2015-11-01 Otter Pops
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Players: Steve and Peggy
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Title: Otter Pops

[* Coney Island: New York Aquarium *]

Along the walls outside of the aquarium are murual of whales leaping through colorful scenes. Inside there are different kinds of oceanlife and wilflife to be seen. Penguins, Otters, Fish of all sorts, Galpagos tortoise, beluga whales. electric eels, sea horses, sharks!! There is a touch tank where visitors can touch baby sting rays and baby sharks. There is a restuarant and gift shop.

It is a lovely fall day. Perhaps too cold for the coaster, but Steve had been promising that he and Peggy would eventually make a trip to Coney Island. Bundled against the Autumn chill, the two of them are in the aquarium, taking in a tour as he glances up at a pair of otters swimming by lazily. "…seems like it is rather chilly for them to be out, don't you think? Unless well.. they're suited to this?"

"Well, they do have fur, I'm sure they are fine. I doubt they'd let them out into the water otherwise." Peggy loops her arm through his, staying close to him for warmth. Pinned to her jacket is a bright red poppy. Even though it may be the future it's still Poppy Day. "It would not be very child friendly to have otter popsicles." Pointing to a sign, she adds, "Oh, look, pumpkin carving."

"Otterscicles." Steve can't help but to grin at the idea. "But yes, with the polar bears and such, most likely. No telling how many of those swam by me." he admits with a small self-dpreciating laugh as he allows his wife to guide him along to the pumpkin carving. "Wasn't Halloween yesterday?" he asks, but then it becomes clear - the pumpkins they'll be carving are used to stuff food in to feed the land animals like the aforementioned otters or penguins.

"A flavor of popsicle I hope we shall never have to try," Peggy snorts a laugh, grinning back. "I'm sure quite a few, none the wiser that they could have a very rare treat. Luckily, they were unable to find their way in." Otherwise he'd be bear meat and she would be without a Steve: neither of those are things she would like to think that hard about. "Perhaps this is a creative way to get rid of all their decorations," she replies softly as they approach the tables with children and parents, all painting and carving pumpkins to feed to the animals. "Care to carve a pumpkin?"

"Actually, when I was a kid they had these things called otter pops…" Steve explains. "They were these little packets of juice that your would freeze and then cut open and eat. They were quite delicious when you're a boy who usually could not afford treats." he winks towards Peggy as he laughs at her suggestion. "Are you sayinbg that we didn't carve enough this year?" he teases her. "Perhaps you could carve, and I could sketch." he suggests to her. He's always wanting to draw her, she may realize. As if she's a fleeting thing and has to capture her as often as possible.

"And no one thought of them as frozen otters?" Peggy smiles. "They sound very sugary and very American. We mostly just had our ice lollies." As the reach the table, she smirks. "None that would be fed to wild animals," she replies with a soft laugh. Not that the aquarium animals are wild - far from it, in fact. "That sounds like a good compromise," she admits. "Though, really, I'm not very good at carving pumpkins. You are the artist of our household."

"Well.. we could just sit over here to the side and watch the kids play." Steve says with a wink towards her. "I mean, unless you'd rather carve instead?" he seems a bit confused as he reaches to curl his fingers with hers. "I don't care, Peggy, as long as I get the time with you." he winks as he considers. "Okay, new compromise, I'll draw a design and you carve it - for some reason, I think you're better with a knife."

"I just thought it would be a fun activity," Peggy assures Steve. "We don't have to do it if don't wish to." With a smile, she places her other hand on top of his. "Though, I do like that idea. It's a good group activity." With a bit of a smirk, she shrugs her shoulders, neither denying or agreeing to whether she's better than him at using a knife. "Unless it's in the kitchen."

"There's no debate to the kitchen." Steve says with a playful smirk as he's already taking out one of his pens and feeling the pumpkins to find one that would make a good canvas. "And ideas on what we should work on as a couple?" he asks as he finds a suitable canidate and dusts it off to find a rag and wipe it down with.

Clearly it's Steve. Peggy only has a few dishes she can truly cook and has no real desire to learn any more, especially since Steve is such a better cook already. As she takes a seat at the table nearby another family, she smiles and thinks for a moment. "Well, this is the aquarium. Perhaps a school of fish." Plus, that might be a bit easier for her to carve.

Steve chuckles and soon he has the pumpkin in his lap and he's starting to draw. Knowing that they don't have all day to sit around drawing and whiddling, he sticks with a rough sketch and eventually, after a few minutes, he sets down the pumpkin. On the side of it is a fish 'standing' and wearing a graduate's mortar while a blackboard behind him has a 2 + 2 = 5. He grins. "You did ask for a school of fish."

As Steve puts the pumpkin down in front of her, she can't help but laugh. "I did indeed," she shakes her head fondly. Picking up the friendly carving knife, Peggy goes about carving and shaping the rest of the pumpkin. There's no shading or fancy sort of carving, it's strictly a cut out. They don't have all day, but it's fun to have a group project done with Steve. Before long, the messy parts are done and she sets the carved pumpkin down in front of them. "There we are. I believe that looks delicious for some lucky animal."

"I'm sure they'll appreciate your carvings as they're digging fish from it." Steve says with a grin as he watches her work. While he may never match her knife skills, he can surely appreciate them. Once she's done, he can't help but to give an appreciative applause. "Great work as always, m'love." he says with a wink at her as he moves to get to his feet and considers her. "Is there any place that you ever wanted to visit that you haven't yet?" Is he trying to get a Christmas present idea out of her? Maybe.

"Thank you," Peggy grins, enjoying the praise. Then, she raises her eyebrow. "Any place?" Plucking up the pumpkin from the table, she walks it toward the 'finished' table so they it can be filled with fish. "As in some place on Coney Island, the city or across the world?" That's quite a large question to ask.

"Well. The world?" Steve suggests. "I mean, in a dream scenario and we could get our finances set up for it." In other words, there's no impeding disasters and they could actually get out of town for a while. "Where would you want to go?" he asks her again with a grin.

Setting the pumpkin down, Peggy thinks for a moment. It's not the easiest question to answer. Peggy is not exactly the type to think about wish fulfillment in those means. She has things she wants and things she aims for, but she is not the type to pine. "Honestly, I haven't thought of it much," she tells him truthfully. "At first it was only to serve my country, and then it was to win the war, and then it was to do my job, and then it was to start SHIELD, and then it was finding myself here with you. I never thought of any other place I would like to be." That explained, she thinks for a few minutes more. "Perhaps a beach somewhere. A small island."

"Clothing optional?" Steve asks her playfully, knowing her British modesties as he slips his arm into her's again so they can continue their tour. "I'll have to see what I can that maybe we can travel to, just to have some time together, before the winter get's too bad here." he winks at her, pressing close, his hand searching for hers to twine their fingers together.

Peggy blushes just slightly, as Steve must have known that she would. "Only if it's a private island, buster." She gives a little poke at his arm as she says the last word. As they move past the otters and sea lions, she pulls him toward the jellyfish house. "I thought the point of winter vacations was to go somewhere very warm while New York is unbearably cold," she replies with a grin. Easily, her hand takes his and their fingers intertwine.

He knew she would, that's why he suggested it. "I'm sure Tony might know of a couple that could fit that requirement." Steve points out to her almost matter-of-factly as she pulls him into the jellyfish house. "Well, I know what will warm me up." Twisting about, his hand slips around her waist to the small of her back before he gives her a deep and serious kiss of promise of future intent once they get home. "Almost hotter than the sun." he whispers against her lips when he breaks the contact for the moment.

"From what I read of Tony, I am sure he has a list of such islands all ranked," Peggy replies dryly. The one she knows now is a bit different from the playboy biographies she read of him after first arriving, but that doesn't deny the fact that they are still there. Once they're through the door, the inside lighting has a very underwater effect. The lights are low and it seems like the lights are coming from the floating jellyfish themselves. When Steve pulls her against him, she kisses him back, arms resting on his shoulders. The blush has returned again and she smiles at him. "As long as no one gets burned."

He's in no rush to let her go, allowing the jellyfish lighting to pull around them as he gently sways beneath her arms. Steve offers up a smile, pressing his forehead to hers as he stares down into those oh so dark eyes. "You only burned me once, Peggy, and that was only because I thought I'd never see you again." he admits, keeping his voice low as he finds himself lightly dancing with her. "It's not going to happen again. I can't see a life without you at the center of my universe." he admits with a small, worrysome smile. "The rest of it will find a way - as long as you're always there."

With a warm smile, Peggy looks back up at Steve. Her forehead rests against his and they sway back and forth against the lights of the jellyfish. "That wasn't quite my fault," Peggy replies softly, though she knows that's not what he means. As they sway without music with water and jellyfish floating around them, she nods, agreeing with him. "We'll always have each other."

"I know. And there's nothing that's going to change that." Steve promises as he lifts his head so they can push a bit closer together in a long embrace. "I love you, Peggy. And I'm glad we found each other again." he says as he steps back to catch her hands in his. "So, what do you want to do now, my beloved?"

"I know," Peggy repeats back to him, squeezing his hands as he steps back. "I love you, too." As for what to do next, she glances around at the jellyfish and the aquarium. "Well, what else is there to do in Coney Island? The roller coaster? It may be too cold for a carnival. Perhaps get a hot dog and then head home?"

"It's been forever since I've had a coney dog.." Steve starts to say, as the thought dawns on him - he hasn't had one from the park.. since the last time he and Bucky visited just before Bucky enlisted. He stops for a second, his hand squeezing hers. It's time to make new memories. It's time to make memories with her. His best friend is gone - and he's not sure what took his place, but Peggy's here, and that's what matters most. "Sounds like a great plan. Though I have plans on how to warm myself when we get home." He gives her a saucy wink.

"Well, then we should certainly have one," Peggy replies as she starts to lead their way out of the jellyfish house. While she can tell he's having a dark thought, she lets it run its course, squeezing his hand back. With his last statement, though, she bumps him with her side. "The children, Steve," she grins at him, as there are quite a few children outside, though they seem none the wiser.

Steve smirks playfully. "Right, the children." Whatever thought he had there seems to be quiet as he grins. "We'll go home and read books, that sounds like a right proper plan." he teases as he bumps her in return as he opens the door to allow Peggy to take the lead on their journey to hunt down some hot dogs and head home.

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