2016-01-08 Booted from the Dream Realm
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Imperial, Phantasm
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Title: Booted from the Dream Realm

A warm bed, a quiet night, perfect for dreams of delight and nightmares of fright. And sometimes both at the same time! At least that is how it is like for the unsual case that is Bastion. In a litteral sense, half of him was asleep and half of him was awake since he was actualy two people in one body. Though it way beyound that.

Within their (his?) dream, it looked like someone decided to puke up a steampunk world mixed with a high fantasy forest. But hey, the dreams of children hardly make sense, or rather his dream is child like in and of itself.

Regardless through the forest, where the tree are made of intwining pipes and half mechanicle birds flew about walked a lone stranger. He seemed relieved and at peace for the moment as he walked seeminglessly alone. Course never could shake that feeling like someone else was watching. But how many is another matter

Amongst the birds one less than mechanical in appearace is mixed in the fold. The purplish hued two foot bird swoops over to perch on a branch, head flitting about as he takes in the scenery and the source of said dream curiously.

Bastion (the man who was walking among the forest) dosn't seem to take note of this unsual bird specimen. After all, all this was a dream, right? Right? Now the less he has made his way to a slow river. The river was cut into ribbons, with thick bands of vicousi oil like substance, barely seperated by much smaller bands of water. An occasionly fish dressed for some reason in a tailed suit and monoglass jumps out of the water every now and again. For reasons unknown, the man seems more wary of being near this stream.

Nearby, it almost seems as if another presence, not so different from Phantasm was also watching… but watching who. It was a strong arm, strong enough to perhaps be like Phantasm mabey. Eitherway it seemed to come from the river Bastion was wary of

The Phantasm is quiet, an un-bird like frown forming upon his beak as an arm reaches out of the river. Looks like another nightmare is blooming. Shaking his head, the bird hops off the branch, gliding over towards Bastion's shoulder.

The arm forming out of the river was huge and dripping like one would expect slime to act. The sky turned red, and the mechanical birds (save Phantasm) took on a much more sinister look. The piping trees rattled and squeeled as if they were screaming instead, as steam tend to do at times. Bastion stumbled back before notcing that a not so scary bird was landing on his shoulder. He blinks slowly, unsure of what to make of this one. But he was still backing away.

Before he finally settles on the shoulder, having no weight or sensation to his landing, the raven turns his head to look to Bastion. "You're having a nightmare. You can control this."

Bastion looks over to the bird and blinks "Oh, easy for you to say. He ain't a very nice nightmare!" he says as if it was alive. And than he is grumbling "And now I'm talking to a bird. I've gone mad." throws his hands up, turns and nope! Despite turning his back to that nightmarish river, it appeared right in front as if there was no escape. A humanoid like form, torso up and huge in comparison has formed and grins down at them. A deep voice booms at the two "It's only fun when they run!" and it begins to reach for them, which illicits Bastion to start running, weather or not that Rave stays on his shoulder

"Hey in dreams, talking aviaries are not that far fet-" The bird stops in his response as Bastion starts running. "OYE! THE ASSHOLE IS THE OTHER WAY! FACE HIM!"

Well… apparently the asshole of a dream heard him. Bastion kept running. But he never could run fast enough, for it seems he never got any farther. A thick tar like hand reaches down and actualy attempts to flick Phantasm away "hey, back off bird brain, I was here first." No, there was no mistaking it, the nightmare was DEFINITLY talking to the Raven.

As the hand comes over to flick at the bird, he does get smacked off, a good few feet away from Bastion. In mid air, the bird tucks into a ball, rolling with the percieved momentum before righting himself, flying back towards the nightmarish creature. "But HERE is the dream realm. The eyes glow angrily in warning. And there's one thing you didn't consider before popping your ugly ass head here." As he speaks, there appears a slight shift in the bird line. Some of which are not quite as cruel looking towards Bastion. Instead they are looking to the other figure. "This is Phantasm territory."

"Oh!" The 'nightmare' actualy seem happy when Phantasm responds back "I had a feeling you weren't part of my minds" he laughs deeply, enough to make the ground rumble. Thick tendrils suddenly lash out… towards Bastion and pulls him in towards the perceived monster "Well… Phantasm, you might think this is your turf, but this is our mind" he couldn't be talking about Phantasm… but then who? "And wha I say goes when I want to play"

The bird flies up, looking over to Bastion, "Minds?" Damn it. NOW would have a been a good time to have the eye of agamotto but well… Crap. Several ravens fly from the trees, landing behind Phantasm. They look none too pleased with the nightmare that- may be some psychological thing manifest as one. One of the ravens from behind speaks up. A female voice. "You by no means should be in this particular realm. The glance shifting between the two Leave."

Phantasm spins his head, looking to the female raven. "What?"

Bastion is completly enveloped within the tar. But something about what the Bird says makes the 'nightmare' pause. His glowing eyes blink once, than twice. And then he blinks a third time seeming in thought. "Wait…. I'm in another realm?" he scratches his tar like head "Odd, I don't remember under going a shift" suggesting he can travel between words willingly.

"Either way. Leave." The female raven continues rather haughtily, "This realm is meant for children. You are by no means one." Phantasm looks to her, lower beak dropping.

Imperium crosses his arms "I resent that! I am certainly a child!" mumbles something about adults ruining fun. He spits Bastion back out who is gasping for breath and pokes at him "SOrry, but bird brain over there says we got to leave. APparently we're in another dimension! Again. So… time to wake you up" and litterly presses down and 'pops' Bastion head within the dream, which of course by human standards make them spontaously wake up. The nightmare in question looks around, waiting "hmmm" and cants his head. It takes a moment but he eventualy begins to fade "Ahhh, there we go!" and pops dissappears from the dream realm himself

As he fades away, Phantasm turns to look to the female raven, looking a little disgusted. "Now I know why they split the set up." He mutters, before flying off on his own, vanishing to who knows where.


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