2016-01-27 Bayville Mall Sentinels

* Bayville Mall - Upstate New York *

Hank McCoy

"Go to the mall they said. Forget your troubles they said. Get free food they…well no one said I 've just been talking to myself again like I am now," Spacetime, superhero and totally not a dork according to him and a big cyborg guy with guns, had been perched behind a sign above a store in the food court. Staying out of sight, he'd been sneaking abandoned food to himself with portals after people left their table. And then there were beams of energy and falling glass and he dropped his pretzel. "As if my day wasn't bad enough," Cole mutters, brushing crumbs and salt off his costume as he peeks out from his perch to see what's going on. "Oh jeez!" he yelps when he sees the falling glass, teleporting down to grab some people so he can pull them out of the way of fall sharpness.

Beast should have sent a shopping list with on of the X-Men types who could blend in more. Especially since things have been growing much more risky for Mutants outside the safety of Xavier's. But Hank was never one to hide away and send others out to do things for him. Besides, somedays you need to get away from 'Hormone High' before you go ma. Not that going to the mall was a great idea either. But well… at least at the mall people tend to overlook things. Espcially the big bulky blue furry guy in a trnchcoat an fedora.

Of course, the peaceful day of just trying to get away from the mansion and crazy mutant gifts ends suddenly enough when the excrament hits the fan in the food court. "Oh my stars and garters…. Sentinels." Hank can't bring himself to swiftly leave the area… instead doing what comes natural and he was traine for… ripping off his his trenchcoat with a growl and leaping from the upper level of the mall onto the shoulder of one of the Sentinels trying to draw attention. Hank shouting to the person in the food court. "Watch your fire, there's Innocents! And I suggest as an associate would say… you baet the provrbial cheeks!"

Tom flinches as the sound of shattering glass cuts through all the noises of the city. He turns slowly to face the mall.
"… Oh great!" If the costume's ruined, he's out of a job, but… on the other hand he is /trying/ to make up for all the awful things he did. Like selling drugs. Well, that's the big one anyway. Travis takes a deep breath and guesses people won't see his face this time, at least.
So he takes off flying towards the ruckus, costume still on.
The sentinel who squared off against the green blaster girl has half a face and an arm missing with a perfect circle of negative space where the parts were moments ago. So now it reaches out with its right hand towards the woman, taking a swipe at her before having that hand blasted away by another green bolt, leaving a hole in the floor to it's right. The purple robot continues to approach the woman without any means to capture though it continues.
The Sentinel that was looking at its own target suddenly has none before it just as the glass come crashing down on and around it. The purple bot leans back straight and starts to scan the room once more before spotting Cole and then looking past him towards,

Hank has leapt up on the shoulder of a bot and it's attempting to move into position to have one of its comrades reach out towards Beast and touch him with those teleporting digits that they all poses! {MUTANT!} They cry in unison!

Several of the robots are at the exits, preventing mutants from leaving, though actually stepping aside to allow the human masses to evacuate from the fallen glass and dangerous mutants.

There's a train car in the distance coming toward the mall. Its flying.
Having received word of the attack, Anna-Marie had gone to her gera and suited up and been out of the mansion in a matter of moments. She'd told others, but… she was just too darn fast for them to keep up with her. She didn't know that Beast was already at the Mall, however…
Along the way, Marie had decided to resume her old plan from this past summer, which involved her collecting a train car and going for the mutant-hunting-machines with a very specific plan… smash all of them with the giant iron and steel box car.
Inside the car, Marie's black hooded cape was fluttering about her in the wind as she looked out of the side door on the box-car and piloted it through the air toward the Bayville Mall… "Gotcha…" She muttered, lowering the car some so she could peak out of it but not be exposed to the Sentinel's blasters and she flew at high speeds, driving the car right toward one of the machines guarding one of the mall entrances! "Tooooooot, tooooooooot!" Rogue said moments before colliding with the Sentinel!

"You okay? Cool, go get somewhere safe," Spacetime tells the person he just saved, turning around to actually pay attention to what's going on. When he sees all the Sentinels, he stares. "Oh c'mon! There are more of these things? And Gunfire Grandpa isn't here to blow them up. So not cool!" he complains, starting to jog back to where there's trouble. He teleports after a few steps to check on some people hurt by the glass, helping them away from an potential blastings or giant robot squishings. "At least these ones aren't making is rain skeletons," he mutters, shuddering slightly.

Beast is certainly over his head with this many Sentinels… but he's not planning to fight them really. Mostly keep them distracted so that any fellow Mutants who want to can choose to beat the proverbial cheeks. Hank's careful to watch for any attempts to grab for him… just in case. After all, he is a tempting target on one's shoulder at the moment. Currently trying to knock the head off the one he's perched on, or at least grab it's focus more.

Of course, the one reachhing for him is a sudden concern an Hank leaps again, landing on it's wrist and bringing his fists together over his head and slamming them down on the wrist joint. The armor might be a touch strong for him to straight punch through… but aiming for the joints might work. "Mutant!?" Hank mocks… copying it as best he can. "Come now, you fellows can harmonize better than that. Now follow me…."

"o/` Hakuna Mutant…ah. What a wonderful phrase. Hakuna Hutant…ah. Guys with blue fur, or a laasr gaze! o/`"

This is madness, man. Travis attempts to help the people fleeing the scene, at least helping a few people who fell back up. He's proving to be very hard to knock down despite all the people bumping into him and such.
Finally he makes it to one of the Sentinels standing guard. "Hey, what's going on man? Should I call emergency services in case somebody got hurt?" They're only dangerous to mutants, and Tom is not a mutant (at least as far as he knows). He still hasn't taken off that ridiculous costume.

First things first. Marie thinks carrying a big stick isn't as effective as carrying a TRAIN CAR! She slams it into one of the Sentinels, effectively squishing the damn thing, but the impact and force of the weapon causes the whole mall to shake violently for a brief moment, several shards of glass hanging out over the damaged dome fall from the event, shattering on the ground and cutting a few people, luckily none severely injured. The humans that had been making their way to that door are blocked off from their exit by the damaged doorway and the large metal box car blocking their path. Those that actually see Rogue start to yell and cuss at her, many even throw various items, like coins, candies, nick backs, and even a game console. People are PISSED!

Over on Cole's side, one of the robots even begins to help him usher people out while still scanning them for any undesirables, which, {TARGET LOCKED!} And as Cole begins to help another elderly woman vanishes in a bright flash. The robot then cuts the power to its digits and continues helping humans out.

Beast smashes the things wrist hard enough to cause it to dangle limp, one of the pistons inside it having shattered from the blow. {MUTANT!} It cries out, as the one he originally jumped on is turning around to assist against the original X-man. {SURRENDER!} It orders the blue furred man, ignoring his song.

Lastly, the Sentinel approached by Travis begins to speak, {Stand clear hum- MUTANT!} The thing apparently scanned him as it was speaking, and it quickly reaches out towards Travis with those odd glowing and black space fingers!

"Heh, heh, heh." Rogue uttered quietly as she sat there with the box car ontop of the smashed Sentinel. "That'll learn ya." She added and lifted up off the ground with the box car still up in the air above her. She kicked the smooshed head of the Sentinel she slammed down on and when some things were thrown at her by near-by onlookers Marie glanced down at them.
"Try havin' one'a these things cut off your loved one's heads! See how you react, ya whiners!" She shouted down at them before flying straight up into the air with the boxcar and setting it down on the mall's roof. She twisted her body and landed ontop of it, her metal boots making loud thuds as Rogue walked across the top of the car. "Who else wants some?!" She shouted around trying to summon more of the Sentinels to her. "Steamin' hot Mutant, served right'n fresh! Come get some!" She bellowed from her perch ontop of the mall.

"Whoa! Mallquake!" Cole yelps when the place shakes, holding someone up so they don't fall. "Run now. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200," he tells the person as soon as the shaking stops. The singing has Spacetime humming along as he ushers people to safety but he ends up frowning a bit at the cries of 'mutant'. "Okay, giant racist homicidal robots. Rejected Christmas toys for 600, Alex," he remarks. When one starts helping him, he starts commenting…but then it goes and vanishes a little old lady. He stares for a moment before scowling. "That's it! Are you helping or trying to kill people? Make up your stupid metal minds!" he demands, trying to get the Sentinel's attention. "Or how about you all go outside since you're not indoor toys!" he tries to convice the robots to leave peacefully.
Beast shifts so that he doesn't fall off when he dislocates the wrist and the entire mall shakes thanks to Rogue… enjoying testing himself against the robots. "So many hands trying to grab hold of me… I feel like the hot toy on Black Friday." Hank offers mostly to amuse himself. Though he does offer a shout at all the sound of destruction going on. "Let's try to keep property damage to a minimum! We're supposed to be the good guys here!" Hank rips free the Sentinel's hand now that its dislocated and laucnches it towards the face of the one reaching for him. "Hey Mo! N'yuk, N'yuk, N'yuk!" Okay… maybe hes enjoying himself bit too much. Since that humor is a bit lowbrow. "Your sensors are malfunctioning! I'm not mutant… I'm a woozle and my name is Peanut!" Of course, he's getting cocky now… which leaves an opening if noticed.

"What? I'm not-" He's busy processing being accused of being a mutant and gets disappeared by the yello with Kirby dot hand.

The eyes of the sentinel crushed by Marie follow her movements to the top of the roof, telepathing her position to all the other bots in the area just before it's core runs out and it powers off.

The robot in front of Cole seems to ignore his question as it continues to politely usher the remaining humans out of the battle zone, making sure all are scanned for mutantism.

The two attacking Beast reach out with their total of three working hands, each swiping and jabbing at the man-creature, in hopes to catch him, relentless in their attacks, regardless of his amazing acrobatics.

The remaining eleven however start up the repulsers on their feet and rise up to the rooftop of the whole complex, and each of them target Marie and a floating perimeter formed, three at a time rush her. Then timed out half a second, the next three and then the next and the next, lastly one final bot waits outside the fray with Rogue, feeding locational data to the other bots on her movements and real time info and battle data for them to adjust to.

Rogue has no idea that Beast is even here… so she's just uanble to help him. Standing up ontop of the mall when the horde of robots come up after her she starts to circle around the top of the train car, lifting her gloved hands up straight into the air. "This is more like it!" She shouts, looking around. "Come on then!" Marie drops down into the open boxcar door and the big metal crate lifts up in the air again and starts to ram right for one of the robots! Marie flies out of the car and lets the boxcar soar off toward the Sentinel on its own, then zips right over to another one, wrapping her arms and legs around its head she squeezes extremely hard, looking to crush the metal monster up against her black-and-green-suit-covered-body! "Hugs and kisses!" She grunts out at the robot as she crushes its head.

Beast manages to dodge, leap, and flip out of the way for some time… before one of them make a lucky grab. Actually hooking his Speoedo with a large robotic fingr as if Hank was some naughty child who had to be grabbed however possible. Hank tries to get free before the two remaining hands can move in far enough to teleport him away. A nervous smile spreaing across his features. "Don't suppose flirting will get me out of this will it, Offic…" An the rest of his quip is lost like tears in rain as he is vanishes as the teleportation fingers send him away.

"Rude," Spacetime mutters. "Watch out, Cookie Monster!" he calls up to Hank, wincing when Hank gets vanished. He looks around and scrubs a hand down his face, frustrated by his lack of ability to do much and how he really doesn't know what's going on. "This is beyond messed up…" he trails off, helping more people. Of course he gets an idea he'll put into motion later if he gets the chance.

The one helping Cole is being rather helpful, protecting people, lifting them up should they get near the glass in their path, and it bursts into a copious amount of shrapnel when the green laser blasting woman peeks out around a support column and hits the thing square in the chest before she runs into a double door that read 'Authorized Personnel Only'.

Up on top of the mall, the eleven robots is quickly reduced to nine, as one is pegged with a several ton missile and is sent sailing into the parking lot with a thunderous crash as several cars are slammed into and made debris, including many humans caught in the path of the weaponized box car! The robot on the exterior of the fight remains so, while the other eight tighten up, each of them coming for Rogue faster than they normally move, sixteen hands with four glowing digits, whose only goal is to simply touch the mutant girl! {MUTANT! HALT!}

Cole's eyes go wide behind his goggles when he sees the blast coming, getting a portal open just in time to shield himself and anyone in his direction from the shrapnel and any pieces of exploded robot he can get. He still ends up covering his face though, peeking out when the robotic remains fall and making a frustrated noise. "Okay, that's it! No more Mr. Nice Spacetime! Next person or robot that energy blasts or vaporizes someone is getting a one way trip to New Jersey!" he yells, closing his portal and running to help people injured by the explosion.

Rogue doesn't relent, doesn't yield… she can't stop, she is enraged with anger at this point, sweating profusely inside of her formfitting clothing, but none of it matters… the only thing she wants is the total annihilation of all these god damn robots!
Rogue dodges hands, over, under, above, below, around… She releases a blood curdling scream and her hands fly out on either side of her, bone claws suddenly shoot out of her gloved hands, tearing the glove son her suit and she starts to swing wildly, shredding the Sentinel hands reaching for her while screaming like a mad monster woman!

Cole is now one of the few remaining people in the food court and all of the remaining sentinels are up on the roof fighting against Rogue. {HALT!} {CEASE!} Many of the bots have orders and commands for the mutant who doesn't relent even as she sprouts claws from her hands. The machines are sliced by the claws almost like butter, the cutting edge of her bones is wildly sharp. The info fed back into the bots by the observer quickly gives them an opening and they even start trying to get cut by the blades, but only allowing the glowing space digits to be in range of her attacks and should even one be touched…

As he finishes helping people leave, Cole looks around. He takes a moment to portal-snag some thrown snacks…what, he's homeless and broke. Tossed snacks are better than dumpster diving…as well as any more bits of robot. Not that he has any idea what to do with them but he figures they might come in handy if he needs something heavy to drop on something later. Noise from above prompts him to teleport up to the roof and then he sees the chaos above. "Oh this is not my week," he mutters, taking a breath and opening a portal. "Hey! Flailing Angry Sky Lady! C'mon down this way before the Mecha-Paul Blarts vaporize you!" he calls, gesturing to the swirling blue hole in space he's standing next to.

Sometimes when Rogue got really angry, powers started coming out of her that she didn't normally have use of anymore… the bone claws, for instance, were from a time LOgan had touched her months ago. And with her last strike at a Sentinel, Rogue suddenly shoved one of the massive robots away at an ungodly speed with telekinetic energy from a time when she 'borrowed' Jean's powers to help save Jean from within her own mind!
With another scream after watching the machine abruptly get sent sailing off toward the western forest around the Bayville Mall, Rogue stopped… looked over at the odd appearance of Cole and his… portal? She was panting heavily, her suit was torn and ripped in several places, dangling off of her body in shreds here and there… and thats when one of the Sentinels grabbed her in its palm and she vanished like the last cookie in the jar of a fat family's house.

With Rogue gone, the remaining sentinels all move to the outskirts of the mall property and lower themselves to the ground and quickly disperse in search of more mutants, work here having been finished.

* Sandy Beaches - Genosha Island *

hours later…

As soon as the young mutant touches the glowing hand, he's instantly removed from the restaurant bathroom and deposited about two feet in the air above beach sand.

Jose lands on his but with a thud. Well he didn't expect that! He rubs his reared and looks around "Well… I touched a giant sentinel… and get teleported to Paradise?" he asks confused. "Huh…. I was expecting either death… or antartica" he stands slowly rubbing his rear. His voice booms out, echoing across the island "HELLO! ANYONE OUT THERE!!!"

Rogue is in what remains of her costume. Her black cape with the white stretched X's blazing down her shoulder lapels is in tatters, her hood is ravaged with holes but its still sitting up on her head.. the green and black suit beneath her cloak is also not in great shape, but its still covering her modesty! (rogue has modesty?). For the past, while not, Anna-Marie has been flying repeatedly straight up in the air toward the drones above, attempting to get past them and smash any of them she can get her hands on… she's exhausted and furious, bone claws still stuck far out from her fisted-hands that are mostly visible due to her gloves being torn and tattered.

Jose takes off his headphone as he comes in tune with the island. He hears the mutants further inward. He he also hears something above and out, as much as sees an object. Could that be Rogue? He wasn't comeplty sure, that teleporting buisness had him slightly disoriented. "HEY ROGUE" he calls out "OVER HEAR TALL DARK AND NASTY!" which was said in a 'im happy to see you way' wording aside! Within moment Jose was already at a tree and climbing it trying to get a better view of everything. Really, it didn't look that bad! And it was warm!

Marie had several destroyed drones around her feet, but more just seemed thos show up whenever they finally would tag her and send her back to the beach… She was determined to just keep going until she ran them all out of production or she was foun dead on the sand from exhaustion… But when Jose called out she stopped, about to launch back into the sky again and she looked back to the tree Jose was in. She was filthy, covered in dirt and grime from al the machines she'd destroyed and the fire'n'soot that had been left on here. "Jose?" She asked, her voice hoarse and tired.

Jose went from an audiokinitic to a speed demon that day! Or fairly close to it. He couldn't have scrambled out of that tree faster and made his way over to Marie "Damn girl. WHat in sams hell have you been doing? You like yesteryears crap got married to the dump!" Okay, he ain't elegant. But he was worried, and just end up throwing his arms around Marie "Come on, let find you a place to rest!"

Rogue dropped out of the sky, a good ten or so feat and landed on her metal boots on the sandy beach. "I don't want to rest." She said in a defeat voice. "I want to kill all of them…" She huffed out an exhale and then just collapsed to her knees and fell forward face first into the sand, her tattered black cloak falling all around her limp form there in the otherwise paradise-like enviroment.

Jose quickly turns Rogue over "Well, you can't kill them if your dead!" he exclaims. He looks her over, and can see the sheer exhuastian. They were out in the sun, and he is guessing this girl is about to overheat! Cooling shade, and some decent water is a must "Just hang in their Rogue, I got your back" and using that tattered cloak, begins dragging her towards the shade of the trees. He grumbles under his breath "There better be some water with them other mutants, or a washibi hole out in that ocean"

< END >

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