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X-Mansion : Rec Room


Rogue had finished her classes around 2:00pm and had set out to buy some supplies fro the school's recreation rooms. The kids here went through a lot of food and general goods… it was a constant battle to keep the place stocked. As such, now being 4:00pm Anna-Marie was walking through the school from the west wing garage toward the rec room with a 'radio flyer' wagon being pulled along behind her loaded with bags of stuff. She walks into the recreation room and turns the wagon toward the small kitchenette in here, rolling the supplies along the floor on the rubber tires of the wagon behind her as she goes, humming a soft tune to herself.

Jake is doing his exploring thing. Not many kids pile straight out of classes into the rec room, so he has some time to look around before the crush might come and join them. When he comes inside and sees Anna-Marie he smiles and offers her a wave. "Hey!" He calls good naturedly, moving curiously over towards the kitchenette to see what she is dragging with her. "Resupplying, huh?"

"Every damn day it feels like." Rogue said to the kid with a smile when she saw him approach. She parked the wagon next to the bar in front of the Kitchenette and then went about picking up some of the bags and setting them on the countertop. "How'd your first day go?" She asked him. "Good times, I hope?" She started unpacking the supplies and placing them into the cabinets and pulling the fridge door open to put some drinks in there into the wooden racks inside the large fridge.

"It was, yes. Took me a bit to get caught up in some classes, and slowed down in others. But its going to work out pretty good, overall." He says with a smile. He leans over the top of the bar to watch, but given the space back there is doens't come around and try to help. He'd likely just get in her way. "Can I ask you something, Rogue?"

Marie filled the fridge up with an assortment of juices and teas and milk bottles then shut the thing closed again and turned around to move toward another bag on the bartop. "Questions? I love questions." She said with a small grin. "Fire away." She told him, continuing to do her unpacking thing, taking a moment to pull that red scarf off that wsa around her neck after coming in from the chilly outdoors. She sat the scarf on the counter and then pulled some cabinet doors open above her head.

"Whats your power?" He asks her, watching her economy of motion with a curious look on his face. "You kinda said you were security and protected the place. Your powers help with that, too?" He seems interested enough. Most of the learning he needs is on peoples abilities.

Rogue grinned at the question as she turned around and retrieved some items from a bag. She popped open a paper bag and pulled out a couple of cookies from within it, offering one of the large round chocolate chip cookies to Jake then before answering him. "Drop dead gorgeus is my primary powah." She said with a smirk before breaking off a piece of the cookie and tossing it in her mouth to chew on it. "Beyond that, I can't touch folk cause I drain them of their… life. And in the process I'll steal their powahs and a lot their memories to." She exhaled faintly then and lifted up her hands to wiggle her fingers inside of the black gloves she was wearing. "No touchies." She said with a smirk. "Its taken me a long time t'get acustomed to livin' with this, but its come a long way and I've had a little help from some smart folks too, like Tony Stark. That has helped make it a'bunch easier."

He takes it with a warm smile. "Thanks." He says as he bites into the cookie, his cheeks coloring faintly at her comment. He doesn't say a /word/ about it. As she goes on to explain her powers his head tilts slightly to the side. "Oh." He says, slowly nodding his head. His eyes widen a bit in surprise. "You know Tony Stark?"

Rogue broke another piece of the cookie she got for herself off and chewed on it while she lenaed back against the counter behind her and nodded her head at what the kid asked next. "Yep, we're good friends." She told him. "He taught here for a semester this past summah." She then looked up and flashed Jake a grin. "I saved his life once too, aftah he done and got himself shot up by some criminals when he weren't in his Iron Man suit thing." She seemed proud of herself for that one.

There is a few more blinks from Jake, as he seems a bit… surprised. "Wow." He finally says, his head rolling over a bit to one side as he looks at Rogue. "Thats… thats pretty cool. Uhm. Duncan? A guy I went to class with thats a registered mutant? He was getting to meet Iron Man in person. He apparently met Pepper Potts, and like… got a meeting."

"Nice." Rogue said as she chewed on cookie and listend to Jake. "They're both nice as can be, but busy as all Hell, so gettin' a moment'a time outta either of'em is damn near impossible." She nodded her head faintly then. "I actually spent the past six months livin' at Tony's penthouse in Manhattan, helpin' him setup a new Academy there in Stark Tower for mutants and non-mutants alike. Tony wanted a place where people didn't have'ta hide who they are. Its a bold idea, but he's a pretty damn bold dude, so I guess it goes hand'n hand. But with Sentinels showin' up in Manhattan again, I've heard the Academy's classes are a bit… thin lately. Which makes me sad, but I get it."

"Well… yeah. He doesn't hide who he is." Jacob says softly, shaking his head. After a moment, he says in the same quiet tone. "Do I have to worry about these sentinel things? What are they?"

"Well." Rogue started after hearing him say this. "We… all kinda need to worry about them." She told him. "They're not in great numbahs out there as of right now, but they are designed to capture Mutants. Its the anti-mutant movement in Washington that is fuelin' their creation. They're afraid'a all these random powahs that our kind is being given by the god's of evolution… and, well, they want us locked up. So these machines exist to try'n police us. But… ain't none'a them know about this school, so you're safe here." She told him with a soft smile.

He nods his head. "But I go home to visit my parents and stuff." He says, shifting a bit as he scuffs a foot. "Do you think the people behind these sentinels know about this place…? If someones watching who comes and goes, its like… like a bonanza of a 'heres a mutant' checklist for anyone coming and going…"

Rogue shook her head then, finished off the cookie she'd picked for herself and then palced her hands on the counter on either side of her hips. "Ain't none'a them know about this place." She told the kid. "See, they're focusin' their efforts on places with condensed populations where there are a lotta wild mutants who're not afraid to show off their powahs… The Sentinels have been seen in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago… but only in small numbahs and they get outta there fast after they strike, cause people hate'em and will attack'em right quick if they linger around too long. Once the world saw Tony Stark blow a couple'a them up this past summah, people started wantin' to do the same themselves."

There is a nod of Jakes head, and he smiles a tiny bit. "Well, good for that." He says softly. "I think I want to try to learn to use what I can do protectively. I mean. I can't really fight. Never had a reason to, y'know?" He shrugs a tiny bit. "Seems every other mutant out there is a regular Bruce Lee though."

Rogue laughed lightly at this and she shook her head. "I ain't no Bruce Lee." She told him. "I don't know the first thing about martial arts'n kung fu'n all that jazz. I can just throw a mean punch." She smiled over at the kid then and moved back toward the grocery bags to start to unpack the rest of them. "Based on what I see of your abilities, you'll be quite the protective force someday, with those walls'n such that you can make outta thin air. Thats a pretty swank skill, and I figure you'll find plenty'a great ways to use it ovah time."

There is a soft nod from Jake. He glances around the room, then stirs to move towards the garbage can. He picks up a can, and moves to set it carefully on the edge of the counter. A good distance from Rogue. He moves away from it to stand a bit across the room as he looks at it. "Its not just walls. I haven't like… got a lot of practice at this, but…" He flicks his hand forwards suddenly. Rogues eyes might be able to track the sudden appearance of something in front of him flashing through the air like a thrown knife. Before solidly thudding into the wall of the counter, stabbing into the wood and gouging it a good 6 inches below the bottom of the can. His aim sucks. His eyes go wide, the shard vanishes from the hole it dug, and he squeaks out a 'Oh fuck', beforeclapping his hands to his mouth as he practically scurries over to inspect the damage.

Rogue watched this display take place and she started to nodd her head slowly a pair of times. "Huh." She uttered then before looking up to the kid who'd said the curse words that she was pretty familar with using herself. "Lets make sure you don't do that aimed at anobody 'round here, especially me." She said with a grin at the kid. "I can take a good beatin', but I'm not real sure how those little weapons of yours work when it comes to the strengths I got. And….. I don't so much want to find out neithah." She grinned then and put away more of the groceries. "Cool trick though, we just gotta work on your aim some there, bud. And… probably do that outside, I do believe."

"Yeah… Yeah, outside." Jake says sheepishly, shaking his head as he grumbles under his breath at himself as he rubs with his thumb at the little hole in the wood. Its really not that bad. "… And no, not at people. I mean, no one here. Probably no one. Its like, its what I go though. When I… When they 'leave' me, they tend to stay at the speed they are going until I can touch them again. I throw it, it just… goes."

"I know a girl who had a similar powah to that." Rogue said then as she got herself a bottle of tea out of the fridge that she'd put away moments ago. She popped the cap easily and then leaned back on the counter again. "Though she created discs… of various sizes and they looked almost like metal… but weren't invisible. She could use them to make shields and walls'n such. Or throw them like frisbees." She nodded her head once then. "It was quite a sight to see." She flashed the kid a smile. "We just need t'get ya time to train and work on the accuracy'n such and you'll be a sniper with those things. Any Sentinel that comes near you will regret it." She grinned.

"Yeah?" Jake asks curiously, shifting to grab the empty cup he'd gone for before his failed demonstration. He lofts it into the trashcan by hand. "I know that I can lift my own weight." He says with a bit of a smile. "But I mean… until yesterday, when Boris kinda poked it back at me? I had no idea if someone else could like… you know, stop it or not." He admits. "When I said I haven't got much chance to practice, I was like.. serious. It was all by myself, mostly just fooling around."

Rogue took a sip from her tea and she nodded her head from where she was with Jake in the kitchenette area of the rec room. "Well, when we get a moment's time, we can find a good place to practice this stuff. I'll let ya take some shots at me with that power… maybe not the spikey stabby kinds… but if you wanna toss one'a them spheres at me, I won't mind." She said to the kid, taking another sip of her sweet tea.

Jake smiles softly. "Yeah. And I mean, it doesn't even need to be fast. I've got some things I'm really curious about, that I've never got to try." He says with a soft laugh. "Like I know /I/ can carry myself on one, but what about someone else? Or someone else with me?"

"Well, thats what the staff here is ready to help you figure out." Marie replied to him with a smile. "I mean… don't let students try to help you test that sorta thing out, we don't want ya doing tests that don't have us watchin' ovah ya'll. Cause, well, if someoen's gonna get hurt, it may as well be one'a us teacher-types." She grinnd a little.

"Or one of us really resilient types who aren't sure where they sit on the student/staff spectrum." Ember's voice preceeds Ember herself by a few seconds, but she becomes visible in her human appearance an eyeblink later. She gives both Jake and Rogue a quick smile and wave as she finds a perch on the back of a recliner near the kitchenette. It doesn't shift even a tiny bit.

There is a flush of Jakes cheeks, "Well I mean, I'd really rather no one get hurt!" He says sheepishly. When Ember appears speaking, he flinches slightly in surprise before turning to look towards her. He laughs softly, and shakes his head. "Yeah but I mean… you are kinda like cheating. You'd just phase around anything anyway, I'd be practicing as well throwing stuff at targets." He says with a smile towards Ember. "Its good to see you again. How are you doing?"

Rogue grinned a little at Ember and waved her right gloved hand toward the young woman. She then looked back at Jake. "Thats why I'm volunteerin'." She told him. "I can get hit by a city bus and not feel a bit'a pain. So if anyone's gonna get blasted by one'a your invisible bubbles, it may as well be me." She then took another sip from her bottle of tea.

Ember chuckles at Rogue's words, "It's true. I heard rumors about the staff parties when I was an undergrad." She sits lotus-style on the back of the recliner. "Pin the tail and Twister tend to get boring when everyone there can cheat one way or another." She grins at Jake, "Although I wouldn't call dodging incoming projectiles cheating. Just a healthy dose of keeping old reflexes honed."

"I didn't think you'd be dodging." Jake points out to Ember with a grin, "So much as letting them phase through you. How'd I even know if I hit you, if you aren't even materially solid?" He says with an arched brow towards her, before glancing towrads Rogue and nodding. "Uhm. I don't think its going to feel like a city bus, but… if you are willing to try, I'd like to practice."

Rogue grinned at Ember. "What happens at those parties…" She eluded to with a small nod of her head before looking back at Jake then. "I'd be happy to let ya pummel me with your supah weird abilities." She smirked at the kid teasingly. "How about tomorrow afternoon? Once you're done workin' on math'n such you can come outside with me and beat up a teachah." She grinned. "And if I get sick of it, Miss Emb here can sub in for me."

Ember nods at Rogue's words. "Yep. I can take hits like no one's business. And I can be very solid when I choose to be." She demonstrates by sliding down to stand behind the chair and giving it a push to make it rock. "All part of that energy thing we talked about before. Like the business card I gave you." She walks over and leans against the kitchenette bar, which groans a bit under her weight and grins at Jake. "See?"

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