2015-12-10 Sewer Invasion
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Katt Boris Emma Jean
GMed by Katt
Title: Sewer Invasion

New York New York, December 6th, 7:00 PM.
The world of late has been a chaotic place, with a new threat appearing over the horizon just as the last is dealt with. Demons, Gods, Giants; they all seem to want a piece of the big apple. And so it is unsurprising when those sensitive to temporal shifts feel a ripple in the fabric of time. Spreading out from somewhere deep below New York, it hums across the city, swells to a shallow peak, and fades away. It is an easily forgettable thing. Perhaps another basement scientist has learned how to time travel?
But no. it is never that simple.
Not four minutes after the swell in temporal activity, a darkness begins to spread through the tunnels beneath new York. Heavy and oppressive with to those with any shred of telepathy, it rudely hurls any and all mental presences out into the land above, consuming the underbelly for its own. In no time at all the entirety of the winding tunnel system spreading out from beneath the city like ancient roots is shrouded in a full mental block.
And above, in the quiet suburbs of Bayville, behind the abandoned shell of an office supply store, a lone covered manhole gently steams in the cold night air.

It was more or less time to head on home for Boris. He had gotten permission earlier to go ahead and leave campus to do a few things, and luckily with the fact that it was winter, no one question hisoversize coat, hat and scarf that helped to cover up his mutations. But once outback the majority of his covering comes off and and stuff into a backpack.
With a little shake as if preparing himself he sinks into the ground, earth rippling around him, untill he lands into the sewers below with a loud thump. He may not be telepathic, but something was off, but it's the sewers, their creepy anyways. So slowly he hums making his way to where the school should be, his tail thumping as he walks.

[Boris, I know you're in the sewers, I need you to wait where you are, Jean and I are on our way to meet you. Something under here isn't correct.] Thinks Emma towards the young student as she slips down a ladder and frowns forcefully towards the goop that she just stepped in. "Why must it be in the sewers. This is so Spider-man type work. Even Logan doesn't smell this bad." She moans lifting a hand to her nose to try and plug it with her thumb and index finger while she waits for Jean to jump down to join her in their scouting mission.

Deep down, Jean didn't want to touch the rungs of that latter any more than Emma did, but she prided herself on taking pretty much anything in stride, so she climbs down after Emma, just as quickly, jumping the last few feet with a bit of a splash. She's got wellys on, always good for New York City rain days so she keeps them in the back of the car. They'll help with some of the muck, as long as it doesn't get too deep. "Just breathe through your mouth and try not to think about what you're tasting." She deadpans to the woman, bringing up her bright flashlight and beginning to shine it across the tunnel.

The thick, pungent smell of the sewers assaults Boris' nostrils as he thumps down onto the cement walkway bordering a sluggishly flowing river of filthy water. Creepy is perhaps a good word to describe the place. Dank, dark, and full of the soft scuttles and echoing drips that is expected of such places. And tonight, on top of all that, there is the feeling of being watched. Nothing is there. There are no presences detectable in the mutant's whiskers. But still the feeling lingers.
Perhaps most eery of all is the fact that, at no time during his walk through the sewers does Boris receive Emma's telepathic message.
The white Queen herself, upon attempting to reach out, can feel the enormous weight of the mental block baring down on her. Despite her mental strength the lingering presence forces her thoughts to remain in her head, and her head alone. And as if that weren't bad enough, the sticky gunk clinging to her shoe smells distinctly human.
Jean's light cuts through the darkness around the women, shimmering off of the slowly flowing river of gunk that meanders down the center of their tunnel. Beady red eyes are briefly reflected in the beam before their owner squeaks and scuttles off through a crack in the wall. It was probably just a rat. Probably.

Boris eyes dart here and there. His whisker quiver and shake as he feels something watching him, but couldn't find anything. He stops a moment on his walk, ignoreing the smell as he calls out a moment "Hel…hello?" he says and waits as if expecting an answer. He grumbles "Must just be nervous bout the tests comming up" he concludes, and contines walking, though there was light trembling happening around Boris as he does so. His ability to create tremors and quakes tied directly to his emotional state. It wasn't hard, but strong enough to make the flowing water ripple as he walks.
And despite not having a flashlight, he navigated the water sewers well enoughe thanks to those whiskers. But still that feeling of being watched bothered him, and he subconciously found himself walking a bit quicker, and turning his head every which way.

"What was that?!" Emma shrieks briefly turning to diamond down her arms just briefly before she looks back at Jean for confirmation at what they just saw. "Did you see that?" Emma says, her heels making sickly sounds in the sewage as she moves about but waits and pauses in silence and then after a moment of hesitation and some trial and error, she allows the diamond to creep up her arms and to change her entire form into the enhanced carbon material, her defenses on high based on the situation, and figuring Jean's coming to the same conclusions.

Jean's eyes and flashlight jerk to the side, beam cutting across those red eyes and trying to follow where it goes. She winces slightly, "I…I think it was just a rat. Calm down, Emma, it'll be fine." She calls across the place, her voice loud enough to probably be heard echoing down the tunnels. She continues with the sweeps of her flashlight as they go, beginning to build some mental armor around herself as well. Just in case.

The faint echo of Boris' tentative question fades into oppressive silence, broken only by the underlying ambiance of the tunnels. Above him, something roughly fist-sized detaches itself from the ceiling and falls silently through the air, vanishing into the water behind the young mutant with a solid 'Splunk.'
@emit "What was that? 'loo-lo-o." Echoes through the sewers, the sounds sweeping through the tunnels in a confusing jumble of human speech. Judging by the location of the sounds the two women couldn't be far from Boris. Perhaps just around the next bend. The tunnel he is following curves sharply toward the left in a rounded arc, and from that direction come the sounds of feminine voices and soft squelching splashes. And yes, ahead, the glimmer of a light dancing across the surface of the water.
"It was." states a calm male voice from just behind the two women. "It was a rat." The tone is quiet but firm, a light baritone with a hint of a New York accent. And as the stranger speaks, a light flicks on behind them and throws their shadows out across the floor of the tunnel, huge and undulating against the unstable water beneath.

Between the echos and the sound of whatever it was falling behind him, Boris goes into a full on sprint. He heard the voice, they sounded familiar, and that light, there was light! Screw it if they were human or not, this place was making him more and more nervous, as the strength of the tremors increases with his axiety and fear. He calls out loudly "Hello, anyone there?!" in that baritone voice as he rounds the corner and freezes in therbight light, his eyes going deer wide. The young mutant was shivering, as he was easily unnerved at the best of times. It made it hard to tell who was there, but he could sense three people at least, two seemed familiar but one was not

Emma turns at the sound of the voice and actually does something that could be considered selfless and puts her hand between Jean and the new voice, before pulling Jean to be behind her in relation to the newcomer. "Who are you?" Emma asks with the hint of defensiveness in her tone though she's not assuming this figure is here to cause the psychics harm, but she's not taking a chance having put her diamond self between man and Jean. She doesn't notice Boris just yet though the tremors aren't registering in her head.
Shortish but bulky, this darkly clad figure somehow manages to look both savage and militant at the same time. Though it has exceedingly long hair, the shoulders are much wider than the hips, giving the figure a male silhouette.

A length of tough black mesh is wrapped shroud-like around his head, the ends left free to drape across his back and shoulders. Beneath this can be seen the shadowed outline of a sturdy-looking helmet of shimmering black leather, covered in overlapping plates of thin mat-black metal. The helmet sweeps down from a rounded top to cover the bridge of his nose and both cheekbones, while leaving his jaw exposed. A black cloth scarf has been wound about his lower face and neck to hide what the helmet does not.
Long grey hair spills out from beneath the back of his helmet. curled into a cascade of thick dreadlocks, it has been gathered and tied at the rim of his helm, then allowed to cascade freely down his back to just below his tail bone.
The rest of the figure's bulky form is mostly hidden beneath a heavy black robe. Made from strands of tightly woven Kevlar, The shabby garment has a deep cowl hood that is currently thrown back, wide monk's sleeves, and a rather shapeless cut that ends right around his ankles. Glimpses through the open front reveal flashes of shimmering black leather . Beneath the robe he is wearing a full suit of battered black armor, including his gauntlets and boots who's badly pitted metal plates show heavy use.
Complementing the figure's armor are his various weapons. A huge two-handed sword is sheathed across his back, the stained grip of tough grey leather sticking up over his right shoulder. A second, more stylized snake-like pommel of dark green plastic peaks out through the front of his robe when it shifts, announcing the presence of a more reasonably sized sword hanging from his left hip. Running at an angle across his armored chest is a black leather bandolier, the numerous little pouches full of ammo. If he is wearing any guns they are hidden beneath his baggy black robe.

The red head, far more dressed for sewer mucking in her wellys and jeans, jumps as she hears the newcomer's voice. Instinctively, though he is casting light down the tunnel now and half blinding them in doing so, she whips her flash light around to point at the figure. She blinks as Emma puts herself between Jean and the man, but she also doesn't move or protest. She knew the blonde had better shields than her own, physically, at least. She lets the older woman speak for them both, though she does actually notice Boris. "Here. Stay close to us." She whispers quickly in his direction, a protectiveness in her tone as she sees the fear in his eyes.

The blindingly bright light is emanating from a sphere mounted at the top of a black pole, currently strapped to the back of a bulky figure in some sort of armor. The suit is varying shades of tan, clearly some sort of desert camo, and made from a thick fiber or woven plastic with what appear to be solid plates set over vital areas. There is a heavy over jacket, bracers, and boots, as well as a matching combat helmet with a currently loose chin strap.
But the face beneath the helmet is female. Strong boned and stoic, with light grey eyes and a stern expression on her face, The large female human stares impassively at the two women. A huge plastic shield is strapped to her left arm, and her right hand rests on the hilt of a heavy-looking sword at her left hip.
There is a soft splash as a man steps out from behind his companion. Outfitted in a similar suit of armor colored varying shades of urban grey, he casts his wintry grey eyes over first Emma, then Jean, and finally past the two toward Boris off in the distance. Like his female counterpart, the man is ruggedly handsome. There is a few days growth of light stubble dusting his cheeks and an air of command about him. But unlike his companion he doesn't carry a light. Nor does he carry a shield. A large sword is currently sheathed across his back, and cradled in his arms is a heavy-looking gun with a long clip hanging out of the bottom, all black steel and dull grey plastics.
"I'm impressed by your sparkles," States the man a bit blandly, cold eyes returning to Emma, "but you should really learn to be more quiet. There are things in these tunnels that are not nearly as polite as us." As he speaks he keeps the barrel of his gun angled down and away from the group, but his gloved finger is on the trigger.

Boris is soon behind and close to Jean and of course Emma, and where he goes, the tremors follow, and saddly, the closer one is to the source, that is Boris, the more prominte and stronger they become. He is silent as he stares at the lady with a shield and and the man with a giant sword on his back and a gun in his hand. Yea, now he was REALLY scarred, his quaking enough to at least unsettle people footing if they are not careful, mabey make a few loose objects fall from the ceiling. But he was also looking behind him as if something would pop out any time. WHat to do, what to do? He speaks nervously "Errr…. wert gettink…. oot of herez righft?" he ask, his german accent comming in heavy enough that hey may as well had been speaking german in some parts

"Jean, can you help me?" Emma says with a motion of her head towards Boris and the poor young man's tensions. Emma squares her shoulders towards the two 'polite' people before her. "Do you two know what's down here with us. Something has happened and we intend to find out." Emma explains herself, her goals and allows herself to be inspected by the two sewer dwellers.

The redhead nods, stepping back a few more feet, though she tries to keep Emma mostly between herself and the strange, beautiful pair in front of them. She tries to reach her own mental shields out, guarding Emma's mind from Boris — if that was even possible now here. Either way, she steps to the short mutant's side, reaching one hand out to him in a reassuring fashion. "Hey, just stay with us. I'll watch out for you. We… we need to make certain they aren't going to hurt anyone else before we leave, but we'll go soon." Her voice is a soft, reassuring whisper, used to talking to younger peole, especially when they were scared. That was all teaching at Xavier's was in the first few years.

As the ground continues to tremble and shake, the two unknown warriors widen their stance and effortlessly brace against the tremors. The adjustment seems automatic, neither diverting their attention away from the task at hand. There as a definite air of military about them. or failing that, some other form of strict battle experience.
Shifting her attention away from the group, the woman follows Boris' darting gaze back toward the darkness behind him. Her lips twitch down into a slight frown as she studies the inky black beyond the edge of her light.
"He's out there." She murmurs to her companion, her voice low and touched with a broad New England accent.
"We're hunting a man. A dangerous criminal." The man states quietly but firmly. Ignoring the words of his companion he continues, "I think your, friend," A brief flicker of cold eyes indicates Boris, "Has seen him. or can feel him. If we can catch him we might be able to fix what's happening. I'm Elias."
Both strangers seem stoic and no nonsense, and they continue to remain alert. But they make no sudden violent actions.
Unfortunately, the individual shields Emma and Jean have put up seem to be the extent of their reach. A light layer of psychic force coating the skin is all that can be managed. Attempting to reach out and re enforce one another's shields seems impossible through the oppressive force baring down on them.

Boris nods at Jean, calming down somewhat. The trembling dosn't stop but does lesson a good deal. He looks towards Emma and than to the figures out in front of her. He there was a sudden spike in trembling before it drops just as quickly when the man lays cold eyes on him "Errrr…ummm. Vell, ahm sure yer folks are prepared ta handle vis job. Ahm sure sie donnea need oor help" he shuffles more behind Jean, he dosn't like those looks, he dosn't like them. Militarian and cold, and not even a trace of emotion…. in short they made him uncomfortable. He dosn't offer his name, far as he know they might be MRA (Mutant Registration Agency) or who knows what. Dangerous criminal? Who sends two people into a sewer to hunt a dangerous crinimal. No no no, something just didn't feel right.

"Can you tell us anything about this criminal Elias." Emma says, not offering her own name in return, she's not entirely that she and her companions are being played like saps. These two armed and armored could be the danger. The white queen has remained in her diamond form and is very untrusting of this entire situation, plus she's got some gunk on her white pants and pumps. This, a very happy Emma doesn't make.

Jean frowns even deeper as she realizes she cannot extend her own shield anywhere beyond herself. It was strange to feel this inhibited, and a touch frightening. She takes in a deep breath, even if it's awful down here in this muck, her eyes turning from the two militant people back into the darkness. She half stumbles as the trembling gets worse, widening her stance and trying to keep upright. She remains quite close to Boris, shielding him with her body much in the way Emma shielded her. "If you want to go, go… There is a ladder right there, you can get out of here. Find somewhere up top to hide. But we might need to help them, or at least figure out what is going on." She whispers to Boris, still letting Emma take the lead in actually talking to the folks.

"His name is Katt, and he was the leader of a dangerous group of Mutants known as the Misfits." Elias states with quiet calm, though a muscle jumps beneath his cheek as he flexes his jaw. "He critically wounded a friend of ours before escaping into these tunnels to hide."
Elias looks like he might be about to say more when a quiet, hoarse voice interrupts him. A low murmur bounces sourceless through the tunnels, punctuated by the faint rumbling of Boris' tremors. The voice is coarse and soft as sand, and though the words are in a harsh language that none of the hero's can understand, the speaker's tone carries a weight of finality.
Something out in the dark is watching, and listening, and has decided to make itself known.
The female warrior's right hand jerks, her heavy sword clearing its plastic scabbard with a swift hissss of metal. Without a word she crowds in close to the man with her huge shield raised, while Elias' gun comes up. Both of their eyes scan the darkness all around.
"Pick a side." Elias states, his New York accent stiff and matter of fact, "He's coming. And if you don't, he will."

Boris gulps. "Ah…ah think ah stay" yea, he really didn't want to. But considering the people at Xaviers where the closest thing to family he has right now, he wasn't about to take a chance with such a…. odd situation. Though he does shuffles his way out from being infront of that gun. His own whisker were twitching as he looks back towards the darkness, as he tries to detect anything, everything. He feels the rats scurring, the water moving, the debris as it they collide and bounce off each other. He edges to the edge of the tunnels wall, because frankly he feels alot safer there. But he was wondering "Errrm…. so vere do vese misfits come from? Ah mean, ah know Morlocks live here, bit nevar heard of vese Misfits" The water contines to ripple quite abit at Boris tremors, but he wasn't turning his back to the people with the guns

Emma's face remains stoic as she lowers her stance so that Boris' tremors don't cause her to topple into that unmentionable mix. She keeps her gaze on the two warriors though she glances over her shoulder to whisper to Jean and yet doesn't speak. Emma's trying to help mutants, it's in her nature and the nature of Charles and the very identity of the school. "If you're out there Katt, step out and we wont harm you." She says with some volume to her diamond voice, sounding hollow and solid at the same time. "We just want to talk." Then looking back towards the two, Emma waits for a response though she figures an assault will likely come from the ones she's looking at.

As Boris edges towards the sides of the tunnels, Jean gently moves with him, trying to keep as close as possible as to not leave the younger man alone. "I don't know…" She admits to Boris about the Misfits, a confused furrow forming in her brow. She keeps close against the side of the tunnel now, letting it protect her back and keeping an easier eye on both the strange duo and the darkness beyond. "…Who needs to choose a side?" She asks the pair, but then falls quiet as Emma speaks.
"He won't talk." Elias states grimly, he and the female warrior having shifted now to put their backs to one another. This leaves the light globe hanging just behind and above their heads, its pole still strapped to the woman's broad back. "We're past that."
And perhaps Elias is right. Boris is the first to sense anything. A man-sized object sailing through the air a foot from the top of the tunnel, descending in a silent arc down toward the cement wall just beside where Emma currently crouches. The object is moving fast, very fast, and making no sound at all.
The first Emma, Jean, and the two warriors note of the new arrival is when a black-clad figure rebounds lightly down from the wall with a quick little skip and takes two sprinting steps through the muck. Filth splashes up behind it, long grey tendrils and black fabric billowing as it passes in front of Emma and collides with the female warrior's shield. Between the wavering light and the speed of the actions it is difficult to tell what the new arrival is. A man or woman in black armor, possibly.
The new arrivalKatt?Katt smashes into the woman's shield shoulder-first with enough force to throw her off of her feet. Elias, bracing her from the other side, staggers forward a couple of steps before spinning about on his heel. As the female falls past him and splashes down into the muck flat on her back, he squeezes the trigger of his weapon and his gun lets out three ear-shattering blasts.
Everything is noise and confusion. Sparks fly, bullets zing off of pavement, and the light on the woman's back swings about wildly as she begins to stand. And through all of it, the shadowy figure advances on Elias with inhuman speed.

Guns. Why does there have to be guns. Emma cries out in pain, not fear, at the loud ear splitting crack of rounds being fired. She steps forward towards Elias and snaps a hand out to the barrel of the gun and squeezes it shut if she catches it. She will not tolerate tinnitus if she can avoid it while trying to keep an eye on the black clad figure though the sporadic lights she does continue to try and make him speak. "We want to help you." She says with a powerful voice, with years of command behind her words. "Stop fighting, everyone!"

Well Boris felt something comming, even if he couldn't completly tell what, as such vhe instinctly presses himself up agaist the way to avoid whatever it was that was comming. It was a blur to him, and next thing he knows light is being tossed everywhere, sparks flying, bullets being shot! Well needless to say he was going full on tremor now, since calmness having flown out the window. If it weren't for the classes at Xavier, it would be alot worse, but for now, his tremors were strong enough to cause cracks to begin to form in the walls and the floor, mabey even a few in the ceiling. His heart raced as he prays he and his friends arn't shot. His eyes were more or less welded shut

As Boris continues to make things shake more and Emma steps forward to squeeze off that shot, Jean blinks, tension rising in her throat. This had the potential to go very bad, very quickly. "Look, I don't know who you two are or where you've come from, but threats aren't going to work at all. If you knock it off —" And then the woman with the shield is being hurled into and there really is very little Jean can do to stop a fight from breaking out. She swears loudly, pressing a bit closer to Boris and putting a hand on his shoulder. "It'll be alright. Try to calm down. No one is hurt." Yet

The tunnel heaves and shakes, but the female warrior throws herself to her feet despite the slippery muck coating the bucking floor. Sword held out and back, she lifts her shield and charges forward, braced to try and intercept the black-clad figure before it can reach Elias. But sadly, she is too slow. her feet pound through the sludge in a staggering run as Katt reaches her partner and Emma.
Through the roar of the earth Emma's voice rings out, and is answered in kind. A single harsh word, coarse and dry as dust, escapes the black figure as he enters her personal space. And then, fast as greased lightning, his left hand swings up and hammers metal-clad fingers into the side of Emma's diamond skull. There is probably enough force behind the blow to kill a normal human, but in Emma's case it is merely enough to slam her off of Elias and out of the way just before the cold-eyed man twitches the barrel of his gun to the side and fires three more bullets through the space the X-woman had just been occupying.
More rounds bounce and wiz off of the walls, and beneath the fading echo of the blast Katt speaks again, harsh words forced from a seemingly dry throat. That being said, whatever it is, he dodges neatly to one side to avoid the woman's shield bash,one hand flashing out to smack the flat of her sweeping sword and send the blade sparking into the cement wall.
For just a moment he can be seen clearly. A medium-sized figure in black armor of shimmering scales and metal plates. A black robe, sword on his back, and long grey dreadlocks pouring out of the back of a shrouded helm.
Then he turns, and in a spray of sewage, begins to sprint off down the tunnel with inhuman speed.
Elias whips around to fire down the tunnel after him, then both he and the woman begin to run. heavy boots churn up waves of sludge as they hurry off in pursuit of their prey.

Boris wasn't calming down, not by one tiny bit. He is physically shaking as all this goes down. A guy litterly just punched Emma in the skull! Diamond or not, by god! His mind raced ahundred thought s a second as he more or less just dosn't have much control over his abilities right now. Quite suddenly there was a sudden cry before Boris simply sinks into the earth below, one of his teel-tale defenses when losing it. This thankfully means the tremors die down dramaticly, even if they don't stop completly. But judging by how there decreasing more and more, either Boris was on the move or has fainted. Hard to tell when there is no body to be able to tell

Emma was dazed by the attack and she quickly gives Jean a look, even in the darkness. "I'm not sticking around. Regroup at home." She says towards Jean as she turns and starts groping around the wall for the ladder. "We'll get Boris as soon as we can." She's needed to get out and reach out with cerebro. She isn't exactly the leader Scott or Charles or hell, even Logan could be.

Jean has been gone for months at school — she didn't even teach a class last semester. She's out of fighting shape and she knows it, much less leadership status. She yelps out a curse as the young man just drops into the ground, trying to reach for him, but it's too late. Then she's looking up to Emma, worry in her face at how hard the injury was. She exhales a breath of relief as the woman starts speaking again and nods firmly, "Go… As soon as Boris comes back up, I'll get us home. Go get the others. Let Professor X know, we… we can't face him just the two of us. Go. I'll be right behind you." But Jean will stay long enough to try and coax Boris out, since the danger seems to have passed for now.

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