2015-09-27 Eir's Rescue-Pt.3
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Warning: Language
Players: Eir Zyraline
GMed by Eir
Title: Eir's Rescue-Pt.3

Eir's Rescue-Pt.3 -Asgaardian Alchemy, Midgaard method?-

It is nearly noon the next day before Eir softly groans as she wakes up. Finally a decent sleep, but sleeping so long leaves one a little groggy
when they wake. Even a Goddess.

Zyraline would just sleep on top of the bedcovers in the same bed, lessn' it's a single, but lacking the need for warmth outside the covers
works fine for her. By the time Eir wakes however she's already in a chair stitching something or other, one of zyraline's projects. When she sees Eir
stir, she sets her sewing aside and moves to start the coffee pot brewing a mild moarning blend of coffee. She gets some cream and sugar ready on the
side as the pot glugs and gurgles softly. She also sets out some breakfast pastry type things. A run to the corner store / vending machine what have
you has already been made.

At least the girl sharing the bed with her doesn't seem to bother Eir. Off in one part of the room, Freki and Geri, the two large Worgs, are
nuzzled down snoozing by the fire.
For just a moment, Eir mistakenly thinks she's back in her chambers at the palace, though it is the strange gurgling of the coffee pot that
brings her to fore as she opens her eyes and sits up, running a hand over her face a little to wipe away the sleepiness. "What is that?" She questions
The ball is carefully set aside the bed on the small table next to it. She doesn't need it for the moment now that she is warmed up enough and
not feeling threatened. "How steady is your hand with potions?"

Zyraline ohs and says "It boils water and passes it over coffee grounds or tea leaves to brew the drink for you…" … "which should explain to
you that while i understand the principal of making tea, i have a machine do it for me…"

Eir stares at the coffee pot for a moment. "Midgardian convenience never ceases to amaze me." While sometimes they use magic to summon certain
conveniences, mechanical allowances is still something of amusement to the Elder.
"Right, then. How about how well are you at following direction?" Eir amends her question.

Zyraline hrms then saying "Shouldn't be a problem, i listen well and am fairly clever, just don't use fancy names of herbs, just call it by
shape or color. i know cloth and stitch, a little of the old lore, but not tinctures or tonics.

Eir smiles a little at that. "I wouldn't expect you to know of ingredients not of your realm, fear not." Her hands rub a little at her thighs
and knees, trying to will her legs to work, but unthawing and gaining strength after so long in the ice takes time. At least she's sitting up and has
mobility in half her body.
"The tincture will take some time to make." Eir's hands rest in her lap, ignoring the fact that it bothers her being an invalid at the moment.
"Whenever you are ready- have your brew as you need it." She does lean forward a little to chuckle at the two large worgs snoozing away in front of the
fire. "They have been good, I hope?"

Zyraline shrugs commenting "i sleep too, they didn't bother me. but then i sleep quite literally like the dead. Also i didn't excert myself
much yesterday. A broken nose regenerated and light power use are of little concequence, even with a sparring match and exotic travel. If you don't
have Coffee on Asgaard, it's a stronger brew than black tea, but keen for perking up in the moarning. Cream or sugar for yours? it runs bitter and a
bit acidic."

"We have something like your coffee.. but likely a bit stronger of a brew. More like a tea, really. I might have some leaves in one of my cases,
but if you tried it, you may not sleep for days." Eir chuckles.
"Cream? Milk, you mean?" She questions, just to be certain. "Please, on both accounts."

Zyraline brewed the coffee on the weak side of average anyway, as opposed to her own usual asphault ripping strong coffe. For Eir she puts just
enough cream in to go from an impossibly dark auburn to a watery opaque not quite golden. One solid spoon of sugar is added to take the edge off
without making liquid candy. She makes a similar cup for herself then brings the tray of confections and beverage over to the bed. She sits down near
Eir placing the tray between them. "We can do a proper warm meal later, i always hear recovering from cold is best done slowly… There's also some
pastries, sweat bread if you're ready for some food."

Eir probably would have appreciated the asphalt ripping version, but this works too! Eir takes the cup once the tray is set down, studying the
color briefly before offering a smile to the younger girl. "Thank you for being so hospitable, Zyraline." Taking a sip of the coffee, tentatively, she
goes quiet a moment as she studies the taste before taking a deeper drink. "Not bad."
As far as the cold-recovery, "Hypothermia in any severity is best to take slowly as the body heals, yes."

Zyraline gestures at the pastries, saying "we also have breaded items running from lightly buttery (crassoint) all the way to decadantly sweet
(cheeze danish) and some items in between (bearclaw, apple danish, cherry turnover)

"They do look good." Though Eir is not one generally for overly sweet items, she goes the safer route for the time being, choosing the
croissant. This, she eats delicately and very prim and proper. At least as well as one can with a properly made flakey croissant. "Which is your

Zyraline hrms at that. "This is a selection of my favorites by mood. The crassoint is flakey and layered, a nice buttery flavor, simple.
Bearclaw, fairly simple, some cinnamon an herb often used for sweet and a touch of sweet frosting, Cherry turnover a flakey flat pastry folded over a
helping of sweet fruit (cherries), Apple danish, a swirled flakey pastery with a sweet fruit blend baked into the center almost like a small pie, and
cheeze danish as a apple danish but a sweetened blend of cream cheese rather then fruit topping baked in the middle. Sometimes i want sweeter, some
times i want just a touch of savory."

"Well they do all sound good. Perhaps I will have time to try more of your pastries whilst I am here. If you don't mind, of course." Eir
finishes the pastry, shifting a little to lean back against the headboard for now while she cradles her cup of coffee in her hands.

Zyraline nods in response to that "Just let me know if you get hungry, there's a number of eateries that will deliver to the ground floor of the
building, i just have to ride the elevator down to collect the food. Though without knowing what the various ethnicities of the food entail, it'll just
be easier to tell me what you are or are not in the mood for, rich, savory, sweet, soup, pasta, meat, or if there are specific things you don't eat."

"I don't have any particulars that I don't consume. I have tried various cuisines across the realms, though I will admit the one I have spent
the least time on is Midgard. Always a different era when I visit, it seems, can hardly keep up with the growth here." Eir chuckles, taking a sip from
her coffee. "But, are you up for trying your hand at the elixir?" Sooner she consumes it the better, after all, to help her healing.

Zyraline nods "sure, just getting you situated with food and drink." She sets her coffee down about half empty by now, and moves over by the
alchemy reagants and reactants.

There is alchemical equipment and reagents both. Might make one thing more fantasy medieval with mortar and pestle, almbie, etc. One setup
allows for a small beaker like glass that will set over a candle to heat.
"Small cabinet box to your left, should be unlocked." Once opened, it is full of vials and small pouches of various ingredients and some look
very alien, having been taken from other realms. "One of the vials should have something that looks like a thorny purple vine. That has to be heated
until the liquid comes out of it. Will need the whole root."

Zyraline takes the equipment arranging it, as well as the mortar setting it up, at the mention of flask over a candle she asks "Will this
produce fumes? Smoke? it'll be an issue if i don't set it up for that now." she then arranges the cabined box to the far side of the common reagants
from the equipment. She finds the thorny purple root, and a clear beaker for the holder. "Would using the heat from boiling water on the outside of
the glass be warm enough? or do we need actual fire?"

"It will boil like a fruit, and when hot enough it will secrete the extract that we need. It won't smoke unless held directly to fire. Leave it
in the glass and put it over a flame. The stand there, you can rest it on that over a candle to let it cook."

Zyraline nods "can we use a double boiler, or does it need to be hotter than that? i don't have candles, i have a hot-plate, and a pot of water
can be boiled, or we can put the glass to the hot-plate."

"Hot plate.." Eir tries out the technical term, finding it a little odd, but she nods. "Sounds like the use of a hot stone for heating water
sometimes. It should work well enough. If it doesn't, it will just make the vine tough and chewy, but won't harm it, really."

Zyraline nods "If boiling would work for temperature, we can immerse the beaker in boiling water with the root in the beaker, so the extract is
concentrated in the beaker rather then having to refine it out of the tea made from directly boiling it. Confectioners use a similar method to cook
chocolates and other candies. if boiling is not hot enough a flat bottom beaker will convey the most heat, and we can simply adjust the hot-plate until
it's hot enough. It runs from just painful to the touch, to orange hot iron, adjustable."

"It sounds like immersing it in boiling water may be the safest way and perhaps the easiest. But whichever would work for you- I trust your
insights to your own technologies, Zyraline." Eir offers in return, though is admittedly curious to Midgardian technologies when it relates to her

Zyraline nods and gets a teflon coated sauce-pan and fills it about 3/4 with water. She moves the suspention apparatus and hot-plate into the
bathroom. She gets the beaker apparatus and everything all set and adjust, then she removes the beaker and brings it back out and over to the reagants
for the root. She carefully removes a whole root (or the only 1 whole root as appropriate) and carefully deposits it into the beaker. She clamps such
into place, and only after she's satisfied the whole apparatus is set and stable, she switches on the exhaust fan in the bathroom with a Whirrrr, and
cranks up the hotplate to HI. "I turned on a motorised fan in the bathroom. Any foul smells will be pulled away from the room and outside the
building. The heat is on it'll just take a few minutes for the water to boil". She then comes out and moves one of the chairs to a vantage point where
it can supervise the bathroom and other alchemy gear. "In case you need to supervise more directly, in the meanwhile i can watch the bathroom from a

"Admittedly, I can't.. walk, at the moment. I will be fine from here, to be sure." Eir prefers doing such complicated elixirs by her own hand,
but she doesn't have much of a choice in the matter at the moment.
"While it boils, there are a few other items you can prepare." She lists off three items. Two are found in the same cabinet chest, both looking
like old dried leaves. "Three leaves each, ground to powder. Then add the third and grind it in as well." For the third, she produces a key from her
dress, offering it. "You will need this."
The third item is in the locked chest. Within that are far darker and more dangerous ingredients. Blood of certain creatures, rare ingredients
that are extremely hard to come by, etc. One she searches for looks like a talon, or a sharp nail ripped from a beast. It will grind down to powder with
appropriate elbow grease.

Zyraline will get the two containers of leaves, and run them by Eir before setting them beside the pestle, then retreive the talon/claw/thing
and show her as well, before setting it next to the mortar, then saying to confirm "3 leave, of each type, ground fine, then add 1 talon claw thing, and
grind until powdered. don't hesitate to use force it's grinding first and mixing second.

Eir smiles as she watches her new impromptu student. "Very good. You'll make a fine alchemist yet." She grins a little, sipping from her coffee.
"Once its ground, you can set it aside. When the root extract is ready, pour it into a glass and put the powder with it, then we will move on to the
next step."
As soon as the powder is poured in the extract, the purple ooze will ease to watery before it absorbs the powder and turn to a golden color.
Like magic!

Zyraline before grinding will make sure the mortar/pestle are clean, washing them if necessary. Leaves are ground, then talon is eventually
ground, rood juicing is siphoned to another glass, powder is added to purple juice to turn golden. "Do we still need the heat for later? i'll leave
the fan on, but if we are done with the heat i can turn that off."

"Done with the heat." Eir promises. "The last part is honest a pre-mixture that I keep on hand. In the locked chest, find the glass bottle of a
green liquid. Its rather thin, like maybe a tea?"

Zyraline is still holding the golden mix, and will carefully move and turn off the boiling water, before moving back out by the reagants. "i'm
not Catastrophicly clumsy, but i've learned not to leave things like boiling water around when not necessary. There are people who are said to have
'cat-like-reflexes or agility', i'm NOT one of those poeple." She'll go to the chest and selet what looks like thinish green tea type concoction, and
bring it over by Eir to verify it's the correct one.

Admittedly, there are a view potion bottles of similar color in there. So when it is delivered, she sets her coffee aside in favor of taking the
vial to pop the cork on the end to take a wiff. "Ah, yes, thats it." And it smells -foul-.
"I understand the necessity for safety. Often my own practice in my lab, I assure you." Eir smiles. "Pour that mixture in with the rest and fill
the cup the rest of the way with warm water like a tea."

Zyraline assumes that theese are all pre-measured and such, but slowly pours it anyway should Eir need to halt her. Once pourd she then simply
siphons off some of the recently boiling water which easily makes a proper hot tea. "As tonto would say, 'Strong medicine kemo-sabe'"

Eir lets her pour the entire mixture into the brew, and top it off with water. The end result, the amber turns to a darker brown, almost milk-
chocolate like. But again… it smells horrible. Terrible. But what medicine smells nice anyway?
"Right. Bottoms up, then." Taking the tea, she drinks it slowly, since it is hot, making a face at the taste. "One of the drawbacks of
alchemy… stronger the mix, the worse it tastes."

Zyraline hrms and watches, adding her color-commentary of "I think we did ok, i mean i was a little off my form today. I did already in school
at the chemistry class, it was the learning why things work, and what things go together, and names of things, i can help great i'm just terrible at
everything else for alchemy."

Eir laughs softly. "You did brilliantly, Zyraline, truly. The more advanced tinctures I generally do myself, but I do have my students that I
train in Asgard. Not your fault the taste is horrid. It always is. This one a bit worse than last time as it needed to be stronger." But she continues
drinking on the brew, having to go slow due to the temperature.

Zyraline gets a splash of cold water in a drinking cup from the bathroom sink now that the brewing is done, and brings out to Eir so can can
cool it down and chug it down if preferred.

"Ah, thank you." It does help. That way she can get it over with instead of the slow torture of a hot tea. Once its cooled enough, she downs the
rest with a face made afterwards, setting the cup aside in favor of taking up the coffee cup to chase it with. A far better aftertaste.

Zyraline nods seeing her finish it off, before commenting "While there aren't a LOT of medical uses for the ingrediants in the breakfast items,
you should wait 20 minutes or so before eating any of the items here. just to make sure the potion's effects don't get scewed. The cressoint should be
find there's almost nothing reactive about it."

"Fair enough. Thank you, again, for taking so good care of me." Eir smiles. "Is there anything that I can offer to you in return for your
hospitality, Zyraline?"

Zyraline just shakes her head "Meybey sometime send be a bolt of normal cloth from asgaard? Be a heck of a conversation piece to have a nice
black asguardian cotten dress patterened in a midguard cut. Like non-magical non-armor just regular everyday cloth. Black meybey with a little silver
or gold pattern, i don't know what's common for cloth in asgaard."

"Oh we have various fabrics in Asgard. Enchanted leathers, regular clothes. The grade of weave of the clothes of course is determined by quality
the more expensive the finer and softer." She nods her head to the larger chest that was brought. "Go ahead and look inside, it has some of my clothes."
Inside are various clothes. Some of a darker green/black/gold assortment to match Loki's personal colors. Some of lighter pastels, but all are
fabrics fit for the Queen. There are certain perks to being an Ancient and the Royal healer with friends in high places, as it were.

Zyraline oohs and carefully sorts through some of the garments.. "Intesting, The styles are completely different, obviously, but most of the
cuts are remarkably similar. Oh nothing enchanted or magical, just nice. Cotton or Linen or the like. I havn't worked much with silk yet, i would
prefer cotton or linen to do such an exotic import justice."

"Cottons are very common during our cooler months or for trips to colder places like Jotunheim." Eir smiles, simply enjoying watching the
Midgardian enjoy herself. "The dark blue one there- an example." A long sleeved dress, heavier because it is cotton not her lighter silks. Cotton with a
heavier brocade built into the corset part of the top of the dress.

Zyraline nods absently, commenting "i just have to be careful that i don't freeze solid. It's not fatal just painful and inconvenient to come
home and find out how much rent i owe the land-owner." she'll pause with the garments, and boot up her tablet computer, moving to her »>MASSIVE«<
collection of patterns, sorted by type, cut, with a completed picture for the icon of each. Thousands of outfits and individual garmets at the swipe of
a finger. "Tap your finger on an image to view more information, tap the X at the corner to close, or press and sweep to the left or right to browse
more selections" and she hands the tablet to Eir "these are the patterns i have ready access to make." and moves back to keep looking at the
asgaardian's clothes.

Your handing a tablet to an Asgardian. The takes the object, flipping it this way and that to look it over in wonderment. "What is this? A
portal device?" Turning it screen up, listening to the directions, she lightly taps a finger on one of the icons, trying to be gentle, not wanting to
break the thing. She nearly jumps in her seat as an image blows up large of one of the designs, almost dropping the tablet in her lap. "What…" She
cants her head to the side. "Your design?"
Technology meet Asgardian. Oh dear.

Zyraline looks up "Oh no, those are recorded designed, with a pattern set to specific template standards. One can purchase a paper 'outline' of
the fabric cuts for a small fee from a store or by courier. The company and the designer split that fee, and i get to use their template to make a
custom fitted outfit of the same design by following their pattern. I'm not good at design, but i'm GREAT at enacting existing cloth recipes by,,,
following instructions." and she smiles.

"Paper.. outlines?" Eir cants her head curiously, stumbling through poking at the screen until she can look at the next design in utter awe.
Technology. Yes, they have it, but it is so different. Its like magic to a child. "You are very good at following instruction." She grins. "So this is
how you make clothes?"

Zyraline nods "yes" she gets up and gets out a plastic shopping bag from her backpack, and carefully takes out sever cut pieces of fabric with
the paper outlines still pinned on. "Like so, i've already cut them out of the big piece of cloth, but you can see the thin paper outlines still pinned
on. I leave them on so i can read the labels and know where each part goes as i sew them together. Another hand trick is to take a wide sliver of
white soap, you can mark up the cloth all you want and it washes right out. Still from there it's a simple matter of un-pin the pattern from 2 panels,
pin them together, then sew along the pins removing the pins as you go. Trim the excess cloth, and you're ready for the next panel."

"Similar to our tailors, I suppose, though al ot of them have been at the craft so long they go by memory or creativity. Or use mannequin-like
stands." Eir smiles. "Very interesting designs, though strange, I will admit. I know styles vary world to world. You see my own is fairly conservative
on some measures, but less in the warmer months."

Zyraline chuckles and nods at that "i don't really do under-garmets, or swimming clothes. As important as they are, it's a lot of precision
required and just not what i like doing." She moves closer pointing at the flower stitched into her kilt "i did this by hand from an image. I've also
embroidered some scrollwork, not unlike filigris. Painstaking work but beautiful when done right."

"Certainly a woman of many talents." Eir smiles. "Though, if I may ask…" She sets the tablet down on her lap for now, turning her curious gaze
to the girl instead. "May I ask about your physiological condition? You are… different. I can feel that much."

Zyraline nods "oh i'm quite dead. a land vehicle lost control and pulverised me from mid thigh to mid abdomen. I woke up weeks later buried in
my grave. A strange quirk of chemicals,, ah, reagants in the soil, gave me the ability to animate and control dead tissues. The foremost being my

Eir cants her head to the side. "So you are .. undead? Midgardians accept you as this?" She questions curiously. "Do you still function as a
living being, such as eating, metabolism, etc? Or do you have no need?" Though in her prying questions, she smiles a little. "I do apologize. I have
rarely met a member of the dead that is conversational and not trying to kill me. I am curious."

Zyraline chuckles and shrugs "not every day i get to have a chat with an asgaardian, ancient or otherwise. No i eat about one third as much as
normal, i assume to maintain the humors of the body, but as i no longer need to generate heat a large portion of food requirement is thus ignored. I
have no heartbeat, i don't need to breath aside from speaking, temperature doesn't become a concern until damage begins to acrue, though i still get
dizzy from heat spikes if they're intense. I sleep more for the mental rest than physical, though my physical attributes are identical as to when i
died. Learned patterns of motions are ingrained in my brain but the muscles don't grow or adapt so my endurance limits are fixed. I can still learn
and think and remember new things and adapt, so my brain adjusts and processess fairly normally, which explains why i've had difficulty translating my
powers to a proper resurrection. Damage to the brain, i cannot restore the damaged memories. Someone who is say, suffocated however, if dead within 5
minutes i can regenerate the damage, and an electrical shock can restart the heart, recussitating them. A much longer time limit applies to freezing
victems, as the damage may be cellular, but the memory pathways of the brain remain in tact, except in the case of most extreme freezing, or magic."

"Very interesting. If there were a way to make you a living girl again, since you are animated, would you take that?" Eir questions curiously,
continuing that path of thought.
"I am able to heal about any wound through magical, mundane or psychic means. It is my patronage as a Goddess, but I have spent over sixteen
thousand years working on my craft. Alchemy, as well. What I can't do magically, I can usually achieve through alchemy. And while I have been at that
game a long time, it is ever changing as herbs die and become extinct and new ones grow in its place. Always a fluid profession. But I have shelves
filled with books of all my research in Asgard. Ages worth." Literally. "There are ways to make my magic stronger- blood infused magics, but it leaves a
darkness on the soul. Not something I fall to lightly."

Zyraline shrugs at Eir saying "Well, that depends on a couple things, 1, i have no idea how the reagants reacted to make me this way, as far as
i'm aware, i'm the only ALCHEMICLY created case of powers with corpse animation, neverminding my own state of existance. Even in the same graveyard and
presence of chemicals, there was something unique about my body that enabled this reaction to occur or active. So curing it is still an IF not a When.
2, My state was dead, then i was transformed. I realise goddess power, but my concern would be that i return to my original dead state, which doesn't
do me a lot of good. 3. would i still be able to control dead tissue? i mean, is it all or nothing transformed back to a normal alive girl, who meybey
would like to help heroes but has to find her own strength, or an alive girl with necromancer powers? I'd of course take being alive over being dead,
powers or not, but there are some big IF's there, and i don't even have the information you'd need to answer them. And this is not a situation where
i'm comfortable with 'trial and error'. considering that error means i'm boned, so to speak."

Eir listens attentively, though some of the slang draws confusion across her features. At the end, she tilts her head, "Boned?" Settling back in
the bed against the headboard, she smiles softly. "I can understand worrying of trial and error against your current state and the results may not be
what you meant them to be. If you are ever interested, however, I can do some research of my own."

Zyraline nods "Research would be great. Midgaardians tend to be generally clever and we havn't figured it out yet. But then, if there's a
magic element, there's basically no way for us to analyse that."

End Pt.3

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