2016-01-26 Sentinels and Presidentials
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Rhodey Cole Cable Echo Natasha(clean up crew?)
GMed by Rhodey
Title: Presidential Speech Gone Wrong

Hell's Kitchen, also known as Clinton and Midtown West, is a neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City that includes roughly the area between 34th Street and 57th Street, from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River.
This section of NYC is a bustling hub of traffic at nearly all hours of the day, but its notorious for its dangerous nightlife. Those that prey on the helpless stalk the alleys and side streets of this district, using the shadows as refuge to stalk their victims. Hell's Kitchen is not known for being friendly to those who take their safety lightly.
The streets themselves are not particularly dirty, but not particularly clean either, the district is somewhere in-between these two levels. However, the alleys that reside between the aging buildings are definitely on the filthy side of things, where homeless gather and loiter in their own makeshift homes.
Brownstone apartment complexes, old warehouses, low income commercial shops and storefronts… these are the buildings that make up the contents of this city district. Hell's Kitchen is constantly under pressure from both sides of its denizens, the lawful and those who would break the law for personal gain.

Here in hells kitchen things seem more lively then normal, a small political rally being held on the remains of a completely demolished building now a simple clear lot. At the podium a man with bright red furr, and a red tie to match with his black suit. His eyes black as coals, He waits at the podium reading off a few of his cards and getting ready for his big speech, the banner behind the podium proclaiming that "Mutant Lives Matter". The sun shines bright over head and a small crowd has gathered for this rally, the man in question hoping for a run at presidency, what could make him the first true Mutant president to get into office.

Hanging out on a nearby rooftop, was none other than Jose, aka Echo. He got wind of some mutant running for president and was curiouse. An actual mutant president? Well take that sentinels! If it happens anyways. Jose sits on the edge of the roof, looking down at the crowd and the mutant about to give a speech. His head phones were off, allowing him to hear far beyound what he can see, mainly because with everything going on, he decided to excersise a BIT of caution. He was also using a phone to record the event for Samuel, who would proably understand this alot better than him. Hopefully he will see his friend again some day.

Cable removes the cigar from between his lips and blows out a cloud of smoke into the air. The burly cyborg meanders down the street, cigar in one hand, and putting a roll of cash into his coat pocket with the other, when he notices the rally.

In goes the cigar, clamped between his teeth as he pauses to watch. "'Nother one o' these things agin," he mutters to himself and makes his way to a space somewhat behind the gathering there. A brief telepathic scan of the area and he glances upward toward one of the rooftops. Cable utters a nonchalant 'hmph' and folds his arms over his chest, watching.

Unaware of the rally or anyone else that might be up on the rooftops, Spacetime is just stepping out of one of his portals as it opens on the rooftop Echo's perched on. With his back to the other teen, Spacetime yawns and stretches. Judging by messed up hair and ruffled costume, he's just woken up. Shielding his eyes from the light, he frowns when the sounds of the rally register with him. "What the…" he mutters, turning slowly. And then he spots Echo. The costumed teen makes a startled little noise and looks a bit embarrassed. "Oh…uh…hey," he greets awkwardly.

Clearing out his throat and adjusting his tie, the red furred politician, offers a smile."Friends, brothers, and sisters, when I started off this campaign trail back in august I know there was some skepticism." He starts with a deep and booming voice. Hands down onto his podium as he speaks out into his microphone able to speak to the back of the crowd even without the air of those large speakers set up for the event.

His security taking the time to scope out the area, and watch for any signs of issue. However as the speech begins to run its course Spacetime isn't the only one opening a portal. In fact one slowly begins forming far above the rally. As the boistrus man carry's on. The man behind the poduim giving it his all as he goes into detail about the long road, the bias of man, and how he plans to 'fix' the nation as president.

Echo dosn't turn around to face SpaceTime. He hard him, long before the other teen spoke. That being said… it dosn't seem like he responds back. At least from where he is. Instead a voice much like Cable's sounds like it comes from behind Spacetime "Remind me to break your neck latter". Okay, so Jose can be a bit a trickster sometimes, he loves it!

That being said, the Real Cable also caught Jose attention, it hard to miss a 7 foot tall cyborg after all. Though the voice that goes off near Cable is inFact SpaceTimes voice "I like your arm. It's shiney. Also, I have your gun." Jose like many was obliviouse to the danger opening up how above the crowd.

Standing some feet behind the gathering on the ground level, Cable blows more cigar-smoke into the air before finally removing the last little cigar-stub from his lips. The white-haired mutant douses it in the palm of his cybernetic hand. Light reflects off his knuckles, visible when the motion of his arm pulls his coat sleeve up.

"Hey, what?"

At the sound of someone's voice so close to him, the mercenary turns his head sharply to the side and glares at the /apparent/ source. "Someone's gotta lot 'o nerve…" he mutters as he reaches behind himself to pat for where he hopes his gun still is (well, one of his guns). He almost triggers a teleport to the rooftop, when he notices the portal opening above the rally, and instead drops his cigar-butt to the ground, crushing it underfoot.

"Jus' like clockwork," he mutters aloud, his cybernetic eye flashing. "What'll it be this time?"

Spacetime frowns as he doesn't get a response, straightening out his costume. Then there's suddenly a voice behind him and he's jumping, whipping around and settling into a defensive stance. When he doesn't see anyone there, the costumed teen just blinks. "Huh-wha?" he mutters, waving a hand through the air just to make sure there's no one invisible there. Turning back around, he looks to Jose again. "Was…that you?" he asks, brow arched behind his mask. He's oblivious to the danger approaching as well. "What's goin' on down there anyway?"

The first thing to come through the portal is a large bright purple hand the size of a minivan, ripping the portal slowly open, larger and larger. Dark clouds pour fourth from the portal itself as it's ripped even wider, the bright and cheerfull sun hiding behind a sudden flow of rainclouds. Through the portal there is fire and destruction, piles of skulls far as the eye can see and a massive skull like purple and blue visage with two bright yellow glowing eyes the size of manhole covers.

Far bellow the presidential hopeful doesn't even stop in his speech for a moment putting in his heart and soul into every word, trying to rally the crowd together. Roars of cheers from the mutant portion of this gathering as they clap together. "We will not go quietly my brothers and sisters, we will not be locked away into the darkness, but we will find ourselves together, as equals with man! We will finally see eye to eye with one another!" As he slams his fist down onto the table, sounding almost a bit more radical then intended.

Echo was just about to answer. But his his hearing kicked into overdrive as he heard the mechanical machine above. He looks up and answers Spacetime, this time using a voice a deep voice with an accent that sound like he comes from the Wild West "Son. That there is trouble. And that trouble is about to make us Rrrrrrruuuuumble!" he declares. No time to worry no time to think. A loud emergency siren like sound goes off above the crowd. Mr. President may be loud, but noise is Jose specialty! Coupling with the emergency siren affect is a generic voice that says "I hate to interupt, but a giant robot of doom and gloom is opening above you, and seem to be letting a giant Sentinel through. Please proced to panic and scream while running away from the danger. Have a nice day!"

Jose had also heard Cable, and once again using Spacetime voice, ask the Cyborg "So… uh, you knew this would happen?"

Jose was still recording all this, but none the less was standing up.

"Sentinel," Cable exclaims in tones completely devoid of surprise.

With a huff of his chest, and the steeling of his jaw, the big mutant fellow reaches of his shoulder for 'Vera' - probably the largest of his personal arsenal, a plasma rifle - and cocks it. "Attagirl," he murmurs to the gun, then looks up toward the rooftop, and Jose. He 'hmphs' and triggers something under his left wrist. "Bodyslide by one."

Blue rings of energy surround the cyborg from head to toe, causing him to vanish from view and reappear upon the roof by Jose and Spacetime. "It's a mutant rally, son," he tells the audiokinetic fellow as if that explained everything. "Ya tellin' me yer surprised?" He motions to the Sentinel with his chin, and takes aim with his rifle.

Then he starts firing at the giant robot's wrist.

The sudden shade combined with the voice from Jose brings Spacetime's attention upwards and his eyes widen comically behind his goggles. "Someone find me a lawyer. I am totally sueing whatever the heck that is for ripping me off," he declares, pausing a beat. "A really cheap lawyer. Preferably one that'll work for pocket lint," he jokes. He looks down at all the people Jose just warned and frowns. He opens his mouth to say something but suddenly, Cable. "I'm surprised, yeah. Very surprised…whoa!" he yelps when Cable starts shooting, hopping a couple steps away from him. "Of all the things to wake up to."

Chunks of armor fall off from the wastfully massive wrist of this maniacal mechanical monstrosity of a machine. The hole widens far enough that it's massive skull and arm can begin to come through as parts begin to fuse together, and fall apart with more frequency. An oddly human sort of scream coming from it yet deepened a great deal, as its partially rusted frame cracks in some sports, human skulls coming out from the portal with it. Falling down and cracking windshields, and almost knocking out a few of the pedestrians.

Speaking of pedestrians it seems that they are in fact taking the advice of that voice and those sirens. A complete chaos breaking out in the crowd, as that thing comes further and further into their reality. There's a loud groaning sort of mechanical noise only partially drowned out by the sirens. The panicking and chaos of the moment shielding a shot from the back of the crowd as the red furred man goes down to the ground his guards rushing over to check on him.

Now Jose uses his 'actual' voice "No, I'm telling you this is AWESOME! Death aside anyways! Hey, can I borrow one of those guns?" he asks. Jose sanity has been questioned on several occasions for a reason. And running was not what he does when he excited about something. He was already recording Cable shooting at the sentinel, but as he heards SpaceTime Jose corrects "Dude, these things have been wearing purple and what not way longer than you been a costumed Dork" yes, he is reffering to the other teen as a dork "I mean really, purple? Those are normally reserved for super villians for the record!"

That being said with no gun or anything, Jose couldn't really do much, though that annoucer voice broadcasts once more "Oh for the love of Sanity, people on the left run left, and people on the right run right. No need to trample folks! And who the hell is shooting down there!" yes, Jose caught the sound of shooting. But than towards cable "Oh… also… there like an army of them trying to get through I think"

Cable takes a moment to stop shooting, and rests 'Vera' in the crook of his arm, pointing straight upward. He glances aside at Jose firstly, then at Cole, both of his eyes glaring. "I'll be wantin' these back," he tells both of them - and he tosses a couple of sidearms in their direction. Each pistol is definitely futuristic - focused plasmic guns decades ahead of anything in circulation nowadays. Cable shifts his attention to Cole.

"Yer gonna need an undertaker if y'ain't careful, son."

To Jose he adds: "You'n me got some different ideas what makes somethin' awesome. Have at 'em, soldier. Bodyslide by one!"

In the next instant, Cable vanishes from the rooftop and appears on the shoulder of the giant Sentinel. He wastes no time in aiming 'Vera' at the mutant-hunter's neck, and opens fire again…

"H-hey! Who're you calling a dork?" Spacetime frowns. Clearly that's the most important thing right now. He may not entirely remember Sentinels but they're definitely pinging as 'bad news!' right now. Fumbling with the gun, Spacetime makes a face. "Uh…thanks but n-" and then Cable is gone. "Is that how it feels when I do that to people?" he wonders aloud. Shaking his head, Spacetime stuffs the gun into a pocket and vanishes in a little flash of light. He reappears on the street and starts opening portals to catch falling skulls and debris. It may not seem like it but he's got a plan.

Thanks to the concentrated firepower the now white hot metal of the machines wrist begins to drip and fuse together rendering the hand almost completely inoperable, a sudden pair of energy blasts aimed right at the stage firing from its eyes, as it tries to force its way through before the portal can shut itself once again. That strange mechanical almost human cry sounding out in pain as the hand falls off from the wrist slamming down towards the ground. A woman standing underneath hiding her two children underneath her from the falling limb.

Jose sees the limb comming down and hears the mother with two children. Not good, not good! While Jose usualy has a comment to make back to people like Cable and Cole, this was not one of those time. Jose unleashes a sonic shout towards the falling hand, trying to create a concussive force to knock the hand away or slow it down, as it was comming from below as much as it was above. It's something he has never tried to do before, and wasn't even sure if he could do! But it was worth a shot. That and Jose began fireing the Plasma Pistol at it too for good measure! Cable a big guy, he can take care of himself! Eitherway a voice appears near Cole, Jose "Dude, family, kids, portal"

Bellows of defiance.

Screams of fear.

The shrieking of torn metal.

The blast of cannons.

Simple pleasures. Cable has to resist the urge to smirk as he fires blast after blast of energy into the Sentinel's neck. He might have stayed there, perched precariously upon its shoulder, if it had not been for the danger to civilians below.

The big man stops shooting, and extends his cybernetic arm toward the limb that is about to crush innocent people beneath it. His left eye flashes and telekinetic energy - all that he can spare from holding his illness at bay - reaches out to try and force the limb in the same direction as Jose's efforts.

<~ Get 'em outta there! ~> he telepathically projects towards Cole and anyone else nearby. The Sentinel moves, and Cable very nearly topples from its shoulder.

So he shoots at its eye.

Closing portals shortly after they catch falling items, Spacetime's brow is furrowed in concentration. He looks up quickly when directed to danger though. Cursing under his breath, he turns to dash towards the family but vanishes from the spot before even taking the first step. He reappears among the woman and her kids. "Got 'em!" he calls, creating a portal to engulf the four of them and teleport them out of harm's way. They reappear a little further down the street from another portal. "Get somewhere safe," he advises.

With quick action and determination first the the hand is slowed by that earth shattering scream, pushed slightly from the way, then it is stopped completely by the telekinesis exhibited by Cable. The family are saved from the falling hand the woman still prepping for that moment when her life could end. Yet when instead they find themselves someplace new she finally looks up and breathes a sigh of relief .

That blast of energy slams its way into the ground in front of the podium, flowing up towards the stage only to get thrown off by that sudden blast right to the eye. The force of the shot taking out one of the emitters completely just in time to avoid vaporizing the presidential hopeful currently wounded with a bullet to the chest being taken away by his security. Though the other eye blast does manage to erase one of his security completely leaving behind not even a single singed bit of earth behind. Just a shadow.
Jose eeps and says "Damn. That is one NASTY eye…. gonna take a cue from robodude" hand turns fireing at the robots head! Now… Jose has never fired a gun in his life, though he is pretty good at aiming. That being said… best watch out just in case! At least he is aiming at the head "You want some of this, you overgrown can opener!" oh, he was having way to much fun! This was as close to revenge that he has ever gotten on these bastards and he was going on out, at least when it comes to fireing that plasma pistol!

Jose voice appears by Cable "Families safe, but this hunk of junk needs to go my brother from another mother" he says. Likewise a voice appears near Cole, since even though Jose can't see where they went, he can hear them "Nice job man. Even if you are a dork"

Cable goes to fire again, but more movement of the Sentinel nearly costs him his footing. Releasing his telekinetic grip on the gargantuan machine's hand, the big man takes a leap at the Sentinel's neck-places, manages to grasp a 'collar' of sorts and dangle from his left arm.

<~ Concentrate fire on the damn thing's eyes! ~> he barks telepathically to anyone nearby, but primarily to Jose and Cole. In the moments that follow as the Sentinel attempts to dislodge the cyborg mutant, Cable fires one more shot at the machine's neck, then slings his rifle over his shoulder. He produces a thermal grenade from a pouch on his belt and stuffs the device into the gap he just made in the Sentinel's outer armour.

<~ FIRE IN TH' HOLE! ~> he bellows again…

And lets go.

"I'm not a dork!" Spacetime insists, turning quickly. Jogging back towards the robot, he jumps and vanishes again. "Sorry, shooting isn't my style," he calls out as he reappears near Jose. "Wait, did he just throw a bomb into the big robot?" Cole asks Jose, eyes wide. "Oh so not good," he yelps, getting ready to catch more debris.

"Coming" The voice bellows out deep and booming the synthesized speech from the metal monstrosity deep enough that it rattles the windows with the almost pure base. The poor things lower jaw being EXPLOADED from the upper section of its head being shot right out and down smashing the podium where the candidate had been just a second. "We. Are." As the other eye gets shot right out having just vaporized another swatch of innocent people, before it's blinded completely. The head hanging loose and limp as it speaks out against them. "Coming." That last word echoing out in such a load roaring boom that it sends a number of the innocent people falling to the ground in piles, before the thing falls somewhat limp, being cut in two by the closing portal around its midsection.

Jose lets off a few more rounds into the now dead… well most likely dead robot "No, I did not put a bomb in him. That was the other dude. Though I would have. And yes… anyone who dress like that, is a dork. Just saying" Jose retorsts back. His ears twitch and his headphones shift as he knows a good amount of people were vaporized by the Sentinel. He pockets the pistol after feeling satisfied that it was dead. But than he is looking down towards the ground and says "Welp…. that happened." he calls out to Cable "Eh bigger Dork, you okay there!"

Cable falls.

It's not a fatal drop - not for a mutant cyborg - but it's far enough. A mere second before he hits the ground, he mutters: "Bodyslide by one!" and seemingly vanishes INTO the earth, rather than landing UPON it.

The hoary-headed mercencary reappears some feet away, much closer to Cole and Jose. "I'm fine," he calls out to Jose, while giving Cole a sidelong look. "You gotta name, kid?" he asks bluntly. "Ain' nothin' ta be ashamed of - not shootin' the gun. Not /fightin'/ on the other hand… well, neither o' ya got nothin' ta worry about. I'll be takin' those guns back when yer done, though."

And he turns back to look at the ailing Sentinel, considering what needs to be done next.

"I ain' callin' ya dork neither," he adds sideways to Cole. He gives the outfit a longer look, but says nothing.

A telepath could probably sense it but Cole is more worried about being a terrible shot and hitting someone innocent than any kind of style. He's just not admitting it. It comes with his memory issues. He tenses as the explosion happens, opening portals between the bot and the innocents to try to catch as much of the dangerous debris as possible. He lets out a breath when Cable appears, nodding. "I'm Spacetime," he answers. He stares at the Sentinel and glances at Jose before shrugging. "I could…probably help clean that big mess up. As long as you don't mind it going into pieces…"

About half of a sentinel, the upper half anyway has made its way through the portal and down to ground level. The top half from the waist up. That thing so very close to fully entering this world. However thanks to quick action and movements it seems it hasn't actually directly crushed anyone.

Coming down the street as the robot itself seems to be powering down a fleet of pitch black unmarked trucks, along with a few semi trucks with massive flat beds. Driving into the area they begin to surround, this little meeting area turned combat zone. Smoke still raising up from the burnt out eye holes of the robot and the spot where jaw once connected to neck.

Well… Jose sorta… dissappears. Or moreaccurately he goes street ninja mode! As such he comes aboslutly mute, leaving new heart beat, no steps, not even ones that would be assorted with running. He moves fast for a kid, as he made a rather dangerous leap onto another roof, and continued on to the nearest fire-escape! He hopes SpaceTime and the arriving black fans will prove enough distraction so he can get away with the cool looking space gun thing!

The white-haired cyborg gestures with both his hands, telekinetically summoning his two guns back into his grasp, while 'tsking' aloud.

For Jose's benefit.

<~ Yer'll need ta /earn/ yerself one o' these, son. ~> he tells the audiokinetic fellow… wherever he has gotten to. In the next moment, he takes particular note of the vans approaching and lets out a breath. "That's my cue ta make trails too. See ya round, Spacetime." <~ You too, Smartass. ~> he projects to Jose. Then he triggers his teleport again, and vanishes from the area in a flash of blue light.

Spacetime jumps when the gun is pulled out of his pocket, a quarter of a stale bagle falling out along with it. "Could've just asked…" he mutters. He scowls at the vans and runs a hand through his hair. "I should go too…" he trails off. Looking around, he sighs when he sees he's alone. "And I'm talking to myself," he mutters, opening a portal and steping through. He'll figure out what to do with the bits of debris and skulls he's got floating around his portal space now later.

Jose voice appears by Spacetime "Don't be too sure!" he sings out

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