2015-11-19 Kitchen and Coffee with Jean and Rogue

** Xavier's School - Main Kitchen **

Jean Grey

Rogue had returned to the school earlier this week, she was't currently teaching any classes but she'd been asked to come back because Ororo had been called away and the school needed some knowledgeable to fill in for Storm's absence. In the kitchen now, Anna-Marie had helped prepare dinner for the students who were mostly all gathered in the near by dining hall at the four large tables enjoying the food that'd be prepared for them, it was a Mexican food themed night and the students were building their own tacos and burritos. Marie was at the sink doing some preliminary cleaning, her cell phone on the counter playing a tune as she hummed along to it and cheerily did the mundane kitchen duty work like a good worker-bee!

While it may have been polite to call a head, or even leave an email, Jean didn't really bother to warn anyone she was coming back home. After the incident with the Phoenix and far too much pingpong with men for someone trying to get her law degree, she took time off from everything but school. Moved into the city, to post-grad dorms, barely visited on weekends, did everything to clear her head of everything except for focusing on school. But now it's Thanksgiving break, or almost is, and it's time to come home. Having been pouring rain outside when Jean carried her suitcase up to her room, she's now stepping into the kitchen to find some hot tea or coffee. She's in a pair of jeans and an oversized gray sweater with a big scoop neck which half falls off her right shoulder. Her hair has gotten long, she's not cut it since she left. She looks better than she had in ages, truly. Even if half soaked. She smiles as she sees Rogue. "…Have I been gone too long to make my own coffee without asking, or is this kitchen still home?" She asks warmly of the younger woman.

Rogue was just standing there at the sink singing along to an Adele song on her phone like a big goof, when Jean strode in and she looked back over at the woman with a big smile spreading across her dark-red-painted lips. "Well hey there, stranger." She said to the other woman, reaching across the granite sink to shut off the water spout, she then grabbed a towel to wipe off her hands and turned about to face the other. "Looks like ya got caught out in the great weather we're havin' today." She said with a bit of a grin. "There's some coffee already brewed there, its still pipin' hot infact." She sat the towel down on the counter and motioned to the pot not too far way from the sink she was at. "How ya doin'? I heard you were nose deep in classes again, goin' all… Erin Brokovich on our asses." She grinned a bit larger then and leaned back on the counter, folding her arms together over her stomach rumping the black zip-hoodie she had on that had Xavier's School logos on either shoulders.

"I'm soaked. I thought he cab was going to turn into an amphibious vehicle just to get up here from Harlem. But, you know, still work sharing the love…" And, arms open, Jean reaches over to Rogue for a damp, soaked-sharing hug, unless Rogue ducks her arms, which just means she's going to get briefly chased around the kitchen. The hug is held for just a few heartbeats, Jean remembering the warm and solid strength of her friend. Even if they'd never touch skin, it was good to be close. She then pulls back and moves for the coffee maker, pulling down a mug from the same cabinet they'd always been stored. It's like nothing changed. "Semester's practically over. Thanksgiving break, then finals. I'll have to study at some point but… I'm almost done. One more semester, then the bar. It's… Well… I'll be glad to be done. How are you?"
Rogue didn't shy away from the hug, a rain-soaked Jean wasn't enough to make her run flailing her limbs. The thing about hugging Anna-Marie was that she at first glanced looked like a rather lithe and light young woman, but when hugged she was like hugging a stone statue. She didn't bedn or move in any direction that she didn't choose to go in, her physical strength was nearly unmatched, but she was still a warm, soft and comfy human body to embrace… who smelled good too! like strawberries and lavender! "Damn, so you're gonna have like a law degree and a medical doctor thing too? What is that like Doctor Plus title now?" She asked the woman with a grin and put her (non-gloved) hands on the counter on either sides of her hips now. Jean would be aware that Rogue was given a set of black dog-tags from Tony Stark that worked with the same arc-tech that he used inside his own chest… Tony had designed the tags to absorb Rogue's skin on skin power whenever the tags were activated and laying again'st Anna-Marie's flesh, and she had been wearing the arc-tags almost ever since, but at the moment they would be hidden inside her hoodie.

The hug is savored and that old, familiar, sweet scent. It was very much like coming home. But coffee calls and Jean finishes pouring our a mug for herself before holding a second one up and shaking it in the direction of Rogue in a silent question if she wants some. She then grabs at the sugar, sweetening her coffee to the point of diabetes, before putting the sugarbowl down and scooping the mug up between her hands. "It means you call me Jean and we leave it there. Though…" She smirks in amusement, "I might make Tony call me Esquire, just to see how uncomfortable it makes him."

Rogue nodded her head at the prsopect of some coffee, she hadn't actually had any yet. She reached over and shut off her phone when a Taylor Swift song came on, because… she has standards. Her phone was tucked into her dark blue jeans pocket on the backside and she just leaned there on the counter and grinned at Jean. "He's been in Tokyo for the past two weeks. Haven't even been able to get a word in with him. I think he may have moved there permagood." She said in her also all-too-familar southern toned voice. After a short pause she cleared her throat a little and then threw out. "He and Pepper are engaged. As of about three weeks ago, or there-about." She reached her right hand up to push some of the wild locks of her white and brown hair back behind her right ear and out of the way of her face whilst she was trying to speak.

Jean stares at Rogue as she hears that song, tilting her head with a fairly teasing smirk, "Oh, Marie, please… tell me in my absense you haven't fallen to such poor taste in music? What has this house come to?" She's still teasing and warm. She definitely looks more stable and content than she had for much of the year previous. She pours out Rogue's cup of coffee and doctors it just the way she used to take it — hopefully she hasn't changed that preference in a while, before sliding it down the counter to her. The nice thing about telekinesis is being able to slide coffee without spilling any. The comment about Tony makes her blink, both surprised and then a bit warmed. "Really? That… that was fast. Good for them. He always had eyes for her."

"Yeah." Rogue said to the last bit as she reached out to accept the cup of coffee. She grinend a little. "My brain powers that I nabbed from ya have worn off." She told her as she lifted the cup up to hold it with both of herhands. "And nah… I was jut usin' one of them internet radio things that tells you what kinda music you like, rather than actually have any god damn idea what ya like." She grinned softly before taking a drink from her cup. It actually WAS her coffee mug too, it had the picture of Scooby Doo on it wearing a detective coat and hat and looking for clues with a magnifying glass. "Tony seems happy enough though, so thats good. And so do you for that matter." She added a little sly grin then before taking another sip of the hot hot beverage, heat not really causing her any pain.

The slender redhead rolls her half bared shoulders in a shrug, the motion relaxed and almost feline, as she sinks her hips into resting against the counter behind her and nurses both hands around the coffee cup. "I was… getting to caught up in it all. The headaches were bad… but I was just making it worse, messing around with the boys, not making decisions, not sleeping enough. I needed to get out and focus, clean my own damn life up. So… I did. It's helped. A lot." Her smile falls, just a bit, green eyes staring quietly back at Marie across from her. "…I don't think I ever said thank you… for what you did."

Rogue just held the cup there in her hands enjoying the warmth of the glass on her palms. She nodded a couple small times over at her friend. "Ya don't ever gotta say it either." She replied to her in-short, following it up with a flashed smile. "The Professor weren't available at the time, Emma neither… and for all Emma's good, she may'a done more harm while helpin ya just for her own weird little agendas. I may not be a straight up powerful Mutant psychic, but I can fake it pretty good if I get the wiggly finger magic going on folks who are." She lifted her left hand up and made to wiggle her fingers playfully in emphasis of her words. "I miss the telekinesisisis…sis, bit, but I don't miss all the mind readin' stuff… Man, people think some nasty shit about ya when they think they're alone inside their own heads." She said with another grin. "People be nastay." And with that said the southern belle took another sip of her coffee.

"You probably saved my life. And I don't have to say it, but I want to. Thank you, Marie. Truly…" Jean tries to catch the other woman's eyes so Rogue can see just how much it meant to her, even if she had her head a bit up her ass at the time. "…And no, mind reading isn't… isn't all it's cracked up to be. I just keep shields up most of the time. It's safer. But without the training, well… You put your sanity on the line for me. I won't ever forget that."

Rogue bobbed her head in a couple small nods and she flashed Jean a big smile. "Hey, no biggie." She said in her sultry southern tones. "Lotta people around here didn't trust me much when I first got here, so I was always tryin' to do right be people here. I guess I just got used to it and will, well… I'll always help you and any of the other's here. Ya'll gave me a life thats been worth livin' and I want to make sure yours are all good as they can bee in return. If that means bad guys on the outside that I gotta beat upa for ya, or bad guys on the inside… I'll go in fists blazin' to make sure they get smooshed." She gave another smile and took another sip of the coffee. "So you're just back for a bit then heading off to the big city again?"

Jean's smile says far more than her words can. Thankful, trusting, loving… A thousand words behind it that she'll never be able to speak. But hopefully Rogue understands, even if just a bit. She takes another long sip of her coffee, tension just falling away from her body as she sinks into the scene. Back in the Mansion, back with her friends. It meant so much. "For Thanksgiving, at least, then gone a few days for finals, but I have most of December off. ANd…I… I miss it. What have I missed? I feel like I've been gone so long."

"You and I both." Rogue replied to her with a sly grin. "I got back here this morning around nine… Ororo left late last night, had to catch a plane back home. I don't know whats going to happen with my job in Manhattan, but I think I'm going to stand down from it. Its been… too public. I've had too many people ask me if I was the 'flying girl from July." Which she was. Marie's boyfriend was beheaded by a Sentinel back in late July and she'd fallen into a rage-enduced frenzy, which ended with her flying toward New York with a traincar over her head. Emma had had to shut her down with Cerebero and drop her into the East River where Tony, Kurt and Collosus had to resuce her. It'd all been caught on civilian cameras and she'd been labeled a terrorist for quite some time, though they'd never gotten a clear look at her face, her hair was just a pretty obvious indication… even if a cult of teenagers had started wearing their hair like hers out of honor of the Mysterious Traincar Action Flying Girl. "I don't wanna bring the Academy of Tomorrow down, just cause people got the wrong idea bout what I was doin'. But, again, can't get ahold'a Stark about it all."

A frown decorates the redhead's features, both worried and not entirely certain about the best course of action. "… Well, Marie, I guess the question is: Do you think you are doing more harm than the good you are doing teaching those kids? You know they need someone like you… Someone who has been through the hard stuff, knows it's not all flashing money and big computers." Someone who isn't Tony. "…You'll hurt them just as much by leaving." Jean counsels softly.

"Yeh…" Rogue replied to these words from Jean rather quietly. After another small silent moment she sucked in a breath of air and then exhaled it sharly back out. "Ya know, when I got the bright idea to stay on here as a teacher originally, I thought it'd be all… rainbows and happiness. I didn't realize that it'd actually lead to some seriously… like, soul yankin' moral decisions." She said, flashing a grin to Jean before she glanced toward the double doors that lead into the dining hall where the Mexican food night was under full swing and all the voices could be heard of the students who were attending. "But I like it here too much to be anywhere else too." She looked back to Jean with her own green eyes. "New York's just not my kinda place to live. I'm too used to trees and peace'n quiet. Sure, this big ol spooky castle may not be a farm in the way down south, but… its still got some'a that charm, somehow."

"…It's got plenty of charm. It…it's home." Jean shrugs in agreement, her smile lingering, if a bit more muted than when they started talking. "For what it's worth, I… I know the feeling. Living down in the city, away from everyone, it helped… but it was lonely. Nothing compares to this place. If…if you're coming home, maybe I will as well. We can commute into the city together on the days we need. It's not that far. We'll make Professor X pay for parking." She flashes a grin.

This got a good laugh out of Marie and she nodded her head a couple of times. "You and Tony had split after that Academy of Tomorrow party that night in Stark Tower… you didn't see the Professor show up to the penthouse all wasted off of everclear." She said to Jean with a big grin. "It was the silliest… weirdest… and most uncomfortable I think I've -ever- been in my whole life." She nodded two small times. "Bobby was there, thankfully, as was Jubilee. We had to keep him from fallin' right outta his chair… he swiped one'a Tony's nudie girl cups outta the kitchen and tried to hide it in his jacket, then he started sobbin' about us all leavin' him." Rogue shook her head side to side. "Strangest thing, evah." She repeated with a big grin.

"… WHAT? You are shitting me. You have to be joking. *Everclear*?! You are joking." Jean states at Rogue wide eyed, fighting every instinct she has just to reach in and see the images for herself from Rogue's brain, but she wouldn't do that to a friend. Still, she is in abject shock at the thought of it all.

Rogue laughed and shook her head, her wild brown and white hair flopping around on her shoulders. "Not messin' with ya. Honest to God truth." She replies. "Bobby was on party security duty, Scotty and Stormy were supposed to be swapping shifts at the car in the garage and up in the tower. Though they got their wires crossed and thought Bobby was fillin' in for them. But nobody knew that the Professor had left the party early… and ya know how that Stark Elevator is all like, fancy high tech stuff, I guess the Professor got lost on some high level floor, like up in the Avengers section… He ends up lost inside Stark Tower for the rest of the party then randomly comes out into Tony's penthouse after Bobby, Jubilee and I had gone back to relax. He'd found a bottle of everclear somewhere… and started chuggin' on it like it were water or somethin'." She grins again. "I bet he's blocked them memories outta his own head already by now."

Jean laughs and groans, shaking her head in completely amusement and shock. "Oh, I'm going to *have* to ask him about that. Right after I assure him we're all moving back home, he hasn't lost anyone, and everything will be okay. Or maybe I should do it in the oppostie order, use the promise to come back to sooth his hurt ego." Jean lets out another giggle, only barely able to picture it all. Then she draws in a deep breath and stands up, moving to sit at the kitchen table instead of slouching on those cabinets, comfortable and tired now that she's warmed up. "…But seriously. I'm glad we're all coming back home. It… wasn't the same."

"Most of us." Rogue said as she moved toward the table as well, pushing a chair out from under it with her leather booted right foot. She perched herself on the edge of the chair and sat her cup down on the table. "Logan's still gone. I haven't spoken to him since… Like, August, I think. But thats just kinda his thing, afterall. Make token appearances, and then run off back to… whatever it is he does. Cigar shoppin' or whatever." She said with a little grin. "I guess its been a crazy school year here too. More students than evah. After the Sentinel stuff that happened nationwide this past summer, more kids are lookin' to figure out their mutant powers and more families are opening up to the idea that their kids need to learn how this stuff all works. I guess an army'a killer robots is enough to make folk get up off their round asses and do somethin' about it." She flashed a small grin then and leaned back on her chair with a huff of an exhale.

"I…I can't say I'm happy for the Sentinels, because really, screw those f*cks." Jean doesn't curse much, but when she does, it's because she's angry to her very core. And Sentinels are one of the few things that can bring that out, "but… if there is any silver lining, it's good that more kids are getting help. Hell…back in our day, when no one even knew… I know how scared I was. You know you had to be miserable too… It's awful to be different and alone."

Rogue nodded her head to the other's words and had flashed a little grin when Jean had cussed… Anna-Marie cussed often and maybe too often… it pleased to see those who weren't known for that come up to her level sometimes. "Most of these kids have had pretty decent childhoods though. Its us rare ones that found ourselves in the super nasty places. Hell… I didn't even know what a mutant was when it first came up in my childhood. I was just all happy to be suckin' face with a cute boy, then bam… he's out like a light and I'm left there thinkin' 'Uh, did I just murder someone'?" She smirked at the under-dramatization of that moment in her past. "But yeah, we got some real unique mutations at the school these days. We got a kid who walks around with a bucket full'a rocks and he just chews on'em like they're cookies." This got a small grin from her as she put her left elbow up on the table and sunk her hand underneath her hair to hold lean her head against her fingertips. "I met his mother this past summer… She came here for his birthday with his pops. She said some nasty shit about her son and his mutation, so I picked her up and threw her ass into the swimmin' pool." She was still grinning after saying this all casually.

Jean smirks flatly at her old friend, "Kissing, Marie. It's called *kissing*. Sucking face is something that happens in that Aliens movie. I think." She deadpans that last statement, but cracks a smile a heartbeat later. And then the news about some of the newer mutations happens and Jean arches a brow, "Rocks? That's…interesting…" She wasn't sure how useful it'd be, but interesting! A touch of protective anger crosses her features as the cruelty of his parents is mentioned, and then the pool incident, and she's grinning again, "Good job. I hope you shorted out her phone."

Rogue had a quiet and soft, almost goofy sinister, laugh at the correction of her use of terms for kissing. It also got a shrug of her shoulders inside that black hoodie she had on. She took another sip of the coffee and flashed Jean a grin. "The husband was proud'a me for doin' it. He said she deserved it too. And she did… Fly all the way over here from Buttburgh Germany, just to make your son feel like shit on his birthday?" She shook her head softly then. "Thats a kidna evil that even them Sentinel's don't tread near." She shot out an exhale then and shifted her lithe form upon the fancy wooden kitchen chair. "I guess this woman tried to turn me in to the cops too, once that stuff happened in Manhattan. She tried to get them to net me, but the Professor 'assured' the police that I wasn't even in the country when that stuff happened." Another shrug then and Rogue sat her mug back down on the table and spun it in a circle. "As many favors as the wonderful old guy has given to me, I can't go around and pick on him too much for slammin' a bottle'a everclear and tryin' to steal a nudie mug." She grinned over at Jean. "I'll let that one slide for'im."

"Buttburgh?" Jean comments, arching a brow. If she was 15 years younger, she'd so give into the immature temptation to laugh. As is, she just shakes her head and smirks, "…What an unfortunate name." Is the most civilized commentary she can give about it. But that fierce protectiveness returns when Rogue mentions the woman trying to turn her in. She is Not Happy to think about it. "…Yes… Professor X is… very good to us. And entitled to be human on occasion. I'm glad it's smoothed over and you'll have to introduce me to the young man soon."

Rogue laughed at her initial question and she shook her head. "I can't remember the actual town name… I can barely remember the name'a the street that this school sits on when parents call and ask for directions." She says, still laughing a little. "Ahhh… I'm a nutcase. I know." And its true, she was. Rogue had more memories floating around inside her head than she could really manage and they made her think and say rather random stuff. But that never stopped her from trying to manage it all. Even the weird stuff she got out of Jean's head after helping her, stuff she didn't want to think about! With a grin though, Marie nodded once. "Anywho. Everyone will be happy to see ya here for Thanksgivin'. We got a big day or two comin' up in this very kitchen… and the other kitchen on the other side'a the school. Lots a kids to make dinner for, lots'a turkey's to end the life of." A short pause after saying this and Rogue looked away toward the right. "That made me all manner'a rightouesly sad just sayin' that outloud… Huh…"

"Sad? Oh, Marie… the birds were treated very well until then. It's… it's tradition." But Jean realizes almost anything she says isn't really going to make it better. Her nose wrinkles, "…Maybe we… we can go to a farm and pick out one turkey to pardon, the way the president does. But then we'll have to figure out a place to keep it. Do you think the Professor will allow us to keep a turkey in the back yard?" She might not actually be kidding, though her grin is trying to coach Rogue into smiling again as well, "…and I'll help cook. Maybe I won't burn anything. I won't burn anything *down* at least…"
Rogue then laughed again at hearing this stuff and she nodded once. "We go and do that and then we got half this school'a kids tellin' us that 'one isn't enough' and then we get into this whole moral ethics debate of eatin' animals." She said this, just picturing the kids turning all self righteous and not wanting to participate in Thanksgiving dinner. "Maybe if we just pardon one and put him out back anyway. I mean we got a whole stable'a horses, I doubt the professor would much care if we added a turkey… or twenty… to the horse fields. Huh… I wonder if horses and turkeys get along." One of Marie's favorite things about this place was that they had horses here, her aunt's farm back home had had them and it'd been the thing she missed most after running away from the place when she was so young. "I think that sounds like a pretty slick idea though, overall." She grinned to Jean and then lifted up her coffee to finish it off before rising up from her chair with ease and she walked over to set the mug back into the sink.

As Rogue actually explains what is wrong with her idea, Jean's eyes go a bit more wide and she shakes her head almost immediately, "No… no! That's a horrible idea. Forget I said it. Never mind. We're not bringing it up to the kids. Because you are right, half of them won't eat dinner and it's Thanksgiving, dammit, we're all supposed to get fat together!" She grins again, ever so happy to be home, "We'll just buy the damn Perdue birds. They're already dead. If we don't eat them, it's not like they'll come back to life1"

Rogue, at the sink, listens and laughs at Jean's words. "Damn, red." She replied then, turning about once more. "You're startin' to sound more like me." She said at the other lady with a big grin. "Ya sure I didn't leave behind any MY personality inside that head'a yours after I dived in there all heroic-like?" She teased, big smile on her face. "Cause that'd be pretty badass to know that my powers might be workin' in the opposite direction now. I can go around makin' all kinds of disagree-types be more enjoyable to be around, due to… ya know, makin' them be more like my wonderful self." Ah, what a wonderful ego the southern belle had on herself.

"Oh…I don't know if your powers rubbed off. Maybe just living with you all these years affects a girl. You know, because you are wonderful." Jean is just going to feed into that ego, especially on a night like this, happy and warm. Relieved to be back home. Of course, it was also a long drive up from the city and getting fairly late, so a moment later she's yawning and she just can't suppress it. She hides her yawn behind her hand, but it's clear than she's going to be to bed soon. She's already half way there. "God. I'm getting old. Can't stay up past 11."

Rogue just tilted her little chin back and soaked in the goodness of that compliment with a big beaming smile. She was jesting of course, well, mostly jesting. But when the yawn was hidden behind the hand she let herself deflate a bit and then grinned. "Yeah, I drove up here early. Its not too bad once ya get outta the city. I wish I could just fly my little butt back and forth, but I'd get all them 'America Fuck Yeh' types firing off their guns at the weird UFO soarin' over their heads." She flashed another little grin and then hopped herself up onto the counter and sat there, swinging her feet. "If ya need help with anythin' thing, red. Just hollar at me. Half the time I'm bored outta my mind anymore. I got more energy than I know what to do with and rarely ever even manage to fall assleep longer than an hour or two."

Jean stands slowly, long body stretching out and her back popping in a few areas. She definitely had been in a car too long. She then steps over to Rogue and pulls her into another hug, this one lasting a bit longer than the first. "…Thanks for welcoming me home. I…I don't need anything else, but maybe we'll get breakfast in the morning." She lets go and steps back. "For now, though…I'm going to go remember how old and lumpy my mattress is." With one last wink, she floats her coffee cup over to the sink to set it inside and then slips out into the hall, intent for bed.

** END **

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