2015-09-12 Academy of Partying
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Marie Tony Jean Jose Samuel Killian Dyson Jubilation Steve Peggy Clint Loki Mariah Charles
GMed by Rogue
Title: Academy of Partying

September 12, 2015
Stark Tower elevators rest in the center of the Academy's main floor. Four sets of silvery metal elevator doors that bring individuals into the state of the art educational facility known as the 'Academy of Tomorrow'.
The central elevator shaft is surrounded by a lounge / seating area that is decorated with odd-looking black leather furniture that both looks artistic and quite comfortable. There are four fountains also just outside of the elevator doors, however they do not spew water… they're holographic fountains that are cascading multi-colored beams of water-like light that shifts in patterns and colors and they simulate water while their holographic pools show pictures of New York City as well as the rest of the world, and various activities going on around the school. The fountains are a very popular place for people to hang out and watch the impressive display of tech.
The around the rest of the main floor are small hallways that have shining polished black-marble floors that lead to the various classrooms where the bulk of the education occurs. Every classroom has glass walls that can be fogged-out allowing the teacher to have privacy over their class as well as use the walls themselves to project lessons or videos to teach with.
The Academy of Tomorrow is the most highly advanced technological center of education in the world… and every corner of it displays this. Bright lit, sterile clean and with a very happy and lively atmosphere.

When Tony Stark builds something, he doesn't waste any time. After a plan is laid and the proper paper work is handled, the rest is a show of pure speed and efficency. And what a show it is. A month ago these three floors of Stark Tower were an empty office space that had relocated to an off-site building in Montreal… now the place is a brand new teaching faiclity that Stark himself says 'Is the way of the future of education, minus all the bullshit.'

The central lobby of the main highschool level has been decked out for a party and again, no expense was too great. Full food services, a classic orchestra playing near the designated dance area, and all manner of unexpected (and expected) guests have arrived. Many of Manhattan's top socialites as well as more 'street level' individuals as this facility is not designed to exclude anyone (so long as they behave of course). Party attendees have been filtering in the past half hour and most of them were near the food and drink area, of course, as the drinks were always the highlight of the evening for many party gowers. A lot of people were also mingling around the intriguing holographic fountains that were spraying their 'illusion water' up high into the air in a vivid display of wild colors that was quite an entertaining sight to witness.

Naturally Happy Hogun was there, helping to answer any questions that some guest may have as well as Direct them. He keeps a vigilant eye out in case of trouble, though he hopes and doubts there will be. Dressed for the black tie event he meranders between the drinks and the fountains occasionly glancing to the 'illusion water' cause sometimes even he has to be impressed by what happens.

Attending the event was also Jose. The youngmutant naturally had some itchy fingers, but was keeping that in check. None the less he was dressed… decently to say the least. Jose wore an itialian style blue suit with a bolo tie instead of a standard one. And for some reason he had a circular oil stain on the pants and the back of the jacket, but otherwise he looks well put togeather as he darts here and there silently, curisouly.

Anna-Marie had helped where she could with the design and such of the school, but Tony had hired some pretty killer Manhattan-ite designers and they were a bit much for the young southerner to handle. She stands near the sofa and chair area and beside her is a diaplay of mannequins show-casing the school's uniforms. "Nah, see, its a different set of gear for every season. We got the fall set here." She was speaking to some party-guests, five people total. She motioned to a male / female mannequin wearing leather jackets of charcoal color with black 'AT' logos on their shoulders. "And then the winter set… and spring." She motioned to the other sets of uniforms, they were all extremely stylish and not at all like the traditional 'school uniform' one might picture in their heads. Rogue was wearing a black dress that hugged her form nicely and her wild brown/white hair was loose and cascading down her shoulders, wildly… but in a very nice way.

Arriving just a shade late, a few minutes before it would be fashionable and about five minutes too late to be considered 'on time', Sam steps out of the lift. Through the glass tube it's just about possible to see him arrive, descending from the upper floors rather than ascending from the ground floor like the majority of party guests. Today the young mutant is dressed immaculately, in a dark blue suit with white shirt, and a lighter blue tie in a full windsor knot completing the outfit. He's even wearing proper black dress shoes rather than sneakers for a change. His steps are slightly labored, favoring his left leg, and leaning somewhat heavily on a black walking cane with a silver 'yorkshire' handle.

With a gentle chime of the elevator, Steve Rogers steps through the door with Peggy Carter-Rogers accompanying him. Instead of wearing the uniform that generally serves as his vanguard for formal events, Peggy actually convinced the Sentinel of Liberty to wear different formal attire. A double-breasted tuxedo with a conservative and trim silhouette, a plain black bowtie around the collar and a pocket squared handkerchief with a flower in the lapel provided by Peggy. She has a matching wrist corset because flowers are ALWAYS appropriate on a formal date as he was taught as a young man in the late 1920s.

His highly polished oxfords click against the floor as he turns one more time to allow Peggy to fix his bowtie one more time that just doesn't seem to want to remain straight under his care.
Charles is in his one suit he still had left arriving a bit late after everyone as it took him a minute to find it. Most of his things were still in transit as no form of telepathy could fix lost luggage. He smiled warmly as he entered the building hoping to at least give them a chance while he was here. Looking around at the group he gives smiles, and nods around to whoever meets his sight. Looking over his shoulder he smiles, "Please just push me over there please" he nods over to the refreshments to the person standing behind him he met on his way up here.

Clint hates parties. He hates parties where he has to wear a monkey suit even more. He's also not real good with kids. But still, Hawkeye knows the optics of not attending an event such as this. So, he got himself into his monkey suit (with purple bowtie) shaved, and combed his hair back. He steps out of the elevator behind Peggy and Steve. He takes a deep breath, looks around and announces, "I need a drink."

Loki arrives stealthily wearing a suit, his hair slicked back and his trusty Laevateinn in walking stick form. His mischeivous green eyes look around, taking in the sights. He doesn't know anyone here but Tony, really, so the young Asgardian keeps his distance, noting the people he does recognize that might not recognize him.

There are many different folks invited to this event. One being the Mayor of the city who arrives shortly after Steve and his wife. James Rhodes is with him being assigned to be sure he is safe along with his usual guards. Looking about he raises a hand towards Happy and others that might know him.

Killian is here too! Well he is one of the students so attendance is key, he'd spent all day doing different anger management techniques to get ready for tonight and at the perfect level of calm here he is, dressed in a black dress shirt and skinny grey/silver tie he's over by the food talking to what appears to be another Killian.

The orchestral band is in full swinging playing some very lovely classical style music at an upbeat pace and there are individuals already on the dance floor enjoying the very fine music.

While Peggy has been a guest of the Stark Tower for a short period of time and even has an office on another floor, she has yet to see the Academy of Tomorrow. Duly impressed by the architecture and the holographic fountains, she moves into the central lobby with a click of high heels. She's dressed in vintage-looking formal wear - a simple chiffon dress in an emerald green that floats with her movement. The red and white flowers about her wrist make a lovely contrast to the color.

Pausing briefly, she tugs and readjusts Steve's bowtie with a wry smile on her face. "Well, you both look incredibly handsome," she tells Steve and Clint. "Though, I'm not sure how much alcohol there will be available, as this is a school that houses minors."

Jubilation Lee had arrived. She carefully maneuvered off the elevator, pushing a wheelchair bearing the good Professor. Her dress was black leather and had a red satin sash and bow at the waist in the front. Her usually punky hair was styled in a pin-up style coif and tied with a matching red satin ribbon as a headband. Red heels boosted her height by five inches, and she barely limped now, a red scar gracing her left shin, the only reminder of her encounter with a handgun a week before. She wore a necklace…the pendant a spent brass shell casing.

"You don't have a flask arrow?" Steve asks Clint with a chuckle as he holds steady for the fixing of bowties. "We really need to find you a date or a girlfriend." he comments with a grin. "Peggy? Let's see if there's any teachers that might want an arrow in her apple."

Charles looks back at Jubilation, "Oh I am glad you found me I thought I was going to have to push myself around, and that is just embarassing." he stears her slightly to the bar. "I wonder if they have tea here." he adds as he raises a hand, and 'helps' the bartender see him a bit quicker with a small smile. "Do you want something.." he pauses, "Non-Alcholic thank you.." and chuckles as he looks around the place.. "Well I will give Tony this, it seems to be very well made."

Happy waves and grins at the guest as they Arrive. He offers Charles and Jubilation a handshake in greeting "Welcome to the Academy of Tommorow" of course he has seen Jubilation around the tower but had yet to meet Charles himself, though has heard things. Looking to Clint and Hearing Steve he says with dry humor "Trust me, you'll going to need several by nights end" and to Peggy "And you are looking lovely as ever"

Contineuing to dart about Jose smirks heaering Peggy and says quietly to himself "Huh, I wonder how much of that stuff I can sneak?" He adjust his head phones and blinks. His voice resounds near Killian and his twin, without being anywhere near them "Huh, your bro sound as ugly as you do" goes the voice. Upon seeing Samuel he heads over to see if his friend needed any help, he was a bit of a worry wort. Though he can't help but glance to unfamilar faces such as Loki as he passes them "Huh, these things are weird"
"This is a party. Hosted by Tony Stark. There's alcohol. Of that I am certain," says Clint. He tugs uncomfortably at his own tie, knocking it a little askew. He's a spy. A sniper. He's used to being up high and getting the full lay of the land. This being on the ground busineses is not for the birds. Or for the Hawk. He cranes his neck until he spots the bar, then he's practically skipping off towards it.

From a different direction entirely enters Tony dressed in a black tux and bowtie. On his arm is Jean Grey dressed in a dark green dress. He knows some are waiting for her to show off her new medical facilities, so he gives the top of her hand a kiss before they part into different directions for now at least. Greeting the Mayor with a shake of the hand. Glancing around he moves then to Steve, Peggy, and Clint "So glad you could make it. Nice color there Hawk." he tugs at his bowtie lightly, "Color the hair green you might look kind of like Joker from those comics." he gests.

As Jose approaches him, Sam gives his friend a wave and gives him a clap on the shoulder. "I'm okay, don't worry. Leg's feeling a lot better today. Go have fun." And having said that, he hobbles over towards Professor Xavier. He hadn't seen the man in a long time, and felt there was something that needed to be said before the night went on any further. It's a merry sight, the young mutant heading with a determined hobble towards the man in the wheelchair, but eventually he does seem to make some progress, and hails the pair from a respectful distance. "Good evening, Professor. How are you tonight?"

Yes, Dr. Jean Grey, arriving gracefully on Tony's arm. She gives him a smile at the kiss to her hand before the graceful woman in dark green turns to head deeper into the crowd. She does have business with a few of them to tend to.

Rogue continued to speak to those at the uniform display area and she was smiling at what they were saying to her, but they were people she didn't really have a lot in common with. So it was mostly just pleasantries and such. Marie's eyes kept looking up toward the new arrivals as familar faces arrived and many others she did not know at all. She glanced over at Killian and saw what would be one of his brothers and she waved at them. Her green eyes drifted to the side then and she saw Jubilee and the Professor, another wave would be offered to them if they made eye contact with her.

With Clint peeling off from the couple, Steve can't help but to grin. "I swear that might be a mutant power for him he just doesn't know he has.. alcohol awareness? Social avoidance?" he's pondering that when Tony and Jean approach and he offers a smile to return greetings. "Tony, Doctor Grey, it looks great down here." he comments as he looks around. For a reception area, it's impressive indeed. "We just wanted to stop by and see what the fuss has been about. I'm glad to see you get someone's dream off the ground." The Captain settles next to Peggy. While he may have done a lot of social visits when he first came out of the lab, it reminds him too much of those lab rat days, before Peggy convinced him to go for his worth.

Killian looks round at the side of the voice for Jose, once located Killian and his twin head in his direction, over at the bar are his four older brothers, two elder ones poking fun at the younger two as they won't be served, his parents are talking to one of the staff members with his adopted little brother. Catching up to Jose Liam taps him on the shoulder, "Really wanna play pranks in a room full of Rosens?"

Smiling warmly, Jubilation leaned down to smooth the soft black leather of her extremely - fitted dress as she spoke to the Professor. "Can't let you push yourself around in a place like this. You're a formidable-enough figure as it is. The room couldn't handle two of you." She rises then, looking at the bartender, her eyes alight. "Surprise me, Handsome. Make me something sweet? Something with a cherry. Pretty please?"

Clint returns in time to catch Tony's comment about his tie. He's carrying three drinks quite deftly. Peggy's handed a Manhattan, Steve gets an orange juice. He has something very strong and on the rocks - probably bourbon or whiskey. "You know me, Tony. Always up for making people laugh." And then he takes a rather healthy shot of the drink and looks around, almost with paranoia. Children.

Taking a look at Jubilation, the bartender smiles. "I got just the thing." A few moments later, she's served a Shirley Temple. It has a cherry on top.

Charles smiles at Jose as he approaches, most who went to his school would get the same warm smile as they in his mind were all still his students in a way. Though some may choose to go here instead that didn't change his memories of them so would not effect his outlook. "Ah… Jose. It has been a while, I hope things are going well or you." he sees Rogue from the corner of his eye, and gives her a small wave. "So are you going to be a student here soon? It looks like such a nice place?" he looks up at the Bartender.. "Earl Grey i you have it.. water if you don't." he wasn't much of a drinker, prefered to keep his mind clear. "Still a joker Jubilation.. I heard you have talked to Logan I hope he is also well.. I haven't heard from him since I left." he keeps an eye on Tony, and Jean as he talks not staring, but watching for a time just observing quietly.

Peggy contemplates Clint at Steve's words. "You may just be right, Steve. I'm sure there will be quite a few eligible ladies here tonight. Barring the students, of course, I'm sure we could find you an upstanding young woman. Or not so upstanding, if that's your wish," she smirks at Clint. If Steve is going to make liquor jokes, she is going to be able to make her own.

At Happy's appearance and compliment, Peggy smiles. "Thank you," she replies. To Clint, she grins. "If you're so inclined, bring us back a drink, then." If he's so eager to get to the bar, she'll keep an eye out on the rest of the floor. There are quite a few people here: only a few she actually recognizes. To Steve, she asks, "I vote that we stay in one spot until Clint returns with the drinks and then we can circulate."

"If that's a challenge, best bring it" Jose says with a grin. Oh yea, he would be up for it, no doubts on it "How, you know Killian always said you were identicle, but you ain't half as ugly" He looks at what he assumes is Killian family "Dang, and here I thought I had something to worry about" He glances over to Clint "But it just me or is that guy really paranoid sounding?" He looks around again and adjust the setting on his headphones.
The elevator dings and the doors slide open to reveal one of the soon-to-be students. Well, /most/ of the student because with his 8'3" height, Dyson's head is blocked by the top of the door so he has to duck into the Academy Floor. The grey skinned giant has forgone his his usual lazy geek chic for something both formal and original.. A white dress shirt with a high oriental collar (no tie) and a black formal utility kilt that hangs just below his knees. Though the oversized mutant usually doesn't wear shoes, tonight his massive feet are ensconsed in black roman-like sandals that strap up his calves. There is a shy look on his face as he peers around the room, licking his lips nervously… So many people he doesn't know except for on the news….

Orange juice? Steve looks down at the glass and at Clint. See, this is why he's a boy scout - because he's treated like one sometimes. Even his /wife/ gets an alcoholic drink. Sipping from his glass, he gives Peggy a glance. "Well, I was told that Anna-Marie isn't seeing anyone at the moment. She can take his breath away." Literally, at that. Meet the humor that is the Peggy and Steve show. We're here all week, try the martinis, they're dry like they are.

"Jean and Marie both did a great job." Tony smiles looking over to where Marie is showing off the uniforms. "Speaking of single she definitely is.." he elbows Clint. Moving on he glances towards Loki offering him a wave. But for now he heads in the direction of someone else, "Professor Xavier! So finally we meet in person. Welcome welcome to you and your lovely guest." a nod is offered to Jubilation.

At the greeting, Jean does belatedly give Steve a warm smile. "Captain." She really isn't trying to ignore anyone. It is just… busy. Though for a brief moment her green eyes do meet the blues of Xavier, a much more respectful bow of her head given to the Professor. But for now, she keeps her distance, talking to some clients.

"Mhmm. Jubilation smiled brightly at the professor while stirring her drink idly holding the stem of the cherry. "Logan's quite well. I have spent the past few days with him." She fingered the shell casing she wore as a pendant absently. "I had thought maybe there would be a job for me with the Academy if not Xavier's…But it seems I have found a job working as an assistant to Dr. Banner. The poor guy needs me. I don't think he gets out much."

"If you guys try to set me up with someone, I swear to god I'll tapdance at you all," says Clint, tone as dry as a desert wind. He slurps his drink again and coughs slightly. "Either that or I'll prank arrow you at an inconvenient time and place of my own choosing. I have some filled with glitter. And others filled with slightly less insidious compounds." He doesn't like it when people pay attention to him. If Nat were here, they could trade sardonic comments. But he's on his own.

Rogue watched around as she stood by the uniforms still. She was quite proud of them, afterall, since she helped design them and the students who were already enrolled all seemed like them quite a lot. She held her gloved hands together in front of her black-dress-covered lap and she smiled and nodded to some of the old people that walked past looking at the uniforms and clearly not approving of their non-traditioanl appearances. When Dyson entered, Anna-Marie instantly saw the big guy and she lifted her left hand up to wave at him across the short distance from the elevators, she gave him a thumbs up too, approving of his fancy outfit.

Charles gets his drink, and looks up at Tony. "Ah the man of the hour… Yes it is good we meet. I am sorry I have been just super busy since I have came back. Though it seems I am not the only one." he catches the nod, and looks away for now to let her do her thing. "I am impressed Mr. Stark, you have done well here." he waves a hand to show he means the whole floor. "Oh and my guest seems to know you better then me now. I hope this Dr. Banner is taking care of my young student here. It seems she has gotten herself in trouble in my absence." he smiles with a small chuckle. He seems to pick up an errant though of troublemakers, but doesn't say anything… It wasn't his school, nor his place, besides he would of had to focus to find where it was coming from other then accidently picking something up. He falls silent again just sipping his drink listening to the room.

Killian grins as Jose, "Time will come, I'd watch the little one though if I were you", he nods at the four year old Hunter standing with his parents, "You think I'm explosive", grinning he taps Liam on the shoulder and nods at their brothers heading towards Marie, time to intersept, this one is off limits guys.

Dyson meanders carefully, moving with a cautious grace as not to bump into anyone, always watching his step. To him it's like being /the rocking chair/ in a room full of cats. If he gets any looks he tries not to notice or be bothered by it. His course takes him to edge of the crowd, where he looks to be maybe a BIT more comfortable.. The worlds tallest wallflower. His towering height still allows him to see pretty much everyone. As he picks a small (to him) glass of sparkling grape juice from a passing tray he notices Rogues wave and blushes as she thumbs up his apparel.. A few more faces resolve in teh crowd that are familiar.. Killiand and Jose whom get a s small wave. The Captain, of course, which makes him have a moment's giddy smile, and a familiar bald pate alongside Tony.. Xavier. Most everyone else is someone he only knows by proxy. He fidgets nervously with his collar before taking a sip.

"It is a great pleasure to meet you. I taught at your school for a short stent while helping to fend off the sentinels." he expresses genuinely while taking an offered club soda. "I really do respect what you are doing there. Please do enjoy yourself, tour around and if you have any questions feel free."

Jose looks at the four year old Hunter and then back "I'll keep that in mind" he says with a grin. With moments he silently dissappears into the crowd. A voice first appears by Clint as a whisper "Stead of knocking arrows, I say put some ghost pepper oil in one of their drinks. That or throw itching powder at them, the classics always work!" goes the voice. His voice then appears by Dyson "Huh, and here I thought only gladiators wear skirts" he says in a joking tease. None the less though the sneaking mutant stays relativly out of sight seeming to try and make his way towards the bar. He keeps an ear out for Jean and Xaviers, after all it is pretty hard to get around telepaths sometimes

Jubilee took the opportunity to slip away from the bar, wandering through the place. She admired the design and decor, finally catching sight of Marie, and making her way toward her. "Marie! God it's good to see a familiar face!" She side-hugged Rogue lightly, careful to avoid contact with her skin.

"I've seen you dance, Clint, that's no longer a threat." Steve responds dryly. "But I will leave the matchmaking to your dance partner, after all, I'm sure she knows your tastes far better than I." he starts to say, though he does lower his voice and speaks quieter, between himself, Peggy, and Clint. Not that it matters with telepaths around. "It would do good to foster relations between the Avengers and the school if you were to be friendly towards Miss Marie." he points out as he sips from his orange juice again.

Sam is still without a drink, but certainly resolves that by getting apple juice from the bar. Only with a drink in hand does he turn back and respond to Xavier. "Yeah, my parents thought it would be better for me to go to school here in the new Academy. I mean… I loved my time at Xavier's, I really did, you helped me a lot when I really needed it. I'm glad there's two schools for people like us now though."

Rogue could spot one of Killian's kin from across the room, and she did tonight, ironicalalalaly. She grinned at the brothers to the infamous Killian and offered them a wave before she looked over at Jubilee when she approached. "Hey!" She says with a big grin at the girl. "You're lookin' pretty damn nice tonight!" She said, returning the half-hug. "Hows things?" She lifted her gloved hands up to push her white bangs back out of her face and she grinned at Jubilee. "You ready to come work here?" She teased her friend.

"Yes, it looks lovely, Tony, Dr. Grey," Peggy agrees with Steve as everyone circulates. Taking her drink from Clint, she takes a sip of it before seeing that Steve has been handed an orange juice. Though she laughs, she also holds out her own drink so that the pair of them may share. "That sounds like a challenge, Clint," she replies. Then, she raises her eyebrow to Steve at his suggestion. "Steve Rogers," she sounds genuinely surprised and amused. "That was a practically devious suggestion."

Charles smiles, and nods looking at Tony solemly for a moment and offers a hand also to him. "I want to thank you for what you did protecting those kids.. I owe you one for that. But after the lights, and the parties we will have to talk again sometime. A bit too loud or me here. It has been forver since I have been around so many people and they were not learning something." he gives a chuckle, and brings his hand back. Looking at Sam "You need to pick the path that is right for you. If you like it here then I would say go for it. We will miss you, but if you ever want to come back we will keep a light on for you okay?" he pats the boy on the arm. "If you will excuse me for now." and starts rolling his way over to Dyson.. "Bit crowded… you alright?" and smiles up at him. In a lower voice he adds. "Tell ya a secret… Never been one for parties myself."

Having dealt with some of the clients that attenteded that she needed to speak with. Or at least as much as she can do for now, Jean re-emerges from the thrull of the crowd to reappear at Tony's side, politely smiling to the Professor. "Professor Xavier, it is good to see you. I do apologize that I was detained. Medical business never rests even during parties, I'm afraid."

Clint just lifts one of his expressive eyebrows at Jose. He doesn't say anything. Instead, he turns his attention back to Steve and Peggy and leans in. "Cap, buddy," he begins. He puts a hand on Steve's shoulder. "I am not the guy who you send to foster good relations. I'm the guy you send to end relations with a pointy arrow." He leans back, then drains the rest of his drink in one mouthful. He looks like he's wondering how long he has to stay for it not to be rude. It's not the fault of the party, it's just…this isn't exactly his natural environment, unlike Mr. and Mrs. Steggy Crogers over there.

Dyson huhs and quickly looks around for the source of the voice, then realizes it is Jose doing what Jose does best. ventrilotease him. He rolls his pupiless eyes and looks in his short friends direction, sticking out his toungue, the blushes again when he realizes thats not very dignified. He sticks by the wall, biting his lower lip as he swishes his drink around in the glass, looking a little bit unsure of where to go.. He's not a social butterfly, almost half the people he doesn't know, and half of the others are people that intimidate him. Amazingly, he never noticed Charles wheel up to him and almost chokes on his grape juice as the Professor speaks to him. "O-Oh.. sorry.." he sputters, wiping some of the droplets from his lips, flushing a deeper grey. "Y-You seem to d-do good at them, S-sir. I just feel… like I s-stick out. A p-pumpkin in a c-carrot patch.." he says softly.

Jubilee smiled brightly at Rogue with a wink. "Depends. Need a part-time gymnastics goddess? Oh! I mean trainer!" She grinned and scanned the room, adding, "Brucie has had me busy studying things like multi-allele bilateralism…." She looked back at Rogue again. "And you're lookin' pretty black-'n-white-HOT yourself!"

Tony nods his head to Charles, "We definitely should get together and talk in a quieter setting." a look is given to Jean when she approaches Xavier and Dyson. "Looking sharp, boys." he says to Jose, Kian, and Sam in passing as he moves towards Marie and Jubes. "Everything looks great."

As all his conversational partners scatter, Sam is left by himself at the bar, feeling fairly self conscious. Truth be told, he's not the party and social mingling type either, and begins to hobble away towards a less crowded part of the room.

Steve misinterpets the offered drink as a toast and tips his glass against Peggy's, before he takes a long draw from his orange juice. "Me? Devious?" he just looks all innocent and sweet how could he ever be devious. He eyes Peggy over his glass, unable to hide a smile. Just a small one. With the party turning more to the school, the Captain is willingly backing away from the limelight. He's part of the Avengers. This is not an Avengers function, so he's mainly here to support his friend and idea.

"Hey, team gym teacher." Rogue says back at Jubilee, lifting her right hand up in a fist for a bump. "Yeh, gotta stick together." She smirks then and glances down at herself, going to smooth her own dress out. "I feel weird in this… but, the ladies at the store said it made me 'light up the sky'." She looked back at Jubilee and rolled her eyes before grinning again. "Whatever the hell that means…. So who's this… 'Brucie'?" she then asked her friend before Tony showed up. Rogue reached her hands out to grab his arms. "Ahhhh!" She said softly at him before grinning again. "The Mayor is here… has Jose bothered him yet?"

Three people spotting a sneaking Jose? He must be out of practice! Well he abadons the attempt to try and steal a drink from the bar. Three spots means a job won't go right. But hey, at least he looked sharp according to Tony! This brings a small smile to his face. Though the mayor may have 'lost' his wallet as Jose darts past silently. Stopping by the dance floor he cants his head "How do people even dance to this stuff?" his voice says by Sam.

Charles chuckles a bit to himself. "Well young man, I use to be the same way. You want to know how I got past it." he smiles at Jean as he see's her approaching and quickly whispers to him.. "I gave a speech to the congress without realizing the night before someone had drawn a picture on the top of my head.. I was so embarassed that ever since then I figured if I could get through that day.. these wouldn't be so bad." and gives a wink.. to the boy hoping a little bit of humor would relax him to the enviroment. Looking up at Jean he smiles, "Oh Dr. Grey it has been a while, you have been missed, I hope things are well?" he gives her the smile he gives to his students.. He knows she is old enough to run her own school now, but in his mind she is still that little girl in the danger room trying to show she had what it took to be an X-Man. "Hopefull you have been staying out of trouble at least?"

She grew up at the mansion. It was her home, but like any child, they eventually leave home, but they still miss it. Its home. Always will be. Jean offers a brief smile to Tony, though her gaze settles on the Professor. "I have been well enough." Though there are subtle lines of exhaustion in her features. A constant strain that is wearing her down slowly but surely.

"To be honest there is something I need to speak with you about." When he mentions trouble. Jean smiles lightly, though without mirth as there is more concern in her eyes, whatever else is said is kept perfectly silent and only for his mind.

Dyson has to chuckle a little himself and his massive shoulders sag a little bit as his stress goes away a little bit now. He nods and looks down at the professor, smiling a bit. "I hope you drew a mustached on w-whoever drew on y-you, though, s-sir. One good joke d-deserves another." he tells him. He looks to Jean as she closes in and his smile broadens. "H-Hi, Ms. Jean! You l-look real nice tonight." he says, enthusiasticly. He then realizes it has been about a minute so it's time to do a security sweep with his eyes again for Jose and his partners in crime.

Jubilation fist bumps Rogue, and draws back her hand to "explode" as the tiniest of glittering red fireworks makes a brief appearance within her hand. "Dr. Bruce Banner. He calls me Jubis, though and joked that I should call him Master." She shrugs and and shakes her head. "I don't get it. But scientist - types are totally weird, anyway. Jesus, you shoulda seen him freak out when he met Logan. He acted like he was gonna bust outta his clothes right there, trying to get away," she continues cluelessly.

Clint sets his empty glass down on a nearby surface. To his credit, he doesn't immediately go for more. Instead, he stands with hands dug into his pockets, shoulders hunched forward. He lasts all of about five minutes before he gives up, goes, "Welp," then heads for the bar. What else is there to do? Talk to people? Mingle? Psh.

Rogue stood there near the display case of the mannequins that were beneath individual spotlights showing off the Seasons of Tomorrow uniforms. She grinned at Jubilee's little spark shower to their fist bump, nodding a few times in approval. "I used to wannna bust outta my clothes when I was around Logan too… but that was a long time ago. Then I got to know him more and the clothing wanted to stay firmly-in-place." She grinned at the other girl. "I need a drink…" She said aloud.

Charles smiles at Dyson, "Oh we have ways of handling pranksters." but then goes quiet for a moment just sitting in his chair. He just focuses on his glass infront of him not speaking seemly busy with other thoughts. He doesn't seem to be ignoring anyone just focus on what he is doing.

Peggy grins at Clint's response to Steve. "Perhaps I should find more undercover work for you, Clint. You really should practice your people skills. It's a very important part of the job." It's clear she's teasing the man, now. She can't help it. Parties aren't really her natural habitat, but she doesn't feel ill at ease at them. When Steve clinks his glass against hers, she blinks and then drinks. That's only polite. She gives him a grin at his innocent look. He pulls it off far better than others - the whole Boy America thing gives him some extra help in that department. "I fear I am having a bad influence on you."

Tony blinks at Marie, "Not that I know of. You wanted to take your clothes off for short stuff?" he frowns at this. "Should go over there and dance with him." he points towards Clint. "He likes to shoot arrows."

Jean is silent, watching the party as she stands at Xavier's side. Though at one point, her eyes close, a flicker of emotional hurt crossing her features. "I'm sorry you even had to ask that." She says aloud, the good Doctor turning away from her long time mentor to meld into the sea of other people. She needs a moment.

While Steve is chatting with Peggy, he hands off his empty glass as he notices the rendevous that's about to occur at the bar. Sometimes, he's try to save his friend. In this case? He notices the dancefloor and takes Peggy's drink to set it on the tray as well. "Missus Rogers, may I have the honor of a dance?" he asks with a warm smile, "And you are one of the best influences of my life. You should know that by now. You know my value almost as well as you know your own."

Jubilee blushes, going pink and quiet at Rogue's remark, and immediately changes the subject. "I'd offer to get one for you but I still lack a year or so before I can drink at the big girl table."
Samuel has disconnected.

Welp Jose looks through the Mayors wallet. Was the usual junk, credit cards, money, ID, social secruity cards "Huh, you think the mayor would have something more intresting" Jose musces to himself. He puts the wallet in his pocket, he'll return it latter. Mean while the Mayor was patting himself down looking for said wallet, while Jose considers dancing on the dance floor. He watches the movements carefully and cants his head some.

"If I was on a mission, I'd be fine. I just don't know what the hell to do with myself," Clint responds to Peggy as he's on his way to the bar. When he gets through the line and has another drink in-hand, he realizes that Peggy and Steve are about to dance. That means he has nowhere to retreat. Except by this handy pillar. This pillar needs propping up with his casual lean, right?

Dyson uhms, looking between the professor and the doctor as borth seem to go quiet. Not /quite/ sure what just happened he sloooowly steps back as they each look a different direction, and slides along the wall until he is away from the Cone of Awkward Silence. Luckily he is at the bar, now. ANd this bar has snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.. And a glass that is /his/ size already chilled and filled with Dr. Pepper. Thank god.

Rogue looked over at Jubilee and grinned at her. "I'll sneak ya one." She tells her in a low voice. She then looked sideward to Tony and followed his indication of who he was speaking of. Anna-Marie then looked back at Stark. "He's hot. Yes." She tells him. "But he looks pissed off… like a dog in a cage." She grinned then. "I'm going to the bar, you want anything?" She asks, and then looked around. "Where's red?" She tried to find Jean… couldn't… then reached out with her mind. "Where ya hidin'…" She mumbled as she walked toward the bar now.

Tony looks among the crowd noticing Jean seems upset or indifferent. "Pardon me, ladies." he tells Jubes and Marie now he heads off to Jean. "Are you alright?" is asked lightly. Grabbing a couple of glasses of champagne from a passing tray he offers her one.

Charles looks up again and sighs himself looking around a bit taking another drink. He sees that Dyson has moved of and chuckles to himself.. darn kids just don't have patience anymore. And wheels himself around the room starting to take a look at the classrooms themselves.

Yea, nope. Jose may get the rythem and the vibe of the music, but he has no clue how any dances to it. He shimmies on over walking around, trying to figure out what's going on. Eventualy he ends up near Clint and asks him outright "So your Clint right? Or was it lint. Cause if your lint, that s one odd name cosndier lint is laundry." That one way to start a conversation.

"Your mission for the evening is to go undercover as a charming and social member of SHIELD," Peggy tells Clint with a smirk. At Steve's question she takes another drink of her Manhattan and then smiles. "Of course you may."

Wandering off to a quiet corner, hard to settle the growing headache with so many people around. Xavier has the right idea! She turns first to Rogue coming up to find her, Jean smiling at her friend, since she caught her at the corner at the end of the bar. "Marie." Tony's approach is also met with a soft smile. "I'm alright." She just looks tired, taking the champagne graciously to take a small sip from.

"That might be Mission: Impossible for him, Peggy. I mean he's not as suave as Tom Cruise.. but he might jump on the couch." Steve admits as he settles his hand in his wife's to lead her out onto the dance floor. Sliding his arms about her waist, they set off in motion to the music.

Mariah is intentionally avoiding the crowd. Too many people for her tastes. Trust issues, rich people — you get the idea. Nevermind the irony of the fact that her mutant-power-generated dress could buy a small island. She is looking out the window and enjoying the look of the skyline at night.

Rogue stepped up to Jean at the bar and she heard her claim to be fine. She smiled at her friend and nodded once, accepting that… if her former teacher said she was fine, then she was fine. So Rogue went down to one of the bartender's and ordered a drink. "No. I don't champagne or wine. I want a beer…" She told the woman. "Not in a glass, no. I want a bottle. Make it two bottles. The first one's not gonna make it past the walk back to my friends." She said with a grin.

"That is Mission: Impossible, Agent Car…" Clint just looks at Steve. "Hey hey. Your job is not to step on my one-liners. That's Nat's job. Give a guy a little space." He sips his drink and smiles at the happy couple.
When Jose addresses him in an utterly bizarre and nonsensical way, his brows just knit together. "Yeah uh. Are you high? Are you on some funny pills? Cause I'm pretty sure that's not allowed here."

Tony takes a sip of his drink, "You are doing great." he reassures Jean lightly. "Be right back." Now moving to where the band plays he takes the microphone to make one of those classic speeches he is sure everyone has been waiting for, "May I have everyone's attention? Please."

Jubilee sidles up next to Mariah and nudges gently against her shoulder with a grin. "Way to show me up, Chica. Looks like you're finally learning to embrace the beauty that's Mariah."

Rogue steps back up to Jean at the bar and when Tony takes the mic and speaks up she turns to look at him. But first she downs that first beer in one go. "Ahhhh… yeah." She says and then sets the empty bottle aside on the bar behind her. She looks at Tony then and does a very surprisingly loud 'wolf whistle' at him.

Mariah blushes a little and is startled out of her introspection. "Oh! Oh, sorry, Jubilee. I didn't have anything formal so I had to make something really fast," she explains, embarassed. Her goal wasn't to show anyone up, despite the unusual digs. One makes due, and she just happened to get lucky with her choice of material.

"I get high off life. Pills or for pillbugs. Though I can see why someone said you were like some joker or something. Eitherway nice to meet you Lint" Jose ays with a grin and offers HawkEye a hand "Someday I hope to push you off a cliff!" yup, his standard greeting when meeting new folks, is to make a joke on death.

Jean goes quiet, still in a bit of a mental conversation, but she turns her attention to Tony. Of course she's not completely fine, Rogue would know better… .kind of hard to hide from soneone who has your own abilities.

Charles stops what he is doing and turns to face Tony.. he sighs it is speech time, but he should listen, he seems to turn and look at him. sipping his drink.

Dyson sips his Dr. Pepper and munches on a few of those shrimp thingies everyone seems to be raving about.. Okay.. it is more than a few of them. he has a nice pyramid of the snacks on a plate. His eyes roam the room and he spots another semi-familiar face, that of the gold-transumting mutant, Mariah. HE offers a tentative wave of greeting in her direction and is about to sip his drink again when he overhears Clint speak to Jose. Frowning, the young giant looks at the archer, whom he doesn't know is an archer or an avenger, just someone who showed up probably as someone's +1. "I know J-Jose is a little weird, s-sir.. But you d-don't have to be smarmy a-about it." he says, softly, blushing a bit at his directness but then sips the drink to wet his dry throat.

Jubilee grins and leans in to Mariah, whispering as she looks to Tony. "Well, its breathtaking. You look amazing!"
"I'm not smarmy. I'm sardonic." Clint lifts his drink to his lips, arches a brow and then adds, "…and sassy." He swallows a mouthful. "Also endearingly caustic. I'm also missing my comedy partner so I'm doing the best I can flying solo." He flashes a toothy smile, then turns his attention to where the speechifying is about to happen.

"Thank you. You look good too. You know, I think gold would be a good look on you with your skin tone. Maybe I should find some way to gild a dress for you," Mariah offers back to Jubilee. She catches Dyson's wave as she looks over her shoulder, giving him a warm smile and waving back.

Jose drops the unshooken hand but dosn't seem to be worried about it. He even gives Dyson a grin "No worries, about a thing. Cause every little things gonna be alright" he says wigglings his brows. He also waves to Mariah as he realizes she is there. But the speech was comming and he turns to look.

As Tony interupts the band, Steve can't help but to chuckle at the irony at yet another cancelled dance. Stepping so that he can be at Peggy's side, he goes quiet to listen for the speech.

However, within Clint's pocket, 'Secret Agent Man' starts to chime, alerting him to a SHIELD bulletin. Peggy's phone offers a more polite two tone chime alerting the two of them of a failure to report of another SHIELD agent in Upstate New York. The second one in as many weeks.

A thumbs up is given towards Marie, "You too." Tony smiles as he walks near the fountain and up onto the edge of it. "I would like to welcome you all here to Stark Tower and the Academy of Tomorrow. First I want to give thanks to those that deserve it. Marie D'Ancanto-Carlyle and Doctor Jean Grey both have worked hard to help put this together. The logo was designed by Dyson." he motions towards the tall one.

"I'd like to welcome all our guests. Many have asked about what this Academy stands for and why I have backed it financially. This is a school for kids to college courses. Not a private one or even boarding. This is where those from all walks of life can come to learn. Now some know I have taken in a few kids lately. All from different walks of life. Jose, Samuel, Dyson, and Killian all smart boys with potential. This is a place for learning in comfort and where none have to fear anyone or thing. With the Academy of Tomorrow their ar eno limits in the potential students can reach. So tonight all please dance, eat, drink, and enjoy yourselves. Feel free to ask me or any of the others questions you may have." he passes the mic off before heading back to Jean.

Dyson snorts a little bit as he sets down his drink, though the giant does smile a bit at Clint. "You a-also probably kick ass at Scrabble, too." he teases in a whisper o the man, though without any ranchor since he didn't offer any himself. Dyson can deal with cantankerous when there is humor behind it. He grins, a rarity, and shrugs to Jose and then himself turns to get ready for the speech. He catches Mariah's reurn wave, though, and his cheeks darken since he wasn't expecting such a warm response. He turns his attention to Tony and the blush becomes a full on burn when it is pointed out he designed the Logo, and the praise Tony heaps on his friends and him makes him look at his feet, self conciously smoothing out his kilt.

Jean lightly touches Marie's arm, perhaps more for her comfort than anything, just needing to ground herself. Her eyes close lightly for a moment, reopening to look across the crowd before they shift to focus on Tony, smiling and offering a hand out to him. "Lovely speech."

"Indubitably," drawls Clint to Dyson. He quirks a grin. But then his pocket is playing a classic tune. He digs it out, checks the message, frowns, then tries to catch Peggy's eye. His expression says it all: should we go handle this? "Scuse," he nods once to Dyson, then crosses towards Steggysaurus, pausing only to clap politely at Tony's speech.

Charles smiles to himself, and starts to roll his way to the elevator. He has paperwork to do, and is not one for large parties. He doesn't make much hurah as he just quietly wheels himself back to elevator. They had things here, and there was no need for him yet.. When the trouble started he would be ready, maybe Tony was telling the truth, maybe all that speach was a bit planned.. who knows.. only time would tell.

Anna-Marie listened to the speech and she smiled softly before glancing back over to Jean and she reached her gloved right hand over to place it ontop of Jean's on her arm. The southern belle then looks back toward Tony and gives another very loud wolf-whistle when the speech came to an end and the applause died down some. She grinned at him.

Jose claps, along with every else. He dosn't quite beleive he has the potential, but hey, things were turning around. His ears pick up on Clint, Peggy and Cap's phone and is curisous about what is going on, but for now, he lets it be. Though seeing that Charles is on his way out, Jose voice appears by charles even though he dosn't "Don't be a stranger now."

Tony raises a hand to offer the Professor a parting wave. He then takes Jean's hand laying a kiss on the top before flipping it over to kiss against the palm too. "Oh stop or I'll make Happy come over here and kiss you." he says to Marie for the wolf whistles.

Rogue pops open the cap on that second Octoberfest bottle of beer and she grins at Tony before taking a sip. "Few more'a these and I might be kissin' on ol Happy Meal myself." She says as she leans on the bar and glances out toward those on the dance floor who were resuming their fancy motions when the classical band struck up their music again.

Interrupted on their way toward the dance floor, Peggy gives Steve a bit a smirk at the timing and then turns her attention toward Tony as he makes his speech. Right before Tony speaks, her phone chirrups and she silences it right as the hubbub starts to die down. Plucking the phone out of her purse after the speech, she reads the message with a furrowed brow. Slipping it back into her purse, she listens to Tony's speech, clapping once he's finished. "I'm afraid the dance will have to wait," she asides to Steve.

Jean offers a quiet, grateful smile to Marie. Though at the mention of Happy, she chuckles. "He may just like that." She takes another sip of her champagne, her smile softening to the sweet gestures from Tony, her fingers brushing his cheek after he kisses her palm.

Steve applauds as well as he glances at the phone and then back to Peggy. Noticing Hawkguy approaching, he nods slowly. "Should we adjourn to my office to discuss this?" he asks, concern crossing his features.

"Good thing I didn't drink more," says Clint. He tugs his bowtie a little looser and looks from the stage back to Peggy and Steve. "Yeah. Probably a good plan." He slips his phone back into his inner jacket pocket. Now that they're about to get down to spy business, he suddenly looks less awkward.

Dyson blinks and steps aside while he applaudes, so clint can get by. "O-Of course.. have a good night, s-sir." he says, sort of curious as to what the text or whatever it is, is about, but then shrugging. He spots The professor also rolling out and offers the telepath a friendly wave, hoping the other mutant, someone he looks up to as one of his inspirations both philosophically and scientifically, will be back again.

"Y'know, I'm glad to see that everyone's okay, and that they have a future," Mariah asides to Jubilation. "That relieves some of my worries."
And with that Jose decides to get into the crowd again. He dissappears, but not for long. He doesn't seem to completly understand what it is these people do, but hey, it's a party may as well socialize right?. Though he was wondering what the trouble was, he decides tonight is not a night for too much trouble.

As Charles takes one elevator down, Peggy, Steve and Clint take a sepeate elevator to head up after Steve slides his Avenger's ID through the card reader.

"I think everything's gonna be A-okay. Communication and cooperation between the schools will be a tremendous help." Jubilee glances sidelong at Mariah. "Wanna sneak a bottle of wine with me? This place is so STUFFY, and I miss my Converse."

Tony watches as some take their leave but many are still enjoying themselves. "Care to dance?" he asks Jean as the music starts up again.

Rhodey walks over facing Marie, "May I have this dance, sure shot?" he asks giving her the nickname since she seems to be the only one that can take him out in paintball.
As Jose contines his rounds between guest. He passes by Killian Father and pickpockets a Wallet silently. It was his specialty. Though it was more of just habit then actual intent, but hey, thats life right

Donald Trump walks past Jose as he steals the wallet and the Hair notices him. "Hey, you better be contributing to my campaign with that money young man." The big bolsterous bastard says before moving on toward some table of supermodels.

Rogue looks to Rhodey and she grins at him before she sets her beer down on the bar beside her and she takes hold of his hand. "I would be deleted… But, I have'ta warn ya, I'm no classical music dancer… I'm more of the line dance kinda gal. But I can try'ta fake it, mm?" She asked raising her right dark arcing eyebrow.

With the music returning and things calming down, Jean gracefully sets aside the chapagne, unfinished. Resting her hand in Tony's, she smiles. "I would be honored, Mr. Stark."

Dyson shakes his head and with his refilled frosty mug in hand meanders through the crowd, not around this time, he nods to the few people who actually speak to him, thanking them for their liking the logo, continually blushing at what attention he garners.. He always tries to have a nice, or stuttered, word for them. He stops only a few feet from the window, taing a deep breath as he looks beyond the glass… He doesn't like heights but he tries to deal.

Jose pockets the Wallet. That made two tonight. The Mayors wallet and his friends father wallet, not a bad haul. None the less he makes his way by Dyson and looks down with him "So….. why are you scared or heights?" he asks with actual wonder. As for Donold Trump, let just saw he was /highly/ flatunante for a few minuts much as he denied it, those sounds were defintly comming from his rear

Mariah walks over to Dyson, not far away; she was at the window too. "You doing alright?" she gently asks. "You look like you're having a hard time here tonight."

"Misery loves company, you know? I thought, since I'm not doing that great with this either, I'd join you."

Rhodey smiles leading Marie to the dance floor, "I haven't dne ine dancing in a long time but I don't think this is the proper music for it." leading her in a dance gracefully. "So you helped with the design of the uniforms?"

Leading Jean out, Tony dances with her around the floor. "Xavier wants to meet with me again sometimes. Away from all the hustle and bustle. He didn't make you uncomfortable did he?"

Rogue grinned back at Rhodey and she went along with the dance, following his lead. "Yeah, well… Ya know, I never thought I'd be designing clothing for some Star Trek school in Manhattan at age twenty four… but yet, here I am… doing that very deal." She says with a grin before glancing over at the displayed uniforms. "I guess ya just never can tell whats around the next corner."

Drawn into the dance, Jean does move rather graceful with the billionaire. A little more relaxed now that osme people have cleared out. Just the sheer numbers earlier was beggining to wear on her. "No.. it was good to talk to him. And.. he can help .. me."
Dyson lets out a faint 'Ack', looking a bit startled, and coughs again on his soda. Wiping his lips with the back of his hand he shakes his head. "N-No… I'm doing great actually. I j-just… Crowds aren't my thing.." he admits. "But.. I n-need to get used to them. I chose a p-public life, right? The p-point is to be seen.. so people can get u-used to me being around. it just.. It just takes time.." he says, then motions to the window. "It a-also doesn't help that I'm… uh… afraidofheights.." he admits in a low rush of words, lokking embarrased. He then straightens his shoulders. "Why a-are /you/ miserable? You l-look lo… I mean.." Blush. "You look good tonight. No reason to be miserable when y-you are setting trends."

Jubilee watches Mariah distractedly walk away to spend time with the students, and glances to Marie, who's dancing her heart out with everyone else. She turns, then, and thoughtfully gazes out the window toward the tiny streets below, idly fingering the spent shell casing on a black satin cord at her throat.

And Jose once again dissappears into the thinning crowd. By now even the barkeeper looked fairly beat. Which made it easy enough to swipe a bottle of wine. He was like a shadow the bar keep glancing behind confused but shrugging it off. He pops up behind Jubi "Boo!!!"

"Star trek? Don't tell me Tony is making his own enterprise. That would be all we need huh?" Rhodey laughs jokingly of course. "Am I over dressed in my dress uniform?"

Tony continues to lead her around the floor, "You know I am behind you. No matter what right?" he smiles, "So how do you like your medical facility? I hope everything is to your satisfaction."

"Same reasons you are. I don't really like being around rich people and crowds. When you grow up really poor, and your father is a revolutionary soldier… you are taught to hate people who have money. You're taught that if someone has a lot of money, it's because they stole it from everyone else," Mariah explains to Dyson, keeping her tone down so as not to offend the people here that -are- in the 1
. Her manners are getting better. She hasn't forgot you Jubi. She gestures for Jubilation to come over with a big smile. Hopefully Jose won't jump Jubi -too- badly.

"Thank you," she asides to Dyson's comment about her looks. "I hate to admit it, but… I learned how to do this by pushing my powers a little. I didn't -want- to learn how to use them. I hated them. But … you guys were right. I was just too angry about everything that happened to me to think about it. You tryin' to face your fears, too?"

Killian has just been quietly sitting with his little brother Hunter using his powers to put on a light show for the little boy, grinning widely everytime he smiles or claps, his parents are using the distraction to talk to more staff while Liam talks to some girl and the older Rosens are back at the bar now Rogue has been snapped up.

Rogue grinned at Rhodey and glanced down at his attire and she noted all the badges and ribbons and shiney things and the cut of it all and looked back up at the pretty man. "Be still my heart." She said with a grin, looking on him with her green eyes. "Auntie always told me to find myself a good strong military man." She told him with a grin as they continued their dance. "In other words, yes, you look quite fine." She said, ending it with a little laugh. She knew she was weird… its part of having so many damn personalities inside her head.

Jubilee startles at the wine-wielding Jose. "Goddamn it, Chatterbox…" And then he's gone. Bounced. Like the breeze. Whiiiishhhhhh….

"I am loving it." Jean smiles warmly, enjyoing having the private moment with Tony, just dancing. "And yes… thank you for that. It won't happen immediately, but… it needs to happen soon. My health can't take holding the barricade constantly much longer." She murmurs.

Dyson Regards the petite young woman for a moment, his pupiless eyes studying her gown for a few long moments.. It is almost a professional eye, nothing untoward. appreciative of the work it must have taken. "At l-least your powers /help/ with your clothes.. My g-gift just means I have to make my own, or order them.." So where DOES one get a black kilt to fit someone with legs longer than some people are tall? "Anger a-and fear can take time to get over.. and you w-will probably slip back more than go foreward s-sometimes.. I know I do…" he looks to the window. "Heights scare me l-less than crowd do.. It makes jose laugh.. I'm over e-eight feet tall and theoretically indestructable… but I g-get panicy on a stepladder… if I can find one to hold my weight." he looks into his glass. "Rich people a-aren't so bad. I can't be mad at all o-of them when I'm not poor, either. Though I didn't earn my money.. Not yet, anyways."

Peering down toward the sidewalks outside the tower, Jubilee saw a lone figure, with a lone headlight, and a cloud of thick, lazy smoke. A slow smile spread across her face as the figure lingered just outside the entrance. She couldn't see anything else. She didn't need to. She half-ran, half-skipped to the elevator and pushed the ground-floor button a handful of times in rapid succession. As the doors closed, she could be seen slipping off the vibrant red high-heels.

Rhodey grins back at her, "You look mighty fine yourself." he says while spinning her out and back into him. "Is that so? Well maybe you'll let this strong military man take you out sometime then."

"I know, baby." Tony sighs deeply hating all this gives her headaches. "It will all be over soon. I know he will help you or Marie will."

"I'll need them both…" But ti is with that tone, that Jean will have to explain later in a more private setting.

"Yeah, well," Mariah asides, "They may have helped make a fast dress, but if I get too distracted or get knocked out? I'm gonna be givin' a free show."

Rogue gave the man before her a devilish grin and she took the spin in grace, her dress flaring out about her legs some before she came back to him and nodded. "I could see that happenin'." She told him acting all coyly about it. "I mean, only cause I feel bad about how much of your butt I whoooped in TWO seperate paintball games." The southern belle gave him a big grin then.

Dyson blinks at that and turns from looking out the window and at Mariah… Then he quickly looks away, clearing his throat. "Y-You.. you don't have a backup c-c-contingency?" he squeaks… if a squeak could rattle windows.

"I got underwear, does that count?" Mariah asks Dyson.

Dyson coughs into his fist, then thumps his chest. "I.. I think it could." he says, only slightly wheezing. He tugs at his collar.

"You got lucky and I still want a rematch." Rhodey continues the dance with a chuckle, "And good. How about tomorrow night? Maybe we can find one of those places with line dancing and sawdust on the floor. Where they aren't scared to yell out yeehaw."

Tony nods understanding the underlying meaning to those words. He dips her back a moment and then rights her up. "You do look beautiful tonight, Jean. A vision of lovelyness." aren't they sickly cute!

Mariah notices Dyson getting a little hot under the collar. She TRIES to repress her inner deviousness, but … well, no, sorry Dyson - she's feeling playful.

"So, is it true what they say about wearing a kilt?"

Jean can't help but laugh as she is dipped, whatever tension that was bleeding into her shoulders is lightened, flowing through the dance with him. "You are looking very handsome as well, my dear." She smiles. "It turned out rather nice, didn't it?"

Oh, Dyson probably shouldn't have been attempting to sip his soda to calm his nerves… because there is a ragged sputter and now the window roombas will have to clean the glass. "W-W-What do you mean? I-Is what true?" he asks, looking like he is ready to be slapped… and happy the kilt hangs properly to below his knees. BELOW HIS KNEES!

Mariah giggles faintly. Stop it, girl, you're terrible. "Well… If I understand my world history? Traditionally you don't wear anything under the kilt. So we're just about evenly matched!"

Rogue continued to move with Rhodey in his fancy air force uniform and she laughed at what he said also. "Oh god… in Manhattan? Its probably full of tourists looking for that 'authentic' American experience." She said to him with a big grin. "It sounds like fun though. So count me in. And we'll debate over who got lucky sometime after that." She said at him with a nice big red-painted-lips-grin.

Dyson really looks like he wants to deny that insinuation. His mouth opens.. then closes.. Opens again! Close again… Then he turns so dark he could be used as a number two pencil and hangs his head. "N-no comment." he murmurs.. Because while he doesn't lie if he can help it, he doesn't have to ADMIT it verbally, either.

Rhodey blushes a bit to her words as they dance. "Hold on a moment." he tells her and heads off walking to the band whispering some to the director. Heading back to Marie he grins as suddenly a country line dance starts being played.

"It surely did." Tony grins but pauses as the music changes looking about he looks at Rhodey and Marie. "What is next square dancing?" is mused with a shake of the head. "YeeHAWWWWW!" he finally yells out loudly.

As the music changes to square dancing. Jean bows out gracefully. "Oooh no. I'll tag out on this one…"

Mariah decides to give the poor kid a break. "Hey," she says softly, reaching over to place a hand on the small of Dyson's back. "Don't be ashamed! It's part of your culture. You don't even wanna -know- some of the things we do back home, chamo."

"Besides, given your height? You're gonna make every other guy in the locker room an inferiority complex."

Rogue stood there on the dance floor as Rhodey went off to go make this request of the band and when the song changed she looked quite entertained by it… but the crowd just split apart and went their own ways… this not being the type of audience for that. "Alright. I'm your huckleberry." She said at Rhodey when he came back, Jean even having left the dance floor too… "Fine fine." She said, and then started to dance… to the beat of the music she started to move her legs and her hips to the tune of the country-influenced string instrumental music. She knew the art of the line dance… it was a fun style of dancing… even if you're the only one out there doing it on the dance floor leaving a buncha eyes on you. She danced it anyway, her dress bouncing about on her body as she moved with care-abandoned and no fear of falling over… Rogue's do not fall over….

Dyson wipes at his face and stares down at Mariah, not looking like he can choose between wanting to laugh or cry… so he shakes his head and chuckles. "S-sorry… I guess I am overly.. uh.. I dunno what I am." he finally admits. "I'm n-not a prude.. I just have.. a-an image problem."

Rhodey follows her lead dancing with her as to the new music. Some join them but others just watch. "Shake it down, Sure Shot!" he smiles trying to keep up.

Moving off to the side with Jean, Tony just watches them do this. "Who knew an orchestra type could play this type of music. You know a violin becomes a fiddle when the music turns country or bluegrass."

Jean tangles her fingers with Tony's, just lingering at his side for the moment, laughing and smiling as she watches the others. "Rhodney really seems to like Marie." She murmurs.

Mariah opts to put her arms around Dyson at the waist and just give him a hug. "It's all right. Sorry I teased you. I tend to do that with people I like."

Rogue moved her hips and her body and her HEELED feet to the beat of the music and she grinned over at Rhodey. "Try an keep up, War Boy." She told him whilst spinning to the music and coming around to face him, she looked at the others who did come out onto the dance floor and it made her feel a liiiiiiittle less self conscious, but Marie wasn't the type to really give a shit what others thought about her anyway.

That he isn't flailing, squealing "Halp! Halp!" is a great sign of Dyson's growing character (no pun intended) and ability to not freak out at personal contact. He does go a /bit/ rigid for a moment, though, since he is NOT used to hugs but he slowly sort of relaxes and drapes his arm over and pats her back since it is hard for him to hug back if he isn't bent completely over. "Th-thank you." he murmurs, bashfully.

"You're welcome," Mariah smiles, letting Dyson go so he doesn't have to be uncomfortable with prolongued contact. "I was worried about you guys, you know? You left the mansion and I was afraid you might be hurt or captured. I'm glad you're not. I'm glad all of you are safe."

Havig a bit of fun with this Rhodey does his best to keep up. A few times he claps his hands to the beat not really caring what others think either. he isn't drunk so Marie obviously got the man to lighten up somehow.

Lifting Jean's hand up he kisses along her fingers. "I think so too. I'm trying to decide if he is stoned or drunk. I've never been able to get him to open up like this."
Jean chuckles a little, leaning a little closer to Tony to mock whisper: "Sometimes when you like someone… that happens, love."

Dyson looks a bit ashamed. "W-we didn't want to worry anyone.." he says softly, and for a moment he seems reluctant to part but he recovers and shrugs. "Xaviers.. i-is not for all of us. I believe in the Professor's Dream.. but right now for s-some of us.. we need to be o-out in the world.. It's better for us, and those at Xaviers, so while we're out here being visible m-mutants, trying to build a bridge, we d-don't inadvertantly make the rest o-of the mutants who aren't ready a target."
Tony moves an arm around Jean, "Shall we abjourn? Let the kids have fun." big kids and others alike.

Mariah can agree with Dyson's reasoning. "Me? I just need to find someone to help me polish up my fighting skills. I don't ever wanna be in a cage again."

Dyson huhs and chuckles softly. "W-Well.. here we g-got avengers upstairs… And a number of Stark Industries Security who are h-highly trained hand-to-hand combatants.. I'm not usre i-if I am gonna try and train, though.. I am s-so afraid I would… hurt someone."

"Sometimes you gotta train so that you -don't-," Mariah replies thoughtfully, giving Dyson a big smile.

Dyson sighs and nods in agreement, returnung the smile. "I guess…"

Rhodey and Marie get drunk and married.

Jubilation throws them a baby shower.

Dyson takes Mariah to prom.
Dyson Waits.. what?

Happy takes Jubes out on a date.

* END *

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