2015-09-28 For Asgard!
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Odin Zyraline Borgon Loki
GMed by Odin
Title: For Asgard!

The combat simulation room is easily the size of two football fields. It is equipped with the latest in 'holo-room' technology has a wide array of programmed scenarios for someone to set-up which will let them do anything from fight in hostile urban scenarios to jungle warfare, its the kind of room that would make any video gamer faint.
However, it also has the ability to simply serve as an open room with real obstacles that can be placed out of the storage room, for whatever reason one could think of. When the holo-graphic technology isn't in use, its a very well lit… massive open room.

Odin has spent the last few hours between returning home, and now calling for his people to return to him. They had kidnapped his son, and to him that was beyond what he was willing to just let go. He knew time was not on his side, and that he did not have his spear (given to Loki) but he would be damned if he just left his son their. Gathing what he could he was ready to go back to Midgard and open the portal again… He was armored up, and had his septer in his hands giving Heimdall the nod to open the portal to this Room of training that he had appeared in before. As the portal is open it is not a quiet event.. The room sparks, and energy forms as a bright light erupts into the middle of the room depositing him, and whoever may be with him into the room. The building would of been slightly shaking, and it is not something that was trying to be hidden so Starks alarms may even be going off, but Odin had to conserve his power for the fight that was ahead. He hated doing it this way, but he did not come back to unexile his son just to have him taken away by those monsters.. who knows what kind of lies they were dumping into his head.

The call to battle was heard, and some indeed did answer the call. Among them was the 'young' half troll Borgon, any chance to fight, to prove his worth and to explore beyound the word of Asgard, was to be answered. Donned in his own home-made Asgardian Steel Armor, he was ready to get to the fight. His blue cape crackled with Energy as he is deposited in the room of Training alongside others, his battle axe strapped to his back. He sniffs the air never have been to Midgard before //"Smells Funny"\\ he comments to no one in particular as he looks around the room.

Zyraline would grab a cold-weather parka prepped with some other key items, and RUN to the training room. On the way, she'll shoot Tony a text letting him know she'll be unavailable for a while, but the wolves are still keeping an eye on Eir and she'd doing much better now. With that she skedadles to the training room, and as the big sliding doors wheel open at Zyraline's present, the girl as usual dressed in black slips a bit and bounces off the doorframe as she comes into the room. She's wearing THICK wool stockings and tugging on a black all-weather parka as she clomp-clomps over to the gathering.

Odin looks around him and nods to Borgon, "You get use to the smell it is their diet I think.. stay away from the cooked dogs." as he finishes he looks up at Zyraline coming in.. "I see we have our Midgardian support at least" looking at Zyraline all packed up for cold enviroment. "No forcefields this time little one are you sure you want to go?" as he speaks he moves to the wall where the gold plate is from last night. He points his septer at it.. but stops "This may start a war… It is for my son, and we must go face them in battle, but if you wish to turn around this is the time once we are in there we do not leave without him." and on that the golden panel warps and expands in the middle a hole appears, and from it cold breezes and snow blow through. Without speaking or looking back he steps through.

//"Cooked Dogs… Mmmmmm sounds tasty really"\\ he says. As it stands, Borgon unlike other Asgardian is all-tongue defective, so Midgardians like Zyraline likely wouldn't be able to understand him, his 'natural' speech being akin to grunts, groans and roars mixed togeather. None the less, bracing the freezing cold he steps through without hesitation. If war was on the horizon, it was time to greet it like a friend

Meanwhile, in Jotunheim, Loki sits lonely in a cell of solid ice. To a human that might not seem like a very effective prison, but in the other Asgardian Realms, things are much more durable than Earthly materials. Ice may as well be steel or iron, having a strong density. The young prince has his arms folded over his chest, the cold starting to sink into his bones just a bit. He could turn blue. He could go Ice Giant and be immune to the cold completely, but he doesn't, insisting on remaining Aesir. He has had a spell cast upon him to discourage him from using his magic, otherwise he would have been out of this mess long ago by shapeshifting into something capable of passing through the bars, but now he is in a large square of ice with walls nearly a foot thick. The only openings are some air holes toward the top of the chamber, which looks impenetrable.

With a sigh, he stands, rubbing his seat which has become numb from sitting upon a bench of ice for so long. The cork in his magic makes him feel a bit sick to his stomach, the power wanting to come out but being repressed. "Hellooo…." He calls in a lonely tone, hoping to see someone else…/anyone/ else. He does not, however, want to see the guard coming down the massive corridor.

Zyraline will respond to the forcefield and other comments with "HAH, us midgaardians aren't completely helpless. we just pale by comparison to asgaardian world jumping. Your Highness, Prince Loki is an ally of mine, and more than that he's one of the only people in our little group who took one look at me, and didn't treat me like a cute little dolly to sit on a shelf. He already has my respect, and if the most help i can offer him is risking my life to distract the giant king with my words, how can i stay here knowing even my words could bring him aid. Also, I helped Eir with her alchemy this moarning, and with the aid of both potions and mundane midgaardian items, she recovers quickly. I've already notified Tony Stark of my departure so he can attend to any functions of necessity she has, and your wolves still attend her side. Both our houses are as in-order as they're going to get."

Zyraline pulls a black knit cap from a parka-pocket and pulls it over her head. She then produces a pair of COLD weather gloves, and before donning those, activated and drops a heating packet into each, to make sure she doesn't loose any fingers. She may not have time to regenerate them, should they find themselves out-numbered.

The first time they were here they were unexpected. This time however was a different matter completly. As they fall into the snow it looks like they are surrounded by pairs of ice pillars all around them. Given a second look those pillars are actually legs attached to four very large.. very angry Ice Giants. The asguardians maybe larger then your average Midgard human, but these… giants.. are huge sanding at least fifteen feet tall maybe even higher.

They look surprised as the group drops down amoungst them, but they all have a hardened look as they are not here to greet their visitors with words. In each of their hands they have Ice Clubs easly as large as the Asguardians themselves. In the background the fortress can be seen, but other then the four here it looks like the path is empty just a bunch of icy hills lined up to make a path towards the entrance. To his credit Odin does not look disturbed as he raises his septer in the air yelling… "For Asgard!" as he starts to close on the one of the giants to the left.

Sometime being bigger then your average Asgardian helps. Borgon was half the size of these 15 foot giants. None the less he was prepared to do damage. When the call goes out he dosn't hesitate to get right in their. His axe comes out and he makes a full swing to the giant on his right, going right for the knee roaring out a monstrous battle cry alongside his comrades . The bigger they are, the harder they fall after all.
Zyraline on the other hand is as effective at fighting ice-giants, and chewing bubble gun is to solving algebra equasions. Her boots which were comedicly slippery on the polished floors of stark tower, seem to have found thier grip in the cold weather. While her agility isn't exactly cat-like, you don't hunt mice with war-mauls. She generally skurries around in-between the two giants not wanting to move closer to the castle by herself, and not wanting to get pasted by one of those tree size clubs. Her small light frame and dealings with the New-York subway system serve her well.

The guard approaches the cell and Loki is feigned laying on the ground, pretending to be unconscious. The giant opens the thick ice door, s tepping inside. Even he hs to duck to get through the door, being a bit taller than average. When he does this, Loki tries making a run for it, his boots slipping a bit on the ice. The guard, as dumb as he is, does know that tiny person should not be outside the box and forms a pointe ice cone on his right arm, swinging to make Loki dodge, then grabs him, his massive hand almost wrapping all the way around his slender waist. Loki then finds himself flying across the room, slamming into the back wall. "There is no escape, Asgardian. You will stay here. Laufey demands it." He stomps in and grabs Loki as he's getting up and slams him into the wall again, then throws him to the floor where he remains, especially after a powerful kick to his midsection is delivered.

Before the guard can kick him again or do any more damage, alarms begin to go off inside the palace and soon the cell door is closed and seals itself seamlessly again. Floods of frost giants begin running through the palace, prepared to fight.

The fight begins as everyone starts running off in somewhat different directions. Starting on the right the first Ice giants screams out as a giant axe sinks into his leg. Frost covers the head as a blue glue flows down over it, and the large giant tips over falling like a tree into the snow throwing snow and ice everywhere! Thankfully this seems to help Zyraline as a large club comes down right where she was standing as she is now behind the bending Ice Giant as he can not see her moving in the snow that is in the air.

The large Craaacking noise on the ground shows that if she had been there.. it might of not been for long as they don't seem to be playing. Odin is grabing the Club of one of the Ice-giants in a hand his hand turning a bit blueish as he points his septer at the other it litterally explodes out in shards raining down ice chips and blue goo on all around them though again being behind the large giant herself Zyraline is guarded from the impact of most the shards. Odin gives a loud "Huraaah! First kill!" and turns to look at the palace.. The first few guards starting to come out of it he adds.. "Though it looks like we may have some visitors soon.. "Hurry with those!" as he burries the septers end in the ear of the other ice giant he is holding.. It doesn't seem to make a sound as this one falls dead without noise or explosion.

Have to keep moving, have to keep fighting! Borgon rips his axe out of the frost giant and not being gentle at all. He climb ontop the fallen ice giant and use him to jump high and to the next, getting enough air to swing that axe towards the next giants Chest. He wasn't holding back at all, letting his troll come out to play

Zyraline can't do anything to the living, but as soon as the first downed giant is killed, She holds out her gloved hands and forces her will into it's flesh. As odin moves to assist Borgon in slaying the second by axe and scepter, Zyraline's will causes the first giant to twitch it's leg before toppling over, the other leg shudders and move, and then it begins righting itself. Now Reanimated under her control, the ice giant looks around. As she turns to the second downed he issues the command "Defend me" to the first.

As Borgon climbs the down Ice Giant and jumps at the other a large hand grasps up at him it looks to try to envolope him in its grasp but it is just too slow grabing at where he was not where he is as Borgon sinks the giant axe into the other Giants torso as it stands to give another smash. They both fall down again puffing up a cloud of smoke. As this is happening the wounded Giant is getting up on his good leg picking up his club, and about to bring it down on both of them when another club smashes his head flat. A large ice giant with a glazed over look in his eyes looks down at Zyraline. "Prooootect" is all it says in a gravely tone that sounds like ice scraping. Odin has moved away from the party as the Giants are flooding out towards them.. "Borgon… Take the Midgardian.. save my son." he turns to look at the group. "I will take care of these I leave the rest in your hands." and with that points his septer blowing up another one as he moves away from the two the flow of the rush of Ice giants following him as they don't seem to realize the other two are still there.

Well, Borgon moves fast, not wasting any time and runs over to Zyra scooping her up. He was no dummy and actualy climbs upon the arison Ice Gaint untill there on it's shoulders //"Time to have some real fun!!! Oneward!"\\ . Of course to a Midguardian, that probably just sounds like unintelligant roaring, but none the less he was pointing to the Ice Fortress, looking at the hordes of giants comming towards them. His eyes ablazed ready to jump in there and he calls down to Odin //"You can count on us!"\
Zyraline has no idea why the subtle mission is going to the UNDEAD ARMY SUMMONER but she doesn't have the time or authority to argue. Commanding their undead giant-mount she says "Protect us, seek loki" and begins forcing her will into one of the scepter-struck giants up ahead. As the giant she and borgon sit atop begins lumbering foreward, the giant ahead begins to twitch and shudder, before rising also to it's feet. Weapon in hand and chunks of chest missing, the zombie looks blankly at the two outlanders. Now moving past the new zombie Zyraline completes the re-animation and commands it "Follow and defend me". Her powers are based off of her will and not her words, but she keeps things simple regardless.

As Odin is moving away he stops for just a moment and puts his arm across his chest and nods to them "For Asguard!" is what it looks like he says as he is too far away now for words. Turning and moving even further away the last is seen is when his small shape is just covered in the flood of ice giants. There are bits of ice flying up in the air, but no sign of Odin from that point. On the good side no-one is looking as the raised Ice Giants with the midgardian, and Asgardian move forward. Their travel is uneventfull as all the focus is going the other way it is completly quiet as they approach. Closer and closer they get until they are getting near the very doors of the fortress.. All seems good until there is a rumble to either side of them.. The mountains… start moving.. raising up higher and higher as what were mountains before raise to be what could only be called Giant Giants.. Each one stands at least 40 feet in the air long white beards on their chins as they look like the elders of the species. They do not look armed as they peer down their voces boom and echo against the fortress itself. "Haaalt… Who tries to enter the Palace!" they speak a bit slow but even just them taking a step forward shakes the giants they have with them. They do not seem to be making any moves of agression yet which may seem wierd as they could of attacked with surprise if they wished.

//"Borgon Halftroll"\\ He declares still riding ontop the shoulder of the giant mount //"And…."\\ he then looks to Zyraline never having heard her name, or understand it //"Well, she can introduce herself"\\. He didn't once look back. Men as old as Odin don't get to be dirt old without knowing how to fight for their life. His axe forever remained at the ready as he stands upon the giants shoulder (after that get their balance back anyways). He was sure of his stance, but not arrogont, knowing that these giants are nothing to mess around with

Zyraline having had pleanty of time to regenerate the damage to the two giants 'escorting' them, will look at borgon as he speaks…… Well she assumes we're going with direct and honest for the time being by speaking directly to them rather then having the giants speak. She clears her throat briefly and says in clear loud voice "Zyraline Melanie Alexander, a Seamstress from Midgaard." She carefully shifts her backpack on her back, making sure she doesn't go ass-over-teakettle down off the giant's shoulder.

The large Ice Giants peer down at them, and are quiet for a long moment before the step away again each step shaking the ground they are on. They start crouching down again into mountains guarding the pass, but the last one speaks.. "We do not carry the hate of our successors.. We are all part of the tree of life, and must respect that.. do not hurt the young ones as you pass or we will share our cold with you forever." and he too crouches down again. It seems they did not wish to combat these young ones only warn them as they again rest in the cold as the door to the palace opens. Inside it can be seen what they are guarding.. Lots of "small" ice giants only about the size of an asgardian stand against the walls of the large room looking at the two as they walk in. There are a few full sized Ice Giants with them, but no-one seems to attack seeming angry, but almost afraid of the group as they enter. The two zombie giants are fully healed as they pass by untouched past through the room to what looks like a throne room sitting on the throne is a large mean look ice giant. This one has red eyes, and a metal mace sitting next to him as he glares at the two entering.. "You dare return to my palace.." raising up he wields his mace at them.. The cold in the room seems to go up a notch as he seems to be about to engage them not waiting for much response to the intruders. Odin is still gone obviously, and there are no other guards in this room they all seem to have been sent out to to confront him.

Borgon had nodded to the eldars as they spoke, bowing his head in respect to them, and as they marched on he looks around at all the little giants. The large half troll spares a small fond smile that last only a moment. But only for a moment, they had buisness to attend to. Why habor hate, it was pointless after all. None the less he looks up to Laufy, the king of giants //"As the giants follow your orders, I follow the order of my Lord"\\ is all he says before jumpping down from the giant. Ice has formed on his tusks and even his beard by now, but his axe never stopped staying at the ready. He bellows a fierce roar and looks ready to fight The King then and there, but for now he waits, watching for any sign to go right in

Zyraline will dig something out of her backpack. A plushie polar-bear. She holds it up before the king of the giants saying "In accordance with the old ways, as i," giving and odd look down at the shoulder of the ice giant she's sitting on," Stand, before your highness, in his throne room, i offer you tribute. I know little of what of midgaard interests the ruler of jotunheim, but i sew things with cloth. I made this for you, the likness of a creature from Midgaard that dwells the cold lands. A gift of respect to stand before a ruler." Any sorcerers, mystics, or the likes will detect no magic, illusions, psionics, ect. It's a mundane stuffed animal.

Laufey looks down at them looking about to attack, he stops long enough to look at the small plushie and growls.. "I am not some asgardian.. you can not tempt me with toys and weak rhetoric! I know why you are here and he is mine.. You have intruded for the last time!" he waves his hand and ice spikes come up spearing the Ice giant Zyraline is on multiple times locking him in place to the floor. Looking down at the plushie Zyraline would see one ice spear also sticking in it just below her hand, maybe that had been ment for her, but missed, or maybe he was just a jerk that had no consideration for others work. Either way the doll had an ice-spear from the ground sticking in it as a normal plushie would start to freeze soon. "Enough Games!" is all he says as he moves forward at them again brandishing the large mace at Borgon.

Borgon gave Zyraline a strange look, not understanding a word she said and couldn't but what think 'What in Odin's Beard?' he was no expert on frost giants, but… he didn't know what to think. He growls at the giant corpse is speared through multiple times. Borgon being much smaller then Laufey charges forward, unperturbed by the size difference. He slides on the ice to go Under the giant attempting to use his Axe to catch the King right on the back of the heal, trying to get any kind of advanatage he can. He sure hopes Zyraline can put up a fight

Zyraline will just sit calmly atop the pincushed/pinioned ice-giant-zombie, watching borgon charge foreward she just signs "So you don't want your second tribute then? Last time mention of a cube and it's ability to make more ice giants was mentioned. That implies low or nil birth rate. Therefore the loss of a single ice giant life is unacceptable. If ice giant anatomy can be restarted from suffocation by electric jolt or blast of cold, do you have any idea how many of your fallen breathren i can restore to life today? What would that tribute be worth, your highness?" … damn midgaardians and their 'logic' and 'honor'.

There is a reason this one was a leader, and fought Odin one on one, as Borgon slides he swings his mace like a croquet mallet steping aside from the sliding troll. The mace impacts the Axe, and Borgon would feel strength equal to Odin himself impact his axe to sending him sliding backwards on the ice back towards the far wall. He doesn't even seem to pause as he moves towards Zyraline.. "What then would stop me from just not killing you, we have ways of makeing you work for us. But we will test your theory.." Behind them the doors in seem to close as some of the Ice Giants push it that way. They don't look happy about it, but orders are orders. The large ice giant infront of them points the mace and a blast of cold strikes the ice giant that is left not pinned down.. It seems as if he is trying to do exactly what you suggested to bring him back from his stupor maybe he didn't believe you, or maybe he did and is using it against you for now it is unclear. Either way he doesn't directly attack Zyraline yet.

Slam! That was the mace hitting Borgon and it hurt like hell. Slam! A second time as his back hits the far wall. Double wham. It was these days Borgon is glad to be an Asgardian, and hell of alot more glad he forges his own armor. Unfortanly the shaft of Borgon axr breaks in half from this impact, and now he was angry. If it wasn't for the his own father guidance, (and a dizzy head to say the least) he would be going full on bezerk. He stands slowly gripping both halfs of his axe. Even dazed he could tell Zyraline and Laufey were talking, though he litterly understood only half the conversation. He was ready to go again, but holds back, for if negations are going on, it would be unwise to interfer. He wipes his arm on his lip, the blood that was there already frozon over.

Zyraline will at the very last second drop the re-animation of that zombie, as she wasn't prepared and was busy listening to the king, but manages to release it in time. *never try to mix mutant/meta/magic* She then waits to see if the 'trick' will work. not deception but literally cheating death.

The large ice gian is surprised as the other giant he just frosted comes back to full life. It bows to him immmeditly "My King!" and a small smile crosses Laufeys face as he glances at Zyraline. He doesn't even blink when he brings up the mace and smashes the newly brought back giant just looking at her with a glare. He moves crazy fast as he apporaches her. "You put too much faith in Odin.. he does not know all he thinks he knows but I deem you usefull." as he approaches her reaching out a hand. The light going dark as Zyraline is encircled by the giant hand before it even starts to grasp it looks as he just is going to grab her and capture her like he did so many others to get to this point. "Foolish girl.. Next time you try to negotiate make sure your assumptions is right.." he says in a surprising low voice so only she can hear as his hand closes shut sealing her in what from the inside may look like a small cave.

Borgon could see, and Zyraline may hear as the wall behind him seems to colapse and a single spear flys out and stabs him in the back. The giants hand open as he yells in pain shaking the whole room as his hand moves from Zyraline to reach behind him trying to pull a giant spear sparking with lighting from his back. Through the hole Loki can be seen learching through he looks weak but is pulling himself through.. "We must hurry… All father is running out of power." he gets out in a long breath as he tumbles through the hole and passes out. Laufy is still yelling reaching not paying any attention to the three now as this is happening.

Zyraline will speak up just before the hand closes around her "So you don't wanna hear the catch then? i mean, hundreds of deaths, hundreds of lives, the eyes and ears of the walls witnessing, and you don't even want to know why you shouldn't be hasty?" She still hasn't moved from her spot, made any attempt to dodge or attack, and her voice is even cockier than ever.

Borgon groans, no way he can keep his axe AND get Loki and Zyraline. He drops the peices and runs towards Loki in an arch. This arch allows him to scoop up Loki (none to gently as he was still angry) and continues the arch to head for Zyraline. His arm bends into a nook like shape to scoop up Zyra if she dosn't try to avoid or stop him. If he does scoop her up, it won't be very gentle by any means, none the less for a big Troll he can really pack on the speed

Zyraline will speak up just before the hand closes around her "So you don't wanna hear the catch then? i mean, hundreds of deaths, hundreds of lives, the eyes and ears of the walls witnessing, and you don't even want to know why you shouldn't be hasty?" She still hasn't moved from her spot, made any attempt to dodge or attack, and her voice is even cockier than ever.
Then, all her attempts at negotiation and SAVING LIVES gets speared in the back. "Oh for fuck's sake, i'm sorry about this your highness but it seems everyone's getting too excited, i'll see how many of the bodies outside i can regenerate as i go past." and she animated the transfixed corpse she's atop to grab the king by wrist and belt, since he is close enough to grab her, and she drops down to borgon as he runs by, since she was previously still atop the zombie giant.

Borgon grabing Loki and Zyraline they bust open the closed doors with a loung bang running through them.. Some days it paid to be a troll… as behind them the yelling can be heard.. "Damn you midgardian! You will pay for your part in this.. We will freeze your planet and your people.. know you have started a war today!" the yelling gets less and less as they now running make good time to the front door. The mountains don't move this time as they stand outside the front door, to their left is a pile of ice giants still fighting. There are numerous of them in bits laying in the snow and it does look like Odin is standing ontop of it yelling something down at them, but he is breathing hard and has frozen red blood on him. He doesn't see them yet as he points his septer down like a flamethrower but magical energy striking those infront of him he disapears under a pile again when someone may realize.. he is the only way out of this realm. Good news though it does not look like the Ice Giant King is following them.

//"AllFather, we have Loki!!"\\ Borgon voice roars out. This was no time for subtilties. Asgardians are blessed with reflexes, and Borgon is well trained in hand to hand combat, and in general just using his body. Not as easy as it looks he jumps from Body to Body towards where they saw Odin. But it wasn't just bodies, Borgon was jumping on moving limbs that have been severed as Zyra begins to have the bodies cheat death. //"Is this really a time to be making more soldiers?"\\ he grunts in the trolls tongue doing his best to keep moving, he dosn't completly understand or know whats up at this point

Zyraline is carried along, once again, this is beginning to be something of a habit. This time she catches sight of bodies and forces her will into knitting the wounds closed, just as she said. Wherever she is carried by borgon, through the fields of slaughter she leaves a trail of un-injured corpses. This loss of life was already far-greater then was necessary, she's actually kindof ashamed to have come along, and she's basically a necromancer.

As Borgon and Zyraline being carried approach the combat they would see lots of Ice Giants injured and not dead. It looks like at first at least Odin was not trying to kill all that stood in his way, but as they get closer and closer to the fight it gets worse. It seems that as the fight went on it had gotten serious to the point where the pile that he is standing on are indeed dead. Hearing Borgon yell at him though Odin puts his hand up in the sky and as lightning appears out of nowhere and strikes it there is a golden spear in his hand again. The light given off it seems to push what is left fighting him away as he jumps up almost looking like he is flying before he comes down smashing the ground infront of them. He looks worn out as he sticks the spear into the ground one more time.. With a flash he quickly teleports them, and though Zyraline had a chance to heal a lot of them while Odin approached she would be sure there are still quite a bit more injured, but is teleported away with the rest of them.

The portal seems to close to the training room as Odin looks at Borgon.. "Is my son okay.." and waiting for a affermative the old man falls to a knee.. He had used up most of his power fighting the hords of Ice giants he had lost count after the first thirty and is just wanting rest… "I must return for Odin Sleep… Tell my son he may join us in Asgard when he is ready.." he turns and looks about to leave stoping only to pause.. "And we will speak again little one… just not now." and he seems to just disapear infront of them.

Borgon nods an affirmative to Odin, taking careful note of the words. But then he is gone… just gone. Borgon blinks. Ordin going to into Odin sleep and heaven know how long that can last. He glances to Loki in his arm and sets down Zyra. He sure hopes Loki wakes up and rested soon, cause a troll in Midgaard that can understand a word, can make for big trouble. He looks to Zyra hoping wondering what she thought, but of course wouldn't be able to understand her //"So…. these hot dogs the AllFather mentioned? What they like?"\\ He grunts out. Five minuts out of battle and already thinking of food. Typical troll.

Zyraline just shrugs at borgon, and moves to get a better look at Loki… Nope he's not waking up anytime soon.

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