2016-01-26 Spacetime Convenience Storium
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Phantasm, Spacetime
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Spacetime Convenience Storium

Midtown Manhattan, or simply Midtown, represents the middle portion of the borough and island of Manhattan in New York City, as noted along the long axis of the island. Midtown is home to some of the city's most iconic buildings, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and the United Nations Headquarters, and it contains world-famous commercial zones such as Rockefeller Center, Broadway, and Times Square. Midtown Manhattan separates Lower Manhattan from Upper Manhattan.
This part of Manhattan is home to several businesses and attractions, being home to Stark Tower and Grand Central Station. It is one of the busier sections with frequent traffic jams and impatient pedestrians. From here, one can enter the subway's major terminal, or head off to Grammercy Park, the Upper East Side or back to Manhattan's lower areas.

Feeling a bit better, Mike has ventured away from Stark Tower to run some errands. One of which being to stop by the condo he co-owned with his former bandmate to offer up an explanation for how his current bandmates from the New Years Eve gig got portaled into the condo. The celebrity is dressed quite plainly, choosing attire that one wouldn't associated with someoe who has been in the press quite a bit.

As he heads towards the Baxter building, his steps slow as he considers the task at hand. This is going to be a doozy. Ugh. Might need to get some beer for the chat. Footsteps shifting, he starts moving towards one of the small scale convenience stores.

The sound of a dumpster lid slamming closed comes a few moments before someone dressed a little stragely steps out of the alley near that convenience store. Someone in a superhero costume. Spacetime's got what appears to be half stale bagle in one hand and a map of New York City in the other, unaware he's not the only on on the sidewalk right now. "Okay…so this says I'm in Midtown…" he trails off, squinting at the map from behind his goggles. Definitely not from around here. And possibly in the way of people trying to pass by.

Mike pauses as the costumed teen steps out in front of him. Glancing down t him, he tilts his head curiously, pale eyes studying him. "Looking for some place?"

Startled, Spacetime almost drops his map and scavenged snack. He manages to catch them and glance around quickly before flashing a grin Mike's way. "Oh, hey!" he greets, a bit embarrassed. "Not really. Just new in town, looking around the city. Keeping an eye out for trouble. That kinda thing," he chuckles.

The musician raises a brow, turning his head to look down the alley from whence Spacetime came, the dumpster, and then back to the younger hero and the bagel in his hand. He sighs, nodding his head in the direction of the convenience store. "Come on." Without even looking to see if the other one is following, he starts heading to the store.

"Huh?" Spacetime blinks a few times in confusion. He doesn't realize what he was up to was figured out and quickly stuffs what he's holding into the pockets of his jacket. "What's up?" he asks as he jogs after the musician. "Something going on need a little superheroic action? Bad guys going to rob this place?"

Mike doesn't reply as he heads to the tinted door of the tiny shop. Stepping inside. What he's NOT expecting however is that of all the convenience stores in New York that he could have walked into out of his own uniform, he happened to pick the one that was actively being robbed by a rather harried looking man with a gun. Oh you've got to be k-. The rocker brings his foot back, slamming the store door shut in Spacetime's face.

Spacetime frowns when he gets no reply. He's about to say something else when he ends up with a door slammed in his face. And yes, he walks right into it. There's even an 'oof' and a thud when he does. Outside the store, the teen hero scowls and rubs his nose. "Hey! What's the big idea?" he calls, trying to peek into the store through the door. "What's going on?"

The armed robber looks over to Mike in surprise, gun still aimed at the shop keeper. "Are y-?" He shakes his head, gathering himself, as he looks to the musician, "You! Away from the door or I'll blow his head off!"

Mike sighs, stepping away from the door, back to the wall as he moves slowly so as not to startle the criminal more so than he has. He tilts his head down, hiding the flicker to his facial features as he phantasms. "Alright… alright…"

When Mike moves out of the way, Spacetime gets enough of a view into the store to see that something is definitely wrong. He concentrates and teleports himself, vanishing with a faint flash of light. He reappears inside the store, against the wall behind the guy with the gun. "Excuse me," he chimes cheerfully. "Think you could put the gun down?"

With the bright light and the voice behind him, the man turns his head to see the newest threat, "The f-"

While the gunman is looking at Spacetime, Mike runs charges the robber, hands grabbing and jerking the gun arm to point at the floor.

As the interaction goes on between the three, the shop keeper ducks below the counter.

Spacetime's pretty surprised when Mike runs into the fray. And it shows even on his masked face. "Oh jeez," he whispers under his breath, springing forward. Since Mike seems to have the criminal's gun arm occupied, Spacetime focuses on trying to grab the other arm and use the grip to wrestle the criminal down to the floor so he can pin him there with a move one might see a cop use.

With the gun arm being pulled towards the floor and his other arm being grabbed, the frightened robber pulls the trigger, causing for a bit of floor to break off from the rounds hitting it at close range.

Despite the potential of fragments, Mike twists the man's wrist, illiciting a drop of the gun. The gun skitters across the floor after the Avenger kicks it away.

Cursing under his breath when the gun goes off, Spacetime glances as it goes skittering off. "Okay, I tried asking nice," he says. Shifting, he moves to kick the back of the criminal's knee in effort to force him down to the floor so he and Mike can subdue the guy. "Seriously, dude. Probably a good idea to just give up peacefully now," he grunts.

Giving a bit of a mutter, Mike manages in the scuffle to bring his mouth near the ear of the criminal, muttering something low volumed, even toned, and precise in it's manner.

The robber continues struggling, writhing between the two men who have a good grip on him but when Mike finishes speaking in his ear, his struggles start to slow before he eventually passes out.

Spacetime keeps his grip even if he seems awkward with it. Almost like he's worried he might break the guy. When the criminal passes out, Spacetime looks surprised again. "What the…" he trails off, slowly easing the criminal down and then glancing up at Mike in confusion. "Uh…what just happened there?"

"Don't know." Mike replies, looking to the passed out robber, "Must've been on something and it finally konked him out." He sighs, looking over to the counter, "You got a phone back there?"

The shop keeper peeks his head up, looking to the incapacitated robber and nods, getting up to move to the other side of the counter, picking up an old cord phone.

"Okay…" Spacetime trails off, still confused. "Oh yeah, should probably," he mutters, fumbling with one of the compartments on his belt to pull out some zip ties so he can quickly secure the robber's wrists. Sure he's incapacitated now but he doesn't want to risk the guy getting up before the police arrive. "That was pretty wild…jumping on the guy like that," the teen remarks to Mike. "You okay?"

Mike turns his head, looking towards Spacetime before giving a bit of a smirk, "Coming from the kid in costume." He gives a shrug before looking to the shopkeeper on the phone. He looks back to Spacetime, "So you the type that hangs out to give a statement to the police or the type that vanishes into the night?" There's a bit of an overly dramatic tone added to the second option.

Spacetime laughs and flashes a grin. "Wouldn't say I'm a kid but I've got the whole superpowers thing going on at least," he shrugs too. There's a pause when he's questioned, the teen honestly unsure which type he is. Eventually he forces a smile back. "Night's so cliche. I vanish in a stylish little flash of light. Speaking of, I should hit the road," he chimes. "You all good here?" he asks Mike and the shopkeeper just to make sure they don't need any more help.

Yeah we're good." Mike replies, giving a nod. "Tell you what. Next time you spot me, just remind me about tonight. I'll get you lunch or dinner."

Spacetime blinks a few times and then rubs the back of his neck, cheeks actually going a little red. "Sure. Name's Spacetime, by the way. Stay safe," he offers. The teen gives a little salute and then vanishes out of sight with just a little faint flash of blue light.


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