2015-10-04 Judged by the Chooser of the Slain
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Players: Brunnhilde, Steve
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Title: Judged by Brunnhilde

[* Stark Tower: AV - Gym *]

Stepping into the gymnasium the first thing one would notice is the large sparring ring that has been set up in dead middle. Make-shift is probably the best way to describe it, maybe more of an arena, as there is a painted white circle to mark where it starts and ends along with a matt to cover flesh from durasteel. Some benches have been set up for those that like to watch a match more then compete.

Moving on there are training bags to work with on the port side of the room, while just next to it is where lots of the more 'high-tech' training equipment is located. With more technologically advanced pieces of equipment one would be able to work almost any muscle in the body. Around the whole edge of the room are two cleared spaces marking them as a track for two people to be able to do laps side by side.

With Asgardians raiding the Tower almost on the daily now, Steve has decided that he needs to take more time to train. Working against an LMD that has not set a design yet. Instead it is just acting with a generic sword as the Captain's shield is brought to bear in defense, Steve rolling over it to deliver a solid kick into the robot to send it tumbling backwards as he bounces back to his feet and lets out a breath. "Let's try that again.." he rumbles to himself.

Asgardian royal guard and head of the Valkyries, Brunnhilde had a certain measure of free travel that none of her fellow Asgardians had. Indeed she leaned up against the wall of the training room, watching Steve work with the LMD. She shook her head, her arms crossed in front of her and her sword hanging from its scabbard at her hip, "Your opponent fights like a child who just picked up a sword for the first time. You except to defeat someone in combat like that?"

There's a chuckle as Steve turns and notices Brunnhilde and settles his shield to his side. "I suppose it is quite difficult to program an LMD to react to combat conditions as someone of your skills would." the Captain offers as he announces, "Bedtime." The LMD's code is set off, and it shuts down, moving into a kneeling position as he lets out a breath. "So from which of the realms do you hail from?" he asks as he keeps his position relaxed.

Brunnhilde eyes the LMD as it's shut off, "That's more than a little disconcerting," she says as she pushes off of the wall and walks over towards him, "It takes a lifetime of experience, many in some cases." Leaning over a bit, she pokes at the LMD's head as she responds to him, "I'm not entirely sure, my people predate most of the realms. Valhallah is where I mostly make my home though, among the dead."

"So you're a ghost?" It's a curious question to ask as Steve considers the Valkyrie. "There's a young trainee that has abilities to animate the dead, I'd be curious as to if her powers would affect you." he admits as he watches her poke at the LMD curiously. "Yeah, the modern marvels are a little surprising to me too," admits the soldier out of time. "I suppose in my own way, there are times that I'm the dead one, wandering among the Avengers these days. There seems to have been a lot of attention paid to use from Asgard as of late. Any ideas as to why, or is it some big secret us Midgardians don't get to know about yet?"

"A ghost? An apparition? No, Steven Rogers, I am very much alive," Brunnhilde replies. She straightens up and looks over at him, "I am Valkyior, we take the valiant dead to the hall of the ancestors, an eternal paradise with their kind. One day you will take your place among them, perhaps." She gives him an enigmatic grin for a moment before shaking her head, "That I cannot tell you, nor can I get involved with my Lord Odin's plans one way or the other. That you will have to figure out on your own."

"I don't think I'm quite ready to make that trip to Valhalla yet, despite what my birth certificate says." Steve admits with a chuckle. "Nor is my wife. I believe we have quite a few good years left." There's a hint of mirth as he adjusts the shield on his arm to get it in a better position. "Battling all day and partying all night just isn't in the card, I perfer to unwind with a good record and some downtime at the end of the day." he admits, his own smile turning crooked. "Though I do want to have words with your Lord Odin about his taking those in the care of the Avengers to the other realms without consent. We're not simply game pieces to be moved and used as those that would be gods see fit." There is a just a touch of frustration in the Captain's voice.

"One day, not today, Steven," Brunnhilde says with a laugh as she pats the man on his shoulder. She gives a sober nod as he continues, resting her hand on the hilt of her blade, "The time will come soon enough when you will get a chance. Do not look forward to that day, I fear it won't end well for either. But that is just me. If you wish to avoid being taken, I would suggest you train harder. Particularly if you intend to go with just a shield."

Steve glances at his shield and he gives a coy smile. "It may not look like much, Valkyrie, but believe me, this shield and I can be quite surprising." There's a chuckle in his voice, not of over-confidence, just his own faith in his abilities. "We have been through a lot together, this trash-can lid and I, and I believe it would catch many off guard."

Brunnhilde pats the strap of her own shield that is slung over her back, "Of that I have no doubt. I have seen you in battle before Steven Rogers, you have the heart of a warrior and you always have." That old, is she? "Still, I would advise you to at least learn how to use a sword properly." She slips the toe of her boot under the LMD's sword and flips it up into the air between them.

The sword lands in the floor plating, sticking straight up into the air, as Steve makes no move to recover it as his shield is adjusted to a more ready position. "I used rifles and pistols in the war. I make it a point to try not to take a life unless there is no other choice. Plus, if I place a weapon in my other hand, I have less control for my own abilities. Perhaps you have seen me in combat, but I have faith in my own abilities, and if tested, I believe I would pass anything that you could throw at me." he says, his tone assured that he would at least try his best.

Brunnhilde shrugs as she slides her shield's strap off of it, drawing her sword with the other hand. "Your choice, though I would still advise it." Bringing the shield up and banging the rim with the flat of her blade, she calls out, "On your guard then, Steven, let's see how you do." Even before the sentence finishes though, she's charging at him swiftly, sword and shield held up and thrusting with the former.

With Brunnhilde charging in, Steve doesn't seem to be prepared, but the shield quickly moves, catching her sword to turn it aside. "Your advice is duly noted." the Captain offers, using the shield as his lead as he moves in fluid motion with it. He continues to turn so that the Valkyrie passes him sidelong, with his leg sweeping outwards, hoping to catch her off-guard and take advantage of her momentum and cause her to trip over his proferred leg.

He might have deflected her sword, but her shield is brought in to his undefended side as his was completing the parry, trying to strike him with it even as she stumbled and had to regain her footing from the trip. "Yes, you are fast, Steven, like Svadilfari, but you cannot risk getting hit. You are not as durable as those of Asgard."

"I don't know, I've been told I've been made of some pretty firm stuff.." Though there was a whompf of air as the shield catches along his side as he completes his turn to come around to face the woman again. That's when Steve's shield comes into play to show that it's not merely a defensive weapon as he flings it forward, sending it careening towards the Valkyrie with enough oomph behind it that it will deflect and rebound back to the Captain to catch and have readied.

"The reason I suggested a sword wasn't to take a life, Steven, it was to give you two weapons to block with." She grunts suddenly as she twists to the side and his shield bounces off of her own, knocking her back against the wall as it flies back to him. She pushes off of it again and growls, banging her sword against her shield again as she circles around, "You cannot win on the defensive, you must attack too."

"I.. think I just did attack?" Steve says with a slight chuckle. The shield is caught in his arm even as the Captain is once again on the move. With his free hand, he moves to grapple Brunnhilde's sword bearing wrist and disarm her, using his shield to crush against her and not give her the full motion of her body to swing at him. And they say he doesn't know how to dance. Keeping in close to her. "You treat your shield as it is only there to defend against attacks. Allow it to be an extension of yourself. Don't rely only on the pointy end of your blade, there may come a time when you do not have it." Now who's coaching who?

"It is not an attack unless you are bringing the fight to them. Countering will not win a battle." Asgard or not, she is such a Viking. Gritting her teeth as he grips her wrist and twists it to cause it to let go, she presses forward with her shield arm. Not enough room to hit him with it, but she can still press against him. Her boot comes forward and behind his leg as she tries to cause him to lose his footing even as he holds her like that. "Your shield is everything, attack, defense, life, death. Brave warriors used to say they would return with their shields or upon them. Which will you, Steven?"

As she sweeps his leg and Steve feels the shift of off-balance, his locks his shield against hers, falling backwards to pull her with him. Hitting the ground, he's alread into a roll to flip over and try to bring Brunnhilde's smaller frame with him in order to pin her to the floor and end up on top of her. "I perfer to survive the day with myself and my shield intact. I've had a lifetime of sacrifice and service, I will not be felled quite so easily." he points out.

Brunnhilde's hand slams into the ground next to his head as they come down and she holds them there for a moment, pressed above Steve and grinning down at him before letting him roll on top of her. She listens with him with a bemused look on her face before replying, "My, Steven. I should have known you liked to be on top. This is certainly an interesting position you've gotten yourself into."

Despite the fact that he's nearly a century old and has been through one of the worst wars in human histories, Brunnhilde's flirt causes Steven's cheeks to flush for a moment before he rolls to the left, using the shield as his own cover to prevent her from being able to use the sword to swipe at him as he twists to get back to his feet. "I'm sure that you are quite the catch in Valhalla, Valkyrie, but I have my best girl." he says, only slightly flustred as he moves to get himself back into his defensive position.

Brunnhilde can't help but grin at his innocent reaction and she pushes off the ground and climbs back to her feet. "Valhalla, Midgard, Asgard, I have my suitors on every world," she replied matter-of-factly. She brought her sword up over her head and pointed at him and her shield held in front of her defensively, "Use your other hand more. Grapple, hit, anything. Watch where you grapple though, your 'best girl' might not approve." Feminine wiles indeed.

"I'm sure she would not see ill-intent in defending myself as necessary." Steve responds with a small smirk. "And with all your suitors, you will find someone suitable to claim as yours." he points out, his shield held towards his front, placed somewhere between the direction of the sword and the shield. "You're broadcasting your attacks with the sword. Keep it in until you are on the verge of attack, so they don't know whether or not you're leading with sword or shield." he responds as he settles into position for her.

"Oh Steven, who said I was trying to claim you," she says with a smirk of her own before, with a sudden backhand, her shield is flung towards him almost as unerring as his own throws and she's leaping above him to stab downwards with her sword held in both hands, "Yes, I'm not trying to kill you."

"I didn't say anything about you trying to claim me." Though Steve recognizes the attempt to work on his nativity and innocence in all things feminine as he goes to a knee, using the shield to bring up. But instead of letting her come down and collide with him, he puts his weight beneath the shield and springboards up into her, his legs launching him towards her like a vibranium and adamantium rocket.

Brunnhilde flips around in the air and lands on her feet at the other end of the room, "Not bad," she says to him. "Promising." Sword in hand, she advances back towards him, "Though how will your fare when someone isn't holding back with you?" punctuating her question with her free hand grabbing at the edge of his shield and attempting to twist it out of the way while she brings her sword's edge towards his neck. She does plan on holding back, right?

For the record, Steve never asked the Asgardian to hold back. As she grabs the shield, he allows her to take it for the moment. He's not just a shield fighter after all. His free hand grabs her wrist to hold the sword at bay as his hand, now free from the shield, aims a sharp jab towards her sternum, just underneath her breastbone. He's a heavily trained fighter, but boxing has always been his favorite as he takes a few steps back to give her space, even as he's unarmed now. That shield is tantalizingly close, but he still doesn't draw it.

Despite the grunt as Steve's hand hits her right below her armored breast plate, knocking the air out of her, Brunnhilde grins. "There we go, Steven. That's what I wanted to see." She takes her sword and throws it to the side, causing it to embed itself in the room's wall. Cracking her neck as she steps towards him, she brings her hands up and gestures him to come closer. "Now we'll have some fun."

"Well, if this is your idea of fun, I'd hate to see what your idea of flirtation is." Steve manages to crack as she starts to move towards him. The Avenger leader is prepared as he steps in, his feet shifting to keep him balanced as he feints his right hand in a jab, but his left moves to throw another punch towards her side. He's not one to swing for the face in a friendly spar, after all. Unless you're Tony Stark. But that's not here or there.

Brunnhilde laughs, "I'm not sure many Midgardians can survive it," while stepping in. She sweeps a strong hand down to deflect his left while bringing a solid, open-handed strike of her palm right down the center of his chest. "You, however, have potential."

The strike slams into the center of the Captain's chest, thankfully he's made to take this type of abuse though it causes him a whiff of air as he steps backwards. His right arm moves so that he can use that hand to grapple against the woman and try to pull her into a throw as he chuckles, though it comes with just a breath of a wheeze. "I'll take it as the compliment it was intended to be, Valkyrie. Though I doubt that there is any flattery I could offer you that you have not heard before." Once he's resettled, his hands come up in a loose boxer's stance to await her move.

"Please, Steven, Brunnhilde or Hilde. Valkyrie sounds so stuffy. It's like me going around and calling you Midgardian all day long," Brunnhilde says with a chuckle even as he grapples her, stretching out her foot and pushing off the floor with it, coming through the throw on her feet and turning around to face him again, leading with a underhand feint down to his belly before her right comes in above it.

With Brunhilde moving to settle up and come on the attack, Steve prepares himself. "And only my mother called me Steven. Steve is fine." the Captain offers as he brings in his arms, using them as shielding she punches into them, testing his defenses, before he jabs towards shoulder, "Though it seems that we be coming close to an even match. Unless of course.. you're going to tell me you're holding back because you're soft for me." An old-fashioned term, but the spirit of the counter-taunt to her previous ones is there.

"Steve…" Brunnhilde tests as he hits her shoulder, though she seemed to shrug off the impact easily. "I think Steven is a nicer name, but very well, as you wish. With him that close, she wraps her arms around him and with inhuman strength lifts him from the ground with a grin, "Does it feel like I am 'soft' for you?" she asks before putting him back down hard.

Well, it's not every day that a man gets bear-hugged by an Asgardian. Steve is able to take the punishment pretty easily. He is a super-soldier after all. While not possessing the strength of an Asgardian, he apparently has the will. Rolling backwards once he hits the ground, he springs to his feet, ready to keep on going - that never say give spirit is strong. "No, I think you're attempting to challenge me - but you haven't answered the question as to why, yet." he points out. "Valhalla surely could use soldiers other than I, Hilde."

Brunnhilde seems finished with the fight though, already walking over to pull her sword out of the wall, leaving a rather impressive gash in it. Sheathing it, she strode back over to him and seized him by his front, drawing him close, "Heimdall isn't the only one who sees things, Steve. There will be a moment when things depend on you." Not that he got a chance to say anything, because her lips were suddenly upon his in an intense, powerful kiss.

Steve starts to ask, "Heimdall?" The confusion is there, after all, he's Catholic, all of this Asgardian stuff is still confusing to him, that is until he's suddenly grabbed into a kiss, and his eyes shoot wide. After the surprise wears off, the Captain manages to pull away and blinks in owlish confusion. "I.. don't know if you heard, but I am married." he manages, "Very happily so. And I don't think that's an applicable battle tactic in Valhalla. At least I'm not kissing a troll or anything." he manages, clearly confused.

Brunnhilde has a pleased look on her face as she picks her shield up from the ground and slings her cloak over her shoulders. "So what? It's just a harmless kiss, Steve, unless you make something more out of it." Giving a wave as she walks away, she heads out the door. Better to call her steed on the roof, less horse droppings in the tower.

With Brunnhilde leaving, Steve goes to recover his shield. A kiss is just a kiss? "Try telling that to Peggy." he murmurs to himself as he places his foot on the edge of his shield to flip it back up into his hands to tuck the armor back into his arm. He could probably not tell Peggy at all about this incident, but it's not what their relationship was built off of. He lets out a breath and grabs a towel to head to the shower and clean up before he heads home, mulling over the Valkyrie's mention that he will be needed to lead soon.

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