2015-09-23 Dance Dance Murderlution
This scene is rated PG-13
Warning: Violence, Brief Nudity
Players: Natasha
GMed by Triskelion (NPCs: Arcade, Miss Locke, Little Natasha)
Title: Dance, Dance, Murderworld!

As the helicopter starts to approach the area of the amusement park that the first drop off is to be made, Arcade comes back on screen. "Hold on tight you two, I'd hate for you to start off with a handicap!" he laughs merrily as suddenly the two gun grips from the Duck Hunt machine snake out and wrap up Natasha before it transforms out a pair of legs, converting into a robotic form that runs quickly out the open door, falling towards the ground, before a pair of jets kick in and carry the assassin Avenger across the compound, before coming to a comfortable landing near the fun house.

A large clown face lights up and arrows point the way into the funhouse. "If you want to rescue your SHIELD agent, step right up, only one ticket for the ride of your life. Thrills, spills, all to be had in the Fun House of Murderworld! Prizes, mayhem! Come on in!"

Fun and bright and peppy music plays for Natasha.

Some very colorful Russian swears come flying out of Natasha's mouth as she gets grabbed by a freaking /Duck Hunt/ machine — this is so unseemly, so embarrassing, and at the moment it's more that than the fear of being killed that bothers her. The landing is solid enough, but she still shoves her way out of the arcade's robo-arms before stepping forward.

Pausing, the assassin takes a brief breath before brushing herself off and striding forward with a bit more confidence than that initial step. Whatever's here is in some real danger of getting punched.

Other than the cheerful music and the arcade machine, there's nothing here to be punched. A rickety bridge leads into the darkness beyond, lights barely illuminating the way. From deep within, the voice of Melinda May can be heard, "Hello? Is someone here?" she calls out in worry. "Don't come in, it's a trap!" Well, of course its a trap. That's the whole point.

In his control room somewhere else on the campus, Arcade is gleefully filming it all, Miss Locke slaps his hand when he tries to focus in on Natasha's assets. "But you know that's what the guys want to see!" he protests. Miss Locke 'hmphs'.

"Agent May!" Natasha calls out to her. Her voice alone should tell May who she is. The woman's not much for talking, and in circumstances like there, neither is Natasha. She adds: "Stay put. I'm coming." So much for 'don't come in, it's a trap'. Of course it's a trap. Traps are part of life.

Observing the rickety bridge, Natasha's eyebrows raise slightly. Well. That looks like a death trap. She takes a few steps back, crouches down a little… then sprints forward and just ballet-leaps straight on over it. There's even a lovely little flip in the air before she touches down lightly on the other side.

"Widow! Don't! Be careful!" Agent May starts to call out, before she's suddenly cut off. The voice goes quiet, drowned out by the music as it increases in volume. And that's not all. As Natasha does her graceful leap and flip, there comes canned applause from some fake gnomes along the sides of the bridge. Several of them hold up 10 signs, one of them holds up a B+ sign instead.

With Natasha entering the fun house, the sounds of laughter and canned noises and flashing lights is meant to disorient as she goes through the corridors. That is until she comes into a large and open room.

Agent May is hanging from cage in the back of the room, "Black Widow!" she calls out before the cage is pulled away and a mirror slides into place. As the lights come up, Natasha will find that she has been lured into a room that is painted a lot to look alot like a dance studio. Mirrors surround the room, railing set up impeccibly in place at different levels. The room is also painted in a nice shade of red.

But these are not just normal mirrors. The mirrors are warped and twisted, giving off reflections of Natasha as a squat and fat Natty, tall and ubder skinny Natty, Nicki Minaj Natty, and several others. However, the mirror that is protecting Agent May comes to life, and a young redheaded female, no more than 14 comes up to the front. "<I like to dance. Will you dance with me?>*" she asks.

  • Translated from the Russian - Triskelion.

"Hmf. Must be the American judge." Because if it were the East German judge, she'd have it in the bag from that one.

Natasha continues through the corridors, narrowing her eyes and concentrating on her breathing as she continues on. The swirling lights are meant to disorient; she focuses on anything not moving, reorienting herself even if she has to pause for a few steps. And then?

She's in a literal red room. A chill runs down Natasha's spine. There's her everywhere, twisted Natalias surrounding her, but she's not one to spook easily. No, it takes a lot more than a funhouse mirror to unsettle this Russian assassin.

A red-haired girl taking over that mirror, though, is at least enough to make her blink and hesitate. "It's fine, May," she calls out. "Keep me posted. We'll get out of here." Her voice sure sounds confident. It softens a bit when her eyes shift to the girl in the mirror. Her lips press together tightly in a line before she nods: "<I will. What dance? What are the rules?>"

The little red-head applauds happily. "<You will only have to follow the arrows!>" she says as a drum beat starts, the fun house music dying down. "<Pass through all the levels, and I'll be the best dancer, and we can go to get Agent May together!>" she comments.

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHZqxecCukg

The girl's schoolgirl outfit morphs into a ballet outfit, with a knife belt worn at her waist. As the arrows start to come up, she waits for Natasha to move before hers - and all of the twisted versions of Natasha start to dance in time with the Black Widow's movements.

As the group of them move in time with Natasha, the music continues to uptempo play, until finally the arrows stop coming up and a cheerful, "Level One Complete!" shows on the screen.

"<Excellent, we made it through level one! Only three more to go!>" the school-girl Natty offers, as some of the mirrors darken and go out.

(Target: 5)
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 13 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 7 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 16 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 8 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 9 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!

The blue jeans are a litlte more constricting than the outfits she usually wears to do this kind of moving, but it's not like it's the most challenging sort of dancing she's done. She was always good. More than good. And this is just basically DDR, right?

Which means it's not the sort of dancing she's used to, but she manages to avoid making any really wrong steps. Balance. Poise. Agility. She can run across a tightrope; she can do this.

"<Good. Very good,>" she murmurs to her… yes, her tinier self. Someone is really going to regret this. But at least it's challenging her to do something she's /good/ at. She'll save really twitching about it for later.

(Target: 8)
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 11 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 4 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 5 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 14 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 4 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!

As the second round begins, little Natasha starts to dance with the bigger Natasha - and the music changes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM5ptZVBNF0. While the two of them are off to an excellent start, when Natasha gets her first 'BAD' score, from the floor, small rises appear.

As the missteps continue, the rises break through, revealing small spikes that are all over the floor. Natasha's steps and boots are at first shredded on the floor, then as the spikes rise again on yet another misstep, the spikes slightly dig into her feet, starting to cut into the bottom of them.

The little Natasha jumps around in pain, blood and scrapes appearing on her form as she's attacked by the other versions of Natasha, the skinny one shoving her as a fat one pushes her about.

She pants heavily. "<We.. we didn't do so good that time!>" she says, glancing up as a little life gauge appears - it's about a quarter down. "<Try not to hurt me more!>" she pleads to her 'older' self as a screen flashes:

Level 2 Complete! Grade: C. Ready for Level 3.

Aw shit. /Irish punk/. It's not that Natasha's never danced to anything like this; she's danced for as long as she can remember, and she can remember a hell of a lot. But skinny jeans and boots just aren't what you wear for this, and she's starting to misstep, starting to get /shredded/. She's just scratched right now, but she knows it's going to get worse.

Still. She keeps moving. No part of her is giving up, and when she takes the final step at last, she also takes a deep breath. "<It'll be all right,>" she says. "<This isn't the first time we've danced on nails.>"

But she needs to even the odds a little. Raising her hand as if to ask for a moment, she reaches to her waist. Unless Murderworld censors are stopping her, she takes just a few seconds to whip off her jeans. No, she's not commando under there; sorry, America. "<Don't you do that,>" she adds, narrowing her eyes at her other self. "<You're dressed for the occasion.>"

(Target: 6)
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 10 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 18 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 6 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 14 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 9 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!

In the command center, Miss Locke flails her arms. "Pixelate that! Box it! That is improper for American viewing audiences, what about the—"

BLAM! Miss Locke's brains explode out of the side of her head as Arcade lowers a comically large gun. "Good help is really hard to find these days.." he complains.

A radio chimes. "Did you.. did you just /kill/ me?" Miss Locke asks, still on the WTEN chopper.

"Sorry, sweets, that LMD was just a little too prude." he mutters, and cuts the feed so that America can get back to watching granny panty Natty dance.

Back at the Red Room, Little Natasha tries to cheer up as her older self encourages her. "<O-okay.. I will try!>" she promises her older self as the music changes for the next to the last round. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s28q_fpLY2c)

The two Natashas seem to be rather in sync and doing well, their steps on the spikes still painful, though not terribly so, until there's a single mis-step and the spikes lunge upwards into the bottom of Natasha's feet nearly a full inch as the little Natasha cries out in pain, losing more of her health.

Above, the roof creaks threateningly, raining dust down upon the bloodied dancer down below. As the mirrors dim, yet another twisted Natasha lashes out at the little Natalia, wounding her stomach. "<We-we did much better, yes?>" she asks between painful gasps.

Grade: B+ Level Three Complete, preparing level 4.

Now this music? This is more Natasha's metier. Her movements now are smooth and lovely, and besides, her underthings cover more of her than the average bikini. HD viewers may be able to see the occasional faded scar and at one point the tell-tale round spot from an old bullet wound, but it's hard to focus on that when she moves the way she does.

There's the one mis-step, but Natasha just grits her teeth and carries on. The mis-step is her fault, of course — the last time she danced this was fifty years ago, and the steps in the mirror are definitely /wrong/, and she overcorrected in the wrong direction, and for a moment she can smell not just the blood but the old wood and powder and makeup and is, for a moment, in the Bolshoi again.

Natasha shakes her head. "<Much better,>" she confirms. "<One more level. You can do it. Put your mind to it, Natashenka. There is no pain. There is nothing but the dance.>"

"<One more time…>" young Natalia agrees with her older counterpart as the younger girl prepares to dance. As she listens to the music, she looks up towards the skies. "<..I have not heard this one before, Natasha, I am not sure of my motions!>" she cries out in worry as the music starts to play, the girl's eyes welling up with tears.

(Target: 11)
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 12 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 5 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 6 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 7 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!
OOC: Natasha rolls a total of 2 with 1 rolls of a 20 sided die!

Natasha lifts her head and her face contorts a moment — it's not like she knows this one either, but she looks back to that face, to that younger self, with a faint smile. "<Pain is weakness leaving the body, little one. You will endure much more than anything you will feel today. You have endured more, and you will.>"

She knows it to be true. And so she starts, but this is — she's having as much trouble as little Natashenka. Bloody feet are nothing new to a dancer, in all truth, but before long she's /slipping/ in her own blood. This is a shit show and she knows it, but she holds her body erect — erect and shaking just a bit — and proud through the whole thing.

Little Natasha nods in agreement with the older version of herself, and as they start to dance, she is willing to put forth the effort. However, it does not go well as they are both attacked ruthlessly, the cackling of the contorted Natasha's attacking her younger self echoing through out the room as each spike rises and digs in, nearly taking out Natasha's ankles, as she almost.. almost slips too much but prevents herself from falling on the very spikes that are protruding from the floor.

As the song starts to end, Natasha's feet are bloody wrecks, and little Natasha has been beatened and bloodied. She pants and is in tears, her face bruised and bloodied, but she can't help but to smile. "<We.. we did it!>" she says, as the spikes start to retract back into the ground, and as the mirror slides back up, it's not Melinda in the cage, it's a young red-head girl. She appears to be dressed in the same outfit as the little Natalia and wearing all the same wounds. "Spah-see-bah.." she manages to say as she lowers herself to her knees, panting with her injuries. "<They took the woman.. put her back in the swamp..>" she says, offering her a pass as she closes her eyes.


Just for one moment, rage contorts Natasha's face. Oh, there was some pride there in her face when she finally managed to get out of it, but when she sees that the red-haired girl wasn't just a computer program she was nattering to, when she sees it was an /actual/ girl, she ignores the pain in her feet and is on the cage in an instant. Stooping, she reaches up to her hair and plucks out the hairpin she keeps there. Not to keep her hair pinned, of course. Hairpins are 99% for opening locks.

"Horosho. Ochen horosho," Natasha breathes, fiddling that lock open in no more than half a minute. "<You are not staying here, little one. Tell me your name.>" She pauses only long enough to grab her damn jeans and yank them back on before reaching out and lifting the girl, pass and all, from the cage. Natasha may be walking on shredded and bloody feet and leaving some really horrible footprints, but she'll carry the girl.

"<If you are here to put a knife in my back,>" she adds dryly, "<I will not die, and I will not be amused.>"

"<I.. I do not know my name.. a tall lady found me on the streets of Grozny.. said she was bringing me to America..>" the little girl says as she weakly lays across Natasha's shoulder. She's apparently not here to try to Widow the Black Widow as she leans against the woman for support. "<Said I do this, I would be free..>" she cries a little. "<I did not want to hurt you.>" she promises as she is carried rag-dolled style by the SHIELD agent as they go into the next room.

It is a large overlook that sweeps over the swamp. Down below is where Melinda is currently holed up. However, on the other side of the compound, another area lights up and music starts to play. Apparently Clint has been deposited finally.

"<I will kick her face off,>" Natasha soothes. "<I didn't mean to hurt you. I didn't know you were behind there. I would have been more careful. Did you do the dancing?>" The bloody footprints behind her are maybe a bit distressing. She's ignoring them. She's going to keep going. She'll heal.

As they reach the overlook, Natasha calls out: "May? Can you hear me?" Her head lifts as she observes the lights and music on the other side of the compound. One thing at a time.

"<Yes. I danced, I was told to follow you, and if you fell, I was struck by knife every time you missed.>" the child admits with a frown. "<I was trying so very hard to dance with you. You are very good dancer.>" she admits with a little sniffle.

In the meantime, in the command center, Arcade chuckles. "And it seems the Widow has found a bonus prize! Perhaps the booty shake did bring all the boys the yard.. or at least a little version of her." he grins up at the camera. "For all you betters out there, the over/under for dance failures was ten! She only had eight, so if you took the under, you win! Up next, Hawkeye! Just wait until you see what we have for our resident marksman! Wager up boys and girls!"

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