2015-09-27 Eir's Rescue-Pt.1
This scene is rated everybody
Warning: Mild Violence, Language
Players: Loki Zyraline Steve
GMed by Loki
Title: Eir's Rescue-Pt.1

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Eir's Rescue-Pt.1 -Loki Meets a Zombie-

The floors have been shaking on the upper levels, but it's not entirely apparent why unless one goes near the combat simulation room. The room
is set up to look like one of the ornate halls of the Asgard Palace, only as if a battle had been going on, and one seems to be going on right now. Loki
can't exactly spar any of the humans or even the metahumans without injuring them save for perhaps the Hulk, so the only person he can go up against
full power is himself. So he has a magical double conjured. It looks like an older version of him - pre Ragnarok (Avengers type Loki), taller, filling
his armor out much better than the smaller, younger looking version he is now. Both are decked out in full battle regalia, holding weapons replicating
Gungnir (Odin's spear) and the battle seems to be quite heated.
They come together and clash, a bright flash of light between them with power, shaking the floor as they dig their heels in and try to push the
other one over.

Zyraline will eventually make her way into the combat training room, curious about the shaking and all that. She's careful not to get
smushed/head blown open but doesn't seem terribly intimidated by whatever is causing the rucus. She enters the combat training area and makes sure the
doors close behind her. From there she just looks around at the strange scenery she is wholey unfamiliar with for a few moments. She start walking
among the columns around the outskirt of the room (inside but by the wall), looking for whatever is going on inside. Eventually she sees the hot, loki
on loki action action and moves just close enough to clearly see what's going on. She moves beside on of the pillars / archways *can't remember which
room you mentioned, the pillar room or the archway room* so she has some cover to duck behind, but simple stands there watching for the time being.

Sunday is usually Steve's day off. In fact, he's generally not even in the office on Sunday. However, his usual plans were shifted as he left
the camera that he usually takes with him and Peggy when they go out on Sundays. He was in the elevator preparing to head out when the building rumbles
faintly. Waiting until the elevator stops on the next floor, he comes out to check if there was one of those rare earthquakes in New York (last time was
Ragnarock). Finding out that it's coming from the training center, Steve halfway expects the Hulk to be present.
Ascending the stairs and making his way down the hallway between rumbles, he arrives in the command center of the room as Loki battles Loki and
pauses as he watches the battle, that is until he sees Zyraline in the field of play and his expression becomes worried as he reaches for the intercom
system. "Loki, there's civilians in the field, stand down!"

The two Lokis are really going at it, pieces of column flying everywhere as one or the other slams into them, or magic glances off of them. The
smaller Loki seems adamant on defeating…himself? Perhaps it is some unconscious metaphor for something deeper within the Asgardian, but he is swinging
pretty hard. Thor may be a master with his Hammer, but Loki has training with various types of weapon, considering his own special weapon can convert
into other types. Steve's voice distracts him long enough for his magical double to get a shot off on him, slamming into his chest and sending him
flying into one of the columns, cracking it. The double disappears as Loki clatters to the ground, temporarily stunned by the feedback loop of his own
magic hitting him. His weapon morphs back into the form of a very ornate sword.

Zyraline turns as the intercom mentions a civilian she starts looking around for an intruder/ plainclothes person in the combat area, having
no-idea that it's herself being referenced. She was able to walk in, no telling who else may be in here. Given the heat of the battle having a squishy
mortal type like one of the downstairs students blunder in would be borderline catastrophic. Hearing a clatter she turns back seeing Loki down, as
other Loki vanishes… "uh,,, Oh it requires concentration, that makes sense." She's seen asgaardian tech/magic 1 time before BRIEFLY, but this was her
first time seeing it in an all-out battle/ fight/ spar what have you.

There's a sympathetic wince as Loki catches his own magic full force. Hanging back up the mic, the super soldier makes his way onto the field.
"Sorry." he offers in apology as he glances towards Zyraline and offers a frown. "I know it's interesting to watch, but there are designated viewing
areas for training battles." he says with a slight look of disappointment before he considers.
"Loki, Zyraline has been wanting to get some practice with her skills. Do you think that perhaps we could set up something so she could use her
ability against yours? I think the room can simulate her resurrection powers in a comparible action to your own. And it will give her a chance to go all
out and see how she does and how much she can control at one time."

Loki's gold horned helmet clinks against the floor as he groans and starts pushing himself up to his hands and knees, a hand on his midsection.
"Ugh." He complains and rises to his feet, his sword scraping against the floor. "Very well. I do not believe her powers could truly cause me any
permenant harm, so I will agree to allow her to use her ability against me. I do not believe there would be any unexpected side effects."

Zyraline will get all shocked at Steve, saying "Ok first off i have no idea where they are, since the stuff i'm shown and or informed about is
minimal. Second i'll wager the view is nothing compared to being *X feet* away in person. And besides which, Magic, how can you not want to get a
closer look at that? I've never tried my powers on simulated tissue, don't know if it'll work. And i resuccitate the living, or re-animate the dead,
resurrect is a euphamism i use so that when i describe how i saved those shield agents' lives at the docks people don't assume there's 4 zombies
strolling around wearing cheap suits somewhere, which i now realise is something i should have detailed more clearly…"
Zyraline then glances between the two of them, before asking "Is loki dead too? i mean, i can manipulate dead tissue, so i can anime and
control corpses and body parts, directly affecting him would require him to be grievously wounded or dead…. My form of fighting is animating a
shitload of regenerating zombies, then applying basic squad combat tactics while intermingling with the walking corpses to mitigate attacks against me
during the control. It's, pretty limited in actuality since i'm not gonna murder a bunch of people just to use my power."

Steve lets out a breath. "If you are going to sit here and rattle off your limitations, Zyraline.." he starts with a gentle timbre to his voice,
"You're never going to want to see how far you can push yourself to see if there are things you have never done before. If I had allowed my own
limitations to choose what I could and could not do, I would have never made as many attempts as I did to join the Army, and I would have never been
found by Doctor Erskine. Nor would have Peggy found me and seen a potential that I didn't even see." he says, trying to reassure the young woman. "Give
it a try. At least you'll know, instead of having to guess whether or not it works." he offers.

Looking down at his armored self, Loki feels the metal over his chest. "No, I'm not dead that I know of…" he says, then looks toward Zyraline.
"So I wonder if you can manipulate the Einherjar since they are technically deceased warriors. They are the most elite of the palace's guards brought
straight from the halls of Valhalla. I suppose you could fight me until I am wounded enough to use your powers on me, but I recover from damage very
quickly." Not Wolverine fast, but a broken bone would heal within days instead of weeks, for example.

Zyraline nods at Steve saying "No, you see i've never met Mr Loki before, so i was making HIM aware of my limitations since he offered to help,
and i don't know what all the details of my abilities you have or have not exactly been filled in on, so i felt clarification was appropriate." She then
directs her next comments to Loki "no sure, we can try. I mean i am dead already, so the first trick i learned was to control my own corpse. And i
heal very quickly, i havn't had a massive head injury yet, so that's a bit shakey on wether or not i'd wake up with my memories in tact or not. The
main reason i havn't experimented is i like my memories and am in no hurry to jeapordize them. But that's fine for now since i'm a puppeteer not a

Steve nods. "Right.." he says as the conversation sort of goes over his head. It's his job to direct and lead, and not really research powers.
"Well.. it sounds like you two have plenty to discuss and work out.." he offers, reaching up to rub the back of his head. And that's when he remembers
he has the camera still. "I should get going, Peggy will get steamed if I stand her up." he says with a small chuckle. "You two take care and see how
far you both can push." he offers, before he turns to head out back towards the elevators.

"I am a god." Loki shrugs. He doesn't look much like a god, perhaps a godling instead. "I shall refrain from causing you damage. I fight a copy
of myself because I would cause great bodily harm to a mortal form, even those considered to be superior to other humans. The only one I know that I
would not severely damage is The Hulk, and he is not intelligent enough in that form to fight with any great strategy." He sheathes his sword at his
side, which turns into a dagger, just Loki's size since he is a master of using daggers and small blades, being a sneaky little bugger. The Asgardian
tilts his head down so he's looking up at her from beneath the angled rim of his helmet and grins. "Let's see what you've got."

Zyraline looks a bit un-certain about the situation now… "So you want me, to fist fight a god? I mean, i'll show you how i fist-fight other
mortals if you really want, but it's not really that impressive. Without corpses to animate i'm just mortal strong but regenerate, with very little
combat training." she eye's loki's armor briefly in case he says yes to the fistfight.

Loki takes a step forward and his image changes, his helmet reducing to an ornate headband and his armor just leather so that she doesn't hurt
her hands when making contact with him. "I can help enhance your fighting abilities. It is not always necessary to engage in physical combat. It is mroe
effective to use your opponent's mental weaknesses against them. I am not certain if you have ever met my brother, but Thor is quite a bit larger than
me, and he is not the largest of my brothers. I cannot best them in physical combat, so other measures must be taken."

Zyraline nods at loki, "Yes, and the more aggressive males in the city who wish to make advances on me, are typically twice my mass with the
difference being soley extra muscle. The one thing i learned is most attackers will relent IF you can cause them enough pain. My physical capabilities
don't rely on injury, rather causing as much discomfort as humanly possible."

"Indeed. If they refuse to depart your company, physical pain is usually the best deterrent. You are capable of causing more discomfort than
most humans." He takes a defensive stance, bringing his forearms up, one to protect his face, the other his midsection, though he knows she won't be
able to hurt him much.

Zyraline takes an un-easy sort of ready position and asks "so um, do you just want me to try fighting you, or do you want me to like, give it
everything i've got and fight dirty like an all out fight? i can't kill by any stretch of my capabilities, but i feel it's appropriate to ask wether
you just wanna spar or for me to really attack you?"

"Unleash all your power. I can handle it." Loki grins. "Remember, I am a god! I can take whatever you wish to unleash upon me." He's said that
before and got his ass kicked, but he's fairly certain he'll be OK with this one.

Zyraline unbuttons her jacket as she says "Ok, but before either of us get our feelings hurt, thank you for helping me train. Most people use
my age or gender or whatever as a fancy excuse, but those don't help me prepare for when i'll need to fight in the future." She takes a couple items
from her jacket pockets, before tossing the garment aside. She then starts walking quickly toward Loki and at about 10 feet away *her arms length +6
feet ish* her left hand at the low-ready pushes the button on the black device *Tazer* which ZZRRRAAAKS a TINY little electrical spark making a
DANGEROUS ammount of noise. At about the same time she raises her right hand, and blasts a cone-shaped spray of chemical mace at Loki's shoulder/face
area, continuing to move foreward.

Loki winces as the spray causes his eyes to burn as well as the exposed part of his face. His eyes water a bit, making the green stand out as he
looks at the spark, his brow furrowing. He didn't think electricity would be involved in this. He never did fare well when Thor would summon lightning
and stun the crap out of him. He tries to blink away the mace, recovering more quickly than a human normally would. "Not bad." he coughs.

Zyraline seems to go for a clinch, like boxers do, but rather than commit to the full hug she simply rests her hands on loki's shoulders, the
tazer one could say alarming close to his head/face. This is just for balance as she lowers her center of gravity to bring her rear leg foreward
attempting to knee loki's groin as hard as she can.

Loki makes a cringing face when she brings that taser close. The kick to the groin doesn't affect him at all. "If I were human, I suppose that
would be an effective combat maneuver, but unfortunately it is not quite so effective upon Asgardians." He changes his stance to pretend to bring his
arms up to try and carefully knock her hands away from his shoulders if possible.

Zyraline is now too close to do anything but clinche, so after her arms are batted away, she simply continues her foreward momentum and grabs
loki about his midsection in a bear-hug. The Tazer zaps briefly, but there is no effect from the thick leather. Zyraline scrambles around trying to
get her feet into some kind of positon.

Loki lifts his arms as she grabs onto him and tries to bring him down somehow, grinning. He's not very big now, and occasionally he forgets
that, but he is still a solid figure despite his slender stature. "What are you trying to do now?" He grins.

Zyraline with a firm grip around loki's waist then shifts her hips toward loki's thighs, giving her enough leverage to use her leg strength to
lift the lightened loki strait up, making a makeshift totem pole. A top-heavy totempole which immediately begins toppling foreward *backward to loki*.
Asgaardian or not gravity is a cruel mistress.

Loki blinks as everything suddenly goes upside down. They go crashing to the floor, knocking the air out of him. He puffs his cheeks and squeaks
out a "See? You can handle yourself against your enemies just fine." with a forced smile. "Juat be certain you do not injure yourself in the process!"

Zyraline is laying there on top of Loki's midsection and says "As long as my head doesn't get squashed flat or punctured, it's no problem. Or,
i land on top of someone, and the two of us are laying on top of my arms. Which i can't move now… Can you lift us up a couple inches?" She's trying
to look serious but it's hard when you're stuck on top of someone in the reverse guard.

Loki grins and carefully maneuvers to push himself up with his arms, allowing her to free herself. "You may want to avoid performing that
particular move unless your opponent has no arms."

Zyraline will take the oppertunity to make a full break from the grapple, before holding out a hand to help Loki up, only after putting her
tazer and sprayer into her pockets. "Yeah well i'm not typically in single combat with asgaardian or asgaardian level opponants. I've had a few days
training in self-defense, and a firearm saftey course. Mostly i sew clothing. This whole training for the hero gig is pretty new to me."

"Well. If you can take down an Asgardian, you can take down anything." Loki grins, rising to his feet and dusting himself off. His image
shimmers green for a moment and he is now wearing his cloth outfit (Like the one he wore in the first Thor movie), his hair slicked back with its length
draping neatly over his back. "If you do not want to be a combatant, then you should not feel pressured into it." He says, turning off the simulated
environment. "This was a room from the palace, by the way. It is a common passage between the outer sections and the throne room. Not everyone is cut
out for fighting, but if you are to place yourself in a situation in which you may be attacked, I suppose it is good to be able to defend oneself." He
pats her on the shoulder and grins. "You did well. What was your name again?"

Zyraline nods saying "Well, i have a lot of different things to learn before i 'go into the field' as they like to say. When it comes to
fighting sometimes you just have to hit someone as hard as you can. But most of the time, i like to rely on my strongest asset. My Mind." She looks
around as the simulation dissipates… "Interesting, i have no experience with off-world. I saw some asgaardians use the,,, rainbow gate thing once
from this side of everything. Magic and Alien technology however are not something i have a lot of experience with. A lot of neat things you can do."
In response to the direct question she answers "Zyraline Melanie Alexander, though i prefer people just calling me Zyraline. There will be,
complications if too many people spread my full name around. Family complications."

Loki nods. "Alien? Just because we are in the depths of space does not mean we are aliens! What you are referring to, however, is the Bifrost.
It is the gate between the Nine Realms." He offers her a little bow. "I am Loki Odinson, son of Odin, son of Laufey, king of the Frost Giants. I am
certain much has been written about me in your history books."

Zyraline mmms, then ah-hahs "like the norse legends, cool. By alien i meant a catch-all phrase for 'anyone not from here' with here meaning
earth." She then thinks about things for a moment "So you're a prince? Wow, i grew up in a farming village. Before i died."

"I am a prince, yes. The palace is my home. There are farming villages in Asgard as well. They can be quite beautiful. How did you die? I died
when Heimdall stabbed me during the end of the world. As you can see, I was reawakened looking a bit different."

Zyraline hrms and says "I,,, didn't really know what you looked like before so, i'll take your word for it. I trust you're familiar with local
ground vehicles? cars and trucks? I was walking down the street and a drive lost control of his vehicle and unintentially rammed me into a wall." She
getstures from mid-abdomen to mid thigh "This area was pulverised into ground meat and gravel. I had just enough time before i died to think, 'this is
really heavy' regarding the truck. I woke up a month later, buried in my own grave.

"That must have been most unpleasant. I am sorry that happened to you. If you were Asgardian you would likely be sent to Hel. Not the Hell
humans speak of, but a place for the common dead. Niffleheim is for those you would consider villains, and Valhalla is for the glorious dead, those who
are pure of heart or perform heroic deeds during their lives. I will likely go to Niffleheim."

Zyraline shrugs at the comment "Dying wasn't too bad, waking up buried in a box was the rough bit. If you don't want to go to niffleheim, two
questions come to mind. How bad do you want to NOT end up in niffleheim, and can you find a motivation for good that can fill your heart? That's not
the end, but ought to get you moving in the right direction if you are serious about not ending in niffleheim."

"I don't know." Loki sighs. "Sometimes one cannot avoid their fate. They Who Sit Above In Shadow know what is going to happen and there is
nothing we can do to change it. If I am fated to end up as a villain, I may end up there no matter what I do to avoid it."

Zyraline shrugs at Loki "If you wish for power, do you rely on the stars to fly down from the heavens with a basket full of power, or do you
find, take it, earn it for yourself? Wether or not you are destined to be a villian, ultimately you decide your fate. will you EARN your place in
niffleheim, or are you strong enough to change your stars? only you get to choose that. Peasant can die as heros, and kings can die as villans, you
must decide your own fate. The first week i was undead, i had to decide mine. To return to my family, and suffer the pain ever day of the pity in
their eyes, or to be alone except the family i meet on my own. To fight and struggle and become someone worthy of pride, or to revel in carnage and
destruction my only pride in how many people despise me. I have made my choices, now i simply have to enforce them."

"Why would you not return to your family? Does it not do them more harm to leave them in such a manner than to allow them to become accustomed
to the fact that you are still with them, even in an altered state? I suppose it may be possible to ask the healers if they are able to do anything for
you, if you wish. They probably miss you."

Zyraline tilts her head and squints in a *don't be so sure* manner, before saying "They love me and I them. But i died. To spend the rest of
my days a walking corpse, an unaging accidental necromancer, i would never be able to look at them, without seeing the Pity in their eyes. I'll never
have children, the liklihood of first love,,, let me explain that one a little bit. I am under the age of maturity, considered a child for another year
and a half or so. So any man who would persue me, i'd either have to found a relationship entirely on deception, or browse suitors who have a taste for
under-age girl corpses. that REALLY narrows your window for finding someone who is not a stomache churning creep. as much as they would have waking up
clinging to a dead body every moarning. The only way my powers have any effect is when there are enough dead bodies or parts to animate them, or
someone is mortally wounded. My problems are not the greatest in the world, but they are enough that seeing the daily sadness at what i've become,
would be worse then just having them think i am gone in a tragic accident."

Loki nods. "I can see your point. I suppose I am just a bit strange when it comes to family. I do not know how much you know about Norse
mythology, but if you are familiar with it then you would know I am adopted. My true father is Laufey, king of the Frost Giants. He and my mother
Farabauti left me to die in the temple. Odin took me because he wanted leverage against Laufey. I am the prince of two kingdoms, the son of two fathers,
neither of which wanted me or loved me."

Zyraline hrms at that "i can't even imagine what that's like. But on the plus side, you have power from frost giants AND asgaardians with which
to shape your destiny. At the very least, if anyone is capable of changing their destiny, someone with twin powers like you would be. All you have to
do, is decide which destiny will be yours…" then after a moment she adds "I prefer the hero side, because when someone is afraid of you it makes you
feel powerful, but when people like having you around it makes you feel awesome, not simply powerful."

"I suppose. In some ways I am a mutant, like you. Frost Giants are…giants. I am not large for a Jotun or an Asgardian. I am also a sorcerer,
which is unusual for a male. Ah well. As the God of Mischief, I will not always be able to deny my nature."

Zyraline shrugs at Loki saying "I said be a force for good. I never said you had to be boring, or bland, or respectful to evil-doers. And as
long as you don't use my name, there's nothing to stop you from mail-ordering sex toys and having them shipped to steve's office in suspiciously plain
un-marked brown paper wrappings."
Zyraline hrms a moment and adds "Wait no, he has a wife, that MIGHT be over the line…"

End Pt.1

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