2015-10-08 Museum Mayham
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Players: Loki, Captain America, Wasp, The Punisher, Ojin, Odin (Npcing Ferki and Geri)
GMed by Loki
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Filled with countless exhibits on a broad variety of subjects, the American Museum of Natural History is among the largest and most comprehensive the world has to offer. Dinosaurs, environmental science, planetary studies, human culture, mammals, and more are all covered here. Additionally, the Rose Center for Earth and Space continues the look to the stars with the magnificent Hayden Sphere, including a planetarium of the same name. Nearer to the Central Park West entrance can be found a singular memorial to Theodore Roosevelt, who in life was a passionate conservationist, matching with the values of this museum.

It's a typical evening at the Museum, which is open late due to having a Dinosaur Pajama Party for the kids. The parents wander around a bit while the children sit in a semi circle with their little hooded blankets around their shoulders, the hoods designed to look like a dinosaur head with spikes going down the back. It was a gift from the Museum, part of a rather generous gift basket of goodies. A woman is talking about a particular species of dinosaur, a chart with a projected image on the screen as her aid. There are happy giggles and claps from the dinosaur area, and tired muttterings from the cafe where the parents try to stay awake by consuming endless cups of coffee provided for them. The cookies are extra, though, of course.

With the children is a youngster that does not belong to any parent or guardian in the museum. He watches the woman with rapt fascination, learning something about the world around him he did not know before. But something begins nagging at him, something in the back of his head like an itch he can't scratch. After a few minutes he gets up and invises himself so he doesn't get yelled at for leaving the group and pads off toward a collection of artifacts just uncovered from the bottom of some ocean. As he grows near, one of them pulses with a dull red glow that becomes brighter and brighter until it releases a blinding flash, knocking him on his can, shielding his eyes. When he blinks the stars away, before him is an oozy looking oval shaped portal, the inside slowly rotating as it shows a desolate wasteland.

But that wasteland is not empty. Loki's shapeshift spell is dispelled and he becomes the teen form he was in before, and creatures that look almost too ridiculous to actually exist begin pouring out of the portal and begin spreading out.

As it turns out, there was more then one person hiding in plain sight. Ojin had heard about this gathering and was intrigued to learn more. After all, why visit a planet if your not going to learn about it. He was a rather large bearded man in the back listening to the lesson on the dinosaur. His eyes closed as he was content to just be there, occasionly eating a chocolate chip cookie (of which he had plenty at the moment). As it stands he was near the entrench to the oceane exhibit and ends up looking over when the blinding flash catches his attention. He looks into the room and blinks at the unsual creatures comming from a portal "Ohhhhhhh boy"

In a separate, closed off section of the museum is a particular thief, honing her well practiced craft. The white haired woman is hanging from the ceiling of the ancient mummy's exhibit and is wearing her skin tight leather costume with the eyeframes doing a fantastic job of keeping her identity secret as she presses herself tightly to the ceiling as she watches a guard walk through the room several feet below her. The young children's night has not gone unnoticed, in fact that's why she's here tonight, The Black Cat tends to plan her heists very well. However she is not aware of Loki's presence just a room and a hall away.
The howls in the night start, first one from the back of the Museum, and then another from inside. Inside one of the space probe exibits paw out a giant wolf. Some may of seen wolves before but this one is giant possibly standing over seven feet tall if its hindlegs, and weighing several hundred pounds the poor exibit piece goans as the wolf leaves, and snifs the ground looking for its target. Its twin is slowly circling outside to make sure that if he leaves this place they can be on him again in a heartbeat not wanting to lose him again after they had worked so hard to track him down. The howls between them a way to communicate that others could not understand long distance.
A growl comes from the wolf inside he called himself Ferki, and he smelled something different.. something not of this place and it worried him as he gives another long howl to the wolf outside. Moving again stalking in the shadows he moves towards the humans that he smelled before, hoping to give time to Geri to enter the building and meet up so they can move in their small pack. The humans smelled worried perhaps from the howls.. well most of them, which was wierd but as his Amber eyes peered in from the shadows at them he did not see what Loki was up to in the other room yet. He knew that Geri would be with him soon so he waited quietly peering in well hidden despite his size as he crounched down in a poster that could either be about to pounce, or flee.. Though there was no fear from these beings so fleeing was far from its mind.

The event was being filmed for some local station with Janet there to preside over it. She hadn't done the whole tv host thing in awhile, but she'd been feeling a little like she wasn't doing enough lately and decided to offer to do so for a local station. She hadn't expected to be sent to such boring events though. She'd learned most of this stuff in school years ago and it had been boring even then.
One of the cameramen noticed something strange first, and Janet sighed. It seemed that if a hero of any sort was anywhere, something was going to happen. She should have known the break she'd been having these last few months wouldn't last much longer when she got back to the city. She started unbuttoning her pantsuit, sighing as she did so. Nothing like a night of action and fun.

A quiet night, a calm night, the perfect time to drop off a little present for the museum. A long figure dressed head to toe in black, leather jacket, cargo pants, and that bright white skull on his shirt, shining out with the reflections of the lights from inside. In his hands a small box, containing about ten thousand in unmarked bills.

It wasn't much compared to what had gone missing but the least he could do was return it back to the rightful owners after dealing with one of the thieves who had robbed the place just a few months back. Yet as he goes to sit down the box he hears that sound, that howling from within, and it's enough to make him stop on the spot, and draw one of his UZI's.

Eventually, there is cell phone video and calls to 911 from the museum to request help. Some of the first calls are forwarded to animal control - because you know, dogs outside the museum? Nothing new there. However, as there is reports of Asgardians in the area, a second call goes out - and it helps that Janet's on-scene to report to the others. On monitor duty for the evening, Steve is the one that recieved the call.

It's a short-flight on the Quinjet and arriving on-location, Captain America comes down the ramp, and enters into the museum through the roof access to start to make his way downstairs.

To anyone watching, it would appear that Loki has lost his mind, the creatures flooding through the portal by the hundreds, each about two feet tall, red and with lots of sharp teeth (they look slightly like the mousers on TMNT). Loki's magic has gone crazy and he begins firing off blasts intended to be aimed at the creatures but instead crushing support beams or blasting expensive exhibits. Has the young Asgardian finally gone to the bad side? Did HE open this portal to the hellish dimension?

As some heroes arrive on the scene, the air is filled with the high pitched screams of children as they try to find a safe place to hide from the terrible toothed demons. Just as Frank comes in, one of them leaps up to try and latch onto his forearm, the same with Cap but biting at his ankles. They are literal anklebiters. Heh.

"Wow. Well, you don't see that everyday" Ojin says, but he was already on the move. The man begins ushering the children away from the room, towards where their parents room "Come on kids, keep moving!" he says his bellowing voice clear as other staff member begins to do the same. Though as a tiny demon comes close, he turns and punts it right back into the portal from which it came! Not that it helped considering there were alot more comming.

«Wasp, it's Cap.» Steve radios as soon as he enters the second floor of the area. «Where are you and can you give a sitrep— one second, about to be busy..» he cuts off his transmission as the first demons arrive. As they latch to the hardened leather of his boots, the star-spangled Avenger slams his shield down into the first one before he breaks away from the swarming attack. Running to the edge of a platfrom, the Captain leaps off the side and lands on the wingspan of a large Pterodactyl hanging from the cieling. It gives him a better aerial view of the situation down below so he can take in a more tactical view.

As he sees the children getting ushered out, he gives a quick nod of approval as he sees the vigilante with the children and frowns. "Do not use weapons until the children are clear!" He'll deal with Frank later, for now, there's bigger issues. Then he sees Loki. And he feels a chill. «/Loki/.» He tries to raise the Avenger probationary member on the radio. «What is going on here?»

There is no response from Loki's radio, as he is busy trying to destroy the creatures but instead is destroying the museum.
The large Worg that was coming in saw the man with the metal item in his hand. Geri wasn't sure if he was there to hurt or help as he smelled blood on the man old blood but the faint whisp of it was still there. Then seeing the little beast it moves into action leaping from behind him, but other then attack the man it rips the little demon looking thing off his arm and shakes it in his mouth for just a moment before throwing it to the side down the hallway from wince it came. Then it spoke in a deep growly voice.. "Be calm human… we are not here for you." Turning its eyes to where it came from.. "I smell many more.. I hope you can defend yourself.. Lead to the room it is where my prey is waiting." by pointing his nose he points to the room in the back where he had seen Loki's trail led, and the magic in the air that was heavy with sulfer.
Freki on the other hand, was being a bit more reserved.. He struck out from the shadows at any demon getting close to the kids, only to jump back into the shadows and repeat. He was a blur of motion and fur only looking vicious in the moments before he struck when the claws and teeth came out. He was not in any mood to be blamed by all father for letting harm come on innocint people under his watch, and only hoped his brother was doing better.
Suit having dropped to the ground and her own costume now all she has on, Wasp was able to hear Steve ccoming through her headset just as she slipped it on from her purse. «I… I don't really know what is happening. One of the kids, which I now assume was actually Loki, walked towards an exhibit and suddenly everything went sour. I'm going to engage one of the things and see if my sting accomplishes anything.». Without waiting, she dimishes in size and zips through the fleeing children.
One, two, three she fires little blasts at the creatures but only seems to irritate them until a swarm of them begin to come at her. She flies up and hovers above the chaos, shivering slightly. One of them had gotten a little too close, and it was hideous… «I'm not sure I can be much use as far as medium-range goes, Cap. Should I try close combat? *SQUELCH*» The closeness of the two radios slightly affected them, the overlap causing interference.

With a demon thing latched onto his arm Frank does the only reasonable thing as it tries to dig through the arm of his leather jacket. Begins to smash it against the nearest wall a few times. His own attention more on his surroundings as he takes mental notes before lazzing the creatures head with a burst of 45acp into the suckers head.

The Black Cat moves a clawed hand to her ear and presses the device deeper into her canal to try and listen more clearly. With a soft sigh to herself she hastily moves back up through the ceiling and around to follow the path Captain used to enter. She quickly sprints with a top speed that could match the captain if he wasn't nearly 90. The young woman storms past a few demons with a large grin on her face when she cocks her fist back and smashes one across what she assumes is the jaw line and turns to spy the cap on a pterodactyl. "Looks like you could use some claws Captain." She says while turning her back towards him and squaring off with the demons.

Ojin continues heading the kids away. But he began to notice more and more things show up. He barely sees a wolf darting in and out of shadow taking demons, and then there was the lady who was recording suddenly shrinking down? Truely earth is odd. Though he has yet to see Frank, Black cat, Cap or the other wolf. It was a curiouse time indeed

Pterodactyl? If Cap have read the sign, he'd know that was debunked, he's on a Pteredon. As Felicia makes his comment, he can't help but to frown /more/. Great, a thief in the museum on top of Frank. And Loki. This isn't going to end well at all. «Wasp?!» Cap offers as he scans around quickly for the woman.

He catches a flash of her stingers from near Loki's position and he balances himself. Taking a couple of breaths, he dives suddenly head first from the model creature and rockets towards the floor. Rolling himself behind his shield, he human-bullets himself into the floor, shattering the tiles and kicking them up as he tries to force back most of the smaller demons and putting himself between the big ones and his Avengers. "I don't know what you want with Loki, but he will come under no harm here!" the star-spangled Avenger announces as he rills to his feet and swings his shield hard to the side, smashing it into a smaller demon face first. "Return to your portals and go home, you're not welcomed here on Earth!"

A frown? A FROWN?! Felicia notices one such frown from Steve and scowls back at the demons whom she quickly swipes her claws at if they get close enough for her to strike.

The plans of Wasp to survey the fight were thwarted as she flew close to the ground to get a better look, but instead she was hit headlong by a leaping creature. Her small size caused her to go flying across the room at the force of this, slamming into a corner and losing conciousness. Before doing so, she just managed to get out a message to Captain America. «Cap… Losing conciousness… ow.» Just as the message finished, she slumped forward, small and without conciousness, an easy target should one of the creatures notice her before she is reached.

Loki finds himself sweating profusely, and everyone's voices sounding very far away. The only sound he can hear is the rushing of magic as it courses through him and is burst toward its target which happens to be Cap and Wasp at the moment. In the foreground of his mind, he can feel the pulsing of the artifact, which he reaches out and takes, wrapping his fingers around it with one hand as it burns his skin, the sickening sound of it sizzling for a moment. He takes on an angry visage and begins hurling blast after blast at the two Avengers as if they were his worst enemies or one of them had farted during a musical performance. "What do they want with me? Nothing…it's what I want with YOU that should concern you."

Frank has a swarm of about fifty coming after him, teeth gnashing and eyes glowing bright red. They seem to be mindless drones, all teeth and claws, tearing things apart. The wolves are swarmed as well, there is no strategy. They just keep coming and coming. If they notice the stone Loki has at all, it is the same color as the creatures eyes and the portal.
With most of the people cleared out, Ojin turns back to the fight. That is when he sees little old Wasp swatted across the warm, and now Loki shooting at her. He slides in front of the bolts aimed at her taking quite the hurt, a rather inhuman scream heard around the large man (at least Ojin Host was fine). None the less he picks up Wasp in his ham hands and ducks behind an exhibit "Wow the hell is he shooting at US!" he calls out annoyed.

And it's about this time as frank is back peddling away from the wall of mist that once was a demon chased by a pack of these things that he considers, just for a moment the napalm. However as he ducks out of the way from one of the swarm he remembers the children and instead ops for a much safer option.

Pulling out a sawn off shotgun from his leather coat the somewhat grizzled man begins firing off into the crow of demonic creatures while backpedaling in something of a circle. The whole show would likely be amusing if it weren't a life or death situation, frank forced to switch from one weapon to the next as they're knocked from his grasp or run out of ammunition this being no time for reloading.

"Loki?!" Steve yells out as Wasp is hit by one of Loki's blasts. Turning aside to run and use his shield as a defense defend the mini-Avenger while he is on the move. "Hold on Janet, I have you." he promises, that until some random person seems to grab her. Frowning further, he'll have to keep a watch out on that man, because Janet is one his under the Avenger's care.

"STOP!" the Captain orders at Loki, grabbing his shield off of his arm — and as much as he doesn't want to do it, he flings his shield as hard as he can at the artifact in Loki's hand, either looking to shatter it or knock it away, which leaves him wide open to attack for the moment as he continues on the move.

Geri not like being shot not to mention fighting with humans.. Leaving them to their own devices he spins on the crowd of demons coming for him. Deciding to take the gauntlet he runs toward the mass leaping up then onto a wall into the middle of them to just jump out again. Mouth open claws extented and little demons holding on to the singed fur the wolf leaps and bounds for his target.. Loki. He had been told to watch him, and if he got out of control again to bring him down for his all father. Though he wasn't wise enough to know it was the artifact he jumped at the man trying to bring his huge mouth down to bite Loki's shoulder, and part of his arm using the mass of his body to knock him down in the midst of all the other Demons.
The more reasonable Freki had seen the kids out returning to the fray… seeing as there was one talking he leaps towards him knocking out demons as he goes to land sliding next to him… His deep voice also deep and growly.. "Human with the shield… We are here to help Odin does not wish Loki to cause you any more trouble.. says it is a debt to be paid for you human girl."

Felicia's doing her best to keep the demon's off Steve's back after he has leapt down from the dead winged reptile. She has extended her grappling hooks to several feet and is using the mechanisms as weapons to disable the demons after the avenger and to distract them into attacking her. She does have a lot more offense abilities.

With Cap seeming to block more shots, Ojin books it, pocketing the Wasp in well his pocket, and dissappearing into a nearby room. It would appear for all intents and purposes the man was at least hiding it seems

Loki lets out a little laugh, bringing his forearm up and switching into his armor which seems a bit too big for his teenaged frame, especially the helmet. He was about to say something after hurling more magic, this time in the form of a large continuous blast until the wolf attacks him, knocking him down and sinking his teeth into his shoulder. He lets out a pained cry and arches his back, attempting to throw the wolf off with one hand and a blast of magic.

The portal pulses, seeming to grow a bit bigger, letting through larger beasts - lumbering bipedal monsters that seem to drool lava that drips onto the floor and sizzles, turning black as it cools. These crack riddled creatures begin stomping through the room and begin throwing sludge like lava.

"…a human life is not worth any number of so-called 'favors'." Steve snaps at the creature, though now is not the time for debating the semantics of it all. Instead as Loki's armor morphs in, the shield smacks into Loki's armored gauntlet and bounces back to the hero, even as a pair of magic blasts slam into Cap's side, tearing it open. The Captain drops to a knee with a whoompf of pain as a blotch of red appears on his side and he winces in pain.

While one hand holds the wound, the other reaches out, catching his shield on the rebound. "…I hate to do this, Loki, but you're trying to wear your big boy pants, I think you can take it.." he grunts before he charges in and leaps at the Godling as the two Odin summoned creatures hold him. Putting both of his hands around the shield, he slams it straight down with the sharpened edge aimed towards the artifact - and possibly Loki's hand. If he doesn't want to let it go, Steve is going to try his best to /make/ him let it go.
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Geri got a hold of Loki, and just as quickly is attmpted to be thrown off.. The large wolf holds on to the shoulder as the weight is shifted around, and with a little whine of pain takes the bolt of magic to the side flank as the smell of burnt fur, and skin fill the air around them. Geri had taken worse, but wasn't going to be walking right for a while as he used his weight, and what strength he had left to hold Loki in position as he hears the howl from the other dire wolf.
Speaking of Freki he is currently behind Captain America landing next to him earlier.. He follows waiting for the proper time to leap out onto the wall smashing it in with his weight before he uses that to pounce on Loki himself. He had hurt his brother he would not be satisfied until he sunk his teeth into the boy, teach him what it means to attack a wolf. Neither of them are focused on the portal yet as their prey were their only target for now… Though they did realize it was getting a bit hotter in here.

Comming from the room Ojin had dissappeared into is a small black blob of ooze. It carefully dodges spewlls of lava as it makes it's way to one of the smaller demons. It had left it's Host with Wasp to stay safe (and not get lavaed to death). Some may notice it, some may not.

Loki lets out another pained scream, watering green eyes looking up and seeing Felicia. He tries to mutter something to her but it disappears into a high pitched squeak as the wolf bore down on his other arm. Cap's shield hits his hand, causing him to open it to release the stone. He can't move his fingers without intense pain to retrieve it, leaving it on the floor.

The creatures turn and start moving back toward the portal, thoguh not to go through it, but to protect the stone. One of the lumbering magma monsters clomps toward Frank, prepared to take him on to keep him from killing his fellow uglies.

Felicia has busied herself with keeping the lesser demons off and away from Cap and the folks he's dealing with, and hasn't noticed who the subject they're attacking. Or she'd be furious.

With the stone on the ground, and the creatures moving to protect it, it doesn't take a genius to realize what's what. Steve frowns underneath his mask as he lifts his vibranium and adamantium shield and tries to slam it down on the stone as hard as he can - hopefully it can't resist the supermetals. He'll know soon enough.
The two wolves now converged on Loki both get a mouth Full, and start dragging him away. They start moving him towards one of the side exits to bring back for questioning as part of their mission was to stop him if he got out of hand the other was retrival. Moving quickly they hold him between them as they bound in near unision moving away quickly from the mess Loki has left behind.

The ooze hips hops and eventualy lands on a smaller demon. Very quickly it is taken over, the ooze that is Ojin covering it. The small possessed demon (ironic ain't it) begins ramming and jumping onto the larger demons, trying to help get them disorganized as they try to go and protect that Gem the Cap is trying to smash

"It's Mumbai all over again." Castle mutters to himself tucking and rolling to one side as lava slams into the spot where he had been. Coming back to a stand he rips down the fire alarm, pulling an extinguisher off the wall in the same motion to throw at the giant beast. "Chill out." As he fires off a few rounds from his sawn off shotgun.

"Felicia!" Loki manages to shout, then shakes his head again to try and clear the additional noise out of his head. The Asgardian struggles against the wolves, not wanting to be dragged away, thrashing as much as he can, until Cap smashes the stone. It almost seems to happen in slow motion as it emits a shockwave, shaking the ground. The portal closes, leaving only the remaining demon-like creatures to be killed by the heroes. But to Felicia, it might look like Loki is being dragged off against his will.

When the gem casing cracks and the energy is released, Captain America is at ground zero. His shield protects him from roughly half the explosion, which is probably why he wasn't vaporized instantly in the blast. However, the rest of the shockwave smashes into the Captain's body with the force of a hundred gernades at once, breaking and bruising ribs and ripping through his uniform as it kicks the star-spangled Avenger off of the stone and throws him backwards where he smacks firmly into a case of fossils, where he slumps down with a pained groan and spits up a glob of blood. That.. he'll feel come morning. So much for sleeping it off at home.

Felicia's attention quickly snaps over her shoulder at the sound of her name from the sound of a certain someone calls his name. She starts to move towards the demons pulling the young woman's lover. "Hey, drop him!" She calls out and sends out her grappling hooks to try and rips the lava demons off of him.

The wolves are a distance away before the explosion goes off, but not far enough away to be uneffected. The explosion knocks both wolves, and their cargo for a loop down the hall. Perhaps that is why when they finally get up one of them gets grabbed by a grabbling hook with a "Yip". The other looks at the one that had just been captured and follows the line to lock his yes with Felicia and snarls at her exposing teeh as long as he fingers. The captured wolf spins and tries to cut through the rope holding him with his claws also now looking at Felicia growling it adds "Go… bring Loki to father." he takes a step towards the woman.. "I will deal with the midgardian that dares strike one of us." as he moves forward slowly his claws tink on the ground his snarling continuing. The other wolf grabs the back of Loki's armor and speaks through clinched jaws.. "Do not kill her.. you know how father is about harming these people" and turns to bound out again draging Loki with him.
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A shield comes flying in out of nowhere and smacks the wolf advancing on Felicia in the snout before it rebounds back to Captain America, barely standing as he catches the shield in his hands, his breathing be-laboured as he sticks out his finger and points, "Bad dog. No chasing the cats." He's okay with the wolf thing retreating, he can't chase him down. But he makes at least the attempt to protect Felicia from herself and her Lokifeels.

Ojin as the small demon begins tossing other demons at the larger ones, and with with the portal gone the small little thing begins cracking snapping necks if he ain't knocked away. Mostly the larger ones as it jumps from demon to demon. These days Ojin is glad to have super strength. Though he can't help but glance to where Felicia is fighting the wolves, he however leaves the demons Castle is facing alone, that man could handle anything
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Felicia uses her enhanced strength to send a wave through the wire to try and slip up the wolf while also trying to coil it's foot with the cable. She does shoot a look at Steve, she's able to handle herself, or so she thinks, this is one of those situations where her eyes are seeing red and she is willing to kill to protect what's hers.

Loki finally blacks out, unertain what to do. The smaller demons begin going into a frenzy, though they seem much weaker now that they are cut off from their realm. The large ones attacking Frank look at each other but then still try to overpower the man. Some of the smaller ones keep going for Felicia, Cap and Ojin, trying to do SOMETHING construcive to defeat the heroes.

The wolf starts apporching Felicia in hunter mode crouching down as he slowly approaches, that is before a shield hits him in the snout and he leaps to the side looking at the new at the new target his eyes narrow. "I will let that go shielded asgardian for we owe you." he glares at Felicia, "We owe her nothing of the kind…" he adds a growl at her deep and throaty.. as she sends a wave through the wire this time the Wolf sees it coming and stomps on the wire itself stoping the wave before it can get to him as his strength is well above the average dire wolves as well. He looks down at the wire then back at her continuing.. "If she wants a fight I will give it to her." he looks at the wire then back at Steve.. "Call he off and I will let go of this insult.. Let you deal with this mess as it needs your attention more then I."

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