2015-09-24 An Angel in the Academy

Location: Academy of Tomorrow

Players: Rogue and Angel

It was late afternoon at the Academy of Tomorrow and on the highschool level this means that the students were still present and many were bustling about. Though the school was only at about half-capacity due to its sudden creation, the student body was still rather large for the Highschool ages and there were many packs of kids wandering about in their uniforms. (grey leather coats with black 'AT' logos on the shoulders and grey slacks, a very stylish outfit overall). Rogue was seated at the tables to the western side of the elevators, waiting for the friend whom she'd invited out this afternoon to come by. Leaned over the desk and fiddling with an ipad, Anna-Marie is dressed in a dark red jacket and matching red slacks with some nice black leather shoes on. A group of two students approach her to ask her something and chat with her, so she leans back in her chair to smile at them and answer the questions.

Warren makes his way in and immediately gets noticed. It's the wings, of course, although Warren Worthington isn't exactly an unknown quantity. His suit is tailored to his specifications, charcoal and white linen, withi a splash of color with his red tie, the golden halo tie-pin holding it in place. His hair is smoothed back and tied in a small ponytail at the base of his neck, his blue eyes shining as he makes his way in. The wings, even folded, are hard to miss, snowy white and cupping against his back.

He makes his way over to Rogue, smiling, "Good to see you again, Rogue. This is quite a place," he says, glancing around and nodding to a few of the students who look his way.

Anna-Marie continued that little conversation with the students that approached her until she saw the form of Warren appear from the directin of the elevators across the table she sat at. She had a big grin appear on her red painted lips and she smiled up at him and rose up to stand aside the table. "Well hey there." She said at him, grinning. "You're lookin' dapper as ever, handsome." She told him, giving him and his fancy suit a look over once. "Welcome to the Academy. Fancy, huh?" She agreed with him, glancing toward the holo-fountains and their 'illusion water'… But her green eyes went back to the Angel (as were the students watching Warren too, at least the ones that had been talking to Rogue) "So whats been going on?" She asks, motioning to the chair opposite of hers at the table as she sat back down then.

Warren smiles at the pretty Southern belle, taking in the fountains with a grin. "Well, on Stark's dime, no reason to skimp. And it's not like subtlety's ever been the man's forte,' he says, in a lightly teasing way. He takes a chair, settling in. This requires him to flex his wings, their nearly ten foot span momentarily on display as he stretches them out, flaring feathers as he gets the back of the seat between them, before drawing them back in again, almost enfolding him. He does it instinctively, but it's still an impressive display.

"Trying to find ways to keep the hours busy," he says. "I was deeply involved in business concerns, after Father passed away, but things have grown more workaday and I find myself seeking new challenges. I'd heard you were putting together something new here and thought I'd come and see what was involved."
"Its been a whirlwind tour, settin' this joint up." Rogue replied to Angel in her sultry southern tone and gave him a big grin. She, was fairly used to the fancy display of his wings, having seen them upclose on many occassions, but the students around the area weren't quite so used to it and some of them voiced their thoughts in the form of 'woahs' and 'wows' and one 'dayum' off to Angel's left. Anna-Marie glanced over at the kids that were studying at tables near their own and then looked back at Warren. "I'm sorry t'hear about your dad… I'd wanted to send ya somethin' to be, ya know… all nice about it, but I figured there's not much a I could give a guy like you that'd help at all." She frowned a little. "But I'm glad you're here now and if ya need anything, just say it and I can sure try to get it done." Another small smile was shown to him then.

Warren shakes his head, "I appreciate the thought. Father and I weren't always close, but we had at least…made peace in the end. That's the important thing,' he says. "I know I haven't kept in touch as well as I should have. Things just got so hectic so quickly, and I've only just recently gottena handle on things," he says.

"I don't know if I need anything. If anything, I think, I was coming to see…if you needed anything. Well, not just you, I mean, the school," he says, clearing his throat. "I want to…help. Try to make the world a better place. I've done some of that, but I think there might be better ways to contribute than just punching bad guys in the face."

Rogue flashed the man a grin at his words and she softly nodded her head whilst leaning back in the weirdly designed chair that people insist to her is 'artistic'. "We're still rampin' up here, if you'd like to take a tour and see where ya might want to fit in." She nodded her head once thn and there. "Be it teachin' or somethin' more on the administration side. Course… you're so damn pretty we might want to use you for the more public positions." She grinned at him and reached out to take up her silver metal mug and bring it back for a drink. "But yeah, I know you'd be good at anything here, so I can vouch for ya, big fella." Rogue, ever the casual flirt.

Warren grins, growing a little red at the compliment, "Good looks seem to go with the place, so I think I'll fit in well enough,' he grins, no slouch at the flirting department himself. "I wouldn't mind doing some teaching, although, other than economics, I'm sure you probably have more qualified instructors than me in most. Or flight. If you have students who fly, I can certainly provide guidance in that," he says, a little dreamily. He truly did love to fly - even at his darkest, when he hated himself and his wings, flying was always the comfort he had to escape it all.

"But, yeah, absolutely, I'd love for you to show me around. And I'll do what I can to help."

Another little grin came from the young woman at his words and she then sat forward in her chair and put her (ungloved) hands onto the table's edge. "We go up to College level courses here too, so thats a big difference from Xavier's. However, our college is a bit more of a ghost town at this stage than our Highschool is, cause we offer the courses in Online fashion, ya know… Facebookland'n such." She smiled and rose up to her feet, picking her ipad and drink up in her hands. "We got a lotta tech-head kids here who want to fly… but fly like Iron Man. Ya know, with the rocket boots. So you might be able to assist with that some… I've flown next to some of'em before just to make sure if the boots shut off, I was there to catch'em and keep them from becomin' puddles." She stood there, waiting to take him on a tour it would seem.

Warren laughs, moving to rise to go along with the tour. "Stark's involvement will no doubt attract those who share his interests - especially if their parents are looking to see if their kid has a chance at a lucrative job in his employ after graduation. Never underestimate the dedication of an ambitious parent,' he smiles, thinking again of his own father. The dreams he'd had - he came to understand better that his father's prejudice had been born not out of hatred but of fear - fear that his son could never achieve his dreams once he was marked as different.

"I can't be much help with technology classes, but I could probably help improve their social skills. I imagine some of them aren't much used to life outside of a lab," he says, remembering all too well how strange and pent up it was to be a teenager, especially a gifted one, away from home and trying to figuire out the world.

Rogue gave him a grin at his words and a single nod. "We got some kids that could definitely use some… culture." She said before starting to walk now toward the western side of the building. "Jose Ortez, for example… I think he spends his free time runnin' around in the Manhattan sewers lookin' for trouble down there, for example." She glanced over at Warren and gave him a smile. "Kid is nice as hell, but wilder'n barn cat." With a big exhale then Rogue lead her friend toward a set of glass panels setup along the center of the western main corridor.

"These are our info hubs, you just walk up to it and… well… Can you tell me what the Capitol of Alberta Canada is?" She asks the pane of glass and immediately the photo-realistic image of a young asian woman in an AT uniform appears and smiles back at Warren and Marie. "Certainly, Director. The Capital of Alberta Canada is Edmonton…" The woman inside the glass then goes on to start talking about Edmonton in greater detail and showing video of the city and the area around it. Anna-Marie looked over at Warren. "All the glass in the school can be accessed like this, any window is also a… livin' computer, so to speak."

Warren puts his hands in his pockets as he walks alongside, bemused by the tale of the wild child, "The sewer, you say? Well, I hope the shower system has a high water pressure then - sounds like he needs to have his hygiene attended," he says with a wry smirk.

He looks at the display on the computer, though, with wider eyes, impressed by the technology rather in spite of himself, "Information right at your fingertips is certainly a good thing, and less annoying than having to carry a little tablet around everywhere. I find it detestable, all the business people I encounter with blue tooth sticking out of their ears. They never look good and it's practically a declaration of self-importance," he says.

Rogue laughs at both comments that Warren makes individually and she nods her head in agreement with them both as well. "Yeah… The twenty first century New Yorker… always on the cuttin edge of bein' irritatin as hell." She says with a grin before moving on to lead him into the second classroom block. The hallway here wasn't as wide open as the main corridor, and the classrooms lined it on either side… they all had the same glass walls though some of them were fogged out so that the teacher inside the room could have their class' full attention, some… however… were not and Rogue and Angel could see the students inside the classrooms all sitting and listening to the lecture going on.

"Ya know how model homes work, right?" She asks him, glancing sideward at him. "Thats basically what this place is… this location isn't even the final location for the main Academy… thats all still being planned out for furture construction somewhere in Manhattan. This is like, a proof of concept for people to come and see how its all gonna work." Some of the classrooms were empty still, infact and could be seen as such.

Rogue and Angel were in the second classroom block, she was walking him along through the hallways and showing him the classes that were in session as well as those that were still empty as the place wasn't at full capacity. "Ya always were one of the better smellin' of our group." Anna-Marie said over at the taller man beside her, grinning at him. "Lots more than that Cigar Box named Logan." She bumped shoulders with Warren playfully then and motioned ahead toward the southern main corridor as they came out of the class block.

"Across the way here is the medical training area, this is where Jean is runnin' the show, showing off that genius brain'a hers." The southern belle said as she lead Warren out of the class block toward the medical wing now.

Warren smiles, "Smelling better than Logan isn't precisely a difficult matter. It's rather like winning a marathon against a man with no legs," he says. "But I'll take what I can get," he says with a playful smile, reeturning the shoulder bump as he's lead along on his tour.

He nods, "I'm glad Jean's getting a chance to apply what she's learned - as I said, finding other ways to help other than just hitting people in the face. Satisfying as it can be, it's not a way to build the kind of future we all want to see," he says.

"Totally." Rogue replyed to Warren then as she lead him toward the medical wing doors and they parted open with a quiet hiss of air. The medical wing was considerably less illuminated than the rest of the Academy, though it held the same glass walls they were by default always set to 'fogged' level so that the place felt much more cozey and there was just less ambient light filtering through. The hallway was lit by overhead small spotlights that shined down in a soft yellow glow.

"Jean's needed to get away from the drama of the school, and all that… I mean she's lived and worked there for like what? fifteen years or more?" Anna said whilst shaking her head lightly side to side. "A break was in order and she has seemed to be smilin' a lot more, so thats good." She paused her walking and motioned her right hand toward one of the teaching classrooms where the wall wasn't fogged out… Visible inside the classroom was an instructor talking to students while motioning to a full body 3d-hologram of a human body floating in the air… the instructor was turning the body with simple hand gestures and motioning to specific places on it. "Tony's tech, really shines when used like this." Marie softly and quietly said with a smile over at Warren. "Creepy as it can be to see all our bits'n'pieces all hangin' out like that."

Warren walks along, his wings cupped against his back. He watches the display and makes a little wincing face as spleens and innards go spinning around in full, vibrant color and texture, "I think it's very hard to make a grown-up life in the same place where you spent your teenage years - there are ghosts there that you can't help see. There's a reason why most teachers don't end up working at the school they grew up in. You never quite lose that feeling of what it was liket o be a student," he says.

"The technology, though, as you said, is quite amazing. I might have to see if I can license some of this stuff for a few of my own projects," he says. He doesn't have much technological prowess himeslf, but, well, that's what money was for.

"Yeah, totally." Anna-Marie replied to the fancy winged Angel with a smile at him. "They say that future doctors getting taught like this… can improve their performance in surgeries'n such… like to a mad degree." She looked over and up at him with her emerald colored eyes. "Less medical malpractices for the win." She casually said with a hint of a grin and then nodded her head to the side to indicate a new walking direction going further into the medical wing. "I put two years of teaching into Xavier's and, well honestly, I loved every minute of it… but after the stuff that went down this summer I needed to try on a new hat… That place is the closest I've ever come to feelin' like my home though, its hard not to want to go back there and curl up in my bed and pretend I'm an irresponsible kid again." She grinned once more at Angel as she lead him past some rooms where a class opened up and a bunch of students came pouring out all quietly moving past Anna and Warren, some of them eyeing the well-dressed man with the big bold wings.

"Not all'a our kids here are mutants, either, some are just your good ol' fashioned human variety. Most of the student body are children to employees here at the Stark tower, or other Stark buildings in Manhattan, but… we got a ton of new applications to sort through for Spring."

Tony walks into the Academy carrying some boxes. Setting them down by the wall he kneels opening them up unaware of the other two for the moment at least. He takes out some books looking them over.

Warren nods to Rogue, "Segregation's never the wisest idea, although I understand the reasons for making a mutant-specific refuge. It's never the ideal, though. Even having an open mutant population makes you a target, though - I know that all too well," he says. He's been targetted with protests and boycotts since he 'came out' as a mutant, but it's at least been a lot easier on him physically not having to bind his wings down every day.

"Well the thing is that this place is alive with the spirit of what Xavier has put into all of us." Rogue replies to Angel then and smiles at him as they emerge then from the medical wing in the eastern side of the highschool's main corridors. "Segregation doesn't benefit anyone, precisely… So we gotta just embrace what we are, who we are, learn from it and benefit from it as a whole." Anna-Marie turned them toward the elevators once more in the center of the Academy and she noticed Tony up ahead. "We'll help all the mutants here, learn how to use their gifted powers and… yeah, prosper… or somethin' not so cheesey soundin." She flashed Warren a grin before approaching Tony and his boxes…

"Whats up, sexy pants/" She asks the infamous Anthony Stark. "This is Warren Worthington… I'm tryin' to butter him up to work here with us."

Tony looks up as marie speaks with a slight smirk, "Hey there beautiful." rising up to his feet, "Got some books for the library." Now turning to face the man present with her, "Can just call me Tony. We are looking for teachers and such. I teach adjunct myself. Still got my business to tend to of course."

The elevator arrives at this floor, among the sound of clattering and excited voices. Once the door opens, Sam steps out followed by a group of other kids, most of them holding bits of broken drone or other home-built device. Above the young mutant's right shoulder hovers a small spherical drone, looking almost exactly like the narrative companion of a certain character in a certain popular video game. "… and that's why relative velocity matters. Even though we're not moving, 'cause our relative speed to the elevator is zero, the rate of descent for your drones is a lot higher because for them it's an absolute value that has to match the descent speed of the elevator, see?" Spotting Rogue and Tony, Sam quickly nods to what may likely be called his friends, or possibly his geeks-in-crime. "Right guys, catch you tomorrow after class to go over a bit more of it, try to rebuild your drones by then, 'kay?"
The group disperses, and Sam heads on over, smiling to Tony and Marie, as well as giving the stranger with them a polite wave. "Hi there."

Warren smiles to Tony, 'You don't have to call me beautiful, but I appreciate the compliment. Nice to meet you, Mr. Stark. I think we may have passed like ships in the night at the occasional charity function, but I don't believe we ever shared a dance," he says, extending his hand in greeting.

He stands next to Rogue, as she's his 'handler' so to speak during his visit here, but nods in greeting to Sam when the young man joins them, apparently a teacher or other functionary of some sort around here. "Cheesy sounding is okay, sometimes, Rogue, so long as you mean it. When you don't, people can tell and that's when the problems begin."

Anna-Marie looked at the boxes that Tony brought in and she went to one to pull one fot the books out. "Retro… I like it." She said with a grin as Tony and Warren interacted with one another. When Sam arrived she sat the book back into the box and grinned at the kid. "Hey, Sammy Davis Junior! Check it out… your potential future flight instructor… assumin' I can say all the right words and get'im to want to be here with us." She motioned at Warren in his fancy expensive suit with those big beautiful white wings on his back. She looked over at Tony and Warren then. "Sam's like hot on Tony's heels to catch up with him in inventin' wild stuff to glue rockets onto." She said with a grin.

Tony smirks giving Warren a shake of the hand. "Next time we will have to dance. I might even let you lead. Though she has given me lessons so it might be dangerous." he nods towards Rogue. "And that is Samuel. He is a younger version of me."

Is that a blush? Freakin' hell yeah, that's a blush, when people start comparing Sam to Tony. It was one thing to be acknowledged by your own personal hero, another to live in the same building, and yet another to be rated in the same league as him. Ego boost, active. The drone raises up a few inches and loops twice, before settling back down. "Geez, guys, you're gonna make him think I'm special or something. Not a teacher, just a student. Y'know, mutant that doesn't mind the world knowing he's a mutant and doesn't wanna hide with other mutants without getting to talk to other people." Ouch, Sam, tell us how you /really/ feel. He smiles at Warren, however, and can't help but remark on it. "Kind of like you."

Warren smiles, "The cages we build for ourselves are usually the strongest. Like most of my winged brethren, I've never done well in cages," he says in response to Sam, nodding at the sentiment. "Dancing is definitely one of my fortes. Leading is one of those things you just have to feel out sometimes - it usually comes naturally when it's right," he says.

He watches the drone do its thing, raising an eyebrow, "Impressive, indeed. It's always good to see the industrious spirit. Innovation is the way into the future, after all," he says, then blushes a bit himselfl, glancing at Rogue, "I think I've spent a bit too much time in board meetings, I'm starting to soak up the language."

Rogue reached out her left hand and patted Tony on the shoulder. "You'll be a ballerina in no time, sweetness." She said at him with a grin. "I'll make sure of it…" She then listened to Sam speak to the others and stood there quietly for a moment listening to them before nodding once at Warren. "You're not meant to be locked away in board rooms doin that kinda nonsense. What did Val Kilmer say?" She asked. "You can be my wingman any day." Another grin came from the southern gal and she lifted her hands up to emphasize her next word. "Cheesey!"

Tony puts an arm around Rogue to pull her against his side if she allows offering a kiss to her cheek, "Only for you. So when you going to give up this futile man hunt and admit you love me?" is teased lightly. "And this is where you finish that with the words of Tom Screws.. err Cruise.. Bullshit you can be mine."

Aaaaaand, yup, there we have it. Sam looks up at the ceiling during the exchange of innuendo laced repartee, seemingly very interesting in its construction for a moment.
Warren is more than comfortable in the land of repartee, having spent much of his youth trying to play the little gentlemen while at decolettage level with some of New York's most glamorous. "I imagine Tony's more than adept on his tiptoes already. Grace under fire and all that. But I agree, I don't belong in a boardroom - or, at the very least, not exclusively so. Nothing wrong with being a Renaissance man, especially when you already look like a cherub from a painting of the period. Well, a cherub who's been on Atkins and does yoga, at any rate," he says with a twinkle.

Rogue allowed the hug and kiss from Stark and she laughed a little. "And face the wrath of Doctorial Jean Grey with that evil thing floatin' around inside her attic?" She asked him, reaching up to tap his nose with her fingertip, making it all the more apparent to Warren that Rogue seems to no longer have trouble touching people…. "I'll pass, for now at least… maybe once I fianlly get the urge to nest and crap out a bunch of babies." She then seperated from Tony and walked over to Samuel to look up at the ceiling too. "What are we lookin' for? Did you unleash a killer robot and are waiting for it to strike?" She gave a grin to the young kid then.

Tony chuckles deeply at this, "Stark babies. That would be scary." looking ato Warren, "So you'd be welcome to come work with us if you want. Though Rogue has the final say since I delegated this to her."

"Sometimes you let something go up and you never know when it comes back down." Sam replies, gnomically, before returning his gaze to the present with a smile. "I'm probably the worst person to day this, but you hafta come work here. All the teachers are awesome, so you have to be awesome to teach here. There's a limited amount of awesome out in the world, so we gotta grab as much of it as we can."

"Well, who is having babies? Is it Tony again?" asks Wade as he struts into the room. He's not wearing whatever his desc says; he's actually wearing a black suit with a red shirt underneath. No tie. He takes a bite out of an apple that he was holding. "Tony, what subject was I supposed to be teaching? I've been teaching all these things that the students want me to teach them but I don't think I was supposed to be teaching them 'Jedi Academy' yet. Isn't that the AP class?"

"Final say…" Anna-Marie repeated quietly with a thoughtful look on her face at Tony beofre she tapped at her own lowerlip. Her eyes went to Samuel then. "Please don't try to make any nukes in your life, sweet Sammy." She said to the boy before looking to Warren then. "I don't wanna pressure ya though, darlin'. I'm just glad to see my old friend back." She reached out to pet his left arm then and when Wade showed up she grinned at him. "You're a self defense teacher… and a devilish dresser. Not a Jedi master… I don't think anyhow."

Tony glances at Wade, "Again? I do not believe I have spawned. At least no women have come forward to say that I have." picking up one of the boxes he gives it to a passing worker, "Library."

"Totally could be a Jedi Master if you wanted to be." Sam remarks when Wade joins the little gathering, a grin still on his face. "And I solemnly swear not to make, design or improve any more nukes while I'm at the Academy." Wait, what? Were those conditionals intended that way? "Too busy building space suits and a holographic emitter anyway."

Warren smiles and puts his hands in his pockets, nodding to Wade as the man has arrived. He recognizes that he's a bit of the outsider here, his history with Rogue aside. "Warren Worthington. Nice to meet you," he says, nodding to Wade. Manners are pretty deeply instilled in him, even towards those who meander about science fiction movies and/or video games.

"I probably need to get around to seeing those movies sometime. I think I miss out on about twenty percent of conversation for lack of fluency in popular culture."
Wade rubs his nose, "Some of the kids were picking on me." He sniffles, "They said that if I grew out a mustache, I'd look like Burt Reynolds." He ponders, "Is that good? Or is that bad?" He shrugs, "I'm getting tired of being told I look like that Ryan Reynolds Wrap guy from Self/Less." He then pauses, "Oh crud! Self-Defense is the way of the Jedi!" He snaps his fingers, "Now I feel bad." He then looks over at Marie, "And you can teach me on what I don't need to anytime." He winks at her before he finally notices Warren.

Wade rubs his nose, "Some of the kids were picking on me." He sniffles, "They said that if I grew out a mustache, I'd look like Burt Reynolds." He ponders, "Is that good? Or is that bad?" He shrugs, "I'm getting tired of being told I look like that Ryan Reynolds Wrap guy from Self/Less." He then pauses, "Oh crud! Self-Defense is the way of the Jedi!" He snaps his fingers, "Now I feel bad." He then looks over at Marie, "And you can teach me on what I don't need to anytime." He winks at her before he finally notices Warren.

"You look familiar. Aren't you Fabio the Victor Secret model guy?" He grins and then looks back at Marie, "He looks like a good guy. You two would have beautiful babies. Or kits, in your case." He pauses, "Get it? Kits are the newborns of small mammals like badgers, foxes, and skunks! Because you're such a fox, you she-devil!"
Snapping his fingers at Tony, "There's no way you've been shooting blanks. Besides, Sam, here, is you bastard child. His mother would be Steve Jobs." He then looks back at Sam, "Dude, I had a holographic emitter for a long time from SHIELD. It helped make me look normal when I had the issue with the healing factor and the cancer!" He then looks back at Warren; studying how handsome he looks. He whistles and then look at Tony for a second; "He's pretty. He probably plays on Clint's team. Or Jose's."

Repeating Warren's name slowly, he looks back at him. "I'm Wade Wilson!" He gets a huge smile from ear to ear and tries to hug Warren. "We're double double-u buddies!"

Rogue watches the worker that Tony flagged down carry the boxes of books up to the library and she kindly thanked the person before she turned back to the others. "Warren would you like to stay for dinner? I think Jose is cookin' again tonight, hopefully after he had a shower." She grinnned then before regarding Wade. "You'd look smokin' with a mustache too, Burt." She tells the longwinded man.

Tony blinks mishearing this, "After we had a shower? No hanky panky in the penthouse bathroom." he shakes a finger at her now, "Unless the we is you and me. Though I hear you like to use a lot of the hot water."
Wade grins at Tony, "Of course I'd be cool with the water being as cold as you like it!"
Wade unbuttons his red shirt slowly.

This time not even the ceiling will do. With the merest twitch of an eyelid, Sam turns around and walks back towards the elevator, the 'ghost' drone following obediently. Yup, conversation has officially gone into realms he has no business contributing to, so it's time to extricate himself. "I'll ehmm… I'll go see if Jose's good to cook for a few more people."

Warren raises an eyebrow, "If you're a regular part of the environment here, Mr. Wilson, I think I may have to hire esomeone to follow me around and take transcription so I can keep up with what you have to say. I pity the students who have to take notes in your class," he says with wry amusement. He thought Hank McCoy was long-winded before, but clearly he has nothing on this guy.

"Dinner would be lovely, thank you, if I'm not imposing. If I am, well, I'd be happy to cover the bill on some takeout to make up for my rudeness,' he says. "And I've considered the mustache myself, but I'm afraid I'll just look like I've been drinking butter."

"Gee, sorry about that." is all Wade says as he realizes he bored everyone. He rubs the back of his head and then heads to vanish from the room.

Anna-Marie listened to Wade and Tony's words before she grinned and shook her head at them both. "Ever the flirts. I don't know when they'll finally just get beyond it and admit that they're madly in love." She said before watching Samuel retreat. "Tell the Muppet Chef that we're on the way up." She calls after the boy before going over to Warren and taking him by the arm. "This is a wild place… I imagine it'll be a big change fromn your usual, should you take the Nestee Plunge and join us." She gave him a grin.

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