2016-01-21 Mutant Training Fun
  • X-Mansion - Back Yard *


Jake had a date with a teacher! Of course, he didn't tell anyone that. And even if he did, he wouldn't have told them he had a date to try and pummel a teacher if he could. But around the time after classes they'd arranged for their spar, Jake showed up and was standing around outside in his hoody. He is also wearing gloves and has a tuque on, looking quite comfortably even in the slightly chilly air.

Rogue out here on this chilly winter afternoon with Jake, having just arrived here with him to test out his abilities. She had on a dark green winter jacket that looked like she yanked it out of a military surpluss pile from Vietnam-era clothing, a yellow wool-knit cap on her head and some gloves on her hands, jeans and boots beneath.
"Okay, so… lets see." She said to the kid as she looked up to the sky, the weather forcast was predicting a massive winter storm here in the next few days, but for now it was just cold and blustery. She looked down at Jake. "I guess just, have at it. Hit me with your best shot." She said with a smile at the kid.

Jake is looking just a tiny bit sheepish at the notion of smoking Rogue. But, well, its why he is here. He nods to her. "Okay…" He'd already been assured he wasn't going to hurt her. He paces back a little bit from her, and then fidgets with his sleeves. He holds his hand out, raises his arm like a fastball pitcher, then heaves at Rogue. Keen eyes could track the barely tangible sphere of some sort of energy that caroams at a decent fastball clip towards the teacher. Its not by any stretch lightning speed, but its better then most baseball pitchers his age could put out. And once it leaves his hand its speed and course never waver. No drag or veering!

Hiding out among the trees or rather in a tree some distance, dressed warmly by lightly was the former student Jose. He watched as Jake makes a pitch towards Rogue and grins. Staying out of sight, a voice (that of Proffesor Xavier) actualy comes directly from behind Jake saying calmly "Practicing I see" while nearby Rogue another voice (Logans in this case) says "Whose the Kid?" Of course Rogue probably knows who is really making these voices…mabey.

Rogue stands there waiting for the hit, not even sure if the kid's aim was good enough to peg her with even. She stares at him as he winds up then watches the pitch and, BAM the invisible baseball ball slaps her right in the top of her right hip making her jacket 'poof' a bit on her side and she looks down with a small grin. "Hey, that was pretty cool." She said, trying to visually find where the invisible ball went after it hit her… didn't even remotely hurt her so she was just reaching up to keep her hair out o\f her face as she looked around down at her feet. "Where were you aiming?" She asked him looking back up at him.
Thats when Jose's 'Logan impression' hits her ears and she doues a full 360-degree turn to try to find the Wolverine. After a few seconds she just looks around. "Jose!" She shouts. "What are you doing here?" She called out to the teenager, not seeing him yet either.

"Your uhm, your…" He gestures with a hand towards her chest. His cheeks color. "Center mass." He changes the answer. The ball had 'vanished' shortly after hitting her, Jake releasing control of it to allow the energy to dissipitate. He actually jumps slightly when the Professors voice sounds right behind him, the teen turning to find him… and finding nothing. He blinks as his gaze looks about for the source of the other voice (not knowing who Logan is yet) and finds no one. "…. Jose?" He says uncerainly towards Rogue, looking to her for an answer as he looks for the source of the voices.

The faint cry of Kookaburra laughs goes out, in confirmation that one, he was finding this amusing and two that it is indeed him. A voice that is just Jose (as Rogue would recognize) says between the two "Good Question. Bad Answer. And with bad comes the good and with the good the mabey. I might be here push Jake there off a cliff" thats comforting "Or to annoying folks" more likely "Or… never really left after Mel's Diner. Kinda slept out in the boat house" most likely. "Anyways, I'll be catching a bus 'home' today" the word home said lightly.

"Missin' your classes." Rogue told Jose, even though he was no where near them… the boy had super hearing and she knew that he could hear her words just fine. "Come on down here, let Jake pelt ya with one'a his invisible baseballs." She said with a light grin before looking back at Jake. She reached up and patted her gloved hand against her chest and smiled at Jake. "Come on, try again. Doesn't look like it has the same weight as a baseball though, so don't throw your arm out of socket… cause that'd, ya know, kinda suck."

Jake smiles sofltly, looking around again. "Well… uh. I can fly, so knock yourself out." He jokes, a bit uncertainly. When Rogue directs him back to the training, he nods his head and looks to her. There is a bit of a smile. "Did it? They don't really have a weight to me." He admits. She can see the ball form in his hand this time, and he grips it curiously. His hand moves like its weightless, before he winds up and throws it straight at her. He is a young, kinda-half-assedly athletic teenager so he at least can get a ball on target even if he isn't used to it. But it'd be higher then where he is aiming, probably towards her shoulder.

"Bah. I can hardly think about classes at the moment" Jose says. But never specifies beyound that. Regardless the street ninja was on the move as he quickly decends the hiding tree. His footsteps and move are absolutly mute as he makes his way over. Rogue could see him, as Jose more or less ends up behind Jake "And for the record I have knocked myself out. By soaring!" he exclaims happily! But hey! There a body there now! "And nice throw"

Rogue takes the hit off her shoulder and it sends her white and brown hair flipping up some beside her face, making her squint her eyes and take a moment to swipe her hair out of her face with her gloved fingers. "Nice. Two for two. Even if ya were aimin' at my sweet spots and not quite where they landed. Still good." She said with a nod of her head. She looked at Jose as he marched up beside Jake. ""I'm gonna have't setup a dunk tank this summah and let Jose here man the dunking board for ya, Jakers. Thought oughta be some good practice." She grinned at the both of them and then suddenly the young teacher lifted up off of the lawn and was floating in mid air about two feet up off the grass. "Okay. I'm gonna fly side to side now… left'n right… try'n hit me now." She told Jake. "Take as many throws as ya need'ta." She added. This was the first time she'd told/shown Jake that she… actually can fly.

Jake glances behind himself when Rogue looks that way, and he shifts a bit so Jose isn't directly behind him. He looks over the man curiously before nodding his head. "Hey. And uh, thanks. Not really used to throwing at people." He admits, "Or… well, throwing at all.' When he looks back around, there is a blink as Rogue is now… flying. Huh. He didn't know she could to that. His eyes widen a little as she drifts through the air, and he grins up to her. "Okay!" At a moving target? Jake is terrible. He at first throws overhand. One after another, whiffing more often then not. Especially if Rogue puts in even a token effort at dodging them.

"Or it's real easy throwing at folks. Don't throw were they are, throw were you think they'll go" Jose suggest "That's the trick to moveing targets anyways. Won't always work, but hey that's life!" he exclaims giving another round of kookaburra laugh. He switches voice again to an annoucners voice like he was on a radio show for a baseball game "And now the pitcher Jake is winding up his throws. Can he hit the unhittable Rogue. She is fast, she is mean and boy she is green!!!"

Rogue doesn't make any efforts to actually dodge Jake's throws, as she's not trying to do anything more than float side to side at a reasonable clip… like a game at a carnival. Anna-Marie hears Jose's instructions and nods her head softly. "Yeah, what he said. Ya gotta aim where I'm gonna be, not where I'm at in the moment." She smirked at Jose's announcer's voice and then laughed a little. "Ya goofus." She called out to Jose.
When the kid didn't seem to be able to hit her while she was moving she called out once more. "Okay. Pause there." And she flaoted down to the ground to land on her old scuffed up combat boots. She started walking toward Jake and Jose. "We got some archery equipment up in the attic. I can go get that stuff and have it setup out here near the forest's edge… standard targets for ya to peg these sphere's off'a, and one than can be wound up and made to rotate at a programmed speed… I don't think your throws'll damage them, now that I've felt them first hand. So that should help ya a bunch if ya get bored and feel like practicin' on your aim."

All of the balls Jake was throwing faded out of existence shortly after they passed and missed Rogue. By the time she comes to a still and calls a pause, he is squinting slightly in a weary way, and there is beads of sweat on his forehead. He nods to Rogue. "Yeah… Hitting someones harder then I thought." He mumbles, shaking his head as he straightens up and reaches up to wipe his brow. "I think I need to practice my delivery… Thats too slow." He murmurs. He smiles faintly as he glances towards Jose at his song, then back to Rogue. "I mean… I'm a real good shot with paintball gun." He says with a grin, "Just… this is so weird. Its like, its like throwing but its not. Cause they don't drop after I let go."

Jose cants his head "Well…. mabey try throwing it like a frizzbee? If you can do that… actualy looks more your throwing air." after all… he couldn't see the bees in question! Jose than looks towards Rogue "And you know it. Being a goof is what I do. Sides, you like it!" he says with a grin. He ponders a moment "Archery…. heh if only uou could make a bow and arrow to use instead of balls. Might do better that way!"

Rogue listened to both of them and she put her gloved hands upon her jacket covered hips and nodded her head once. "Yeah. Ya know, Jose's probably right… you're throwing it like a baseball player, which… is fine if you were throwing something with weight or gravity effectin' your aim." She consider the frisbee style and then lifted her hands up in front of her chest and pressed her fingertips together. "Maybe… push them away from you like you're passin' a basketball?" She suggested then. "I don't know whethah or not that'd let ya get much speed behind'em, but.. it might be easier t'aim'em."

Jake seems to consider for a moment, and he looks away from them both out over the yard. It seems for a second he is tracking for a target of some sort to use, before his gaze wanders back to Rogue. "Do you uh… mind…?" He says, that same sheepish look on his face. He looks to Jose with a tilt of his head, "I think I might want to try the frisbee thing, yeah. Or… well, some different methods of throwing it at least."

Jose nods "Let see what you got Raketity top" he says. He ponders "Serisouly though… what is it you do? Can you just make shapes and stuff that invisble or what not?" he wonders. And fromt here he procedes to do a hand stands "Still let it fly compredre! That or I'll light a match under your butt"

Rogue smirked some and nodded her head toward Jake and then at Jose. As she turned around and started to walk back out a good fifteen feet or so away she looked back over her shoulder. 'Why don't ya join me out here, Jose?" She said. "Sounds like ya could use a good thwap'n." She grinned and then came to her spot away from Jake and put her arms up and out wide away from her body on either side. "Lets do this!" She said overly eagerly.

Jake nods his head to Rogue, chewing his lip for a moment. He backs up a little ways, and then leans forwards. One hand comes up from his opposite hip as he practices a motion, then the other. When he starts to throw, he is making swift, light motions. If he was actually throwing something with weight, it'd be a really useless kind of gesture. But great for flicking a frisbee. And whats flying through the air towards Rogue is functionally just that; a disc of energy about the size of a small frisbee, with the mass of a manhole cover. They'd smart if they hit! He gets that look of concentration on his face again. His first few are wide and miss and vanish soon after they pass Rogue. But after a moment he manages to bring a rapid pair onto target, faltering and stopping when he realized he hit her.

Jose grins. The moment Rogue turns around, he throws an actual snowball towards her! Though as he sees Jake those energy discs, he grins "Oh, I'm getting a piece of this action!" And he bounds right onto the field ready to rumble! His ears twitch making his headphones shift. Heavy… real heavy. "There comming in hot Rogue!" Jose says. Once he a good distance away, about the same as Rogue and standing several feet away, he face Jake with his eyes closed. Clearly he wasn't worried

Rogue laughed and dodged the snowball from Jose before it could hit her, letting it land and splat in the grass. She then braced for Jake's bigger-time show of throwing invisible arsenal at her! When the larger phase-disc-thingy slammed into her chest she took a step backward and released and audible 'Oof!' from the impact of it, lifting her gloved hands up to try and catch the manhole-cover-sized object and grip it against her form.
"Wow… okay… That was heavier." she said then, glancing from Jose who was beside her now back to Jake, "Ya might wanna stick with the baseball ones when tossin'em at Shortround here." She said with a grin.

Rogue is able to functionally 'catch' it. And she is able to functionally hold it for a few seconds before it just wisps away in her hands as Jake releases the energy. His breath is coming a bit faster now, the sweat beading on his forehead a little more densely as he waves a hand apologetically. "Sorry!" He calls over, glancing at Jose then back to Rogue. "Ah. Well. I'll try'm smaller, I think this new way… I think it has something going for it. You are sure you want me throwing these things at you…?" This is to Jose, and Jake seems a little uncertain. Rogue was clearly a goddess, he was less concerned about hurting her.

Jose waves off a hand dismissivly "Please! I been hit by worse things that deadly energy!" he states. "Sides, you couldn't hit a parked car if you tried" he says as a rib to Jake "So I am sure I will be fine" Jose stance is mello, not one to take things seriously. Than again Jake never seen the way he moves! "Now bring it short stuff!"

Rogue looks down at the nearly-invisible manhole-cover-thingy she's holding and she grins a bit, watching as it fades out of existance. "Far out." She quietly says before lowering her arms again. She looks over to Jose then back to Jake. "Jose ain't one'a our students anymore. So he's technically tresspassin'… So if he gets hurt, then you're technically just protectin' the school from an uninvited intrudah." She gave Jake a big grin then and glanced back at Jose, waggling her dark eyebrows up and down some at the kid.

"… Oh." Jake says, before he shrugs. "Well… Get ready then." He shifts, and then begins to throw. One at Rogue, and one at Jose. They are slightly smaller then before, the barely visible discs soundlessly flying through the air projected through nothing but Jakes force of will. They are a form of psionic energy, his mental strength given a tangible shell and projected into reality by nothing more then his vision of it being so. With his new method of throwing, they come a fair bit faster… Even if the accuracy didn't approve much. But he zeroes in pretty well. His jaw tenses, and his teeth grit as he focuses, working throgh whatever mental burn the exercise gives him.

Jose eyes never did open as he spoke "Uninvited? Why Rogue I am shocked! I didn't come uninvited, I invited myself!" This is followed with a smirk. But spoken words give him enough to use his ability to Echolocate. The sonic vibrations of his words, Jake and the world around him letting him see even the unseen. The unseen in this case the invisvle but tangeble disc Jake made! Jose turns sideways like a door when the disc comes near "Woot woot. Got yourself some speed in their buddy boy!" he exclaims!

The difference is that Marie wasn't trying to dodge the shots. She was trying to help Jake build confidence in his throws and having them hit his targets was a small way of doing that. She did, however, grin at Jose beside her and she shook her head. "Nice one, Chumley." She told him before looking over right in time to have one of the throws slam right into her left eyeball. "Ahhh!" She shouted as she reached up and put her gloved hand over her face. "That certainly gets a surprise outta ya…" She muttered before lowering her hand and shaking her head, it didn't hurt… but even if you're invulnerable getting hit in the face was uncomfortable.
Rogue looked over at Jake then. "Hey, you wearin' out?" She asked over at him. "You evah thrown this many before?" Not sure if the kid had ever exerted himself this much with his still young power here.

Jake comes to a flinching stop when Rogue yells after getting hit in the eye. He looks really concerned for a moment, before he relaxes back in relief when she seems okay. At her question he just shakes his head. The motion actually causes him to lean heavily to one side before a leg shoots out drunkenly and catches himself. He seems a bit wobbly, and only really looks like he is realizing it after her question. "Yeah… I think I am." He calls back over, shaking his head a bit as a hand goes up to rub through the sweat on his forehead. "No… I uh, I almost never throw them."

Jose cants his head as Jake wibbles some and makes his way over casually "Well what do you NORMALLY do with them?" he wonders aloud. He look back over to Rogue "And man you are so lucky that stuff dosn't hurt you. Just saying sister" he says with a slight grin. Still he stretches before looking bavk to Jake expextently his brows up high "And have you ever used your powers this much before?"

Rogue put her hands up then after Jake said that. "Okay, we'll chill on throwin' practice today." She told the kid, glanced over at Jose as they walked together back toward Jake's place in the yard. She smirked at Jose's words. "Yeah…" She softly said, feeling quite a bit of guilt about her invulnerability power, as well as her flight power, considering she stole them from someone back in the darker years of her past.
Marie came up beside jake and pulled a bottle of water out of one of the side pockets on her old army jacket and offered it to the kid. "Here, drink up." She told him. "That was good though… I'lll make a note to setup the targets so ya can throw any time you're bored. Work on that aim, soldier." She said with a teasin grin at the kid.

Jake was normally a pale kid, so the fact he is a bit paler might be harder to notice. He gives Jose a sheepish look. "Uh… Not… much." He mutters softly, taking the offered water and sipping from it. "I… kinda don't really practice a lot. I mean, normally I like make a barrier… or a platform, to step on. Never for long, and like… not nearly that much." He shakes his head briskly, 'I'm feeling a bit woozy." He admits a little sheepishly, before looking up to Rogue. "Aim. Gotcha."

Jose nods "Ahh, well take a seat. Plenty of powder around". He feels backwards and froosh, a spray of snow pops up "Long as you don't mind the cold anyways." he begins to work on a snow angel "Anyways. Once you start using your powers enough, they become second nature. For some it is more natural than others" he says. Looking to Marie he says "And as always marie is getting things done! Well at least when it comes to the kids she works with!"

Rogue cared a lot about the kids at this place and she tried to work with as many as she could, though some of them had powers that were just… out of her realm. She glanced between the two of them then and she stepped toward Jake. "Come on then." She said at the kid before she suddenly scooped him up and held him up in her arms like he weighed no more than a plush doll. "Try'n keep up, Shorty." She said back at Jose before she and Jake were suddenly flying through the air, leaving a small 'pulse' of energy ringing out in her wake after her flight power activated. She flew straight toward the garage area where there was a seating section near one of the french double doors.
Marie came in to a landing, and plopped Jake down near one of the chairs. "Here ya go, take a load off." She said, taking a step back and brushing some of her hair out of her face she looked around and grinned big. "Don't want ya faintin' out in the yard."

Its the first time anyone has ever swept Jake off his feet, figuritively or literally! And it leaves him a fair bit flushed despire the paleness, or maybe thats the exhiliration from flying. Either way, once Rogue has tipped him down into a chair and he sprawls on it to relax he gives her a sheepish smile. "Thanks. I uhm, I didn't mean to overdue it. I've never felt that… wore out before."

Well, Jose is certainly not out of shape! While he may not be nearly as fast as Rogue, he was none the less in the garage within a few moments. And covered in snow thanks to Rogue Take off. Though he wasn't in any worse of a mood "Hah! Keep up with a flyer. You would have to be a blimp before I could keep up!" he jokes. He looks over to Jake "No one means to over due it" he flops into a nearby chairs "It just happens sometimes!"

Rogue just continued to stand there back a few paces as Jose ran up and sat down at the table as well. She grinned and shook her head. "Nah, its cool. I was curious about your skill set and now I got a bettah understandin' on how it all flies." She walked over to the garage and opened the glass door to flip on the outside lights, causing a series of bright yellow lights to flash on and illuminate the area in a wealth of nice glowy warm colors. "Seems like your power can be used defensively really well, but offensively ya really pack a punch too. That big disc ya threw at me would probably'a leveled a horse." She grinned.

Jake nods his head to Rogue. "Yeah… And like… They don't /always/ have to center on me." He adds, glancing around. For a moment he considers, then he just eases back into the chair. "Its just easiest to move them if they do. I can throw up stationary stuff a distance away, I've found. Its how I caught myself." He adds, before looking over to Jose. He grins a bit. "Guess I did, didn't I? I mean, its a learning thing."

Jose grins "Aye. Pretty soon you be doing crazy mamma jamma stuff, liek like" he considers it "Making a really really big shark" sage nods. No did not make sense at all, not even going to try and justify it! Jose curls up on his part of the couch as he enjoys the warmth "Just don't go leveling horses like Rogue says you can. I like them horses. Still, half of it is just having fun." he ponders "At least that how I learned" he states "Kind've" he looks to Rogue "What has been happening around here anways?"

Rogue took a moment to glance at her phone, receiving some messages while she was out with the training and she was just scanning through them all doing that annoying phone-in-face thing that is so god damn common in this world today. She then glanced up to Jose when she registered the question. "Oh… god… You know, the usual. Kids gettin' themselves hurt screwin' around." She grinned some, putting her phone into her pocket. "Bobby's been keepin' the lake nice and frozen ovah… so we've been ice skatin' a lot too." She glanced at Jake. "Bobby's one'a the staff, he can create ice… or just freeze stuff. So he's pretty damn popular come summah time." She grinned softly.

"Until today, I've never really thrown my stuff at anyone or anything alive." Jake admits with a smile towards Jose. "But yeah. I'll practice more, and get better." He promises, looking up towards Rogue as she explains who Bobby is. "Oh, wow. Yeah, I can see that being pretty popular!" He says with a little laugh. Once inside and resting, with some water, he is starting to look more himself and less shaky.

Jose nods "I started getting in some real practice when I was about…. eight!" he exclaims "Before then never said a word. Strictly speaking, I'm mute" he sage nods. He than pulls out some water from his own backpack. A cantien of water! "And yea, Bobby is great. And he can be a REAL prankster too. Man oh man, should have seen the winter in summer day we had! A snowball fight, in the middle of summer!" he makes a kookaburra laugh thinking of it. "Though ultimate Orore was the winner if I recall. Casue she can just throw snow storms at yea!"

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