2016-01-21 Phantasm Explanation
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Players: Loki, Phantasm
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Title: Phantasm Explanation

The main dining hall is often used by the Avengers and is closer to a restaurant style of appearance. Long drapes hang from the windows, typically pulled back and tied to allow natural sunlight to filter in.
Various tables litter the area for smaller settings, though they can be easily combined for larger groups as needed.
The Mansion's Butler will receive orders and have them taken to the kitchen. The menu changes daily. There is a window where 'togo' orders can be asked for from the kitchen for those too busy to sit down.

With the drapes in the windows tied back, the dining hall is quite a cheery environment. All brightly lit with the natural sunlight that shines in. Just a great place to be awake!

Except Mike, who is a bit under the weather doesn't really care for the light right now. Hanging out near the to go window. Mike is waiting for his order. Rather than lingering directly at the opening, Mike has shifted to the side. Leaning against the wall, he tilts his head back, eyes closed as he gives a small groan of disconent.

Loki drifts through the dining room, drinking from a can of pop. Pausing a moment, he lifts a dark brow. "What is wrong with you? You are not behaving normally. Should I prepare a dragonboat or will you eventually recover?"

With the quiet of the dining hall bludgoned to death by the reasonably volumed inquiry, Mike gives a slight wince. Bringing his hand up, he pinches the bridge of his nose. "I'm not dying." Mike responds, voice betraying the unnaturally raspy tone to the voice, "… well-" He shakes his head, "I'll recover."

"Ah, good. I know nothing of mortal ailments. If I were permitted, I would take you to Asgard to the healing room, but it does not appear that you are in mortal danger, so that is good, is it not?"

"Yes that's good." Mike agrees, cracking a small smile, "I'm not sure I would be welcome in Asgard anyways. I'd probably off and say the wrong thing to your father and that'd be the end of that."

"Well, that and you're a mutant so you would be killed on sight." Loki shrugs. "I keep trying to change his mind, but he is adamant that all mutants should be exterminated. I am on his bad list, so I am probably not welcome there either."

Mike cracks a small smile, and leans forward, lowering his voice to a small whisper so that whatever recording devices that may be in the room can't pick up what he's saying. "This is not to be shared with anyone but, I'm actually not a mutant. I just don't give a straight answer because it pisses the tabloids off."

"If you are not a mutant, then what are you? You are not an Asgardian, nor a Jotun. Perhaps you are a mutant and just do not wish to admit it. What are tabloids?"

When Loki responds in regular volume, Mike sighs. There's a slight flicker to his appearance before he reaches over to touch Loki. The view of the dining hall vanishes as they find themselves in a meadow. Mike's tired visage is replaced by the wild look of his stage persona. "I'm human, Loki. But I'm also a Phantasm."

Loki doesn't like being touched, and doesn't like changing location against his will even more. He frowns and nearl pulls away but keeps still. "That does not answer any questions. What is a phantasm and how is that different than a mutant? Have you been tested? There are large walking machines that can make the determination between mutant and human. Perhaps we should find one."

Mike notes the frown, "Sorry. I just didn't want others to overhear what I'm telling you." He pauses, "I guess the best way to describe Phantasms is that they're the product of dreams. They live in the dream realm. Except for one that resides in the waking realm." He shakes his head, "Unfortunately, Dreams are not one for keeping great historical records and it wasn't until I had become Sorceror Supreme that I could really navigate to that particular realm. So I didn't have much time to figure out everything about them."

Loki nods. "I see. I try not to recall my dreams. Terrible, terrible things come from them." He looks away, squinting a bit as he starts to think about it but stops himself. A tortured soul like Loki has a lot of baggage for the mind to turn into utter chaos at night, drowning him in pain and torment. "I started conjuring a pocket dimension, but it has not yet been brought to fruition. I need to give it a name. Something eldritch or ancient norse."

Mike considers Loki for a few moments, "Nightmares?"

Loki shrugs. "Every night. It is part of being a sorcerer in a warrior society and having to do things that would shatter the psyche of a mortal. The warriors don't look back upon those events and feel remorse and other emotions, but I remember everything. But I doubt you wish to hear about any of my issues. Please continue."

"Loki, I may be human, but I'm also a Phantasm. Dreams are my thing." He pauses, "And even if that's not the case. I consider you to be a brother to me. Of course I care. If you want to talk about something. We can. I may or may not know what you're talking about, but I can listen at least. Or I could pop into one of your dreams if you'd like."

The youngest son of Odin shakes his head vehemently, his long hair whipping around his shoulders. "Not here. Not now. You are like a brother to me as well. Thor was once yong and adventurous, much different than others. "If you believe you can handle it, I will show you."

Mike nods, "Very well. Around when do you typically go to sleep?"

"Sleep…I am due to sleep within the next few days. An Asgardian can function for sweks without sleep

"Alright then. Just let me know when you're planning to go to sleep and I'll pop on in then." Mike responds, voice getting a bit raspier as he gives a nod of the head.

The meadow fades away, leaving the two back in the dining hall. Standing at the window, one of the kitchen staff is waiting with Mike's chicken soup. As Mike's appearance shifts back to the real, sickly looking one, he gives Loki another nod. "We'll see what we can do."


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