2015-10-06 Time Slows Down

Location: Central Park - Bethesda Fountain Plaza
Players: Rogue and Kiden

Anna-Marie was out and about tonight, having needed to go take care of some errands and now she was just wandering the park. It was a cool evening, around 6:00pm and Rogue had on her leather trench coat with a thin dark forest green tanktop on beneath it, tucked into some black jeans and dark brown leather boots on her feet. She was currently in the Bethesda Plaza area of the park, and was seated on the edge of the big fountain with a bottle of sweet tea in her right hand and her phone in her left… she was just thumbing at her phone as she looked at its screen and sipped at her drink.

Kiden existed in that world out of time that she traveled around in so often. After all why not? No pain, no needs, no people to bother her. Just the psychedelic kaleidoscope of color that the world became as she moved through it in that faster time-stream. Dressed in her warmest homeless outfit of a black hooded sweatshirt that hugged her slender frame as well as a pair of tan cargo pants and some old sneakers. Her blonde hair and bright blue eyes perhaps the most striking features in her otherwise low-key outfit. Though as she walked faster then the naked eye could perceive she found herself stopping. There trapped in time sitting upon a bench was one of the 'good guys'. Having stayed at a few shelters in mutant town it was hard not to recognize a face like Rogues from all the talk the 'heroes' of their community got and then in the blink of an eye to Rogue Kiden was suddenly standing there with a tilted head as she exited 'No-Time'. "Hey, got a few bucks?" She asked simply.

Rogue was in the process of lighting a cigarette that she'd placed between her lips when she suddenly heard the female voice ask her for… money? Rogue's on contrasting green ees looked back into the pale blue ones. She smiled at the girl. "Sorry, I don't really nevah carry cash on me anymore." She told the girl, then lifted up one of the extra cigarette's she had and offered that. "Maybe you can trade this to someone for some though. Lotsa folk around here, one'a them is probably dyin' for a smoke." She said to the girl with a little grin.

Rogue put her hands into her leather jacket side pockets and she grinned over at Kiden. "Well, thats somethin' we shall have to remedy." She told the girl in regards to having not eaten, let alone had pizza in awhile. Rogue nodded head toward the girl and took her firstly to one of the vendors that was here beside the Betheseda plaza. She bought the girl whatever kind of drink she wanted and then started on the way toward finding a nearby pizza joint. "I'm still learnin' quite a bit about the city, but there's tons'a good places around… I'll just have'ta… maybe ask someone." Being the attractive lady that she was, Anna-Marie never shyed away from askin' a guy for directions to see him stammer out the answer or attempt some foolish come-on.

Kiden reached out taking the cig and shrugged her shoulders. Sliding a back pack off and sitting next to her on the bench as she stashed it away in one of the pockets. "People talk about you, ya know. Say you're something special…" She said in a rather off-handed fashion as if some part of her didn't or couldn't look at Rogue before a eye drifted towards her only to go back towards the pack now resting in her own lap as she hugged it slightly.

Marie had looked away from the girl when she'd taken the cig from her and just went about looking over at the fountain and its bubbling water falling down out of the ornate design of its structure… When Kiden's words were heard, however, Rogue groaned and looked back at her. "Oh god." She said at first. "You're not with… like… 'them' are you?" She asked the girl then shook her head, her multi-colored hair blowing about lightly on her shoulders in the evening breezes and cigarette smoke escaping through her small nose after she plucked the cigarette from her darkly painted lips. "There ain't nothin' special about me, I'm just a girl with skunkhair… thats all." She said, smirking at Kiden then.

Kiden kept holding her back as she shrugged again. "Whose 'them'?" She asked as those eyes looked over towards Rogue again with a somewhat furrowed brow as if whatever thoughts in her mind were almost envious, mad ,angry? It was hard to tell what was going through the young girls head but whatever it was it was likely confusing even to her. "I've just been to a few shelters in Mutant Town and saw pictures of you and stuff. Though the 'Homo-Superior' guys say you're full of shit." She said with a little smirk herself as she thought back to it.

Rogue took a sip from her tea and then looked back to the girl with the backpack and eyed her a little more closely. "Full of shit." She repeated and then grinned and looked away to a guy who was playing a guitar over by the concrete stiarcases. Rogue took another drag on her cigarette and then nodded her head a couple times. "I'm definitely full'a shit." She pointed at Kiden with her (ungloved) left hand that was holding her cigarette. "Whoever said that, they've got all the inside intel… make sure to listen to them." She said with another grin and a little shake of her head as she seemed very amused by these words.

Kiden looked at her again and then away. "Not sure you wanna take their advice on everything.. They're the same guys calling 'normies' 'Flat-Scans' and trying to get people with a lick of 'juice' to their mutation to fuck up cops and blue bloods to send a message or whatever. You know the whole 'Homo-Superior will inherit the earth' kinda deal." She looks back to Rogue. "Its kinda why I don't tell anyone about my mutation at the shelters.. I just lie and say I can change my eye color or something and carry around some contacts.."

Rogue had spent time in homeless shelters as well. None of them here on the east coast, mostly just all off to the west and northwest… but she figures this girl musta ran into some people she knew. "So you got contacts with members of that pesky Brotherhood, I guess?" She asked then, taking another drag on her cigarette before she lowered it and blew the smoke out toward the fountain's center away from Kiden so as to not be too rude. Rogue's green eyes went back to the girl. "You look young still. Still with'em or did ya get away from that political bullshit?"

Kiden shook her head. "I was never /with/ anyone. They were just always around, you know what its like. The shelter kicks you out after a few days and you're facing down the possibility of running into a hate mob if you're one of the obvious muties. Plenty of people end up joining them, going underground, they might not hate normal people but they wanna be safe from the.. Fears a big deal on both sides of the fence and I've seen people turned down for jobs or worse just for having no other power then cat ears. Its fucking dumb.." She looked back to Rogue. "So no I'm not part of it but I get it."

Rogue listened to the young girl and grinned at what she had to say. After she took another take on her cigarette she put the thing out and flicked it forward… it tumbled end over end and landed perfectly into a public waste pot for cigarettes. Rogue then offered Kiden the whole pack of cigarettes. "Here, take them all. More likely to get some cash for'em then." She said at the girl and nodded once, continuing then in her husky southern-toned words. "I see stuff like that go down here and there from time to time in the city, but most keep their abilities pretty quiet and thats probably for the best for now… So, you from this area or did you migrate into Manhattan?" She asked Kiden then.

Kiden took the pack and stuffed it away in her back pack as she nodded. "Yea I was born here, dad was a cop.. But he died when I was like ten and then my powers developed a few years ago. I couldn't control mine, almost got a teacher killed because of what I did. I couldn't stay around anymore I was too dangerous so I left and been on my own for a year now. I used to have a couple friends but I guess we all ended up going our different directions." Maybe it was Rogues Charity that made what happened next go down but Kiden leaned up against her as the world to Rogue exploded in color. The bright lights of the city becoming warped and stretched. It was a beautiful sight as the sounds of the city seemed to fade, traffic stood in place. It was like they were in another world so peaceful and relaxing. All hunger, pain, and need in general gone from her as Kiden shared her power with her for a short while.

By the time the girl leaned in and touched up against her Rogue had already looked away toward some pedestrians walking around the plaza area. When the world shifted into… whatever it was now… Rogue's expression went deadpan and emotionless. She shifted her attention to her side again toward the girl touching her. "What the hell is this?" She asked Kiden then in a stern tone to her sultry voice. "Ya can't just go around flashin' your powers at folk!" She told her.

Kiden looked towards Rogue as everyone else seemed frozen in place. "Oh yea, sorry about that. I guess I kinda leaned up against you when I slipped into it. I just like to take a moment every so often and come here.. Its well, its probably the only safe place in the world really. Here a few seconds can seem like forever, and by safe I mean to me.. Uhh don't jostle or move around too much you could collapse the bench or worse." She said with a sheepish half smile as she looked to Rogue. "Besides its safer to talk about mutant stuff in here.. No one can overhear." The more Rogue looked about the more obvious it was. It looks like time had slowed to a crawl around them.

"This is like…" Rogue started then after Kiden spoke of it. "Being on some kinda hard drug…" She glanced back over at the young mutant beside her. "Not that I've done anythin' like that, just… ya know, hear stuff." She smirked then and tried not to really move or do anything strange. "Still though… ya gotta learn to control your, gifts, otherwise you're gonna get yourself int'a trouble. Maybe not with me, but with others for sure… folk get all kinds of unruly if ya tread on them with your mutant side. Speak from experience, trust me."

Kiden leaned forward against off of Rogue as the world seemed to speed up back to normal to her again and in the blink of an eye Kiden was standing in front of her instead without having shown any sign of moving. "I know.. It's an accident sometimes. Its strange when I feel stress, or remember things I just kinda slip into it. It's pretty much happened anytime someones ever tried to fuck with me.. I can't really /not/ do it sometimes." She hefted that pack onto her shoulder one hand holding the strap as the other rested in the pocket on the front of the young teens sweater. She then cracked a bit of a smile. "But yea, its a trip huh?"

"Ta say the least." Rogue said back at her with a little grin when they emerged back into whatever qualified as normal speed reality. The southern belle glanced toward the Bethesda fountain to her right and then back to the girl who was now in front of her. "Hey, if you're a mutant lookin' for help… I can always try to make it happen. Ya know, I got some pretty swank connections. I hate seein' ya stuck livin' on the streets'n such. I mean, if yer lookin' for help of course." She told her then.

Kiden looked at her with a slightly furrowed brow. "What kinda help? I…" She followed Rogues gaze back towards the fountain and then to her again. "I'm Dangerous… The first time It happened I thought it would make my life easier, but ever since I changed its only made things worse for me and everyone I know. Things kinda escalated out of control and.." She heaved a sigh. "You know I promised myself I'd stop running, so what did you have in mind?" She said and then steeled herself slightly standing up straight wiping her eyes on her sleeve for whatever reason and offering a wavering smile.

Rogue flashed the girl a small smile and a little nod. "I'm friends with Tony Stark… Have ya heard of the mutant-friendly school he opened up here in Manhattan?" She asked the girl. "Its just set out on its first semester… you're what, college aged?" She inquired but didn't wait for the answer. "Ya can bunk up in the dorm room and get your school-on… don't gotta worry about payin' for it neither as the school is designed to help mutants like yourself not feel like they gotta hiade and be treated like shit. Just gotta keep your grades up and focus on betterin' your life. We also teach classes in controllin' your powers… I bet we could help ya figure out how to be more comfortable with them too."

Kiden looked down at the ground. "Ya ever felt like part of the reason you're in a situation is because you deserve it?" She looked back to Rogue. "I'm done beating myself up over it. I'll do the school but only if you'll be my contact while I'm in there. If you're inviting me in I want you. "She said as if she was scared of being pawned off onto someone else. "But yea I'm eighteen." She said with a nod to confirm Anna's suspicions of her age as she hefted up her pack again. "Are you sure its okay though, I can.. I mean, I am /dangerous/."

Rogue flashed the girl a grin and a nod. "I'm the Director of Student Activity, so you wouldn't get shunted off to some place where ya wouldn't be able to come and see me with anythin' ya needed. I'd always be there, like I am for all the students." She then paused a moment and asked further. "Did ya get your highschool diploma? Cause ya can always test through that if ya need to, or take some classes to get it outta the way. And… we're all dangerous, to some degree, but its our choice to contain those potentials and focus on doing the opposite of that. Helpin' others." She said to Kiden and then extended her right hand to her. "I'm Anna-Marie, by the way. Some folks call me Rogue though."

Kiden looked at the hand and then took it in her own. "Kiden, yea I was in my senior year when I kinda left..School.." She said with a bashful smile and scratched the back of her head. "It'd be weird having a place again, living indoors, not traveling. As stupid as it sounds I'm almost more scared of that then staying out here." She stood there for a moment before leaning in and suddenly embracing Rogue. She didn't say anything, just holding her a moment as if she desperately needed to. Then finally she managed to talk again. "Why am I so fucked up?"

Rogue wasn't wearing any gloves when they did the handshake, but it was safe to touch her.. not that Kiden might have any knowledge of that or not. When the girl came in for a sudden hug the Southern Belle just stiffened up some and then laughed. "Hey, don't fret on stuff like that. It don't serve a bit'a purpose." She told the girl. "Let me make some calls and I can maybe get ya setup with a room tonight infact, so ya don't gotta slum around out here on the streets. Cause there be far worse weirdo's out here than you, Kiden."

Kiden let go of her and looked at Rogue as if she was confused. "I don't get you Anna, why are you.. I just asked you for some cash and now you're offering me a home. Are you sure you're real?" She asked hands on Rogues shoulder as she stared her down through a fringe of blonde hair.

This got a laugh out of the southern girl. "I'm real." She told Kiden with a pair of nods. "And I'm not 'full of shit' as it turns out afterall." She added with a little grin and then her shoulders inside of her brown leather trenchcoat with the black 'X' marks on the shoulders were shrugged. "Lets just say… I learned generosity from one of the best sources on this planet." She lifted up from her spot on the bench near the fountain and she pulled her phone out of her pocket. "Let me make those calls real quick, we can maybe go grab a bite to eat and then I'll show ya to the dorms, let ya get settled in." She smiled to Kiden. "Ya don't gotta worry about nothin', just be a good person and good stuff'll come to ya."

Kiden gained a bashful expression at that. "Eh heh, do they teach classes in 'good person' too? Cause I've got selfish down pretty good I think but 'good' makes me feel like a guilty sandwich covered in regret sauce." She said with a little gulp. Looking towards the fountain again. "But Anna, its good this exists. Too many people these days are willing to join the extremist, you and your group should visit the shelters! Make offers to some of the other kids before they turn to the brotherhood to keep them safe. They don't deserve to be weapons any more than I do."

Rogue stood there with her phone in her hands and was messing around on it while Kiden spoke. "Thats the plan… but Capacity is an issue. We can't open the 'flood gates' on an oasis… so to speak." She told the girl as she lifted her phone up and tucked it in behind her white and brown hair to press it to her right ear. "Its a delicate situation that takes a lotta time to fine tun—" She cut herself off then as she entered into a phone conversation with someone that lasted for a few minutes, she walked around in a circle with her leather coat wafting out behind her legs as she walked and after a bit she hung the phone up and dropped it into her longcoat's side pocket. "Ya ever wanted to live in a New York Skyscraper in the dead center'a Midtown Manhattan?" She asked the girl with a grin. "Come on, lets go grab some pizza or somethin'."

Kiden blinked looking even more confused. "What? I thought it was like a bunkhouse or something." She said moving to walk with Rogue as she hefted up her back pack holding it on one shoulder. "Oh man Pizza sounds great, I haven't eaten in a few days now I think.. Time gets a little weird when you mess with it so much." she said with a little laugh and a shake of a head. "What the heck is going on… None of this makes sense but I don't really care, I guess I'll just roll with it huh?" She said looking up towards Rogue with blue eyes alight with wonder.

Rogue put her hands into her leather jacket side pockets and she grinned over at Kiden. "Well, thats somethin' we shall have to remedy." She told the girl in regards to having not eaten, let alone had pizza in awhile. Rogue nodded head toward the girl and took her firstly to one of the vendors that was here beside the Betheseda plaza. She bought the girl whatever kind of drink she wanted and then started on the way toward finding a nearby pizza joint. "I'm still learnin' quite a bit about the city, but there's tons'a good places around… I'll just have'ta… maybe ask someone." Being the attractive lady that she was, Anna-Marie never shyed away from askin' a guy for directions to see him stammer out the answer or attempt some foolish come-on.

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