2015-09-12 Professor Everclear
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Jubilee Rogue Iceman Professor-X
GMed by Rogue
Title: Professor Everclear

Stark Tower: Stark's Penthouse - Main Room
A large room that has a spectacular view of the city, featuring floor to ceiling windows. This room could comfortably hold a few dozen guests in a party setting, but the layout offers a sense of intimacy.
There are several couches through the room, one sits in front of a TV that takes up half the wall, on either end of which is an end table and a coffee table in front of. The set up is likewise repeated in front of the fireplace, as well as the windows.
The walls are decorated with art, with sculptures in the odd corner and floor to break up the vast footage. The lighting is ambient, appearing to not come from any one source but rather spaces around that seem to glow.
The floor of the entire penthouse is a polished white marble that gleams in the daylight that shines in through the large windows. The penthouse is kept spotless clean by small robots and hired staff.

Jubilation is flopped in the middle of the floor, no longer in her sexeh dress. Her hair is still curled but a little mussed. She's wearing a tanktop, jailbait cutoffs, and her shell casing pendant. Flipflops are haphazardly kicked off near her feet at random angles.

Its about 11:00pm now Rogue was returning from the party, she had her shoes off now… having taken them off in the elevator and pads into the penthouse with a heavy exhale. She walks toward the kitchen and then pauses, looking over to see Jubilee there. "Hey." She says in her dusky husky voice. "Where'd you slip off to?" She asks the girl.

With a wide-eyed glance up from a thick, spiralbound notebook she's writing in, Jubilee blinks at Rogue. "I was here…"

Marie walked over to the living area where the Jubilation is lounging and she grinned and dropped down into the sofa chair with a thud and a huff. "That was fun. I was gonna bring you a drink, but things got a little crazy after I got to the bar. I guess thats generally how that goes though, huh?" She said with a grin.

Bobby was at the party keeping to himself but has decided to come see Marie before he heads home. Following he steps inside of the penthouse, "Damn. You really have moved on up, Marie. Hope I am not intruding on anything."

Jubi smiles all big and dumb. "I wouldn't know, I can't drink yet. Is that how it goes?"

Marie laughed at Jubilee's response and fiddled with her dress a little as she sat there in the chair and crossed her legs at the knee. "You're what? Like… ten months away from that?" She asked then with a grin. "Shit… I was drinkin my weight in booze by the time I was sixteen. Not that I'm proud of that… I just admire your resolve if you're holdin' to it." Rogue looked over at the new arrival and she grinned all big and bold at him. "Well hey there… to a deeeeeeluxe apartment, in the skyyyyy." She softly sang back at Bobby as he came in.

Bobby chuckles as she sings it back, "You trying to corrupt Jubes? She doesn't need to jump off the edge into that mess yet." he flops down on the couch reaching up to undo his bowtie letting it hang around his neck.

Furrowing her brow, Jubilee turns back to her notebook as she lies in the floor on her stomach, ankles crossing and uncrossing idly in midair as she furiously finishes the thought she'd begun writing before they came in. With a sigh, she thumped down the pen on the notebook. "There." Then, looking up again to the other two, she added, "You cleaned up real nice, Bobby. Am I intruding? I could veg like aaaanywhere, doesn't have to be here." She rolled onto her back, stretching so far she might gain half an inch.

Rogue laughs at both of them and sha shakes her head. "I don't think Bobby's gonna tell a young girl writhing around the floor in front of him to go away." She said with a big grin before looking back at the tux wearing Iceman. "You were pretty quiet tonight. Did Charles have you on watch duty?" She asked him, propping and elbow up on the arm of her sofa chair and holding her head in that hand now.

Bobby suddenly blushes deeply at Marie's words, "No no you are fine." he shakes his head, "No he just thought more eyes and ears would be good. That way we know all are ok."

Jubilation says, "Ohh bummer, you didn't really even get to enjoy the party? Lots of pretty girls dancing, all dolled up…Guy like you could have any one of 'em he wants, for the askin'!" Jubi righted herself on the floor again, resting her chin on her hand and raking her fingers through her tousled, no longer pin-up curls with a careless grin. "

Marie nodded softly at what Bobby said. "Yeah… whenever we get that many of the Avengers around, I worry that someone's gonna bust through the windows in a helicoptor robot space machine, and start firin' laser beams at all of our butts. But we seem to have avoided that tonight… thank god." She smirked then. "Its probably best that I didn't see ya being all Security-like, Bobby… I woulda brought a buncha alcohol over at ya and distracted ya." She grinned at him.

There is a *Bing* in the hallway, and the elevators seem to open.. "Dang it… where am I now." comes from the hallway. As the Professor rolls in a bit he looks a little red in the face.. on his lap looks like an untapped Keg. "Hello! Anyone around here… Hello?" he continues to speak out as he wheels around the hallway lost again.

Bobby shrugs, "I did enjoy the party. I was there is anyone needed me." now looking towards Marie he can't help but laugh at that, "Says the lady line dancing and leading other guests into it." getting to his feet at the voice he jogs towards the hally, "Professor! Come join us this is Stark's penthouse."

Jubilation half-smiles at Bobby and Rogue's conversation, glances up to see the Professor coming into the penthouse, and goes back to writing in her notebook.

Rogue hears the unmistabkable voice of her mentor and the man she respects more than anyone in this world, just calling out like a lost puppy. She rises up from her chair and looks over when Bobby speaks to him. She starts to walk torward him. "Professor." She says in her southern tonned style. "I thought you left hours ago." She says. "Come in… do you need anything?" She asked, moving around behind his chair to assist him.

Charles wheels towards the room.. "Heelo Bobby!? Where are you, come here I have an important job or you!" he wheels over where Bobby is, and taps on the Keg. "I need you to cool twish for me.. it is very important do not drink draft warm!" he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a smaller bottle. If you look closly at it you can read "EverClear" on the side, as he pops the top and take a drink.. "This water tash funny! Here…" he pushes it towards Bobby.. "Rooogush… I was just about to leave and I found this funny tasting watshr!" he takes it away from by Bobby and starts pushing it her way.. "Bobby! I need you to cool this Keg!" he says again forgetting he had already asked him.

Bobby blinks as the professor asks him to chill a keg. Now the man has asked him to cool burns, frost a milkshake he may let sit to long, but never a keg! Noticing the small bottle and takes it eyes going wide. "Err.. professor this isn't water."

Rogue looked over the professor's chair when he reached the living area where all the sofas and chairs were. "Oh my god, is that a keg?" She asked and then saw the hard liquor bottle. "Uh…" She looked up at Bobby. "Was nobody assigned to go with him when he left?" She asked Bobby. "Where's Ororo, Scott?" She knew the Professor was getting on in years, but… was this full blown dementia setting in on her mentor? Rogue lifted the Keg up with her mind and held it motionless in the air. "I'm gonna just take this into the kitchen…" She said then. "And get you a big nice cup of tea, earl gray, or whatever it is I hear you say you like so much all the time."

Charles reaches up and tugs on bobby's arm before he is pulled away.. "Bobby I have trained you for this day…" he hiccups a little.. "You can do this! Frost the keg! Frost the Keg!" he starts chanting it as he is pushed away by Rogue. He does his best impersonation of himself. "Earl Grey… Hot!" and chuckles to himself.. "Wait… wait Rogue… watch this.." he waves his hand infront of bobby.. "You want to frost the keg!" and laughs to himself again.. He hears Rogue mention Scott and Ororo.. "Bah! They left.. they all left.. You left.. Jean left.. they all left." his mode shifts to a saddened one, but shifts again right back.. "But I have my water!" he reaches into his pocket… "Where is my water? Rogue… an important mission find my water!" and chuckles till his eyes get big.. "Whoa.. its okay… world just spun there for a minute"

Bobby is rather worried now, "Professor it wasn't water. It was alcohol.. Just relax I'll get you a glass of water while Marie makes your tea." he now heads to the kitchen looking around for a glass finding one at the top of a cabinet that maybe Tony doesn't normally let just anyone use because it has a naked woman on it leaning against a surfboard. Not paying attention he fills it with water frosting it with his touch carrying back out to Xavier.

Marie went to the kitchen while bobby was making the water and she used her mind (and Jean's powers) to set the keg down lightly ontop of the counter. "Kids better not run off with this…" She mumbled as she started to prep the tea. While it was boiling she followed Bobby back out to the living area where the Professor was. "We didn't leave… We're right here… I just spoke to Ororo in text earlier this afternoon. She said she was there when you guys left the school to drive down here." This made her genuinely feel bad on the inside though, not really knowing that drunk Xavier would pour out emotions like that that must've been somewhere inside of him that the sober version wouldn't let out.

Charles smiles and just looks around.. "I just mish you guys ya know… it is just so hard because I am proudish of you too… oh wait whats that." he rolls towards the kitchen and into the wall.. "Umph! I am okay I am okay!…. wait… oh my god I can't feel my legs! I can't feel my legs I am paralyz.. paralyzi…." he stops and thinks about it.. then looks up as Bobby returns.. "Oh water!" he takes a sip.. "Did you know Bobby that both Rogue, and Jean are going to be teachers.. isn't that awesome!" he smiles at him and leans back in his chair.. "But oh that school… I am so worried about it." he sighs again taking another drink.

Jubilee paused her writing and closed the fat notebook, sliding the pen down inside the spiral binding and getting up off the floor to pad barefoot over to watch. "Better use two teabags in that tea. Otherwise, coffee would be better."

If he wasn't so worried he might be laughing right now. "Just relax, Professor. Drink your water and just relax." Bobby has never seen the man drunk before so this is rather a new experience. To bad Logan is missing this right now. "Yeah. I know and we are proud of them both." a look of concern is flashed towards Jubes and then Marie.

Marie noticed the naked lady on the cup and she sighed and then the Professor was rolling into the wall… "Oh god." She said then. Her green eyes cast back toward the bedroom hallway… Jean was surely asleep already. "Should I call Ororo?" She asked then looking to Bobby. "Should you guys stay here tonight?" She asked then. "He can take my room, I mean, I can stay out here." She rushed past Bobby and the Professor to get two tea bags, as Jubilee had said. She slapped Bobby's arm. "Naked cups!" She said at him hurriedly as she went to pour the tea and preapre it.

"Whoa, Prof. You got a nekked chick on your glass there," Jubilee assessed observantly. "Serendipity! A drink AND a show!"

Charles finishes the water and holds the cup up to the light giggling to himself. "I see pairs I see france, but I don't see no underpants!" and giggles some more making sure no-one is looking he stashes the glass under his blanket giving Jubilee a shhh motion. "No! I am okay to drive, no need to call Ororo!" he hasn't driven since his accident, but he wasn't thinking about that now. "Just… point me in the right way!" he adds as he spins around a bit in the chair with another.. "Oh… lets not do that one again." He focuses in.. "Jubilee never drink… it ish bad to drink!" he whispers.. "But it is fun… shh!" and winks as he see's his chance and starts trying to slowly wheel away… not even sure where he is heading.

Bobby blinks not realizing the kind of glass he grabbed. Not like he can take it away now though. As the professor spins he runs over his foot now causing him to hop around a bit while biting his lower lip perhaps not to cuss though likely Xavier can hear the string of bad language in his mind.

"I know this kinda drunk." Rogue said as she poured the tea and mixed and brought it out to where Bobby and the Professor were. "He can drink this and then we can have him lay down and he'll be out cold within two minutes… been there a hundred times myself." She said as she came up to the Professor and handed him the cup of steaming hot tastey-smelling-tea. "Looky looky, your favoritest drink evah." She said to him as she offered it to him with a grin.

Charles is almost out to the hallway again, before he turns again "Bobby! Where did you learn words like that… Have you been talking to logan again!" he shakes his head "fooor shaa… Is that Earl Grey!" he starts wheeling back towards Rogue "ooooh.. It smells so good!" he reaches up and carefully takes it, smells it first "Oh Rogue, see no-one knows how to make tea like you! Ororo won't add sugar.. says it is bad for me.. Bah!" and sips the Tea.. falling back to silence..

Jubilee shifted her gaze toward Marie, then back to the professor. "I've been with him, yeah…Maybe I picked up a bad habit…or two…"

* End *

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