2015-12-12 The Battle Royal
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Loki, Dyson, Emma, Rogue, Charles, Crimson Dynamo, Brunhilde, Jean, Katt, Boris
GMed by Mostly Loki
Title: The Battle Royal

At our last checkpoint, a brilliant white collumn of light had come down from the heavens themselves, burning a rather large round circle with what appears to be a celtic pattern of knots. When the light dies down, there are three Asgardian warriors standing with their weapons already drawn.

There had been a little bit of dialoge between Loki and the Asgardians, but not much as the young godling drew his own weapon. The Warriors (two males and a female) are already on their way to start annihilating any mutants they see.

The bus full of students had been taken away to the forest edge by Rogue, away from the impeding danger of Asgardians. One student - Boris had hopped off the bus and feeling worried, scarred and this point just plain angry, had dissappeared below the earth. Where he was at this point is anyones guess as other students continue to evacuate further away from the danger presented.

Having left an enormous curved sword embedded in the ground before the gates of the mansion, Katt continues forward toward the advancing trio at a brisk walk.
"No time for this." He repeats in a low voice, coarse and dry as desert dust. Though his expression is hidden beneath layers of black fabric and armor, his tone holds the faintest tone of exasperation.
With only 15 feet separating him from the center Asgardian, Katt transitions from a brisk walk to a sprint. Gravel sprays up behind him as he accelerates into a hurtling mass of armored mutant, long grey dreads and black robe whipping out behind him.
Singling the center Asgardian out as his first target, he closes with him at speeds no human could manage. And oddly, though there is clearly another sword visible at his side, as well as guns and knives visible beneath his billowing robe, he reaches for none of them.

Emma had dropped/fell to the ground when a shockwave of sorts rang out through Loki's scepter and she had sent a message to the adopted son of Odin, wondering why these Asgardian's had come to attack her and her people. She was doing her best to protect Charles and still protect the school that she has chosen to care about. This fight Katt has chosen to participate in has no room here, though he does so on her (Charles') property and this will not stand. With his actions she sends a strong psi-bolt towards the mutant/alien's mind with the intent to knock him out. Her mind still is able to connect Marie, Loki, Charles, and anyone else around as a sort of walkie talkie.
Jean remembered that odd sensation from the first night, and then the sense of Emma's mind, her worry, and those crazy shocks — she knew something was wrong and just getting worse. She dashes out of the mansion, in her green and gold uniform tonight, ready for a fight it would seem. ~How bad is it?~ She mentally reaches out to Emma, ready and willing to fall into taking the woman's orders again.

Rogue had been in the process of returning after setting the school bus down near the apple orchard gate far off to the west of the school. She landed with a powerful blast of booted feet against solid earth, right next to Emma and Charles. They were almost the bystanders in this fight, this fight had sort of just landed on the X-Schools front lawn… at least from Anna-Marie's perspective. She shot a look over to the arriving Jean. "Looks like middle earth is here, pissed off at us for some reason, Red." She told her friend in the fancy clothing. Regarding Emma again, Rogue spoke aloud. "Want me to fly the Professor off? Or… see if I can't send some'a these rejects soarin' to the moon?"

Loki twirls his scepter and aims it at the nearest mutant. He doesn't look like his normal friendly self, he seems focused and it seems he may have switched to sides. He fired his magic at Rogue for a reason, but it's up to them to figure out what it is. Fighting Loki might be even more dangerous than the warriors, who have taken up choosing an opponent and beginning to fight. The male Katt ecided to charge draws his sword and puts out a hand to stop Katt physically. It's not so easy to bring down an Asgardian, at least not this early inthe fight.

As with all things, Brunnhilde arrived at her own pace, a large, winged horse alighting on the lawn with the armored warrior astride it. She leaned forward, patting the side of his neck as she looked around the battlefield. "Warriors, tonight you will feast in the hall of your ancestors," she said calmly as her horse reared. Seeing the battle beginning, she slips off her horse and draws her sword and shield, striding over towards the growing group.

He may not be seen, but Boris can be felt as he drew close to the battlegrounds. Loki scepter may have caused some shockwaves, but Boris was a moving earthquake. And it seems he was contiously moving, never staying in one spot, causeing the earth to heave and pulsate in random areas in varring intensities. In short, let chaos inssue.

To every mental scan swept across the area by Emma and Jean alike, there is no mind apparent in the shell of Katt's body. Where his mind should be is only blank emptiness, unchanged from the air around him. But despite that, it is child's play for Emma to hone in on his physical form and hurl her psychic bolt into the space his mind should be.
And there is something there. The psychic bolt slams into a wall of pure will and explodes into ethereal smoke. The sensation is disturbingly similar to tagging someone with a powdery snowball. But the contact does briefly reveal the mind beneath, and…: (Grey Dust Wastes stretch out in all directions, gently rippled, mounded. it is cold. Freezing. There is imperfect blackness above. It is bright, so bright. The blazing blue orb hangs above me amidst the endless void—)
Emma's mind is violently thrown out of the image, breaking her contact with whatever it was she had found in Katt's mind.
And then Katt is upon his opponent. Sliding effortlessly beneath the man's raised hand, he hurtles in low and slams into the man's midsection with the force of an angry bull. Rather than testing his strength against the larger man's, Katt instead angles his shoulder upward to try and throw him up and off his balance into a stumble. Simultaneously, he swings his left fist up back-handed to smash his armor-plated knuckles into the flat of the man's blade. Sparks fly, and his right fist descends to try and hammer an inhumanly strong blow into the precise gap between the armor protecting the man's left thigh and calf, to obliterate the joint there.

"Rogue, you're on the front, Charles." Emma says looking to the bald one and sends him a thought to get his paraplegic butt inside. She sends her mind out looking for any other mutants around and warns all the students to get inside the safety shelters. Then finding Jean mentally she messages the other telepath to do what she can to help Marie. Finding the earth shaking far more than usually she has to raise a hand to her temple to help her focus. /Boris, we need you to calm down and focus if you want to live through this.\ Emma commands of the young mutant while actually reaching into his mind to pluck at the mental strings to calm him. Looking to Jean once more and Marie, a thought is sent to them as she tries to circle the battle and remain somewhat hidden from the combatants.

The moment Jean gets the message to help Rogue. She echoes briefly back to Emma's mine ~Got it!~ And then she's not even bothering running any more. A few dashed footsteps and she takes off into the air herself, using her mind to propel her into the fight all the quicker, red hair catching in the wind all around her. She's not quite on the front lines yet when green eyes catch sight of that violent bolt from Loki going in Rogue's direction, "Rogue, down!" She hisses out, but her hand jerks forward in a flat palm, that being a mental focus for her to toss up a mental shield in front of Rogue that will intercept Loki's bolt and protect her comrade.

Rogue nodded at Emma's words just in time to hear the blast from the Asgardian Prince's staff, she swept her eyes over to see the incoming energy blast and in a haze she witnessed Jean's impressive blocking abilities… all wahile dropping down to the dirt on one knee. She ducked low, clenched her teeth and shut her eyes for a moment before looking up again to see the effective deflection of that wild powerful magical staff. "Ya'll just had to do it, didn't ya…" She stood back up, her hands unzipping her hoodie and tossing it off, leaving her in but a yellow tanktop, her blue jeans and leather boots. She tossed the hoodie off to the side and leapt toward Loki, soaring through air like a bullet out of a gun, fists forward aimed right for his chest!

In the distance, beyond the fences and down the road, there is a rumble that could easily be mistaken for thunder except for the fact that it is a continuous roar… The sound is deep and throaty and hungry, almost earth rattling as it gets louder.. closer.. Far down the road, from behind trees that block the view, birds erupt from branches, cawing and tweeting loudly. The closer the sound gets, the more powerful it becomes… like a massive engine throttling to a higher faster gear….
It is then, without much warning, that the gates to the school burst inwards as they are stuck by a steed of steel and iron, hooved in rubber. The largest motorcyle anyone has every seen (http://i.imgur.com/OXOSinh.jpg ) chewing up the remaining distance, and in it's sadle like seat one of the largest teenagers ever hunched over the handlebars, his solid black-opal like eyes glimmering with a mixture of fear and anger. More Anger.
Dyson looks PISSED.
The Giant teen, still wearing his AoT jacket and a large backpack, doesn't know what is going on.. only that he noted trouble from QUITE far off. On his way back from New York to re-join Xaviers after many months away. He thought he would just drive in and remain as inconspicuous as possible for a few days, until he got his feet back here.. But NOOOOO. Some medevil jerks were attacking… There a number of student-seeming and faculty-looking folk he doesn't recognize, and some he does.. Damnit, Marie is in combat too? But whose in charge of the attackers. or at least ranking? His enhanced cognition has slowed everything down, his overclocked brain analyzing the scene with a strange calm he doesn't usually feel. The horse. The one on the FREAKIn FLYING HORSE.
Throttle wide open the 8'3" Gray giant of a teen slightly fishtails a moment, catches traction, and the monster bike he made with his own two hands (and some help from friends) roars towards the winged horse on a collision coarse.

Loki tucks his staff under his arm and thrusts the heels of his palms out to telekinetically block her like a brick wall. He doesn't often use this power, but when he does he throws all his energy into it. Brunnhilde's arrival catches his attention and he hisses softly to himself. "Why did she have to come…" He sighs, then tries to not widen his eyes as Dyson attacks his friend. Meanwhile, another Bifrost beam comes down, delivering six more Asgardian warriors, effectivelt giving nearly everyone something to fight.

The quacking that was happening soon stops as Emma calms Boris down. He had to wonder about the feel of a giant motorcycle in the world above. But no time for that, he can feel it. More people, people he dosn't know or recognize. People that need to go. Quite suddenly Boris launchs out the the dirt at 25mph and hurtling towards the newly arrived group of asgardian like a giant cannoball. He was curled up, his spikes fully erect. Though how effect he is agaist an asgardian, let alone a group of them is another matter - needless to say given the past few days he has snapped and was going ham.

Her sword held down to one side, her shield up in her other hand, Brunnhilde strode through the battlefield with an almost supernatural grace, completely calm and not even flinching from what was going on around her. "Prince Loki," she yelled, "Cease this foolishness at once."

The bulky Asgardian before Katt staggers back under the initial assault, his left foot digging in to brace himself and stop his backward movement. Lips twisting into a combat snarl, he grunts as Katt's left hand smashes into his sword, knocking it wide, then lets out a loud growl of frustration as the mutant's other hand smashes into the weak section of his armor. his left leg buckles and he collapses backward into the dirt with a resounding 'CRASH!'.
A muffled coughing noise somewhere between a snarl and a grunt escapes from beneath Katt's armor as he leaps forward and lands squarely on the chest of his fallen opponent. His movements savage, he smashes a kick into the downed warrior's sword hand that sends his blade skittering away, then drives his armored right hand down in a disabling blow aimed for the Asgardian's throat. He clearly doesn't want to waste time. Especially with more of these people falling from the sky at every moment. Not to mention there are two other unoccupied Asgardian's, one to either side of him, who likely don't enjoy seeing their friend being bullied.

It's chaos, but that might just be exactly what Loki and some of the others want. Jean hovers near to Rogue, though in the air instead of on the ground, her hands lifted both to ready her shields to protect anyone that their attackers may be hitting. But, as six more warriors are delivered, she has no choice but to go on the offensive. She swears beneath her breath and, as the warriors are spilling out into the fight, she jerks her arm forward and shoves a wall of force into all of them, trying to knock them straight ot the ground with enough violence to maybe at least send one unconscious, but they're probably tougher than your average human.

Rogue is blocked by Loki's shield, causing her to smash into it and then try to push at it… "Cheatin!" She shouted into the force-field, her eyes going then over to the newly arrived warriors she changes course and swoops over to one, intending to pick the Asgardian up and just hurl him toward the Atlantic Ocean off to the east, cause… super strength! "Ya just had to go and ruin the field trip day! I was gonna look at dina'saur bones!"

Dyson curses… the large woman warrior having JUST slid off the horse as he turned to her and the horse's direction…. Without her on the noble winged steed he has second thoughts about harming the animal, being the farm boy that he is… but there is so little time to change his course…

Hundreds of alternatives file through his brain, most discarded as time ticks by, as she walks towards the battle, back to him in a way that suggests some type of smugness or arrogance. Typical Asguardian demeanour, from what he had heard back at the tower. And Endangering children like this, as if it were some game? This makes the usually gentle giant seethe and as the clock counts down to crashtime he comes up with a single choice.

When he was younger boy, not so nearly qall not heavy as he is now, he had learned to ride horses on the ranch.. and he knew how to bail when he had too. He swings his bdy over the seat and plants his feet into the ground.. literally into it.. a furrow of cement, then soil, dragging bahin him… His hands still gripping the crossbar he for a moment calculates velocity.. momentum, weight… His feet finally catch, almost stopping himself outright.. at that moment he uses the added momentum, transference of force and his strength to literally swing the entire reinforced and weighty monster cycle (which weighs as muchas some cars) OVER his head and flings it like a thrown axe OVER the horse and at Brunhilde's back, screaming one word. "CATCH.!"

/Keep pushing you two!\ Emma telepathies towards Jean and Rogue as she looks around and frowns to herself, wishing Logan or Scott, or- Hey! Dyson's here, quickly she taps into his mind and allows him to communicate between all the combatants on her side. She understands his rage and might try and focus it on the asgardian's but she will keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't get killed. Circling the field she picks out Loki and starts to approach the young godling walking with purpose and a sway in her hips. Maybe he'll fall for her wiles.

Loki doesn't like this situation one bit, but he has to get the Asgardians off the mutants, so it's time to switch sides again. He rises to his feet and throws an extremely powerful magic blast at Brunnhilde, accompanied by a battle cry. Hwe begins throwing magic all around to create as much chaos as possible and confuse people.

Brunnhilde's shield takes the brunt of Loki's magical blast, though it did shove her back several feet, leaving divots in the lawn from her boots. The well-trained ancient warrior's senses alerted her to something coming and she lifted her sword, Dragonfang, and spun around in a flurry of armor and fluttering cape, cleaving through the frame of the enormous motorcycle and causing it to land on either side of her. "I do not wish to fight your kind," she yells at Dyson, "But if you wish a warrior's death, then come forward and claim it!"

The order doesn't need to come a second time. She's broken into a sweat, this pushing her powers far, far beyond what she's been using them for in months, if not years. She'd been so careful to restrain herself, to follow the blocks the Professor had put up for her. But her friends and her home are both being actively threatened. Jean is angry. She wasn't strong enough, in her current state, to really put them down. So she pushes just a bit more, sweat mingling with tears on her face as an enraged, almost primal scream rips from Jean Grey and the half dozen she had been fighting suddenly go into flames. Unnatural, strange, sickening flames.

Between magic blasts and a telekinitec blast comming at the group of Asgardian, they were getting knocked back for sure. Add into that Boris was also hurtling towards them it it was a gareentee for a knock back. Unfortantly they are alot tougher than they seem and are soon back up, quickly recovering from the trio of attacks. A magic blast hits Boris and causes him to crash into the pavement near the Asgardians - one of which quickly picks up the small mutant.

Leaving the first Asgardian he engaged shuddering on the ground with a half-collapsed wind pipe, Katt twists himself out of the way of an oncoming axe swing from the burly bearded fellow on his right, then steps down from the chest of downed warrior number 1 and ducks beneath the thrust of the female Asgardian's spear. Having been left to combat the original three on his own, the ancient mortal mutant stalks between his enraged opponents with savage grace.
His long grey dreads and black cloak whip and flutter around him as he dodges the axe, spear, axe, spear, spear…And his armored left hand flashes down to smash the end of the spear down into the ground. Another snarling cough escapes his veil as he steps onto the shaft of the spear and swings a running punt kick square into the face of the Asgardian woman. Metal-capped boot meets partially shielded face with a sickening crunch, and a spray of blood arcs over the mutant's leg as the warrior tumbles backward to the ground.
The one remaining Asgardian lets out a primal bellow that rises into the air to join Jean's, both echoing across the grounds as Katt lands beside the fallen spear and spins effortlessly around the berserker's heavy axe. Charging in close, he begins hammering blow after precise blow into the huge man's face and joints, forcing him to stumble back a step at a time. The big man tries to make space with brutal swings of his axe and lunging strikes of his knees, but nothing seems to be able to connect.

Dyson sinks to a single knee as the bike is cleaved in half, shouldering off his large backpack and lifting the motorcyle helmet (painted up as a Rebel pilot's helmey) from his hairless gray head, tossing it aside and reaching for one of the large flagstones next to him, that had made up a part of the driveway, in one hand.. then picks up another as he stands, eyes narrowing on Brunhilde… His mind seems to expand as the thoughts and/or words of his fellow mutants floods through his head, enhanced cognition kicking in again and parsing all the information from many angles and sources.. but from him comes rage and digsust and yes, some fear but it is tempered with what cana lmost be called righteous indignation
"S-Screw YOU!" he stammers, his speech inpediment not able to be fully overcome by his feelings and walks towards the Valkerie. "A warrior f-fighting /children/?!?" he asks and suddenly flings ONE flagstone at her… It may not actually HURT her, he knows, her being a 'god' or whatever she thinks she is.. but physics are physics… and a hundred pounds of stone flung by someone who can lift over 25 tons has a LOT of velocity and force behind it and could most likely at least MOVE her. "COWARDS ATTACK CHILDREN!!" he screams, and tosses the second stone discus style only right behind the first… His anger growing… like something is funneling it to a point. The moment the second stone leaves his hand he kicks out the bottom of one of the ornate wrought iron lampposts that dot the grounds then grabs it and brandishes it like a mace or maybe a monk's staff, ignoring the chaos around him…. The light on the end spuuters and sparks…He is NOT a warrior born, or trained.. But he will PROTECT his friends at WHATEVER cost. No.. More.. Innocent.. Deaths. Thats what his solid black eyes say as they almost burn. "You.. Will.. Not… PASS!"

Its likely that the Asgardian that Rogue tosses comes out ahead of his bretheren, based on what the others just went through. After a brief grapple and Rogue leaning in to give the Asgard a brief kiss on his cheek she'd said quietly into his ear. "Next time, call ahead, sugah." And with that little husky whisper delivered, the Southern Belle did a front flip over the man and tossed him straight up into the air to the far east. Rogue spun around then to see Jean's power escaping from her. /Woah there, Red/ She thought to the others on Emma's telepathic link. /Bring it down a couple notches, we got this… I don't wanna be crispified too/ She lifted up off of the grassy school yard and floated there, observing the mass chaos.

The scrawniest of the Asgardians decides to let loose an array of magic blasts at Brunnhilde in an attempt to draw her out. Perspiration and tears run down his cheeks as he tries to handle what's going on and not doing a very good job of processing it. Being a projective telepath he projects what would sound like high pitched shrieking. "Stop this! Stop this fighting! NOW!"

Emma steps up to loki, seemingly caught in a blind spot of all the asgardians and steps right up to the godling and puts her hands on his head, over the ears and by his temples, her touch magnifying her ability allowing her to get deeper into his mind. /What's happening here?!\ She probes the question into his psyche.

There is very much screamingly a part of Jean that wants to continue burning. To toss that power at the rest of the Asgardians, Loki, and then who knows else. It's only Rogue's screaming at her across the telepathic link that makes her stop for a moment, and then Loki's projecting across the entire battleground. She blinks, dropping her hands abruptly and her body dropping towards the ground in free fall a few seconds before she abruptly kicks back into fying. It means that she lets at least one Asgardian get past the area she was blockading.

The Asgardian that had caught Boris after having been let by Jean was thrashing around with a struggling Boris who thinks /Guys a little___\ and his thought is just cut off. The Asgardian that was holding Boris has stuck him through with an Asgardian Steel sword. Boris was alot weaker than an Asgardian, and though his tough hide can take blunt force damage, it can't turn a sharp blade. His ability don't work on the foriegn steel, and inhibit his other abilities, including his ability to heal himself, as a large peice snaps off inside him. The large Asgardian drops Boris to the ground unceromonously, and and he simply curls up. The Asgardian raised the broken sword to end the job untill he recieved that Telepathic message from Loki and stops.

Sparks and little arcs of blood fly as Katt's gauntleted fists smash repeatedly into the hulking berserker's body, accompanied by the sounds of metal clanging and blunt trauma to unprotected flesh. The big man staggers back, wavers, then falls to one knee. In one last attempt to kill the black-clad mutant, he swings his axe up in a vicious two-handed cleave. But sadly for him, it hits only air.
Drifting back in behind the axe blow, Katt smashes his open palm into the side of the berserker's helmet, knocking it tumbling away into the grass. Then, with business like efficiency, he hammers three ferocious blows into the kneeling man's unprotected head, driving him into the gravel of the X-Mansion's driveway.
Loki's telepathic screeching washes past Katt, seeming to have no effect on the old mutant as he leaps over his fallen opponent. Hitting the ground at a sprint, he flashes past the buckled gates with his robe whipping out behind him. His right hand is in the process of lifting, steps still gaining speed as he approaches the Asgardian holding Boris.
But he is too late. The blade enters the young mutant's torso, snaps off, and the child is dropped. And though the Asgardian is stopped by Loki's projected command, Katt is not.
The old mutant slams into the Asgardian with the force of a rhino, taking him off his feet and driving him into the ground with a loud 'CRASH!' of armor. And before the unfortunate man can muscle the mutant off of him and bring his sword to bare, something thin and non reflective appears in Katt's left hand, and is brought down sharply through the eye slit of the helmet with cold precision.
The Asgardian's body twitches once, then goes still, leaving Katt kneeling on its chest as he slides the short black blade of his concealed dagger out of its eye.

Emma touching him when he's so stressed out triggers a sudden panic response. He puts his hands over hers, emitting a scream at the top of his lungs as well as his mind. The intense shout not only echoes throught the town in which they are located, but also through the \very fabric of every mind in the area,

Rogue swooped out of the sky to catch Jean before she landed on the ground. She caught her friend in her arms and looked down at her. "Hey, stay with us, red." She told her, looking up up at Emma to see her dealing with Loki and coming to settle down on the grassy yard off of the gardens next to the drive way. Rogue had had no idea that Boris was in this fight, she'd known he was in the school bus that she'd taken off to the edge of the properties toward the horse fields… so when she looked over to see Katt murdering an Asgard soldier, she noticed that familar lump of the downed Dwarf mutant student. "Shit…" She quietly breathed out, she looked down to Jean, sat her friend gently against one of the garden stature's base and then shot off again like a bullet toward Boris' limp form, sending a shower of yard-debris rocketing up in her wake!

"And I am no coward nor attacking children," Brunnilde says as she starts to advance towards the giant, doing her best to parry the objects thrown at her instead of meeting them head-on to keep from checking her advance. When she gets close and he wields the lamp like that, she tosses her shield to the side and reaches up for her helmet, taking it off and letting her thick, blond braids hang out before holding her sword up again in a two-handed grip. "I am Brunnhilde of the Valkyrior, I am not your enemy, giant. Cease your attack at once." Not that she was lowering her defenses, not with how crazed he seemed to be.

There had been a moment where Jean came back, it wasn't fire and chaos in her eyes. She pushed away that feeling at the back of her skull which would be so damned easy to just release. And then there is Rogue, catching her, arms she trusts and eyes she knows. Her gaze flutters, staring up at her friend, trying to find some sort of words, but the fight just to keep control of herself was too much. She's boxed it back away, for now, and it's taken every last drop out of her. Her head lulls forward as Rogue sets her into the grass, Jean's body at least safe and sound while her mind recovers

Katt is in the process of standing when Rogue comes to a skidding halt over Boris. A few drops of clear fluid drip from the dagger in his hand before he flicks his wrist and it vanishes up the wide sleeve of his robe. Quietly, the old mutant seems to give the young powerhouse a brief glance from the hidden depths of his helmet.
"I help giant." he offers, his dusty voice muffled and difficult to hear under the fading sounds of battle. Then he is off, moving at a brisk walk toward where Dyson is making his last stand against Brunnhilde. Though he passes within a short distance of Loki and Emma, he does not interfere.

So many voices running through Dyson's head, like a old fashioned telephone board with crossed circuits.. Yelling and screaming… Really it's all just meaningless noise… Even Loki's screams, on a completely different circuit mean nothing to him. Yes, he came in late so he may be wrong about a few things but /he/ doesn't /think/ so. She arrived just as he did.. and six asgardians arrived at the SAME time.. What is he supposed to think? And all the noise, no matter hoe well seperated, is still overwhelming…
But it is a /lack/ of noise followed by a kind of pain he has never felt that lances through the giant from a familiar presence that stops him cold.. He turns his head, ignoring Brunhilde, Loki, everyone else and stares in shock as Boris, many many yards away, is run through.. The sight of his diminutive friend being skewered… What little fear for himself (and strangely there was quite little) utterely evaporates and his anger ignites like a nova.. a wash of red vengence filling his vision like blood as images of his father and a young woman being cut down by black hooded attackers flash through his brain, through the link, and like a torrent wash out any remaining self control.
"BORRRRRIIIIIIS!!" he cries and as he twirls back on from the now unhelmed Brunhild and lowers the post with it's fleur-de-leaf spearlike tip towards the supposed "Chooser of the Dead" "LIAR! I WILL KILL YOU, YOU MURDERING BITCH!!" he screams, his rage pushing him through the soul-shaking scream of the tiniest of asguardians that washes over him. Seven hundred and fifty plus pounds of furious macro-molecule fullerene vengence charging on her, tears like rivulets down his gray cheeks and eyes like burning black holes.

At Loki's scream, Emma gets a whole mind full of Telepathic freak out from the godling and she quietly rolls her eyes into the back of her head and drops to the ground like a sack of leaves let go by the garbage man. She drops to the ground and the link between the teammates is vanished and gone without a trace.

Boris breathing was shallow, the small mutant was shaking and bleeding from his wound. There was indeed a pool of blood forming, and if it wasn't for the fact his healing factor was trying to kick in, he would probably be even worse off. But nothing else was happening, the ground wasn't trembling, he wasn't moving, but he was awake, his eyes dart about slowly, lazedly, perhaps in shock, or just out of it. Occasionly he says something in german, but he was barely audible

Rogue pauses over Boris' form, crouched on her knees next to him she reaches out to look at his wound, inspecting him. "Boris!" She shouted. "You're fine, don't worry. I got ya." She put her hands beneath him, that arc-tech dogtag on a black chain dangling down off of her neck in front of her, with the tag glowing brightly when her bare arms touched Boris and she went to lifted him up off of the ground, his blood dripping onto her neon-yellow tanktop and likely down onto her jeans as well. "I'm gonna take ya to the medlab… gonna find Hank and gonna patch ya up, okay?" She told the kid, looking back at the others… Emma was down, Dyson was up still and Katt seemed to be helping… she had no choice, she had to go. Rogue turned back toward the school and flew off with Boris in her arms.

Brunnhilde gritted her teeth as the giant flew at her with the spear aimed right at her she took the impact with her sword, trying to push it to the side, but it was still a lot of mass and it shoved her back, a shower of sparks where the enchanted blade met the lamp post. She was on her back from the impact and struggled to kick her feet out at the giant, attempting to use his weight against him and give her time to get back up. "I'm not your enemy, calm down!" yelled. "The battle is finishing, I have to take their souls to the afterlife."

No, A trained warrior Dyson is not. His heart is definately in rigth place for it but his skill, no matter hos strong and quick and smart he is, is lacking. Over extended as she goes down and sweeps, his feet are easily swept from beneath him and he ghots the ground with a earth shuddering thud. He looses the remains of the pole and starts getting up, looking dazed. Invulnerable does not mean that one doesn't get stunned.. and he is in a state of shock right now from seeing what happened to Boris, and watching marie fly him away. That /she/ is not attacking him confuses him more, the actions not playing out right in his usually and otherwise hyperefficient brain. Too much adrenaline… "YOU L-LEAVE HIS SOUL ALONE!" he says because again how else could he take what she said. She said Their, plural, so he automatically assumes she means Boris as well as the others. "HE S-STAYS HERE! AND THE REST CAN ROT WHERE TH-THEy LIE! I HOPE THEIR SOULS FREAKIN FADE AWAY! THEY DESERVE NO LESS!"

Booted steps surprisingly light despite the weight of his savage-looking armor, Katt slips neatly in amidst the sparking clamor of Brunnhilde and Dyson's struggle. As the blond-haired woman clambers back to her feet, the aging mutant ghosts past her and reaches down in an attempt to push one armored palm firmly against the young giant's forehead as he attempts to rise.
The words that drift from beneath Katt's veil are quiet and coarse, flowing off of his tongue in a harshly-accented tone that only Brunnhilde can understand.
"Calm your body. Quiet your mind. There are respects for paying. Battle is no more today." As he speaks he attempts to increase the pressure on the young man's head, assuming he isn't batted aside while he stoops over the much larger form. He apparently has no qualms with turning his back to Brunnhilde, despite them being enemies and her holding a sword.

Brunnhilde pushes herself to her feet and leans over Dyson, reaching out with her free hand and just placing her palm on him, "It is not his time yet, do not fear. Today I take the Asgardian dead to meet their ancestors, that is all. You are full of heart, you do your comrade proud." She looks over at the approaching mutant and bulls back from both, sheathing her sword and reaching down for her shield and helmet. "Aragorn!" she yells, followed by a whinny and her winged horse reappears, landing next to her so she can mount up and depart.

Dyson shakes.. shakes so badly that it hurts… he wants to HURTHURTMAIMSUNDER.. He has only felt this one other time in his life and those flashes fill his minds eye.. men being ripped to shreds at his young hands.. He wants to strike the old dude who dare touch him when his enemy stands before him but.. he was fighting on our side, right? he can remember that.. THe red haze dissipating ever so slowly.. gulping huge breaths as the man speaks in an unknown tungue.. soothing nonsense.. but somehow something in him understands the gist…

"My f-fried may be dead… and they get to see their a-ancestors.." he rasps, then gently (for him) bats the mans and womans hands away.. not mad at HIM just.. not wanting to be touched now.. He stands, unfolding to his full eight feet plus height… cloths torn… cheeks still wet. "I hope th-their ancestors are in hell. Because this i-is YOUR fault. I /know. what you are… You're Valkery. I /know/ the myths. Chooser of the Dead. Well g-guess what. By choosing w-who dies you a-also chose who lives.. ANd i-if my friend dies because of your choices… I s-swear I will find my w-way to V-Valahalla and tear it apart brick.. by brick.. by b-bloody brick…"

Astride her horse, Brunnhilde shook her head at Dyson, "His life or death is out of my hands. As yet, it is not his time to leave this realm. If he does, I will make sure he is honored with his brethren, that is all I can do. In all my long days, I have never forgotten a single face I have carried to the afterlife. Not one." She kicks her heels and the horse rears up and the wings flap, "Until we meet again, warriors," she says as the horse takes off, vanishing in a rainbow of colors

The shortest one in the odd gathering by a long shot, Katt drifts back a step as Dyson pulls himself to his feet. And while the young mutant attempts to deal with his swirling emotions, the much older mutant lifts his chin to direct his hidden gaze toward the now mounted warrior. There is no sense that he is upset as he studies the Valkyrior, but only a vague feeling of quiet contemplation.
Silent, Katt lingers at Dyson's side. His gauntleted hands move to clasp before his middle, posture relaxed as their foe departs the field, leaving he and the towering mutant the only two left standing upon it.
Dyson watches as the Valkerie flies off on her amazing horse, his fists clenching and unclenching so tightly at is sides as she recedes into that rainbow beam of the Bifrost….. When she finally fades away in that multicoloured pegasus fart he turns away, still breathing hard.. his eyes bright and still wet, anger and shame and fear and everything else roiling beneath the gray surface of his skin….. He stares at th wreckage… and then sorta stumbles backwards onto his ass, the breathing difficult again as he hugs his legs to his chest, gulping for air, face against his knees.

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