit lacking. "I will assume from context that they are terrorists?" Though, now it is something that warrants some study. His flustered explanation of Mariah is met with a curious expression, but he's right - it may be better to see for herself.

Mariah notices the waving arm, and her frustration turns to a wide grin. Bah! American technology. Who needs it? She stuffs the cellphone back into her backpack and slings it over her shoulder jogging over to where Steve and his ladyfriend are.

"Ah! There you are, mono! Qu'ubo?" she asks, slipping into a casual Columbian greeting without giving it much thought. English is taking getting used to. She nods politely to Peggy. "Nice to meet you too!" She seems peppy enough, despite the rather ragged profanity shouted at the cellphone earlier. "I was just looking for you, but ah, I see I'm being rude interrupting your lunch. I'll wait if you want."

"Of course this isn't a battle plan, Peggy." Steve says with a light-hearted grin that turns dvevious. "It's all-out war." SHIELD has given Steve Rogers one of the most dangerous weapons ever - a willing co-conspirator for fun. Poor team Hawkwidow will never know what's coming. As far as the non-descript comment, he offers a faint chuckle, his cheeks coloring. "Well.. visit Xavier's school sometime, you'll see things that will fix your perspective on that." Or they could just go to Times Square on a random Saturday night. Same effect.

Rising to his feet in a display of good manners, Steve shakes his head. "It's fine. It must be important if you came out here to find me." he offers, before gesturing to Peggy. "This is my wife, Peggy. She can help you probably far more than I can." he admits as he moves to retake his place on the blanket. "Are you hungry? We haven't really dug into lunch yet, but we have plenty. Uh.. but I'm afraid I only brought stouts with me. Are you old enough to drink?" Of course, for Steve, 18 really should be old enough to drink, after all, if you could die for your country..

As Mariah approaches, Peggy wipes her fingers free of crumbs on the napkin spread across her lap. Setting the sandwich down, she smiles and nods her head. Swinging her legs to sweep underneath her, she raises up onto her knees and offers her hand to shake. They're a polite pair. "A pleasure to meet you," she offers and gestures at the spread out lunch. "We've got plenty, if you don't mind talking and eating."

Steve's mention of her being able to help more than he can is met with a smile. "Depending on the problem," she amends. Settling back down onto the blanket into a more comfortable position, she leaves the talk of pranks behind for now. The fewer people know, the better, after all they are speaking of a prank war against fellow spies. They tend to find things out.

"Gracias muy amable," Mariah replies. She looks at Peggy's offered hand and moves to shake it - but doesn't. Instead, she wraps her fingers gently around Peggy's forearm, just behind the wrist, and gives a gentle up and down of the arm instead. Different manners for different cultures; it's the way ladies greet one another where she's from. Handshakes are for the menfolk.

She has a seat on the grass near Steve and Peggy. "I'd feel a little funny taking something without giving something in return. I dislike being " She pauses, thinking hard. "Free lifter? Is that the word? No, no /freeloader/, that's it. I came to find you because I wanted to ask a few questions - if it's okay with the both of you."

"It's only freeloading if you come in expecting to be given something for free. We offered to share freely." Steve points out, but doesn't press it any further as he retakes his seat on the blanket and picks up his sandwich to take a bite. "We'll answer what we can, of course." Glancing to Peggy, he looks to get her thoughts on the matter as well.

Peggy is surprised by the sudden change of handshake, but she's fought alongside enough people from different cultures that she doesn't startle or attempt to pull away. Instead, her handshake is a bit slower, but she mimics the gesture, turning her arm just slightly to make it easier. Something to remember for later.

A nod is given in agreement with Steve and his assurances that they will not be offended if she takes a sandwich. However, she refrains from picking hers up again for the moment. "Yes, of course, feel free to ask."

"Maybe in a little bit," Mariah agrees, settling down. "You're a good man, Senior Rogers. It will take me time to relax - when someone offers you free things in the barrios, it's not really 'free'." She leaves the implications unstated.

"I wanted to ask if you have seen some kids running around, some of them you -cannot- miss. Their names are Samuel, Killian, Dyson and Jose. They vanished from the Xavier school with no word to anyone else where they were going, and I'm worried about them."

At Mariah's request, Steve turns thoughtful, mulling over the question in his head. He's met a lot of people in his life and he's currently trying to match up the requested information, and considers. "I have only visited Xavier's school once, and it was a brief meeting with one of their administrators. I'm afraid I've only had limited contact with the students."

However, he doesn't just flat out let it there end, he continues to offer her at least something to work off of. "Have you spoken with Tony Stark? He was almost a regular fixture at the Academy, and he might be able to give you more information on where your missing friends have gone." he suggests as he takes out his phone and a sheet of paper to jot down a number. "I can give you the number to his secretary so you may set up a meeting with him to ask about it?"

"We have no intentions of extracting a favor in exchange for a sandwich," Peggy tells Mariah with a soft smile. At the question, Peggy looks to Steve. This is really something he knows more about than she does. She certainly doesn't know those names in particular. As he talks, she nods, hands folding in her lap.

"No thank you," Mariah replies. "I met 'Professoro Stark' at the mansion. He sprayed me with water guns like he thought he could be sooo funny. I see him again? I'm gonna punch him right in his stupid face." She smiles eeeeever so sweetly.

After setting down the sandwich, Steve lets out a small sigh as he rubs his hand through the back of his hair at the thought of one of Tony's 'pranks'. It figures that Tony would do something like that. A frustrated look is shared with Peggy as he tries to think on the options before him. "Well. If not him, I know that he is currently .. on friendly terms .. with one of the members of the staff. Doctor Jean Grey?" he offers as a suggestion and option B.

While Steve is thinking on it, he pulls out his phone and wallet and looks through a few scraps of paper. Finding the one he wants, he holds it out. "Oh. Okay, I push this.." he presses a button. "And then.." he clears his throat to speak up. "JARVIS?"

JARVIS' voice replies from the phone, "Yes, Captain?"

"Call Anna-Marie."

"Calling Anna-Marie. Yes or no?"

"Yes, please."


After a short conversation and explaining that there's a Mariah Fox down in Central Park looking for her missing friends that she JUST MIGHT KNOW about, Steve gives directions to the fountain that he and Peggy are having a picnic lunch near while Mariah is sitting with them. And yes, as he spoke, his first words were, "Anna? It's Cap."

Anna can probably put two and two together, especially when she sees that Steve is wearing a cast and sling on his right arm. Just like that Captain hero dude he doesn't talk about. He gave up his secret identity for you, Mariah, respect.

'Cap' is kind of meaningless to Mariah. She's only been in the USA for a month. No secret identity loss here! Respect remains optional.

He notices him struggling with the phone. "… I Hate those things too. Everyone around here walks around with one jammed in their face. Que vaina rude, right?" She sighs and ponders. Tony was with all those boys, then they went missing…

TONY KIDNAPPED THEM! Or bribed them with pizza. Either could be true, especially since Tony is an /evil capitalist pig/. Anyone with that much money -has- to be evil. Just ask the girl raised by Communist parents.

Rogue had received the call and had been utterly shocked to get a call from Captain America. She'd had a short conversation with him and had left Stark Tower quickly to meet up at the park. She'd been overseeing some of the ideas on the construction of the Tomorrow Academy in the tower, but was able to slip out and leave things up to the more skilled designers-there.

Walking at a casual clip through the park, Rogue had her hair tied back in a pony tail and the white locks of her bangs were blowing about her face as she tried to spy the location that Steve had given her over the phone. It took her a little while, but she found it and she could be seen walking up to the group with a smile on her face. She had on sunglasses, a beatup old straw cowboy hat, green tanktop, blue jeans and some cowboy boots that were mostly hidden under the cuffs of her jeans. On her neck was a black chain that had a dog tag dangling down beneath her collar bone, the edges of the tag were glowing a bright blue.

"Hey hey. Picnic in the park?" She asked them, glancing from Steve to Peggy and then to Mariah whom she never got the chance to meet at Xavier's.

Another rise up to greet Anna, and Steve chuckles, "Well, it started off as a working lunch with the wife, but it turned into a meeting. This is Mariah Fox." he offers with a gesture towards said bi-color maned girl. "She's a student at Xavier's, and was hoping to find out where some of her friends went. I thought you would probably be one of the best leads for that, since Doctor Grey is busy at the moment. Maria, this is Anna-Marie. She was an instructor.." he looks to Anna for confirmation of that, "..at the Academy, and can probably give you the best information on where your friends are.."

And as he speaks, at the edge of the fountain, a snout sticks out. A small dog, a puppy really, comes from behind the fountain. It's stomach grumbles in complaint. It hasn't had a meal in a few days, but it still looks rountund because it's got Corgi in it.. or maybe Beagle. Who knows for sure. Noticing the steak sandwich unattended, the dog makes a run for it and grabs the meat and bread and tries to take off. "HEY!" Steve offers, not yet back sitting as the dog runs, and he starts after it. "…come back here, boy!" he tries, his sandwich has been kidnapped by a puppy, is Steve a bad enough dude to rescue the sammich!

"I haven't seen Dyson, Killian, Samuel or Jose in awhile, and I was wondering if you had," Mariah says to Anna-Marie. "I was worried about them. I just want to know that they're all safe." She remains seated on the grass near Peggy, Steve, and Lunch.

Rogue watched the dog run off with the sandwich and it made her laugh quite openly. "Ahhh… that is, priceless… I think is the right word. Yeah." She nodded a couple times and reached her bare right hand up to her cheek to brush her white bangs out of her face. Her green eyes went back to Mariah when she spoke of the boys. She gave the girl a soft nod. "Yeah, they're all good." She told her. "They're staying at Stark Tower, infact… not too far from here. I can give you all their mobile numbers if you wanna text'em and chat with'em. I woulda figured they woulda told all their friends where they were though. Kinda rude of'em." She said to the young girl with a friendly smile.

As Steve attempts to make the phone work for him, Peggy smiles. She'd help, but eventually JARVIS is able to make the call for him. She waits for the set up, taking a few bites of her sandwich as they wait, gesturing for Mariah to have some if she'd like. "New phone," she tells Mariah with a smile, though to the pair of them smartphones in general are 'new phones'. As Rogue approaches, she again sits up and offers a hand to shake hers. "Pleasure. Ms. Fox had some questions and as we don't know those involved well enough, we thought you might be able to help." She lets Mariah do the talking, especially as her attention is pulled after Steve when he goes to chase his sandwich and the dog.

She can't help but grin at the sight, though for the moment she remains on the blanket with the two younger women. "Oh, just let him have it!" she laughs. "We have plenty!" In fact, she turns back to Rogue and Mariah. "There's sandwiches if you're hungry," she adds to Rogue, allowing her and Mariah to discuss the whereabouts of their friends. "I'd hurry before the wildlife decides to take them for themselves."

Steve hears Peggy's words, but really, it's a matter of pride. Or sandwiches. Or something. Maybe. He does catch up to the puppy and the dog flounders onto it's back, because exposing belly is the greatest defense mechanism ever. "…oh, goodness." Steve offers as he kneels down and rubs the dog's belly. "You haven't eaten in a while, have you?" he asks as he studies the dog. No collar, no tags. The Captain frowns. And instead of leaving her alone as Peggy suggested, Steve picks her up and carries her back over to the group. "We can take her by the shelter." he offers to Peggy, holding up the dog like a prize.

"They're not friends," Mariah clears up. "I just wanted to make sure they were okay. I didn't know them that well but that doesn't mean I shouldn't do my part to look out for them. I'm glad to know that they're all right, even if they're with a pendejo like Stark." Mariah is satisfied with this.

She eyes the sandwiches. "I am probably going to have to take at least one. I probably left fifteen pounds of gold with that weirdo in the red mask."

Rogue had shook Peggy's offered hand and smiled at her before looking at the shennanigans with the Captain and his doggie friend again. "Ah… nah… I don't wanna interrupt ya'lls fancy lunch date." She says to the offer. "But I definitely do appreciate the invitation." She then looked back toward Mariah when the girl spoke again and she didn't smile this time. After a short pause, and another clearing of white bangs from in front of her face she replied. "Fair enough. The boys are all fine, they're each away from Xavier's for their own individual reasons. So, yeah… mystery solved." She softly said back at the girl. She looked back to Peggy and Steve then. "Well, I better get back to it. Lots of changes going on at Stark's place lately, as ya'll are no doubt aware of." She flashed them a smile then and was making to turn and go back the way she'd come from in the park.

As Steve holds up the dog to the trio on the blanket, Peggy gives him a fond smile and shake of the head. It's not a no, actually. It's more that she's reminding herself of just how large hearted he can be. "She'll need a bath first," she tells him firmly, though as she reaches forward to pet the dog right behind the ears. Not even Agent Carter is immune to adorable dogs.

"Of course," she tells Mariah, gesturing at the sandwiches, though she pushes them away from the dog for the moment to avoid another runaway food situation. "Weirdo in the red mask?" She can't help but ask. While Peggy may not know what 'pendejo' means, the tone is enough to get the meaning across an she frowns just slightly. As Rogue waves her hand, she nods, glancing between the two other women and their interchange. "Yes, of course. Thank you for coming, Miss…" she actually doesn't know Anna-Marie's last name, so she trails off there.

"Fifteen.. pounds?" Steve asks, incrediolous. "I am sure that was extremely taxing on you." the Captain sounds apologetic, even as Peggy is petting the dog that will definetly go to the shelter after a bath. "…and I will make sure that Deadpool returns it all to you. The Avengers are not a for-profit agency, and if he has made you feel that way, rest-assured I will have words with him about his behaviour and will be sure that he issues an apology post-swift." He turns his attention to Anna. "Thanks, Anna. Make sure you leave those numbers for Mariah in case she does want to make contact." he frowns, and looks to the basket. "I think our lunch is about up, Peggy. Grab a couple of sandwiches for the walk back.. and one for this gal." Again, puppy is gestured. "…and Mariah, you are free to keep the rest or dispense it as you see fit." He carefully sidesteps the insult slinging towards Tony, there's bigger issues to deal with at the moment.

"Don't," Mariah admonishes Steve as she picks up a sandwich. "It started out as a shot-put, it cost me next to nothing, and it was a gift for his trouble. "Much as I hate to say it, Samuel and Wanda were right about practicing. I'm learning things I can do I didn't think I could before, which is good. Now all I need is someone to finish Papi's combat training and I'll be good."

"Carlyle is fine." Rogue replied to Peggy in regards to her last night. It wasn't the entirity of her last name, but it was enough to get the job done. she had one of those huge names that was tough to remember… so she was used to such. She then paused her turning to look at Steve and she gave him a big smile and a small huff of a laugh. "Yeah, right." She says about leaving the phone numbers. "Hey, if ya'll need anything, just hollar. Enjoy your food." She offered them all a small wave of her left hand as she turned fully and started to go back the way she'd come, her hands stuffing part=way into her jeans-shorts pockets and she started to cheerfully whistle a tune whilst walking away toward the throngs of Park visitors.

Steve looks thoughtful for a moment and frowns as he glances up towards Mariah. "In the future.." he amends his thought. "If Xavier's Academy wants to know information on their former students, they can contact Stark Industries. I do not appreciate being used as a pawn so you can glean information for your teachers. If they have further problems or questions, they can contact Stark.. or Captain America." he says flatly, his expression no longer as cheerful as it was at the beginning of this excursion, even with puppy in hands. The whole conversation left Steve feeling like he was just used to gather intelligence, and it's not something he takes lightly.

Deadpool, gold, gifts: there are things here that are going a bit over Peggy's head even as she follows along. Though her hand absently scratches the stray dog, her eyes follow Mariah and Rogue and Steve as they each talk in turn. "Ms. Carlyle, then," she nods at the given name as well as the offer for help. "We will, thank you," she replies to both the hope they enjoy their food as well as the help.

Lunch is winding down and she starts to pack up their odds and ends, leaving quite a few sandwiches for Mariah to either eat, save or give away should she wish to do so. A raised eyebrow is met at Steve's frown and chastisement about the information gathered. She doesn't add or soften any of the words there. She's a practiced study in the art of the neutral expression.

Mariah frowns.

"I asked for -myself-, Steve. I asked because -I- wanted to know. The school has telepaths, they already know. I /didn't/. I made it my business to see what happened to them because whether or not I like them or know them, that school took me in when I had no one and nothing, and they offered the chance at normal life, even if I fought against the very idea," Mariah says. "Those boys - some of them are only twelve. I lead kids Samuel's age through a Columbian jungle for two days to march to the nearest village and I looked after them as if I were their mother - I didn't know any of -them- either but I wasn't going to leave them in a revolutionary camp to become child soldiers."

"I may not know those four ninyos very well, but I have a -duty- to concern myself with their wellbeing because they were a part of the same school. If they were lost and no one knew, I would go out and find them even if no one else gave a damn, because it's the right thing to do."

"If you think I'm just some little spy doing dirty work for someone else - if you can't imagine that I'd care about people that I don't know and maybe don't even like - then maybe I misjudged you."

At Mariah's reply, Peggy stands and picks up the bag that now carries the remains of their picnic. Her tone is even as she studies the woman. "I do not know your school well, nor do I know the boys in question. However, I do know that often when people leave and do not say why or where they are going, there is a reason for it. Perhaps they did not have your contact information or any other way to contact you, however, there may also be a reason for their silence."

With a sigh, she continues, "You have a duty to yourself and your worry just as others have a duty to protect those not present. You did not know if they were lost or taken, now you know they were not. There are reasons for our caution and we do not give out information on children that may be hiding lightly, especially when the person asking has already professed to not know them well - or even like them."

She slips the bag over her arm, brushing off the rest of the grass from her skirt. "It's not that I cannot imagine it, Ms. Fox, but that it does not tend to be the image I think of first under these circumstances." After all, she does work for SHIELD, she's practically paid to be paranoid.

As they are married, one usually ends up speaking for both. And as Peggy speaks, Steve finds himself having nothing to add. He glances towards Peggy and shifts the weight of the puppy in his arms as the two of them start back towards their workplace or home to figure out their evening plans.

"We could call her Patriot. She looks like a Patriot."

Steve resolve is weakened by puppy. "I mean, for the shelter paperwork."

"I suppose I can't argue with that!" Mariah smiles. "Nice meeting you both. As long as they're safe, that's all I wanted to know." She gives a short wave, turns the opposite way, and head off into the trees.

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