2016-01-16 They did WHAT?!
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Players: Lissandra, Mike, Spacetime, Terrock
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Title: They did WHAT?!

cafe://Polychrome has that atmosphere of being a warehouse that has been lovingly converted into the comfortable bastard love child of an indy-operated west coast-style cafe and an all-ages dance club. Comfortable yet industrial. Large yet a hangout in all sense of the word.

The rectangular space is very large, rougly 75 by a 100 feet in area, and has an extremely high vaulted ceiling in which metal struts and rafters are bare and large slow moving fans cycle the air pleasantly. Steel I-Beam columns and a spiral steel staircase, all with coiled LED holiday lights rapped around them, rise from the floor all the way to a series of four large open air loft-like balconies in each corner and along the upper walls. One loft is a chill out lounge with couches. Another corner loft is set up as an Arcade with various old-school standing machines. The third corner loft is where people can play pool on one of two tables. The last corner loft overlooking the floor has banks of computers on low tables for people to use if they don't have laptops.

The floor proper, however, is where the action is. One whole wall is large, laminated, triple-pane security windows that are reflective on the outside and reinforced with wrought iron bars formed into cool designs on the inside, letting people sit at the tables there look at The Village but not let people look in. A side wall and most of the back wall are lined with deeper u-shaped booth-like enclaves that are upholstered benches wrapped around tables. Half of the open floor is given to circular couches around low tables. The other half is given to a makeshift dance floor or standing space for the stage along the other far side wall.

In the center of the room, seperating these halves, is a large circular bar-like counter encircling the industral art styles, hand built from various peices, Frankenchino Machine that looks like a steampunk robot. Coolers in the counter offer trendy indie branded sodas and, for those of age (after nine pm and wearing special bracelets) microbrewed beer and local wine. There is a door that leads to the kitchen for food orders and a hallway off the right of the stage that leads to the bathrooms an office in the back.

Cole (37s) and Terrock (36s) are here.

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Well night has come. WHich is argubly one of the safer time for mutants to be out and about. And some clubs and resutrants where still open. The Polychrome Cafe was one such place where people from all ages were still very much awake. Really the club was never really closed. People were still dancing on the dance floor, others were chatting on the comfortable couchs and chairs. And of course people were buying and having good at the bar!

Among those inside, was Terrock. Most kept out of his way consdering he looks like he could crush someone head in one hand. Though, despite his beastial looks and his intimadting size and presence, it was funny how a tiny monkey, big enough to fit in a normal person hand, was sitting on his shoulder. He seemed to be seeing what he could order

Spacetime might be an unusual sight himself. A costumed teenager at a dance club? He normally wouldn't be here but after he saved a group of teens from a mugger on a basketball court they insisted he come with them to the club. He agreed after some pleading but only after a bit. At the moment, he's laughing as he gets a bit of dancing in. He's not the best but he does have some moves.

It's been awhile since Mike has been in a club. Not, back when all the members of Greysong were alive long but, long. Good GOD. Is that what it's like being an adult? Regardless Mike finds himself here tonight, dressed in club appropriate, and yet tasteful attire. He's not dancing or hanging out in the arcade. So what brings him here? Someone told him that this place had an amazing red potato dish. The Irish in him just had to check this out.

All of her autopsies are complete, the reports are filed, there haven't been any serious leads on Hydra's new lines of activity, and the more covert project she's on is in a similar holding pattern. So Lissandra decided to take some time off without needing to be ordered by Director Carter. This place has a certain reputation amongst some of the younger agents, so she came into the city to give it a try. An open plan warehouse turned club is just the kind of place that the wheelchair-bound doctor doesn't have to worry about ease of access. She's dressed in the kind of loose cottony clothing that's great for the Louisiana bayou but should cause her to freeze her ass off in post-blizzard Manhattan, and her meters-long red hair has been done up in a rather imaginative series of interwoven braids that make it look like a net draped down her torso. She heads in the direction of the dance floor and keeps to the edge while she watches the moves of those with working legs. No angst, just seeing if anyone catches her eye.

Well as it stands, Terrock himself has order himself… about five orders of that red potato dish. Hopefully, for mikes shake, that wasn't all that was left! Along witen those potatas he had gotta a large bottle of soda. He makes his way towards the dance floor and stops next to Lissandra. He was of course over dressed for such a place (underdressed if one were to be outside in the cold) but it was his way. Sides, they had good food. He watches as Cole dances with the other teens and hmmms "….kids these days" his beastial voice growls out. The tiny Monkey chitters into his ear before a moment

As the one song ends, Spacetime slows to a stop and stretches. "Okay, okay. I admit that was fun. But I shouldn't spend all night dancing. I mean I do have to get going," he tells his companions. A little small talk and he starts making his way off the dance floor. He spots Mike before the others, blinking a few times and making his way towards the older man.

Picking up his glass of water, he sips it quietly, glancing at the scenery around him. For a moment it lingers on Terrock's food which is being set out for him. Well, if the giant guy's over consumption of the red potato dish is any indication, Mike's wait for his food will be worth it. Oh well, He continues scanning the room, attention pausing on Lissandra before the feeling like he's being looked at. It doesn't take long to notice the costumed kid. Huh. Didn't expect to see him here.

"I find myself to be jealous of them at times." Lissandra responds to the brief plaint from the large man next to her. She looks up at him with a smile, not seeming to care much that he has more than a passing resemblance to a yeti's cousin. But then she's from SHIELD. Nonstandard tends to be the norm there. "They have so much energy that it can be exhausting just watching them." She takes note of the youth leaving the floor in a cloak and… costume? Well, it is a club.

"Been around as long as I have… and you find there is not much to be jeolouse of" Terrock comments back. Course he dosn't actualy appear to be 'old' himself, mabey no more than mid to late twenties. None the less the tiny monkey jumps from his shoulder on Lissandra wheelchair chittering excitedly. While that happens Terrock looks over to see the teen in costume. He hmmms "A cos-player mamber?" he murmers to himself. This after all does seem like a place they would hang out. He munches on the potatoes as he looks to Mike. he is pretty sure he recognizes the man, but dosn't say anything yet.

When he's close enough for a better view, Spacetime smiles upon recognizing Mike. Unaware he's being watched, Cole vanishes in a faint flash of blue light. Given the lights and music of the club, this doesn't cause much disruption to the other club goers. Reappearing closer to Mike, Spacetime offers a grin. "Hey," he greets. "Didn't think I'd ever actually run into you again. This city is pretty huge."

Although he's aware of Spacetime's abilities, Mike does jar back as the distant Spacetimer is SUDDENLY RIGHT ON TOP OF HIM. "Ge-" He holds back, giving a slight shake of the head before looking back at Cole. "But when you factor in how people tend to stay within a certain area of the city most of their lives, that does up the odds a bit of running into folks again a bit more," the performer points out, "… I recall that I owe you a meal. Is that what you recall?"

First there's a pygmy marmoset jumping onto her wheelchair, which is pretty cool and has Lissandra smiling. And then there's the ping on her sensors showing a sudden and powerful warping of the universe right where the costumed kid used to be, and a matching one over by the center bar. She whips her wheelchair around quickly, her hand going up to prevent Sparks from getting jostled by the sudden maneuver… and then she sees the kid talking with a familiar face and while her heart rate is still trending upwards she's not quite so alarmed. "I'd say 'no' on the cosplayer thing."

Terrock nods. COnsidering he was watching Mike when Spacetime just popped up, it wasn't to hard to guess "Wonder if he is Asgardian" he murmers. The pygmy marmoset seems to enjoy the ride and climb up onto her shoulder. It then jumps onto Terrock and begins eating off one of the plate of potatoes. They did share everything togeather after all. "Guessing your with SHIELD or what not?" he asks. He been around a LONG time

"Not sure that applies to me. I go all over the place," Spacetime chuckles. "Though last time I went far…giant robot attack," he shakes his head. A moment later, he grins again. He's still unaware he's attracted attention with his casual tearing open holes in time and space, blinking a few times. "Oh yeah! If you really want to, I could eat. Haven't since this morning come to think of it…"

"Since this morning…" Mike frowns a bit, imagining where the food from this morning was likely found. Shaking his head, he slides over the small menu for the cafe. "Have at it."

"He's no Asgardian." Lissandra seems certain of this, and she is since they have distinctive a rather distinctive biology that she's become familiar with. She gives Terrock a sidelong look at his last question, "What makes you ask that?" Then she's sending her wheelchair over in the direction of Mike and his cloaked friend, sticking to a conversational pace as she's not meaning to just leave her large converation partner behind.

Terrock follows saying "Call it a hunch" is all he says as his answer to that. But he hmmms and turns, heading off in another direction. Paeticular towards the bathroom, becuase when nature calls, you must answer!

"Yeah," Cole replies thinking back to his 'breakfast'. Discarded mall pretzels. He doesn't say anything about that though. The notion that someone thinks he's an Asgardian would make Spacetime laugh but he's smiling when handed the menu. Taking a seat, he looks the selection over thoughtfully. "Any crazy stuff happen to you lately? Tackle any more robbers?" he asks with a slight joking tone. He finally notices the approaching Lissandra though, glancing up. "I think someone's coming to see you," he chimes to Mike.

Mike gives a small smile at Cole's question but doesn't answer it as Cole draws his attention towards the approaching doctor. "'Ello Liss." He greets once she comes within speaking distance, "Another forced vacation?"

Lissandra grins wide at the opening question from Mike as she draws up closer to him and his friend. "Not this time, Mike. I actually found myself at loose ends and decided to take a weekend in the city. Lots to do, lots to see." She says this last while looking at the cloaked youth. "Wasn't quite expecting to have a space warp open up next to me by the dance floor, but they do say one can find anything in New York City."

Spacetime looks curious when Mike greets Lissandra, just quietly letting them talk. He perks up as names are exchanged though, smiling again and glancing down at the menu. He looks back up when he feels eyes on him and blinks at that statement from Lissandra. "Wha?" Cole's head tilts to the side. "I was next to you? Sorry, I'll be more careful."

"Ah." Mike nods as Lissandra states this was by choice, "The voluntary ones are the best." He gesture over to Cole, "Ah. Liss. Meet Spacetime. We ran into each other right before stumbling on a convenience store robbery. Spacetime, meet Liss." His gesture moves towards Liss. "Liss is a scientist."

Lissandra nods to Spacetime, "Not right next to me, but pretty close. Would've been hard for my sensors to miss." She grins her agreement to Mike's comment about vacations. "Yeah, they are. It's just been so long since I've had easy time off that didn't involve eight-month long baths in biononic peptides that sometimes I have to get a kick in the rear before I remember that weekends aren't just a time where the labs are less noisy." At the introduction she offers her hand to Cole with a smile. "Good to meet you."

"Sensors?" Spacetime's surprised by that. "Whatcha mean?" he asks. The teen just looks confused as Lissa mentions biononic baths and spending extended time in the labs. Science was never his strong point. He shakes the offered hand and smiles. "Nice meeting you. And we didn't really stumble as…run right into it," he chuckles.

"Sciencey stuff." Mike sums up for Spacetime's sake. He smiles as his own red potato dish is brought out and proceeds to unwrap his utensils. "Stumble, Run. We ended up coming across it."

As way of explanation, Lissandra leans a bit forward in her wheelchair and parts the hair covering the back of her neck. Visible there is the external portion of one of her larger cybernetic implants. "I've got some after-market extras." She nods her understanding about the robbery they mention. "Yeah, that tends to happen. I'm going to guess that the robbers had a bad day?"

"Oh, okay. That makes sense now," Cole replies with a nod. He pushes himself up in his seat to get a look at Lissandra's cybernetics, making a little curious noise. "Wow, that's cool!" he declares with a grin. There's a laugh from the teen. "Yep! He got to find out what the floor tasted like. Probably not good," he says, looking down at the menu and finally making a selection. Just a simple dish and one he made sure didn't cost much. "Oh, hey. Do you know anything about giant robots? And like…how to turn them off or something?" he asks Lissandra, figuring the cybernetic scientist would know something about robots.

Stabbing a potato with a fork, Mike brings it up to his mouth and takes a bite. The chewing slows as Cole mentions robots. Swallowing, he studies the food on his plate. "There was mention of it in the Daily Bugle a couple days ago in one of JJ Jameson's editorial rants. Seems we had some political types sneak a law in under the radar and it's just getting found out about." He shakes his head, "It's apparentlly illegal to interfere with them." He stabs another piece of potato, perhaps a bit more viciously this time, "Well, until a higher court gets a hold of it and throws the bullshit out."

Lissandra is brought up a bit short by Cole's question about robots. But then she has to shake her head, "Unfortunately I don't have access to any solid information on those robots, so I don't know how to turn them off." Yet. She nods to Mike's mention of the editorial and replies in a frustrated tone, "I read it. I'm all in favor of getting those monstrosities off the streets, but by the time the courts do their dance they will have done no end of damage. I might just have to have words with the people on the list that JJ published."

Terrock, for a giant is stealthy it seems as he pipes up "I already begon writing angry letters to them, explaining their idiocy" his voice growls out. The monkey was on his shoulder, and he offers a bow to Mike and Cole in greetings. He is not much for shaking hands after all "Because of those… machines… I have to basicly stay home all day."

Spacetime blinks a few times at the answers from Lissandra and Mike. "Illegal…okay yeah…" he shakes his head. "Pardon my language but screw that. Giant rude robots shooting lasers and dropping skulls on people and killing people. So not standing by and letting them get away with that," he says, frowning. Terrock reappearing makes the costumed teen jump and stare at him a moment. "Wow…they're trying to kill you like they did all those people at the mall?"

Mike nods to Lissandra's comment, "I think that's the reason he published that list. To make sure that they knew that the people who voted them in the first time might not re-elect them if they keep doing this shit." He stabs at another potato. "I can understand, it's not fun being cooped up somewhere because the situation outside is not a good on-" The fork clatters to the plate as he looks over to Spacetime. "…They're killing now?" He looks over to Lissandra, frowning as he starts to stand up from his seat, reaching into his pocket.

Lissandra's reaction to Terrock's reappearance isn't quite as surprised as Cole's, because sensors. "I've got some co-workers with the same problem…" her words trail off as Cole mentions sentinels killing at the mall and her reaction is very similar to Mike's. "Killing? When was this?" She looks over to Mike in time to meet his glance her way and nods slightly. "I'm parked a couple buildings down if you want a ride." By this she means she left her quinjet on someone's roof. While Mike is paying for his and Cole's food she shakes her head and mutters half to herself. "I really hope the Maryland team is ready…"

Terrock grows "Yea. But after about 200 years, you get used to it" he says matter of factly. He looks to Mike and Lissandra "Well… if you ever plan on beating up some sentinels, or hydra solders, call me up. I'll be glad to lend a hand again" he says cracking his knuckles. Manwhile, the tiny monkey jumps onto Cole's shoulder

Mike returns the nod, fishing out a wad of bills and setting them on the counter to pay for both his meal and Cole's. "Sorry for cutting it short." Without much more of a glance, Mike turns towards Lissandra. "Ready."

"Two or three days ago. First the one in Hell's Kitchen is lasering people and making it rain skeletons then I go to the mall a day or two later and they're just…disintergrating people and not caring if people get trampled or cut up by glass," Spacetime answers, shaking his head. He's unaware of the real abilities of the Sentinels but he still doesn't like them. He jumps when a monkey suddenly jumps onto him, glancing at it in surprise. "Where'd you come from?" he pauses. "Wait, two hundred years?" Cole's distracted by Mike and Lissandra though. "Oh, uh. See you guys later. And thanks for the food."

Lissandra just gives Terrock a curious sidelong glance while listening to Cole's explanation of recent sentinel attacks. "Thank you for telling us this, Spacetime. And I'll remember your offer," is her response to Terrock's words about helping out. She lets out a long breath as Mike finishes up and then nods to him. "Good. Let's get rolling. Looks like I'll be waking up the Director." Then the SHIELD agent and the Avenger exit the bar. It's like a joke in reverse.

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