2015-09-22 Library Jump Scares

Location: X-Mansion Library


The day's classes had come to an end a little over an hour ago, but Ororo was in the library with a collection of nine students. The children were all of the younger variety and they were all gathered around a pair of tables that were pushed together. Ororo had a book out in front of her and she had it about halfway through the page-length and was reading it to the children. The kids were all in various states of psotion within their seats, some were leaned back and others were sitting up straight with smiles on their faces… but they all seemed very intent on what their white-haired-teacher was reading.

Kitty has not been a student at Xavier's for a little while, but she still loves the library. A woman who loves to learn, she tends to take books back to her room and return them shortly thereafter having read them all and taken notes. She's always been a nerd. In fact, she enters the library now, three books tucked under her arm and pauses to see Ororo with the other children, reading from a book. Not wishing to interrupt, she smiles and leans against the back wall, listening for a moment. She'll return her own books shortly.

Ororo was in the midst of telling a harrowing section of the book that she was reading to the children. She spoke of what would seem to be the main character known as the 'Lone Wolf'. The heroic wolf was braving what would appear to be a cabin fire to save some humans that were important to the forest creature, specifically that of a little girl that had befriended the wolf. It was unclear why the cabin was on fire to Kitty, as that bit of the story pre-dated her arrival… but the children seemed to be very excited by the events unfolding, clearly afraid for the human cabin dwellers. "Get out of there!" one of the young girls shouted as Storm spoke of the wolf being inside of the cabin's burning living room. Ororo continued to read, and look up periodically to look at the children… She noticed Kitty then and offered the young woman a big smile, before going back to reading.

As Kitty listens to the story and realizes that no one has noticed her arrival, the young mischief maker quietly sets her books on a nearby shelf. When Ororo notices her in the corner, she gives a wink and grin and then takes a deep breath. Stepping backward, she moves right into the bookshelf, effectively disappearing. She can hear Oror continue to speak through the vibrations on the shelf, but for the most part her attention is reserved for moving around the library to a spot right behind where Ororo is reading.

Once in the proper position, her lungs are aching for a bit of breath, but she waits for the exact right moment before she bursts through the shelves, solidifying in front of everyone. Her arms are raised, her face set in a good natured monster expression and she roars as she jumps forward.

And…. naturally all the kids fly back in their chairs and scream to various degrees of intensity! The story had been at an action peak afterall, so their tension was at a high when Kitty made her devilish surprise assault on them. Ororo, merely smirked and after the screams died down she slowly closed the book with a red marker between the pages. "I do believe that will be a sufficient place to pause for now." She tells the children, before looking back toward Kitty. "Miss Pryde knows how to make an entrance." She says to the room as the kids are all coming down from their jump scare and some of them are laughing, others are shaking their heads in dismay toward it. Some of them jump up from their chairs and start to try to replicate the scare, as kids tend to emulate what they see their elders doing… being goofy as kids do.

Kitty straightens, grinning broadly to see the effect she had on the other kids in the story. She can't help herself. After all, things have been so tense at the Mansion for a little while, it's good to see the children laugh and joke around with each other. It can be hard to be int her position.

Once Ororo closes the book, Kitty moves closer to her old friend and gives an almost sheepish smile. "Sorry if I interrupted. I just couldn't help myself." With a bit of a hapless shrug, she looks around at the other kids as they go about their play. Her expression turns a bit more serious, her voice softer when she adds, "Do you think they're recovering after all the Sentinel business?"

Storm smiled at Kitty and shook her head as she pushed the book a few inches further onto the table away from her. "I was going to pause the story after the fire scene regardless. So it was good timing." She told the young woman. Ororo then leaned back in her chair and reached out for her silver coffee mug… holding it in both of her hands she considered Kitty's question. "Those that were here for the events?" She idly added in question-form. "I think so, yes. Thankfully we were only at half capacity when all of that stuff occurred… So I see all the new faces here now and everyone seems to be much more interested in that." She glanced over the children were where seperated into small groups now, some of them heading for the library doors talking about going to play video games, about half of them remaining behind to work on homework together.

"That's good." Kitty looks at the children running about and discussing homework with a soft smile on her face. "I was worried things would turn into a more subdued and warlike atmosphere. People all scared and quiet." A high pitched shriek of laughter from one of the children undercuts her statement and the mutant can't help but grin at that.

"I'm just starting to get over it myself. There's been a lot of change going on around here." The Academy, the Sentinels, everything of the like. It's been difficult in the past few months. "I'm not sure how I feel about all of it, to be honest." She looks to Ororo, her friend and often mentor. "It's a a lot to take in."

Storm leans back in her chair and crosses her legs one over the other while listening to Kitty and nodding softly. "You've done an amazing job through it all, however." She tells her. Ororo's voice was soft and comforting, quiet yet silken smooth… many take comfort in that aspect of her as well. "The children all look up to you and the fun that you provide to them. I know that we've lost some familar faces around here, but we've gained new ones also." She smiled lightly. "Change can be difficult, for all of us, we find ourselves in a comfortable place and we hope that it won't ever alter, but that is something that will always occur. So we have to look at the new elements and think about whats good in them. Or strive to find the good, such as the new people who haven't yet had the experiences of being terrified by the infamous Kitty Pryde jump-scares." She showed her young friend a grin. "Lots of new students yet to experience such."

"The jump scares are mostly just because that's what I can do." It's easy to scare people when you can phase through walls. Kitty blushes a bit and shrugs her shoulders. Moving to one of the newly vacant chairs, she drops into it much like one of the boneless children that so recently occupied the space. Despite being one of the youngest X-Men, she can still have some rather childish notions and mannerisms.

However, it's hard to not see how the praise Ororo gives her is taken with quite a bit of pride. The woman's opinion matters quite a deal to Kitty. "Thanks, 'Ro." She sighs and shrugs her shoulders. "Just trying to figure out what to do next. I thought it'd get easier as I got older. I thought being an adult gave you all the answers."

Ororo was about to turn 28 years old and it was something that just sort've lingered in the back of her mind. But hearing Kitty talk like this brought it up to the forefront of her thoughts for a moment. She had a soft smile spread over her darkly painted lips and she shook her head. "Are you even of age to drink yet?" She asked with a clear sense of humor to her words. "From my experience, age doesn't provide one-and-all answers… age simply provides answers based on the experiences we've had for ourselves. So its key to put yourself out there and experience as much as you can, because then… then you can really bring a wealth of knowledge to those around you." She takes a sip from her silvery coffee mug. "And if you've done a good job in all of these experience, they'll listen because they respect you."

"I'm close enough," Kitty replies to Ororo with a huff. She's only a few months away from drinking legally. Whether she has before that is really not something she's discussing at the moment. "I can vote!" she defends her age, grinning as she does so. "I'd say that's a bit more adult than drinking."

As for the experience, she sighs and nods. "I know. I just thought I'd be more sure of things by now." She's been a part of the X-Men for years now and things are no more clear to her now than they were then. Some things are easier, but others are even harder. "Maybe they will. But, it's more than that. There's so many things happening that could hurt the school. I don't want to be the reason for any of that. You know?"
Amanda makes her way into the library. Dressed in her usual asian-fare, a tablet computer is carried in one hand as she enters. The one they gave her to assist with lesson plans and the likes. She glances around the library after entering, quietly taking in the scene for a moment.

There are a few groups of children in the library and Ororo and Kitty are at a set of tables that have been pushed together with about ten chaires in a circle around the set. Ororo grins at the young Kitty's words. "Do not fret on such thoughts, dear friend." She tells Kitty and takes another sip from her coffee mug. "Your heart is always in the right place, even when you're doing your little jump scares." She grins lightly. "You do them because ultimately you want to entertain, which is a noble cause. You'll always do whats right, because you are a good person. Just keep your head up, and mind what training we try to bestow upon you and the others in the team exercises. I have faith in you, as does everyone else." With that said, another warm smile is given to Kitty before Storm takes note of Amanda's arrival, she lifts her right hand up to offer the fellow teacher a wave in greeting.

Kitty pulls herself out of the chair and gives Ororo a grateful smile at the encouragement. "Thanks," she tells her friend in a deep and heartfelt manner. "It helps to know you believe in me." Moving forward, she reaches out to put a hand on Ororo's shoulder for a moment before heading toward the exit. Later she'll remember that she had books to return, but for now she's just glad of the bit of distraction. As she passes Amanda, she smiles and nods and then heads out the door.

Amanda will give Ororo a wave back with her free hand and a cheerful smile, before gracefully making her way over to the group. Not wanting to disrupt the lesson or discussion, she remains quiet as she takes a place by the others. As Kitty passes by, Amanda will offer her a cheerful smile and nod back.

Ororo nods once to Kitty as the young woman passes to leave. "We all believe in you." she tells her as she retreats for the exit. When Amanda approaches then, Storm offers the woman another smile. "Hey." She says in her quiet and soft voice. "How have you been?" She asked. "Has the school been busy enough for you?" Her mood was pleasant and peaceful, she seemed to be in a very happy and calm mood… which was fairly normal for the snow-white haired Ororo Munroe.

Amanda chuckles and nods at Ororo, saying "yes, they have me working language assitance honestly less than i expected, but between PE and filling in as assistant to other classes i've had a pretty full plate. I'm just glad only one student has been interested in martial arts and even he hasn't been intent enough to ask for school permission." as she moves to an empty place to sit.

With her coffee mug held between her hands Ororo held a soft smile when Amanda came to sit down. "Anna-Marie was our primary PE teacher for the past two years. So her leaving has left a large gap to be filled in that regard. But I've been told that you've been doing a great job. So thats good." She smiled at the other woman. "And only one student interested in martial arts? I am, well, for lack of a better word… shocked… to hear that. As much as I see these nutty kids hopping around in the back yard and on the furniture in the rec room, acting like they're elite Ninjas." She grinned a little. "I would think they'd be lined up."

Amanda shrugs at the comment, elaborating "well i was taught the 'court forms' of traditional kung-fu. most kids wanna swing a katana or learn ninjitsu, neither of which are my bag of smoke bombs, if you will". She sets the tablet down on the table, and pulls a bamboo/paper fan out from the fold in her martial art top. Opening the fan a design of a plum tree can be seen on the front as she idly fans her face. "Also i've never had the discussion with MY teacher wether or not i'm ready to take on students for martial arts."

Ororo was wise enough to know the difference from Kung Fu and Ninjitsu, as well as all the pride that goes along with either. She smiled at the teacher's words and nodded one singular time to her. "I would think that would be an important step in your training. A milestone, you might say as well." She tells Amanda then, taking another sip of her coffee. "And yes, I imagine most of the students would drop out at the realization that actual work has to be put forth to succeed at the art."

Amanda also nods saying "well there are a good 20 different 'core' styles of kung fu, and probably 10 times that many variants. Jian sword styles are considered one of the 5 'court' forms taught to nobles, in this case because they were usually the only ones who could afford swords. I also studied 'Fanshen' or fan styles, which also is a court form, but because it not only emphasizes clever manuever and deception over strength, but also utilizes a fan which is rarely recognized as a dangerous weapon. Polearm, Club and Maul, and Falchion or cleaver were also considered court forms, but usually relegated for ranking non-nobles within the court."

From her relaxed position in her chair Ororo listened to the detailed rundown of information from Amanda and she softly nodded her head. "You certainly seem to know your stuff then." She replied in a soft tone of voice. "I would love to see you spar with some of our other learned teachers who're into martial arts. Betsy, for example… she is quite skilled at her own styles of such. I admire how it alters the way one moves, in in every day simple tasks… of just, day to day business. Those who are very well trained just seem… stronger where they stand."

Amanda hrms and says "it's hard to ,,, recognize that in myself. From an attitude standpoint knowing i have a variety of options how to handle a difficult situation, takes a lot of the unknown out of it for me. My parents have been present for me my whole life and i grew up training in the martial arts. They've said one day they woke up and i wasn't walking anymore i was gliding around the room. Partly because they didn't see the little changes day to day, but also because there were changes in the long run." she hrms a moment, thinking before she adds "i want to help students get to a place, not where they have no fear, but where they can go into any situation knowing they have options. That way that can make their own decisions without being trapped by the mystery of the unknown. I'm just only really good at martial arts, and the chinese language."

"It sounds as though you are a good speaker all around." Ororo said then with a smile. "I am sure that the students would look up to you and based on what you've told me I can see that they'd have every reason too." She tells the other with a single nod of her head. "I am glad that you are here to help us… We need more gifted teachers such as yourself." Ororo then rose up to her feet and offered Amanda another smile. "I have to go and tend to the preparation of dinner. Let me know if I can help you achieve any of your goals here, okay?" She asked, her voice soft and kind.

Amanda nods at Ororo smiling cheerfully as she folds up her fan. It gets tucked back into her top as she says "Thanks i will, if you need help with anything i can't guarantee i'll be of use but feel free to ask. i'll see what i can do."

* End *

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