2015-09-24 Frank Castle
As one of the things I do in my off-time, I often visit the local VFWs and American Legions. One of the soldiers I used to speak with was Captain Frank Castle. He is a Medal of Honor recipient that has served the military in Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. His family was murdered just over a year ago in a mob-related attack. Because of some evidence tampering, the case against those that killed Castle's family was lost. I lost contact with Castle shortly after his family's death. I was hoping I could speak to him and counsel and console him, instead, I found a monster in Hell's Kitchen today. He was in the Lamplighter Lounge and opened up on the persons within without warning.
One of those persons within was a white-haired gentleman with cybernetic attachments that was able to teleport at will. I have included sketches of both suspects, they are to be captured alive if at all possible.
(Sketches of Frank Castle and Cable attached)
- Steve
From the desk of Captain America on 2015-09-24
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