2015-09-27 Eir's Rescue-Pt.2
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: Mild Violence, Language
Players: Sayt Loki Eir Odin Zyraline Borgon Tony
GMed by Eir
Title: Eir's Rescue-Pt.2

Eir's Rescue-Pt.2 -Laufey's Throne Room-

Something seems to go wrong with the room as it starts sparking. It is small at first but quickly begins to ark up and down the room lighting it
up in brilliant flashes as the lights go out. Quick as… well lighting the sparks start striking out from the walls forming a glowing ball as it grows
it becomes lighter and lighter to the point of blinding before there is a "Pop" of it exploding out in light. When the brigness dies down the lights
have returned.. Standing in the place where the ball of lightning was is a very tall old man holding a spear. He stares down at Loki before him, not
even looking at the person with him. Zyraline seems for now at least below his notice and therfore ignored.

Loki blinks but doesn't cower, but when Odin arrives, he does drop down to one knee, bowing his head. "Greetings, father." He says, keepinghis
eyes onthe floor.

Zyraline shields her eyes when necessary saying simply "Oooh sparkly" until the Gentleman is revealed. When Loki responds and greets him, she
doesn't drop to knee since they're not on asgaard, but she will drop an almost passable curtsey to odin. Especially for a modern human. "Greetings,
uh, Lord odin." rising after the greeting. She then pauses to see what's going on.

Odin continues to look at Loki in silence for a moment before he speaks. "Rise my sun… It has been a long time since we have spoken, and I
wish news of you and your brothers exploits." He looks around the room a bit at the large room.. "I hope midgard has not lead you to weakness since your
Exile.." he pause and eyes Zyraline. "At least tell me you have not taken on a human mate like your Brother… You were always the smart one I hope you
know they do not belong with Asgardians. Though at least this one is polite" turning back to Loki he continues. "Where is your guard, and where is the
Goddess.. I have not seen either.. there is much to explain." He continues to stand there proudly just holding his spear like he is about to take a
picture when two smaller circles appear that seem almost like portals and ravens fly out landing on his shoulders. Mugin speaks up in just a whisper..
"We could not find him All-Father… We can keep looking."

"I don't know where Sayt or Nefja are, my king." Loki says, rising to his feet. "I do not know where Eir is, either. It appears she has left me.
Perhaps the difference in our ages was too great." He says this not thinking about whether or not Odin was aware that he and the Healer were in a
relationship. It might be a bit weird considering she was around him when he was just an infant. "I have not taken a mortal mate. Thor is here somehere,
I believe. He and I have not been speaking much."

Zyraline SQIIIINTs her eyes at Odin, having a bit of mental debate about something, before saying "For someone who is a guest on another world,
speaking about a person to thier face without so much as an introduction seems a tad disrespectful." Otherwise she doesn't interject or interfere in
their discussion, even going so far at hearing the list of names to shake her head *no i havn't seen them* and shrug her shoulders at Loki.

Odin frowns at Loki, and nods.. "Last I knew Eir was on Jotunheim.. perhaps it is time to travel back there and see how much my son has
progressed in his time away from home." he rubs his long beard.. "That is if you think you can get her location out of Laufey that is." he glares down
at his son… "Are you ready for such a brave task my son.. depending on you actions you may even revoke your Exile." he is silent for a moment letting
that sink in before Zyraline speaks, and everyone can hear Hugin speak right after with a "daaaaaamn… she got you there.." whatever he was going to
say is cut off by a sharp "Silence!" from Odin. He moves towards her, and for an old man he is rather quick as he stands right infront of her looking
down. "I am Odin.. King of kings.. All father, and leader of all Asgard.." he just looks at her it is hard to tell if he is angry or if that scorn look
is his natrual expression as he looks at her.. "I am no guest.. wherever I go in the nine realms is part of my domain… girl." He doesn't look
aggressive or like he would do anything, but there is a small chuckling on his shoulder from the previously mentioned raven, that is again cut off with
a glare.

Loki grimaces slightly, suddenly feelng much younger than he looks. "This is Zyraline, father. she is learning to be an Avenger, like me. I
offered to train with her. Do not be angry with her, as with most Midgardians, she does not know the proper ettiquite when speaking to someone they
believe to be a mythological being. I am ready for the task, father. I will do whatever you need of me."

Zyraline doesn't interfere with thier business, but when Odin closes the distance all gruff and talks to her thusly, she doesn't not waver or
cower, she stands relaxed but looks the All-Father square in the eye when she says "Your presence has not been felt or known on this world in centuries
to the best of my knowledge, but that aside you have all but spoken of MY honor as if i were a whore, TO MY FACE. Was that your intention, Wodanaz
(Proto-german form of odin, origin of o'dinn, which led to odin) your highness? Because even if i was a mortal, which i am not, even if i am a child,
which i am, I'm not sure i could allow such a comment to pass. Even if it meant my destruction."

Odin looks to adress Loki, but stops as Zyraline speaks to him.. "You do not know what powers you play with girl.." his voice rumbles through
the empty room as he now does look angry, so at least now you know what the difference is as blue energy sparks out of his eye. "You have no honor you
live on midgard like the rest of the exiles.. why my sons continue to live here is beyond me, but your whole species is just a small spec of what is out
there." he doesn't move to do any agression, but slams his spear on the ground.. "Sayt… To me this instant." his voice again booms, and those pressent
would hear it echo in their heads. "I am done with these games.. I hope you are ready Loki." he slashes with his spear and what one would seem to be a
hole appears infront of them as snow and cold wind blow out of it he looks back. "Come.. you wish to see my intentions, maybe this will educate you.. or
at least as much as one such as yourself can be." both the ravens are very quite.. they know the last time to speak up is now so they just keep to his
shoulder looking at Loki with a shrug.

Loki steps forward, trying to defuse the situation. "Father," He begins, expecting to be HEEARRGHed or barked at. As Odin gives his orders, Loki
transforms his outfit into his ceremonial regalia, Laevateinn at his side in staff form. "I am ready, father." He looks toward Zyra and takes a deep
breath. "I apologise. This is not exactly what I had in mind when I offered to train you. As a frost giant I am immune to the cold, but you should dress
more warmly."

Zyraline will pick up her long-coat from the floor and toss it on "Odin allfather, nailed himself to the world-tree yrggdrassil for knowledge an
power at the great sacrifice of a hand and an eye, a week spent SUFFERING not just lounging on the tree are the prices paid, for he who was already the
god of healing, death, royalty, the gallows, and later sorcery, the runic alphabet, and for some reason figs probably symbolic of the fruit of
knowledge. primary powers including control of thunder and lightning, and a strong sense of honor being that your deific power includes that of
royalty, i'm simply objecting to the fact you were speaking ABOUT me as if i was a whore in my presence without so much as addressing me, which is in
fact RUDE even by asgaardian standard. Yes i've heard of you, your highness. Incendentally i'm already dead, so as long as i don't freeze solid i'll
be fine in some cold." after the comment by Loki she answers him "are you shitting me? i get to see asgaardians doing stuff and travel to another
world, if i wasn't already going i would literally cut out one of my own lungs to do this." she takes a small scarf and thin cloth gloves from her
jacket and don them as she follows behind odin.

The doors open and in walks Sayt straight to Odin where he kneels down. His right fist clenches tight and his arm raises to cross his heart, "I
am here Your Majesty."

Beyond the portal is a world not of Midgard. An entirely different world all-together. While the Asgardians present would be used to it, for one
not of the Realms, it is far worse than the coldest of places in the Earth. Not even akin to the white-out beauty of the cold wastes of the poles.
It is cold. Biting and harsh beyond all measure. The frozen wastes aren't white, however. Shades of blue, grey and dark coal rocks is what is
erected instead. No snow. The cloud cover is dreary, almost as if in a constant state, but the grey puffs threaten of a precipitation that never truly
seems to fall.
Landing a safe distance away from the Palace, the building it is still immensely impressive. Large spires are erected with bridges between them,
all connecting to a central, much bigger part of the palace itself. All around are natural cold rock formations, and yet in all its majesty… there
doesn't seem to be a soul in sight. Desolate and deserted.
Odin should know first hand that this fact is far from true.

Odin glances at Zyraline, and only adds.. "You have information, but not knowledge.. You maybe imortal, but still a child.. And you do not know
honor so why should I treat you with it before you earn it?" with that he turns and pulls his septer. Surrounding them in a forcefield he levitates the
whole party up and through the portal closing it behind them. He releases all from his forcefield but Zyraline keeping her floating in the air in a
small bubble looking field above them as he too comes down on the snow. Sure it was cold, but this is what he lived for even though his age may prevent
him from going out on these escapades as much as he liked. He glances up at the bubble. "Stay in there and you will not freeze solid." is all he adds to
her before he turns to Loki.. "This is your adventure son.. The palace is ahead, and we are at your order.. what will you have us do." is all he asks
before he puts the scepter away and again pulls his spear.. He knew Loki was smart enough to pick up this was a test, as he looks at Sayt.. "This is my
sons quest.. we will not interfer unless he ask or his safty is put at dire risk." the ice already growing on his beard as he says it.

Loki nods, his image shimmering as he turns into the blue-skinned red-eyed Jotun that he truly is, narrowing his eyes. He is unaffected by the
cold, of course, and sweeps a hand over the bubble to veil it from sight so that the Jotuns won't see them and attack on sight. The young prince takes a
deep breath and begins walking, heading toward the palace. "It has been some time since I had a conversation with my…father."

Zyraline is stepping through the portal, when looking around the beautiful and totally not-earth landscape, she accidentally lets the full force
of her midwestern accent slip through when she says simply "Holy craap". She goes quiet after that, wether or not she has more to say to odin, since
she has no ####ing idea what's going on other than,,, magic door & party of asgaardians, even she knows this is not the time to run her mouth. Also,
wether she's floating or walking the bubble is not likely to have asgaardian weapons passing through it, which have right of way, so it's best place to
be for the duration. Odin gave the order to follow Loki's lead, and Zyraline has no objection to that. She keeps *metaphoricly* one eye on Loki and
one on the surroundings, from inside the bubble of not freezing.

Sayt nods his head, "Yes Sire." he rises saying close to Odin even as things start to grow cold. His bow is left on his back and the dagger
sheathed, no he won't interfere unless asked.

As the party of mighty Asgardians (and Zombie Chick) make their way undetected towards, and further into the palace, the scenary begins to
change. Somewhat. The massive arch that leads into the main foyer of the Palace is as grey and off-blue as the rest of the land around it. Though
further into the palace marks more color of a dark blue. Like cold marble so beautifully carved into the massive palace the Frost Giant King calls home.
The further they go in, as well, creatures towering massively over the smaller Midgardian. Blue skin, red eyes, sparsely dressed as if
Tribesmen, the skin of some carved with darkened scars with various meanings. Men and women both.
Oh yes, and there are children. Any society has offspring. The smaller Giants the sizes of Midgardian Teenagers that run through the foyer,
unknowing of beings that could kill them are striding through just feet away.
And yet, into the throne room- the largest of them all… the vaulted ceiling reaching to the highest peak of the central tower of the palace
itself. Various honeycombed rooms line the walls, some adorned with Frost Giants, some not. A gallery sets aside on the main floor with a large spanse
open. And on the raised dias is the largest of them all. Laufey.

"I was beginning to think you had abandoned your beloved, Prince of Asgard." Laufey sneers, waving a hand to dispell Loki's illusion of
invisibility, but doesn't pop their protective bubble from Odin. Though seeing the All-Father, Laufey frowns. "Odin…" The name itself vibrates through
the room, Frost Giants all around shifting in their placements but kept still by a single gesture from their King. "What do I owe this particular

Odin is quietly walking behind his son in the illusion.. He didn't like it, but it was a quick way to get where they were going without killing
all the Ice Giants.. He had never been fond of Ice Giants, but even they had a place in the tree of life.. A lesson he hoped Thor would some day learn.
Looking up at the Giant as the illusion drops around them he gives a small grin. "I grew tired of the heat of home though some cold would be good for
the old bones. This is My Sons quest though I am only here to make sure it is completed." he falls to silence and waves his son forward. He knew it was
a dig to call Loki his son as to them he may not be but good or bad Loki was his now and he intended to keep it that way. After waving him forward he
gives Loki a wink.. "Go gettem son.. I know you can do this." and steps back calling the floating bubble down next to him incase they attacked he did
not want the midgardian to be cought in the mix of it. Though he whispers to her.. "These are warriors a small group could easly overrun your.. avengers
without my sons. Yet do you see how they aknowledge with the honor I am due?" but says no more just giving Sayt a look of be ready.. Ice giants could
also get agressive quickly and if this did go bad he would not let his son die here today.

Loki could tell Laufey that he has had so many gilfriends that it's almost ridiculous, but he opts to just smirk instead. "I do not wish to
offer disrespect, father. I do, however, request that you return Eir to her proper place to maintain the peace between our peoples." Loki steps
dangerously close to the throne, flexing his fingers. His look is that of the rest of the Frost Giants, though more ornate like Laufey or other royls.
He too has the strange glyphs on his blue skin, viaible oonsidering how much skin he's showing. "I come as a representive of both worlds. I know you
want something in exchange. What is it?"

Zyraline just watching things not quite in awe, of the grandiose affair she is now embroiled in, or tagging along for, whatever. The frost king
speaks and waves away the illusion, more amazing things she doesn't understand, so she keeps her mouth shut. In response to the all father's words
however will give odin a look, wether or not he particularly cares, like she's biting back some words on the subject. In a soft tone all she says to
Odin is "I know little of royal ettiquette, but this much seems common for any throne room." At the discussion between Laufey and Loki she listens and
ends up simply crossing her fingers hoping 'the midgaardian' isn't what he wants.

"Her life isn't worth much anymore, I fear. You have left her here to die for so long, the frozen sleep may have taken her death with it
already." Laufey's voice, even when speaking calmly, rings like a threatening vibration throughout the room in a low rumble.
A wave of a hand brings an ice coffin out of the floor between Laufey and Loki. Encased in it is the beautiful Eir. She lays as if asleep, her
hands lightly folded over her chest, her long chestnut hair like a blanket of satin that she lays on. Frozen animation. Small spells in the frozen sleep
can leave one ill or disoriented for a time. Its not the first time the Ancient Goddess has been subjected to such. But it has been.. Months. Almost a
year. How she is when she awakens this time no one can know. Few, if any, have been known to survive this long. Odin should know this. Though the
Goddess of Healing isn't without her wiles, at least. There may be some hope in that.
"The Casket." Not Laufey's first intention, but with Odin present? He can't help himself to change his own terms. "You set your Healer upon my
lands without permission. Feel lucky she isn't dead already. If the cold hasn't taken that from her as it is."

Loki shakes his head. "No. You will not receive the Casket. It will remain in the vault where it belongs, as you refuse to make peace between
Asgard and Jotunheim. So long as you choose to declare war upon everybody, you will not be trusted with such an artifact." His voice is bold and clear,
looking Laufey right in the eyes, daring him.

Zyraline seems kindof ancy about something, but isn't sure if she should interrupt negotiations, for the time being she just keeps her mouth
shut as things get more embroiled, and she understands even less of what's going on.

Laufey smirks. "I declare war on those who take things that is not theirs. If you will not return it…" His hand clenches into a fist,
responding to that dare with his own as the ice around Eir begins to crack and compound on the woman's fragile body. One shard snaps inward causing a
small cut on the Goddess' shoulder. The blood that wells is frozen before it can even create a proper droplet to fall.

Odin coughs slightly.. "What if you own a single side?" he walks up and pats his son on the shoulder.. "I am sure half of a powerfull artifact
is still enough for you to do what you need to do is it not?" he glances around, "Even a small part could be enough to bread as many ice giants as you
wish.." he looks at Loki.. "For I have learned a lot from my son.." he turns and faces Loki, and actually gives him a wink before he turns around
again.. "Not as much as I had wished they learned from me, but still." he looks at the coffin.. "For one that may already be dead I would say a single
side is well worth the deal wouldn't you agree?"

"If it is not enough, I offer myself to you, Father." Loki says, hoping to appeal to Laufey's strategic side. Afterall, he does know tons about
Asgard and could get them just about anywhere with the hidden passages only he knows. "I am of your blood. Your rightful heir. Send the woman back to
Asgard, your attempt at blackmailing are pitiful at best. I would have thought better of you, dear father."

Zyraline is giving loki's back a look like *Are you an ideot? did odin raise you to be thor level stupid?* she just cannot fathom the why of
all this shinanigan. she watches quietly but is just about at the boiling point of saying things. And 2 people present know what happens when she says

"You cannot simply carve an ancient relic as if it were bread, All-father!" Laufey bellows, snarling in the response. His increase in agitation
and anger is making all of the frost giants lining the walls and outsides of the room begin to grow antsy. They are growling and howling, shifting
restlessly as if waiting for that final shoe to drop: Laufey's permission to attack. The King is the only thing keeping them at bay at the moment.
Though Loki's proposal brings a dark grin to his lips. "Think so, boy?" He rises from his throne, stepping down to stand towering even over
Odin, but he only moves to stand next to the casket and no further. "Foresake and foreswear any allegience you have to the Asgardians and pledge
yourself to my service as Crown Prince on pain of death." His eyes narrow: "And cross me and your death will be far from quick."

Zyraline looks like she's about to burst, then suddenly stops and nods as if a re-appraisal of the situation had revealed something new. Then
she slowly shifts her gaze and squiiiiiints at Loki's back….

Odin smiles, at ice giant.. "You have no idea what I can do.. I have shown you multiple times you are not one who can best me should I show you
again." he glances at Loki. "Foolish boy, your decision on this mater has been how do you people put it.." he looks at Zyraline.. "Vetoed.. This giant
has nothing but a corpse and no room to negotiate yet you wish to give up already. Think boy.. " he grips his spear ready to just plunge it into the
heart of this giant, but has not been asked to yet. He pushed it vetoing his deal, but would not push it further by forcing his hand. He just shrugs and
looks at Zyraline.. "I thought he was the smart one.. If this is his best idea then perhaps I just overestimated him.." he grins at her though Loki can
not see it as he is facing away. "I am sure Thor could not only save her, but get all of us out of here… don't you think."

Laufey doesn't know Loki very well. He doesn't know how slippery and sneaky he can be, or how talented with magic he truly is. Quite a few
moments ago, he dropped an illusion of himself and is actually several meters off to the side silently chanting a spell, needing his hands and his lips
to cast it. The casket begins to dissolve from sight with a green twinkle of light if he is able to pull off the spell, if not, it will return to its
regular state. The illusion of Loki smiles, looking over his shoulder at Odin and the others. "Crown Prince…the rightful heir at last. My true place
is at your side, father. I merely brought them along so that they may bear witness. I could never be the rightful heir of Asgard so long as Thor stood
in my way." He looks to Zyraline, smirking deviously. "I will be king. Is this not what you wanted, Odin? To use me as a political pawn?"

Zyraline just looks back and forth between loki and odin a few times, then looks at loki like he's on the menu. Deciding it's time for a little
good old american Shock and Awe, she says quietly to the all-father "She's not dead yet, not that a frozen death would prevent me from reviving her to
life." Zyraline assumes if not the giant king himself, but at least a member of his court can hear literally every word she says, or lip read, or
something like that. The main reason she's been not even whispering for the most part.

"You would have a hard time reviving an Ancient, child." Laufey growls at Zyraline, though further snapping at Odin is cut short when the ice
coffin is suddenly gone from his side. He roars in outrage, waving a hand as a cold, harsh wind suddenly blows through the room, slamming into everyone
present as if it were a wall of ice. But brief.
The aim is to dispell Loki's illusion and throw the real Loki into a wall to find him. "Get. OUT!" He bellows. Though Real Loki? The instant he
becomes visible, Laufey will attempt to erect a prison of ice around him. "He. Stays."

Loki brings his hands up to protect his face, grunting as he slams into the wall, the illusion fading away. Just as he tries to get to his feet,
the prison of ice surrounds him. He looks like his Aesir self, but when he touches the frozen bars, he turns blue again, though wearing his ceremonial
armor. "I will be all right. Return to Asgard immediately before you are imprisoned as well."

Sayt now has that chance and being hit by the bit of cold. He draws his bow sending an arrow out towards Laufey and another at one of the nearby guards.
Running he slides by the guard taking his weapon, "I will not leave you here, M'Lord!" using the sword he spins around in attempting to break this
prison of ice around loki.

Zyraline is raising an eye at Laufey when things go all tits-up. Zyraline is literally bounced off an invisible wall, then she bounces off the
floor. The king gets two bounces for 1 windblast. She slowly gets back to her feet, nose at first crooked but resetting itself back into proper
position with a grimmace. She staggers briefly moving over by Odin since well, that's her ride. She scans her eyes around the room, but until there's
a dead body (other than hers) she doesn't have much to work with.

Odin is still smiling when Laufey is talking to the midgardian.. He gives her a little shh.. sign so not to give too much away but doesn't have
to wait long before the roar of outrage. "Well little one it looks like you have your chance. He dispells the forcefield letting the cold strike her as
he drops her into the snow. "I give you five minues.. make her eat this…" he hands her a small flower like item.. Maybe you might make it out of here
with some honour today." turning around he looks at Loki.. "How many times son do I need to tell you not to give up." he is knocked back so throws his
spear at the cage, it might come close enough to Loki for him to hear the crackle, but it is aimed at the ice cage around him. Raising his hands he
focuses on his worst case scenerio… which is using his power to bring the walls down before the others can arrive.

With Loki imprisoned, the Frost Giants are dropping down from the walls, starting to encroach upon the party within the throne room
threateningly. And there are… so many of them. Coming out of the woodwork. The walls. Dozens of them.
The prison that holds Loki starts to melt away into the wall, taking him with it, but the transferrance beyond the wall is via magic. It won't
hurt him. Only place him in another room encased in the cold marble stone that lines the palace. And out of the way of chance of rescue, but it is a
process. Odin's spear latches into the thick, unforgiving ice, cracking it, but not shattering it. Sayt's own attack chips away a chunk on the other
side that does break about 6 inchs of one of the bars off to hit the ground and shatter like glass. Only a heartbeat before their beloved Prince of Lies
disappears beyond the wall- taken Prisoner.
"Enough!" Laufey growls, knowing he has one shot in hell of ridding himself of Odin's presence before all hell will literally break loose. Ice
attaches to the All-Father's spear before it is thrown from the room entirely and out the main gate. All at the same instant, a thinner sheet of ice
raises to stop the arrow from hitting Laufey, making it clatter to the floor unceremoniously. His Guard however is not so lucky, taking it in the
shoulder and making the Giant knock back a few feet and onto his ass as he howls in pain.
Those cold winds pick up again, but this time, even Odin will not be able to withstand their front. Giants part way as if knowing what is
coming, the three bodies of the remaining party members lifted and forcefully -thrown- from the palace to the cold wastes of the outdoors. And none too
Lets see if Odin is like a cat that will land on its feet! Or unceremoniously on his old ass. That would be so pleasing to the Frost King.
Regardless, as soon as the trio have been sumarily ejected, ice erupts in harsh jagged edges, raising a threatening wall around the palace that
will not bid entrance.
Laufey has his prisoner. And he will not part with him. Not yet.

Loki looks startled as he's being drawn through the wall, reaching out toward the others. "Father!" he yells, voice becomming muffled as he gets
further and further away. He begins to try and cast some spells to free himself, starting to feel a bit chilly.

Odin is blown out of the castle with the rest his focus is on saving the midgardian reaching out he grabs the back of her collar and stuffs her
under his arm like a football before he does a flip in the blowing cold air landing on his feet sliding backwards holding one arm infront of him to
block the rest of the wind and stop himself sliding back two things happen at once, he checks to see that everyone is here, the arm infront of him up in
the air.. "Good luck my sun your true trial starts now.." and light erupts around them, at the same time the spear inside the fortress erupts in light
and also disapears. Teleporting them back to the original room they would all appear Odin holding Zyraline under his arm, the rest falling from a small
distance up to the floor below.. The only thing missing is Odins spear which he does not seem to have on him.

Zyraline looks up at odin,,, dazed for a minute there before saying "uh, thanks, that fall would have been extremely painful for a good minute
or so. You do realize that the oath laufey wanted loki to agree to completely forgot to include any agreements loki has in midgaard right? so now that
he's caught he can literally swear the allegiance and continue being exiled, while running amok in laufey's castle up to that point." She then looks at
Eir "You know, odin allfather, i hope she can be thawed and revived normally, but if she dies before she gets thawed out, i really can restore her
tissue, then it would just take an electric shock to restart her heart… i've done it on midgaardians before."

After being displaced and returned to the Avenger's Tower by Loki, the casket is sitting there as pristeen as it was before. The cracks in it
are still present, but the ice coffin does not melt. It is magicked, after all, keeping the Ancient Goddess suspended in time as it slowly kills her.

Odin carries Zyraline over to the Casket, and looks down at it.. With his other hand he pulls out his septer.. Magic was a form of energy, and
thankfully he could do something about that.. Pointing the wand at it he traces a few lines in the air the others around may not know the runes as well
as he did but it was one of dispersion as he attempts to disperse the magic that is holding the coffin together. After he is done with his ritual he
gives it a sharp kick, and grunts a little.. That flip cost him he was going to have to soak these old bones for a while. He still doesn't realize he is
just carrying Zyraline as he looks at the coffin now that he has done his work on it.

Zyraline holds out her hands, and concentrates on her powers for a moment….

When the ice of the coffin is shattered, it leaves the pale, weak Goddess laying on the floor. Really, the entire thing was ice. No light fluff
bedding or anything else of ceremony. Like hell Laufey would care about comfort for the dead.
Regardless, released from the frozen sleep spell, she is at least breathing on her own again as her body starts to come out of the suspended
animation. Zyraline's own ability helps keep her vitals from continuing to stoop since she is technically in severe hypothermia mode. Her skin is pale
with a bluish tinge, her lips a darker shade of the same color.
But even in the slow wake, her telepathy at least works, but her voice is weak: 'Odin..?' The soft, warm caress of her voice brushes in his mind
as an old friend.

Odin looks down at Zyraline streaching her arms out under him, and breaks lose of his concentration on his rune magic. "I trust my son he will
not betray us, and he knows his exile is over. He was toying with him on the oath that is what he does I do not like it but he is the best trickster I
know." he glances at the woman laying infront of him.. "And now he also has my spear. Which thinking about it may mean I can not apply the electricity
to do what you ask in a focused enough maner not to hurt her." he rubs his chin with his free hand thinking about it he adds.. "Do not worry about my
son I have another, and we not leave him there for long.. If he does not return I will don my Destroyer armor itself and go back in there and slay every
single one of them to get him back." he has a hard look in his eyes like he might actually do that. "I do not want to, but he has gone too far
kidnapping Loki.. I will not have it."

Zyraline hrms at odin's words, focusing on her ability "Allfather, if you can provide her warmth, i will keep her condition stable, it will
speed her recovery. While i maintain the power she will not perish. Also you could set me down now if you like." The majoroty of her concentration is
maintaining her ability. The only one that works on the living anyway. "Oh, the sooner we get her up on her feet, the less likely a bunch of
midgaardian medics will get all flustered and involved."

The door to the simulation room opens and inside walks Tony Stark. He pauses noticing the others which he only knows one and read about one of
the others. Checking the consoles it doesn't appear this is Zyra's holo program and it rather dawns on him while his eyes widen, "Holy Odin!! I mean
Your Holy Asgardianess. Wait, Zyra, is this some kind of sexual fantasy program?"

Sexual fantasy. Well. Could work.
Laying on the floor of the simulation room is what could be considered an etheral beauty. Ancient Goddess frozen in time thanks to her natural
healing magics. Prolonged youthfulness and aids in her immortality. Yet, she is smaller than the typical Asgardian. More delicate. Almost like a really
strange Norse twist on Snow White.
Her lips part in some attempt to speak, hearing another voice join the room, but her body is still too weak.
'I am alive, old friend..' Eir's voice whispers again in Odin's mind. Tired, but there. 'Just need to recooperate… Warmth. So cold.'

Zyraline is holding her hands out as a somatic aid to channeling her ability, not a necessary componant, which is illustrated as she maintains
the power, but smoothly swings one arm around to give tony the finger without so much as a look in his direction. This is the first time from ymirheim
and back she's be able to do something actually useful, she has no intention of fucking this up.

Odin smiles down at Eir on the ground when Tony walks in. He doesn't seem to be moving so could just be one of the images created by the room
that is till he raises his septer and frowns at him. "Stay back Midgardian.. I don't know who you are but I am in no mood for your games." traping the
human in a forcefield he puts the septer away and seems to grab the wall with two handfulls of metal poping out a plate with a screeching noise. He
looks at Zyraline.. "Do not worry I will fix that.." is all he says as he bends the metal down. It doesn't look like there is heat but the metal softens
and bends taking a small glow as he walks over back to Eir… "Hold this close.. it has the heat of our home in it.." he used magic to change the
structure of the metal bending it to a ball then filling that ball with energy to give it the ability to radiate heat like one would feel on asguard.

There is a woman laying in the floor and one in Odin's arms so how could the billionaire not think naughty things. "Yes, Zyra, I know I am
number one but thank you for pointing it out." then he is suddenly trapped in a forcefield. "I am Tony Stark, friend to your sons Thor and Loki." he
beats his chest a little bit with a gruff voice. "My tower. How rude of is this to field me in? But you do look like a white Fury. Eye patch is on the
wrong side, you have muscles, and well hair.. But this is something he totally would do to me. I even know Zyraline. I have a iron suit, some call me
Iron Man because of it. Well my girlfriend calls me iron man but for other reasons."

Zyraline maintains the power as long as she will need to. She does manage some idle chit-chat as she does so "Odin Allfather, that is Tony
Stark, this building is his, at times he resides upstairs. Last i checked, king or not, one does not disrespect a person in thier own home. And he is
an ally of your son's, and mine. For what it's worth, behavior aside he's no ideot. Tony, we'll have this sorted out presently, just for the love of
crap please don't call in tons of people."

It is with some force of will that Eir is able to unfold her hands enough to accept the warm ball of magical energy- .. infused steel. Thingy.
Hey, it works! She cradles it against her chest, taking a deep sigh, an easier breath as it helps to warm her skin.
Finally, at least, as the blue starts to receed from her hypothermic form, she is able to finally speak aloud. "Rest yourself, child." This, to
Zyra. She is stable enough for her own self-healing to take over.
Tony, she doesn't speak to yet, as her eyes aren't yet open. Focused more internally on her own healing and allowing Odin to be her protector.

Odin looks up at Tony after giving Eir the ball of heat.. He waves a hand dismissing the field, and shakes his head holding a warm hand to her
forehead hoping that bit more of heat would help. "I am sorry Tony Stark.. Losing my son in that mess and this one injured has got me on edge." he
sighs, and looks at Eir.. "Listen these people will take care of you… My sons trust them, and I guess I do as well." he glances up at Zyraline.. "Even
if one of them is a harlot." and gives her a small tired grin. "I need to gather my forces and get my destroyer armor.. I am going to get Loki back I
swear it." he steps back from her and then at Tony.. "You." he turns facing him.. "Can you help her get back on her feet? I know your medicine is years
behind but I do not wish to take her back yet I worry the trip might be too much in her state."

Tony relaxes a little bit as the forcefield is dropped. He steps forward a couple of steps, "Would be glad to, Your Majesty." bowing out of
respect to him. "If it pleases you just call me Tony." listening though he frowns a little bit. "He is part of a team called the Avengers. If we cna
help you in any way of getting him back. Please do let me know."

Zyraline will release her sustaining ability as she woman herself asked her to. In regards to the allfather she simply says "It's hard for an
un-touched woman to be a harlot, but you are the king, who am i to argue with that. Oh i'd love to see that, there were surprisingly few bodies to work
with today, so i really couldn't use my abilities to thier fullest. Animating frost giant corpses as the cleaving asgaardian blades push foreward, so
that thier fallen become our reinforcements,,, but then i'm just glad i could be of any help, it's the least i could do for showing me another world,
and returning me safely home."

"Thank you for your help." Eir at least intones to Zyra though her voice is still tired. Her eyes finally do open when Odin mentions leaving her
here. On Midgard.
While her eyes scream 'Don't you dare, old man!', she knows he has other things to deal with. It isn't the first time she's been to Midgard, but
it will be… the most interaction she's had with humans in ages. Literally. Ages. "Odin.. my old friend, a favor if I am to be left here?" She
questions. If he concedes, she will add: "My ingredients cabinet. I need five items from it to make a tonic that will help speed my recovery." And
hopefully stave off any permanent damage from being left in the 'cold' so long.

Odin nods to tonym but he seems distracted so isn't hung up on the majesy thing right now, "I need my son Thor.. He will be a great help in the
fight to come. The rest… well I think the rest will freeze before you can help too much. Midgardians seem to be so fragile I am worried about asking
for your help." he doesn't seem to be trying to anger ya but believes that he may kill his sons friends if he brings them along in mass so doesn't want
to do that. Next he turns to Zyraline.. "Well I am glad you had fun, I am sure next time will have to be somewhere warmer, just this time try not to
piss off the giant ice king?" and chuckles as he nods to Eir.. "I will get you your things.. they will be delivered by this nights eve.." finally he
turns back to Tony.. "Only females may be around her.. no-one that is attracted to their own type either.. Or bad things may happen. You have a partner
it seems so you would not be as strongly effected.. but trust me on this.. it is for the best." he looks down at her again. Leaning close he whispers
directly into her ear.. "If you are in trouble open that ball.. it will open for you, but be ready." and leans back standing up he points his septer at
the wall where he took open the panel and a hole that looks like a portal to a wierd looking rainbow road appears. "Good luck to you.. There will be
wolves with attachments on them.. Do not attack them or they may get angry… they will arrive soon with her things." and with that he steps through the
portal. As it closes behind him the wall that was broken seems fixed again, but the panel is gold and seems to be a wierd metal not like the others next
to it.

Tony opens his mouth but no words come out. Now he looks at Eir rather staring to see if she has some kind of sexual attraction thing. No he
doesn't suddenly feel like stripping nude and hu,ping her leg but, "I will see to it then." he then blinks at the warning of wolves coming. He got
attasked by some wolf thing in the park so this rather causes him to go pale for a moment. Moving to Eir he stares down at her, "Should I carry you?"

Zyraline nods at Odin saying "oh i knew Loki was doing something clever, i distracted the ice king on pourpose, but i just didn't get the timing
right, since i'm unfamiliar with asgaardian magicks. I was expecting to interact with the king a little more and subvert the conversation, but loki
finished the casting before i expected him to. I did well considering loki and i half-sparred for 2 minutes before the adventure, and i accurately
anticipated his tactics in the throne-room to within 15 seconds of timing. OH i see since loki didn't have to focus as much attention on the king he
finished the thing early with the extra concentration…" after a few moments she catches snippits of who can be around her and asks "what about people
who are already dead? would that be a problem or ok?"

Eir smiles a little, her eyes falling closed again as if it tires her to try and force herself fully awake like that just yet. She needs a good
-proper- (non-frigid) sleep, and she'll be -so- much better off. Still so drained, and preoccupied as her body heals itself. "Thank you, my King."
Finally aware of the actual reality that there are others in the room, she stops treating Odin as a familiar old friend and instead uses the
respectful terms she normally would amongst others.
When the two Midgardians approach, she opens her eyes again, glancing over them both tiredly. "I have not the strength to walk on my own as of
yet, I am afraid." Though considering Odin is gone and forgot true introductions. "I am Eir, Goddess of Healing and Alchemy."

Tony has to weigh the options a moment here. How the hell will he explain to jean he needed to cayy a beautiful woman somewhere to heal. Oh well
he will deal with it later and with that he scoops Eir up into his arms, "I am Tony Stark but call me Tony."

Zyraline just nods to Eir saying "i'm Zyraline, i was on the adventure in Ymirheim? to get you back, but mostly cause odin was rude to me and i
got in his face about it rather than being all meek about it." to tony she says "Oh if you can get us a wheelchair, i can get her settled into a room,
i just need the where sorted out. or a cot in my room."

Like most Asgardians, she is denser and weighs more than normal humans. Unlike them, she doesn't weight AS much. Her body type and petiteness,
she should be much lighter, but she weights a good 180, regardless.
The Goddess curls a little into Tony's chest, but it is more of comfort of simply being touched after so long in ice. The ball of warmth she
cradles closer against her chest. Protectively as much as to help her healing. Regardless of what the two Midgardians decide she re-emphasizes the
point: "I need to rest."

Tony continues to holds the woman feeling the coldness of her skin. "I can carry her." he carries her to an private room where she is laid on
the bed and pulls the covers up around her. "She needs warmth." he moves to start a fire in the electric fireplace - press a button and boom.

After she is tucked in, and a soft thank you given to the two, Eir does drift off to rest rather soundly. She barely moves all night, refusing
to let go of the ball that Odin gave her. The warmth and comfort of Asgard held close to help her heal and help keep her calm. She's never spent this
long on Midgard.
At some point throughout the night, the wolves Odin promised do arrive with her items. Some clothes (THANK YOU!), and various alchemical items
and equipment that she would need. Some equipment of course can be substituted for Midgardian tech. So it works. One item among them is a small locked
chest with more alchemical ingredients but ones that are dangerous. Why they are under lock and key.

Tony at this point departs, to allow the ladies privacy as they sleep.

End Pt.2

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