2016-01-29 When Sentinels Attack
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Players: Lissandra Peggy Maine Vulcrow
GMed by A Cast of Thousands
Title: When Sentinels Attack

Lissandra didn't make more than one stop after leaving the club, and that was just to drop Mike off at the Tower so he could bring his own people up to speed. Then she pointed her quinjet back towards HQ and pegged the meter. At maximum safe atmospheric burn the distance took mere minutes. As she was landing she sent a priority message to Director Carter: Things have gotten bad for the project in Maryland. Then she headed down to the control center to meet with Peggy, still wearing her loose, cottony, very inappropriate for post-blizzard New York club clothes and wearing her mass of hair in an elaborate interconnected braids that make it look like it's a net covering her torso. All in all, less 'on duty' and more 'planned long weekend'. But her expression is nothing close to relaxed. Her features are pinched and pale and she looks fidgety like a race horse anxious for the gates to open.

Sleep is something normal people do. Not something Peggy Carter does, it seems. It's just been one of those weeks. She was awake when Lissandra called and is already out in the control room, waiting for the woman when she steps in. Peggy gives a curt, respectful nod, the operations screen clear for the moment, though they'll be able to draw up any file, map, video… Anything they need on it as soon as they start speaking. Peggy is in one of her suits tonight, or the skirt and blouse, at least. SHe's not bothering with a jacket this late at night. "That bad?" She asks, the tone almost sounding human from her, but then she more stiffly adds, "Report."

Maine steps out into the observation room, a knife in his hand and a worn rock in his other palm and the sound of scraping metal can be heard echoing off his chest. The man is sharpening his knife, something a bit more ornate and decorative than nearly anything else in his repertoire, something with some sort of sentimental value. Despite his constant attention, his day off yesterday obviously has him out of the loop, as he approaches Peggy and Lissandra, he slides the knife home in a sheath along his hip, and he stands at attention near the two women, curious as to what this report from the field agent might entail.

Lissandra is straight to the point: "Sentinels have started killing civilians." She stops her chair at a terminal and brings up surveilance video from a Manhattan mall where sentinels staged an attack that involved many civilian casualties. All very grizzly and graphic. "This was roughly two days ago. I learned about it from… this person." She points to a still frame where a young person in a cloak and costume is using a teleportation portal to save people from the battle debris. "He's known to Phantasm, who called him Spacetime. High order teleporter." She turns to face Peggy, nodding to Maine but not bothering to be overly concerned for the presence of the Operations agent at this point. "Director, we need to step up the Maryland project. That team needs to go offensive to obtain the tech we need to find out what happens to their targets. Hydra's new activities are quiet at the moment, but this isn't."

The fact that Peggy *hadn't* heard about this yet meant that, somehow, it was getting suppressed by the news outlets. For just a moment, that makes her livid. She blinks and swallows back the emotions, taking a deep breath as she stares down at the screen and watches the video replay again and again. "…And, of course, the government is probably having a media black out on this footage so they still look like the good guys. I… I don't know that SHIELD can remain mute on this any longer. If they are attacking civilians, our duties are to protect them. And yes, I agree… HYDRA has been here for 80 years. This is a new and present danger right now."

"Killing humans?" Maine asks neither one in particular. "They were supposed to only target mutants, and I was under the impression it was all non-lethal…" Maine says with an eyebrow raised in confusion. Then he looks to Peggy and notes the ire rising up. "What would you have SHIELD do sir?" Maine asks, reinforcing his stance with his hands behind his back, his eyebrow returned to it's prior flat location.

Lissandra brings up another video, this one a composite of private and surveilance video of a political rally. "There's also this event here." A larger sentinel coming through a portal with human skulls coming through with it. And then later a less direct shot of this sentinel using eye blasts to attack a target that's out of frame. She looks to Maine and listens to his words on the subject, then nods to Peggy. "You know I'm willing to go off book for this, and everything is ready at the Maryland site to keep the organization safe from blow-back. I really want to tear some of these things apart and get my hands on them so we can find out what they're doing with their targets and take the fight to their handlers."

Quietly, Peggy leans over and replays all the videos, looking at them a bit closer. She's frowning, that much is clear, because while the evidence seems fairly clear at first, examining up close reveals a lot of chaos and not a ton of answers. "…Only the mall video is possible, actual proof they are attacking humans. But this is clearly getting worse. I… I want more direct monitoring by SHIELD of all Sentinels that are out there. I want clear video and repots about every single Sentinel that goes out there. That… that's what the official call is right now. If we're going to publicly turn our back on the government, I want solid proof. That being said…" She looks back to Lissandra and bows her head slowly. "I never told you anything. Do as you see fit."

"What would you have me and my team do sir? Is our objective still the HYDRA bases or would you like us to switch to more treasonous goals?" Maine inquires of Peggy with a hint of fire in his eyes. He's not ignoring Lissandra, he just doesn't have anything to really say to here to add to the conversation until, "Was this footage from by standers or was it from CCTVs?"

It's not the all hands on deck response that Lissandra's gut was hoping for, but her intellect and training know it's the right move to make. She nods at the orders for full active surveilance, "I'll get a fresh batch of updated stealth drones put together for this so we're not diverting resources tasked to other operations, Director. I can have about fifty a day without starving other projects of resources." To Maine's question she replies, "Security feeds as well as both video and still shots taken by bystanders." She nods back to Peggy's last words with a quiet fire in her eyes. "As you say." She's thinking it might be time for her to require another stretch of 'medical leave'.

Dark eyes flicker momentarily to Maine at his question. "…Remain on HYDRA for now. If you can spare two people to survellience duty, though… I do want better footage the next time they attack." Then Peggy's eyes go back to Lissandra and she exhales slowly, "Look, I know this isn't…ideal. I would rather completely says sod all the bastards and put all our resources at destroying them. But until we have poor a US government program is killing civilians, I can't publicly turn against them. So… we get that proof. Change as many drones as you can. Take any resources you need for this. Get me that proof. Until then, though… You're on leave. DO with it as you see fit."

"Yes sir." Maine responds and then looks to Lissandra, "You can hand pick any two men you require for your … business." The XY offers his superiors. He doesn't ask if there's anything else, but instead stays standing nearby, wanting to talk to Peggy about the day off she forced him into the other day, but that's not vital by any stretch of the imagination.

Lissandra nods again to Peggy as she's put on leave, "I'll keep you apprised of my medical condition during my leave, Ma'am." This is all the farewell she gives before she turns her chair around and heads back to the elevator. It's a short trip from here to her Maryland lab, but she wants to get started. Surveilance drones first, then picking a sentinel deployment site to hit once the team is brought up to speed. Her long weekend has been well and truly torpedoed, but all the same she's fine with finally getting to move against the metal bastards.

"Good luck, Lissandra… With your condition." And with that, Peggy dismisses her before the director turns back to Maine with a lofted brow. She'd come to respect the man's opinions, even if they had two different styles of working, she could understand his. "I suppose you can keep your men. Lissandra will call if they are needed."

"They'll all be ready when and if she calls." Maine makes a promise that his men and himself might have to keep. He considers talking about the day off she requested he go on but he's not sure it's work vital. "How are your wounds?" He asks, curious to know if she's healing well, or even faster like he's heard rumors about.

"Well enough. Not stopping me from functioning, so I'll take it." It's a non-answer, really, considering Peggy would probably work through the pain, but a rib break like that should be deterring her somewhat, really. The pain would be miserable. But she's leaning over the situation table without much issue at all, and she seems to have full use of the arm even if there is still a bandage visible beneath the sleeve of her white blouse.

Screw work vital, she's the one who ordered him to take a day off, "So I went to the statue like you requested and ran into Ben Grimm." Reports Maine, bitting the inside of his cheek, causing his lips to twist to the side. "Do we have any leads on the HYDRA cases?"

"Nothing new. A bit more information on The Winter Soldier, confirming old reports of him basically being a… Ghost assassin. Was more legend than man, but I saw him so… I'm sure the damn man is real. And HYDRA seems to have him working for them, so that's bloody awful news. Whatever biological agents they were making… hasn't appeared anywhere yet, fortunately. Possibly they've not perfected it. We're tracking shipments of the sort of chemicals and supplies we found at their warehouses, but nothing is remarkable enough to point fingers yet." Peggy sighs, dragging one hand across her face, trying to shake off the light touch of exhaustion she's starting to feel. It probably means she's not slept properly in a week. "…And how was Mr. Grimm?"

"He was a rather caring for a stone man." Maine says, getting that last question out of the way first and then nods, "I asked around the squad, none of them have ever heard more than just rumors regarding the winter soldier." Maine reports that with Peggy though he tilts his head as she shows a sign. "Sir, all due respect but you're looking rather ragged and exhausted." Maine remains polite and calm while retaining his authority and concern voice that he used when they were on the range.

Vulcrow blinks as he slowly looks around the room. "So…I think I made a wrong turn back at the elevator." He then shrugs, but Peggy catches his eyes. "Hey! Boss, I got something to ask. HUGE favor."

Whether it's the fact he's commenting on her exhaustion, or that someone else has come into the room, Peggy's expression hardens a bit towards Maine. "That will be all. You are dismissed." She states flatly, saying nothing more about the Winter Soldier, Grimm, OR her own exhaustion. They weren't conversations for a public room. She then looks back to the slightly familiar operative, giving a brief nod. "I am… not in the habit of granting favors, but what is it that you need, Agent?"

Maine gives Peggy a sharp and quick salute before he moves on towards his own quarters or to talk to his men. His steps are quick and filled with purpose. His brown eyes glance at Vulcrow but don't linger and he's quickly off with his orders in hand.

Vulcrow says, "Well I was thinking of making a crazy awesome blaster to help take down…bigger threats. So I was wanting to use some reasources from the R&D department to make something to can be a blaster, uh flight pack, and weapon storage. I have some plans if you want to see." He grins awkwardly at Peggy, then laughs while walking over to her with the plans. "So" Vulcrow says, "Came at a bad time?"

The question about the pet project makes Peggy blink, staring over the far younger agent for a few heartbeats. "No… You don't get resources to fashion new technology all on your own. I barely let Howard Stark do it, you're certainly not starting the trend. However, if you wish to *go* to the R&D department and start developing it in house *with them*, you are more than welcome."

Vulcrow blinks in confusion maybe? It's hard to tell at times with this guy. He eyes begin darting about the room. Taking in all the sights of the control room. "Yeah…" He seems lost, totally lost, then his eyes center on Peggy, and they carry some fierce determination in them. "So I can work with the R&D guys to make some cool? Awesome! Should be a fun learning experience. Do you like hot sauce?"

That second to last question gets a tilt of her head. "Yes, you can work with R&D on what you wish to design. They will let you know how feasible it is and help you run with the project if it seems a wise idea." And then that other question comes and Peggy just blinks. The exhaustion that was behind her eyes previously is only slightly deepening, but she's keeping her back straight and stern. "Not…particularly. Why?"

Vulcrow says, "I was just thinking the cafe here could use hot sauce, but if you don't like, that says alot as to why there is none." He scratches behind on of his ears. His tail lazily swishing behind him. "Tired? I could take you somewhere if you need to go. I finally, after uh skipping that, I have my driver card now.""

Peggy gives him a half smile, shaking her head gently, "No, no…I've got quarters here when it's time to sleep. And I'll see what I can do about getting more hot sauce in the mess hall for you, alright. Was there anything else, Agent?" Peggy asks flatly, her voice distant and professional as ever, but not in annoyance. She really was just almost always business.

Vulcrow rolls his eyes playfully and shrugs. "Well there was the ants I keep finding in my boots in the morning. Oh! Then there isthe whole mutant discrimation. Do I have to worry about the giant robots? DO I count as a mutant? Not sure how lycanthropy works fully, more so when I am born one."

"I…I don't know about that, young man. But we're doing everything we can to stand up against them, I promise that. And if you always go places with a battle buddy like you were trained, you should be safe. We're trying to get the program shut down, but it's slow going." The Director offers quietly, her tired, clipped voice just a touch impatient, but not with him. More so over the program itself.

Vulcrow throws his arms up in joy. "WOooooo…." His woo slowly trails off. "Should I leave? Maybe I should go find a buddy! That should not be too hard.

"Ah… You are dismissed indeed, Agent. Do have a care out there. It's still dangerous." Peggy couldn't help but crack the smallest of grins after him. Interesting young man.

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