2015-10-28 Bears, Gators & impending doom
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Samuel Tony Emma Rogue Doctor Doom Echo Pepper
GMed by The World Tree
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Well, things at Stock Tower has fallon somewhat into Normacy after the opening of AoT. Students come and go, teacher teach and security makes no one doing anything illegal… for the most part. And when all is said and done kids return to their homes if their not dorming. This evening was no different… mostly anyways.

Jose, one such student has finaly come home. He had been missing the past two days, which is only unsual considering he usually only dissappears on the weekends. None the less he walks into off the elevator, with one black eye, the stench of sewer and a wiggling backpack. "Hey, is anyone home!" he calls out as he makes his way further in.

Business for Tony is always happening and that includes out of town trips. Returning it isn't maybe a few seconds later when the elevator opens so he can walks into the penthouse dressed in a suit rolling his suitcase along behind him. "I am." he answers Jose lightly. "Good to see the tower is still standing."

The ding of the elevator chimes just a few seconds behind Jose's and Tony's entrance back into the main level of Tony's pent house. The doors begin to part revealing what looks like a cold and furry white clothed woman. Emma Frost takes her hat off as she steps in, her blonde locks falling perfectly after a quick shake of her head and she moves over to a coat and hat rack to set the hat on it before she spins once and her fur lined hoodie is removed and hung up. She turns and faces the large room, blue eyes landing on Jose but no words escape her lips just yet. She gives Tony a soft nod and Jose as well. "Nice to see you both again." She chimes in herself.

Here in Stark Tower, the unusual has become normal, and the extraordinary ordinary. Since he only needs to travel a few floors to get to school and back again, Sam has gotten into the habit of staying late to help other students with after school clubs and activities, and in general doesn't come back up to the penthouse until dinner time. Today, on the other hand, he can be found on the couch, asleep, dozing with …. wait what? For some reason, the mutant has one arm wrapped around what appears to be a fairly fluffy and cutesy teddy bear.

Rogue is in the kitchen doing dishes that were left in the sink from dinner last night. She's got her phone sitting on the counter beside her ontop of a half-eaten box of double-stuf Oreos and its blasting an Adele song. Anna-Marie is quietly singing along with the song whilst she scrubs one of the big serving bowls clean with a yellow and green sponge (sponges come in her favorite color combo!).

Jose ears flicker "Of course it still here" he chimes to Tony "And we got a new Mascott" there a light in his eyes, anyone who know him know that 'normal' folks probably won't like it, and frankly 'unormal' would probably fill in that catagory too. But first "Oh, the White Witch is here. Froze any hearts lately?" yup that was directed at Emma, no denying that. But as usual it was said in his usual light way no malice behind it.

None the less he makes his way towards Samuel calling out to Marie "Hey Rogue, Tonys, and Frost Queen here too" from there he pulls out a 2 foot alligator from his backpac (the mouth bound by rope). He looks at the animal than at Samuel "Hmmmm, should we wake him up lightly?" he asks the gator

Pushing the handle in his bag he sets it in a closet this being his going away one. Tony glances over at Emma, "Miss Frost! Welcome to my humble abode. How may we help you?" is asked while picking up the pile of mail left for him to look it over. Of course Pepper would have ealt with anything pressing. "Would you like a milkshake? Maybe you'd like a snow cone." a smirk is given towards the white witch.

Emma inwardly rolls her eyes at the whole thing, especially Jose's unknowing quip at her. "Nice to see you again Jose." She replies kinder than he did but with a delicately flavored and almost silent hint of annoyance. "I would like either one Tony, but I think the reptile is something you might want to address first." She says with a finger lifting to point towards the living room and the young mutants. /I can talk business later.\ She projects to Tony alone.

Anna-Marie halts her quiet singing to that catchy tune on her phone and she grabs a towel to dry her hands off before she turns and pads across the kitchen in her neon yellow and green socks to the doorway of the kitchen to look out at the new arrivals. "Well heya'all." She says, smiling at them. She was wearing some faded blue jeans and a bright yellow tanktop with a picture of Tweety Bird on her chest. "What…. the hell… is that Jose, and why do you have it here?" She eyed the animal he was holding.

An alligator being toted about in his general vicinity, and with people talking at full volume, Sam still does not wake up. Instead, as Jose approaches with his new 'mascot', the bear under his arm stirs and slowly turns its head to look at it. Wriggling free, the bear stands, looks intently at Jose, and then makes the universal 'shhhh' motion, before crawling back under Sam's arm. A new invention? A very short and furry alien? Just what the hell is that thing?

The whole bear moving actualy causes Jose to pause. He looks to the gator which looks back "You saw that too right?" he has the gator nod. "Well everyone, Sam now has Ted, so it has been said, so shall it be!" which was said a tad bit more quiet. Jose then looks to Anna "This, is an alligator. His name is Bait" begins bringing 'Bait' over to Marie "Pretty cool eh?" yea, he'll test out Sams new security systems later. "Eh Emma yer want villianla, chocolate, strawberry, sea grape, rice flavor… you get what I mean. What falvor of snow you want?"

Tony offers a nod towards Emma and now notices the alligator. Did he miss it before or maybe he is just used to the odd things that come through here. Though before he can say anything the teddy bear is noticed. "Its Ted come alive! Jose, let the gator loose to eat it!" he looks over at Marie, "What the hell has been going on while I was away?" then he looks at Jose, "Just don't feed her the yellow kind."

Emma gives Jose a stern look and nods sharply towards the young man in agreement with Tony's words. "Looks like the sewer rat is your problem now. Don't be surprised when he brings in a stink covered Spider Man." Says Emma with a chuckle and then a wave of her hand towards Marie, "Always the best dressed Marie." Emma notes with a wink of a blue eye. Sam is left to sleep, that's a bear she doesn't want to poke unless she has to and Jose, he's holding a gator, no thank you.

Rogue's hands go up fast and she shakes them. "No way." She says to Jose when he comes toward her. "I mean… he's cute'n'all, but he can be cute over there." She nods to the other side of the room before looking over at Tony. She gives him a big smile. "Its been quiet, i swear it! Fairly normal… though I think these guys have been hidin' from me the whole time." When Emma commented on her clothing she looked dwon at herself and put her hands on her stomach smoothing that Tweety Bird shirt out a little. "I like what I like." She said back over to Emma with a grin. "What are you up to this evenin'? Huntin' wabbits?"

And through it all, Sam sleeps, much like a bear hibernating. The bear itself keeps one eye on Jose and Bait, but seems content to just remain where it is, the perfect little innocent sleeping companion…

"Well, I'm shocked" Jose says dramaticly "Emma has a sense of humor! Who knew you loosened up outside of school" there was indeed genuine approval in those words. He looks to Marie "Fine fine" he puts down the gator facing away from Marie "And if that bear keeps staring at me, I am going to put a screw driver through it's eye" that was definitly directed at the bear, and it was rather creepy. Jose guessing if it's smart enough to watch, it smart enough to listen, Sam did build it after all. He undoes the rope on Baits mouth and let him go wander.

From there he heads into the kitchen "Hmmm, were out of chocolatr and vanillla, I hope strawberry is fine. And no worries Tony, I ATE the yellow ones myself!" he declares proudly. As usual, despite a change of distance there was no chane in clarity with Jose voice as if he hasn't moved

The discerning eye might notice a hint of mud on her boots but she did do her best to get them clean before heading down to the city. "You could say that, or maybe I'm after something a bit more fowl." She says with a devious smirk to the teammate of hers. Then a glance over to Tony she moves closer to as she sends him a mental message before watching Sam cautiously as she moves over to stand near Marie and with her eyes on Tony, as Jose moves into the Kitchen and RELEASES THE GATOR!! Hell no! Emma then moves towards the kitchen and climbs up to stand on the table, a disturbed frown smeared on her face.

Taking off his suit jacket its laid over a chair and then comes off the tie being laid over it. Tony undoes the top button of his shirt, "Have a seat, Miss Frost. When you are done admiring Tweety bird of course." the bird is in a rather look at me spot. But then he watches as Emma moves to stand on the table. "Wow.. Should I turn on the music?" is teased.

Rogue steps out of Jose's way to let him go into the kitchen and she eyes the gator on the floor… even with its mouth tied shut and her inability to be hurt by the thing, it still creeped her out. She took a wide berth around it and paused when Emma got up on the table all nimbly and fast. "Damn, where's my phone for pics when I need it?" It was in the kitchen blasting an old Michael Jackson song near the sink. Marie walked past Tony and she leaned up to give him a big smooch on his cheek before walking over to sit in the living area near where Sam was sleeping… she then saw the Bear… "Alright, what the hell is THAT?!" She now asked.

The Thing That Looks Like a Bear seems to decide that it's time for action, and once again crawls out from under Sam's arm. It walks to the edge of the couch and sits down, watching the gator for a few moments, and then looking over to Marie. It gazes at her with unblinking eyes, and a permanent smile etched on its fluffy face… and then gives her a wave. Cute or creepy? Jury's still out. Silently it watches, a mute sentinel to guard its owner as he sleeps…

"Tony, I swear I'm gonna loose my mind if that things not taken care of." She says with a scowl shot in Anna's direction and decides to send a message to the woman mentally with a bit of malice intent in the message. She's not exactly a happy camper when Jose's around for some reason.

Walk back Jose sets down a strawberry cone for Emma and looks between Emma and Marie "My goodness, a telepath that can paralyze folks and a lady who is indestructable are scarred of a little cute alligator. Hmph!" He says shaking his head. He blinks at the bear "But frankly, that bear is FAR scarier" he goes ahead and decides to take the ator outside. And in all fairness, Jose wasn't exactly trusting of or happy around Emma, not since the danger room 'excersise' he and Sam were put in. He shudders a moment thinking of it as he closes the door thus free the space from reptillian Doom "There yall happy?" he asks

Tony watches as the gator is taken outside, "That looks like that thing from Five Night at Freddy's." he points to the bear buzzing whoever is downstairs up.
Victor has arrived.

Rogue gets the projected message/command from Emma and she's suddenly hollaring and leaping up onto the chair behind her when the Automated Bear moves. "What the shit!" She shouts and is now resting her butt up on the back of the chair. She looks over to see Jose moving the alligator out to the outside. "No! It'll fall off the roof!" She shouts after the boy. She's acting a little more scared than usual, maybe Emma felt embarrassed by being the only one acting like such?! Marie, seated on the back of the chair in her jeans, tweety-bird tanktop and brightly colored socks glared over at Tony. "Shoot that damn bear with… one'a your laser guns or somethin'!"

"If I knew I was walking into freaking 'SAW: Avengers' tonight I would have just called, Tony." Says Emma with a sigh as she watches Jose grab the gator and start to take it away. She slowly climbs off the table and grabs her cold treat to look at the bear with disdain as well. The White Queen wears a white long sleeve turtle neck that tucks into a pair of pants and boots with heels and some mud left on them from an earlier hike. A while cap and coat near the door are obviously hers as well.
Victor blinks when he enters to such a, um, interesting sight before him. He watches then panic the animals are causing, and decides what better way to make is entrance known than to blow up the bear. He shoots a magic blast at the bear.
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Victor has connected.

"Emma, rule one - this is always SAW: Avengers" Jose says with a creepy diabolic voice followed by manical laughter! The perks of being an audiokinitec! Returning to his normal voice he says to Rogue "Just put a blanket over it, my god it's creepy" he says in agreement with Tony Rogue and Emma. But then he says to Marie "ALso, relax he won't fall off the roof, I put him in a gated area" he says with a grin.

But then there Doom, blowing up the robotic bear with magic "……..oh that." he peers "Errrr…. arn't you that…. ummm hoom fellas? Was it Picture Your Doom, Victem Monsoon…. something" he peers

At the appearance of Victor Doom, Emma peers at the masked man and tries to probe into his mind, ignoring all the others, knowing that most everyone doesn't just shoot at stuffed animals as soon as they walk into a room. Especially someone else's. She's concerned she needs to stop this odd intruder.

Tony moves over to Emma's side, "I will protect you from the big bad gator and bea…" he glances as Victor appears from the elevator. He has had business dealings with him before, "Doctor Doom, good to see you making an entrance as always."

Aligators in the penthouse, mechanical Ted-like bears moving around next to Haley Joel Osmund (Samuel)… Rogue's eyes go wide when this Victor fellow shows up and then shoots at the bear! "Thats it!" Anna-Marie says as she stands up on the chair and drops down to the floor on her socked-feet. "I'm going to the bar." She announces to all of them as she starts to walk toward the bedrooms hallways. "I'm not even drunk and I feel like I've been drinkin'."

Victor 's mask and his magic easily blocks Emma's probe, but she could overpower him if she tries. He watches Rogue get up in leave and glances at the gator before his eyes center on Tony. "Yes. What are you doing here?"

Jose raises an eyebrow "He lives here" he says answering the question as if it was an obviouse question "Soooo how does one even become a Doctor of Doom?" he asks in wonder. But then there is Marie leaving and he looks at her "It's not that bad!" he says "Is it?"

Emma sends a thought to Tony, /I can't read his thoughts…\ She does stand behind Tony and to the side, she doesn't seem to cower at all, but stands tall and looks towards Doom still unsure what to think of the man. "Jose, go help Anna." She requests, sending a mental push to him that it's a good idea.

Tony smirks a little, "As Jose said I live here. This is my home. May I help you with something?" is asked as he gives Emma a slight nod of the head. "Care for a drink? Can you drink with that thing on?"

Victor glares at Tony, then Emma, then Joes, then at Rogue's back, then back to Tony. He is always glaring. "I can take it off you know. A drink will do fine, and I was talking about the" The pauses before continuing. "The bear and alligator."

Jose considers the idea. It was indeed a good idea but then Victor is glareing at him "Now this I got to see. Go on, take it off" he encourages. He figures Marie was going to shower or something, at the end no matter how good the idea is, there one thing he likes to avoid Girls and Fashion

Rogue regards Victor as she walks past him toward the bedrooms. "Thanks for the shot at the Bear… but I think that mighta been a kid's toy, he might be pretty cross with ya when he wakes up." She gives Victor a grin before pausing and holding up her hand to dismiss the order from Emma for Jose. "I'm good, Jose. Go find some food for your gator and I swear'ta god if anything bad happens to that thing, I'll turn ya inta PETA myself." She says as she moves toward the back hallway around the corner.

Patting Tony on the shoulder and moving towards the door, Emma keeps an eye on Doom as she gathers her coat and dons her hat. "I'll be contacting you shortly Tony. Have a good night everyone."

Tony watches as Emma decides to leave, "Look forward to it. Have a good evening." he tells her moving now towards Jose's side, "Forgive my.. young friend here."

Tony watches as Emma decides to leave, "Look forward to it. Have a good evening." he tells her moving now towards Jose's side, "Forgive my.. young friend here."

Victor watches Rogue leave, then Emma, and then glares at Joes. Expecting him to leave, but then looks back at Tony after several moments. "I need some of your most intellectual staff. I have a project that I feel would help us both."

Jose raises an eyebrow at the glare and crosses his arms glareing right back now,. He wasn't moving "Dude, you have the glare of a five year old. Might want to try a bit harder" running his mouth off. He waves bye to Emma but keeps his eyes on Victor, and thank goodness Rogue didn't need help. But ever curiouse he wonders "What's the project anyways?" he nudges Tony and looks to him wondering if he already knew

Tony puts an arm around Jose's shoulder and lets the hand rest over his mouth. "Please have a seat and we can talk. Son, be a good one and go get us something to drink." he glances towards Jose a moment.

Victor looks around the room briefly, then finds the biggest chair and takes a seat in it. "I will take some Vodka." His attention goes back to Tony. "I think we need to install a force field, much like what I have at Castle Doom, around the City to help with all the, invasions."

Jose raises an eyebrow, his voice comming through clearly "You do remember I can talk without a mouth don't you?" yea, a hand does no good "And yea, I'll get some drinks, but first" elbows Tony ribs. While Jose likes Tony as a brother and has begun begrudgling likeing Tony as a Father figure, he still wasn't ready to accept being called someone else son, weather or not 'son' was being used in that way. He heads off to the kitchen "Right, vodka how bout you Tony?" he asks.

Tony lets Jose go as he is elbowed, "Water for me." Moving to sit down in a chair, "A city wide barrier. That would take a lot to pull off wouldn't it?" is asked.

Victor nods in agreement with Tony. "Yes it would, but I am so tired of the sentinals and aliens being able to just walk in and do as they please. I would love to kill them, but I am sure you and your team would not allow that."

It dosn't take long for jose to come back. He slides Tony a glass of water and Victor some Kool Aid Vodka. For himself he has gotten Malta! He hops onto a counter and sits down crosslegged on top "Well the sentinals can die, but it would be cool to meet an Alien I think. Course a giant shield sin't a bad idea"

Tony takes the water giving Jose a nod before his attention turns back to Victor, "Depends you want to take out the sentinels or those that made them? Obviously the maker has something against those that are different."

Victor shrugs a bit, but is very focused. "I was thinking of a force field that when hit fires missiles. I need the help of your staff and arc reactor."

Jose cants his head "Soooo would it be like a one way shield, so yer know, missiles parts or alien goo or sentinal core don't go falling onto the people bellow and what not?" he ask taking a gulp of malta at the same time. "Or are these missile going to like incernate them into ashes? That would be neat to see"

Tony glances at Jose a moment before back to Doom, "Will this also harm innocents? Such as planes flying through it or what have you."

Victor says, "It will be a one-way shield, and aircraft will need landing codes to enter the shield." Jose does catch his attention for a moment, then he takes off his mask and drinks his vodka. "

Jose looks between Tony and Victor "What? A fella can ask questions?" he says with a kookaburra laugh. Though he can't help but look towards victor, he was curiouse about how the man might look without his mask

Tony drinks some of his water, "Is something I need to think over. Why just this city?"
Victor says, "Because this is the city I work in. Plus no other city has the power gird to sustain a shield on this scale."

"Well why not use alternate power sources? Bet those loads of ways to get energy" he says. Jose then hops down and blows on the top of the bottle "What DO you do Doc?" he asks Victor curiouse

Tony rubs at his chin a moment while going into thought. He does though let Doom tell Jose what he does for a living. Obviously the boy doesn't realize the intellectual mind he is speaking with.

Victor sighs deeply at the suggestion. "The arc reactor is the only thing that could sustain constant power to a force field for a large city. That is why I stole the plans for it years ago and that is how my castle has a force field." He laughs a bit at a thought that crosses his mind. "It's also how I got my time machine and dimision door working." He then glares at Jose, but with a sinister smirk on his lips. "Ever been to Hell? I am sure you will like it there"

"You know, I really should just scream your ears off" he says when Victor glares at him again "But yes, I have in fact been to hell. Was actualy a fairly nice place, plenty of lava and fire. And then there were these demons all around I got to play with!" and with the way Jose talking two things are evident - 1. He isn't joking, and 2. he may be a bit nutty. "Huh, and people said being a good for nothing dirty, unintelligant theif couldn't pay off. But look at you" Jose smiles. Steal from his family? Oh hells know, any friendlyness goes right out the door

Tony glances back to Victor, "And its that reason my security has been heightened. Actually he and I both been to hell. Fighting demons even though the only proof is video we found. Not something we can remember though."

Victor laughs again. "Sounds like a fun time. Let me know if you want to do it again. I have a bone to pick with Mephisto." He pauses and leans back a bit. Almost relaxing a bit. Almost. "I wish I could get some of the x-men to help."

"Ohhh, how bout next week?" Jose says suddenly excited! But then coughs and sits back down "Well, mabey yu could if you know, stopped glareing at folks and blowing up kids toys" he says with a grin

"Hey Jose." Marie's voice could be heard as she appeared in the hallway from the bedrooms, she was dressed in her dark green pajamas that loosely hung over her form…. and she was riding on a bright pink and yellow skate board that had no wheels. "Hoverboard." She tells the boy in particular, though anyone in the penthouse's main room would be able to obviously hear her. She had her hands up to shoulder-level and was silently cruising through the air on the board like it was right out of a popular movie!

Victor stands up and puts his mask on. "We will discuss this again later. I have to do a few things back at the baxter building
Tony rises up to his feet, "Very well. Have a good night, Doctor D." he tells him before glancing over towards Marie. "I thought you were going bar hopping? Planning to go off in your pjs?"

Jose is immedaitly attracted to the hoverboard and makes a beeline to Marie "OKay that is awesome!!!!!!!!!" he sings out completely forgetting everything else in that moment. He puts his hand under it a few times "How high can it fly? Is it as fast as a car? Can I try? Who built it?" the questions just tumble out. But then he blinks looking to Tony and back to Marie "Well, if she drinks till she drops may ot be a bad idea"

Anna-Marie floated past Victor on his way out and she grinned nt him and offered him a little wave of her right hand. "Bye now, Mistah." She said quietly before she looked over at Jose and started floating circles around him on the hoverboard. "I bought it online. Was't even expensive." She told the kid as he fired off questions. She then looked up at Tony and brushed aside her mane of wild hair from in front of her face. "Nooo…" She said at him with a grin and in a little sassy tone. "I was only jokin'… Bar time ain't tillt he weekend." With that said Rogue hopped off the hoverboard and kicked it up into her hands then offered it to Jose. "Here you go, you can have it." She said, extending her hands and offering it to him… But, sadly… Jose might come to find out that she was tricking him and she'd had the thing on a hoop beneath the baggy cuff of her sleeping pants…. if he tries to jump on it of course!

Tony just shakes his head at this, "Be right back." he tells the two now disappearing down the hallway to finally change out of his business clothing.

"See you soon Tony!" And with that Jose jumps onto the hoverboard! Only to very quickly become dissappointed as he falls from the fact that it was fake "WHoa!!!!". The shock and dissappointment on his face was real "Ah man, I thought it was an actualy hoverboard!"

Marie has to sit down on the floor as she starts to laugh and her hands go to her stomach. "Oh god… I'm sorry." She tells him. "I'm sorry… I couldn't help myself… A friend of minet old me I should do that to someone, and… there's not many people I can do that too." She was still laughing. "I'm sorry, Jose. Its just a styrofoam prop, like fifteen dollars… I'll make you pancakes or whatevah ya want to make up for it."

"Yea gotta kiss Bait" is Jose demond crossing his arms. He had the sad puppy dog look down patted. He looks at the prop and blinks "Hmmmm….. I wonder if I can make a hoverboard based on sound" he looks to the couch with the 'dead' bear and Sam "Gonna hafta bother Sam bought that at some point" he then looks to Marie "So, want to kiss Bait now or later?"

"I don't want to kiss your aligator, Jose." Marie said from where she sat on the floor near the boy, having just tricked him into thinking she had a functional hoverboard. She put her hands down onto her socked feet and squeezed them for a moment before laughing again. "Oh man, your… face… you were all. AHHHHH COOLEST THING EVAH! And then…." She just started laughing some more before she literally flew back up to her feet and put her hands up to her cheeks to slap herself softly two times. "Ahhh… the funnies. Way too much."

Tony returns having changed into black pajama pants and a white tshirt, "You being mean to Jose?" he asks Marie, "Its not even halloween yet. Not time for tricks and treats." taking a blanket he covers up the sleeping Samuel that is on the couch.

"Fine" Jose says, but then there that dangerous grin "Just don't be surprise if Bait ends up in your room!" he exclaims and hops onto his feet. He looks over to where Tony is placing a blanket on Sam "What you think he been up to that got him wiped so early?" he asks with wonder. "Also…. I can keep the alligator right?" he asks carefuly

Rogue lifted up off of the ground and hovered there about two feet in the air when Tony emerged from the back bedrooms. She smirked at him when he went to cover Sammy up. "Maybe, but…" She then heard Jose's response and she pointed at him, whilst hovering. "No way, not cool… You put a dead fish in my office! It smelled like a damn chinese food restaraunt iedin there for'a week!" She gave the kid a grin and then looked over at Tony. "Kid had it comin', ya see. At least the hover board prank don't leave a funk'a'ramic scent lingerin' up in your nose holes…"

Tony glances between the pair a moment. "Not even sure those are legally to to own. Can keep it while I research it but then sooner or later you know.. It will be rather much bigger."
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"If we're lucky he will get as bi as Kahn. Old gator back in florida. Lived behind our house. Big fella too, bout 9 feet long and cuddly as a bear" he rubs the back of his head "Untill ma found out and called animal control! Real big trouble that day" he says. He looks to Rogue "Hey! It was an accident, sides, your office already smelled horrible. I just imrpoved it" he flashes a smile "ANd just wait till you see what else I left" brow wiggle

Rogue looked between Tony and then back to Jose. She gasped at what he said and she shook her head and flaoted up a little higher in mid air. "You're gonna go live in the swamps of Florida and Bait can stay here in your room. I bet he he's nicer'n you." She smirked at the kid before she floated over the living area and silently came down to sit upon one of the chairs. "See, Tony? He tortures me… fakin' a hoverboard ain't nothin' compared to the tricks he pulls. I half expect a dead horse's decapitated to be on my desk come mornin'."

Tony sits down in a chair, "This isn't a mob family. No horse heads." he shakes his head. "He could of put a flaming poop bag in front of your door or soaped your car windows."

Jose blinks "Rogue I am a trickster, a theif. A sewer rat and big brother. But I ain't no murdering fool! A few deaf ears aside" he shrugs with a funny face as if saying give or take "I would never purposly harm an animal I wasn't going to eat" he declare. He then looks to Tony "Ohhhhhh. Those are good ones!"

Rogue leaned back in the chair she sat down upon and she put her hands on her lap and released a heavy huff of an exhale. She looked at Tony while Jose replied. "See?" She asked Stark. "How do I know you didn't eat the horse, then put his head on my desk or my bed or somethin'." She glanced over at Samuela nd peered at him, wondering why he was still sleeping… that kid was like a log… she kinda felt bad that they'd broken his bear toy too.

Tony watches Sam a moment and then leans forward grabbing the remote to turn on the world series.

"You know, I know I eat alot, but I ain't no Dyson. I can't eat a whole horse!" Jose exclaims. He then eyes the T.V and blehs "Eh, well everyone needs a hobby" he hops onto a nearby couch, though there a whisper near Rogue ear "Bait is waiting for you….muhahahahahaha" Evil grin on Jose face

Rogue too glanced at the tv when the thing flipped on and there was baseball all up in the room. She stared at it a moment before grinning at the whisper. "I ain't kissin' your darn gator." She looked back over at the sofa. "Remy's got a pet one, full grown… I'll give yours to him." She held her grin and then shook her head. "Sides… even if I did kiss him, you'd just prank me later anyhow."

Tony looks over at Marie, "Can kiss me." he teases making kissy faces towards her. "I'm not all scaly and cold blooded."

"See now Remy knows a good pet!" Jose exclaims. He then rolls his eyes and makes a gagging sound when Tony does that kissy face "I don't know Marie, Bait is looking pretty good compared to.." tilts his head over to Tony

Rogue grinned over at Tony who sat beside her on his favorite chair. "Now now, loverboy… Pepper'll want my head if I went'n did that." She grinned at him before looking back at Jose and laughing at what he says. "Damn, kid… you're taking shots tonight. Emma first… well, she probably deserved it… Not sure about our fine, savvy, sexy, Seniore Stark here does howevah. And me? I don't deserve nothin' but positivity and a plethora of pleasantries."

Tony shrugs a little bit and leans over his chair towards Marie planting a kiss on her cheek. Sitting back down, "Jose, one day you'll grow up and understand. But that is true, Marie, if you were to kiss me more than on the cheek then Pepper would kill us both."

"What can I say Marie. People are lineing up and when that happens" Jose holds his hands like a gun and make the loading sound "You gotta take aim and fire" he nudges Tony "Sides as my big bro, I get dibs on messing with him!" he says. He then considers something "Yea, I rather not see Pepps angry. SOmehow that sound truely terrifying considering how nice she is"

Rogue grins after hearing all of this and she just stares at the tv as its sits there taling about how the Kansas City Royals just kicked the shit out of the stupid Mets. "Well, nevahtheless…. I shouldn't be the target'a no pranks. I'm the awesome one, afterall…" She glanced over at the sofa that Sam was snoring on. "Jose, why don't ya put his hand in a warm cup'a water." She laughed again lightly then.

Tony smirks a little bit, "I've seen Pepper angry and no its not a pretty picture." is admitted. "And no don't do that. Make him pee that couch and I'll make you clean it with your tongues." the pair are told as he begins channel surfing.
(OOC:) Rogue says "Ew"

Jose raises a hand "Hey, I a prankster, but not a jerk. I would not hurt the couch everyone uses. Now Sam own bed, that a WHOLE other matter" he says. He listens to the surfing and watches as the channels fly by "Hmmmmm. Eh all sports crap it looks like" he says before looking to Rogue "Rogue, don't you know the rules of pranking? The more awesome you are, the more you must be pranked to keep the world in balance always" sage nods

"Ew." Marie replied upon hearing Tony's declaration of tongues and couches. She then looked up at the tv and shot up to her feet again. "Nooooo." She said at Jose when he asked her if she knew anything about pranking. "I do not prank people… I make them smile with humor and… and… hoverboards." She said, glancing over to that prop she'd bought online last week for the Back to the Future day activites they held at the Academy of Tomorrow. With a heavy sigh Rogue went to the kitchen then. "I'm gonna get some tea and then turn in. Gotta teach students who're far more happy to have me around and not prank on me." She says in a mocking tone of indignance.

Pepper emerges from the hallway in a black Iron Man tee-shirt and a pair of red lounge pants with the word "Angel" printed across the rear in fancy white letters. Her hair is wet from a shower and she smells like lavender. She leans down and kisses Tony's head on the way into the kitchen. "Anyone need something to drink?"

Tony grins up as Pepper kisses him and he gives her rear a playful swat. "Give me whatever you are having." he inhales deeply, "Ever smell anything better than that?" is asked to no one in particular.

"No thanks Pepps! Also we have a new pet, want to meet him?" Jose calls out to Pepper when she comes out. He has that grin before looking at Rogue "Careull when your sleep" he says jokingly. And despite the fact Tony asked no one in particularly Jose answers anyways "Yes. It's called bacon" he says

Rogue was about inside of the kitchen herself when Pepper showed up and she grinned at the woman. "Ooooh, we musta been showwerin' at the same time." She tells the fancy smelling lady. "Don't tell the boys now." She then grinned at Pepper and went tothe fridge to pull it open and grab a bottle of tea, that fancy kind she buys herself in bulk and takes up like a whole shelf in the fridge! Anna-Marie moved out of the kitchen and stuck her tongue out at Jose. "Stay outta my room, or I'll have Sammy make an army'a them damn moto-bears to eat your soul."

Pepper slips out of the kitchen, giving Anna-Marie a grin and a wink. "Wouldn't dream of it." She slips into the living area and hands Tony a bottle of water, keeping one for herself. "A new pet?" she asks with a dubious glance around for both the pet and any messes it might have made.
Tony accepts the bottle of water, "And you two didn't invite me? Tsk…" he smirks. "Jose wants to keep a pet alligator."

Jose neither confirms or denies the claim. He already skipping towards the door and steps outside "Oh Bait!!!!" he sings "You got to meet Pepps, she awesome!" and he dissappears onto the balcony. His voice is still inside "I bet he'll get along with Lucky the bat!"

Rogue hears that last bit and she groans. "God help us all!" She says before she steps toward the hallway, pauses… looks down at the floor… steps onto that pink and white foam hoverboard and she slips her foot back into the loop on it and then rises up into the air. "Night, ya mad scientists." She says to the others as she shoots off down the hallway at a fast speed, floating away on her own personal McFly hoverboard!

"The name 'Bait' doesn't sound promising." Pepper arches a brow and looks down at Tony questioningly as she seats herself on the arm of his chair.
Tony reaches up pulling Pepper over into his lap after waving to Marie as she leaves. While Jose is outside getting his new pet to show off he gives Pepper a quick kiss to the lips. "Have missed doing that."

Soon Jose is back holding the two foot alligator and he comes right over. The gator mouth is gaped wide open. "Pepps meet Bait. Bait this is Pepps. Pepps is a vegatable, so no eating her, yer little carnivore you" he scratches the gator back, he has a pretty good hold on it "That right yer adroable reptile you"

"Mmm," Pepper purrs to Tony. "….And I've missed you doing it!" Then she watches Jose bring in the 2-foot monstrosity. "MARIE!!" she shouts in the direction of Rogue's room. "Did I or did I NOT tell you SPECIFICALLY no alligators?!"
Tony begins laughing at her reaction, "She didn't bring the alligator in. Jose did that all by himself." looking at Jose, "She agreed to the bat because of my charm. You have to convince her to the alligator."

Jose holds the alligator away "Whoa! Relax your going to scare poor little bait!" He says keeping the reptile close, but also laughing at the reaction "Man, I don't get girls sometimes. They think a puppy cute, but not this adorable fella!" He sets down the gator "Just look at those scales!

"I'm sorry, I can't see his scales for his invh-long TEETH." Pepper lays her head against Tony's shoulder with a heavy sigh. "The alligator goes, tomorrow. We'll contact the zoo. You are NOT keeping an alligator."

Tony strokes Pepper's arm lightly, "Oh come on. He just found the little guy. Besides which zoo? Jose, should be the one to find him a home. You know what.. Jose, you like animals. What if we got you a job with the zoo?"

Jose blinks "A job? Like an actual job?" he blinks again. By the way he is talking, clearly the idea of a job has never crossed his mind, and perhaps was even alien to him. "Never thought of getting a job before" he cosndiers this "But what zoo is going to let a 15 year old work with wild animals?" he wonders. He flops down by the aligator and scratches it back. The gator closes it eyes and arches seeming to enjoy it "That would be…. huh" he actuay speechless for one. He dosn't know what to say

Pepper perks and sits up. "That's a great idea! Jose…maybe you could get an apprenticeship at a zoo. That way you can have visitation with…Bait…"
Tony nods his head, "We can speak for you to them. As your guardian I can sign permission for it. There is the Central Park Zoo or even the Bronx Zoo." he grins, "Just think of all the animals you can take care of."

"Excuse me while I consult my lawyer" Jose says bending down and looking at 'Bait' He emits a series of sounds, and by lord there were indeed a varierty of 'alligator vocals' weather or not he can actualy communicate that way with animals is a whole other unknown matter. 'Bait' in turns makes a few hisses and what not "Hmmmmm. Well I rather enjoy exploring, but the world record for crossing the ocean is taken by some other kid, same age. But I guess starting small isn't a bad way to go before I become an interdimensional explorer!" he was still trying to figure out how to get to Asgard, and Victor did mention he had a dimensional door …. break in anyone. None the less Jose smile "Well, why not give it a shot. I break into the zoo anyways" and yup he just admited that. He pats Bait on the back

Pepper sighs and rubs her temples. "I'm not sure I'll ever get used to having boys around. Their toys are pointy, and they bite…"

Tony looks at Pepper, "You've never complained about mine." he winks. "So tomorrow we will go make it happen then, Jose. After classes of course."

"….might want to make that after detention" Jose says "I have missed the past two days of school after all" he then lays down next to the gator "And!" he looks to Pepper "I will have you know none of my pet have bitton anyone! As for dangerous toys…. blame Sam"

"Yours may be pointy," she concedes in a whisper to Tony. "But it doesn't bite." Then she looks to Jose. "And why have you missed the past two days of class, hmmm?"
Tony blushes a bit at those words while glancing towards Jose also rather curious.

"I decided to skip school and go traveling New York City. Ended up almost getting my head shot off by these guys selling drugs in some building. And when I got away from them I ended up wrestling a hobo who wanted my backpack, which is how I got the black eye" which isn't as bad as it was the day he got it "But then we settled our difference we talked in a soup kitchen and it was night. So I slept in some ally way till dawn and from their I went sewer treasure hunting" which is why he still smells like sewer "And well now I'm here! So yea, just didn't feel like going"

Pepper shakes her head through the whole story and sighs. "He takes after your side of the family, you know Dear." She kisses Tony's temple. "You know, none of that was safe, Jose…"

Tony chuckle deeply at her words but then glances over at Jose, "Not wanting to go isn't an excuse. You have to go to school or you are truant and they could lock you and I both up for it. If you want the job with the zook you have to go to class."

Jose raises an eyebrow at Pepper "Well… that been my life for the past 5 years and I'm still around. Though I admittedly normally save that fun for the weekends" he seemed slightly defense of what he does. His transition from street rat to somewhere near normal was still going, he may never quite reach normal but he wasn't AS wild as he used to be… kind've. He then looks to Tony "Oh, right. You know truant officers run alot faster then you would expect them too." He sighs somewhat at being told if he wants the job he has to go to class. Still a teen and still rebelliouse, but he glances down to Bait "…fine"

Tony nods his head looking at Pepper as she falls asleep in his lap. "I better get her to bed. I think I'll turn in too." he gets up carrying her with him. "Night."

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