2015-11-02 Bowling And HoverBoards
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Players: Samuel Tony Rhodey Jose Rogue Pepper Dyson
GMed by {$gm}
Title: Bowling and HoverBoards

There are places in the world where science fiction is turned into science, and where the world of tomorrow is being created today. Yet in few places does sci-fi collide with research as much as in the Stark Industries Research and Development lab. A marvel of metal and glass, the lab is partitioned with sections of glass of variable opacity, so that from any moment someone could look from one end clear to the other, while the other a wall of frosted glass would block their view. As can be expected, much of the research going on in the lab pertains to proprietary technology, and security measures just to get onto the floor are extremely high… and automated.

The elevator allows access only to the outer security door, requiring an identification card and a retinal scan just to be allowed through the door. Once inside, unobtrusive cameras keep an eye on the goings on, mounted in the high ceiling in black domes. Projects in various stages of assembly can be seen on work benches, either neatly arranged of in the haphazard stages of production. Power and data cables run underfoot to each research station, visible through the glass floor, and able to be reconfigured at a moment's notice through the access panels. Banks of computers line sections of the lab, chirping quietly to themselves, casting the area around them in a diffuse blue glow.

Lately, Sam has made less of a secret of his forays out into the lab, and has stopped holing himself up inside an office to work on his Magnus Opus. That he's making another suit down here is by now common knowledge in the lab among the techs, and that he has co-opted the fabricator usually intended for the robotics team is a source of equal aggravation and amusement. But lately that fabricator had gone silent, and the sarcophagus like door of the fabrication chamber had closed once more… but this time there was a sense in the air that these were the finishing touches..

From one part of the lab music is loud and Tony has a prototype suit hanging up. A shield over his face he works on some welding unaware at the moment if Sam is also busy with his own projects. Anyone can see this suit would not fit him so it must be for another purpose. Done with this he puts the welder down and lifts the shield from his face setting it aside. Moving to a computer he picks up a controller which he uses to animate the legs and arms of the suit carefully. "JARVIS, save those changes and bring up the wire frame model on the platform." he watches as a wireframe of the suit appears and he steps into it, "Conform the frame to me." once this is done he tests by moving a little watching the suit mimic him

From the opposite end of the lab, equally loud music can be heard, blaring from inside an office that until recently was occupied by Robotics and Automation. They'd taken the day off… it was easier than arguing with Sam, especially because his project had been sat inside their assembly room for a while now. A wireframe model, very similar but markedly distinct from the one Tony has displayed. "JARVIS, display pattern 'America Five'". Walking around the wireframe, Sam eyes the changes tot he suit's coloration and detail scheme, grinning. "Now does that look good or what?"

"Quite extraordinary, young sir. Perhaps you should include a bald eagle on the design somewhere, in case anyone isn't entirely convinced at your sincerity when looking at a walking flag." JARVIS retorts, in its usual dry voice which nevertheless manages to convey slight amusement.

"Too much? Ehmm… scale back the chest design, fill in with patriotic blue on the seams and go for a deeper maroon on the limbs?"

"Much better, I'm sure. Painting now, estimated time to completion, six hours and twenty two minutes."

"That long?!"

"You did insist on the satin finish powder coat, young sir…"

Tony walks in place watching the suit and then pulls off a few karate style moves. "Ok good. Seems to be mobile enough." breaking from the wire frame he sends this prototype away into safe keeping. Sitting down behind the desk he begins typing in some things, "All the modifications are input. What is the estimated time?"

"Five hours, Sir."

"Good. Once they are done I'll bring her in to try it on. Will do no good if she can't move in it." Tony says typing in a few more things before locking his system. Getting up he nows moves to the other side of the lab, "Hey, Samuel. Everything ok?"

The music trails off as the suit behind the fabricator seal is being painted, and Sam walks out of the office, running almost directly into Tony. "Oh, hey, hi." He doesn't look guilty at being found in the lab, knowing he's had tacit permission to use everything within reason, but it's the first time he's shared the lab with the man himself. "Yeah, everything okay, just… kind of excited, y'know? Putting the finishing touches on the Mark X-2." He's also carrying what looks suspiciously much like a hoverboard under his arm, or certainly a skateboard that lacks wheels, instead having a twinned pair of remodeled Mk4 Iron Man thrusters at either end. "Didn't know you were in, I'd have come to say hi."

Tony can't help but look at the hoverboard he holds. "Does it work?" he asks motioning to it. That would definitely be a marketing genius if those get perfected. "Planning to premiere it at the expo?"

Without hesitation, Sam holds out the hoverboard for Tony to take and look at. "Tried mine out in the park a few days ago, got quite a crowd. I built one with a control limiter and foot controls, gave it to Jose 'cause if anyone can fly it, he can. Of course, the limited model only flies for about an hour before it needs recharging, mine's… well, I got a powersource for it that's not gonna be on the production model." He adds hastily, smiling and taking a step back. "Y'know, if it ever gets produced that is. I'm thinking of launching it at the Expo, yeah. But… well, that does mean someone could reverse engineer those thrusters, so it's your call."

Tony takes the board to glance it over, "Reminds me of the things from back to the future. What is the weight limit?" is asked, "Would it hold someone like me or Dyson? Or is this made for Those of your and Jose's size?"

"In the end the weight of the passenger doesn't make much difference." Sam explains, arms crossed, glad to be discussing things on a level that he only ever seem to share with Tony and Dyson. "I figured that the riding height was more important than the impetus of the thruster, so rather than set a hard limit I set the effective thrust ratio to be compensated depending on how high the board finds itself off the ground. If you're heavier, it'll increase the effective thrust to compensate, and if you're lighter it simply does the reverse. The only real difference is how long you'll be able to fly without recharging. Jose will get over an hour out of a full charge, Dyson would get about forty, forty-five minutes. But that's all dependent on battery technology, and I'm pretty excited about the lithium-oxygen designs we've got on the test bank…"

Tony hands the board back to him, "Looks great. Show me it in action." he motions to an open test area. "Lets see what it can do. Can it go on water too?"
Around this time the door to one of the many research rooms on this floor slowly slides open. From inside a familiar face stepping out in his light grey suit jacket and pants. "flying squirrel in a tin can." The first words audible from a conversation being had between him and one of the research scientists who Rhodey doesn't exactly sound happy with. "We've still got a few more tests to run, trust me, I can iron out the." And the door is closed on the other scientist, Rhodeys attention falling back on the people he can recognize.
Jose has arrived.

Taking the board, Sam heads over to the open area and drops the board at his feet. The thrusters come online with a blue glow just before it hits the ground, and it hovers perfectly above the ground at the same height a regular board would. "No, you need a booster for that." He grins and winks at Tony over the feeble joke, and hops onto the board kicking off and making a slow, lazy circuit of the area, hands behind his back. "Of course, this is the cheat version, 'cause I don't need controls. But everything this board can do, the production model can do as well, just… well, probably depends on the rider on how well it does it." A kick on the rear of the board and it starts to accelerate, Sam kicking off against the ground and picking up speed. The board hums as it flies… and under his long t-shirt, a blue circular outline begins to glow just bright enough to be discernible.
Watching as he begins using the board, Tony gives Rhodey a wave before turning on his cameras to record this. "Are you wearing an arc?" he asks Samuel noticing the glow. "Look at this Rhodey. Like from back to the future. Hoverboarding!"
"Showoff" Rhodey comments with a bit of a chuckle, hands going right back into his pockets as he walks over. "You know Tony think someone should get Sam here away from you, before he just turns into you outright." A small pause to look towards the arc. "Might be a bit too late already."

And boom! Jose pops up between Rhodey and Tony "Nah! Samuel will always be his own person. Though Tony ain't so bad" he nudges Tony who like most folks that live in the pent house are quite used to his popping up ways. Jose was wearing a backpack, with a hooverboard sticking out (Thank You Sam!). "Latest model?: he asks curiosity sparking in his eyes as he cants his head

That board seems to behave very much like the real thing… the real thing from the movies, that is. It's clear where Sam got his inspiration. Speaking of… "Ehm… yeah. You said I could use anything, and, well…" With a flourish comprising of an elaborate figure of eight that spins him around his own axis while still traveling forwards, he stops the board, kicking it once as he jumps off and letting it float up so he can snag it under one arm. "Well, it's the most efficient power source I could find. It runs this board pretty much indefinitely, and it's made the Mark X-2 so much more efficient." And then Jose gets a smile. "Nah man, prototype, Tony hadn't seen it yet. How's yours working out?"
Tony for a moment is rather well.. worried. "Its removable though right?" he questions Samuel not phased by Jose's sudden appearance. "Mine is embedded in my chest for a reason. You didn't go that far did you?"
There's a very slight jump from Rhodey this time but nowhere near the kind of through the roof leap that he had the first time Jose popped up out of nowhere. The test pilot just quietly shaking his head, before moving so he can pat Tony on the back. "Come on Tony, not like you didn't do anything crazy to try and impress your dad." Walking around to get a few different views on the board. His own thoughts at potentials working round in his head. More quietly muttering to himself. "Sometimes wish I still had the MKII"

"Nothing serious, just getting the groove and tricking it out! Though I was wondering how high….." and then Jose registers Tony's question and blinks looking at Sam "Dude, did you seriously perform open heart sugery on yourself?" he ask half shocked and half impressed just at the thought of it. Looking to Rhodey he asks "What's an MKII?" get get out his board and plops it onto the ground - it been grafited on that's for sure and if it's with Jose, it best be durable!

A bit taken aback by the question, Sam reaches under his shirt towards the ARC. There is a click as he visibly twists the reactor, and the glowing disc is removed from its mounting. "Whoah, no, don't worry. Just modified one of the unused Ranger-X bullet proof vests to wear under my shirt. Holds it perfectly and, well, kinda warm in winter too, so bonus." The ARC glows a soft blue, machined with a gleaming gold casing, and he reverently hands it over to Tony for inspection. "And I'm gonna make damned sure that never gets lost or stolen. The moment I think someone's gonna take if off me, I'll collapse the reaction. Gonna be a pain to replace, but rather that then have some loonie get their hands on this kinda tech."

As Rhodey mentiones the Mark Two, Sam idly checks the production time left on the Mark X-2, and blinks once. "Tony… according to JARVIS there's two suits in production right now? I know one is mine, so… ehmm… wow. Expensive afternoon, huh? What is that, like, four million dollars for the pair?"
Tony looks at Jose a moment and pulls off his shirt so they can get a good look at his arc. "Once upon a time my company made weapons. I was demonstratign one and got hit by an explosion when our convoy was attacked. Shrapnel went into my chest and was nearing my heart, I was kidnapped and a man there with me made an magnet type arc hooked to a car battery that kept the pieces from going into my heart. I created this." he walks over to his first arc thats in a glass case, "From simple scraps. Its been upgraded of course but its the arc technology I use to run the tower. Is keep shrapne out of my heart." placing the case down he presses a few buttons letting a case of glass come out from the wall housing a suit. "You want it Rhodey?" he will find it painted in patriotic type colors.s
"Still remember you stumbling through the desert in that first suit." Rhodey walking over towards the case as his intrest has been taken a bit off the point at hand. "Wouldn't be the first time-" His voice trailing off at the newly modified suit, "Someone took one" hands going right back into his pocket. First hover-boards now this. "That would be the mark 2." Said with a somewhat surprised expression. "Little bit more Captain America then I remember it, but uh, yeah." Looking up towards the suit. "You sure you didn't pull this off the Ice cube Tony?"
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There an echoing whistle as Tony tells the tall and then shows them the first arc and the suit. Jose looks between Tony and Rhodey "Let hope not, ice cubes are dangerous" he says with a slight grin towards Samuel. Still he get closer to the mark 2. "Well, if your not a captain man, you could always paint it" he suggests pokeing at it and emitting a series of clicking sounds.

"Or, you know, six million…" Sam continues in awe, watching the Mk-2 appear. "Who's counting, right?" He shares the grin with Jose at the remark. "Ice cubes. Don't trust 'em." Idly his own ARC is clicked back into place. He knew Tony's story, or at least most of the public parts of it, but the sight of the original ARC is still awe inspiring. As is the gathering of people in the lab at the moment, with the very real sense of history in the making. "Hey, Rhodey man… gift horse, mouth."

Tony pulls his shirt back on and opens up the glass case. "If you want it then its yours. It works." he presses something that powers it up for him. "You've done more than enough to earn this. You've had my back many times."

"Tony I gave back the MKII for a reason man, War Machine is just a cartoon character now" Rhodey sighing to himself and running a single hand down the front of his face, thinking it over, the reactions and pressures from the people around him not exactly making this whole decision any easier. He lets out a low sigh, looking back over his shoulder, at the crowd. "Listen I…" Pausing as he extends out his hand towards the suit which opens for him to hop right in. Hand pulling back slightly as he thinks about it. "I'm no hero Tony, I'm not you. I take that suit and you know what's going to happen man. Much as I might want it back what happens when I get called back to the front lines. Been with the airforce twenty two years, getting ready to just retire from all that settle down, find someone nice, maybe have a few little rhodlets running Around." His hand clenching tightly, before he just hops into it anyway. "Still going to take her for a spin though."

"Knew it" is all Jose says "Just come back in one pieces". A stretch latter he gives a kookaborra laugh. Looking to Samuel "WHich remind, how high do these hoverboards go, I was about to jump off the roof, but I figured I better make sure I ain't crashing to my death by accident" ponders "So yea" nods and steps back, just in case Iron Patriot over there goes flying off. He had watched the suit closely and shivers a bit, the idea of being in one of those things was not exactly to his likeing, he'll take nice open space anyday

"Iron Patriot… I like that name." Sam smiles, and then his attention is on Jose. "It should compensate for the height, but… ehm… try with like a ramp first?" Watching Rhodey suit up stirs something inside of him, making the ARC flare. Checking the status of his own suit, he knows there's hours left before the paint will be done, so he can't join in on the joyride. At least, not suited. "Or… how 'bout we see if we can keep up with the new Patriot?"

Tony looks at Samuel, "Your board can fly that high? Better not test that right now." he presses a button to open an escape hatch if Rhodey chooses to use it. "Take it for a flight and then tell me that again when you return. Its like eating a chip."

As Rhodey steps into place the suit closes right back into place around him forming a tight seal, with the aid of an almost blindingly bright light. Both eyes and a single glowing light on the chest of the suit glow bright as the moon in a pure white light as the suit activates. Lifting a hand to his face he flexes it slowly closing and opening it as he remembers that familiar feeling before suddenly rocketing up full speed through the escape hatch.

Jose hops onto his hoverboard which begins to well hover "Well, we can at least test how fast they can do! He watches as Rhodey speeds off whistling as he does so "Dang, talk bout touching the sky. I'll give him at least an hour before he back!" he declares as he starts doin circles around the place, moving slow and mello, nothing fancy yet it seems "Thouh if this baby can go that high, you KNOW I'm going to give it a shot!"

Watching the Iron Patriot take flight, Sam sidles up next to Tony and watches the suit fly off. "Y'know…" he eventually begins, deadpan "… I get this sneaking suspicion he's gonna say yes to that offer."

Tony gives Sam's hair a ruffle as they watch Rhodey take off and as Jose starts riding his board around. Once Ssam decides to go do whatever he does, now is the time he moves to his computer logging back in and goes through soe files pulling up the board files. Copying them over to his private server he closes out the main going to his server to pull up the board file and pulls up a wire frame model on the table next to him.

Jose hovers on over to where Tony is and looks over at the wire frame "What exactly is that supposed to be? The skeleton of a new model or something?" he asks as he pokes a finger at it. If he can't hear it, he'll touch it. But still alot of this tech stuff still goes over his head sometimes, or at least he never seems particuarly inclined to seem like he knows what's going on

Rogue was out on the balcony of the penthouse when she saw the Iron suit fly out from a a few stories below. That noise was unmistakable and she'd heard it several times before… the sound of those rockets firing so efficently… she admired that technology a lot, even if she didn't understand a lick of it. Marie took a moment while watching it to take another puff of the cigarette she was smoking and then sat it aside on the table in the ash tray she'd brought outside with her. She then hopped up onto the metal rail along the balcony and then dropped off of the building and allowed herself to free fall down to around floors 84 and 85. With a sudden 'burst' of atmosphere around here Rogue took off in flight to try and chase whoever it was in that suit, she assumed it was probably Tony…. she was wearing her dark brown leather trench coat and a dark AoT hoodie beneath that, with blue jeans and dark leather boots on her feet… no iron suit on this air-borne girl, no sir!

Tony shrugs, "Just looking at his design. The weight shows how long it will last. Plus it doesn't work over water so need to work on thrusters." he spins it around looking at all the specs.

"Really? I hope Rhodes know that, cause otherwise that is going to be one loooooong swim" Jose says. He reaches out and turns the model around "So why don't the thrusters work over water? Ain't it just heat or somethin?" he asks squinting his eyes in thought "And…. also why haven't you gotten that shrapnedil removed? Just curiouse" he says

Tony blinks a little bit, "He is in a suit and we are looking at the hoverboard." he tells him with a smirk. Looking down at his chest and the glow emitting through his shirt. "I've thought about it. Then I won't need this anymore."

Jose blinks and turns slightly red in the face "I knew that, was just testing you is all!" sage nods. He gives the arc a slightly flic "Well, sure you would, else your going to have this giant hole in your chest! Though I guess considering you get almost sliced into swish cheese every other month, might fit in" he grins. He looks at the wire frame "…." he really peers "Well, what if it could I donno blast out enough air to stay hovering over water or something" grumbles about the wireframe

Rogue came into a fast landing on the hangar door that was open creating the launchpad where Rhodey had taken off from. She was moving fast enough that it left her in a soft jog for a few steps before she stopped, her trenchcoat flowing around her legs. She'd chased after Rhodey for a little while before she felt she better head back in… since phones and cameras were no doubt trained on the sky and she didn't want to be in the papers… Marie walked into the lab's main room, big open R&D lab… she eyed all the employees around, some of whom were eyeing her back having just watched a young woman land in their workspace without any apparent technology… "Wingsuit!" Rogue said, opening her long coat up a little and nodding to them with a smile. She spotted Jose and Tony and started to walk toward them, figuring nobody believed her anyhow. "That wasn't you in that armor?" She asked Tony.

Tony looks at the design making it flip over, "Hovering isn't the issue. Its getting it to move over the water which is.. Blowing enough air might help it move but there needs to be a way to activate it by the user." he then looks towards Marie, "No its me. The me you see now is a hologram or maybe even a clone." he teases.

"it's Sam, Tony said he could take it for a test drive" Jose says so matter of factly that he may as well had been telling the truth. Jose thinks for a moment "Well, why not have it read mental commonds? People are always talking about how someone should be wearing a helmet while riding a bike or skateboard or some crap like that. You could make it a control" he suggests "A technopath without being a technopath." he grins before forwading his brow "Or or, you can have it be like auto sense it. They got them photovore robit things that sense light, why not one that can sense water?"

Rogue's green eyes went from Tony, then to Jose. "Oh… I see." She started. "Been dippin' into the Smart Ass'Os for breakfast have we." She tells them, putting her hands onto her hips while listening to their little technical conversation. She nodded her head slowly a couple of times. "Fair enough, gentlemen." And with that said she turned around and looked about the room again, she'd never been in here… she looked up toward the levels above and all the people working up there in their little see-thru offices. "Huh." She says before turning to walk toward one of the testing areas where there were what looked like Iron suit parts, boots and gloves.

Tony gets up to his feet, "Its Rhodey." he assures her. He wouldn't let a kid in one of his actual suits. Walking past Jose over towards Marie, "See anything you like?"

Jose hovers behind and cants his head "Hmmmm. If you have a chance ta give something a try, I would take it if I were you" he says with a grin to Rogue "Course you can already fly… mabey one of those weird blaster glove things. Bet you got a nasty shot" he says in a sing song way

Rogue was standing next to one of the tables with allt he gauntlets on it laid out, all the different styles… She glanced over at Tony when he approached and asked this question which earned a grin from her. "Sure. I guess… I mean they look like somethin' out of a Transformers movie, but I guess thats why kids love ya so much." She averted her eyes back to the rows of metalic handwear and then at the big boots with the thrust engines in them. "I seem to recall shootin' your ass right outta that Paintball game there, Jose Lame-aim." Marie reached out then and picked up one of the boots to turn it around and look over the craftsmanship of it. "Lighter than I expected." She quietly said.

Tony smirks as she looks over everything, "We should all do that again. It was rather fun." nodding his head, "Light weight strong metal that you can easily move within."

Jose blinks slowly "Lame-aim? Ohhh hoho" he says "Anytime time Rogue! I'll show you how lame my aim is!" shakes a playful fist. But there a grin there "We should, was a load of fun last time. Mabey we can even kick it up a notch" he says his brain cranking away

"Yeah!" Rogue says back to them both as she sets the boot down back where it was on the table. She turns around to face them both and her hands go into her leather coat's pockets. "This time we'll use REAL guns, alright!" She says in a mockingly over-energetic voice. She flashes a grin at the two of them and then walks toward the hoverboard that Sam built. She'd seen Sam skittering off when she'd arrived, doubtlessly off to build the Delorian Time Machine next. "I don't feel as bad for my prank, now that you got one of thse, Little Dude." She said to Jose as she reached out with her booted right foot and poked at the board with it testingly. "Though, mine has a sexier color scheme, if I do say so myself… Mmmhmm."

Tony just shakes his head at the pair, "One day jose will be of age and you two can marry. You already fight like a married couple." he teases both.

Jose stares at Tony looks at Marie and than back at Tony "Well it's possible, she like what, 10 years older than me?" he says matter of factly before shruging "And she sings good enough, but no offense Rogue you just ain't my type" smiles before saying "And also, my color shceme is way better."

"I won't take any offense from that." Anna-Marie replied to Jose when he said this. She walked over to one of the computer terminals and eyed the holographic image of what she assumed was the suit that Rhodey was wearing currently, like its stats and such. "I don't seem to be anybody's type, really." She muttered that part whilst staring at the pretty holo-image of the suit rotating around. She looked back at the two of them. "Welp. I think I'm going to go grab a bite to eat somewhere, maybe a beer or twelve."

Tony gives Jose a look before walking towards Marie, "Why don't we all go eat somewhere? Maybe go bowling or something. I think its glo bowl night at bowlmor."

Jose blinks at Tony "What? I'm just being honest is all" his biggest flaw! He cants his head "Hmmmm, food dosn't sound bad, I'm hungry" he says with a laugh

Pepper had the day from hell. If it could go wrong, it had gone wrong. Still, all's well that ends well. And it had. Time to relax. Finding neither Tony nor Sam in the penthouse, her first thought had been to check the lab. The elevator doors opened and out she sashayed, looking relaxed in a pair of jeans with a blingy butt and an ivory sweater and sheer floral scarf. "Aha! I've caught you all being sciency!"

Rogue stood there eyeing the holo-graphic displays of the iron suit and its stats when Tony made that suggestion and Jose chirpily agreed to go along with it like a good cartoon squirrel would! She then grinned a little, but when Pepper arrived she looked up to greet the woman with a big smile. "Oh, don't you know it… I'm all up in Beakman's World here, crackin' all the gooy goodness outta the center of Science." She said before starting to walk again, back peddling now as she moved toward the elevator doors, she looked back at them all. "Bowling night, Monday Madness… hype train! Toot tooooot!"

Tony moves towards Pepper giving her a kiss to the lips, "hey, baby." he grins rather happily. "We are all going bowling. Care to watch me beat them badly? Its glo bowl at bowlmor. Can get food and just all relax."

Jose makes a fake gaging face at the kiss, all in good humor. But soon enough he heading for the elevator, stuffing the hoverboard into his backpack "Rogue, did I ever tell you that yer one wild child? Never met anyone that talks like you" there a grin there. Jose naturaly give Pepper a wave as well "I'm sure you can take him Pepps!"
The rather quiet sounds of the song War Machine by AC/DC suddenly come from the direction of Tony's pocket, rather quiet at first but getting louder. A somewhat appropriate ringtone considering who's calling, and who just left not too long ago.

"You'll notice he didn't mention letting me bowl," Pepper asides to Jose with a wink. "Knows I'll mop the alley with 'im, y'know." She returns Tony's kiss tenderly and grins. "I'm all for relaxing. And I'm starving. But I'm afraid I'll be beating you badly…" she chides as she glances at Rogue. "Is this train pullin' outta the station?"

Rogue looks over at Jose and she grins at him. "I didn't used to be this way, ya know. I used to be quiet and twitchy… awkward'n just, shy." She stepped up to the elevator and pushed the callpad button before looking back to Tony and Pepper. "Its'a barrelin' down the tracks, Runaway Train… Soul Asylum-style." She flashed Pepper a grin then when the doors to the elevator opened up and she hopped over the threshold into the fancy lift, her leather trenchcoat flopping around her legs as she did this over-energetic display of boarding!

Tony smirks, "Alright then we will see." a wink is given to Pepper walking with her to the elevator while digging out his cell phone. "So hows it handling?" he asks knowing by the tone it is Rhodey on the other end.

Jose head bobs to the music of the phone "Oh reallt Rogue? I find that hard to beleive" he says hopping into the elevator and waving Pepper over "Let go kick butt!" he declares!
From the moment the phone is answered there are a few sounds of explosions in the background and gun fire. "Well you know a little rough on the turns, but over all, think I might li- SHi-" He cuts himself off an explosion following. "Think I like it Tony, bit of a target with the stars and bars, but I can get used to it." Repulsor rays fired off in the background.

"All's fair…" Pepper proclaims. She heard little of what was said but could discern explosions and almost-profanity emanating from Tony's phone. She leans in, inclining her head to parallel Tony's as she shouts toward the phone's microphone. "Rhodey! Beer. Food. Bowling. Stop playing war and come unwind!"

Rogue stepped back to the back of the elevator and leaned back against the wall of it, she didn't know what was going on on the phone call. "Yeah… it started to change once I started pickin' up other folks' memories." She told Jose. "Half the the time, I don't even know what the hell I'm talkin about. Its just some random thought someone else experienced god knows when or where." She stuffed her hands into her coat pockets. "This train is pullin' out, yo. Board up!" She told the older people, before looking at Jose. "I think they're gonna wait for Rhodey to get back. I guess that makes sense, the guy's probably stuck inside of a bilboard somewhere with his arms'n flags flailin' around like a mad man." She grinned a little at the thought of it inside her own messy head.

Tony is on the elevator and is just waiting or it to move. "You heard Pepper meet at at bowlmor in Times Square." hearing Marie does make him laugh. "Marie says she can beat you in bowling and to get your butt out there. So if you are playing war then put the suit away and come play."
"You guys never let me have any Fu-" There's a loud ooof of Rhodey having the wind knocked right out of him before slamming into something. His voice a bit less cocky. "Be there in ten tops, this isn't going to take long" People in the background shouting in Serbian. "Maybe fifteen." As the sounds of heavy automatic weapons fire rings out. The call ending.

Jose cants his head, he heard the whole phone call "…dang that suit must be fast. I swear people on that phone where talking in some mideastern language or something" he then looks to Rogue "Yeesh. Kinda make me wonder what makes you you. I mean if we're defined by what we experince, and you experince what other people experince than it like whoa am I what I experince am I am what I am" he sage nods "Still, your you" smiles" he taps the close door button and says to Tony and Pepps "He'll be fine, now lets bowl!"

Pepper wraps an arm around Tony's waist and gives a squeeze. "Sounds good Jose. So…what did you boys do in the lab today?" She looks expectantly at Tony.

Rogue listened to them on the phone with Rhodey and she smirked a little, but when Jose started to talk she just laughed lightly and reached over with her left hand to pat him on the head a few soft times. "Jose… stay out of my marijuana, okay?" She said with the hint of a little grin.

Tony puts his phone away, "Working on a suit." he tells Pepper giving her another kiss while pressing the button for the lobby. Then he breaks it looking at Marie, "You don't really have that do you?"

Jose blinks at Marie "… yea no worries. I have NO plans on doing drugs after had delivered them for awhile. I'll be on the nope train before that happens. Make yer head feel funny and all that" blehs

[Later at the Bowler]

Inside are video screens, 48 glow-in-the-dark lanes and lane-side food and drink service. Game on! The arcade feature kids favorites and retro games for the grown-ups who have yet to grow up. From glow-in-the-dark air hockey to a giant crane game packed with awesome prizes,

There are seven uniquely-themed bowling lounges where you can eat, drink, and bowl amid the scenery of a Prohibition-Era speakeasy, an Art Deco palace, a Pop Art-inspired gallery, or an iconic city neighborhood like Chinatown, Coney Island, or Central Park.

Arriving first on the scene is none other the James Rhodes, master pilot, ladies man, muscular dreamboat, voice actor, and all around walking perfection, or rather that's what he sometimes wished people thought of him.

He'd had a bit of a hard time getting back here after the whole suit thing but thankfully he had some help finding his way quickly, and the military fitness standards didn't hurt his endurance in running to this place. Dressed in his usual grey suitjacket, pants and a blue shirt he makes his way over to the light gun game off to the side, just wanting to pass the time a little while he's here. Almost managing to bump into a man in a black T-shirt with a skull on the front leaving from the bowling alley with a rather fulfilled look in his eyes. The other equally muscular man taking his own leave out a back exit.

Pepper grinned as the group arrived at the entrance. "Take a good look around, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is the very last thing that you'll see before you are utterly obliterated by the Pepper Bowlinator. Right this way." She opened the door and held it for the others to enter.

Rogue went inside with the others and immediately went toward the bar, grinning toward Pepper's words. "I'm already prepared to yield the trophy over to ya." She said back at the other. Once at the bar she tapped her hands on the counter until the familar face of the barkeep noticed her and came over to get her order and say hello to Marie, they knew each other from the other times she'd come in here.

Tony grins at Pepper, "Oh we will see." heaading inside he walks over to the shoe counter. Getting his size he waits for whoever else to get theirs and remembering the ones Marie likes he gets those while she goes to get a drink.

Jose waves to Rhodey as he makes his way in. "Well well, lets see who wins this match up! I ain't even been bowling, but lucks in the air!" he declares. he carefully made his way past the man in black skulled shirt shivering. Bad and good vibes? No thanks. None the less he picks up his own pairs of shoes and a good feeling bowlingball "Soooo, we doing teams or all out war?"
"Took you guys long enough," Rhodey jokes with a bit of a smile shooting away at cheesy 90's FMV aliens on the front of an old arcade cabinet that's probably been around about as long as a good few of the people actually bowling here if not longer. He's doing pretty good when one doesn't stop to consider the actual training he's had with firearms but who counts that? His own bowling shoes at the ready covering his feet. "Already been here a good two minutes before you guys got here."

"No…no I want the ones I with pink!" The shoe rental dude looked where Pepper was pointing.

"Them's for kids." But looking back at Pepper's pout, he relented. "Fine. But it'll be a size four in kids." He handed Pepper a pair of shoes with pink and yellow, with soles that go blinky when they are tapped together. Or walked in. Pepper waxed triumphant.

Rogue participate in a healthy amount of flirting with the guy behind the bar who was probably almost twice her age and three times her body weight, but she played along with him anyway cause he was nice and it usually resulted in free drinks for her. A moment later infact and she was walking away from the bar with two free bottles of beer. She went toward where Rhodey was at his video game machine and she offered him one of them and then leaned over to give him a kiss to the cheek. "Glad ya didn't wreck your suit and like, bust your neck all up into a billion tiny little pieces, mister." She told him with a sly grin before taking a sip from her own bottle of beer and then moving to join the others. "Dibs on the green ball and I vote for all out war!" She says, taking a seat at one of the open tables.

Jose holds onto the green ball he picked out "No way, this ball got them ood vibes! Sides, I picked it up first" he says. He takes a double take at Pepper shoes "….." he has that grin and was amazingly quiet. Oh yea he was laughing on the inside. "Come on Rhodey, let show these people how we roooolllllllllll" he says before looking at the screen near them "Hmmm…. I'll let yall deal with that before you have to payfor a new one!" he looks ready to go
"Come on, I've crashed enough of Tony's prototypes that a little AA isn't going to hurt." Rhodey jokes with a bit of a smile, firing away as Rogue walks away managing to keep up without lousing very many lives. Then again the game isn't exactly incredibly difficult when it comes to light gun arcade shooters. This was why Rhodey liked it if he was honest, was challenging enough to keep him busy while waiting for people to get read. "Call dibs on the blue one." He calls back blowing the head off a poorly rendered alien.

Pepper walked between the racks of balls, perusing until she found a green, purple, and white swirled ball with sparkles. "Oooh, YOU look lucky." She plucked it up and blinked her way back to the others. "I'm ready!"

"Well, if I can't have the green ball… I just don't know if I can keep goin on in life." Rogue said quietly as she leaned back in her chair and took another drink of her beer. She put her booted feet up on the chair across from her and looked at blue ball that Rhodey picked and then one that Pepper found for herself. "Alright, well… someone start throwin' these damn things. I need some entertainment."

Tony walks over dropping a pair of shoes into Marie's lap and steals her beer taking a drink of it before handing it back. Setting his shoes down he goes to pick out a ball which he chooses orange and sets it onto the rack. Sitting down he begins to change out his shoes, "Pepper can start us aoof and then Marie. Jose, Rhodey and I will go last."

"Well we can say Marie, I do go after you after all" Jose says rolling the green ball to Rogue. He then looks to Pepper "let see what your made of!" he says in a cherring way!

Pepper picks up her ball and centers herself in front of the lane. She visualizes the pins falling. She tries to hide the fact that she, in fact, SUCKS at bowling. First the windup….then the release.

She tirns coolly and turns to walk back to the others for a moment.

Rogue takes the green ball from Jose and she stands up to take her leather long coat off, draping it over the back of the chair. When her beer is stolen by Stark she gives him a little glare. "Next round is on you then, Dingo." She told him with a little smile before looking over to Pepper to see her first go. Rogue offers an encouraging cheer and several nice loud claps! She then exhales and moves to go for her round… "Okay… don't throw the ball through the back of the building…" She mumbled to herself.

Tony gives Marie a salute pulling Pepper into his lap while waiting for his turn. Giving her a kiss, "Great job, baby. So.. Did Marie already tell you all we are engaged? Pepper and I.. Not Marie and I."

Jose decides to go ahead and take his turn "So we heard. When the big day eh? Going ta honey moon somehwere?" he wiggles his brows. None the less he pulls the sphere back and then lets loose… and his ball goes right into the lane next to there and is STILL a gutter ball "Ahh for the love of Talos!"

"Good try." Rhodey comments walking right over away from the game to the nearest lane. Patting Jose on the back, he grabs that ball he'd been eyeing before looking down at it. "Watch a master." He's not really focusing as he just rolls the ball down the lane, only for it to go four whole lanes over and get a strike… on Peppers lane. Without even missing a beat he just says "Nailed it" Turning back towards rogue. "See, even better at bowling then I am at basketball." Before walking back over towards the arcade machine.

Pepper hugs Tony and slips off his lap and grabs her ball. Playin' it cool, playin it cool….and whispers to herself. "And I SWISH!"

The ball rolls down the lane divider and stops midway, precariously balanced.

Rogue watches everyone's bowling attempts and she stands there with her hands on her hips and nodding once. "So I'm in a group with a buncha nerds then… is that how it is?" She asks, looking at them each. "Ain't none of ya have ever held a bowling ball in your life? Too busy playing Dungeons and Dragons, huh?" She then takes her green ball and goes for another shot, sinking… a fair amount. "Neeeeeeeeeerds!" She says after turning around with her hands proudly up in the air and a big smile on her face.

Dyson Quietly ducks into Bowlmor, hunched over a bit as the place wasn't exactly designed with people like him in mind. The giant teenaged mutant nods to one or two other patrons he has met in the times he has come here, but mostly tries to be as inconspicuous as possible (it's not possible).. there are always people who stare at him with fear, or disgust.. Whatever. Like many days the past month or two, he's disappeared after classes, doing who knows what, but apparently tpday he's just coming to see his friends bowl.

Tony gets up heading to go pee and comes back with drinks for the adults and a soda for Jose. He whistles towards Dyson to get his attention waving before going to get his ball. As Pepper takes her next roll he is rather well distracted watching her form and going to toss his ball is flies backwards towards the seats hitting one.

Jose waves to Dyson happily as he sees his friend (how can you miss him?). None the less he looks to Pepper, Tony and Rhodey and finaly to Marie, with fire in his eyes "Okay! Time to kick it up a noch!" Ball in hand he takes three strides his arm swinging back and then comming forward, letting the ball soar down the lane! The ball is spinnining, going and managed to knock over about half the pins! Jose jumps up "Ha! Nerd my butt! And for the record, no I haven't held a bowling ball before!" nods

After going back for his own ball, grabbing it from the ball return on Peppers lane and spinning it round on his hand a small smile on his face Rhodey begins the walk back to the lane of his own. "You kidding Marie, I'll have you know I've never lost a single world tournament of Bowling in my life." Taking a big swig from his free beer from earlier, taking a bit more joy in the free things in life. Before sending the ball down the row right smacking down three pins, winding up with a spare come the second throw tossing back even more of the contents before setting the bottle right back into a small holster.

Pepper also sucks at cheating. Having grabbed a second ball and hurled it down the lane, she knocked down all her pins and half the pins in the next lane. She walked back smugly (blinky blinky blinky) and wondered if anyone noticed.

Rogue offers Jose a high-five and she grins at the kid before she looks over toward where Dyson was showing up and she offered him a big wave. "Hey, wanna show these rubes how to bowl, big guy?" She asked him, grinning some. She watched Rhodey do his stuff and she reached up to tug on her shirt to airate herself. "I'm gonna pass out from this steamyness that is risin' from my loins." She teased Rhodey before going for her ball again just in time to see Tony's ball go rolling by. "He can make a flying suit out of old soda cans… but bowling, is his true nemesis." She grinned and watched Pepper's 'i don't give a shit anymore' turn, giving her a good nod then went for her own turn……… to sink all the pins. "Yeh… yeh yeh." She did a little dance back to her chair.

Dyson grabs seven childogs, four orders of nachos (with extra jalepenos) and a medium Diet coke from the food area before he heads over to Tony, Jose and the others. His sandals are quiet on the wooden floor, their not being shoes large enough for him here, but thats fine since he is not Bowling himself anyways.. not after he blew apart lane 12 a month ago. He's lucky the owner was nice enough to let him keep coming back (and that Tony has a pretty good checkbook). "H-Hey guys!" he says to them all as he sits on the upholstered high backed bench with his tray.

Tony sticks his tongue out at Marie before finding his ball. "Alright now I look at the pins and not Pepper." he tells himself and bowls the ball knocking out most of the pins. "There we go!" turning he walks towards Dyson, "Glad you came to join us. Been doing alright?"

Jose get his ball and prepares to make his next roll! He does the same set up and zip! Rolls the ball right now the lane. Luckily he had knocked some dowm earlier, band knocked two more down now. "yes!" Sure it wasn't great byt it was something. But soon enough the ninja is right near Dyson and he for some reason has some nachos in his hands despite not visiting the food stand. He pops one with extra Jalapenos into his mouth "What you been up to?"

And another ball down another ball down, another ball down the lane. Hey, he's gonna get you to another ball down the lane. At least there's two more pins knocked right down onto the lane, as he takes that next shot, coming to the realization that he's really not that good at bowling. He just shakes his head, takes a swig from his bottle, and wanders back to the arcade machine so he can do some more shooting.

Rogue takes another shot and she smirks at the result. "Alright, that wasn't my best outing." She said then before she watched the others and shook her head lightly. She went back to the table to gather up her beer and then walked over to Dyson to sit down next to him and give him a smile. "Heya." She said over and up at him. "Whats up?" She asked. "Haven't seen ya for awhile. Jose got a hoverboard, you wanna ride it?"

Dyson wipes his lips with a napkin, only 5 chilidogs remaining…. and he sat down only a few seconds ago., "H-Heya, Tony. I've been d-doing quite well, actually. Sorry I've been sorta.. you know… out alot after classes but.. you know.." he smiles a bit then raises an eyebrow at Jose and then his three orders of nachos.. Damnit Jose! Of course he doesn't say that… just waits for his friend to notice that he had added a few dabs of ghost pepper sauce from the little bottle he had stashed in his pocket. "I've been.. uhm.. Working." he tells his friends, nodding to Rogue as she takes a seat next to him as he picks up one of the other doctored Nachos. "And If he gotta hoverboard.. I think I b-better check out it's lift specs first.. And By hover I h-hope you man only an inch or three above the ground…"

Tony grins at him, "That is great! I'm proud of you. And the hoverboard will do just fine with you riding it." reaching out he steals a chip not realizing it has that added ghost pepper sauce. Grabbing his ball he plops the chip in his mouth. Biting into it his face immediately turns red and his eyes water. The ball is tossed down the lane in a bounce hitting the gutter. Grabbing his beer he chugs on it choking he coughs his head going over a trashcan while falling to his knees.

Luckily Jose rather extensive diet included spicey foods. Unluckily, that dosn't mean he is immune to their effects, it just takes a moment for it to kick in. He is sweating bullet soon enough "Ummm… dyson….. can I….. drink some of that" With bravery and uncertainty he takes his role, which is a gutterball. Next thing you know he is ordering plane nacho chips, when you don't have milk, you get bread or the next closest thing "Dang I have GOT to put that in my picho de gio!" he declares, and he was sweating more as the chips kicked into overhear….. yea no. He next to a trashcan

Rather quick to give up on the whole bowling thing Rhodey decides it's best just to focus on something he's good at. Shooting pixelated monstrosities, at least that he can get a decent score on. Focusing on the machine he absentmindedly sits down his bowling ball on the side. Being at an angle it manages to roll back down the machine onto the floor down the lane and into six of the pins sending them falling down into eachother and knocking down a few more pins while he shoves some quarters into the machine.

Oooooooh… Dyson shoulda warned Tony but he was distracted by /Jose's/ reaction (which was great by the way) and handing him his soda, then blinking as Tony keels over with a beer and a trashcan. "Oh gods… I a-am so sorry.." he says… but sits where is… and happily starts eating nachoes. Yay for invulnerablity!

Rogue stands up from beside Dyson and pats him on the shoulder when Tony rushes toward the waste bin to try to appease the mouth burney gods. "He'll be fine." She said with a little laugh toward the show. "That stuff doesn't effect me at all, but… I'm not much of a cheese person, so nachos kinda make me queezy." She told no one in particular, immediately thinking nobody probably even was listening. She walked toward the lanes in time to see Rhodey's ball just roll out toward the pins like something out of a Naked Gun movie, then she wondered what a Naked Gun movie even was. "His best shot, and he didn't even throw it…" She muttered while nodding her head a pair of small times. She lined up her own throw, did the bowling shuffle and sent the bright green ball down the lane…

Tony just stole a chip with a jalepeno and ghost chili sauce on it. Some went down and it didn't feel any better coming back on him. Mouth, throat, and chest all on fire he takes another swig of beer swishing it and sppitting into the trash can while sweating.

Some people snap photos of Tony Stark with their phones as he pukes into a trash can. Teenagers. Laughing and talking about Youtube.

Jose was over a trashcan because he FELT like he was going to puke. But years of eating read food (and more spicy food than your average person) helps him pull through without going over. Though his face was defintly red, and he was still sweating bullets. Yea bowling WAS NOT on his mind at the moment He looks over the crowd and blinks slowly "So…" he says coughing "WHich one of you thinks you can do better? A challenge a challenge right?" perhaps turn it into a good thing. he glances over to Dyson and his voice whispers by him "Hope you got more of that hot stuff"
That's a familiar sound, Rhodey idly pulls out his own phone, looking down towards it while still shooting the screen one handed. It's just something he was supposed to be testing for the lab, and he wasn't technically even supposed to have it at the moment, but if anyone's going to be making fun of tony it's going to be him. He places the gun back into its holster as he hears the game over sound.

Walking back over towards Tony, Rhodey hits a few buttons on the phone like device. "You alright man? Thought you could hold your liqueur better then that." He just pushes one last button and the lights very close by flicker for a quick moment as well as the screens on the actual lanes only quite close. It's not strong enough to fry their phones, but it is going to be enough to reset them and lose the footage.

Rogue turns around from the bowling to see everyone either suffering from ghost peppers… or having already given up on bowling. She sighs dramatically and walks toward the nachos that have caused so much trouble, she picks one out and scoops up all the fixins onto it and then pops it into her mouth. She chews it down and swallows it. Her hands go to her hips. She stares at everyone. "I win at bowlin… I win at eatin." She declares. "Team Rogue. Unstappable! Who-rah!"

Dyson snorts at Rogues and Rhodey's antics, and then looks at Jose and Tony with.. well.. the most severe lack of sympathy that he's ever shown. The grey teen is actually grinning. "Oh, I know they w-will be fine, Marie." he says then looks innocenty at Jose. "When I w-was four I snuck a can of P-Pepper spray from one of my watcher.. I thought it was a drink or s-something and bit off t-the end… Got a complete mouthful of b-bear repellent-level capsaicin " he explains.

Jose slowly recovers "Well! Never thought I would see you grin!" there approval there as he slaps Dyson on the back "NOW! Hand me another one of those chips" and he was prepared with his own plain nochos. Sadist or determined? The world may never know "By the way, where HAVE you been? Did yer ever tell us? Cause either this heat going to my head or hot dang I got some bad memory!"

Dyson munches on some more nachos… and another hotdog or two.. chewing slowly and thoughfully before swallowing and shrugs his massive shoulders. "No… I didn't. It w-was.. something I needed to do for myself." he says, softly… He takes a sip from his soda (which he liberated from Jose), then smacks his lips. He nods to Rhodey, who returns from his last toss.

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