2015-10-06 Unexpected Visitors
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Gambit, Kitty
GMed by Social
Title: Unexpected Visitors

While most of the kids are in class and away, Remy LeBeau is neither teacher nor student. So why does he come to the school? That's easy - well, when Rogue was here, it was easy. Now? It's a bit more complicated. Making his way along the trail, he seems to be on a casual stroll through the woods. Hey, it's like home - except drier.

Kitty used to be a student here, now she's involved with teaching the kids computer science and coding. It's elective, so she gets a few free periods every now and again. Tuesday is one of those days and she's decided to head toward the lake and take a moment to just be by herself. That was, of course, before she heard someone moving through the woods. Frowning, she phases through a tree and some of the brush to figure out who it is approaching. She peeks around the trunk to get a better look.

There's a faint glow of purple as Remy feels the presence more than anything, and he has a playing card up, charged and ready to throw. "La petite meow-meow." he says to the girl, disarming the card. "Ya ain't supposed to be here. Got class or somethin' to be teachin'?" he asks as he kneels down next to one of the carved out benches and rubs his fingers along the bark, a frown coming to his face. "Dis no good."

As Remy calls her out, Kitty frowns and phases back through the tree, arms crossed in front of her. She makes no noise amongst the falling leaves, as she's moving through them, not amongst them. "Same could be said about you," she says. "Well, that you're not supposed to be here. Not that you're supposed to be teaching." She pauses then adds, "How'd you know I was there? Thought I was quick." Slowly, she approaches, curiously looking at the bench he's studying. "What's not good?"

"You wear too much perfume." Remy offers off-hand, which may be a lie - it could be laundry detergent, fabric softner - or the well-trained reflexes of a thief. "Someone been here. Not student or teacher." Taking her hand, is she allows, he'll guide her to feel three small cuts made in the bark that all aim left and up. "Hobo mark." Which it is, but it also serves theives well, "Means something nearby, also not safe." Rising to his feet, he dusts his knees off, but keeps his card out. "Ya should return to school. Where it be safe. I can deal with dis."

"I don't wear perfume!" Kitty huffs at his explanation, her expression turning wry at his statement. "You mean other than you?" When he takes her hand to show her the carvings on the side of the bark, she frowns and lets the pads of her fingers feel out the etchings. "You mean other than the school? I can imagine random people thinking Xavier's isn't safe." As he rises to her feet, she merely shakes her head. "If whatever it is could hurt the school, I'm not leaving." Of course, she's not much of a fighter, but she'll help as best she can.

"Don't say I didn't warn ya." Remy says as he rises to his feet. He purposefully didn't lead her fingers to the other markings on the trunk, the ones of two triangles, inverted into each other. Theives nearby. "La petit like you? Not lookin' to attract de boys, or too worried dat a student get a crush, non?" he teases her, purposefully working to keep the young woman off-guard as he makes his way off the path into the treeline, his steps cautious but sure of themselves. As if he's walked this way before.

Kitty snorts at the suggestion, blushing just slightly. "I don't need perfume to attract boys. And I'm not really interested in that." As she didn't know what the first markings were, it's unlikely that even if Remy showed her the triangles, she wouldn't know what they meant without his explanation. Her adrenaline is up at the thought that danger may be nearby. She follows after the Cajun with her phased feet as to not make any more noise or trip over anything random on the path.

Arriving at the lakeside, there's a series of caves. Charles has done well to make sure that the students know that they are marked off-limits on most maps if they're marked at all. Marbled and deep, he enters one of the caves, walking by a golden calcite formation and giving the top of it a gentle twist. The rock at the top is loose, and when the motion is made, it sets the rock off-center, not enough to be casually noticed, but if one is looking for it - or trained in what to look for, it stands out. His card flares to life, providing light to the area as he continues to descend into the cave, the purplish glow of his card a stark contrast to the gold of the calcite formations.

As Kitty follows Remy toward the caves by the lake. However, as he makes a simple twist of the calcite formation, she starts to slow. "How'd you know to do that?" she asks him. Though she continues to follow him, she's a bit more wary about whatever it is they're walking into. Her eyes start to adjust to the purplish glow of one of his cards and she curiously looks one way and then the other to take in their surroundings.

"Dat be my secret, la petit." Gambit responds as he comes into an opening. A pair of arrows flash out suddenly, one aimed at him, the other towards Kitty. "Phase, cat!" he yells as he dives out of the way, flinging his card skywards into the cave and causing a small explosion. He dare not charge the card fully and risk a cave-in.

Phasing when there's trouble is basically second nature to Kitty. Though she's still young, she's been a member of the X-Men since she was a student and there's a reason for that. As the rocks come tumbling downward, they pass right through her. In all the dust and pick up, it looks like she could have been crushed to death beneath them. However, Remy - knowing her ability - should know better. In the aftermath and through the dust she quickly makes her way back to the thief's side.

"Ya alright, la petit? Told ya gonna be dangerous…" Remy starts to chide, even as she starts to ghost her way out. However, from the rubble comes a gentle moan and then a steady stream of cursing in French, Acadian, and some unknown tongue that is shared only between a few. Remy's eyes widen suddenly. "'enri! Dat you, cousin?"

"It be me! Ya tryin' to kill me, ya couillon!" the voice yells back towards Remy.

"Non, ain't supposed to be 'ere!" he yells and looks to the teenaged X-Man. "Can ya go in and pull 'im out, or he might be too heavy fer ya. Too many King cake in de belly." There's a smirk as Remy pats his own stomach. "Don't worry, he tough man, be able to handly out what ya dish."

"I'm fine," she assures him, softly. At the call out, Kitty frowns and looks first to Gambit and then into the dark where the voice is coming from. "Cousin?" she frowns. "You know the guy who just tried to kill us?" She's hesitant and gives Remy a bit of a frown, but she moves back toward the pile of rocks and then in a little bit, she's dragging Henri out of the rubble back toward them. While she's young, she can handle him. "So, does someone want to explain what's going on?" She looks at Remy. "You said he was going to be dangerous."

"Day just full of surprises, la petit meow-nee." Remy responds as he makes his way to Henri's side and kneels down. "What are ya doin' 'ere? How ya find me?" The Cajun X-Man is not happy at seeing his cousin, even if he gives the injured man a hug.

"You have to come 'ome, Remy." Henri responds. "The Assassins, dey have a new leader. Made a big push, overrun the hall. Took our treasure from us. She have de Eye of Laveau, Remy. Only ya can get it back. She says it has to be you."

"Who, cousin?" Remy asks, his expression darkening. "Who say dat."

"Your wife, Remy. Bella Donna. Says that the Eye is 'ers cause she's your wife. Says only you comin' back get it returned."

"Tuat t'en grosse bueche." Remy snaps suddenly and glances towards Kitty. "Rock hit 'im in head too hard, all delirious and merde." Remy starts to respond, his expression paling however as Henri just continues.

"She know you up 'ere, knows yer in Guild. She said you don't come to 'er, she come to you after finishin' off de family, includin' your parents. Remy, she gave me this to give to you." With that, he slips a men's wedding band into Remy's hand. Remy slips it into his pocket after frowning at it. "Voila merde." the thief murmurs as he pushes himself to his feet and moves to slip his arm under Henri's shoulder to get him to his feet. "Ya techno-wizard or somethin, la petit? Ya got phone to call the local ambulance, get my cousin to the hospital?"

Despite all the dust and dirt kicked up from the falling rocks, Kitty doesn't look at all dirty. Probably has something to do with the fact that she's phasing through everything and not brushing up against anything that'd change that. Despite the fact that she just helped rescue Henri, she's a bit startled that he's saying all these things in front of her.

"Yeah, he seems really delirious. More like it knocked some truth outta him," she retorts, studying Remy. "So, let me get this straight. You're married to someone who has taken a family artifact and she wants you to come back. Oh, and the organization that she's in charge of kills people. I mean, you don't get your name of 'The Assassins' by helping elderly ladies across the street or anything."

Curiously, she watches the trail of the wedding band and then frowns, pulling out her cellphone. "You don't need to be a techno-wizard to dial 911, Remy," she tells him with a sigh. "I'm not going to get a signal down here, we'll have to go up to." This time their way forward is guided by the artificial light of a cellphone screen, since Remy is busy helping his cousin.

A teenage girl with the abilities of all teenage girls to blog, take selfies and otherwise act like a teenager just got some major dirt on one of the most secretive of the X-Men. The time for information dispersment can be measured in clicks, not hours. She's probably messaging Marie even as they talk. With her cellphone out, there's a flash of purple and a lightly charged playing card hits the phone. Not enough to hurt Kitty, but enough perhaps to scare her - and fry the phone. He just needed it out so he could target it.

"And ya not gonna say a word 'bout it to anyone, la petit." Remy adds with a quick frown. "Dis ain't business for de others, dis is personal business." he says as he helps his cousin upright and the two of them start for the entrance of the cave. The Cajun pulls back on his sunglasses as they make their way back up to the entrance of the cave. "In return, I tell you de whole story, and maybe den you understand." he explains. He'll probably have to invite company for that little talk.

"Hey!" Kitty starts and quickly drops the charred phone to the ground, the light in an instant changing from electrical white and blue to the glowing purple of Gambit's ability. There's a moment of complete and utter surprise, she wasn't expecting that at all. Her hands still hold the form of having a phone in them for a second before it registers that Remy just fried her phone. Her shock turns annoyance and she whirls on Gambit. "That was expensive!" she tells him almost shrilly. "And I had some pictures on there that I didn't have on my laptop!"

Wagging a finger at Remy, she's a bit too young to properly look stern, but she's trying. "You could have to just asked me not to tell anyone! I can keep a secret. I'm an adult." Of course, she can't drink just yet - but that's only about three months away. As her anger at her fancy phone getting destroyed for trying to help someone starts to dissipate, she lets the finger fall. Instead, she crosses her arms and turns back around to make toward the entrance of the cave. "Fine. But, you owe me a new phone, you know." With a sigh, she adds, "And I take it that you don't need an ambulance for your cousin then?"

"He have a hard head, take a beatin' but good." Remy assures Kitty as he ruffles her hair as the two of them walk by. "Just making sure ya know dat dis is as dangerous as I said it be, la petit meow-meow." the Cajun offers as he comes out of the cave, keeping the current thief Guildmaster tucked over his shoulder like a sack of potatos as he's passed out from that lump on his head. "I'll tell ya when we get back to the Mansion and I have a bit more of an area to feel comfortable in."

As her hair is ruffled, Kitty huffs a bit and pulls away, quickly smoothing down her brown hair. Today it's not in its customary ponytail, so it's a bit easier to mess up. "You already told me it was dangerous. I've dealt with dangerous stuff before, you know. And in none of those times did my phone get exploded." Though, it's possible it's because she didn't have her phone on her, but that's beside the point. "We should bring him to the Medical Bay, someone'll be able to make sure he doesn't have a concussion. Leaving him out here'll most likely just get him rained on and give him pneumonia." With a frown, she nods in agreement as to when she'll hear more of the story. "Alright."

"No." Remy is quick to say. "I have a place I can put him and a doc to look after him." Of course he does. It's just how Remy is. He offers Kitty a sharp and quick smile. "Like I said, not somethin' I need the others all up and worried about, though I suppose ya gonna try to make me tell dem anyway, Jimminy Cricket." he says towards the little brunette phaser.

At the thought, Kitty finally spares Remy a bit of a smile and a shrug. She was just thinking that they should tell the others. "It's easier to get through something like this with some help. Sounds like you could use some," Making her voice a bit higher pitched she raises a finger and quotes said cricket, "Let your conscience be your guide!"

"Yeah, and ya know what that got 'im? Turned into a jackass and eaten by a fish." Remy retorts with a chuckle as the two of them start to make their way back to the Mansion.

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