2015-09-28 Raid on DeCara Electronics
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Peggy, Spider-Man, Steve
GMed by Triskelion (NPCs: Arcade, Miss Lock, Mr. Chambers)
Title: Raid on DeCara Electronics

When Peggy realized the night before that Hawkeye and Black Widow did not get into DeCara Electronics and Amusements, Steve could almost see the eagerness on the woman's face to get out into the field, rush down and check on it herself. It took him nearly holding her down and finally relenting but agreeing to make her wait until morning and that they would find backup before they went on any kind of raid.

Groups of two hadn't done so well against Arcade, so far. Cap hoped that by adding more numbers perhaps there would be a better advantage to a raid.

The following morning as Steve suited up, he grabbed his communicator. Going through the list of options, he knew that Tony would be the best suited, but when he tried to contact him, he was away for a meeting. Steve frowned. He wanted a wild-card for this mission. Someone that wasn't quite military and by the book that he knew he could rely on to do the right thing, but at the same time, be just out there enough to keep Arcade off balance.

At the apartment of Peter Parker, freelance photographer, a phone starts to jingle and play:

When Captain America throws his mighty shield..
All those who chose to oppse his shield must yield..
He's led to a fight and a doer is right and the red and the white and blue will come through..
When Captain America throws his mighty shiiiieeeeeld!

It's bad enough that there was a radio serial in Peggy's time, just wait until she finds out about the cartoon from 1966 that song comes from as Steve reaches out to the newest Avenger to get his assistance as he and Peggy continue to gear up near DeCara's building on 8th Street.

There's not a whole lot of suiting up for Peggy to do. She doesn't have a costume, persay, just the SHIELD uniform. The SHIELD uniform does have bells and whistles, however. Bullet proof vest, tactical belts and the latest technology to keep every agent safe. Her hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail, she's ready for action. Crossing her arms as she watches the Decara building not too far away from where they're situated. A frown is over her face as she thinks about what might be in there or what might have happened to her agents.



Spider-Sense or no Spider-Sense not even Peter Parker, aka The Amazing Spider-Man, can deal with the confining and restraining space that is a New York Apartment. The Amazing Arachnid is in the middle of trying to get out of his jeans, thus the hopping around on one foot and trying to yank the denim off. His Spider-Man Red and Blues are on beneath so there's no fanservice going on. He smacks his head on the nearest wall when his phone goes off. He's knocked for a stylish spin loop that has him falling backwards onto his bed. As he drops, he flings a web-line at the leg of his jeans and fires another one at his phone. He bounces back off the bed, out of his jeans (which now hang from the ceiling by a line of webbing) and catches his phone with his left hand.

Peter flips it open (what? he's /poor/) and brings the cheap non-smart-phone up to his ear. "Spider-Man Unlimited! Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man speaking! Or, if you prefer a more classic greeting…" Peter pulls the phone from his ear and looks at it, "WAAAAAZZZUUUUUUUUUUUP!"

His tongue rolls back into his mouth and he throws the phone back to his ear. There's a big smile on his face because, y'know, Captain America is calling him.


Glancing over at Peggy, noticing her expression, the Captain places a comforting hand on her shoulder. "We'll find answers here." he sounds confident that they will get to the bottom of this and bring everyone home. He starts to say more, but there's a click as the phone is answers. "Spider-Man…" he starts to say.

And then comes the greeting to end all greetings. Captain America listens to it, pulling his phone away as he is Budweisered, and an utter look of bewilderment crosses the star-spangled heroes expression. He doesn't get the reference. It was a good half a decade before he was defrosted. Once Spidey is done, Steve clears his throat. "Quite.." he offers, and then speaks, "I am assisting Agent Carter with a raid on a building down on 8th Street, and I would like to request your assistance." he offers, before passing the phone to Peggy so she can share the particulars and speak to Spidey herself if she needs to.

#DidntGetTheReference #Fail

The hand on her shoulder is met with her own covering his. She certainly appreciates the gesture. Then, Peggy can hear some of Spider-Man's voice on the Captain's end of the phone. At that and Steve's response, all she can do is look back at him and raise a bit of an eyebrow at the reaction. She's not sure what exactly just happened there.

Once she takes the phone from Steve, she waits for a moment. "Hello? Yes. We're infiltrating an electronics store we believe to either harbor a criminal who has kidnapped multiple people or contains clues as to where me may find him. Other SHIELD agents that have gone looking into the matter have disappeared and have then have been shown on video tape in some sort of game themed danger." The most basic information passed along, she adds, "When talking to Captain America about the mission, he believed that you may be able to help us find out what is going on."

"Whuuuuuuuuuut. Do you realize how perfect your timing is? I was just telling my Spider-Themed Sidekick how I needed to return my Turbografx 16. I'll be there faster than you can say Jane Stop This Crazy Thing! Spider-Man, out!"

Parker hangs up the phone and stashes it into his costume where it goes. He doesn't have much space in these tights so we'll just leave the rest of that alone. He turns to head off towards the Fourth Wall while yanking open his button down shirt to reveal his SPIDER SYMBOL OF JUSTICE.

A Page Turn Later…

SPIDER-MAN swings through the city, flipping and twirling with epic justice and off in the direction of the fateful 8th Street.


This is why there are not more Avengers in SHIELD and vice-versa. After disconnecting the phone, Steve shakes his head. "He's a good kid." Captain America is vouching for Spider-Man. Don't screw it up. With Spider-Man's arrival, Steve glances towards the building and looks towards Peggy, and then to the building. "There's two access points on the ground floor, a fire escape on the second floor. On Peggy's mark, Con-Ed is going to cut power to the building so we can make our insertion." the Captain offers as he lays down his part of the plan.

"This is your show, Agent Carter, and thus your dance. I'm just following your lead." the Captain offers as he turns his full attention to Peggy to lead them out.

Peggy raises an eyebrow as Spider-Man makes his exit and then his entrance. Though she gives Captain America a slightly skeptical look, he vouched for the man, so therefore she will take that at face value.

"Thank you for coming," she tells Spiderman with a grateful nod of her head. "With your unique ability, I believe it would be the best tactical advantage to enter through the fire escape on the second floor. From there we will move down and secure each room. As they have managed to take pairs of people, I believe it best to remain together and not to split up. With the three of us all together it will be much harder to overtake us."

Spider-Man's arrival is not exactly the stealth that they are probably counting on. Not to mention his costume might even be louder than the Captain's! Maybe it's a tie. Either way, the webslinger is hanging upside down from a webline as he listens to the orders that are coming from Agent Carter.

"Unique ability?" Spider-Man huffs through his mask. "Did somebody tell you about my sixth toe?! It was the Human Torch, wasn't it? I'm gonna' /kill/ him!" Spider-Man's jokes are likely falling onto the deaf ears of the two most non-sense-of-humor Avengers he could be teaming up with.

"Understood. Let's get our Battletoads on!" And Spider-Man proceeds to salute the Captain and the Agent. While upside-down. Does that even count?

They really are the serious couple of the Avengers. You couldn't pay them to have a sense of humor. Well. A wet one. Dry humour? In spades. With the orders given, Steve does not disagree with the idea of not splitting up. "I shouldn't have had that extra bagel this morning." he says as he settles his shield into place as he comes out of the truck.

Con-Ed cuts the power to the building on cue, and the lights go out, everything within the building darkening. So far, so good. Running quickly across the street, Steve leaps upwards, grabbing a hold of the fire escape ladder and yanking it down to deploy it so he can start his ascent. He goes first, because well, ladies may usually go first, but in combat, bullet sponges with nice shields first. Hefting himself upwards, he pulls himself onto the iron platform and lowers himself to assist Peggy up should she need a lift, unless she'd rather swing in with Spider-Man. "Looks clear. Ready to open the door on your order, Agent Carter." he radios quietly.

"A sixth toe would certainly be something to gossip about," Peggy replies to Peter with a bit of a smirk. Bouncing a little on her toes, she follows the pair of them to the fire escape. Once it's lowered, jumps upward and pulls herself with arm strength onto the the rung. At the last few rungs, she reaches a hand out and allows him to steady her own ascent.

As soon as they're all stationary on the metal platform and ready to move forward, she gives a curt nod that they're ready to go. "Let's go," she tells them.

Spider-Third-Wheel just takes the wall. It comes with being a wallcrawler. So he's kind of just up and back and up and back by the time they finish all their cool spy fire escape shenanignans. He's even got the scurrying thing down. He looks like a giant human spider!

"Let's show 'em what's behind door number one, Johnny!" Yes, Spider-Man just dropped some game show host accented banter up in this piece. And yeah, he's going to follow SHIELD's First Couple in.

What did they win? A shield to the door. Bracing himself, Steve rams himself shield-first through the door and rolls forward before springing to his feet.. into absolute nothing. "Clear." he says as he looks around. Rising to his feet, he looks around.

The upstairs apartment is barren. There's nothing up here to be found, except for empty space and darkness. The lights remain off as Cap he settles into place, and waits for the others to come in.

Peggy follows after Captain America, the pair have done enough missions together that they have a good automatic routine for forward movement and placement for these sorts of things. Leaving space for Peter, she grins. "Take the ceiling approach," she tells Peter, as he seems very able to do that. It's also something that most people wouldn't assume they would be able to cover. "If you sense something, let us know," she tells him.

As they clear the second floor apartment, she nods to the both of them to continue forward to the hallway. Placing herself on one side of the door, she opens it for the Captain to clear the way and Spider-Man to swing through.

Spider-Man is up and on the ceiling by the time he finishes getting the orders. Pretty easy to cling to and pretty much his favorite mode of travel when it comes to dealing with villains on the inside of buildings. Nobody ever really looks up and that's just the way he likes it.

"By the way, nobody even think about singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider…" Spider-Man is busy with randomly making conversation. He can't do stealth too well when there's others around. Somebody has to make this less awkward. Oh, also, his Spider-Sense is feeling things out! Just in case of traps or henchmen or Ryan Seacrest!

Steve makes his way cautiously forward, shield at the ready as he walks along the floor. He gestures at the door and looks at Spider-Man, gesturing towards it. Prepare to go in.

That is until the group hits the mid-point of the room, and suddenly Pete's spider sense goes /nuts/. It's all around. Game over, man, game over!

That's because the games are powering up, flashing and boooping before one of them flashes the FBI Warning: Winners Don't Do Drugs - William Sessions.

"OH HELLO!" Arcade's face appears in all the machines. "Welcome to my playcade. I do hope you enjoy it, for the short time you're left alive!" He laughs manically as the games start to move. Growing arms and legs from their cabling, one of the Terminator games draws its two guns, with them dangerously clicking as real live rounds start to cycle into it. A few other shooters follow suit as a few other games start to use their own panelling as weapons, and beep boop dangerously as the first shots are fired towards the star-spangled shield bearer, as he uses his shield for protection. "Take cover!" he yells.

One of the cocktail tables, Pitfall, comes to life, growling mechanically at Peggy before charging towards her, as a couple of shooters start spraying the roof of the building with various pistols and rifles, trying to swat the arachnid-American — who is not an immigrant alien-Arachnid-Russian.

"I wouldn't dream of it," Peggy tells Spider-Man with a quirked smile as the door opens and she lets the two Avengers in first. As the make their way toward the electronics arcade, she pauses. She doesn't need Spidey Senses to figure out something is very wrong here. The large face in the machines coming to life is quite a large tip off that things are not as they should be.

"Down!" Peggy shouts once to Spider-Man and even to Steve as she quickly ducks under the sudden shooters start to fire live bullets at them. Well, at least this wasn't a dead end. As Pitfall comes to life and starts to charge toward her, she lunges forward to keep out of its way. A hand goes to her gun and she quickly unholsters it and flips off the safety. There's too many games to shoot all of them. Instead, she looks for a power source.

Steve's not going down. Instead, he deflects the first several rounds from his shield and then turns to the right to face another burst of gunfire as it slams into his shield, asorbing the bullets as he turns his attention to going on the offensive as he flings his shield, ricocheting it off two of the machines in the first pass as he catches it on the rebound and smashes himself bodily through a third. As he rolls and turns to face towards the others, there's a sudden cry of 'HADOUKEN!' from behind the star-spangled Avenger as a Street Fighter Turbo machine unleashes a large electrical blast into the back of Captain America, sending him tumbling forward. "…ow." he winces as he continues to draw attention to himself instead of Peggy or Spider-Man.

Spider-Man's movements are quick and easy, turning the weapons of the machines on each other, their bullets spraying around. A Pole Position machine, designed to look like a race car, revs to life and drives out into the hallway and starts to race faster towards Peggy, it's lights coming to life.

The room is still dark other than that light coming from the Manager's Office, as there's just enough light in the room for the cameras to watch the scene below as it unfolds.

Nobody put quarters in, it seems. It just doesn't seem to matter to the mad machines. "Spider-Man!" she calls out, "The Manager's Office!" He seems the most mobile of all of them. "Captain! Let's follow him through!" Peggy shoots at plugs, though the power is supposed to be out. "It's the only place that still somehow has power. Look in, but don't go through without us." Light where there's not supposed to be light can only mean something strange going on.

There's plenty of ammo flying around and Peggy shoots at the car flying straight at her in an attempt to stop its engine. However, without a driver, she doesn't know quite how to stop it. Throwing herself to one side, she starts to head for the doorway, eyes still on Captain and Spider-Man to ensure they are able to follow.

"The what?! But I didn't finish filling out my application! I didn't know they were doing on-spot-interviews!"

Spider-Man flips over a couple of robots and flings a pair of web-lines out to yank some robotic heads together on his way towards the Manager's Office.

Bullets are all over the place so Spider-Man knocks three times and ducks, "Penny!", Knocks and ducks, "Penny!" and Knocks and ducks one more time, "Penny!"

One more rise and Spider-Man aims to punch a hole right through the door and plant his masked eye to the hole and peer in. Creeper style.

Steve's shield slings right past Peggy as she dives out of the way, slamming into the side of the machine and tipping it sideways before it overturns and slides into the Pitfall machine, both of them crashing and crackling in a shower of debris and sparks.

Catching the shield on it's return, Steve calls out, "I'll protect the rear, go!" he orders the others. Usually Peggy has the lead, but really, putting her between the two Avengers provides her yet with more protection than just having her at the rear would. Electricty dances over his shield, shocking Cap again, and he winces. "Peggy, put some rounds in that electric slinger!" he calls out as he continues to back up in time with their advance, bullets slamming ineffectively against his shield.

The Manager's Office is brightly lit up. It's not so much an office as a nerve center. A large wooden desk sits in the middle of the room. Monitors are up all over the place, broadcasting either current actions or previous ones. There's images of Clint firing arrows, Wilhelm's death, Melinda's zombie attack, Natasha's bikini dance butt, all around the room, even the current battle.

Sitting behind the desk is a smaller than normal young man, with bright red hair slicked back, a bright white suit on, and a bigger and brighter bowtie. With him are an older gentleman and a woman.

Arcade stands up as the door is busted in and yells out. "Okay, okay, you got us, we surrender!"

Just like that. The game is over, Peggy made it to the goal.

Now if only Clint and Natasha had raided here.. first.

Whatever it is happening around them, Peggy is able to make her way forward with the help of Steve's shield smashing into the car hellbent on running her over and the Pitfall machine intent on…falling on her? It's hard to tell at the moment. Peggy shoots at the Street Fighter machine still attempting to electrocute Captain America as she makes her way forward.

Peter's ability to punch a whole in the office makes it far easier for her to sidle up to the doorway and point her gun right at the read haired man behind the controls. "Arcade, I'll presume." She could say something cool like 'Game Over' or 'Your Time's Up', but she didn't grow up in a time of video games. Instead, she goes the more serious route.

"Return everyone you kidnapped. Immediately."

"Dude. What are you wearing? Seriously, if I got service in here, the Fashion Police would so be on there way. SWAG Team, Da' Bomb Squad… the whole nine yards."

"Hold on." Spidey turns towards Peggy. "This twerp, who had the gall to name himself Arcade, /actually/ succeeded in kidnapping someone? Plural?!" Spider-Man throws his hands up and walks away from the door. "That's it. My career's over. I've officially hit rock bottom…" Spidey's just playing around and his Spider-Senses are still reaching out to while he lets Peggy and the Captain deal with this D-Lister.

"Uh.. well…" Arcade looks nervous and wrings his hands together, "I can't really /do/ that.." he starts to say. After all, Natasha and Clint are hip deep in trying to save Melinda. "But I can shut down the robots and they can save themselves?" he asks hopefully and helpfully towards Peggy. "Mister Chambers, shut down the zombie drones in sector 64." he says with an order.

And then Spider-Man speaks up, and Arcade frowns, "I am Arcade, the most expensive hit man in the world and worth every penny! Of course I captured several agents.. and uh.. sorry about Agent Wilhelm.." he offers, a cough escaping from him, "…we were just merely testing SHIELD's abilities on the orders of our contact, so you know.. accidents happen? Can't make an omeltte without breaking a few eggs? I should have made him a one up? It really was an accident."

Captain America is just watching the rear, making sure the remaining machines don't reactivate and come after them.

While Spider-Man quips and Steve makes sure their back is covered, Peggy advances on Arcade. The gun remains pointed at him, her eyes narrow. "Hired," she repeats. "Who? Who hired you? And why did they target SHIELD?" For a moment, her gaze flicks to the screens to ensure that what he's saying actually does happen. She wants to make sure that May and Natasha and Clint are able to escape as best they can. That will, hopefully, make up for the Agents they lost to him.

"Dunno his name, Russian accent, said he wanted to see how long I could keep SHIELD chasing their tails." Arcade comments, "Sent a leggy blonde with a cashier's check. It cleared, so I did my thing." he shrugs his shoulders. "I know my rights, I want my lawyer now." he says. And indeed, the zombie bots that Natasha and Clint are fighting, suddenly start to shut down as Arcade is true to his word.

Russian accent. That certainly has Peggy's attention. Though Russian relations have certainly gotten better in the years, most of her formative spying was done when Russia was an enemy. Leggy blonde with a cashier's check is not much to go on, but that is certainly something she can work with. "Yes, of course. I'm sure we will find you quite a good lawyer," she tells Arcade with a humorless smile. Stepping forward, she moves to cuff and then knock him out. He'll be spending some time in SHIELD detention before any of the other authorities get their hands on him.

"I already have one, thank you." Before he's cuffed, Arcade takes out a card and sets it on the table. It's for the law firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg and Holliway out of Manhattan. Peggy, if she's done her research, should know them well. They specialize in super-human cases, and were specifically responsible for bringing down the Baxter Building around the Richards' family.

Arcade will make bail in 48 hours. For shame.

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