2015-09-16 Admit Two to Murderworld
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Clint, Natasha
GMed by Triskelion (NPCs: Miss Locke, Arcade)
Title: Admit Two to Murderworld

** Part Three of The Murderworld TP

When we last left Natasha and Clint, Natasha had just boarded the truck that was carrying a couple of video game machines from DeCara Electronics and Amusements. With the truck on the side of the road just after the Edward Koch Bridge, she had boarded, coming face to screen with a video machine that flashed at her 'To Save SHIELD Agent, Insert Coin'.

She had inserted a coin, and now the screen was flashing 'Awaiting Player 2', with the other gun holster ready for a second player. Outside, a news helicopter from WTEN carries Miss Locke, a known associate of the manical game master mutant, Arcade watches the unfolding events with disinterest.

"Need you here really right now, Barton," Natasha calls. She doesn't sound panicked. She /never/ sounds panicked, not unless there's a Hulk chasing her. "I found our trap. And I'm going to need you in here to help me spring it. You and your /distinctive/ skill set."

With the hand not holding the gun, she pulls out her second quarter and sets it neatly beside Player 2's controls. To reserve the spot, clearly.

"Bad idea. Bad idea. Bad idea sense is tingling," Clint mutters to himself as he pulls the van over and flips on the hazards. "Yes, let's play right into the hands of the evil genius, shall we? I swear, this hero business is for the birds," a beat, "Not the Hawk kind of birds. Hawk birds are smarter than this." All this muttering happens as he grabs the last of his gear, hops out of the van and heads towards Natasha. When he rounds the back of the truck he pauses, blinks. "Oh man. If we're going to play this game, I need to go back for my gummi bears."

With Clint still at the back of the truck, the door at the rear of the truck suddenly slams shut, and a series of locks release from the container, seperating it from the truck. The helicopter coms lower and launches a pair of tow lines to link to the container magnetically, while Miss Locke's voice comes on the loud speaker, "Hawkeye, darling, I'd suggest you not try to shoot us down, it'll send about 100,000 volts through the container of the truck.. think of it as the ultimate bug zapper." she grins at her own pun.

Inside the truck, Natasha will hear the door slam behind her, and the screen comes to life.

Level 1.

A dog comes out on the screen, sniffing at the ground, and then jumps into the bushes.. WOOF WOOF WOOF!

Three ducks fly into the air for Natasha to shoot at, flying in random patterns.

Of all things, Natasha wasn't expecting /ducks/. And she's not used to shooting plastic guns. This is why the first shot goes wild. The second and third, though, hit home.

"So you're listening?" Natasha's eyebrows perk. "Why this? Seriously. This is the weirdest choice I've seen in a while, and I've lived in the same building as Tony Stark."

Since he's not distracted by a video game like SOME people, Clint sees the whole series of events that are about to click into place with great clarity. Unfortunately, he does not have superpowers, so he's not able to react to all of it. What he is able to do is leap into the container, roll, change direction and release an arrow into the container's door jam just before it slams closed. A device whirrs in protest, then spreads little metallic feet and pushes back against the locking mechanism. It's not more than an inch of space, but it's better than being completely sealed in.

"This is clearly a trap. A TRAP. Why are you in here?" he glances over his shoulder and blinks. "AND WHY ARE YOU PLAYING DUCK HUNT?"

'Because, Black Widow, my employer requests the presence of much better SHIELD agents than the last two that we had taken to our fun house to see how they would fair. Perhaps you know them..' the voice responds, as the other video game flashes to life, and shows on the screen 'Adevntures in SHIELD'.

The screen comes into a third person view of a dark-haired agent that shows in the lower right hand corner 'May, Melinda, Level 1'.

She's making her way through a haunted swamp, when suddenly a swamp zombie shambles out and she shoots him in the head '100 points!'

This continues for a while until she finds herself in a corner, unable to escape from a small building on the campus she's on, surrounded by 'zombies'.

Then it flips to the second player. 'Verlander, Morris, Level 3'.

He's in a kart, racing around a track when suddenly a large blue shell comes out of nowhere and smashes into his cart and it goes up in an explosion.

As Natasha finishes the game, the screen dies out and then backlights, and poor Agent Verlander is trapped behind the glass, very much dead, his mouth stuffed with two slips of paper.

'Admit One to Murderworld'.

"More to the point, why aren't you helping?" Natasha grabs the second gun to try firing two-fisted, but no dice: either she's failed or Agent Verlander has, because the man's very distressingly dead inside a video game case. She squints at the man's face, trying to determine how long it's been since he died.

"You said it yourself. We knew this was a trap. We also knew we were the most able to get ourselves out of any trap going. Have you ever heard of Murderworld, Barton? Because it looks like Agent May is stuck in it."

"A place called Murderworld sounds like no kind of fun and I don't want to go there," says Clint, even as he works at the wedge. He pulls another gadget from his belt that fits into a slot in the wedge. Bit by bit, he builds on machinery using modular pieces from his arrow that will create hydraulics and utilize leverage to eventually wedge the door the rest of the way open. "I AM HELPING," he calls back. "See me working at this door to get us un-trapped from this container of death?" He pauses long enough to look into the arcade. His face falls. "Goddamn."

The door is wedged open wide enough to give a good view of the ground below.. at about ten thousand feet down. Anyone pack a parachute, or does Clint have a paracute arrow? Good news is, Natasha didn't kill the poor guy, he's been dead a while. More good news, radio communications still work.

Natasha turns toward the door and glances down at the… frankly surprising height they've already gained. "Look on the bright side," she says. "We're still alive. And we're getting a free ride to wherever they took Agent May. But unless you have some clever ideas, we're /both/ going."

Clint does have a parachute arrow. But it's kind of tiny and is meant for parachuting a payload, not a people. He works his jaw to the side when he sees how high they are up. "Well," he mutters. "Balls."

The helicopter continues on its north by northwest track, heading towards Upstate New York. "I thought you two would enjoy a little in-flight entertainment, I give to you.. a taste of things to come."

The screen on the other game flickers back to life, and 'Live' shows in the corner. A red-headed male comes on screen and straightens his tie.

"Hello, players and welcome to my exclusive pass to Murderworld. You have no idea what an honor it is to have one of the illustrious Avengers and her sidekick…" he looks off-screen. "Really? You couldn't get Spider-Man? Captain America? Howard the Duck?" A sigh and a look back to the screen, "In our latest edition of the Murderworld games. I look forward to seeing how many levels the two of you can survive. It should be glorious and.. the pay per view rights and betting slips will make me filthy rich." he says with a chuckle.

"So, enjoy your visit and make sure you hydrate!"

And.. the screen turns off, and 'It's a Small World' starts to play on repeat.

Black Widow's setting off her tracker right now, thumbing in a quick message: DO NOT FOLLOW UNTIL LANDING. It's, like, code 3 in the Distress Call Playbook. …That is, assuming nothing in here is jamming all frequencies. Which it could be.

The ginger fellow gets a narrow-eyed glare before he vanishes entirely, and Natasha sighs. Glancing over to Clint, she adds: "It could be worse…"

Then the music starts playing. It's actually visible, the vein throbbing in her temple. She turns, trying to find the source of the sound. Whatever it is, wherever it is, she is going to find it and /rip it apart/.

Clint programs up an arrow, reaches into his quiver and then draws. As Natasha is searching for the plug, he fires the arrow into the machine. Once it's embedded in the circuitry, it lets out an EMP pulse. He lowers the bow, shrugs, and then says, "At least he didn't make a Hunger Games joke."

"It's a small world after aaaaahhhlll—-*blip*"


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